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I am compiling a series of things to do - what to do to counter loneliness, in addition, how to go about it. The book about Healing 2 became too big. As it is inconvenient to upload and download big files, I have arranged the info in different files for each system Learn to Heal Part 1 Covers Energy healing, Auras, Chakras, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Islamic and Christian Healing. All of which need no or light touch. This second group also uses Energy to heal, but this needs some touching or body manipulation. There are eight systems covered: 1. Acupressure 2. Aromatherapy 3. Crystal Therapy 4. Magnet Therapy 5. Music Therapy 6. Self massage 7. Sujok 8. Taichi and qigong There is a separate book for each. This one is about Aromatherapy. I have tested all the links mentioned. As on May 2010, all links are secure, correct and working. You should look for more as you surf. You may find many that will suit to your needs. This is just a first step.

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Introduction We are all aware of Smells, both good - aromas and fragrances and bad – stenches and stinks. Smells act powerfully on the memory area of the brain. They evoke memories of things, people or places and remind us of related emotions. Smells are tiny molecules of liquid that float through the air. When inhaled, these molecules are absorbed in the blood and taken to the limbic system. Limbic system is the olfactory area of the brain and deals with a person's basic drives like hunger, thirst, memories, intuition, sleep, emotion and the like. Smells have been used in our lives to enhance our awareness. In devotional places there are incense sticks used to calm mind and aid meditation. Various fragrances were used for sensual pleasures and enhancing beauty. Smell of mangoes, spices makes mouth water. Smell of disinfectants reminds us of hospitals or Doctors. Aromatherapy has taken this concept to a logical inference and claim that we can control memories and emotions by using particular aromas. Experiments are being conducted for Alzheimer and Depression alleviation.

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while the perfumes from lemon and eucalyptus are used in the bank teller counters to keep the staff alert. It is used for the pain relief. . . It is one of the fastest growing Alternate holistic therapies. In one such treatment. the scent of lavender and rosemary is diffused in the customer area to soothe waiting customers.wellnessessentialsllc. skin care.jpg 4 of 37. Aromatherapy is gaining general s/YL_oils-side_picture. aroma systems are being incorporating into new buildings. easing of tension and weariness and revitalizing the entire body.136190606. http://www. In Japan.Aromatherapy is the art of using special aromatic “Essential” oils and other fragrances for healing purposes.

During world war II. There is a French Connection to the modern avatar of aromatherapy. the father of modern medicine. In 1930 French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse invented the term aromatherapy for the curative use of essential oils. Madame Marguerite Maury started prescribing essential oils as remedy for her patients. Indians. Jean Valnet used essential oils as antiseptics. He was fascinated by the benefits of lavender oil which healed his burned hand without scars.jpg 5 of 37. . http://www. massage or by inhalation. The Egyptians used fragrant oils for embalming their dead nearly 6000 years ago. He started investigating the effect of other essential oils for healing and other benefits. Hippocrates.History Aromatherapy had been around for nearly 6000 years. Chinese and ancient Egyptians all used fragrances and fragrant They were used more for beauty and personal care than for medicinal purposes. The Greeks. used aromatic fumigations to rid Athens of the plague. Later. the French army surgeon Dr.

spices. fruits. and bark. Solvent extraction and cold expression are some of the methods used for drawing out the essences. Carbon and Oxygen are their basic building are essential oils Essential oils are distilled from plants. Steam distillation. For extraction some knowledge of Chemistry and its methods is There are about 150 essential oils. These three qualities – complexity. Volatile means they evaporate very fast. There are now synthetic ones also available as there is no standardization yet in the field. vary fragrant and volatile matter. Hydrogen. Though it is a specific product. . They are chemically complex. fragrance and volatility differ from plant to plant and even from part to part of the same plant. roots.islaromatherapie. They are the most potent concentrated essence of different parts of the plant.jpg 6 of 37. leaves. http://www. the term “Essential Oils” loosely covers all kinds of aromatic products. All these oils are complex compounds.

