Chapter 1. New School (What a drag!

I sighed and got up when my alarm when off. It was 7:00 am. The sun was raised high into the sky. Not my idea of a good morning. I want it to still be dark. I can at lease sleep standing up. I mumbled and stood up, stretching. "Alastair! Are you up yet?" My irritating loud ass mother yelled. "Yes I'm up! Jeez! Do you have to be so loud??" I shouted back. My mom irritated me more than rap. That seems impossible, I know. She always too close and too protective. My mom was a little petite thing. Blonde short hair and blue pretty eyes. Her name was Vivian Knight. Dont' get me wrong, I love my mom. But she can just be a real pain in the freaking ass. I grabbed my uniform and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. There was a young man. No older than 17. Snow white short hair with black streaks in it. Ocean blue eyes, perfect lined eyebrows, full lips, white skin, skinny but muscular body. Pierced ears, septum, nose and both sides of the bottom lip. He was a

handsom young man. And that man was Alastair Knight. Me. I shook my head and turned the shower on. I almost fell alseep. I didn't like getting up so early in the morning. It sucked total ass dude. I turned that water to cold to wake myself up. It worked. I quickly turned the hot back on. After a nice shower, I walked downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. My school was a uniform school. So I wearing a black collard shirt, black dress pants and some Converse. Today was my first day at Woodland high. And I didn't want to go. I miss my old school. My old friends. My mom placed a plate of eggs, bacon, chedder cheese and orange juice in front of my face. It smelled good but I wasn't hungry. "Eat Alastair" My mom noticed my frown. I sighed and picked up my fork. "Do you have you-". "Yes I have my bookbag, cell phone and contacts in mom. It's nothing new" I finished her sentence with a piece of bacon in my mouth. I looked at my watch. If I didn't leave now, I would be late. "Gotta go mom! Bye!" I grabbed my keys and some bacon and I was out the door. My Jeep was sitting in the driveway, untouched. It was a nice Jeep. Black and sleek. My neighbor, Jeesica, was walking out her door. Jessica went

to the same school but she was a freshman. She was okay. Not really my stlye. She waved to me. I didn't wave back though. Just a smile. I hopped in my car and drove off. I tried to remember where the school was. I didn't really want to go. Honestly, I didn't want to leave the house. During the car ride. I wondered what the school was like. Was it one of those ghetto schools? Where you have to watch your back in fear of being killed? Or was it one of those schools where their were snobs. Self-centered idiots. My old school was perfect. Everyone was cool with everyone. No gang violence. No snobs. Everyone had a place. No one hated no one. Hopfully, this school wouldn't be so bad. I sighed and payed attention to the road. Finally, for what seemed like forever, I found it! The school looked old. The brick was a faded red and some chipped. Otherwise, it looked average. There was a mixture of students. Emos, Goths, Punks and worst of all perky cheerleaders! I looked in horror at the pink skirts and pink pom-poms. Oh my lord. Cheer on earth! I pulled into a vacant spot and got out. I was a little scared. Those jocks were huge compared to my skinny figure. I groaned

to myself and started walking. I felt the stares. I could literally pick out the people who looked. I was sweating a little bit. I didn't know what they would do to me. I was the new person after all. I heard stories about new people. Either getting slammed into lockers or the good old fashion head in the toilet. Oh hell no! They aint touching my fucking hair! They gonna have to kill me for that! I was stopped by a small figure blocking my path. I looked up and saw a girl. She had blonde hair, semi full lips, her upper lip was crooked, she had brown eyes. She was very small compared to me. Did she even go here???? "What?" I said boredly. She held out her hand. I looked at it. Was she expecting me to shake her hand?? I don't do that fancy schmancy stuff. She better pull her hand away. Now. "Okay then....Welcome to the school. I'm Jan!" I just raised an eyebrow. Her voice was so high pitched. "Yeah and I'm leaving" I said and walked pass her. "Excuse me?" Her high pitched voice somehow got higher. Students gathered around at the confrontation between the annoying chick and new kid. "I said "I'm leaving". Do I have to say it in any other language?" I turned around. She had an angry

