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Dear brother/sister,
Please read, print and publish this salaam for blessings. This salaam contains 92 lines.
The number 92 is a holy number called as “Adad” of the holy name of our beloved
Prophet ( PBUH ). So as if this salaam is granted by our beloved Prophet. The holy
quran’s aayat ‘ ya aiyohallajina aamanu salloo alayhe wa sallemoo taslimaa ‘ clearly
states to say salaam to beloved prophet respectfully from anywhere and anytime as there
is no restriction said and this aayat is read everywhere everytime and hence we must obey
the order laid by Allah-the almighty. The word ‘salloo’ is for durud and ‘wasallemu’ is for

Salaam to Prophet (PBUH)

O Aamena’s beloved son, please take our kind salutations

O Halima’s beloved one, please take our kind salutations

The moon was cut into two pieces raising your finger
The set sun was arisen from west raising your finger
O crowned of both the worlds, take our kind salutations

Allah offers you his salutations

Angels offer you their salutations
O master of jibrael, take our kind salutations

None in the both worlds is comparable with you

None has gone above the skies except you
O degreed having reached to ultimate height, take our kind salutations

Stones and trees kneel down in front of you

All creations remain in obedience to you
O super power of both the worlds, take our kind salutations

When angels were ordered to kneel down in front of Adam

The angles could not understand your light in Adam
O secret of both the worlds, take our kind salutations

You are dressed as a human body but kind towards everybody

You are divine light, and enlightened is your body
O shadowless enlightened body, take our kind salutations

However shadowless you are, your shadow has spread everywhere

Every thing is shinning in the universe here and there
O our master of glittering, take our salutations

The shadow of your body never existed any time

The shadow of your light shower on us all time
O light from light of Allah, take our kind salutations

Please let us hide in your blanket O my Master

Please stamp on us to bring us as your slave O my Master
O ranked of Makaam-e-Mehmood, take our kind salutations

You are a leader of all prophets and friends of Allah

You are loved one of Hasnein, Ali and Fatemah
O content of hearts of loved ones, take our kind salutations

Husein is the king, and the emperor is also Husein

Husein is the religion and the shelter taken by the religion is Husein
O grandfather of that Husein take our kind salutations

That who remained waterless, hungry for three days and nights
That who kneeled down in front of Allah in the swords’ lights
O guardian of that steadfast take our kind salutations

The flower fragrance is pale looking to your sweat

City of Madina is fragranced by your sweat
O Garden of both the worlds take our kind salutations

You are a city of knowledge and the door is Ali

You are taught by Allah, making you Ummi Nabi
O degreed as Ummi Nabi take our kind salutations

Always worried for the believers and the kind for everybody are you
Present and witnessing everywhere and nothing is unseen for you
O deputy of master of unseen knowledge take our kind salutations

Allah admired as Taaha , Yaasin and with other precious words for you
Praised by Allah are you, how can we worthless find words for you ?
O kind towards all the universe take our kind salutations

Kausar is given to you by Allah, What is left not given?

All the treasures are given to you, Why should not we say as all given?
O mirror of Allah take our kind salutations
(O distributor of the treasures of Allah take our salutations)

Yet the words were not at your lips when kiblaa was changed
We the loved ones found out our place exactly placed
O kaabaa of kaabaa take our kind salutations
In holy Quran Allah says Atiullah wa Rasool
How can one separate then Allah from Rasool
O beloved friend of Allah take our kind salutations

By aayat Warafa’anaa laka jikarak, Allah increased your prestige

High and ultimate are your ties
O maintainer of us- beggars take our kind salutations

We have no strength to control us, O Rasool we are with you

We have to return to your house, Allah is not far from you
O reached at the infinite place take our kind salutations

Ashamed of sins are we and remedy of woes are you

Hoping of forgiven are we, Offering our loving salutations to you
O forgiver of our sins take our kind salutations

Your tongue is the tongue of Allah and Your hand is Allah’s hand
Link to link I have picked up your hand
O possessor of the hand of nature take our kind salutations

You are above the skies and you are on the earth, Jibrael surprised looking to this
What is this world, whereas you are the pen and the book of the creations of this
O merged in Allah and always alive take our kind salutations

You are a king of both the worlds and yet only dates and mat are in your house
Your simplicity is unique while the kings received donations from your house
O emperor of the kings take our kind salutations

Hearing abuses, you prayed for them

To the hungries, keeping yourself hungry you gave food to them
O Guardian of the poor take our kind salutations

When the fire meets the iron , the iron becomes fire
When Allah meets Rasool, the Rasool becomes Allah’s sapphire
O Allah’s sapphire take our kind salutations

Of fig, of olive and of Makkaah the oath were taken by Allah

Your acts were loved so much, the oath of relations to you were taken by Allah
O our prophet of miraculous properties take our kind salutations

Every deed of yours is an example for us.

In an example and in exampleless unique, teachings of yours is surprise to us.
O our unique prophet take our kind salutations

You are listening, you are looking, knowing and forecasting are you
News of ours, salutations of ours, remaining in a veil taking are you
Sometimes unveilingly, O our prophet take our kind salutations.

Ismail alias Babubhai Manchwi
Gulam-e-khwaza khairuddin Chishtee, Qadari, Soharwardy, Naqshbandi and Rifaai.