hyssop. sedating. sage. cinnamon.rosewood. citronella. thyme. can be toxic . . black cumin and bay leaf. antiseptic.clove. Bactericidal and strongly stimulating. 7 of 37. eucalyptus. oregano. frankincense. Anti anxiety. rose. Expectorant and bactericidal – rosemary. and very aromatically pleasing Clary sage. Ease congestion. lavender. eucalyptus. can be highly irritating to the skin. peppermint.catnip.Uses for Essential oils Essential oils are used in a variety of ways : Anti-viral.fennel.lemongrass. lavender.lemon. Sedating and antiseptic . pine. ginger Anti-inflammatory. bactericidal . Antispasmodic . sandalwood. lavender and New Zealand tea tree oils. geranium.clove. aid flow of mucus. Fungicidal. sage. cinnamon.

in Aromatherapy. Essential oils can be mixed with other essential or career oils for specific purposes. They should not be used indiscriminately as they can actually be toxic. The main verifiable difference is that the essential oils are volatile -they evaporate quickly when exposed to air. Hence. and jojoba. http://moonhaven.Essential Oils are Different from other vegetable Oils Essential oils and fatty/vegetable oils are two completely different types of oils. When mixed with essential oils they carry the healing effect gently. They are used for medicinal or healing purposes and are not always edible. Very strong and potent Essential oils are diluted with these carrier oils to make them safe for use.jpg 8 of 37. Vegetable oils are always edible. fatty/vegetable oils are called carrier oils. .au/blog/wpcontent/uploads/2009/06/aromather apy-bottles. Carrier oils are nourishing and easily absorbed by the skin by massage. Main carrier oils are sunflower. Many recipes are available for various ailments. Essential oils are soluble in fatty/vegetable oils.

Different oils have varying rates of absorption. Inhalation Simply inhaling an essential ensures immediate mental response and helps quick absorption in the bloodstream. between 20 and 120 minutes. therapeutic skin care. baths. interstitial fluid and bloodstream reaching the targeted part. The olfactory membrane is the only place in the human body where the central nervous system is in direct contact with the environment. compresses. The oil can be inhaled or massaged at different points of body. Once diluted essential oil is applied directly to the skin it is completely absorbed and penetrates deeply into the tissues.How it works Aromatherapy works when essential oils enter the body by absorption and inhalation through the pores of the skin. 9 of 37. . There are three Modes of application Direct inhalation: For respiratory decongestion. expectoration as well as psychological effects Aerial diffusion: For environmental fragrance or aerial disinfection Direct application on skin : General massage.

sexual response or emotion is evoked. keep it 6-8 inches under your nose and blow the aroma towards your nose with your other hand. Diffusion is done by special devices called diffusers. repeat. The Two methods of inhalation are: simple inhalation. Take a deep breathe and check out your response. or fan to vaporize it. Diffusion This is when essential oils are dispersed in the air to be inhaled. Do not touch or breathe directly on the opening of the bottle. Basically these are some kind of containers where oil is placed and it is dispersed in the air by candle or electric heat . Place a drop of undiluted oil in your hand. hunger. 2. Simple inhalation. an impulse travels along the olfactory nerve to the brain where memory. coughs and colds. Works well with stuffed noses. Mix few drops of essential oil in boiling water and inhale the fragrance with the steam. It is also used for anti fungal and anti bacterial activities. diffusion Inhalation 1. Or place under your pillow case to ease you into sleep.When an olfactory cell is stimulated. 10 of 37. 4. Open the bottle. Add five drops of an essential oil to a hanky or tissue and carry with you throughout the day. There are several kinds. If you feel relaxed and content. 3. Rub hands together and cup them over your nose. Steam inhalation. .

or Air purifier.vcc. http://esl. Stub the flame. The heat may alter or destroy certain components of the oils so the therapeutic benefit may not be very good. Place 1 drop of essential oil in the melted wax (not on the wick!) and then relight the candle. Atomizer. The aroma is not long-lasting. .GIF 11 of 37. so great care must be used. Candle Diffusion Light a candle and let it burn for about 5 minutes. They are also good gifts.They are very pretty and make ideal room decorations. Slowly aroma fills the room. Steam Diffusion Boil 2 cups of water. Caution: Essential oils are Today Aromatherapy Diffusers are multi purpose machines and can be used as Humidifier. Caution : Keep all types of diffusers out of the reach of children and pets! Diffusion With Items Already in Your Household Simple Tissue Diffusion Place 3-4 drops of essential oil on a tissue or cotton ball. The steam will heat the oils and cause them to evaporate quickly into the room. Pour the water into a bowl and add up to 10 drops of oil to the water. Keep in an open container.

