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[p]These days, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community has more than ever to say “Hallelujah” about. For people of faith and unconventional sexuality, the inclusiveness of many of Indianapolis’ places of worship is a refreshing change from the once-universal message of ostracism and damnation. [/p] [p][link url=]The Interfaith Coalition on Nondiscrimination[/link] (ICON) is a Hoosier council that is “concerned about religious intolerance and lack of acceptance of God’s diversity” with 20 member organizations, 13 of them located right here in the Circle City. That’s good news for folks looking for open and accepting congregations in a particular part of town or even within a specific denomination.[/p] [h3]United Methodist Churches[/h3] [p]Of ICON’s Indianapolis membership, four are United Methodist Churches. [link url=]Broadway UMC[/link] on east 29th Street, Lockerbie Central UMC on north East Street downtown, [link url=]North UMC[/link] at 38th and Meridian, and [link url=]St. Luke UMC[/link] on 86th Street just off Meridian are all members of this break-through organization. Though none of the churches advertise programs specifically for the LBGT community, they each offer a message of inclusion and openness.[/p] [h3]Jesus Metropolitan Community Church[/h3] [p]The ministry of [link url=]Jesus Metropolitan Community Church[/link] receives a great deal of support from the GLBT community. Located at 2950 E. 55th Place, Jesus MCC welcomes Christians to come as they are. The guiding principles of the church state, among other things, that “Church should be a place where you can be real -- no pretending.” The folks at Jesus MCC truly typify the diversity of the rainbow. People of every sexuality, race, marital status and political affiliation come together to worship at this Emerging Church. For the congregation at Jesus MCC, being

the UU Church of Indianapolis took steps several years ago to become a “Welcoming Congregation. the Metropolitan Community Church.”[br] [/ul] [h3]Unitarian Univeralist Congregations[/h3] [p]Unitarian Universalist congregations are noted among the most open and welcoming of the nation’s churches. Unitarian Universalists ( “Emerging Church” means that “following Jesus is more about spiritual values than spiritual rules. UU’s include in their Principles and Purposes that each person has inherent worth and dignity.” This distinction is given to congregations who voluntarily attend a series of workshops developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and working through the 16 action steps that concentrate on education. no matter what your brand of diversity might be. has launched a billboard campaign encouraging the acceptance of God’s diversity. and welcoming place for all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. that works within the congregation to “make UUI a safe. children’s church and teen classes that are available weekly for the younger members of Jesus MCC. and Jesus MCC as its only Indiana congregation. The billboard]Unitarian Univeralist Church of Indianapolis[/link]. [/p] [p]Interweave is discussion forum at the [link url=http://www.”[br] • “Don’t confuse bigotry against gays and lesbians with Religious Truths. [/p] . Attending services at All Souls or Circle Fellowship. Jews. Jesus MCC strives to take a lead role in ministering to children.”[br] • “Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve. as they call themselves) take inspiration from all of the world’s religions. located at 615 West 43rd Street. The SUN Group program is specifically designed for the children of gay and lesbian couples and is in addition to the nursery.” It is a way of life. Research has shown that this type of networking among children of GLBT couples increases self-esteem and positive coping skills. With that kind of inclusion. two of Indianapolis’ UU congregations. warm.uui. one isn’t surprised to find that UU congregations are so welcoming of GLBT members. positive and supportive environments that are led by licensed therapist Erin Hamilton with the aim of networking and building friendships. making them a truly nondenominational church. are a lively mix of Christians. and Neo-Pagans. In fact. congregational life and community outreach.[/p] [p]Additionally.[/p] [p]Recently. The SUN Groups are warm.” The Interweave group meets once a month for a forum discussion and presents a film one evening each month that explores themes of gender identity and expression. titled “Would Jesus Discriminate?” features such thought-provoking statements as:[/p] [ul] • “David loved Jonathan more than women.[/p] [p]Following the lead of Jesus in the Book of Mark (10:14-15).]Broadway UMC[/link] [br] • [link url=]The Interfaith Coalition on NonDiscrimination[/link][br] • [link url=]Christian Lesbians[/link][br] [/ul] [p]To read more about the churches mentioned in this article. Luke’s UMC[/link][br] • Lockerbie Central UMC – No website available.[h3]Finding an Inclusive Congregation[/h3] [p]To find an “open and welcoming” church that will meet your needs.jesusmcc. check out their websites or make plans to attend]North UMC[/link] [br] • [link url=http://www.php? cmd=viewlistM&cid=54]Gay Indy[/link] [br] • [link url=http://www. check out the links below:[/p] [ul] • [link url=]Jesus Metropolitan Community Church[/link] [br] • [link url=]St.stlukesumc. Call 317-637-2716[br] • [link url=http://www.[/p] [ul] • [link url=]Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis[/link] [br] [/ul] .uui.

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