Aadesh Aadhira Aadi Aadil Aadit Aaditya Aagman Aahva Aakaar Aakarsh Aakash Aakesh Aamir Aaradhaya Aarav

Aarif Aarish Aarit Aariz Aarnav Aaron Aarpit Aarth Aarush Aarush Aarya Aaryan

Message Moon Important Justice Peak Sun Arrival* Beloved Shape Attraction Sky Populous; Full; Prosperous Regard* Peaceful Acquainted; Knowledgable Sky* One who seeks the right direction Respectable man; Intelligent* Exalted on high* To donate Meaning First ray of sun First ray of sun* Line on any particular raaga from sanskrit* Illustrious

Aashank Aashish Aashka Aashman Aasim Aasit Aathira Aatish Aayan Aayoush Aayush Abaan Abbas Abdul Abdul-Azeez Abdul-Baari Abdul-Ghafoor Abdul-Haafiz Abdul-Hameed Abdul-Haseeb Abdul-Jabaar Abdul-Jaleel Abdul-Khaaliq Abdullah Abdul-Qaadir Abdul-Qahaar Abdul-Qudoos

Blessing Take aashka of aarti* Son of the sun Protector

Fireworks; name of Lord Ganesha

Old Arabic name Description of a lion Knowledge Servant of the Mighty; The Powerful Servant of the Creator Servant of the Forgiver Servant of the Protector Servant of the Praiseworthy; The Ever-Praised Servant of the Respected; Esteemed Servant of the Mighty Servant of the Great; Revered Servant of the Creator Servant of God Servant of the Capable Servant of the Subduer; The Almighty Servant of the Most Holy

Abdul-Raheem Abdul-Raouf Abdul-Rasheed Abdul-Razaaq Abdul-Salaam Abdul-Waahid Abdul-Wadood Abed Abedin Abezag Abhav Abhay Abhaya Abheek Abhi Abhijay Abhijeet Abhik Abhilash Abhinandan Abhinav Abhinay Abhineet Abhinivesh Abhiraj Abhiram Abhiramana

Servant of the Most Compassionate Servant of the Most Merciful Servant of the Rightly Guided Servant of the Maintainer; The Provider Servant of the Peace Servant of the One Servant of the Loving Worshipper Worshippers Pure; Holy Lord Shiva Fearless Fearless Fearless Fearless Victor Victorious; One who has been / has conquered Beloved Wish; Desire Greetings An act Expression Perfect Desire Fearless King Lovely; Pleasing One who delights

Abhiroop Abhirut Abhisha Abhishek Abhyas Abhyudaya Abid Abimanyu Abishek Abra Abrar Abu Bakr Abul Khayr Acchutan Achintya Achyut Adamya Adarsh Adarsh Adeel Adeep Adham Adhiraj Adil Adinath Adit Adithya Handsome Ritual Luck Worshipper of God Arjuna's Son Cloud A truthful person. Saint The companion of Prophet Mohammed One who does good Lord Vishnu "Lord Shiva. honest" Light* Black King Sincere Lord Vishnu First Born "Sun God. Son of Adithi" . Vishnu" Ideal Ideal "Judge.

Praiseworthy Enlightened Nice. Beyond knowledge Dawn Commendable. Bravery* Rich Unique Focussed Unique Unique* Chaste. Modest Most excellent Love for god A name of a sage Angel * Son of Agni Dhronacharya's Guru Always ahead* Advance Beyond comprehension.Aditya Adnan Adnan Adrian Adrut Advait Advaita Advaith Advay Advik Afeef Afzal Agamjeet Agampreet Agasthya Agnello Agneya Agnivesh Agrim Agrima Agyeya Ahan Ahir Ahmad Ahren Ahsan Ajaipal The sun Proper name Lion. Beautiful .

Ajay Ajit Ajitabh Ajitesh Ajkhyat Ajmil Ajoy Akaldeep Akalpreet Akand Akansh Akarsh Akash Akash Akhil Akhil Akhilesh Akhyath Akilesh Akram Akrash Aksat Akshad Akshaj Akshan Akshar Akshat Unconquered Victorious Victor Lord Vishnu Famous A mythological king Joyful God's lamp Love of God Calm Attractive Sky Sky Complete World Lord & Master Most Generous Attractive Lord Vishnu Eye Letter Rice used in worship .

Ornament Defender of mankind Helper* Excellent. Excellent Great leader The first character in Hijaiyah Lord of Alkapuri* Brightness Tiny Aman Pure.Akshay Akshit Akshit Akshobhya Akshun Akul Akyhielan Al Abbas Alaa Alaa Udeen Alaap Alankar Alazae Alec Alexis Ali Ali Alibaba Alif Alkesh Alok Alpesh Amaan Amal Amalendu Amalesh Aman Immortal Permanent* Lord Vishnu* A significant particle Lord Shiva King* Description of a lion Nobility. Hope. August. Noble High. Excellence Excellence of Religion Musical notes in a order* Gold. Elevated. Exalted. Aspiration Pure like the moon Pure Peace .

Amanjeet Amanpal Amanuday Amanveer Amar Amara Amardeep Amarjeet Amarjeet Amarpreet Amartya Ambarisha Amber Ambikapathi Ambuj Ameen Ameer Ameet Ameya Amir Amirdeswaran Amish Amit Amitabh Amitava Amitesh Amitosh

Peace attainder Peace protector Peace rising* Immortal Immortal Eternal light Victorious Victorious Immortal love of God Immortal Lord of the sky Sky Lord of Shiva Lotus Faithful; Trustworthy Ruler; Prince Limitless Name of lord Ganesh Rich Pure Limitless Unlimited One with boundless splendour Limitless Ever happy*

Amjad Amlah Ammar Amod Amogh Amol Amolik Amr Amraj Amresh Amrik Amrinder Amrish Amrit Amritansh Amshu Amshul Amuk Amul Amulaya Amulya Anadi Anahid Anal Anand Anang Anant

More Glorious Pretty; Handsome; Beautiful; Pleasant Builder; Constructor; Religious person Pleasureable Lord Ganesh Priceless Priceless Old Arabic name Lord Indra Nectar* Lord Indra Nectar Atom Bright some; one or another Priceless Invaluable Invaluable; Princess Eternal Immaculate Fire Joy; Bliss Formless; Divine Joyful; Unending

Ananyo Anas Anathakrishnan Anay Andre Anees Aneesh Anek Anesh Angad Angad Angaj Anik Anikait Aniketh Anil Animesh Anirban Aniruddh Anirudh Anirvan Anirvinya Anish Anish Anit Anjal Anjalika

Sole; Peerless A group of people Radha's husband* Close friend Supreme Many Smart one Powerful Mythological name Son Soldier Lord of the World Lord of all God of Wind Bright Grandson of Lord Krishna* Boundless; Lord Vishnu Undying A name of God Vishnu Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu Joyful unending * Hollow formed by joining two hands One of Arjuna's arrows

Uncomparable Continuous Portion Sunny Sun Ray of light Space / universe* Invaluable Name of a Saint* Space. Outer space. Sky Experience Small diya* .Anjan Anjana Anjani Anjas Anjor Ankit Ankur Ankush Anmol Anna Annuabhuj Anoop Anoopjot Anosh Anram Ansar Ansh Anshul Anshuman Ansu Antariksh Anthony Antony Antriksa Antrix Anubhav Anudeep Lord Krishna Dusky A title of the mother of Hanuman (anjani kumar) Fortright Bright Conquered Glow Control Priceless Food Lord Shiva Without compare.

Best. Integration Investigation Not seen before. Affection. Lords Worship That deserves to be worshiped. good in everything Unique. Uncomparable Love Attachment. Love Joined.Anuj Anupam Anurag Anurag Anush Anvay Anvesh Apoorva Appaji Aprameya Aquil Arabinda Aradhya Arav Arbad Archa Archit Archit Arghya Arha Arham Arhan Aric Ariez Arihan Arihant Arijit Younger Brother. Different. give Valuable Lord Shiva Other name of Arihant Parmatma (Jain) Tirthankara Rule with mercy Killing enemies Lord Shiva . Special. Unmatchable Lord Venkateswara of Balaji Pure Wise Lotus To be worshipped Peaceful Masters.

navigator" King of wisdom* Divine Earned Lord Krishna's cousin Principles Wish. Desire Wish* The sea Offering Dominion. Discuss Victory over evil "One who shows the right path . Sun . Crown Heavenly Lord Shiva's name Sun Lotus From a high race Noble-minded. Aristocratic.Arin Arindam Arinjay Aritra Ariv Arja Arjav Arjit Arjun Arkaan Armaan Arman Arnab Arnav Arnay Aron Arpan Arrush Arsalan Arsh Arshad Arulsyankar Arun Arunjeet Arvind Arya Aryaman With spokes.

unbeatable" Without Sorrow More Honorable Shelter* A name of Shiva Strong* Banyan tree A tree Ever Living* .Saturn Pride* "The best.Aryan Aryan Aryanathan Aryav Aryavan Asad Ashank Asheem Asher Ashfaq Ashir Ashirvad Ashish Ashit Ashley Ashmit Ashneel Ashok Ashraf Ashray Ashumu Ashutosh Ashvath Ashwani Ashwath Ashwath Ashwathama Son of arya Ancient civilization* Lord Ayyappa* Lion Faith Boundless Happy Noble Prince Blessing* Blessing Lord of the Rings .

Ashwin Ashwin Ashwin Asif Asjid Askha Asutosh Aswad Aswal Aswini Ataa Atal Atambhu Atamveer Atanu Atharva Athervan Athrv Atif Atiksh Atimanav Atin Atinder Atishridhwik Atit Atmanand Atraiu A star A star A star Forgivness One who prays to God More liberal One who becomes happy easily Islamic name (Black stone) in Moka* Name of a star Gift Unshakeable The Holy trinity Brave The angel of love Name of Ganesha. The first Vedas One of the four vedas Lord Ganesha Generous Wise* Super man The great one* Blissful Great Warrior .

Ongoing" One who never stops* Continuous Leisure Holy incarnation Reward. Compensation Name of a tree respected and enduring Lord Shiva Lucky. Inconquerable "Continous.Atul Ausija Austin Avadhoot Avalok Avanish Avasyu Avi Avijit Avikam Avilash Avin Avinash Aviral Aviral Avirat Avish Avkash Avtar Awad Aws Ayaan Ayaaz Ayan Ayavanth Ayman Ayoob Uncomparable Renowned. On the right A Prophet's name . Bright as the dawn God Dattatreya* One who beholds God of the Earth Lord Indra The sun and air Invincible Diamond Faithful Immortal.

Luminous Clever. Duration of life Having long life Offspring Sweet The most shining.Ayush Ayush Ayushmaan Azam Azb Azhar Azhmeer Azzaam Baahir Baasim Babala Babar Badal Badr Udeen Badrinath Baha Baha Udeen Bahiy Udeen Bahuliya Bajrang Bakool Balachandar Balaji Balavant Balbir Long Lived Age. Brilliant Smiling Above* Lion* Cloud Full moon of the Faith Lord Vishnu Beautiful. Magnificent The magnificent of the Faith The magnificent of the Faith Lord Kartikeya Lord Hanumanji Flower Young moon Lord Venkatesh Lord Hanuman Valiant hero . Wise Determined. Resolved Dazzling.

