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The Birth of Earth As A Star
By Russ Michael

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The Birth of Earth As A Star
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Introduction by Author The Genesis of Old Earth It Has Begun--The Birth Of Earth Into A Star We Are Already Mutating In a Specie Shift The Dead Zone Is Collapsing The End of Human Body Death What Is A Gestalt The Full Purpose Behind Our Universe The Future Is Where You Started Creation of the Gods Breeding New Kinds of Gods The True Ascended Master Spirit and Life Spark Are Two Different Things Our Five-Fold Universe From a Point to a Cone Shape You Are in Multiple Realities The Female Was Created First Get Rid of Male/Female Stereotypes The Female Role in Earth Star Birth Three New DNA Rungs Nucleus' One to Five The Journey Is What It Is All About Tell Your Body What to Do The Four Human Brains The Sleep Cycle of Gods A 35,000-year Sleep Cycle Your Fifth-Dimensional Self The God Gestalt The Christ Gestalt Paradigm Shift Cycles If You Do Not Question You Are Controlled Joy Makes Life Worth Living Learn to Generate Joy All the Time On Your Way Back Home Move back into the Wonderment of Everything

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A Window in Time and Space Twelve Great Dimensions of Reality First Mass Human Ascension Acceleration Toward Critical Mass The New Living Gestalt Nucleus Split into Two Earths The Earth Star Left Behind Which earth Are You Riding Preparing the Way--Star Seed Material Opening New Dimensions--Seth Material Earth Mission--E.T. Material The Whole Picture--Phillip Material Follow Your Spirit--Ramtha Material A Golden Age--Sai Baba Learn to Be One With All Creation The Birth of Earth Star Genesis of a New Universe

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Introduction by Author
Hopefully many of the readers of this volume will have already read my previous book related to this subject, The Dead Zone. If not I certainly recommend that you obtain a copy of it at a library bookstore or in care of this publisher Another recently published book of mine, Mental Room of Mirrors--Self-Therapy Technique will also fill in a whole lot of parts and pieces to the origin of Life and the start of human consciousness--and how to claim and maintain your unique self-integrity. The Birth of Earth As A Star will provide you with a grand overview of the development of physical human life in this universe and the wondrous purpose behind it. We are all gods and goddesses and loved by our One God Source beyond measure. We were gifted with free will--which translates into absolute free choice--to experience any thought, feeling or interaction in any space-time medium we choose. We can love ourselves or we can fear and dislike ourselves. The first path leads to eternal life and the second to bodily death. It is my aim and desire to make you realize that both you and your physical human body are a priceless treasure. Knowledge is the only element in existence that can awaken you to the glorious heritage of your inner "I Am" goddess-hood or god-hood. I suggest you seek and embrace all you can find of it for these glorious End Times on our immediate Earth horizon. Since my own very real physical death at age 18--and my determined resolve and success in returning back into my human body--I have been on an incessant search--or endless hunger and thirst--for spiritual knowledge and inner guidance. It has been the underlying hunger or thirst of my existence for many decades now. Read and obtain my book, Autobiography of An IMMORTAL. Knowledge is not to be held. It is to be used and shared. 6

In that light, I humbly share with you what gathered and utilized knowledge I have found in my thus so far Earth journey in this physical human embodiment. I hope you will find my many astounding adventures in life useful in your own life and that you will share your adventures-in turn--with many others. We are each and all innately both students and teachers. Life is good.

I Am, Russ Michael


The Birth of Earth As A Star is gratefully dedicated to Abraham, Sai Baba, Phillip, Annalee Skarin, Christine Mercie, Jasmuheen, Ed The Waver, to the full assembly of The Brotherhood of Light on Earth and in the ethers--The Great White Brotherhood...and to all of my very beloved brothers and sisters of light, love and joy of the past, present and future--who are helping to make this glorious birth of Earth as a star possible. . . .


The End

Chapter 1 The Genesis of Old Earth End times is not an idle phrase. The old is about to vanish and the new is already starting to begin. What is the END at one level of being is the BEGINNING at another. So be it! And so it is! At one time this crusty old earth was just an ideal held in the mind of All That Is Creation--eons and eons ago! When the new breed of gods was birthed their first task was to create elements--the first building blocks--in the universe. Over eons they coagulated these primary gases and elemental life forms into stars with attendant planets and moons. Various kingdoms and life forms were gradually formed out of the clay of living bacteria and molecules that emerged from the myriads of large and small globs of coagulating life--here and there. It took us co-creating gods and goddesses many, many more eons to learn to design. Yet one by one--here and there--we fashioned the first ideal whole image of an insect, of a plant, of the crab, the chicken, the bird, etc., etc. So that answers your question...just in case you have ever been playfully asked. YES! The chicken was conceived of and designed in its complete totality first! The egg or seed would then contain the blueprint for the next generation of chickens--without end--if and when the first generation of chickens passed out of existence. In due time myriads of different life forms were conceived, designed and then finally materialized or coagulated into existence--upon billions of different 9

life-bearing planets throughout our seeming endless Universe. At one point--billions and billions of years ago--it was decided to gather select seeds of these various life forms and to transport them safely to a small galaxy with a young yellow sun--on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. These myriad of life forms were transported...to a very tiny water planet--now known today by us current human inhabitants as--our planet Earth. Both the new yellow sun--and the now cool kindred earth--had been belched out of a much larger Central Sun. Thus a wonderful life-giving flow or affinity between that golden sun and that rock called Earth had begun. This soon provided the ideal ground or planetary laboratory to develop mobile animal life--and design to the point where a human body could be created-worthy enough to house--or to envelope--the pinpint "life spark" of a human god or goddess. It took many more billions of years before a workable stable balance of the life ecology was formed. Meanwhile the gods had already been working on various designs for the body of man. It was decided that the ape was the most mobile and intelligent creature on earth. It could stand upright-which was one trait the gods wanted designed into the human model. The ape brain also had a large brain capacity that by design could be further enlarged. It would be-and eventually was--an adequate vehicle for the excited and adventurous gods who would take their first ride in these "three-dimensional" earthly vehicles. Sorry, men--the first model was designed with a womb within--so it was more female than male--by far. The first human model did not possess any penis or exterior sexual organs. Reproduction or birth would be activated hormonally by the mind of the inhabiting gods when rejuvenation was needed or warranted. 10

