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"First Light" Attunements

1) The Basic Triad
The first 3 Attunements- Kundalini Shakti, Angelic Forces, and Alleviation of Karma constitute the basic triad that is the "First Light" work. They work together to produce an extremely powerful force for change.

"Awakening" your Kundalini [ Autonomous ]

This is the energy of spiritual unfoldment. It is an extremely safe way to work with kundalini, being one of the most intelligent of the shaktis. It is about 80% chit kundalini (goes to the heart and brain) and 20% prana kundalini (runs from base of spine to crown). The chit kundalini component works primarily with consciousness and does not affect energy blocks that much. In addition to its own impetus this shakti, being usually intelligent, has the power to oversee your spiritual development and will act to coordinate "First Light" and any other shaktis of spiritual practices.

Angelic Forces Attunement [ Autonomous ]

This attunement allows for any angelic forces that wish to work with you to do so more easily and facilitates communication (from them to you and you to them). Angels are spiritual beings who are on an evolutionary path that parallels the human path. Devas include elementals, plant spirits, crystal spirits, etc. Generally, archangels work with other angels and not with humans.

Alleviation of Karma [ Autonomous ]

This procedure alleviates some karmic burden from the past, but does nothing to affect karma accumulated in the present life. It is guaranteed to do something for everyone, though the amount varies from one person to the another. Your teacher has no control over how much karma is alleviated. The alleviation is a personal experience and can be anywhere form slight to tremendous.

2) Seven Subtle Body Attunements

These attunements are to clear blockages in the subtle body, to work on the seven subplanes of the etheric plane, as they manifest in ourselves and to expand the first strand of the nadi to hold more prana and also make the strand more efficient. These attunements also open substrands 1 - 3 of the second strand in each nadi. [The nadis of the subtle body are analogous to the nerves of the physical body. Each nadi has 5 strands. Most energy systems work only with the first strand.]. These 7 attunements give you the basic "First Light" energy.

Physical [ Autonomous ]
Lowest, Etheric, [part of the personality]

Emotional [ Autonomous ]
Feelings, [part of the personality]

Mental [ Autonomous ]
Thoughts, [part of the personality]

Buddhic [ Autonomous ]
Intuitional, Spiritual Union, Love aspect of the soul. It is here that there are tremendous shifts in consciousness
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"First Light" Attunements

Atmic [ Autonomous ]
Spiritual Will, aware of God's will

Monadic [ Autonomous ]
Spiritual Identity - a sense of who I am. If God is fire, and we are sparks, then the sparks are Monadic; Sparks exist but fire is what generated it. The Monadic pulls the Golden Cord out at death for the next incarnation.

Cosmic [ Autonomous ]
Divine Plane, Profound sense of being. Lose sense of self. Plane of God Awareness Side Note: In Reiki you are attuned only to Physical, Buddhic and Monadic level only

3) Heart Attunements
These attunements concern the Heart and one's ability to channel love's energies.

Heart Center Enhancement [ Activated ]

Increases the ability of the heart to give and receive love at the human, devic and divine levels. It releases a healing energy from the heart, increases flow between the heart and higher self, and prepares the heart to receive the enhancements of higher levels of "First Light". Allows you to send heart energy into your environment without touch. To activate: think "Heart Enhancement" and feel warmth at the heart chakra. To send to others or the environment, activate as above, then send a beam of white light (cone shape with point at heart chakra) out to others or the environment. Another way to use this attunement is to maintain a continuous focus on the heart chakra after activating the attunement. An elixir (i.e. an energy of a particular class which has a liquid feeling to it), which has been described as feeling like liquid love, will begin to circulate around the body. This elixir is very healing and develops qualities of heart.

"Etheric Heart" Attunement [ Activated ]

Works on the 'etheric heart' [thymus gland] to open you up to acceptance of the divine within. The strength of this attunement builds over time. To activate: think "Etheric Heart" and feel warmth at the etheric heart. To send to others or the environment, activate as above, then send a beam of white light (cone shape with point at etheric heart) out to others or the environment. Another way to use this attunement is to maintain a continuous focus on the thymus after activating it. You will feel an elixir circulate around the body. This elixir accelerates the process of accepting one's inner divinity.


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"First Light" Attunements

Break Time - It is recommended that the student practice all the activated attunements during this short intermission. After break/bathroom call is over, its time to discuss how the students felt with the activated & autonomous attunements. Inquire about how they felt after the attunement process. Feelings, emotions, etc. After a brief discussion, once again you will be guided into a meditation to open yourselves to the energies LEVEL TWO 4) Soul/Spirit Attunement [ Autonomous ]
This attunements accelerates personality-soul fusion at a rate not possible with previous systems. The attunement\ increases soul awareness and sensitizes the brain to the energy of the soul.

