Chapter 4. ----In which we'll finally have a miracle. A very minor and ordinary one, but don't be greedy, alright?

---The correctional officer Luis Borges, for the most part simply known as "GUARD!!" just had the most terrible and nerve wrecking night of his life. It's depressing enough that most of this night was spent watching re-runs of Calgary Stampeders' games. Luis hated the Stampeders, CFL and Football and in general. First of all, an Argentina-native Borges was firmly convinced that football should be played with feet and balls, and this version of "egg" and "armpit" was fundamentally wrong. And then, when it came to sports Luis was a die-hard fan of figure skating, in fact, he loved it so much he even happened to shed a tear or two on a several occasions when the dance routines were particularly emotionally moving. However Mr. Borges' masculinity was not in a danger of being compromised. This part of his secret life was only known to Gabby, and Gabby would never tell this to anyone since Gabby was a proud British Longhair cat. Yet the worst part of it started when after the morning check-up it was discovered that in the cell block A there was a prisoner missing. Luis and another gentleman who also had a name, but mostly known as "GUARD!!" as well, stood in an empty cell and blankly stared at the hole in the wall. Above the whole there was some gibberish scribbled in a weird language. A later investigation revealed that it was a Sanskrit mantra from a Buddhist "Heart" sutra. The fragment said "Gateh, gateh, para gate, parasam gate", which could be translated as "Gone, gone together to the other side". You see, Mr. Hyuk wasn't a stranger both to ancient languages and… irony. -"Hijo de puta…", started Luis, but was interrupted. -"Maybe you should sound an alarm." Luis scratched his head, a gesture that probably symbolized the perplexity of the situation. -"GO!!" He glared the other guard down, turned around and ran outside the cell. There was a lockdown, patrols were sent to scout the perimeter and the local authorities notified. Although, when it came to the local authorities the sheriff's secretary just yawned on the phone and mechanically recited her mantra "ok, I'll let the Sheriff know". Unfortunately for this particular correctional facility those daring escapes were much more common than expected, and fortunately for the

neighbouring town none of the criminals on the run stayed in the town long enough to cause any trouble. Past the marsh and the bushes, away from the K9 patrols, away from the local cops (that wouldn't bother anyway -let the RCMP handle this) and away from his involuntary confinement, Kim finally got tired of running. He stopped to catch his breath and wiped the sweat off with his shirt. -"You're not a killer, are ya?!".. there was a kid on a BMX bike with taking loud sips of a huge "Slurpee" cup. Kim looked at him. -"No, I didn't kill anyone". -"That's cool, my mom says that everyone in that place is a killer. So what are you, then?" -"Hmm.. You see, I might need your help", Kim stared at the kid with a sinister smile…"Oh, and I'm a robber". The day after it was announced on the TV that a prison patrol on the chase after an escaped convict, happened to shoot a 12 year old kid, dressed in an inmate uniform with a tranquilizer dart. Suddenly the whole situation seemed even less favourable for the Correctional Institution #4, and Mr. Luis Borges in particular. But being an optimist Luis used his forced retirement to catch up on all figure skating he could find on the TV and spend some time with Gabby. …And somewhere along the small country roads a Korean guy dressed in a yellow "Donald Duck" t-shirt and "Adidas" trunks was lazily rolling along, occasionally taking loud sips from his "Slurpee" cup...

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