You must also realize these were designed to be everlasting embracement vehicles of gods. The human body was designed from the very start to live forever. However when the gods finally finished their first grotesque model--by our present standards--and took their first few rides inside of them--they discovered to their immediate horror--that many ferocious small and large animals could overtake, overpower and eat them alive. Many other of these gods in these first test models managed to flee--to hide in caves--or somewhere out of reach of their ravenous predators. Nevertheless...despite being eaten alive and pursued by huge dinosaurs and other fierce carnivorous animals--the gods all came back to their natural heavenly abode with glowing reports of how thrilling and exciting it had been to touch the earth and feel a tree, to smell the flowers, to see the sunrises and sunsets, to taste fruits and to hear the delightful chorus--or veritable orchestra--of wildlife sounds on earth! The word got around fast and soon huge lines of gods were forming to politely take turns going for tempestuous rides in these first rough draft human physical body models they had created. That was just a little over ten and a half million years ago. Since then--the vehicles were re-designed over and over again. New and better features were incorporated into them over the ages. Different gods also wanted different models--somewhat like our marketplace today where some people want a modest Toyota-while others prefer a Ford--or a fancy Cadillac. The big problem that developed with the incarnation of gods into human form was that they picked up the low vibration of fear--from being chased--and eaten alive. Fear introduced the "death hormone" into the human physical body vehicle. If the balance of the death hormone is more powerful that the life hormone our magnificent human body will age and die. 11

Nevertheless, your human body and mine is programmed to live forever! Yet only when you and I learn to make our life hormone more powerful than our death hormone! The process is known as loving your god-self into divine human existence! This old planet--like this young universe with a young yellow sun--was designed for one purpose. It was to be utilized here on our Garden of Eden Earth where an entirely "new breed of gods" would be born-and were born! When you and I graduate from this old earth--we will be more capable, more loving, more knowing and more powerful than any gods ever created before! This is our mass human heritage! Let's explore that much further....


Chapter 2 It has Begun--The Birth of Earth Into A Star The average gestation period of human birth from inception is nine months. As you can imagine the inception and the birth of a planet like our Earth birth took almost countless months and years from the moment of inception to birth. Actually the dynamic initiatory birth of Earth into a Star began approximately forty thousand years ago. There have been considerable birth pains on earth throughout this time, but just at that moment before the actual "delivery" of the child into three-dimensional reality there is--and will be--a brief moment of great elation. We are on the cusp of that elated moment now. This is why there is so much enlightenment pouring into the minds of men--and women--on earth today. The outer symbol of this birth was the recent creation of artificial light--what now lights up much of what is normally a dark period of the daily cycle of our earth making one full turn around our sun. That greatly increased quota of light allows increased living activity. It also allows more time--in the former night portion of a each daily cycle--for each and all of us now on Earth to educate ourselves into greater and grander dimensions of knowing goddess--or god self-or self-enlightenment. Most of us who have developed our spiritual sensitivity can feel how much time has sped up... which has the effect of collapsing space. There is now also a massive information explosion via the Internet that is blanketing and encompassing all earth. Media like radio, television, computer networks, websites and other such developing technology is speeding up the content of what we can experience through our body/brain/mind and our marvelous human senses daily. This is all good because we came here specifically to "live in the flesh"...to love life, to love 13

ourselves, and to love others. We did not come here-contrary to what is often taught in organized religion or mystery schools--to run away from life or to give up all of our good human desires and needs for spiritual self-validation. We are all gods that came into this magnificent human flesh to fulfill our desires at will. We did not come here to be told that we must do this-or should do that, or must not do this or that--or we will be penalized or punished severely.... We are gradually--one by one--learning the huge difference between genuine unconditional love, and the harsh, demanding, do-it-or-else-get-thrown-intothe eternal burning hell fires of an angry, whimsical and uncaring pseudo "God" created in the image of its fallible human makers! That kind of Creator God Source does not exist. A fearful Jehovah or wrathful pseudo God of any fashion lives only in the minds and hearts of superstitious human brothers and sisters still living in the old world of ego, fear, hate, guilt, a struggle and work ethic and common self-denial of true unconditional love. Unless our still sleeping human family of loved ones awake and make a conscious last moment turn-the time is now-- into learning what and who divine godly selves they really are they will be the ones standing and looking on in bewildered wonder. For those of us who are going to take the sudden ride with the spiritual "half" of that nucleus of old earth--that is bursting out of this universe and through the birth of Earth as a Star into the creation of a whole new virgin universe--will perhaps suddenly "pop off" of this planet in front of their eyes! At a point of critical mass there will come the first massive human ascension event in the history of this planet. In one moment we will be there talking, working, playing, laughing, loving--or whatever--and in the next split moment we will have totally vanished before their startled eyes! Over the past forty thousand years the age of 14

