D6 1 2

Health State

Close Combat Summary
Both players choose a Combat Card Both players simultaneously reveal their Combat Cards Perform a Reflexes Roll if no Inactive or Parry Combat Cards are played Perform any Combat Rolls :
(2d6 + Attacker’s Combat >= Target’s Defense)

Movement: Normal / Charge / Run Beginning of the Game Round Initiative Activation Phase End of the Round

3 4 5 6


Make a Normal Move or Running action to disengage Both sides perform a Reflexes Opposition roll Disengaging miniature is unharmed if it wins Opponent may make a free Quick Attack if disengaging miniature loses this roll If in contact with multiple opponents, use highest Reflexes attribute. If the disengaging miniature loses this roll, all opponents make a free Quick Attack

Round Summary

Beginning of the Game Round
Replenish all miniatures’ Action Points Resolve other specific game effects

Ranged Attack Summary
Check Line of Sight (line to any part of base) Estimate Range for Aiming Bonus Measure Range Perform Ranged Attack roll Aiming : 1 Bonus die if estimation was correct Point Blank Range : Damage read one column to the right if target is within shooter’s Charge range Scenery Cover : roll 2d6, ranged attack is ignored if value is equal to or greater than the following :
o o o Size 1 : 6 Size 2 : 8 Size 3 : 10

Perform an opposition roll using the Mind value of any miniature in play. Winner determines who goes first that round.

Activation Phase
Activation of a Card : the Active Player chooses one of their profile cards and activates all miniatures linked with that card. Actions : the player spends Action Points to perform actions with each miniature. Inactive : a miniature with no remaining Action Points On Watch : a miniature with Action Points remaining Passing a Turn : The Active Player can choose to pass their turn. There is no limit to how many times this can be performed. However, if both players consecutively pass their turns then the current game round ends.
Actions Summary
Normal Move (1 AP) Charging (1 AP) Running (2 AP) Ranged Attack (1 AP) Play Combat Card Re-Activate Miniature (1 AP) Prepare Formula (1 AP) Increase Focus (1 AP) Harvest Components Alchemists Only • No Enemy Contact Line of Sight Required • Free Attack • Bonus Die No Subsequent Movements • No Enemy Contact Ranged Attack • No Enemy Contact Costs 1 AP if not ‘Inactive’ • Enemy Contact Cannot move if already Run or Charge Alchemists Only Alchemists Only Must be within 1” of Tinted Scenery at end of an action


Miniature Cover : same as above except covering miniature takes damage if cover roll is successful Shoot into Close Combat : target of attack is considered under cover. Make cover roll as above.

Alchemy Summary
Prepare Formula (2 Stones = 1 Component) Designate the Target Combustion of the Formula :
o o Auto Threshold : formula is automatically cast Target Threshold : 2d6 >= Target’s Mind (Inner Circle receives bonus die on this roll) Outer Circle : can spend up to 4 Stones Inner Circle : can spend up to 6 Stones


Enhancement :
o o

Reaction Movement (1 AP)
Enter Close Combat Get Under Cover No Charge Bonus • After Ranged Attack Roll Move to Cover • After Ranged Attack Roll


Focus Level : o Can progress during their activation o Focus is kept until damage is taken. One point of
focus is lost for each point of damage taken.

Ranged Attack Reaction (1 AP)
Charge Reaction Ranged Reaction Before Movement • Weapon’s Range Irrelevant
Attacks Simultaneous • Active Player Loses Aiming Bonus


Component Harvesting :
o o o o Outer Circle and Elemental Affinity : 4 Components Inner Circle and Elemental Affinity : 6 Components No Elemental Affinity : 2 Components Scenery is then drained and unable to be harvested

End of the Round
Count Victory Points Any remaining Action Points are lost

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