look on her face. I almost laughed. She looked like a kitten trying to be mean. "I'm supposed to welcome you!". "You did. Now goodbye Jessica" I walked away from her, almost laughing. "Jan!" She called to me. "I don't care!" I called back and kept walking. Some students were laughing at my words. With a grin, I entered the school. There were more students leaning against lockers. The lockers were the traditional blue. Everyone looked at me as I walked passed. I walked quickly. I couldn't find the office. There was a geeky looking boy talking to another geeky looking person. I walked over to them. They flinched instantly. I rolled my eyes. "Can you point me to the office please?" I asked. They looked at me like I was crazy. "That way. Down the hall to the left" One said scaredly. "Why are you so scared? I'm not going to do anything" They still looked at me like I was crazy. "Usually people come to beat us up or whatever. We just assumed you would too" The other said. His voice was deep. More manly than the other. "I don't beat people up dude. Not my thing. I'll see guys later" I walked towards the office. I rounded the corner and almost stopped. Jocks everywhere. I mean everywhere. I looked like

shrimp compared to these guys. I took a deep breath and started walking. I tried not to bump into them or touch them. I knew I would get my face bashed in. I safely made it through the crowded hallway. There was a door that said "Main Office". I walked in. The was an old lady. Her name tag said "Mrs. Grove". "Excuse me?" I said quietly. She looked up. She stared at me. "I'm Alastair Knight". "Oh yes! Mr. Knight! Let me just get your locker number ect ect" She turned away from me to a desk piled with files. I leaned against the wall. It was a small office. So I don't know why they call it the main office. My cell phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out. It was my girlfriend, Kirsten. "Hello?". "How's the new school?" Her voice rang. Making me happy "Eh....It's alright. Not exactly my style. Whats going on with everyone?" "Everyone is just missing you. We want to back Al!" "Excuse me Mr.Knight?" Mrs. Grove looked at me. "I got to go. Love you. Bye!" I hung up and

walked over to the small desk. She handed me my locker number and combination and my class schedule. "Thanks" I said as I was walking out the office. My locker was 109. It was where those geeks were. I made my way to my locker without a problem. Lucky me, I thought to myself. Those two people were gone. Probably went to class early or something. I put the combination in and opened the door. Empty of course. I don't have any books........yet. I took my bookbag off and hug it on the wooden hook. Well that was it. Nothing else! I looked at my classes. I had Math first. Room 1120. Mr.....What??? Wait, What was his real name? Mr. What. What the hell kind of name is that! I looked at his full name. Barney What. I shook my head and walked up the stairs. I passed about 6 class rooms when I got to 1120. The class was half filled. The teacher struck me hard. He didn't seem like his name. He had pale skin. I mean pale. Like this man hasn't been out in the sun since forever. His eyes were vibrant green. You could barely see his cheekbones but I could tell they were high raised. He had short straight silver looking hair. I would have said gray but silver fit it more. He had on black jeans, a dark blue v-neck shirt

and he was wearing a black fedora hat. He wore all black converse. Wow. This man seemed like he was only in his 20s. Way too young to be a teacher. Especially with his style of clothing. But there was something weird about him. I couldn't pin point it but there was something off. Maybe he was one of those double life people. He was really a murder hiding his identity. Mr. What broke my train of thought. "Are you Alastair Knight?" His voice was deep. Grave. I looked him into the eyes. "um.....yes" I stuttered a little. His eyes widened a little as he took me in. Like he was seeing treasure or something. I raised an eyebrow and he broke his gaze. "Welcome to our school. Please take a seat and I'll get your material" He gestured to one of the many empty seats. I took the one that was furthest to the back. I sat down and looked around the class room. It was pretty plain. Not like preschool with all the pretty pictures and junk I didn't care about as a child. As I was looking around, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and it was a guy staring at me. He passed me a note. On the front it said "READ" I opened it up