5) Meditation Attunement [ Autonomous ]

Increases the depth, breadth, and ease of meditation

6) Soul Star Energies

The next four Attunements work with Soul Star Energies. Some have called the soul star, an energy center of great spiritual significance, the 8th Chakra. It is located in your subtle body 6-8 inches above your head. After the attunements are given you will be guided into the Channel Building exercise.

Soul Star Attunement [ Autonomous ]

The Soul Star is an energy center located 6-8 inches above the crown chakra. Some people experience it as being starlike, but it is more common to see it as a ball of light. Its job is to regulate energy entering your field from the cosmos, your soul and your solar "guardian" angel. The soul and the solar angel most commonly (though not always) will first pass energy they want to send you through the soul star. This attunement dramatically increases the ability of the Soul Star to work with prana from the Buddhic plane and above. It also helps to increase your awareness and understanding of the soul star.

Soul Star Transformation Attunement [ Autonomous ]

Increase the ability of the soul star to bring energy from the Buddhic plane and above.
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"First Light" Attunements

Star Tetrahedron Attunement [ Activated ]
The Star Tetrahedron has long been recognized as one of the most important in sacred geometry. It can be thought of as composed of two interpenetrating tetrahedra, one pointing up and one pointing down. [A tetrahedron is a pyramid with an equilateral triangle for each of its four faces). As such, it is a threedimensional generalization of the Star of David and has multiple levels of symbolism. Stars, planets, angels, and humans are surrounded by Star Tetrahedron shaped energy fields. This attunement is one of the most powerful and versatile in the entire "First Light" program. However, its significance goes even beyond this. Its name derives from the fact that it is historically the first of a number of attunements to make use of an extraordinary new technology that changes at a basic level the way energy is transformed and processed in the human energy field. It places a Star Tetrahedron shaped energy field around the permanent atoms that resonate with the Star Tetrahedron fields that are naturally present in the subtle bodies. Once activated, the attunement goes through three phases. All you need to do s start the attunement off and it will automatically run to completion by itself, in the process passing thorough all three phases. The first phase does energy work The second phase does personality integration The third phase either prepares for or works actively on personality/soul fusion. The length of a phase can vary greatly. It will usually last between five and thirty minutes. Averaged over many times, each phase lasts about 15 minutes. This attunement has the unusual property that no matter how many times a day you use it, it will continue to do something for you each time. However, a rule of thumb is you will reach a point of diminishing returns if you use it more than two or three times in a four hour period. To activate: place your hands on the crown chakra and just intend for it to start. You can also say aloud or think Star Tetrahedron. As soon as you have done this, you may remove your hands. To activate by intent (for yourself or someone in your physical presence), just intend for it to come down into the crown. The Star Tetrahedron attunement will combine with almost any other attunement from either "First Light" or another system, to increase the efficiency of that attunement. A particularly effective way is to use the Star Tetrahedron attunement is to combine with channel building. To do this, activate the Star Tetrahedron and then go directly into channel building as usual. (You can actually start the Star Tetrahedron attunement at any point during the channel building, however, it is noticeably more effective when used in the way just described.)

Channel Building (Triangulation) Attunement [ Activated ]

Increases the efficacy of channel building, a procedure to work with your central channel from your soul star to your earth star. The attunement helps to maintain even development of the channel and also facilitates energy flow from the central channel out to the rest of the body. Channel building sensitizes each chakra to the rays of the soul since the soul star moves through each chakra. Channel building enhances the personality/soul fusion process and is profoundly transformational on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
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"First Light" Attunements

Procedure for Channel Building (Triangulation)
(1) It is definitely best (though not absolutely essential) to be in a position where all the centers used in channel building are in a straight line (i.e. standing or lying down). Relax. Have the intention once at the beginning of the procedure that as you move the Soul Star through your central channel it will carry "First Light" energy into each of the chakras and this will automatically happen. As you do the channel building, do not actually run "First Light" - just keep your mind on the mechanics of the procedure and everything will happen, as it should.

(2) The Soul Mantra (say it as if you are the soul) I AM THE SOUL I AM THE LIGHT DIVINE I AM LOVE I AM WILL I AM EXPANDING DESIGN

(3) See Illustration on the next page a. Soul Star down to the brow, into the central channel, up to original position 3X b. Soul Star down to the throat, into the central channel, up to original position 3X c. Soul Star down to the heart, into the central channel, up to original position 3X d. Do a -c for 3 to 4 days e. Add solar plexus 3X for 3 to 4 days f. Add next area every 3 to 4 days through to the Earth Star Do the Triangulation procedure every day if possible. Twice a day is even better.

