V ∇ M: Viterbi Graduate Mentors

Patty Trinidad, M.Ed., V grad M Director Carolyn Suckow, V grad M Advisor Francois Cadieux, V grad M Coordinator Yet to be hired, V grad M Program Assistant

Mission Statement
The Viterbi Graduate Mentors program (V grad M) aims to help new international engineering graduate students adjust more quickly to life at the University of Southern California (USC) by pairing new students with current Viterbi graduate students.

x x x x x To help new Viterbi graduate students adjust to life at USC To provide new Viterbi graduate students non-academic guidance To foster lifelong relationships among Viterbi graduate students To provide resources (framework and training) for the advancement and personal growth of mentors and mentees To encourage diversity and cross-cultural exchange

Why should you care?
The V grad M helps enhance student life at USC and beyond graduation. It provides a meaningful way for students to give back to the school. It gives students the opportunity to learn about, exercise and be recognized for leadership on an interpersonal level.

How it works
The V grad M recruits current Viterbi graduate students (mentors) from all departments, Ph.D. or Master’s, to provide advice and support to new Viterbi graduate students who seek mentorship (mentees). Mentees are matched with available mentors (1-2 per mentor) based on academic interest and availability. The V grad M encourages diversity and will match students from different cultures when possible. Mentors will be communicated their assigned mentees’ contact information and will introduce themselves through email. Mentors’ responsibilities outlined below begin after this introduction and officially end after their mentees’ first semester. Mentors and mentees are highly encouraged to unofficially continue their relationship afterwards. All successful Mentors will be awarded a certificate of recognition from the Viterbi School of Engineering.

Mentor Responsibilities
Mentors are expected to… x x x x x x x Attend an information and training session before beginning their mentorship duties Be prompt to respond to e-mails and answer any questions the student might have Meet and greet their assigned mentees on the day of orientation Have read and be aware of general USC and Viterbi school policies, and be able to direct students to the appropriate resources Refuse to give specific academic help or advisement under any circumstance and refer students to the appropriate resources Bring their mentees to one lunch – paid for by the V grad M Complete a mentor feedback report at the end of the semester

Mentee Responsibilities
Mentees are expected to… x x x x Be courteous and respectful of their mentors and their work schedules at all times Maintain contact with their mentors and make use of their knowledge and experience Be mindful that their mentors are NOT academic tutors Complete a feedback survey at the end of the semester

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