Attach together Polite* Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Flute Lord Krishna Noble Man Cloud The ocean Welcome rain Lord of the sea .Baldev Balendra Balgopal Balgovind Bali Balraj Balram Balveer Balvinder Balvindra Balwan Balwant Banaj Banbihari Bandhu Bandish Baneet Banke Bankebihari Bankim Bansi Banwari Baran Barid Barindra Barsaat Barun Strong Lord Krishna Baby Krishna Krishna Monkey king King The brother of Lord Krishna Powerful Strong Strong Strong Person* Full of might Lotus Lord Krishna Helper Binding.

Daughter of Sun King of Bharat* Sun Earthly Lord Shiva Lord Shiva God's devotee* Name of God Friend Teacher of Kauravas Dreadful.Basaam Basant Basel Bashaar Batuk Bhagirath Bhagyaraj Bhairav Bharat Bharddwaj Bhargav Bhargavan Bhargavi Bhartesh Bhaskar Bhaumik Bhav Bhavesh Bhavik Bhavik Bhavin Bhavya Bheru Bhishma Bhisma Bhiswas Bhudhav Smiling Spring Brave Bringer of glad tidings Boy A pious king Lord of faith Lord Shiva Lord Rama's Brother A sage Lord Shiva Name of Deity in Ahobilam (AP) Goddess Durga. Forbidding Lord Vishnu . Parvati. Fear-inducing. Terrible. Laxmi.

Discrimination Sun God Musical Instrument Sucess in every where* The Prophet's person calling prayer Pure Halo Son of Ashok* Courageous To have a presence. to know one's self Brave heart Lord of warriors .Bhuman Bhumi Bhumin Bhupad Bhupal Bhupati Bhupendra Bhupinderpal Bhushan Bhuvan Bhuvanesh Bhuvanesh Bibek Biboswan Bigul Bijoy Bijoyanada Bilal Bimal Bimal Bimb Bindusar Bipin Bir Biraj Birbal Biren Earth Earth Son of the earth* Firm King God of the earth Emperor Preserved by God Adornment Palace* Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu* Conscience.

Birendra Birinder Birju Bisaj Bishanpal Bishr Bishwanat Bismeet Bisujaksha Biswajit Brad Brahamjeet Brandon Brent Brij Brijender Brijesh Brijraj Brirar Bryan Bryn Budhil Bunny Burhaan Ceeven King of Warriors Nice singer Lotus Raised by God Joy Lord Vishnu Conquerer of the world* God's triumph Broom covered hill Hill top* Lord Krishna The one who rules the nature* Without pain* Hill Learned Cute like rabbit (per name) Proof The name came to a guy from dream .

Lord Shiva* Moon Lord Shiva Lord Shiva.Chahel Chain Chaitanya Chakradev Chakradhar Chakravarthi Chakshan Champak Chanakya Chandan Chandragupt Chandramouli Chandran Chandrasen Chandrashekar Chandresh Charan Charanpal Charanpreet Chatresh Chatura Chetan Chhatrabhuj Chidambaram Chidanand Chidhatma Chikku Good cheer Peace Famous sage Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu King Flower Bright Sandal Moon as crown. fruit . Moon Feet* Protection under the Guru's lotus feet One who loves Lords feet Lord Shiva Clever Perceptive Lord Vishnu Lord Siva's temple* Big soul* Sweet.

Deepak Immortal Long lived one Lord of the soul Moon Mind Supreme consciousness* Merciful in french* Prince of red roses God's servant* Borne by large number of Saint Tamer* By the grace of God .Chiman Chinar Chinkoo Chinmay Chinmayu Chintak Chintan Chintav Chirag Chiranjiv Chirayu Chitesh Chitresh Chitt Chunmay Clement Cole Corey Coshel Crishdeep Cristian Cyril amian Daiwik Dakotah Curious Name of a beautiful tree* Chinky (round) face Supreme consciousness. Name of Lord Ganesha Supreme consciousness Thinker A thought Lamp.

Mercyfull and forseening Charitable Lord Shiva Mirror Lord Krishna Paying Respect Father of Lord Ram Lord Rama Given.Daksh Dakshesh Dakshi Dakshin Dalbir Daljeet Daman Daman Damodar Daniel Danish Danvir Darpad Darpan Darsh Darshan Dasharath Dasharathi Datta Dattatreya Daulat Dawoud Dayakar Dayaram Dayashankar Deb Debaditya Precious son* Lord Shiva The glorious South direction* Soldier The conqueror of forces Controller Rope. Presented Given by Atri Wealth A Prophet's name Merciful Lord Shiva Merciful Merciful Lord Shiva . Granted. Girdle Lord Krishna God is my judge To be clever.

Another name for sage Narada From God Divine Like a God From God Godly Part of God Part of devas* Lord Vishnu God's gift* Another name for Narada Bhishma Worshipper of God .Debashish Debjit Debraj Deep Deepak Deepdas Deepen Deepinder Deepsharn Dehabhuj Denise Dev Devadarsana Devaj Devak Devam Devan Devanand Devang Devank Devansh Devansh Devaraj Devarsh Devarshi Devbrata Devdarsh One who has conquered Gods Light Lamp Servant of Light* Name of poet God's light Deep search* Another name for Lord Shiva From Dionysisu. God of wine Divinity Familiar with Gods.

Buddha Spiritual Concentration* Patience Arjuna Lord of wealth King of wealth Man of wealth* Lord Shiva Lamp of religion God of faith Light of righteousness and virtues Love of faith Holy Lord of dharma Lord of righteousness Lord of righteousness .Devdatta Devdutta Deven Devendar Devendra Devesh Devin Devjeet Devkumar Devpad Devraj Devrat Deyaan Dhairya Dhananjay Dhanesh Dhanraj Dhanu Dhanvin Dharamdeep Dharamdev Dharamjyot Dharampreet Dharamsheel Dharmender Dharmendra Dharmesh Given by God Arjuna's Counch Resembling a God King of Lord's Lord indra Lord Indra Resembling a God God's triumph Son of God Divine feet King of the Gods.

strong*" Lord Krishna Firm A Star* Son of Uttanapad The name of the Prophet's Sword Purple. Smoke coloured* Accomplished Attentive* Conqueror Brave* .Dharmi Dharmik Dharmpal Dhaval Dheerendra Dhigana Dhilan Dhimant Dhir Dhiraj Dhiren Dhiwyannshu Dhrumil Dhrupad Dhruv Dhruv Dhruva Dhul Fiqaar Dhumal Dhureen Dhyanam Digvijay Dijul Dikshan Dikshil Dilanesh Diler Religious Religious* The supporter of righteousness A fair one Masti * Intelligent Wise Patience "Strengh.

Dilip Diliso Dilnawaz Dinesh Dipankar Dipen Dipendu Dipesh Dipinder Diptanshu Dipten Dipu Dirk Dityaa Divakar Divij Divit Divjot Divyanshu Divyesh Diyaa Udeen Drake Drewv Druvan Duane Dulal Durijesh Protector Beautiful sky Attractive. Light. Shinning The sun One who has appeared from heaven Immortal Divine light* Parts of DEV Full of Divinity Brightness of the Faith Dragon North Star Loved one Moon . Beloved. Mistress Sun Lord of the lamp Moon Lord of light Sun Brightened Flame.

Dushyant Dwij Dwijain Dyaus Dylan Dyumani Eashan Ebadaah Edi Ednit Eduard Eeshwar Eha Ehimay Eka Ekadant Ekagrah Ekaksha Ekaling Ekana Ekanjeet Ekanpreet Ekansh Ekapad Ekaraj Destroyer of evil saint Moon King of heaven and the first man on earth* The sea Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu* Prayer to Allah Herb Evolved God Lord Vishnu All pervasive Lord Vishnu Lord Ganesh Focussed Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu God's triumph Love for God Whole Lord Shiva Emperor .

Knight He who distinguishes truth from falsehood Redeemer Outstanding. Benefit Honest* Honorary . Abundance.Ekavir Ekavira Ekbal Eklavya Elavarasan Ellam Emaan Enoch Eros Eshaan Etash Evyavan Faakhir Faaris Faarooq Fadi Fadl Fadl Ullah Fahad Faisal Faiz Faizan Faizan Faizeen Fakhry Bravest of the brave Lord Shiva's daughter Dignity Student who learned bow by watching* Prince Faith Gods disciple Desiring and wishing* Luminous Lord Vishnu Proud. Excellent Horseman. Generosity. Honorable The excellence of God Lynx Decisive Generosity. Abundance. Benefit Beneficence.

Falgu Fanibhushan Fardden Fareed Farhan Faris Fateen Fawad Fawaz Fayaz Feroz Fidaa Firaas Firoz Franklin Fravash Fuad Gadin Gagan Gagandeep Gagandeep Gaganjyot Gagnesh Gajanan Gajanand Lovely Lord Shiva Unique Glad. Joyful* Perspicacity Clever. Sacrifice Knight Guardian Angel Heart Lord Krishna Sky A lamp in the sky* Light of the sky Light of the sky Lord Shiva Lord Ganapati Lord Ganesh . Smart Heart Successful Redemption.

Progressive* Melody Prestige Lord Shiva Lord Buddha Victor Conqueror Lord Krishna Dark Cloud Old Arabic name Succorer Master of knowledge. Apostle of knowledge Lord Krishna .Gajinder Gajrup Galav Ganapati Gandhi Gandhik Ganesh Garry Garv Gatik Gaurang Gaurav Gaurinath Gautam Ghaalib Ghaazi Ghandeep Ghanendra Ghanshyam Ghanshyam Gharshit Ghasaan Ghiyaath Ghoshal Gian Gianender Girdhari Lord Ganesh To worship Lord Ganesh Sun Fragrance Son of Lord Shiva Spear Proud Fast.

Giri Giridhar Girik Girilal Girindra Giriraj Girish Girivar Gitesh Glyn Gogula Gopal Gopesh Goraksh Goral Gorav Goshanraj Gouresh Goutheesh Govinda Govindaraj Gowshik Greg Grishm Gul Gulal Gulshan Mount Lord Krishna. Holder of the mountain Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva God of the mountains Lord Shiva Lord Krishna Lord of geet Valley Lord Krishna* Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Shiva* Lovable Lord Shiva* Lord Vengadasalabathi Wisdom Lord Krishna God Vishnu Fierce Heat Flower Colour red Garden of flowers .

Old Arabic name .Gunaja Gunamay Gunin Gunjal Gunvansh Gunvant Gurdeep Gurdweep Gurjas Gurman Gurman Gurnam Gurpreet Gurraj Gurson Gurudatt Gurudeep Gurunadh Gurveer Gurvinder Guvid Haady Haamid Haani Haarith Virtuous maiden Virtuous Virtuous Good qualities Virtuous Light from the Guru Fame of Lord* Heart of the Guru Heart of Guru* Guru's name The loved one of the Guru or God Bestowed by a Guru Lamp of the Guru Warrior of the Guru Guru Guiding to the right Praising (God). Delighted. Loving (God) Happy. Content Plowman.