CAUTION: Channel Building is an extremely powerful procedure. Doing it more than twice a day is generally not recommended as you could overcharge yourself. For the same reason, do not add centers other than those described. Do not combine this procedure with any procedure other than those specifically mention in the "First Light" manual and follow exact directions for doing so. While deviating from the procedure as described can cause difficulties, when channel building is done properly, it is an unusually safe procedure. In fact, it is both the safest and most effective method for developing the central channel available to the general public.


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"First Light" Attunements


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"First Light" Attunements

7) Chakra Release Procedure [ Activated ]
Works with one chakra at a time to release blocked energy of the etheric, emotional and mental levels, as well as with the casual body. To activate: Place hand on the chakra you wish to work with. Say "Chakra Release", then begin to pull your hand away from your chakra slowly, moving slightly in and out as you continue to move your hand away from the chakra. If you feel a sensation (pulling, heaviness, tingling, etc) either in your hand or in the chakra area, work at that level until the sensation has dissipated then continue to move away from the chakra. If necessary, do a second or third pull, each time returning to the same chakra and activating the energy. Do not work on more that 2 or 3 chakras in one session. If you feel the energy is "stuck" after 2 to 3 pulls, try using the power setting to increase the energy and make the pull more efficient. Also, you can use mental intent to pull at a deeper level. After finishing each chakra, fill with "First Light" energy. The heart enhancement energy can be turned on at the same time. This procedure removes blocked energy and issues, rather than just restimulating them.

8) Balancing
There are two Attunements to balance the energies received, clearing the way to receive the "First Light" attunements and the final attunements of the "First Light" energies.

Rebalancing Attunement [ Autonomous ]

This is a procedure that works with your energetic configuration as a whole rather than with a particular chakra.

Stabilization Shakti Attunement [ Activated ]

Affects your energy to stabilize any change that has been produced. This is an extremely useful procedure that can follow chakra release or the Star Tetrahedron attunement --indeed, any procedure of any type that affects your energy flow positively, whether from "First Light" or any other system. This energy acts to stabilize any change that has been produced. Run this energy regularly. Over time, it can make a significant difference. To activate: Place hands on the head and say "Stabilization Energy". Run the energy for 1 to 2 minutes on yourself or another person.

9) First Light Attunement [ Activated ]

Effects transformation on the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual levels. Makes the basic "First Light" energy more coherent and penetrating - increases its power by a factor of 5 to 7. Teacher Notes: comment about: stitching 'fabric' or rainbow colors to the body's auric field, to strengthen the weak areas, allowing "First Light" to be contained in the body.


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"First Light" Attunements

To activate "First Light" on yourself. Just place your hands where they lay naturally on yourself. Say to yourself " First Light." Do this at least once a day for the first month after receiving "First Light."

Break Time - It is recommended that the student practice all the activated attunements during this short intermission. After break/bathroom call is over, its time to discuss how the students felt with the activated & autonomous attunements. Inquire about how they felt after the attunement process. Feelings, emotions, etc. After a brief discussion, once again be guided into a meditation to open yourselves to the energies of the final attunements -

10) "Mode Setting" Attunement [ Activated ]
Allows you to run the "First Light" energy in any one of fifteen modes. Teacher's Notes: Read each of the following and pause for a few moments, to sense that this "Mode Setting" is in place within the student. The final 'Self-Selecting' Mode seems to take the longest (by only a few minutes). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Regular Stimulation Relaxation Subtle body healing (submodes - etheric, emotional, mental) Creativity Meditation - crown or brow Grounding Pain reduction Balancing (submodes - chakras, meridians) Clearing (submodes - subtle bodies, chakras, meridians) Aligning (aligns subtle bodies, chakras and meridians for ideal flow of energy) Healing sleep Integration Mental alertness Immune System Stimulation Self-Selecting Automatically selects at each point in time the most appropriate of the previous settings in accord with the higher self. This is the most common setting that you will work with.

To activate: Turn on "First Light", choose the mode, then the submode - add a power setting if you desire.
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"First Light" Attunements

11) Transdimensionality Attunement [ Autonomous ]
This attunement assists you in experiencing the state of consciousness in which the mind transcends all dimensions of reality, including space and time. This state could be described as a crossroads where all dimensions of reality meet. From there, you can develop the capacity, through meditation, to move in any direction.