Many companies are making them.Diffusers and Diffusion Products The general descriptions below are about the different products that are The intensity of the aroma depends on the amount of essential oil in the clay pot. and do not require electricity or batteries. 12 of 37. easy to use. All you do is add essential oils to the diffuser and let the essential oils evaporate and diffuse naturally into the space around you. requirements and safety comments supplied with the particular product Clay Pot Diffusers Clay pots are small terra-cotta pots. Clay pot diffusers are inexpensive. www. A clay pot diffuser has an opening for adding essential oils. . Always check the specifications.

This works very fast. glass. soapstone. They are made of many materials.jpg These units should be used for only 7 -10 minutes at a time or with a measured amount of essential oils. clay.Atomizers Atomizers use a small pump and specialized glass to disperse the aroma in the air in a fine ceramic. http://www. Tea Light Diffusers Many people use these in the beginning. 13 of 37. metals. .pacwestserv.

14 of 37. and several drops of essential oil. Add water to the bowl. If the bowl should go completely dry.They have a bowl on top and a place for the candle under it. This will result in the glass cracking and creates a potential fire hazard..Never leave a lit candle unattended. Essential oils are placed onto a disposable absorbent pad or into a tray. The tea light candle usually lasts about 2-3 hours. and never allow the diffuser to burn dry. Caution . DO NOT put more water or oils in until it has completely cooled. Fan Diffusers These use a fan to diffuse the oils through cool air evaporation. . Light the candle and you will soon have diffusion into the air. cent_ball_diffuser. heat diffusers use heat and a fan to gently heat the oil and disperse the aroma into a room.jpg 15 of The fan then blows air across this pad or tray and carries the aroma throughout the room. These work on the similar principle as for anti mosquito mat machines.http://www.luminessentcandles.dreamingearth.jpg The pad or tray is placed into the unit and then powered on. Electric Heat Diffusers Similar to a fan diffuser. .

jpg A nebulizer is a gadget that consists of two main parts: the plastic base that contains the motor and a very unusual. . http://www.Nebulizers A nebulizer is an ingenious device that breaks essential oils into separate molecules before k%20GREEN. some nebulizers use a special bottle that looks like a Boston round bottle. These tiny molecules are more readily absorbed by the lungs and thus have greater therapeutic value.americanaromatherapy. clear blown-glass looking device that holds and "nebulizes" the oils. 16 of 37. Instead of the use of the unusual glass piece.

17 of 37. Do not use diffusion for extended periods. or the elderly. children. Just get some fresh air for a while and remember not to use so much the next time. best results are obtained if the diffusion is for a few minutes every few hours. Try to move out and come back after some time and you will feel it again.Notes When you use a diffuser for extended periods of time. headache or other ill feeling you might have over done it. . you get used to the aroma and may not notice it. Remember little is more and do not use oils excessively. vomiting. If at any time while using an essential oil should you develop nausea. For safety reasons we recommend that you do not using a heat source diffuser around pet.

lotions. Using massage and compresses the oils are absorbed in the skin through the blood stream. They have similar theories as reflexology . Reflex Zones Reflex zones are areas on the skin that connect particular parts of the physical body to organs and emotions. pulse points. The time of absorption could be between 20 to 70 minutes. and creams.Aromatherapy through Skin Application The aromatherapy oil is applied directly to the skin through ointments. Sujok and Acupressure regarding pressure points. 18 of 37. . Places of direct application are: reflex zones. Chakras and the whole body.