Prophet's grandfather Judge Lord of sound One who praises God Always victorious* Lion Swan like* King of Swans* Son of the god of wind The monkey god Lord's devotee Warrior of God God's light Full of love Heartfelt Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Lord Krishna The horizon Lord Swaminarayan .Haaroon Haashim Haatim Hakesh Hammad Hamshad Hamza Hanshal Hansraj Hanuman Hanumant Harbhajan Harbinder Harbir Hardeep Hardeep Hardik Hardik Harekrishna Harendra Haresh Hari Hariaksa Harid Harihar Harij Harikrishna A Prophet's name Generosity.

Lord Krishna Green colour Praise of the God God's triumph Victor Gods light Everybody's beloved* God's friend Moon Hope One protected by God Joy Pleasure Joyful Happy Joyful Joyful Lord Buddha Smile Radiance of Lord* . Other name for Lord Vishnu and Siva Lord A tree Beloved of Gods Protector Lord Shiva.Harina Harinder Harindra Haripreet Haris Harish Harith Harithik Harjas Harjeet Harjit Harjyot Harman Harmeet Harmendra Haroon Harpal Harpreet Harsh Harsh Harsha Harshad Harshil Harshit Harshul Harsith Harteij Deer.

Lord Buddha Lord Shiva Golden Lord Vishnu Winter Lord of wealth The King of Gold Lord of the earth King of wealth Lord Ganesh Love Cool Mountain range Lord Shiva Diamond* Moon Brave .Hasan Hasmukh Hassan Hataf Havish Haytham Hazrat Heamon Heet Hem Hemakesh Hemal Hemang Hemant Hemdev Hemen Hemish Hemraj Hems Heramb Het Himal Himalay Himanish Himank Himanshu Himmat Laughter Full of cheer Beautiful Lord Shiva* Young hawk Prophet/Jesus Best?wishing* Gold.

Hira Hiranmay Hiranya Hiren Hiresh Hiten Hitendra Hitesh Holland Houd Hriday Hrishi Hrishikesh Hrithik Hrithikesh Hrithvik Hritik Hryday Hrydayesh Hrydesh Humaid Humaithi Humam Hunar Husaam Husnain Hussain Diamond Like gold* Lord Vishnu Lord genius King of precious stones Well wisher Lord of goodness A Prophet's name Heart Pleasure Lord Vishnu Winner of every heart Name of a Sage Heart Lord of hearts Great Courageous and generous Good qualities Sword Pure in the eyes .

Hussein Huthayfa Ibhanan Ibraheem Idaspati Idhant Idrees Iesa Ihsaan Ihtesham Ijay Ikram Ikrimah Ikshan Ilashpasti Ilisa Illiyas Ilyas Imaad Imaad Udeen Imdad Imraan Imran Imtiyaz Ina Beautiful Old Arabic name Lord Ganesh A Prophet's name God of rain (Vishnu) Luminous A Prophet's name A Prophet's name Beneficence Magnificent Lord Vishnu Honour respect A female pigeon Sight Lord of the earth King of the Earth A Prophet's name Support. Pillar The pillar of the Faith Charity A Prophet's name Prosperity population Great King Lord Surya* .

Lord Vishnu's name Lord Indra's name Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Sunrise Equity. Justice Stars Lord Hanuman King of ocean Rain clouds Loving Thankfulness Knowledge understanding Safeguard Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva A Prophet's name The lord of wealth .Inas Inderbir Inderjeet Inderpreet Inderveer Indivar Indra Indrajit Indraneel Indravadan Indumal Inesh Inoday Inshaf Ipil Iraj Iravan Iravat Irenpreet Irfaan Irfan Isaam Ish Ishaan Is-haaq Ishan Ishan Capable. Sociability Lord of bravery God's triumph Love for god Lord Vishnu God of the skies Victor over Indra Turquoise.

Mirth. Delight A Prophet's name A big mountain* Might of the Faith Consoler. Comforter Rivulet God will increase your boundary* One who supplants Ruler of the world Lord Vishnu World Light of the Universe .Ishana Ishat Ishayu Ishir Ishpreet Ishrat Ishrit Ismaael Iyad Izz Udeen Jaabir Jaafar Jabez Jachim Jackson Jacob Jag Jagan Jagannath Jagat Jagdeep Another name for Lord Vishnu Superior Full of strength Another name for agni* Lover of God* Pleasure.

Jagdeo Jagdish Jagesh Jagish Jagjeevan Jagmohan Jagrav Jagreet Jahangeer Jahi Jai Jaideep Jaidev Jaigopal Jaiman Jaimini Jainand Jainil Jaipal Jairaj Jairam Jaisukh Jaithra Jaival Jaivant Jaivardhan Jaiveer God of the World King of the World Lord of the Universe Lord of the Universe Life of the world Lord Krishna Awakened World's way* Dignified Lord Shiva Victory to the light Lord of victors Victorious Lord Krishna Victorious An ancient philosopher Lord Vishnu Lord of victory Victory of Lord Rama Happy victor Lord Vishnu* Life giving Victorious Lord Shiva Victorious .

Life force Lord Shiva Attractive. he who supplants Handsome Lord Buddha. Tremendous army Protector* Good deeds* .Jakarious Jalaal Jalaj Jalender Jalesh Jalindra Jalpesh Jamaal Jamaal Udeen Jameel James Jamil Jamir Janak Janam Janardan Janarththanan Janesh Janmesh Janu Japesh Japtesh Jarrar Jash Jashith Jashmir Jaskaran Peaceful friend* Glory of the Faith Lotus Lord of waters Lord of water Lord of waters King of Water Beauty Beauty of the Faith Beautiful A Cheerful boy. Huge. Father of Sita Lord Vishnu Lord of men The king of his kundli* Soul.

Healing Lord Krishna Lord of fame Lord's glory Victorious Worthy of praise Nurturing Lord Shiva Related to god* Openhanded.Jaskaran Jason Jaspal Jasraj Jasvinder Jaswant Jaswant Jatak Jatan Jatin Jatinder Javesh Javid Jawad Jawahar Jay Jayadeva Jayakumar Jayant Jayantika Jayendra Jayesh Jayesh Jayin Jaypal Jeethesh Jeevan Will be remembered by his name Mythical leader. Paravati? Lord of victory Victor Lord of victory Conqueror The kings jester the one who laughs* Life . Generous Gem Victory Victory Lord Shiva Goddess Durga.

Jegapriyan Jegathiswaran Jeremy Jerry Jesh Jevesh Jewaruben Jherrico Jhulier Jhumar Jigar Jignesh Jihad Jimmy Jina Jinadev Jinendra Jinesh Jisnu Jita Jiten Jitender Jitendra Jitesh Jiva Jivaj Jival Loved by the world Lord Shiva Spear ruler Courageous* Precious* Child's plaything Heart Intellectual Curiosity Holy war Name in the Bible Lord Vishnu Lord of victory Lord of victory Jain God's name Victorious Conquered One who can conquer Indra Winner A living being. Alive Full of life Full of life .

Jivraj Jnhih Joel Jogesh Joginder Joginder Jograj Johnson Joideep Jonathan Joseph Joshua Jovan Jugal Jugnu Junaid Jwalant Jwalia Jyran Kaamil Kabir Kadeem Kahill Kailash Kairav Lord of life Sun Jehovah is the Lord Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Establishing union with God Lord Shiva Light of happiness God has given God adds hebrew meaning "Funny. Nice Couple Fire Luminous Lord Shiva Lost love Perfect Famous Poet Slave to god* Best friend* Abode of Lord Shiva White lotus .Friendship.Love" Not sure.

Kalan Kalap Kalesh Kalicharan Kalidas Kalikesh Kalpak Kalpesh Kalyan Kamal Kamalaj Kamalesh Kamesh Kamlesh Kamod Kampu Kamran Kanaiya Kanav Kanha Kanhai Kanish Kanish Kanishk Kanishkan Kanj Kant Warrior* Moon Worshipper of Goddess Kali Worshiper of the Goddess Kali* A Heavenly tree* Lord of perfection Fortunate Lotus Lord Brahama Lord of Love The preserver. Lord Vishnu He fulfills wishes Sweet Success* Lord Krishna A Hindu Sage Lord Krishna Lord Krishna* Name of a king* Lord Brahama .

Discoverer. Pilgrimage spot Explorer. One who bestows happiness Hindu Month Name of a month in the Hindu calendar Brother of Lord Ganesha* Lord of mercy Luminous. A title of God. The Merciful Being Fate God of action Winner over obstacles The Pandavas half brother Famed Lord of creation A hindu calendar month A Hindu month. Noble Pure* Generous. Revealer Lord Shiva A sage and friend of Pandavas . Sun Lord Hanuman Saffron Instrument Generous.Kanthamani Kanu Kanvar Kanwaljit Kapil Kapish Kapoor Karan Kareem Karen Karim Karm Karmendra Karmjit Karna Karnam Kartar Kartheek Karthik Kartik Kartik Kartikey Karunesh Kashi Kashif Kashinath Kashyap Lord Krishna* Lord Krishna Prince Lotus Sage.

Other name of Lord Ganesh The name of a dynasty of king Kaikobad* Cool breeze over the mountains Lord Shiva Famous person Bright Saffron Lord Krishna Lord Hanuman Flower Pure gold .Kasish Kassamali Kathir Kathit Kaushal Kaushik Kaustubh Kautik Kavan Kavana Kavel Kavi Kavin Kavish Kayaan Kaylor Kayosh Keanu Kedar Keerthinath Kenmaur Kent Kesar Keshav Keshto Ketak Ketan Lord Shiva Ray Wealth A wise sage Lord Vishnu's jewel Joy Poet Water Lotus Poet Handsome. Beautiful King of poets.

Beneficent Old Arabic name Friend Eternal Happy * Happy Old Arabic name A bright red flower* Singing gods in heaven A demi God Nice Sun rays. Banner Another name of Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Cloud Only The good of the Faith Charitable. Ray of light Lord Shiva Lord of light Another name for Arjun .Ketan Ketav Ketu Ketubh Kevin Kewal Keyur Khair Udeen Khairy Khaldoon Khaleel Khalid Khanjan Khundmir Khush Khushal Khuzaymah Kiash Killan Kingshuk Kinnar Kinnar Kinshuk Kiran Kirat Kiratidev Kireeti Home.

Kirin Kirit Kirsey Kirtan Kirti Kirtin Kishan Kishan Kishlaya Kishor Kishore Kopal Koshin Koundinya Kovidh Kripal Krish Krishang Krishav Krishay Krishi Krishiv Krishna Kritanu Krithik Krithinidhi Kritika Poet Crown A form of worship Fame Celebrated Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lotus. Fresh leave* The Sun God Lord Krishna A newly born bud A delicate bud Sage* Wise Compassionate Shortform of Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Another name for Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna and Lord Shiv combined* Lord Krishna Skilled One of the Shiva's son Muruga's name* Fame and wealth Well Starred .

