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Company Secretary and Compliance Officer Mr. T. K. Tel:+91-11-45021853 Email: SadhuMr. Ajit Tel:+91-11-45021817 Email: Jha

Email id for correspondence of shareholders with the company Correspondence Address 28, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi ± 110015, Tel: +91-11-45021814-45021822, 45021853-852 Fax: +91-11-45021828, 25928118 Registrar and Transfer Agent Alankit Assignments 2E/ 21, Jhandewalan New Delhi ± Tel: +91-11-42541234, Fax: Email: Limited. Extension 110055 42541955 +91-11-23552001

Key Performance Indicators

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2009-10 (12 Months)

2008-09 (12 Months)

2007-08 2006-07 2005-06 (12 (12 (12 Months) Months) Months)

Income Statement Consolidated Standalone Consolidated Standalone Domestic Sales 11209.12 7485.17 10634.98 7436.16 5478.62 3326.95 2506.10 Exports 410.41 410.41 1021.37 1021.37 653.01 592.84 371.85 Other Income 60.28 117.31 38.64 122.52 49.12 28.97 27.51 Gross Sales & 11679.81 8012.89 11694.99 8580.05 6180.75 3948.76 2905.46 Other income Net Sales & Other 11151.82 7484.90 10913.37 7799.43 5459.87 3548.78 2617.76 Income Operating 5907.99 2612.13 5231.81 2603.82 2162.61 1431.58 1034.33 Profits(PBIDT) Profit After Tax 3634.56 1479.68 3007.15 1536.48 1236.96 702.99 572.94 (PAT) Cash Profit 4759.96 2107.07 4193.57 2074.61 1768.10 1174.21 858.41 BALANCE SHEET Gross Block 21109.48 15249.49 1492.77 9680.92 6579.42 5866.87 4389.32 Net Block 17844.40 13139.34 12686.28 8063.91 5396.31 5085.12 3846.99 Share Capital Equity 93.12 93.12 15.47 15.47 15.40 15.40 15.40 Preference Net Worth 10386.61 6720.64 7021.16 5385.11 3722.12 2475.17 1837.92 Borrowings 8604.29 8383.26 8113.31 4962.65 3863.35 3507.72 2745.37 SIGNIFICANT RATIOS Operating Profit to 53 35 48 33 40% 41% 40% Net Sales(%) Net Profit to Net 33 20 28 20 23% 20% 22% Sales(%) Total Debt to Equity 0.83 1.25 1.16 0.92 1.03 1.40 1.49

Ratio(%) Return on Capital 30 16 33 24 25% 21% 22% Employed(%) Return on Net 35 22 43 29 33% 28% 31% Worth (%) PER EQUITY SHARES (Of Re. 1/* each) Book Value (Rs.) 111.54 72.17 454.00 348.21 241.76 160.77 119.40 EPS (Annualised) 39.05** 15.90** 194.63 99.44 80.34 45.66 37.21 (Rs.) Dividend Rate (%) 125** 125** 550 550 400% 360% 300% *Pursuant to the resolution passed at the EGM held on 27.12.2007 the Company¶s Equity Shares of the face value of Rs. 5/- each have been sub-divided into Equity Shares of the face value of Re. 1/- each. The Book Value & EPS for previous years have been re-stated taking into account the shares split. ** JSPL allotted 775,651,530 bonus shares of Re. 1 each on 19.09.2009 in the ratio of 5 bonus shares for each existing equity share of Re. 1 leading to an increase in number of outstanding shares from 154,652,683 in 2008-09 to 931,234,082 in 2009-10. This has resulted in a lower EPS and Dividend percentage.

Strong leadership forms the nucleus of JSPL and drives all its endeavors. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, armed with vast experience and knowledge, the company¶s core team takes strategic decisions, focusing on the development of the organization, people and the nation as a whole.

Smt. Savitri Jindal Chairperson Emeritus

Mr. Naveen Jindal Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Ratan Jindal Director

Mr. Vikrant Gujral Group Vice Chairman & Head Global Ventures

Mr. Anand Goel Jt. Managing Director

Mr. Sushil Maroo Director

Mr. N A Ansari Wholetime Director

Mr. S. AnanthakrishnanNominee Director - IDBI Bank Ltd.

Mr. R. V. Shahi Director, Independent

Mr. Arun K. Purwar Director, Independent

Mr. Arun Kumar Director, Independent

Mr. Haigreve Khaitan Director, Independent

Mr. Hardip Singh Wirk Director, Independent

Mr. Rahul Mehra Director, Independent

JSPL¶s corporate governance philosophy is based on the principles of equity, fairness, transparency, spirit of law and honest communication. The Company believes that sound corporate governance is necessary to retain stakeholders¶ trust and ensures efficient working and proper conduct of the business of the company with integrity. Development of Corporate Governance guidelines is a continuous process, which evolves over a period of time and undergoes changes to suit the changing times and needs of the business, society and the nation. Board of Directors The Board of Directors is at the core of corporate governance practice and oversees how the Management serves and protects the long-term interests of all stakeholders. The Board members are experienced, knowledgeable and professionally competent and represent various fields of business activities, such as management, commerce, finance, banking, technical, legal etc. Committees The Board of Directors has formed various committees such as Audit Committee, Shareholders¶/ investors¶ Grievance Committee, Sub Committee of Directors, Compensation Committee and Committee of Directors (Limited Review) and necessary powers have been delegated to these committees for efficiently managing the affairs of the Company. Communication Information like financial results (quarterly, half-yearly or annual) and press releases on significant developments in the Company that has been available from time to time, to the press is hosted on the Company¶s website and also submitted to the stock exchanges to enable them to put them on their websites and communicate to their members. The financial results are published in various English and vernacular newspapers. Details of management discussion and analysis are printed in the annual report. The company electronically files specific documents and statements on the corpfiling website ( Codes of Conduct The code of conduct has been laid down by the Board with a view to promote good corporate governance and exemplary personal conduct. It is applicable to all directors and senior managerial personnel of the company. The Board of Directors has also approved a Code of internal procedures and conduct for prevention of insider trading in the shares of the company and Code of corporate disclosure practices for prevention of insider trading. These are available on the Company¶s website. As a part of its commitment to follow best practices and good corporate governance, JSPL abides by rules and guidelines as laid down by the Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Conforming to these guidelines, and enthused by its own urge to be looked upon as a free, fair and trustworthy organisation, the Company always ensures that all its business and social accomplishments are achieved with integrity. Quarterly Compliance Report on Corporate Governance » Code of Conduct for Corporate Governance » Code of Internal Procedures & Conduct for Prevention of Insider Trading in Shares of the Company » Code of Corporate Disclosure Practices for Prevention of Insider Trading » Letter to shareholders Letter 1 » Letter 2 »

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