"Listen here dork. I run this school. So don't even think about being cool with the cool kids. Or I'll pound you until your flat. Got it?" "Yes sure whatever" I flicked the note over my shoulder and ignored him. I twisted my pencil between my fingers, waiting for class to start. I started to feel sleepy again. But that damn bell rang and woke me up. I wanted to break it to pieces. More students filled the seats around me. Soon, the whole class was filled. I could hear the whispers around me. Of course, they were about me. I sunk deeper in my seat. This was going to be a long day, I thought to myself. Class flew by fast. I was happy about it. I sighed as I walked through the door. I was off to History. I always hated History. I don't know why. But every time I would go to History class, I would get pissed off for the rest of the day. My girl Kristen always thought it was funny. Maybe it was the teacher that made me mad. I don't know. I stopped thinking about my old school and walked onto to class. This time, it was a women teacher. Her name was Mrs. Greene. She was old. Literally ancient. She smelled like it too. The whole classroom did.

Once, again I sat in the back. This class was boring as hell. All she talked about was the Korean War. My guess is some where in her family, there was a Korean person. I almost fell asleep but the bell rang for lunch. I gathered my ten pound books and walked to my locker. I put in the numbers and opened it. "So. How is it so far?" A voice startled me. I turned and it was one of those geeks. The one with the thick glasses. "Boring" I answered. "Oh by the way, I'm Ryan Cross" He fixed his glasses. He wore black dress pants, white collared shirt and black dress shoes. "Alastair" I gave a gentle smile. He still seemed scared of me. I don't know why. I was harmless. "Oh well we better get to lunch before all the good pizza is taken" He chuckled. I chuckled a little myself. His clean blonde hair fell in his face. If he lost the glasses and had the emo cut. Also a peircing or two. Ladies would be all over him. I'll have to talk him into it. "Ryan. Who is this?" A soft voice came from behind me . I turned and froze. It was a girl. And man she was beautiful. She struck me like lightning. She had long black wavy hair with darkish blonde highlights. She had the most beautiful hazel eyes I've seen. She was tall but about 7 inches short

than me. Her skin was palish but a little darker than me. Just a little. She had a slim body. A perfect body. She whore a leather jacket with the sleeves pushed up, a white collard shirt, black pants and black combat boots. And it was weird, she had the same peircings as I did. I looked at Ryan. He had those same unique hazel eyes. I realized this was his sister. I could tell. They had the same nose, eyes and lips. My guess is she dyed her hair black but kept a little blonde. "Oh hey Tris. This is my new friend Alastair" He introduced me. "Hi" She blushed a little. "This is my sister. Tristan" He almost rolled his eyes. "Hey" My voice cracked. Ryan sighed. "You guys coming or what?" He said, walking away from us. I broke my gaze from her and follwed. The room was only half filled. Considering the bell rang not to long ago. Some lingered in the hallways. We stood in line patiently, chatting a little. "Where did you move from?" Ryan asked me as he put food on his tray. "Oh from Columbus, Ohio. Lived there for most of my life. But my mom wanted a change so we moved here" I pulled the money out my pocket and handed it to the lunch clerk or whatever they call her. We sat at the table in the back. My guess is the Cross's

were not really popular here considering the stares they got. Not stares but glares. I took a sip of my Coke but it didn't last long. Because it was smacked out my hand. I looked up to see a big jock looking back at me. "Dude come on!" I said, referring to the now spilled Coke. "That's what you get for dissing my girl" I thought of that Jesse girl or whatever her name was. "Back off Addams or I'll put you in your place.....again" Tristan stood up and looked him dead in the eye. His expression changed. He starting backing up, hands up. "Sorry Tristan" He said and walked quickly back to his table. I looked at Tristan. How the hell did she scare off a guy as big as he is? By the scowl on her face, I decided not to ask. She didn't say much the whole time. She ate and sat quietly. He asked to me hang out but I had to work. "Oh where do you work?" "At the mall. Rocky's gift store" I answered, fumbling with my coookie. "I was planning on going there this evening. Need some new CDs and other things" He smiled a little. "Mmmm I might give you a discount. Maybe" We both laughed in unison. Tristan gave a little chuckle. So she was listening to our conversation. I

thought she was outer space or something. The bell rang for the rest of the periods. I quickly hurried to class. Leaving the whole scaring the jock thing behind me.