Son of Sivan Lord of youth Moon Lotus. Golden Lord Vishnu Shining Rice Prince .Kritiman Krivi Krupal Kshantu Kshiraj Kshitij Kshitij Kshrugal Kuber Kulbhushan Kuldeep Kuljesh Kuljit Kulveer Kulvinder Kulvir Kulvir Kumar Kumaran Kumaresh Kumudesh Kunal Kunda Kunsh Kuntal Kunwar Kunwarjeet Sculptor Lord Shiva Ruler of the world Patient Nectar Lord of Earth Horizon* A name of God Shiva God of wealth Pride of the house Light of the house Hero of the family Brave soul* Hero of the family Son Lord Muraga. Of gold.

Intelligent Gain Wave Lord Rama's brother Aim Target Target Jewel Blushing "Of great beauty.Kuresh Kush Kushad Kushagra Kushal Kushanu Kushik Kusumesh Kuval Kuvam Kuvar Kuwarjeet Kvanh Labeeb Labh Lahar Lailesh Lakhan Lakshan Lakshay Lakshya Lalam Lali Lalit Lambodhar Sacred grass Talented Sharp. beautiful" Lord Ganesh . Clever Fire Grandfather Of Rishi Vishwamitra/ Saintl Lord of flowers Wisdom Sun Fragrance Melodious sounds Sensible. Shrewd Safe.

Lord Shiva Lord Brahama King of the world Lord Vishnu A sage Name of Lord Shiva* Proper name River Brahmputra* River Brahmputra* King of the empire* .Laniban Lankesh Larraj Laven Lavitra Laxman Layak Lekh Lemar Leon Leslie Likesh Likith Liladhar Lohendra Lohitaksh Lohith Lokesh Lokesh Loknath Lomash Lomash Lu'ay Lucas Luit Luit Lukesh Lord Shiva Ravan A sage Fragrance Lord Shiva Lord Rama's brother Capable Document Talented One Lion Garden of hollies Lord Vishnu Lord of three worlds Lord Vishnu Beautiful.

Lukesh Luqmaan Lutfi Luv Luvya Maahir Maalav Maalin Maalolan Maan Ma'awiya Maazin Mackenzie Ma'd Madan Madesh Madhav Madhavan Madhu Madhuban Madhujit Madhuram Madhusudan Madin Magan King of the empire* A Prophet's name Kind and friendly Rama's twin son Lovable* Skilled One who makes garlands Name of Deity in Ahobilam (AP) Mind A young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah) Proper name An old Arabian tribe's name Delightful Lord Shiva Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Honey Lord Vishnu Conqueror of Madhu Sweet Lord Krishna Delightful Absorbed .

Firm .Mahaddev Mahadev Mahaketu Mahakram Mahamani Mahant Maharanth Maharshi Maharshi Mahasvin Mahatru Mahavir Mahdy Mahendra Mahesh Mahesh Mahinder Mahipal Mahir Mahiraj Mahit Mahmoud Mahrishi Majd Majd Udeen Majdy Makeen Lord Shiva* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Great Pollen inside a flower Sage Glorious Lord Vishnu Lord Hanuman Guided to the right path Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Lord Shiva God of Gods Lord Krishna Expert. Proficient Ruler of the world Honoured Praised Yogi Glory The glory of the Faith Glorious Strong.

Glorified Trustworthy Lord of affection Benefit Powers Man Lord Ganesh One who wins heart* God of mind Auspicious Lord Shiva Lord Krishna Gem Ruby Lord Ayyappa's childhood name . Praised.Makhesh Makrand Makul Malan Malank Malav Malay Malhar Malik Mallesh Mamdouh Mamnoon Mamraj Ma'n Manan Manas Manav Mandar Maneet Manesh Mangal Mangesh Manhar Mani Manik Manikandan Manipal Lord Krishna Honey Bud King One of the ragas King Lord Shiva One who is commended.

Lord Shiva Reflection through study Lord Manu Powerful. A Sage who wrote Devi Mahatmyam Sun Lord of the desert Lord Hanuman . Strong Mind* Simple Shiva's devotee. Victorious Pleasing Another name for the sun.Manish Manit Manivannan Manjot Manjunath Manmeet Manmohan Mannan Mano Manohar Manoj Manoop Manpal Mansour Mansukh Mantha Manthan Manu Manuel Manvir Manvit Manyu Mardav Markanday Martand Marudeva Maruti Lord of the mind Highly respected Lord Ayyappa's related name*? Light of your heart King of heart Lord Krishna Thought God be with us Handsome Mental love Son* Aided (by God).

Comfort Sun Peacock One who born with intelligence* Chief Lord Krishna's devotee Friend Pearl King of clouds* An epither of Indra Cloud Given by the sun Moon* Rain Sun rays . Fortunate Happy. Lucky Naughty Lord Shiva* Precious Precious* Moon Ease.Marwan Marzouq Masoud Mastikh Matheysh Maulik Maulik Mayank Maysarah Mayukh Mayur Medhaj Medhansh Meer Meera Meet Meghaj Meghan Meghraj Megraj Mehaan Mehal Meherdad Mehtab Mehul Mihir Mikesh Old Arabic name Blessed (by God).

Joining Bee Bee Comradship A person who is always eager to know* Example Lamp Mixed sweet Male friend A person with few desires King of Mithla city Sun* A pair Friendly Measured Friend The one respected Pleasing Enjoyment Love Attractive .Mikhael Mikhail Mikul Milan Miland Milind Milit Mimansa Misal Misbaah Misri Mitansh Miten Mitesh Mithansh Mithilesh Mithran Mithun Mitrajit Mittul Mitul Mitwa Moazzem Modak Modal Moh Mohak Comrade Meeting.

Calm Son of the moon Moon* Lord Shiva Lotus Anything that is made out of mud Having a lot of friends Soft eshwar stuff Shiv Overcoming death.Mohan Mohin Mohinder Mohit Mohnish Mohul Moin Moksh Mokshith Montesh Moosa Morad Moti Movind Mranalini Mridul Mrigaj Mrigank Mrigasya Mrinal Mrinmoy Mritheya Mritul Mritunjay Mrtyumjaya Mrug Muaath Lovable. Another name of Lord Shiva Protected . Lord Krishna Fascinating Charming Lord Krishna Attractive Tell us Salvation A Prophet's name Prophet's name* Pearl A collection of lotus Soft.

Content Tamil God . lord of joy Chosen Soul Lord Krishna Crown Lord Shiva Bright Brilliant.Muayid Mudil Mudit Mufeed Muhammad Muhannad Muhsin Muhtady Mujaahid Mukesh Mukhtaar Mukul Mukund Mukut Mullinti Munawwar Muneer Muni Munish Munjal Muntasir Munthir Muralidhar Murari Murli Murtadhy Murugan Supported Moonshine Happy Useful Praised Sword Beneficent. Cautioner Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Flute Satisfied. Shining Village God* Lord Buddha King of Gujarat Victorious Warner. Charitable Rightly guided Fighter (in the way of Allah) Lord Shiva.

Outstanding New moon Lord Brahama Lord Shiva Son of Vajashravas Loveable* . Elected Obeyed Adhering (to Faith. Rare Acquirer. Mighty Obedient Pearl Successful Dear. Outstanding Noble Sky Noble. Adjuster Noble.Musad Muslim Mustafa Mustafa Mustaq Mutaa Mutasim Mutazz Mutee Muthu Muwafaq Naadir Naa'il Naajy Naasih Naathim Nabeeh Nabeel Nabh Nabhan Nabhendu Nabhij Nabhya Nachiket Nacoma Unfettered camel Submitting himself to God Prophet Muhammad name Chosen. Earner Safe Advisor Arranger. to God) Proud.

Namaskar Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu* To bow in a humble greeting Guru of Sikhs Lord Krishna .Nadeem Nadish Naeem Nagander Nagaraj Nagarjuna Nagendra Nagesh Nageshwar Nageshwaran Naggar Nahid Naimath Naishadh Najeeb Najm Udeen Nakir Nakul Nalesh Nalin Naman Namdev Namish Namit Namith Nanak Nandan Friend Ocean Comfort. Tranquil King of cobras Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord of the cobras Lord Snake* Lord Krishna Stainless* Of noble descent The star of the Faith Hateful Lord Shiva King of flowers Lotus Renowned. Ease.

Exposer. New Shine New New The new light. Announcer Protector of the Faith Lord Shiva* Lord Shiva Lord Krishna Warner Lord Krishna Newly born The one who brings hope* New flame. Always bright .Nandish Nandu Nanu Narayan Narayanan Narendra Naresh Narinder Narine Narottam Narpati Naruna Naseem Nashir Nasser Udeen Nataraj Natesh Nathan Natheer Natwar Navaj Navaneesh Navashen Navdeep Naveen Navin Navjot Lord of pleasure one who always be cheerful Small Lord Vishnu Title of Vishnu/Krsna King of man King Lord Vishnu King Leader of men Fresh air One who scatters.

Fog.Navneet Navneeth Navraj Navrang Navtej Nawfal Nayaab Nayakan Nayan Nayanesh Nazah Nazeeh Neel Neelotpal Neer Neeraj Nehal Neil Neshu Nibodh Nicholas Nicholas Nihal Nihar Nihar Nikash Nikesh Fresh butter New rule Colourful New Light Generous. Dew Horizon . Chaste The colour blue Blue lotus* Lotus The one who is gratified Blue Wisdom People of victory Content To admire Mist. Old Arabic name for the sea Rare Hero Eye Pure.

Ascetic Momentary Destiny* Humming Expert Proficient.Niket Nikhar Nikhil Nikolas Nikunj Nilabh Nilax Nilay Nilesh Nimai Nimish Nimit Nimmit Ninad Nipun Nipun Nirad Niraj Niral Niranjan Nirav Nirbhay Nirbhik Nirek Nirgranth Nirmal Nirmay Home Blossoming Complete. Clever Cloud Lotus Lord Shiva Silent Fearless Fearless Superior Simple behaviour Clean Pure . Lord Krishna Adjusted. House The dark lord. Entire Victory Loving home. Whole. Lord Krishna Moon A name of Lord Shiv Haven. Skilful.

Early Morning.Nirmit Nirvan Nirved Nisarg Nischal Nischay Nish Nishad Nishant Nishanth Nishat Nishesh Nishil Nishith Nishkarsh Nishthavant Niswarth Nisyaanthan Niteesh Nitesh Nitin Nitish Nityanta Niv Nivas Nivash Nivedya Created Blessed Calm* Swar Peaceful. Dawn A tree Moon Night* Night Result* Trustworthy no selfishness Evening* God of Law Master of the right path New Lord Krishna's name. Lord Vishnu Base . Dawn Peaceful.

long living Elevated Long living Lord of the Om Lord of the Om Religious word OM Lord Shiva Sacred light .Nkosi Nooh Noor Udeen Noori Nooruddin Nridev Nrip Nripa Nripesh Nu Nu'man Obalesh Ohm Ojas Ojayit Om Omair Omar Omar Omeir Omesh Omeshwar Omkar Omkarnath Omprakash A Prophet's name Brightness of the Faith Shining King amongst men King King Lord of kings Praise (Blood) Old Arabic name Lord Shiva Vitality Courageous Primordial sound Problem solver Life.