The mental. 19 of . Heart responds well to the Rose oil whereas the solar plexus respond to the Juniper oil. or a unique blend of your own Chakras Charkas are the spinning vortexes of energy that take in and emit energy. http://www. They literally mean the point where the pulse can be checked! Wrists or behind the ear are two main points. like lavender or sandalwood.JPG Essential oils like harmony and sandalwood open the chakras.Pulse Points Pulse points are found where a major artery runs close to the surface of the skin. spiritual and emotional systems of the body are said to be in balance when all the 7 chakras spin evenly.rickrichards. You may either apply single oil.

safflower. or Soya bean oil. grape seed. olive. immune systems and Chakras. Relax the mind 20 of 37. circulatory. avocado. Massage therapy is aimed to: Develop and maintain your physical function Relax tense muscles. Reduce stress.5% carrier oil. Relieve or prevent physical dysfunction and pain Improve circulation and immune system functionality. . nervous. usually wheat germ. A ratio that is commonly recommended is 2. essential oils are mixed with a vegetable carrier oil.Techniques of applications Massage: This is the most used technique. It improves health by acting directly on the body’s muscular.5–5% essential oil to 95–97. For massage.

Full-body baths: The essential oil is added to a tubful of warm (but not hot) water . http://static. body lotion. shampoo and conditioners. The hands or feet are soaked for 10–15 minutes in a basin of warm water to which 5–7 drops of essential oil have been added.jpg 21 of 37.Improve blood flow Increase overall feeling of well-being After the massage drink lots of water . .howstuffworks. The dosage of essential oil is usually 5–10 drops per bath. Hand or foot baths: These are used to treat arthritis or skin disorders of the hands or feet as well as sore muscles.This helps the body flush the toxins that were released during the There are recipes for making your personalized soap.

and respiratory congestion. bruises. A hot compress improves the circulation. and kept in place for one or two hours. The compress is then covered with a layer of plastic wrap. Both hot and cold compresses are effective at relieving pain and swelling. followed by a pre-warmed towel. Cold compress helps in relieving itching. . and swelling of the body.Compresses Aromatherapy compresses are used to treat wounds. Oils to use: Though there are more than 100 essential oils available today. burns and rashes 22 of 37. It will also provide relief to muscles and neck. Hot compresses are used to treat painful joints from arthritis to chronic backache to toothache and earache. Hot water is used for hot compress and cold water for cold compress. and apply to the affected part of the body. Wring out the cloth so that it is moist but not wet. These are made by soaking four or five layers of cotton cloth in a solution of water and essential oil or bath salts. the following oils are used most frequently for making aromatherapy compresses: • Eucalyptus: helps in sunburn. headaches and rashes • Lavender: treats anxiety. bruises. sprains. migraine. cramps. sore muscles. inflammation. and reducing inflammation. muscular cramps and headaches • Ginger: good for muscle pain and cold • Chamomile: effective for sunburn. cleanses your body and opens the body pores. menstrual cramps.

Aftercare Apart from some rest after a massage no particular aftercare is needed. or other practitioner should be consulted. Other Benefits Essential oils are used in other applications too. naturopaths. . Internal use: Though it is not a usual practice to take these oils internally. Add five drops to a cotton ball and place in drawers and linen closets to keep away insects.Aromatic salves: Salves are made by melting together 1 1/4 cup of vegetable oil and 1 oz of beeswax in a double boiler over medium heat. 23 of 37. Both essential oils and vegetable carrier oils deteriorate over time and should not be kept longer than one or two months. Preparation of Recipes Always use fresh oils and oil mixtures for best results. The dose depends on the oil. Citronella candles during the summer keep mosquitoes away. You should drink plenty of water after massages to flush out the toxins released in the body. but a physician. Some oils act as a natural insect repellent and pesticide. it is best to mix only small quantities of massage oils or salves at any one time. Thus. or mixed with a glass of honey and water. and adding the desired combination of essential oils. some essential oils such as oil of peppermint and cinnamon can be used to make teas or mouthwashes. They can be used in household and laundry cleaners.