human enlightenment has very, very gradually increased in size and speed. Today self-awareness is reaching a pinnacle. End times are literally just around the corner. In the past hundred fifty years there has been a huge blitz of new Golden Age thinking. Many new thought religions have sprung up worldwide. There has been a continuous decade by decade expansion of the human mind and mass, as well as individual human consciousness. In the past 50 years there have been a plethora of very important sources of enlightenment that have started to impact our planetary human consciousness from the Starseed material to the Seth material--the E.T. channeled material, personal UFO contact disclosures and past two decades--the outstanding Esther & Jerry Hicks Abraham material. The ancient secret doctrine information unveiled in "The Secret"-and in most of my books--grows more and more into vogue worldwide.... This movement toward self-enlightenment and self-empowerment will now build in momentum and continue to grow and grow non-stop. Most of the current disclosures--of this once held SECRET info-currently springs back up from the revelations made in Madam Blavatsky's two ponderous works, Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine books that were so much the vogue in esoteric circles in the 1890's. Both these books were in the 1000 page range. I read and re-read them with fascination. Theosophy and the Rosicrucian movements worldwide and New Thought Church movements like Christian Science, Unity and Religious Science extended as growing light on Earth--from out of that information. Adding more Earthly light--before this recent wonderful advent of "the secret"--were the classic series of 20 Alice A. Bailey books--unveiling THE MYSTERIES in the 1930's and l940's. That was followed by my book--of that same title--and my own TV & Radio programs on THE MYSTERIES out 15

of Washington D.C. in 1975 (as was predicted THE MYSTERIES would be disclosed in this year by the Master Dk--(The Tibetan Master DJwhal Kuhl) the authoring source--of the Alice A. Bailey books). We will probe some of these light-filled sources more thoroughly later. Each of the seedlings or "implantations" of unique expressions of human enlightenment has sparked awake more and more lost souls who were searching to know who and what they are and why they are embodied here on Earth at our grand End Times birth of our Earth...as a Star! Now the newly awakened "little ones"--as Jesus termed them--carry this precious new light within them wherever they move or abide. You and I are a needed partner in this birth of Earth as a Star process. This destined New Earth birth cannot occur until a certain divinely planned critical mass point--of those of us who know we are gods and goddesses--consciously develops. Each of us on earth in human form have a specific role to play in this divine unfoldment. As you and I grasp another and another abstract thought--and convert it into the light of our own being--it adds more new light held to our planetary radiance. At one point that radiance will explode into living human reality as the glorious birth of our Earth into a bright shining new Star in the heavens of Creation. In that moment if you were standing on another nearby solar planet and were looking in the direction of Earth--in a night sky--you would see this great flash of a sudden ongoing light--and you would intuitively designate it as a new star just birthed in the heavens--and you would be right! It could happen at any moment! We are now on the very brink of the birth of earth as a star!


Chapter 3 We are Already Mutating In a Specie Shift Every single particle, atom, molecule, cell, trunk, organs and limbs of your entire human body is already busy building and maintaining two very distinct and different "sets" of all of the above--from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. This includes atomic and subatomic levels of your 3-D body and being. You have two different sets of hands already operable. One set of hands is for this three dimensional plane and the other is now already built in and operable when activated at the fifth dimension of reality. This applies to all of your body parts with one very, very important exception. There is no such thing as a male/female differentiation at the fifthdimensional level of reality. Sex and sexual differences as we know them in our three-dimensional world are non-extent there. Thus, all of us have at our fifth-dimensional level a "womb within" organ that we can use to rejuvenate our embracement vehicles if needed in other universes or dimensions of reality we roam through. That was how it was on earth until the male/female split into two different genders was engineered to speed up our rate of evolution. It is now obsolete for those of us who are going to take the ride on the higher frequency rate planet of Earth into the new virgin universe. Division into male/female is not an aspect of spiritual reality. However for those of you who now think you cannot live without sex--and the romance that goes with male/female interaction today--be at ease. I am not able to tell you what it is but I have been fully assured that the gods have alternative gender replacements far better than sex--and I am able to accept that. When you reach that 5-D point in your then full consciousness state you will no longer need self17

validation from any exterior source. That also applies to sexual self-validation through a sex partner. A special lover or a soulmate--or a Twin Ray--for example. We will pursue this more deeply and more fully in Chapters 15, 16 and 17. The point to be made and known by your mind is that you are not going to be flung into a new dimension or realm of space without the proper "spacesuit"--or 5-D equipment already developed--to manipulate in that particular new space of your brilliant, more light-filled reality. You fit into it as easily as your hand fits snugly into the right-size glove. The perfect fit is because your own inner self has lovingly designed them from your own DNA strands and unique gene pool in your body. Just because everyone in spiritual reality has a womb within does not mean they are like clones from one exact similar life Source. It is not your sexuality or gender that makes you--or anyone else--distinctly different from anyone else. It is the experiences that you have internally lived, thought, felt, known! No one else has had them in the exact same manner, so you have a different tone, note, or frequency vibrational rate different from all other universal life forms. That is why the Source loves YOU so much. No one in the entire cosmos can fit in your shoes...or gloves! No one can replace you! You are exactly where you need to be in this now moment and exactly what you need to be in this exact relative 3-D space. Because of the increased vibrational patterns and very high photon radiation levels there will also be contributing exterior mutations in all of our kingdoms of life here on earth. Even all of the elements now have two different bodies. The insect kingdom, plant kingdom, animal and human kingdom are all already in possession of these two totally different bodies. This is because that individual fifthdimensional body on this planet Earth--now securely owned by every iota of life in form upon Earth--needs it to take that soon upcoming wild ride into the fifth 18

dimension. At the same time those left behind here on the 3-D star of earth will already be equipped to come and join those of us who have already made the ascension or translation, when they too--each and all in due time--complete their own glorified individual self ascension and Earth graduation. For those of us taking this spectacular ride through the ethers our old 3-D bodies will vanish into thin air and become part of the VOID again. That same process applies to those who will follow our ascension into the new universe later as well. So be assured there is nothing to fear. On the contrary, it is time for a huge celebration. You and I--and our dear human family of brothers and sisters on Earth--have all been waiting for this "moment" on Earth for eternities upon eternities and it has finally just now arrived! Give thanks!