Omran Orman Ossama Ovais Owais Padam Padmaj Padmayani Padmesh Padminish Palash Palin Pallav Panav Panchal Pandi Pankaj Pankajan Panner Panshul Parag Param Paramhans Paramjit Paran Solid structure Seaman One of the names of the lion. Lotus Lord Brahama Lord Brahama. Sun Tree Protecting Sprouts Prince Lord Shiva Lord Pandi Lotus Lotus. Buddha Lord Vishnu Lord of lotuses. Lord Vishnu Life of happy Lord Shiva Famous Ultimate Sadguru Heroic .

Arjun Son of the earth Prince of Earth Lord of celebrations Victorious peace Lord Shiva's incarnation Sun Lotus Defender Small Sacred Breeze Lord Hanuman First born .Paranjay Paras Parashar Paresh Pargat Parijat Parikshit Parimal Paritosh Parmeet Parmeet Parmesh Parminder Parth Partha Parthiv Parvesh Parwez Pashupati Patag Patoj Patr Paul Pavan Pavan Pavanaj Pehlaj Lord of the sea Touchstone A renowned saint Lord Brahma Appearance* Divine tree Proven Fragrance Delight Wisdom Lord Vishnu God of Gods King.

Sweet water Lord Venkateswara Lord of the pious Moon* Man power Month in Hindu calender Strong Sun One who creates light. Nectar. Bold* Lord Varun Lamp Intelligent .Periyakaruppan Pezan Mard Phalak Pihu Pinak Pinakin Pinkesh Pitambar Piyush Pogula Poonish Poorvash Porush Posh Prabal Prabhakar Prabhakar Prabhat Prabhav Prabhjyot Prabhu Prabir Prabodh Prachand Prachet Pradeep Pradhi Lord Periyakaruppan Holy man Sky Chattering of bird Bow of Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Amrit. Light maker Dawn Effect Light of God* God Consciousness Hard.

Force Spirit .Pradhyumna Prady Pradyumna Pradyun Prafull Prafulla Prahalad Prajesh Prajit Prajit Prajval Prajvala Prakash Praket Prakhar Prakhar Prakher Prakhyat Prakrit Prakruth Prakul Praman Pramod Pramodan Pramukh Pran Prana Extremely mighty God of love Radiant Playful / In bloom Full of joy Bliss Lord Brahma Winning Conquering. Summit Intelligent Famous Nature. Handsome Nature* Good looking Standard* Joy Lord Vishnu Head* Life. Defeating Brightness Flame Light Intelligence Smart Shape.

Pranad Pranav Pranay Praneel Praneeth Pranesh Pranit Pranit Pranjivan Pransu Prasad Prasanna Prasenjit Prashant Prashant Prashobh Prashray Prasiddhi Prasit Pratap Prateek Pratha Pratham Prathamesh Prathish Prathmesh Prathvi Lord Vishnu. Tall Devtional offering Lord Venkateswara A king in epics Cool. Accomplishment. Lord of the best Lord Ganesha . Lord Brahma Symbol Love Lord of life Modest Life High. Respect* Fame. Custom First Lord Ganesh. Attainment First ray of the winter sun Glory Symbol Trend. Success. Peaceful Love.

Darling.Prathyush Prathyusha Pratik Pratiksh Prativ Pratush Pratyus Pratyush Praveen Pravesh Pravin Pravit Preet Prem Premal Pretvan Primal Prina Princy Prineet Prinita Pritam Pritesh Prithish Prithvi Priyaka Priyam Dawn Sunrise* Symbol Before morning* Expert. Satisfied* Pleased Lover. Loved one Lord of love Lord of the world Earth Loving. Deer Beloved . Skilled Hero Love Loving Moving along Pleased Prince like Content.

Overjoyed Pure Holy Pure East* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Complete Lord Indra Chanting voice from east at sunrise Full moon Lord Vishnu Heaven Lord Shiva Lord Anjaneya Lord of flowers Lotus Small baby Thirsty . Thrilled.Priyanshu Priyesh Pruthivi Pruthvij Pruthvij Pujan Pukhraj Pulkit Puneet Punit Punit Purab Purahan Purajit Puran Purandar Purav Purnendu Purshottam Puru Pushkal Pushkar Pushpendu Pushpesh Puskar Putta Pyas Loved by God* Earth Son of mother earth Son of mother earth* The ceremony of worshiping Topaz Happy.

Qasim Qatadah Qays Qudamah Qutaybah Raahi Raakin Raamiz Raatib Rabah Rabee Rabindra Rachit Radhakrishnan Radhesh Radhey Ra'ed Rafee' Rafey Ragesh Raghav Raghavendra Raghbir Divider A hardwood tree Firm Courage Irritable. Impatient Traveller Respectful Symbol Arranger Gainer Spring To create* Godess Radha and Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Karna Leader Kind friend Pioneer The man who sings sweet ragas Lord Ram Another name for Lord Rama .

Passion Courage Best of Kings Decorated Lotus Lord of Kings.Ragheb Raghubir Raghuveer Ragish Raheel Rahi Rahil Rahim Rahul Raj Raj Raja Rajab Rajal Rajan Rajas Rajat Rajath Rajdeep Rajeet Rajeev Rajender Rajendra Rajesh Rajinder Rajit Rajnish Desirous Lord Rama Lord Rama One who shows the way Traveller* Traveller Another name for God Capable Rule Kingdom King-Queen The 7th month of the Muslim year King Silvery. Emperor King of Gods. Dust. Lord Indra King Spontaneous Brilliant Moon . Mist.

Lord Laxman Prince* The preserver. Secure. Jewel. To gaze. Saved Lord Vishnu Lord Rama Lord Hanuman Beloved of Ram Pleasing Absorbed in the light of Lord's love Lord Krishna. Look Patient in battle Victorious King The hero of the battle Brave Lord Shiva . Lord Vishnu Joy.Raju Rakesh Rakishi Rakshak Rakshan Rakshit Ram Ramadeep Ramadut Ramakanta Raman Ramandeep Ramanjit Ramanpreet Ramanuj Ramanveer Rameez Ramesh Ramit Ramu Rana Ranadhira Ranajay Ranak Randeep Randhir Ranesh Prosperity* Moon Wide load Rescue Lord Vishnu Guarded.

Kartikeya* Pride and Glory The raksasa King of Lanka . Diamond Sweet Truth seeking. Having the true Faith Sun Rays Elegance Lord Krishna Angel Gem Lord of love Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord of jewels.Rangesh Ranjay Ranjit Ranjith Ranjiv Ranveer Raoul Rasbihari Rasesh Rashad Rashid Rashmi Rasik Rasmaru Rasul Rasul aidil Ratan Ratinderpal Ratish Ratnabhu Ratnanidhi Ratnesh Ratul Ratul Raudra Raunak Ravana Lord Vishnu Victor Victorious Winner Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Integrity of conduct Rightly guided. Interested Son of Shiva .

Meaning reborn Lord of love Victory One who keep horses Brave and strong Lucky Contentment .Ravi Ravin Ravindhar Ravindra Ravindranath Ravish Ravisharan Ravit Ravoof Ray Rayan Rayirth Raz Reedh Regender Rehaan Rehan Rehyaaz Renee Renesh Renit Renjith Revant Reyansh Ricardo Ricky Ridha Sun Sun Sun Sun Surrender* Sun Slavery of love* Beam of light Lord Brahma Secret French.

Ridhwan Ridit Rigved Rikhil Rikin Rinesh Ripal Ripu Rishabh Rishan Rishi Rishi Rishit Rishvanjas Ritesh Rithik Rithish Rithwik Rithwik Riti Ritish Ritul Rituraj Ritvik Rivan Riyadh Riyaz Acceptance. Head of the Vedas Gardens Practice* .ETERNAL" Enemy Superior Good human being A sage The best Lord Indra Lord of truth Stream Saint* Saint Motion King of the seasons* Scholar. Good will "eternity.

developing bud The enchanted Lord (Krishna) Moon Sun Sun God of Rama ( i. Vishnu) Interesting Interesting Celebration Lion of the battlefield* Illumination .Riyyan Rizvi Rizwan Rkhvan Robert Robin Roca Roger Rohak Rohan Rohiniraman Rohinish Rohit Rohtak Rohtash Romesh Romesh Romir Romir Romit Ronak Ronav Ronith Ronnie Ronsher Roshan Rownak Jubilant A Bird Radiant Fame Rising Ascending.e.

Roy Rubesh Ruchir Ruchit Rudra Rudraksh Ruhan Rukminesh Rupang Rupendra Rupesh Rupeshwar Rushabh Rushan Rushang Rusheek Rusheel Rushi Rushil Rustam Rutesh Ruthvik Rutva Rutveg Rutvij Ruwan Rwiju

Radiant Bright; Shining; Pleasant Lord Shiva Fierce eyed* Spiritual Lord Krishna Beautiful Lord of the form Lord of the form Lord of the form Decoration Illuminated Son of Saint "Saint, wise, advisor" Charming Large; Very tall Kind of seasons Saint Speech Can travel in all climatic conditions Gold* Straight; Erected*

Ryan Rydle Ryna Saabir Saad Saahil Saahir Saajid Saakaar Saalih Saanjh Saarang Saariyah Saatatya Sabal Sabal Sabarish Sabeeh Sabhajit Sabrang Sabyasachi Sachan Sachchit Sachchit Sachet

Descendant of Rian; King Horse rider King Patient Good luck Sea shore Wakeful One who worships God Manifestation of god Good; Righteous Evening Clouds at night Never ending With strength Full of strength* Lord Iyyappan Beautiful Honoured praised celebrated* Rainbow Lord Arjun Friendly* Lord Brahma Lord Bramha pure existence and thought* Consciosness

Sachet Sachetan Sachh Sachin Sachint Sachish Sachish Sachisth Sachit Sachiv Sachiv Sadabindu Sadajit Sadanand Sadar Sadashiv Sadavir Sadavir Saddhan Sadeeq Sadgun Sadhil Sadhil Sadhin Sadhuj Sadiksha Sadiq

Consciousness* Lively inspiration encouragement* The truth Lord Shiva Thoughtful* Lord Indra Lord Indra* Most powerful helpful* Wise consciousness* Friend Friend companion* Lord Vishnu Always victorious* Lord Shiva Respectful Pure Ever courageous Always brave* With money* Trustworthy Virtues Perfect Perfect* To accomplish* Good conduct* Good intention* Friend*

Auspicious* Capable. Lord Shiva* Sea Powerful. Rivulet Succeed Coppersmith* Best friend Old Arabic name (rocks) Lord Shiva Leader. Original* Victorious* A king* Sun.Sadiva Sadiva Sadru Saeed Safal Saffar Safiy Safwan Sagan Sagan Sagar Sagma Sagni Sagun Sagurik Sahadev Sahaj Sahaj Sahaman Sahanj Sahar Sahar Sahara Saharsh Saharsh Sahas Sahas Eternal Eternal. Mighty. Like truth* Lord Vishnu Happy. Strong* Sacred fire* Possessor of good qualities. Glad* Brave Bravery* . Dawn The sun* Lord Shiva With joy Joyful. Energetic* Protected by Gods* Easy Simple.