12) Samadhi Attunement [ Activated ]

Assists reaching of advanced states of meditation. Students will find that the time it takes to reach Samadhi (advanced meditative states) is cut approximately in half. Thus, if it were going to take you sixty years, it would take roughly thirty instead. To activate: Wait until roughly the last 1/3 stage of your meditation, the say "Samhadhi"

13) Mental Control of Energy Attunement [ Activated ]

This attunement gives you a greater control over energy. It makes energy easier to run, strong or faster. You can use this attunement to work with your own body energy as well as with shaktis. For example, you could use it when you are cold to increase blood flow to parts of your body. To activate: activate any energy then say "Mental Control of Energy"

14) Light Carrying Capacity Attunement [ Autonomous ]

Enables the physical nervous system to absorb and integrate more spiritual level energy.

15) Mental Imagery Attunement [ Activated ]

This attunement empowers your mental imagery, increasing your ability to visualize in some way. It may be more vivid, 3-D, contain more emotional content or it may show you what if feels like in your body to be what you are imagining. To activate: say "Mental Imagery" then develop your mental image.

16) "Power Setting" Attunement [ Activated ]

This attunement allows you to use any energy or procedure you have at any power setting from 0 to 5 in half unit increments. Your current power level for any energy will correspond to a setting of 3 after you receive this attunement. In other words, not only does this attunement allow you to 'fine tune' your energy flow, it makes everything you already have more powerful. If you work with any new energy system in the future, the normal level for that system will be attuned to you at level 3. This Power Setting also enables you to increase the force of not just "First Light" but of any subtle energy system that you will ever work with.


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"First Light" Attunements

Teacher's Notes: After working with "First Light" for about a year, I found I could work with it at power settings 0 to 10. Explain about a power setting of 0 (zero), in that at some point you will want to run the energies but without a full blasting effect, as some clients cannot handle energy that is very intense, hence the use of zero setting, where nothing will be obviously felt, but "First Light" energies will still be running on the client. To activate: say "Power Setting (number)"

17) "Activation by Will Alone" [ Activated ]

Allows you to activate any energy or procedure through will alone. If you have been initiated into any other energy system, you will be able to use this empowerment to run that energy more strongly than you have ever before. It can be used in place of symbols, but it is not a substitute for hands-on work. To activate: Write your own program by putting a set of procedures together and giving the set a name while you are activating the individual procedures. You can now activate the set with the name you have assigned. Be aware that the longer the set, the less energy in each procedure.

18) "First Light" Seventh Ray Initiation

[ Autonomous ]

This is an autonomous attunement that increases the capacity of each of your chakras to work with seventh ray energy. Beginning from this moment, and continuing for seven days, you will have seventh ray energy streaming into your crown and spreading throughout your body. This energy will be in all of your chakras each day, however, it will focus on a particular chakra region each day. This focus starts with the crown chakra and works down.

Priorities for a Daily Routine

Meditation is the most important thing you can do for your Spiritual growth. 20 minutes, twice a day is recommended. "First Light", [see page 10], Triangulation, [see page 7], and Star Tetrahedron, [see page 6], should be used daily. Chakra Release, [see page 9], is also a powerful tool to add to your daily routine, but has somewhat less priority than Triangulation and Star Tetrahedron. Always end any session with 1 to 2 minutes of the Stabilization energy, [see page 9],

All Attunements have been given to the student. Now it is time for the student to give a mini "First Light" session on the teacher and each other. While this is happening, the teacher can instruct the student on hand placement, power settings, and so on, as well as answer any questions. See the next page for suggestions on how to run First Light on another person.


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"First Light" - to run "First Light" on another person

Begin by placing hands on either side of the head [after "First Light" is activated you can then place hands on the body, generally lightly touching or just above the body. Sometimes by holding the feet.] Say to client: "First Light" Say to client: "Imagine energy on a scale of 0 to 10, and this is 3" The impulse will be to increase the energy from 3 upwards to 10, but until you have been working with "First Light" for a while, you will not be actually giving more than a 5 or 6. "First Light" is intelligent energies and will 'tell you' what the power setting is, as it is needed by the client. You will need to play with the power settings for a couple of weeks, to feel what level of energy is what power setting. Like listening to music on your stereo, the number setting means nothing, until you feel/hear the music at that volume. The same applies to "First Light" Power Settings. Eventually you will feel each of the settings, (including zero, which is used if the client says that the energy is too strong for them to continue with the session. You can run the energy at zero, which allows the energy to continue but without any discernable effects on the client.). Use "First Light" often on yourself and others and like fine wine, it 'ages' in your system, and the effects will grow stronger. Some people just need time to have the energies adjust to their own incarnational vibration. One noticeable effect of "First Light" is its immediate boosting of any other energy system you currently work with. Reiki is reputed to be generally 1 to 3 times stronger.


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