Chapter 4
The Dead Zone Is Collapsing

The DEAD ZONE may sound like a fearful thing. It is not a spiritual grave but much more like a protective womb or incubation chamber. It is the very self-created and much needed in-between dimension-with countless levels--where all of us go when our physical bodies are dead. The exception is that those who achieve Earth graduation through physical body Ascension and are thus able to bypass the lower levels of the DEAD ZONE. They are spiritually able to reside in another much higher vibratory edge of genuine life reality. These Masters of Wisdom--or Earth graduated members of The Great White brotherhood--can lower their vibratory frequency upon demand. All may pass to and fro or come and go through lower levels of the DEAD ZONE at will. The problem or challenge with the DEAD ZONE is not the zone itself. It consists in the low vibration occupants within it. A powerful handful of these dark beings--long, long abiding there--run and control it-along with most affairs on our garden green 3-D Earth. That includes the politics, religion and money upon our 3-D Earth through there select dupes who due their dark bidding. This is all explained in far more detail--as it takes a good-sized book--in my more recent book, Life in The Dead Zone. This unique after-death zone was originally self-created by all of us--the fallen gods--as a safe haven to review the lessons of our past life before taking up residence in a human body again. The normal period spent by us who go to Nirvana--or Heaven--after bodily death is seven to forty years-and averages out to about 14 years of self exploration and self study, aided by astute Master Mentors, between lifetimes. That is the rule but a rule is a rule because there are always exceptions. A Law is a law 20

but a rule is a rule so do contemplate the difference. You could come back into human incarnation almost instantly or you might wait several hundred years for what you consider to be the right time and place where you can speed up your process of Earth schooling and Earth graduation. In it's necessary early formation the DEAD ZONE many millions ago it was a safe haven for all residents until several low-life inhabitants there discovered they could increase their "free lunch" life span in the DEAD ZONE to an indefinite time--or forever...so to speak--simply by tapping or bleeding off and living on the extracted life energy subtly gathered or forcibly taken from those around them in the DEAD ZONE. This small throng of heartless vampires grew over the ages. Millions of years ago they had already set up a huge hierarchy of pseudo Gods, from Jehovah on down to every kind and form of devilish demon you can imagine. I know; I confronted a horde of them in my effort to return into my eighteen-yearold human body. My sudden unexpected and very conscious ordeal with an aggressive throng of these demons was frightening beyond words! Nevertheless here I am today--before you--back in my now seeming ageless, pain-free and healthful vitally strong human body and able to speak truthfully, coherently and calmly about it. The very worst thing these vampires do--to sudden new inhabitants in the DEAD ZONE--is to strip them of their memory. They leave only enough of your vital energy for you to maintain an almost zombie-like existence until your "I Am" self being image being decays so much that you are literally forced to go back into a human body immediately. You then must take what birth opportunity that is available and not what you particularly might have wanted. That stripping process is also painful beyond words or human description. These dark beings use mechanisms that utilize a friction principle. It zaps 21

energy from your conscious being. It feels very much like the feeling of pain you experience when you scraping a small patch of skin off your body! Most of us have had childhood--or even adult experiences-like that. Now multiply that fiery-hot pain to the point where all of the skin on your body is being scraped off AT THE SAME TIME! OUCH!!...is a big understated exclamation. That is how it felt--with no place for me to go or move in consciousness or being to escape that very sudden unknown source excruciating fiery pain. The pain must have lasted for about three seconds but it seemed like a long, long time since it was absolutely inescapable! I then blinked out, so to speak. I regained consciousness in a sudden new state or zone of awareness and something triggered my complete, totally-relived 18 year lifetime experiences. I saw, felt, thought and relived each instant of it all in one flashing moment. Test the spirits also applies to your entrance and passage in and through the Dead Zone. These devious DEAD ZONE denizens use the knowledge and the life energy tapped from you, me, or anyone that passes through human death and wanders dazed through the DEAD ZONE. They often appear in the guise of known saints or loving angelic beings. Many are not! This happens with "channels" in our 3-D physical Earth plane too. So if you are a channel be sure to test any and all spirits that communicate to or through your written or spoken words. Thus our initial self-created benign DEAD ZONE residence slowly got out of hand. The dark forces within it evolved to the powerful current point that we are now bled of vital self-energies from our personal "keepers" in the DEAD ZONE. Each keeper has her or his "mark" on us--as one of their "herd." Yes, they do brand us in the same way that we still brand cattle-with their logos or their "brand"--as the owner of the herd they manage! The DEAD ZONE runs in and 22

through,...and has fingers in every gestalt on earth, from politics and sports to science, and especially the financial and religion gestalt...for nothing is sacred to these unfeeling parasites! This is one of several major reasons that the DEAD ZONE must and is now collapsing totally moments prior to the birth of our Earth as a Star! One of the other major reasons the DEAD ZONE must collapse is that after this Earth star birth, death--as we now know it, at a physical 3-D level--will cease to exist for an approximate thousand years. Thus no DEAD ZONE will be needed. This will give those left behind--who failed to love themselves into existence prior to this birth--a long time span to really and finally get their act together! When you know death is no longer an escape from the boredom of your self-created limited existence you have a great deal of built-in incentive to "wake up" to the knowledge that you are a go--and that you can be, do and have anything you wish. A long deathless life situation speeds up the graduation process considerably. Can you imagine a period of time--a 1000 years or so-- when no matter how hard you tried to intentionally kill yourself you could not? Death has always been the easiest escape from life. When the DEAD ZONE collapses that door will be sealed long enough that most of those left behind will have plenty of free time to ascend and graduate.