Chapter 2. Invitaions
After school I quickly drove to the mall for work. I was almost late but made it two minutes before. My manager didn't even look at me as I put on my work shirt. I stood behind the check out counter. Waiting for people to come and buy. Or just look around. Business was slow today. Not many people. Good. Maybe I could get off early. I just stood there, my chin resting on the palm of my hand, playing with pennies. "Excuse me?" Someone said. I looked up. I saw her before. At school. She was in my History class. "Can you help me find something please?" She gave a smile. I walked from behind the counter. She led me to the perfumes. "I'm looking to Shimmer. Do you have it?" She asked, looking me up and down. I stood on my tippy toes and grabbed the star shaped bottle. It has sparkles on it and in cursive writting said "Shimmer". I showed her the bottle and she nodded. "Thats the one.

Ring it up please". I had a bored look on my face as I walked back to the counter. The price came to 5.99. She pulled out a credit card and swiped it. "I'll see you at school" She walked away, swaying her hips. Did she expect me to get turned on? I just looked away and continues playing with the pennies. "Wow. You looked entertained" A voice said sarcastically. I looked up and saw Ryan and Tristan. "Yeah it's so fun here" I muttered. "I'll be over there" Ryan walked towards to Anime section. "What do you do here all day?" Tristan asked, leaning on the counter. "Exactly what I'm doing" I looked down at my pennies. "Fun" She grinned and looked at some packs of gum. "What time do you get off?" She asked. "Around 8:00. Why?" I asked. "Me and Ryan are gonna see a movie. You wanna come? It's that new movie Bloodlines" Ryan came up with a stack of Naruto comics and a A7X CD. My phone vibrated. It was a text from Kristen. I had sent her a text asking if she wanted to hang out tonight. I read it. "I have pla-" I stopped as I read the whole thing. "Sorry. Can't tonight. Have other plans". I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Actually I'm free tonight.

What time?" I slide my phone shut. I wondered what she was doing tonight. Maybe hanging with her friends (hatahs!) tonight. "We'll be here when you get off" Tristan said, walking out the door. Ryan paid for his things, said a nice goodbye and followed his sister. I smiled a little. But it was wiped off when Jenny walked into the store. Or Jennifer. Or what the fuck ever! I rolled my eyes at her. She was looking at the perfume section. Her boyfriend was eyeing me from the corner. She came up to the counter with a bottle of StarStruck. I hated the smell of that stuff. It smelled like wet dirt. I rung it up and she handed me the amount due. I threw the perfume at her and she scowled at me. I grinned as she turned and left. I looked at my watch. It was 4:00 pm. I sighed and laid my head on the counter. Finally my shift was done. I changed back into my other shirt, hung up my work shirt, and walked out the door. As said, Tristan and Ryan would be here. They were leaning against the window. "Ready?" Ryan asked me. I nodded and followed them out. We all got in my car. They gave me directions to the movie theater. When we arrived, I let them off on the sidewalk

and tried to find a parking space. Finally after 10 minutes, I found one. Irritated, I got out my car. I found them waiting in line. I yawned and crossed my arms. This damn line was taking forever. Finally we reached the front. Hopefully they weren't out of tickets. The clerk lady gave us a bored look. "3 tickets to Bloodlines please" Tristan asked her. "$15.00" She said, getting the tickets. I handed her a 20. She gave me back 5. "Enjoy your movie". We all walked into the theater and went to the food counter. I bought 3 bags of popcorn and 3 candybars. We entered the movie thing. Whatever their called. We took the seats that were in the middle. The previews started. I wish they would skip them. Whats the point? We're going to see them on tv anyway. Ryan and I dug into our popcorn while Tristan took her time with hers. She was so cute. Finally the movie started. We were about 40 minutes into the movie. Eerie music came on. And it showed this old hospital. I mean it was old. There were no windows cause the glass was knocked out. And some doors had boards covering them up. All but the front door. The building was white but the paint was