24 of 37. CO2 extract). But in certain cases it can also result in skin irritations or some allergic reactions to essential oils. the type of extraction used (steam distillation. Or go through reputed and established concerns. If you are going in for a long stint. . Selection And Purchase Undiluted essential oils for aromatherapy are termed therapeutic grade. Indian Sandalwood is more desired than Australian Sandalwood . Care of Essential Oils: Essential oils can last up to seven years with proper care. it is better to educate your nose to recognize the difference. In such cases the treatment should be stopped immediately.based upon the aroma.Aromatherapy should normally bring in a sense of relaxation. relief from stress. and improved well-being. Price Oils fluctuate in price based on the amount of the harvest. and is twice as costly. Store in a cool dry place. the country of origin. But so far there is no standardization or regulation for them. and popularity. Traumatic memories may be triggered associated with specific smells. Organic and wild harvested essential oils also tend to be more expensive. Keep them out of the sun and tightly secured. Hence there are many devious characters that mix synthetic chemicals and sell them as essential oils.

then repressed or thinned with a carrier of alcohol or some such matter. This is not a substitute for regular healing methods but a compliment to them. Facts on Healing Ailments with Aromatherapy While aromatherapy is not a miracle cure for serious emotional issues. It is seen that aromatherapy oils are very strong and influence our basic emotions. 25 of 37. This lowers the quality of the healing properties of the oils as well as the price. the use of essential oils can assist with individual emotional issues. by whatever form. hormonal balances and even our survival mechanisms by affecting various areas of our brain. Choose fragrances that you distinctly like. . All oils do not provide the same advantage to all people. Medical researchers expect it could cure memory disorders and Alzheimer's disease someday.Many times oils are extracted. Past memories linked with particular aromas have a positive or negative effect.

Make sure you dilute or fully disperse them when using water as a base. Essential oils can cause a prickly. Essential oils are highly concentrated substances and should be diluted with carrier oils before applying them to the skin. especially Bergamot before direct exposure to the sun. This will cause the oil and irritation to spread. . Have a recipe diluted further when using with children. Apply any vegetable/ carrier oil to the area instead. Safety tips Read about an essential oil before applying it. Do not use with infants. 26 of 37. discontinue.Safety concerns Remember that essential oils are really chemicals natural or otherwise and they can cause reactions in some people. This will absorb the essential oil and ease the irritation instantly. Never take essential oils internally. Do not rub water on the area. If skin irritation occurs or an allergic reaction occurs with any essential oil or product with essential oils in it. Follow recipes for applications. Take normal commonsense precautions to be safe. Keep essential oils out of the reach of children and animals. These essential oils increase photosensitivity. Essential oils are not soluble in water. Do not apply citrus essential oils. irritating sensation to the skin. Keep essential oils away from your eyes.

. do a skin patch test on a small area of skin. Place a small amount of the diluted essential oil on the inside of elbow and apply a bandage. Even if a particular essential oil is not known to cause irritation. Keep children away from essential oils. epilepsy. Wait 24 hours for any form of reaction. pets and elderly. Wormwood. or with other health conditions. bitter almond and sassafras are some of the essential oils that should only be used by qualified aromatherapy practitioners. wintergreen.Essential oils should not replace proper health care. Essential oils are flammable. If you are under medical supervision consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils. Treat the oils like toxic medicines. Use the smallest amount of essential oils that will get the job done. If one drop will get the job done. rue. keep in a steady place and away from children.they are NOT. 27 of 37. horseradish. While using candles for diffusion . Keep them out of the way of fire hazards. onion. Not all essential oils are suitable for use in aromatherapy. do the test. When using new oil for the first time. Many essential oils such as citrus oils can smell like they are safe to drink. Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or by those with asthma. The reaction of oils can differ from person to person. pennyroyal. camphor. don't use two drops.