Chapter 5 The End of Human Body Death How would it feel to know that you are not going to die no matter how hard someone tries to kill you or how hard you try to kill yourself? That is exactly what is going to happen when the birth of Earth into a Star has been fully completed. The remaining inhabitants-who have not yet learned to love themselves--will have a long, long time to find their way back home to their godhood within. "Know you not you are gods?" The other great--ironical--benefit is there will no longer be the fear death. That alone will bring swift consciousness change to every form of life on Earth. Death has been the key component in keeping individuals and the masses under the control of tyrants in government and fanatics in religion. If you fear death you can always be controlled. It is not possible to control anyone with the fear of death after this earth star birth. Thus the huge social consciousness gestalts from government, to religion, to business, etc. will go through a severe mutation for the better. Free spirits cannot be coerced into doing things they do not want to do. Nor can truly free spirits be made to feel regret or guilt by mob or low social consciousness around them. The United Nations or the USA mighty military control force technique--or the world under the rule of a new World Order...meaning a dark cabal of a One World Government controlling nations and citizens on Earth through physical force--WILL NOT WORK. A One World Order--I repeat, used in context today--means a handful of powerful men and women want to make slaves of and control the behavior and lifestyles of everyone on the planet! In such a rule by force situation it would mean each citizen would be forced to give up their sovereignty under their own national state. It would 24

mean U.S. Constitutional rights and freedoms would disappear for all U.S.A. citizens. We would then be ruled by a tyrannical One World Government where we do what the One World Order says we do-or we are threatened by death, imprisonment, and who knows what kind of severe penalties or torture that some crazed local government head chose to impose on us! No, thanks! That is not going to work when this threat of death can no longer be imposed on you! It could not happen today if individuals--or mass society--magically dropped their fear of death. At this time on our beloved planet Earth the threat of death has more power than anything else over each and all of us! It appears to be even more powerful than love, but that is because most of what masquerades as love is conditional love--and that is no love at all! True love is always unconditional! You do not have to be, do, or have anything to be loved...except to be true to your own god--or goddess-self. If you do not love your own sacred god self you cannot really get past that to love others.... During this thousand-year--no-death cycle--it will be very easy for people left behind to discover their godhood and thus motivated--if not inspired--to soon earn their Earth graduation diploma. This is because of the combinations of some major reasons already stated but there is one more major reason we might wish to consider. When you are birthed into human form--and you die early in life--you do not really have the needed time to snap out of the hypnotic entrainment of the now very, very base human consciousness gestalt...so loaded with fear, chaos, violence, hate, pain, sorrow, struggle, guilt and endless regrets...before death calls upon you again. Such an environment is more like melding with the living dead--for living without freedom and subjected to a work struggle ethic--as a slave to a dark-hearted one world governing cabal reduces the life for each all such subjects to an almost zombie-like existence. This is especially so when you fail for 25

fear to ask questions of those proposing to govern you. If you do not question the ethical or moral right of what is imposed upon you then you are easy to subdue and control. On the other hand, ASK and you will be given. It's the Law. At one point--not long ago in our history of Earth the average life span had dropped down to twenty years. Can you imagine that? Even if average life span is seventy-five years we barely have time to grow up...especially when all our past memories of personal lessons--learned before --have been erased in the DEAD ZONE--on our last pass through. Is it not time to wake up, to take full charge of our own cocreative life and start to truly live a good deal longer before death calls again? Thus it has been--for most of us--a constant grinding turning of the wheel of birth/life/death in small increments. In this scenario your body death--and my body death--is stacked in favor of the DEAD ZONE. There is never enough actual new human embodiment time to learn the truth about our sacred, eternal godhood "I Am" self. This above scenario applies especially in our modern Western world where long known knowledge about our repetitive human reincarnation cycles has been swept under the carpet by organized religion and DEAD ZONE politics.... This is why most of us are here now at end times to wake up and to experience our grand upcoming ascension and Earth graduation. Those beloved brothers and sisters who are left behind will join those of us who have gone on ahead to the new virgin universe in a few short months, years or a few hundred years of this 1000 year safety net grace period. When death is held at bay for a thousand years you can be the slowest and most stubborn learner on the planet and still make it over the finish line...before bodily death can call you--through its now fearful--door. This is really, really good news! It means either 26

good--(God)--way this on the immediate horizon birth of the birth of our Earth as a Star is leading most of us conscious to a long desired and certainly exquisite self-fulfilling physical body immortality. You alone get to choose for you. You surely cannot choose for others. You can take the first "train out" or the second "train out." Either train is there for your own chosen co-created journey through our 3-D world of duality. Those on the first train will be all of us who have learned to awaken and to love ourselves into a thoughtful, kind and highly appreciative, living, loving human-god Earth existence of All That Is. We are here now, each and all--to be literally a Light to the world. If you have not yet started to "lighten up" and BE you and what you really are...you can do that in one decisive and heart-freeing moment. You choose. As a co-creative extension of God Source your will be done moves literally--with the speed of thought--when backed up emotionally by your sudden new chosen intent. Thank God! The choice is yours. Ponder it!