shipped off and coverd in dirt. The sky had a weird color to it. Purplish gray. It was a pretty color but it seemed scary. The camera zoomed into the buidling doors. There was girl standing there. She had blonde curly hair that drifted down her back. She had a scared look on her face. Inside the building was creepy. Old papers and hospital beds lined the hallway. The walls were chipping and pieces were missing. "Jaimie!! Where are you?!" The girl yelled. A faint scream came from down the hallway. "Jaimie!" The girl ran in the direction of where the scream came from. "No don't!" I yelled out. I was scared out of my mind. Some ghost was going around, chopping people with an axe! Tristan hid in my chest. Ryan sat there staring, shaking. The scream became louder. The dude was getting chopped up! I just know it! "Sienna!!!!!!!" He screamed. She ran faster. Sienna almost tripped but she caught her balance just in time. "NO!!!!" She screamed as she busted through the doors. Her brother was on the table, his legs, arms and ears gone. The whole crowd shook in fear. The ghost man looked at her. "Sienna" The word was a whisper. "No!" She ran back down the hallway but that ghost dude was hot on her track. She

almost made it to the door but he threw the axe and it landed right in her head. People screamed and yelled. "AHHH!" Ryan hid his face. "DAMN!" I yelled. Blood gushed from her head and mouth. She fell to the ground. "It is finished" The ghost man said as he disappeared. A heavy metal song came on as the credits did. We all exited the theater. "Man. That was one scary movie!" Tristan said, getting into my car. "Oh yeah I gotta stop at the drug store. So I'll just drop you guys off" I said, making a turn. Tristan gave me the adress. They lived in a nice place. Average size house. "I'll see you guys tomorrow" I said as they waved to me. I drove off into the direction of the drug store. She needed some pain medicine for her head.

Chapter 3. Freak Squad
The next day I was sitting outside the Cross's house, waiting for them and trying to get a hold of Kristen. She hasn't been answering my calls or text. I sighed and slid my phone shut. First Tristan was out the door. She hopped in the front seat. "Hey Alastair"

She gave a friendly smile. I chuckled and unlocked the back door for Ryan. I sighed and grabbed the bag that was sitting in the glove compartment. "Ryan. Lose the glasses. And wear these" I handed him a bax of contacts. I picked them up at the drug store. "Why?" He asked, taking his glasses off. I took them and broke them in my hand. "Won't be needing these anymore" I said as he protested. He slipped the contacts in and his hazel eyes popped out. Just like Tristan's. "And here" I leaned back and messed up with perfectly combed hair. His bangs hung in his face. Also I grabbed a pair of black and white Converse out my bookbag. "Here. Put these on and give me those things" I chuckled, referring to his dress shoes. He sighed and handed them over. "Now. Tristan. Look at your brother" She looked up from her phone and froze. "How did this happen?" She looked extra close. He smiled a little. "Now. We can go!" I laughed and pulled out their driveway. Tristan turned on the radio. A Black Veil Brides CD was playing. The new album. Set The World On Fire (fucking awesome album!) Ryan reached over and turned it all the way up. We all sang along until we got to the school. People looked at my car

as I pulled into the lot. Tristan was laughing as she turned the radio off. We all hopped out my car and walked across the lot into the school building. People stared at Ryan. Like they were making an amazing discovery. I just about laughed as he looked down. Tristan smiled at her brother. We walked down the hall. Like the Freak Squad. Ryan had on black dress pants, a white collard shirt and a black sweater vest. The Converse made his uniform look better. Tristan had a black skirt, white collard shirt and her boots. I completed the group with my black cargo pants with a chain hanging from the pocket, all black Converse and black collar shirt. Don't we all look dashing? "I'll catch you guys at lunch" I said, stopping at my locker. I opened my locker, which was now filled with books. Also pictures with friends and my girlfriend. "Good times" My voice broke a little. "How are you doing today?" I heard a voice say. I turned and it was the principle say. I turned and faced him. He smelled like cheese. "Pretty good Principle Trace" I gave a gentle smile, hoping he would leave. To my wishes, he nodded and continue his way down the hall. My phone vibrated and I hoped to see Kristen but it was from one of my best buds Trent. It