The same mice were found to become very irritable when exposed to the aroma of orange muscular and rheumatic pains. sandalwood. elderly patients slept "like babies" when a lavender aroma was wafted into their bedrooms at night. (The discomfort is the worst during this time for patients in the control group. menopausal complaints and postnatal depression. such as PMS.Results of Clinical Studies for problems resolved by Aromatherapy Aromatherapy is particularly effective for stress. and some other substances. and psychosomatic induced problems. Aromatherapy for Sleep In a study reported in the British Medical Journal Lancet. These oils were all detected in their bloodstream after about an hour. anxiety. digestive disorders and women's problems. Here is a summary of the results from clinical studies: Source: Holistic Online http://holisticonline.) 28 of 37. .htm Aromatherapy for Behavior Significant evidence exists that fragrant compounds and aromatherapy have a profound effect on our mind and behavior. Animal studies have found that hyper excited mice (after consuming a large quantity of caffeine) were calmed by the aroma of lavender. These patients had complained of difficulty falling asleep and had to take sleeping pills to get sleep prior to the aromatherapy. 635 women applied lavender oil to their perineal area (part of the body between the vagina and the rectum) after child birth. Aromatherapy for Postpartum discomfort In a double blind study. The women reported a distinct improvement between the third and fifth day. and other oils sprayed into their cages.

Japanese have reported fewer mistakes by keypunch operators when exposed to fragrance. Doughnut with black licorice was also very effective. 122 patients who were in an intensive care unit.Aromatherapy for Colds It has been well established that chicken soup is good for cold (both historically and scientifically). the aroma reduced their anxiety probably by the pleasant memories evoked by the vanilla aroma or by some other physiological response. There was no change in their heart rate. reported feeling much better when aromatherapy was administered with the oil of lavender (compared to when they were simply given a massage or allowed to rest. . and oriental spice. Obviously. 29 of 37. or heart rate. Aromatherapy for Stress In a study conducted at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York. In another study. These studies prove that aromatherapy is an effective therapy for the treatment of male impotence from the blood vessel disease or from psychogenic factors. Men who are considered the most sexually active responded well to lavender. The results indicated that chicken soup was more effective than the steam indicating the effectiveness of the aroma. older males preferred the fragrance of vanilla. cola. patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) reported 63 percent less claustrophobic after getting exposed to the aroma of vanilla. Studies were conducted to find out whether the effect was due to the action of the hot steam on the lining of the nostrils or whether the aroma of the chicken soup has anything to do with it. respiration.) No changes in the patients who were given aromatherapy were observed in the blood pressure. Aromatherapy and Male Sexual Response Circulation to the male sexual organ was found to have improved substantially by treatment with licorice or lavender with pumpkin pie.

Unfortunately. Since there's no standardized curriculum either. Because there is no core knowledge. . it's essential to understand what is meant by "certification. it's difficult do the research necessary to build a body of knowledge for aromatherapy. A practitioner who has aromatherapy certification has completed a course of study that granted him a certificate of completion. This lack of standardization is a problem for professionals. With no standardized curriculum." There is no standardized certification for aromatherapy in the USA. 30 of 37. If you decide to pursue aromatherapy as a career. anybody with a scented candle can claim to be an aroma therapist. Compare their curricula against the standards approved by the National Association of Holistic Aroma therapists. Before you choose a school though.Aromatherapy certification If you are planning to become an aroma therapist. compare and evaluate several schools that offer aromatherapy certification. a number of schools offer aromatherapy certification. because they have no way to evaluate what aroma therapists do. that's usually what happens. there's no way to know what this "certification" means. too. Make sure you understand what your state laws allow or prohibit. and no core body of knowledge. The lack of standardization is a problem for the public.