Chapter 6 What Is A Gestalt The fact that such a much-used word like gestalt is not revealed--in print--in The Merriam-Webster Dictionary--1978 edition--gives you added insight to the fact. There is an active and very fully controlled gestalt of "social consciousness" which would prefer to keep you in the dark about the fact that there is such a thing as consciousness pools of like thinking. The insightful word--gestalt--has been in current use for many decades. It originated in the German language by one of the many great German "thinkers." The simplest definition of a gestalt is that it is a conscious pool of like thinking. That pool can be as small as two like-minded people or one that includes all forms of human life--in the entire universe--who know they are gods and goddesses. That gestalt is harder to consciously enter simply because few people on Earth today know they are divine fragments of the Source and are thus--like holograms--made in the exact image of that Source? Gestalts have several main characteristics or components. One major component of a gestalt is that it literally has a genuine "life" of its own. A gestalt has a real life as valid as yours and mine. Thus--once birthed into reality--a gestalt will--by the very living nature within it--seek to preserve its own life form forever! The life of any particular gestalt, like government religion, politics, science, education, social consciousness, etc. etc. grows as more members join it. So every gestalt innately seeks ever to expand its size and to attract new members into the gestalt to extend and further its own now conscious aware and much valued life. Religion and Government are the two major 28

controlling gestalts on earth. Both have almost unlimited numbers of major, minor and minute fractures or sub-gestalts within them. Each major religious cult easily has over ten thousand such subgestalts cults within it. Government seeks to bridge all gestalts on earth. Today we have not only what would be a One World Order--or a One World Government--taking shape now...with sovereign national and state governments, with all their countless sub-ministers and enforcement arms. This One World Government gestalt includes every household, as well as government in religion, science, business, sports, art, politics, gangs, clubs. You name it! There are most likely major, minor and minute hands, legs or arms of government found with it. Gestalts are always composed of the past with one exception, and that is the newly just birthed "Life Gestalt" now taking shape. This is the one that we-who are taking the first train at the birth of earth as a star--will take along with us. At that critical mass moment of Mass Earth Star Birth all of our connections with the past--for each and all of us-- will be severed…at that precise moment. I am not referring to memory experiences or to wellgarnered wisdom which--at will--each one of us will uniquely carry with us into our unique new virgin universe. As you may have surmised or guessed by now, our tiny new Earth Star will be the literal "permanent atom" or primary nucleus of our extraordinary new virgin universe. A gestalt is needed and the key or open door in all co-creative work. It is not possible to accomplish any creative act on earth without working with--or through--gestalts. This is why in my book $UCCE$$ FORMULA I encourage my readers to understand how and why all gestalts utilized must work harmoniously together. When so done you can create unlimited personal 29

wealth--if you choose--or whatever positive cocreation project you personally choose to accomplish on Earth. All creative ideas need a host of gestalt members--from many professions, sciences or walks of life to help--to coagulate or materialize any idea into a three-dimensional reality. You can conceive of building a skyscraper or a modest single-room bungalow, but in order for it to become your living reality you need lumber companies--or timber companies growing timber-- milling companies, concrete companies, glass companies, architects, building contractor--and hosts of their subcontractors-to work with you to anchor or ground your idea. All individuals who understand how to make gestalts go to work for them can quickly become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. So why not join the "understanding Universal Law" gestalt? The immutable Law of Attraction is then at your command! There is also a technique where you can literally command your brain to act as the main "contractor' and use it to sweep the universe at light speed to attract and coagulate what you want into physical reality--where and when you desire. That formula is easy to understand and that $UCCESS FORMULA can be obtained directly at my E-book website: www.RussMichaelEbooks.com--or perhaps from this publisher or from me in care of this publisher. This is the most advanced materialization technique known on this planet and is used by all Adepts or Masters of Wisdom to manifest what they need in an instant. An eight year-old can read this booklet and put the formula to work-- you can do it, too! Why be limited when you can be totally unlimited? We will probe deeper into gestalts in Chapters 27 and 28, where you will learn what gestalts to leave behind you--first of all--one by one You need gestalts now to stay put on Earth. Eventually though you will learn how to detach from almost every single gestalt held, except the now quite rapidly growing Life 30

Gestalt. My book, The Mental Room of Mirrors, a self therapy technique will also help you to give back parts and pieces of others you do not want...or to call back parts and pieces of yourself that you have given to others. You want and need these all bacl back--to regain your own power-house self-integrated wholeness--whole-i-ness--or "I Am" holiness...again.


Chapter 7 The Full Purpose Behind Our Universe This is a subject we will touch on and reinforce often in this volume. There is always thought behind every form in Creation. Nothing can be birthed into physical dimensions without a thinker and her or his creative held thought propelling it into a mass coagulation of an ordered or desired form. Therefore every single iota of three-dimensionally formed reality has a purpose--or an intent package inside of it. This includes you and me too! We are each and all loaded with intention. The entire purpose within and behind our objective universe was--and is--to nurture and provide a perfect living backdrop or stage to develop a new breed of gods and goddesses--us--here now in human form. That's it! Everything else within it--or along that way--is subservient to this one supreme divinely decreed sole purpose. Consequently--our universe is rich in materials, props and countless platforms...or stages from households to marketplaces, world conferences and everything else in between. The human drama has been erected to unfold and give every humanoid player an equal opportunity to play any role she/he selects in this endless soap opera or divine saga of our individual and collective journeys through our mass collective dream of birth to death. All of which leads to the final end--or better yet said, THE BEGINNING, the birth of Earth as a Star...a our very own unique virgin new Universe...soon to be born within Creation that is endless. Ponder and savor that thought. The universe is like you and me a living entity, a Source that presents with unconditional love to each and all--whatever you or I desire to experience in three-dimensional reality...within our now recognized or known lived in plane of demonstration. This 32