read "Dude. You have to come down here soon. It's important. Mike's house at 8!". I slid my phone shut and shoved it back in my pocket. Great. I'm making a 2 hour trip back to my hometown. I sighed and walked to class, carrying my 2 ton books. I walked into the math room and took my seat. I quietly drew in my notebook, waiting for class to start. A few minutes past and Mr. What walked in. "Alright class. Today you'll be working on your worksheets from yesterday. You have all day to do it. When your finished, do something quietly until the bell rangs or everyone is finished" He sat in his seat and picked up a math book. My paper was already done. I don't know why he thought it would take me 2 days to complete 20 questions. I sighed and took out my ipod. Avenged Sevenfold filled my hand with awesome solos. I started drawing in my notebook again. My mind drifted to the text from Trent. I wondered what sooooooo important that I have to come down there. If it's something stupid, I will bash his head in. I was starting to get bored about 30 minutes into class. I decided to text Trent back. To see whats up. "Why?". I waited a few

seconds and then my phone vibrated. There were no words. But an attachment. I waited for the attachment to load. I didn't know what it was until I looked closer. And what I saw sent my rage meter through the roof. Tears threatened to fall. I can't believe they were able to hurt me. I slide my phone shut and put it in my pocket. I closed my eyes. That's how I was for the rest of class. The bell rang and I gathered my stuff. I walked to history, my head down. A single tear fell onto my shoe as I walked into the classroom. I sighed and pulled myself together, lifting my head up and taking my seat. My hands were clenched into fist. The bell rang and Mrs. Greene started calling names. Pairing them up for this weeks history project. "Alastair Knight and Alyssa Belan" I sighed and rolled my eyes. Didn't like her. She's so much like Kristen. A little Selfish, loud mouth, irritating. Mrs. Greene noticed me rolling my eyes. "Is there a problem Mr. Knight?" She called me out. I looked at her, glaring a little. "No. Not at all Mrs. Greene" I have her a gentle smile. She blinked and looked away from me and continued reading off the list. "I have a problem Mrs. Greene" Alyssa's loud ass voice boomed. "I don't want

that piece of metal as my lab parnter. I will throw a magnet at his face" She complained about my peircings. "And I'll throw a Prada bag in front of a car. Hopefully you'll go after it" I commented, drawing on my notebook. I heard chuckles coming from my classmates. I mentally grinned. I heard her hiss. "Okay settle down. No one is switching partners" Mrs. Greene snapped and finished the list. We wouldn't start on our projects until tomorrow. After class. I met Ryan at his locker. He noticed the scowl on my face. "Whats wrong with you?" Girls looked at him as they passed, winking. I pulled out my phone showed him the picture. "Is that your girlfriend?" He asked, shocked. I nodded. It was Kristen and my best friend James kissing. "Dude. I'm sorry" He said honestly, handing me my phone. I just sighed and put some stuff in my locker. "The one who sent me the picture told me to come down there. They are going to a party and he wants me to confront them" I explained as we walked into the lunchroom. Tristan was already sitting at our table. I didn't want anything to eat. Neither did Ryan so we both went to sit down. "What's up with you?" I showed her the pic and explained. Just as I did for Ryan. "Well I'm in.

Ryan?" She said happily. "I got nothing better to do" He smiled. I looked up and smiled at them. They wanted to come with me. Sweet. "Thanks guys" I said. We didn't speak about the whole thing for the rest of the day.