gif 31 of 37. http://www. I have given links for classes and more information for the interested. .Aromatherapy Certification Curriculum should include the following : Introduction to Aromatherapy Anatomy and Physiology Aroma-Chemistry and Botany Distilling and other methods for extraction of oils Knowledge about oils and their properties Blending Techniques Pressure Points and Body Systems Scent Therapy Safety Procedures It is getting increasingly popular even in normal medicinal practices to use some kind of aroma to calm or de – stress

http://simplearomatherapy. aromacures http://www. & AROMATHERAPY. H. constituents.asp A.htm Aroma Therapy Our mission is to provide free articles for others to learn and benefit from the beautiful art of oil perfumery note.aromacures.D. strength of the initial aroma.nature-helps.aromatherapyhouse. uses.S. http://www.I.Aromatherapy links 111 Essential Oil and Absolute Profiles For each profiled oil. you will find information on its botanical name. common method of extraction. and safety information. 32 of Aromatherapy Diffuser Recipes http://www. .aromaweb. oil consistency.html Aromatherapy Portal On our portal it is very fast and easy for you to find the exact Aromatherapy info you are looking for.htm aromadatabase The information provided from the database is for educational purposes only. aromatic description.

com/aromatherapy/aroma_what_is.asp holisticonline.asp Essential Oil Safety Information http://www. ranging from treatments for relaxation.holisticonline.ehow.htm How to Make a Hot Compress with Aromatherapy http://www.html aromatherapyheals. flu Several articles Aromatherapy Resources These aromatherapy free recipes have a variety of purposes. Many general articles http://mygreataromatherapy. y-course/ 33 of 37. . essential oil profiles. carrier oil profiles. The Aromatherapy Global Online Research Archives http://www.html mygreataromatherapy.htm aromaweb AromaWeb offers over 450 pages of aromatherapy and essential oil AGORA.Aromatherapy Recipes Free Aromatherapy Information and Recipes for Every One http://myaroma. http://www. muscle pains. The Pleasures of Safe Aromatherapy An online e book with lots of http://www.5 Aromatherapy and Essential Oils lists aromatic http://www.auroma.html What Makes Aromatherapy Work? http://www.aromacures.secretsofaromatherapy. Browse our Message Board.asp The Aromatherapy Place Our mission is to provide our visitors with resources to begin practicing Everyday Aromatherapy™. http://www. base oils and indications.National Association For Holistic Aromatherapy ( NAHA) We are pleased to announce our new NAHA Online Yellow Pages. which will run concurrently in both Aromatherapy Journal and our website.htm Pure Massage Techniques for massage.puremassage. . List for download.htm Aromatherapy 2. and feel free to post your own aromatherapy question.html 34 of 37. http://www.

uk/cgibin/ww_downloader/download er. You will also learn treatments for moods and Aromatherapy You will learn how it all . It will equip you with the knowledge and skill necessary to treat yourself and your friends and family safely and effectively. http://www.cgi Aromahead Online One free basic and some paid You will be provided with the tools to start your own very special journey into the fascinating world of plants and essences. This course has been specially designed and written by Denise Whichello Brown.html Introduction to Aromatherapy e-Course Welcome to the FREE Beaumont College of Natural Medicine Introduction to Aromatherapy Introduction to Essential Oils Learn how to use essential oils in your daily life and make wonderful blends for family and friends! This course will offer you what you need to know to get started in 35 of 37. how it developed and how it works. as well as health and beauty recipes. http://www.Courses Free 5 Day Aromatherapy Course Sign Up for our Free Aromatherapy E-course delivered to your email box every day for 5 days. http://www. http://www. http://www.

Through the online textbook and http://www. All terms have been clearly explained in simple language thus making it a useful resource for novices as well as experts.1. .60 MB Free Aromatherapy Dictionary Software is an extensive collection of words related to the field of MB Aromatherapy Dictionary Software .Aromatherapy Certification Program Online (Online) The Online ACP (Aromatherapy Certification Program) allows students to experience an education with the Aromahead Institute through our exclusive digital curriculum.aromahead. access to exclusive videos.500 http://www. Fees $1. and dozens of blending activities. students become professionally qualified in the therapeutic uses of essential oils.jpg 36 of 37. This software includes the different scents used and the different terminology with explanations. case study assignments.download32.html http://dericbownds.

Graphics from the net are acknowledged at the The beautiful graphics are free.Acknowledgement The filler Flower graphics used here are from Hellas Multimedia http://www. .htm.hellasmultimedia. Some graphics are from me. Other clipart are from Microsoft WP Clipart Free Collection. This e book is by Ms.Shobha Mathur 37 of 37.

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