Mighty* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva. Enduring* Strongest. Shore. Victorious* Mighty Mighty. Strong* Stong Mighty. Strong* Endowed with strength or power* Possessing strength.Sahasan Sahasanu Sahasin Sahaskrit Sahasrad Sahasrad Sahasvat Sahasya Sahasya Sahat Sahat Sahaujas Sahavan Sahaya Sahaya Sahayu Saheb Sahendra Sahil Sahir Sahishnu Sahishnu Sahisht Sahith Sahodar Sahoj Sahojit Powerful. Most powerful* Literature Brother* Full of strength* Victorious by strength* . Mighty* Bestowing strength. Power* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva* Full of valour. Companion* Victorious* Resembling God Indra in power* River bank. Mighty* Patient* Powerful. Kinara Magician Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu / patient.

Sahor Sahovan Sahuri Sai Saibya Saicharan Saif Saikiran Sairam Sajal Sajan Sajitvan Sajiv Sajiv Sajiva Sajjan Saju Sakal Sakaleshwar Sakash Sakash Saket Saket Saksham Saksham Sakshik Sakshum Good excellent pious* Mighty superior* Victorious strong* "Flower. Everywhere" Belonging to Lord Shiva* Lord Sai Baba Moist* Beloved* Victorious superior* Lively Full of Life* Full of life Noble respectable* Travelling All whole perfect* Lord of everything Illumination Illuminated* Lord Krishna Lord Krishna* capable Able powerful* Witness Skillful* .

Salah Salah Udeen Saleem Salem Salil Salil Salman Sam Sama Samabashiv Samaj Samaj Samajas Samaksh Samalya Saman Samant Samanvita Samanyu Samara Samarajit Samarjeet Samarjit Samarth Samarthya Samarvir Samavart Righteousness The righteousness of the Faith Safe Safe Water Flowing water* Safe Strong person* Equal* Lord Shiva Lord Indra Lord Indra multitude* Lord Shiva Garlanded* Calming song of praise* Universal whole* Name of Goddess Durga* Lord Shiva Accompanied by Gods* Lord Vishnu* Winner of the battle Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Strength capability* Hero of battle* Lord Vishnu .

Wind Happy Lord Vishnu Lord of equality High.Samay Sambathkrishna Sambha Sambit Sambudh Samdarshi Samedh Sameep Sameer Sameeullah Samen Samendu Samesh Samhit Sami Samidh Samik Samik Samiksh Samil Samin Samir Samit Samit Sammad Sammat Sammud Time* A gift fom Lord Krishna Shining Consciousness* Wise prudent* Lord Krishna Full of strength* Nearby. Similar Perfect full* Peaceful Peace* Near to sun* Peacemaker Self-disciplined Entertaining companion Always making friends Joy Agreed. Sublime. Close* Early morning fragrance. Entertaining companion. Consented* Joy delight* .

To praise Collection Collection* Glowing Message Message Good Lamp .Samodh Sampath Sampavan Samprad Samprati Samprit Samraj Samranpal Samrath Samridh Samrudh Samvar Samyak Sanag Sanal Sanas Sanat Sanat Sanatan Sanath Sanay Sanchay Sanchit Sandeep Sandesh Sandesh Sandy Fragrance full of joy* Pure* Culture* In the right way* Pleased delighted* Universal ruler* Lord Krishna* Perfect complete* The Enriched One Content Praise* A beautiful mountain* Vigorous* Laughing smiling* Lord Brahma Eternal Eternal* With a protector* Prayer.

Life Who Is AlwaysVictorious Victorious Vital Victory Victory Well lit blazing brightly* Vow resolution determination* Aim One who ploughs Signal To signal* Possessed with fire a burning torch* Accompanied by a protector Nearness Always ready* . Bestowed Gaining most* Appearance / form* God universal creator* Victorious Love.Sangir Sangod Sanhata Sanil Sanisth Sanivesh Sanja Sanjan Sanjay Sanjeev Sanjeevan Sanjesh Sanjit Sanjit Sanjiv Sanjoy Sanjoy Sanjval Sankalp Sankalp Sankarsana Sanket Sanket Sankil Sannath Sannidhi Sannigdh Assent promise* With water pond lake* Conciseness Gifted.

Bestowing gifts* Peak sun* With followers* Affectionate Affectionate* Carrying along bearing wind* Dam bridge* Covering enclosing* A rain cloud meeting* Happened* Lord Krishna To have controll Effort control self restrained* Following a king* Dream* Honouring devoted faithful* . Beautiful* Up .Sanobar Sanshray Sanshray Sanshubh Sanskar Santan Santan Santanak Santatey Santavir Santosh Santya Sanu Sanug Sanurag Sanurag Sanvah Sanvar Sanvaran Sanvarth Sanvrit Sanwariya Sanyam Sanyam Sanyat Sapan Saparyu A palm tree* Aim Connection.bringing* A tree Tree connection* Spreading a tree* Continuous extended* Courageous and Saintly person* Satisfaction Kind. Aim. Shelter* Radiant.

Simple* Firm.Saprathas Saprathas Saprem Saptajit Saptanshu Sarag Saral Saramay Sarana Sarandeep Sarang Sarang Saransh Saras Sarasi Sarat Sarathi Saravana Sarbesh Sargam Saril Sarin Sarin Sarish Sarish Sarojin Sarthak Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu extensive wide* With love* Conqueror of 7 elements Fire Heaven* Honest. Sun God Jewel* In Brief* Moon Lake Clump of reeds Lord Siva* Musical notes One That brings essence* Helpful Helpful* Equal Equal. Similar* Lord Brahma Having its own importance . Best of anything* Injuring Musical instrument.

Sarthak Saruh Sarup Sarva Sarva Sarvad Sarvad Sarvadev Sarvadharin Sarvag Sarvag Sarvahit Sarvajit Sarvak Sarvak Sarvambh Sarvang Sarvang Sarvashay Sarvashay Sarvavas Sarvavas Sarvbhanu Sarvendra Sarvesh Sarvesh Sarvin Important. Significant* Attainer. Achiever* Beautiful* Lord Krishna. Shiva Lord Krishna Shiva entire* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva all bestowing* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva spirit soul* Useful to all* All conquering* Whole All whole conquering* Lord Ganesh Lord Shiva Lord Shiva* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva* Name of sun God of all God of all Lord of all* .

Sarvinder Sasatya Sashang Sashang Sashank Sashanth Sasheal Sashwat Sasi Sasmit Sasmit Sasta Sasweet Sasyak Satadev Satadev Satamanyu Satanand Satejas Satesh Satesh Sathi Sathindar Sathinder Sathish Satin Satin King of kings* Accompanied by truth* Connected Attached* Moon Eternal Moon Ever smiling Smiling* One who rules Possessing good qualities perfect* God God* Lord Indra Lord Vishnu Full of power* Lord of hundreds Lord of hundreds* Partner Good king Real Real essential* .

Satinath Satindra Satish Satkar Satkart Satkartar Satpal Satpati Satrajit Sattat Satvant Satvat Satveer Satvik Satvinder Satwaki Satya Pramod Satyadeep Satyadev Satyajit Satyajit Satyak Satyam Satyanarayan Satyarat Satyayu Satyen Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Honour respect* Honoured respected Lord Shiva* Lord Vishnu Protector Lord Indra Ever victorious Always constant* True faithful pious sacred* Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu Virtuous Lord of virtue Fighter "The true person ""Ganesh"" " Lord of truth Victory of truth Conquering by truth Honest Honesty Lord Vishnu Devoted to truth* It?s a truthful and pious life* .

The Lord of Valour Celestial heavenly* Saint's name Leader Sun The sun* Lord Vishnu .Satyendra Satyesu Satyeyu Sauanand Saubal Saubhadra Saubhag Saugat Saujas Saul Sauman Saumil Saumit Saumitra Saumya Saura Saurabh Saurav Sauri Saurjyesh Sauvan Savio Savir Savit Savit Savya Sayeshan Best among truthful Seeker of truth* Striving for truth* Sweet natured* Mighty Abhimanyu Full of fortunes auspicious* Gift an enlightened person* Full of energy* Prayed for Flower blossom* Easily available* Easy to get Lakshman Handsome Sacred to the sun* Fragrant Melodious Son of the sun* Kartikeya.

Tender Joy A martyr (religious or political) Pride of a King* Lord Shiva Lord of the Mountain . Pride Peace and calm Pure and innocent* Nector Compassionate. Dignity.Sayf Udeen Sayid Sayooj Sayuj Seduka Sehej Sekar Senthil Seshu Seshvar Setu Shaady Shaan Shaant Shaarav Shabar Shabeer-Ali Shabir Shafeeq Shahalad Shahid Shahnaaz Shaik Shailen Shailendra Shailesh Shaiv Sword of the Faith Master United companion comrade* Existent* Calm Lord Vishnu Lord Murugan Sesh Nag Believing in God* Sacred symbol Singer Prestige.

Prestige Power of Lord Shani* Lord Shiva Lord Krishna's brother Lord Krishna Conch shell a kind of flute* Lord Vishnu . Mighty* A bird Parwana* Emperor Lord Vishnu A sage Good manners Courteous Praiseworthy Lord Vishnu's power Sun Makes peace Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Rock that can penetrate metal Name of prophet Pride.Shakeel Shakti Shaktik Shakuni Shalabh Shalang Shaligram Shalik Shalin Shalina Shaline Shalmali Shalok Shama Shamak Shamakarn Shambhu Shamik Shamir Shamun Shan Shanay Shankar Shankarshan Shankdhar Shankh Shankhapani Power Powerful.

Delight. Noble Joy. Shelter* Lord Vishnu Moon Moon Moon Lord Shiva .Shankhin Shankir Shanku Shant Shantam Shantanav Shantanu Shantidev Shantinath Shantiv Shanyu Shaquita Sharad Sharan Sharang Sharat Shardul Shareef Shareeq Sharjeel Sharman Sharokh Sharu Shashank Shashi Shashin Shashish Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Lord shiva arrow dart* Gentle* Quiet* Bhishma Pitamaha Whole Lord of peace Lord of peace Peaceful* Benevolent Blessed* Autumn Shelter A season The best Distinguished.

Best* Lord Rama's brother Pure Wise Bear Lord Vishnu Bravery Power.Shashrvat Shashvat Shashwat Shasvat Shatish Shatishay Shatrughan Shauchin Shaunak Shaurav Shauri Shaurya Shavas Shawn Shay Shayan Shaylan Shayne Shazad Sheece Sheehan Shekhar Shekinah Sherwin Shesanand Shevar Shibhi Name of Lord sun Eternal. peak Bright friend Lord Vishnu Treasury* King* . Valour* American spelling of sean Gift* Intelligent* Beautiful Prince Prophets name Peaceful child* Ultimate. One who never dies/ always present Eternal constant* Superior. Might. Constant Permanent.