Chapter 4. Confrontations
I was sitting outside the Cross's house. They wanted to change clothes before we left. Ryan shocked me. He wore black jeans, a black Slipknot shirt, a black jacket with the sleeves rolled up and a black beanie hat. I stared at him as he got in the back seat. He was looking out the window. I knew he knew I was shocked. He was trying not to grin. Tristan got in the front seat. "It's a 3 hour drive" I warned. "Well we're gonna need snacks then we go. To the store!" Tristan shouted. I chuckled and pulled out the driveway. Tristan turned up the radio and the Black Veil Brides was playing. When we got to the market, we all hopped out. I started grabbing all kinds of candy bars. Snickers, Twix, Milkyway, Hershey's. You name it. Ryan had three bottles of Pepsi. Tristan had bags of Skittles and Reeses Pieces. It all came

up to about $25.00 max. That was nothing to me. We paid for our things and got back in the car. I was headed for Whitehall, Ohio. It's where I used to live. It was a good place. I loved it. And now I was going back to a completely different reason. To confront my soon to be ex girlfriend and ex best friend. I sighed and let the music take over me. And let my friends take over me as well. And it worked. We were all singing and laughing. Having fun. We munched on our snacks. "And the reign will kill us all" We were singing Psychosocial by Slipknot. "Throw ourselves against the wall! And no one else can see. Perservation of the martyr in me! Psychosocial! Psychosocial!" We were at the traffic light and the people next to us stared. We just sang louder. I could tell Ryan was happy to be here. He was enjoying himself. Letting himself go. I knew that he would be my new best friend. And Tristan, hopefully my girlfriend. Maybe things weren't as bad as they seem. I smiled at the thought. And continued singing with my friends. When the fun died down a little, it hit me. No wonder Kristen has been ignoring me and won't spend time with me. My heart

exploded with pain as I put the clues together. "This isn't new." I started. They both looked at me. "huh?" Ryan asked, confused by my words. "That picture. That explains everything. The winks they gave each other, the constant smiles and giggles when he came around. The attitude she gave me. All the fighting. And now when I call or text, she ignores me. Why she didn't cry when I left" A tear fell down my eye. "It's been going on for months" Tristan completed my explanation. I nodded and stared forward. Ryan put a hand on my shoulder as I drove. "I'm sorry dude. We'll settle things with this jerk James. And Tristan can handle Kristen" Tristan huffed in response. Tristan I thought. Beautiful Tristan. The Tristan who could make me smile. And that same Tristan wiped the tear off my cheek. I looked at her and she gave me a smile. I couldn't help it. I had to smile back. Ryan rolled his eyes and sat back in his seat. He knew I liked her. And I knew it too. Then something else hit me. If the scandle has been going on for months, then why didn't Trent tell me sooner. Anger swelled in me. He's known all along. He's been lying to me. How many other people knew? Was I looking like a fool this whole time? My hands

tightened on the steering wheel. Now I was pissed. Finally, 3 hours, we reached Whitehall. It was kinda dark out. Besides, it was almost 8:00 pm. "We're almost there" I said gravely. Tristan laid her head on my shoulder. I liked it that way. But I didn't show it. "You'll be okay. Ryan and I are here for you" Ryan smiled in response. Ryan and Tristan were so cool. I liked them both very much. And it hasn't been long. I turned the street corner and saw Mike's house. It was pretty big. Almost mansion like. Just almost. I saw a lot of my old class mates hanging around outside, chatting and drinking from red cups. I was always against drinking beer and stuff. Typical them. I parked a little bit far away from them. Ryan looked at me. "Ready?" He asked. I sighed and nodded. No I wasn't ready. But I knew I had to be. We all got out. They were on both my sides. And I knew I could do this. We walked down the sidewalk and to the house. Students went crazy when they saw me. "Alastair! Alastair Knight!" That's all I heard. We walked up the steps and into the open doors. It smelled like beer and drugs in here. Nasty smell. Music poured from the big