universe we live in will literally rush in to fill your very least desire--providing you are willing to allow it. There is nothing you cannot BE, DO or HAVE. Please read my latest book, The Secret is No Secret Anymore. It can help you to make whatever dream you wish to dream come true. As a god or a goddess, only you can paint your own colorful rich canvas of life on our collectively cocreated universe. It is impossible for anyone else to create even one iota of your chosen reality--unless you allow it! If you wish to continue to play the game of limitation you will simply do so. However one day at one moment you will be utterly bored with it. You then will decide to move back into your own true natural "I Am" state as a conscious co-creative god or goddess in possession of unlimited freedom and power. The universe--where you abide--will always be there to guide and nurture your every whim or desire, but it will never force or coerce you into going against your free will spirit or desires! The deep inner purpose of this universe is you-first, and foremost--so enjoy it. I surely am! Is it now beginning to dawn on you why parent God Creator Source of THIS Universe loves you so totally and completely? You truly are a new breed of god. Isn't it time to love yourself fully too?


Chapter 8 Your Future is Where You Started Because we suffer dyslexia--meaning a reverse tendency to put first letters second and second letters first, not a dictionary definition--in 3-D we do not realize that all life moves from the future to coagulate our past into an eternally ongoing present moment called now. All things are created from the WHOLE future to the past/present PART--or partial--state. For example if you are an inventor and you wish to create a more efficient model of anything now in existence--or even something not yet in existence-you will actually find more pure genius in moving your minds into the abstract--we call the future--than you will from going back into the also now abstract past. The only thing you can grow or reproduce from the past--similar to how a brain or a computer works-is what you feed into it,. You can certainly also recombine old ideas into a new formula combination. This is tantamount to rearranging the furniture in your mind. However after a while you run out of combinations for there is only so much space and so many different pieces of furniture. However if you go out beyond the range of your house and bring in an entirely new piece of furniture, you then play with a whole new set of rearrangement furniture combinations birthed out of the future...when you side-stepped--actually front-stepped--out of the range of your current part of the eternal now world. The inventor who goes into the more abstract ranges of the Eternal Now--that we here foresee as our future--can fore-see what the average person does not allow their minds to do. That intrepid inventor--like Nikolas Tesla or a Walter Russell--can actually abstract a whole new invention through desire to scan the orbits or rites of passage we call future time and bring it back in present time mind and brain...as a new idea. 34

That new idea is downloaded further into a mental model we call an ideal. A 3-D manifestation from the non-visible to the visible material always follows a three state process...idea, ideal, idol. It begins as an idea---then moves further into view as an ideal. Then the ideal is hardened or solidified further to be finally grounded as an idol. Tesla was so adept at this process he could quite literally mentally build a new invention, run the machine and see what parts or pieces needed to be redesigned before he proceeded to build a physical 3D model of it. Though he was admittedly the Father of Electricity, those that manipulate world affairs kept his free energy machines out of the marketplace. His life work was hidden or destroyed on his death--simply so that the ruling class on earth could continue to build captive energy markets. In a captive marketplace you can build the purchase price of anything to as much as ten thousand times its actual production value. There are many products on the marketplace today with that kind of a ridiculous profit to the seller markup. The concept of even exchanges of values is totally gone when a One World Corporation rules prices of commonly needed and used items or products of necessity. That is soon to be the past, so we will drop it since it is almost already dead! All life and all new forms of life housing life comes from the future. There alone is where your god-self and my god-self--and the god-self of anyone else on earth--stands. That is home! That is the real world of self where we are yearning and aching to arrive at soon… and it is a mere mental leap or mind step away. All Masters hold their focus or central core of life in the future. Thus all Masters put whatever creativity they choose consciously into our present moment where we occupy our 3-D human bodies. You and I will eventually learn to move our minds--and our very lives--from the unknown or abstract back into the now physically unknown. This does not mean we are 35

spaced out and are not tending to our 3-D here now moment. It means we have ranged out in consciousness to live totally both in what appears to be the future and now in the very present moment on earth. Masters know how to fill all their life moments on our Earth with a passion for life like no other being. Each moment of theirs is a self-desired, self destined moment. It was made from the future by knowing how to live more fully or more thoroughly in the now. You can certainly glance back at the past, but do not stare! In the meantime why not make your life in the present so gigantic that it actually ranges out and consciously unveils that particular future self of yours radiating forth in the now. Ponder that, for it is how a Master works. You did not start life existence in the past. You devolved it from your unique particular god space or stance--down, down, down into our plane of demonstration. Seemingly now your past has refolded into the now and extends into unlimited nebulous points in the future. All of those infinite points are each what we can now term your probable future self. At any space--or place in time--you can draw a straight line from where you stand back to any future self you choose. When you do...you are already that particular future self with all those future powers that leads back here to the now. The future you brought back with you then unfolds in a newly selected time spiral out of the now. You can train yourself to do this consciously. Your future is where you started!