Blaze Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu Mountain.Lord Shiva Lord Shiva .Shibhya Shibil Shibu Shighra Shihab Shikhandin Shikhar Shilang Shilish Shimah Shineyu Shinjan Shipirist Shiprak Shirom Shishir Shishul Shitikanth Shitikshu Shitiz Shiv Shivadev Shivaji Shivalik Shivam Shivana Shivanath Lord Shiva Young one in Arabic* Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu Flame. Character Shining Music of payal* Lord Vishnu Rays of light* Winter Baby Lord Shiva Striving for the earth* Horizon Lord Shiva* Lord of prosperity Auspicious. Top of the mountain Virtuous Lord of mountains Cream.

The devoted son (from Ramayan) Organized* Lord Vishnu .Shivang Shivank Shivansh Shivas Shivasunu Shiven Shivendra Shivendu Shivesh Shiveshvar Shivraj Shivram Shiyam Shlesh Shlok Shlokh Shobhan Shoor Shoubhit Shouri Shourya Shraunak Shrava Shravan Shreerag Shrenik Shreshta Part of Lord Shiva Mark of Lord Lord Shiva Lord Ganesh Lord Shiva Lord Shiva. Shiv+esh ( Lord Shiv's Ishwar Shri RAM God of welfare Lord Shiva Lord Shiva. Lord Indra Moon Lord Shiva. Lord Ram Happy* Physical bonding Sanskrit verse sound praise* Hyme's of Lord Splendid Valiant Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu* Fame for being brave* Praise glory fame* A Hindu month.

Shrestajna Shresth Shresthi Shrey Shreyaj Shreyank Shreyansh Shreyas Shrida Shridhar Shrigopal Shrihan Shrihari Shriharit Shrikant Shrikar Shrikeshav Shriman Shrimat Shrimohan Shrinand Shrinath Shringesh Shriniketan Shripadma Shripal Shripati Top knowledge* Best of all Best of all Marevellous The best Lord Kuber Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Gentleman Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord of pearls Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu .

Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord of virtue Fortunate Lord Shiva Virtuous.Shriram Shrirang Shriranjan Shrish Shrisha Shritan Shrivarah Shrivardhan Shrivas Shrivatsa Shriyan Shrot Shrujan Shubam Shubendra Shubh Shubhaksh Shubhankar Shubhashis Shubhay Shubhojit Shukla Shulandhar Shulin Shulin Shuna Shushil Lord Rama Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva Blessings Blessing Handsome Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Krishna* Lord Indra Pleasant .

Moral. Lord Krishna Dark blue.Shushruth Shvant Shvetambar Shvetanshu Shvetavah Shyam Shyam Shyamak Shyamal Shyamantak Shyamsunder Sidak Siddak Siddanth Siddarth Siddartha Siddha Siddhadev Siddhanta Siddhanth Siddhanth Siddharta Siddharth Siddhesh Siddheshwar Siddhraj Siddid Doctor of Gods* Placid Lord Shiva Moon Lord Indra Dark. Black Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Wish* Principle* Who seek Enlightement Buddha Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Principle. Doctrine Principle Moral One who has accomplished his aim Accomplished Lord of the blessed Lord Shiva Lord of perfection Lord Shiva .

Light Moon Lord Shiva Meditation Smile Smile Friend* Lord of love Brilliant* Moon-Glow I am Handsome Beautiful Lord of the moon Moon's love .Sikandar Sindhu Sindhunath Sinha Sinhag Sinhvahan Sinjeet Siraaj Sitanshu Sivanantham Sivanesh Smaran Smiren Smit Smith Sneagen Snehakant Snehil Sochisth Sohail Soham Sohan Sohil Sohum Somadev Somali Soman Victorious Lord Vishnu Lord of the ocean Hero Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lamp.

Somanshu Somashekhar Somasindhu Somesh Someshwar Someswar Somnath Soneesh Soni Sonit Sookraj Soumava Soumil Soumil Sourabh Sourav Sourish Sovit Spandan Sparsh Sravan Sreenesh Sri Sriashwin Sricharan Sridatta Sridhar Moonbeam Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Moon Lord Krishna Lord of the moon Lord Shiva Godess Laxmi* Surajiv Person with good intentions* Moon's light* Friend A friend Fragrance Lord Vishnu Heart beat* Touch* "Character in Ramayan ""devoted son""" A good ending Foot of Lord Vishnu Given by God Lord Vishnu .

Virtuous Who speaks good words .Srihith Srijan Srijesh Srikanth Srikar Srinesh Srinikesh Srinish Srinivas Srivant Srivar Srujan Stafford Stavya Sthavir Sthir Stimit Stotra Stotri Subal Subali Subash Subeer Subham Subhang Subhankar Subhash Lord Vishnu Lord Venkateshwara Lord Vishnu* Creative* From aristocratic english surname Lord Vishnu* Lord Brahma Foccused Astonishing Praise glory fame* Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Strong Courageous Lord Shiva One who does good deeds.

Alert Eternity Person with a sound mind* Village God* Lord Krishna's friend Gift Illumined Strong. Skilled Son of Lord Krishna Moon Moon Moon Lord Vishnu Lord of nectar Lord of knowledge Wise Kind Bright Bright Shining brightly king* .Subhradip Subhy Subodh Subramaniam Subratah Suchendra Suchet Suchir Suchit Sudalai Sudama Suday Sudeep Sudesh Sudesha Sudhakar Sudhang Sudhanshu Sudhanvan Sudhendra Sudhindra Sudhir Sudhit Sudin Sudip Sudir Sudya Early morning Good lesson God Lord of piousness Attentive. Wise.

Very delicate .Suhail Suhas Suhayb Suhruda Sujal Sujay Sujeet Sujetu Sujit Suka Sukesh Suketu Suketu Sukhajat Sukhakar Sukham Sukhamay Sukhashakt Sukhdev Sukhen Sukhesh Sukhman Sukhwinder Sukomal Sukrit Sukumar Sukumara Name of a star Laughter Of reddish hair or complexion Good hearted* Affectionate Victory Auspicious victory* Great conqueror Wind Good hair A Yaksha king Lord Shiva Lord Rama Happiness* Filled with happiness* Lord Shiva Lord of happiness happy boy Lord of happiness Very tender* Pious wise lucky* Very sensitive Very tender.

a well conducted king" Smart and handsome Handsome .Sukumaran Sulayman Sulek Sulochna Sumah Sumant Sumanth Sumatinath Sumay Sumed Sumedh Sumeer Sumeesh Sumeet Sumeru Sumesh Sumiran Sumit Sumrit Sumukh Sunar Sunashi Sunay Sunchit Sundaravathana Sunder Sundesh A variation of the name Sukumaran A Prophet's name Sun Beautiful eyes Glorious* Friendly Lord of wisdom Wise Wise Clever Friendly Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Happy Lord Indra "Wise. Leader.

Lord Indra Lord Krishna Lord Shiva .Suneet Sunil Sunjeev Suoud Suparn Supash Supish Supratik Supratika Supreet Supreeth Suradhish Suradip Suragan Suraj Surajiv Suram Suran Surarihan Surbhup Suren Surendra Surendra Surendran Suresh Suri Surup Lord Shiva. Righteous Lord Krishna Making alive Good luck Lord Vishnu Lord Ganesh Graceful* Lord Shiva With a beautiful form Loved by every one* Lord Indra Lord Indra Lord Shiva Sun Lord Vishnu Beautiful Pleasant sound Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Lord Indra Lord Indra Lord Indra Lord Shiva.

Lord Vishnnu Luster Lord Shiva A river Patient* Learned* .well mannered Moonstone Shining beautifully* A great surgeon of old times* With a pleasant smile* Fortunate* Lord Shiva.Surush Suryaansh Suryadev Suryanarayanan Suryansh Suryanshu Suryesh Susadh Susah Susan Susen Sushant Sushant Susher Sushil Sushim Sushok Sushrut Susil Susmit Susthil Sutantu Sutej Sutirth Sutoya Suvah Suvak Shining Sun God Part of sun* Sunbeam Sun Is God Lord Shiva Lord Shiva* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnnu Quiet Very calm / placid* Kind Good charactered man.

Suvan Suvarn Suvas Suvel Suvidh Suvir Suvit Suyamun Suyash Suyati Svamin Svaminath Svang Svanik Svar Svaraj Svarg Svarna Svarpati Svayambhu Svayambhut Swajith Swami Swanand Swapan Swapnil Swarit Sun* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Placid Kind Lord Shiva "SU means good & VIT means wealth.victory* Lord Self happiness* Dream* Dreamy Towards heaven . Vishnu." Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Ganesh Good looks Handsome Lord Vishnu Lord Indra Heaven Lord Ganesh Lord of sound Lord Brahma. Shiva Lord Shiva Self .

Swastik Swayam Swayam Swethan Syamalan Syamantaka Syon Syum Syun Taahir Taamir Tabrez Taha Tahir Taj Taksha Takshak Taksheel Talaketu Talal Talank Talha Talin Talish Tamam Auspicious Overall The one who has learnt all Vedas* Destroyer of dangers Gentle A ray A ray Chaste. Showing openly* Pure Pure. Admirable Lord Shiva Kind of tree Lord Shiva Lord of earth Generous . Clean Crown. Jewel King Bharat's son King of serpents Someone with a strong character Bhishma Pitamaha Nice. Modest One who knows dates Challenging.

Concentrate son Lord Shiva Enlightened Strong Sun Heat The Holy trinity Lord Shiva Lord of the stars Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Mountain Lord Vishnu Wave Rare.Tamila Tamoghna Tana Tanak Tanav Tanay Tanesh Tanish Tanmay Tanoj Tanul Tanush Tanveer Tanvir Tanweer Tapan Tapas Tapesh Tapeshwar Taradhish Tarakeshwar Taraknath Taraksh Taran Tarang Taranjot Tareef Sun* Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva Issue Prize Flute Of the family Ambition Reincarnated. Uncommon .