speakers. Guys looked at Tristan. Girls gaped at Ryan. Everyone stared at me. We walked into Mike's living room. There sitting on the couch kissing, was James and Kristen. Next to them was Trent and Mike. My old crew. They didn't notice me at first. All three of us stared at them. I crossed my arms and waited for them to get done. I wanted to be polite. Before I killed them. Finally a girl, who was talking to a guy, tapped Kristen shoulder and pointed to me. Kristen was smiling when she was tapped. Shock came over her face when she saw me. James just raised his eyebrow. The crowd fell silent. No one spoke. Only looked. I just stared at her. In this moment I didn't know what to say. Did I want to scream? Hell yeah. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. Kristen stood up and walked up to me. "What are you doing here?" She asked, her voice shook. "Me? I should ask you the same thing Kristen" I emphasized her name. "I can expl-" I cut her off. I didn't want to hear it. "No need. I already know that you've been a cheating bitch for months" My words cut through her like razors. I could see it in her face. I hurt her. And shocked the crowd. I could hear Tristan chuckle. "Tell me. What is it I did that made you screw my ex

best friend? Mmmm? Was I not hot enough for you? Did you not like that girls hit on me a lot? What was it Kristen!?" I stepped closer to her face. She didn't say a word. "Tell me!!" I snapped at her and made her jump. James got up. "Hey dude calm down jeez" He hid Kristen from me. My glared turned to him. "No. I will not calm down. You two have been fucking for months and you weren't loyal enough to tell me! You think I'm going to be calm??? Are you fucking retarded????" This wasn't me. I didn't talk like this to anyone. But this was too much to keep in. Everyone knew I had just begun my assult. "Oh Alastair! I love you! You mean everything to me!" I mocked Kristen. I mocked her so badly. And I didn't stop. "All those lies Kristen! Every single lie is a knife into my heart. Do you know how that feels!? I will make you feel what I feel! Even if it kills you. I will make you feel the pain!" I yelled at her. Then James's fist was flying towards my face. I didn't have time to react. But someone did. It wasn't Trent or Tristan. It wasn't any of my old classmates. All eyes were on Ryan. His hand was on James's fist. Stopping it from hitting my face. Just an inch away. "Don't. You. Hurt. Him." Each word was a razor. Ryan pushed

James away from me. I looked at him. "You go Ryan" I said, shocked. Tristan grinned at her brother. "Friends protect friends" Those words meant a lot to me. "How did you even find out?" Kristen had a tear in her eye. Either it was my pain or my words that made her cry. Hopefully it was both. I was about to say something but Trent beat me to it. "I told him" Everyone looked at Trent. He stood up. Confident. "I'm sorry Alastair. After you left, that's when I found out. And they told me to kee-" "Dude shut up!" James warned him. But Trent wasn't phased. He kept going. "Told me to keep my mouth shut. But I couldn't do that to you. After everything you have done for me. Your like my brother. I'm so sorry" His voice did not lie. He was indeed sorry. And I couldn't be mad at him. "One thing I want to know. Why James? After all the times I bailed you out of jail for doing stupid stuff. When I picked your drunk ass of the side of the road. When your dad kicked your ass I would give up my bed for you. Just so you can have a peaceful goodnight sleep" Hurt was in my voice. Tristan wrapped him arm around me. Laying her head on my shoulder. Kristen did not like to see this. I'm glad she didn't like it. "Actually no. I don't want

to know why. Because it doesn't even matter anymore" I reached for the necklace around my neck. It was the necklace that Kristen made for me in 5th grade. I never took it off. This is the first time. "Alastair no" Kristen had tears coming down her face. I threw the necklace on the floor. Along with my love for her. My memories. Everything. Kristen tried to wrap her arms around me but I just pushed her away from me. "Don't touch me" I spat at her. "You don't know how much you meant to me. You don't know how much I loved you Kristen. And now, you'll never know" I shook my head at her. "Alastair please" She begged me. I wasn't letting her get to me. Just another one of her games. "You tried to lie and say I was everything. But it snapped back at you. I hope your happy with what you did" Then I looked at James. "Be happy with the bitch. Soon, she'll play you too". Trent nodded to me. "Let's go" I said to Ryan and Tristan. Tristan still had an arm wrapped around me. And I walked out that house with my chin up high. For some reason, I felt good. I felt like a black veil had been lifted up from my life. Maybe getting rid of Kristen was a good thing. Just maybe.........

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