Tarendra Tarfah Tariq Tarosh Taru Tarun Tathagat Tatva Tatya Tauheed Tautik Tavish Tawfeeq Taymullah Tayseer Tegvir Tejas Tejasveer Tejendra Tereshan Thaabit Thakarshi Thaqib Thashan Thavanesh Thayalan Theenash

Prince of stars Kind of tree Name of a star Heaven; Small boat* Small Plant Boy Lord Buddha Element Lord Shiva Victoriuos Pearl Heaven* Success; Reconciliation Servant of God Facilitation Light Someone full of light and vigour* The Lord sun solid redemption Firm Lord Krishna* Shooting Star Lord Shiva Rising star*

Thulasitharan Tilak Timmy Tirishaanth Tirranand Tirth Tirthankar Tirthayaad Tirumala Tisyaketu Tonmoy Tonto Toyesh Trambakeshwar Triambak Tridhaman Tridhatri Trigya Trijal Trikay Trilochan Trilokanath Trilokesh Trimaan Triman Trimurti Trinabh

Auspicious spot on the forehead King of Surya dynasty Lord Shiva Pilgrim Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Seven hills* Lord Shiva Engrossed "Indulgence, devotion" Lord of water Name of God Shiva and Vishnu* Lord Shiva The Holy trinity Lord Ganesh Lord Buddha Lord Shiva Lord Buddha Lord Shiva (The three eyed) Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Worshipped in three worlds* Ruler of three world's; Worshipped in three world's The Holy trinity Lord Vishnu

Trinayan Tripurajit Tripurari Trishar Trishul Trishulank Trishulin Trivikram Tuhin Tuka Tunda Tunganath Tungeshwar Tungish Turag Tushar Tusya Tuvidyumna Tuvijat Ubaadah Ubaidah Ubay Uchadev Uchit Udant

Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Pearl necklace Lord Shiva's trident Lord Shiva Lord Shiva A name of God Vishnu Young boy Lord Shiva Lord of the mountains Lord of the mountains Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu A thought Winter Lord Shiva Lord Indra Lord Indra Old Arabic name Servant of God Old Arabic name Lord Vishnu Correct Correct message

Udarathi Udarchis Udarsh Uday Udbal Uddhav Uddip Uddiran Uddish Uddiyan Uddunath Udit Udjith Udu Udupati Uduraj Udyam Udyan Udyat Ugresh Ujas Ujendra Ujjay Ujjwal Ujval Ullas Ulmuk Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Brimming Sunrise Mighty Lord Krishna's friend Giving light Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Flying speed Lord of stars Arisen Lord Vishnu Water Lord of stars Lord of stars Action Garden A star. Rising Lord Shiva First light Conqueror Victorious Splenderous Splenderous Light Lord Indra .

Joy Highest Lord of progress Lord Krishna (baby stage) Lord Vishnu Stone* Gem The end of everything Excitement Lord of strength Lord of light Lord Krishna Mountain Lord of the earth .Umaarah Umair Umakant Umanand Umang Umar Umasuthan Umed Umesh Umeshwar Unmesh Unnabh Unnatish Unnikrishnan Unshul Upendra Uppal Uppas Uqbah Urav Uresh Urjani Urmiya Urugay Urvang Urvansh Urvish Old Arabic name Old Arabic name Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Happiness Old Arabic name (Second Khalifah) Son of Parvathi (Uma)* Wish Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Eternal happiness.

Powerful.Usaamah Usama Ushangu Ushnisin Ushraayush Utbah Uthaya Utkarsh Utpal Utpalaksh Utsav Uttam Uttamesh Uttar Uttarak Uzair Vaaman Vaarin Vachaspati Vadin Vadish Vagindra Vagish Vahin Vaibhav Description of a lion Lion Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Bright life* Old Arabic name High quality Burst open Lord Vishnu Festival Best Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu* Ocean* Lord of speech Lord of the body Lord of speech Lord Brahma Lord Shiva Glorious. Prosperity .

Vaijayi Vaikartan Vaikhan Vaikunth Vainavin Vairaj Vairat Vairinchya Vairochan Vaishvik Vajasani Vajendra Vajradhar Vajrahast Vajrajit Vajraksha Vajrin Vakrabhuj Valentina Vallabh Vallabha Valmiki Vama Vamadev Vanad Vanadev Vanamalin Victor Name of Karna Lord Vishnu Abode of Vishnu Lord Shiva Spiritual glory Gem Lord Brahma's son Lord Vishnu's son Belonging to the world Lord Vishnu's son Lord Indra Lord Indra Lord Shiva Lord Indra Lord Indra Lord Ganesh Strong Most loved Beloved Saint who wrote Ramayan Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Cloud Lord of the forest Lord Krishna .

Lord of water . air Lord of water Season.Vanij Vanraj Vansh Vanshya Vansidhar Varad Varadraj Varana Vardhan Varesh Vareshvar Varin Varindra Varish Variyas Varnit Varshil Varun Varunesh Vasant Vasav Vasavaj Vasavi Vashita Vasu Vasudev Vasumat Lord Shiva King of forest Coming Generation of father Lord Krishna God of fire Lord Vishnu Holy river Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Gifts Lord of all Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Varn Wind. Spring Lord Indra Son of Indra Son of Indra One who hypnotises by her virtues Wealth Lord Krishna's father Lord Krishna .

Vasupati Vasur Vasuroop Vatatmaj Vatsa Vatsal Vatsapal Vatsin Vayu Vayujat Vayun Vayunand Vayya Ved Ved Vedaant Vedamohan Vedang Vedant Vedanth Vedatman Vedesh Veekshith Veer Bahadur Veera Velan Venavir Lord Krishna Precious Lord Shiva Lord Hanuman Son Love. Affection Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu Lord Hanuman Lord Hanuman Lively Lord Hanuman Friend Well known The scriptures Lord Krishna From the Vedas Hindu philosophy The one who has read the vedas* Lord Vishnu Lord of Vedas Brave* Brave* Lord Shiva's son Lord Shiva's son .

Lightening . Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu.Venkat Venkataraman Venkatesh Viamrsh Vibhaas Vibhav Vibhavasu Vibhor Vibhu Vibhumat Vibhusnu Vibhut Vibodh Videep Vidhaan Vidhaath Vidhatru Vidhesh Vidhu Vidhyadhar Vidip Vidit Vidojas Vidur Vidvatam Vidyanand Vidyut Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Shinning Lord Krishna Ecstatic Sun Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Strong Wise Creator Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Full of knowledge Bright Lord Indra Part of the Kaurav kingdom Lord Shiva One who enjoy's learning (Ganesh) Brilliant.

Record Son of valour Lord Vishnu Brave Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Coolness Lord Shiva . Dawn A bird Lord Krishna Victory Lord Indra Significant among victorious* God of victory Lord Shiva God of bravery Intelligent Son of Dhritrashtra Progress Errorless* Fame Lord Shiva.Vighnajit Vighnesh Vignesh Vigrah Vihaan Vihang Vihari Vijay Vijayant Vijayarathna Vijayendra Vijayesh Vijender Vijval Vikarnan Vikas Vikern Vikhyath Vikil Vikram Vikramaditya Vikramin Vikrant Viksar Vikunth Vilas Vilohit Lord Ganesh Lord Ganesh Remover of obstacles* Lord Shiva Morning.

Vimal Vimesh Vimlesh Vimridh Vinahast Vinay Vinayak Vineet Vineeth Vinesh Vinil Vinit Vinkur Vinochan Vinod Vinoo Vinoth Vipaschit Vipin Vipul Vir Viraaj Virabhadra Viraj Viral Viranath Virat Clean Lord Indra Lord Shiva Humility Lord Ganesh Knowledgeable Godly Blue Plant withouth thorns* Lord Shiva Pleasant To spread in different directions Pleasing Lord Buddha Forest Abundant Brave King Lord Shiva Sun Precious Lord of the brave Massive .

Virbhanu Virendra Viresh Vireshvar Virikvas Virinchi Virochan Virom Virurch Visamaksh Vishakh Vishal Vishalaksh Vishalan Visham Vishant Vishantak Vishaq Vishatan Vishesh Vishnahpu Vishnu Vishnu Siddarth Vishnudev Vishodhan Vishresh Vishrut Very strong* Lord of the heroes Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Indra Brahma Lord Vishnu The Holy trinity Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Huge Lord Shiva The bigest* Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Special Lord Vishnu A Hindu God Lord Vishnu God Lord Vishnu The Holy trinity .

Vishruth Vishtasp Vishvadev Vishvadhar Vishvag Vishvahetu Vishvajit Vishvaksen Vishvamitra Vishvanabh Vishvanath Vishvaretas Vishvas Vishwas Visruta Visveshwaran Vitabhay Vitaharya Vitola Vittesh Vitthal Vivaan Vivan Vivash Vivek Viven Vividh Lord Vishnu* Lord of the universe Lord Vishnu Lord Brahma Lord Vishnu Conqueror of the world Lord Vishnu's names A sage Lord Vishnu Lord of the universe Lord Brahma. Clean* Lord Shiva Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Peaceful Lord of wealth Lord Vishnu Full of life* Bright Intellect Different* . Vishnu Faith Trust* Pure.

Neat.Vivikta Vrajalal Vrajesh Vrajkishore Vrajmohan Vrajraj Vratesh Vriksh Vrisa Vrisag Vrisan Vrisangan Vrisapati Vrishab Vrishabh Vrishak Vrishank Vrisini Vrushik Vrushket Vyan Vyas Vyom Vyoman Vyomdev Vyomesh Vyshakh Distinguished. Solitary. Clear. Pure Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Excellent Another name of Vishnu Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Son of Karna Air Sage who wrote Mahabharat The Universe* Sky Lord Shiva Lord of the sky Vyshakh* .

Vyshnav Waahid Waa'il Wadee' Wafeeq Wajeeh Waleed Waliyudeen Waliyullah Walleed Waman Waseem William Xavier Xitij Yaaseen Yachika Yadav Yadavendra Yadunandan Yadunath Single. Unequaled Coming back (for shelter) Calm. Good looking New house One of the Prophet Muhammad's names Application Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna . Exclusively. Peaceful Successful Noble Newborn child Supporter of the Faith Supporter of God Lord Vishnu's name Graceful.

Successful Lord of fame Lord of fame Protector of fame Always famous Wealthy . Goodwill Fame Fame* Famous. Wealth Success.Yaduraj Yaduvir Yadwinder Yagna Yagnash Yahyaa Yaj Yajas Yajat Yajnadhar Yajnarup Yajnesh Yamahil Yamajit Yaman Yamir Yasaar Yash Yashas Yashkaran Yashmit Yashneil Yashodev Yashpal Yashpal Yashwanth Yasir Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Ceremonial rites to God A Prophet's name A sage Fame Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Proper name Moon Ease. Glorious.

Grow. Enhance Success A person who attains fame and glory Part of yog* Lord Shiva Devotee Planner* A Prophet's name A Prophet's name Eldest Pandava brother End of an era* Brook* .Yatharth Yathavan Yatin Yatindra Yatish Yatnesh Yavar Yayati Yayin Yazeed Yedhu Yeshas Yeshwant Yeshwanth Yogananth Yogansh Yogesh Yogi Yojit Yoonus Yoosuf Yudhishthir Yudiraj Yugandhar Yugank Yutish Yuval Lord Vishnu* Devotee Lord Indra Lord of devotees God of efforts Name of a sage Lord Shiva To increase.

Ascetic Bright. Honey Person who stay with style* Superabundance Blooming.Yuvan Yuvaram Yuvraj Zaafir Zaahid Zaahir Zackery Zaigham Zakariya Zakir Zakiy Zalman Zashil Zayd Zayyan Zeeshan Zeeshan Zehaan Zevesh Ziare Zion Ziyad Zohaib Zubin Zuhair A prince Victorious Abstemious. Shining Child of God Lion. King of the jungle* A Prophet's name Pure Superabundance Wild jasmine. Clear . Shining.

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