Chapter 9 Creation of The Gods All gods were created in the same exact instant when nothing finally emerged out of the VOID. As nothing turned in upon itself it became Something. At the same moment in 3-D what scientists refer to as the big bang occurred and Something exploded into light particles. Each tiny pinpoint of white blazing life was an exact duplicate of the primary Something. This was the holographic birthing or the creation of the gods! That was infinite eons ago! No god is greater than another and no god is lesser than another. Gods are neither male nor female. A god incorporates all attributes and aspects of creation in them. Each god is all-knowing, allpowerful, and all-present, but consciously so only when our individuated human minds and now limited brains allow us to allow and be what we innately are! We each and all have the same equal unlimited intelligence and self-power to create limitedness or unlimitedness in our own lives. This is one of a very few rare universes in the cosmos where gods are not clones. We were gifted with free will purposefully in order to create the new breed of gods we are becoming. In all of these other universes the living forms are all exact clones of the God Source holding that universe in time and space… They all think alike, do alike and are nothing more in essence than particle extensions of their on unique God Source. They do not know what free will is...and never will! So give great thanks for your almost unparalleled precious and priceless free choice expression that has so graciously been allowed us--the new breed of gods-in this Universe. Actually--from where we now stand--it would be a far better term if we referred to each and all of these divine gods as light entities or Original Life Sparks! 37

The more enlightened and much higher evolved light entities--knowing how we have built such a debasing and false pseudo God gestalt--personally do not want to be tagged with what they consider such a limited identity or face. This is why it is important for you to truly comprehend exactly what both the now limited God gestalt and the now limited Christ gestalt actually mean to your subconscious mind. Both appear to be benign, but the sooner you really know the self-defeating programs inserted into the core structure--by the dark forces on earth--the sooner you will be able to consciously detach from them and race forward back into your unlimited light-entity Source self! Every single word our linear minds and brains think, use or speak is loaded. This means the word cues our own unique electrical circuits and chemical reactions of our bodies a certain way. Thus at some point you will need to download many key words in your life, to give them each a more unlimited connotation, a higher vibratory brain signal. For now we will continue to use the term gods --when referring to light entities--in human form. You can bridge out of any limiting connotations at your own pace and in your own future now moment. The One Source Creation--or GOD--as our minds now understand that term, gifted each individuated god with an absolute power to do anything we may choose to do or think or feel or be! As newly created gods we shared the whole thoughts of GOD from the instant of our birth. Our Universal GOD is also an extension of The One Source Creation of All That Is… Each of us gods--from that day to this day--are all sharing the diverse and exciting different creative thoughts of each other. What you conceive and create is possible for any other god-- anywhere, anytime in the universe--to perceive and create too. Thus a never ending diversity and infinite possibilities and probabilities are open to each god extension--at any 38

level or degree--in existence. You are the only god that can block this universal principle. Thus--to whatever degree--all of us co-creative gods make ourselves--and keep ourselves--limited in some way-for as many reasons as there are countless gods in All That Is Creation. Gods were gifted with the ability--not only to create every speck and space in our universe--they were also programmed--at the very start--with an intent packet to create their own unique god-self in their own unique or special artistic way. We will examine that more later when we delve deeper into the subject of the new breed of gods.


Chapter 10 Breeding New Kinds of Gods Once the decision for this experiment was made Earth was selected as the home for the new breed of gods. Earth was gradually transformed into a plush paradise and countless life forms were relatively soon transported and seeded into its ecology. At last the time arrived when the proper vehicle was made. The ape was used only as the model or the ideal mobile creature--not the same actual DNA-for designing a hu (god) man form creature. The entire object would be for the gods to take up "I Am" conscious soul residence in human bodies and learn to there-in come-to-BE all major three-inone consciously unified co-creative Beings. Until that time arrived Sources were only sourcing or birthing unconditional love and life forms. While. Creators--or light entities--would only create creators. The combination of a Source and an "I Am" co-creator self produced a very rare species of gods. These God who chose not to physically die could move consciously into a Source, revitalize or respirate themselves and come back out of the Source without losing consciousness for 35,000 years--or whatever time it took--to respirate. Awakened fully conscious gods do not sleep, they respirate! Even the highest of the gods reach a point where they must be recharged from time to time by their infinite and endless One Source. Selves had the unique ability to go so deeply within their own selves in a way that they could then consciously enter a Source without making a ripple in the consciousness of the Source. Thus, easing almost motionlessly into a Source, they could fully recharge and then move back out of the Source and go on with their eternal life adventures. This same process is reflected in 3-D reality by Masters who can pass safely through stone walls or 40

through any physical barrier to the other side---or to whatever and where ever destination they hold in mind--and there to once more re-materialize their whatever designed human body form again. Thus, after more eons of time--than mind can imagine or count--it was decided by the existing gods to do an experiment. This ran into a lot of counterresistance from the "old" gods. However one of the brighter younger gods persisted until the "far out" experiment was permitted-- but only if conducted in a an isolated solar system, far, far away from the central hub of cosmic activity. The experiment did eventually require many universal modifications and immense cooperation with many Sources--and four other adjoined universes--but it finally came together. It was known from the start that this outrageous new experiment would work only if the medium was kept sterile. The gods would not alter the natural order--in the progressing life--by consciously or unconsciously placing any of their own frequency vibratory patterns into the "womb." It was also known that the only hope of the experiment would work would be to give the gods birthed in this protective womb absolute free will to develop--on any path chosen and at any pace--as each one preferred. When enough of the gods reached a point of enlightenment and self-mastery this huge charge would electrically trigger a "critical mass" situation and allow the birth to occur. The effect would be dual, as both a New Earth and a Virgin New Universe, containing the new breed of gods would be suddenly born. We are finally at the very edge of that birth of Earth as a Star. The goal clearly envisioned at the start was to create an entirely unique, new species of gods. For the first time ever, gods would be able to be conscious three-in-one 1) Sources, 2)Creators and 3) I Am Selves. This meant the new breed of gods would have unlimited access and power throughout the entire 41

cosmos--to create their own raw material, their own space--and to have safe access and safe exit into and through all levels, planes and places already in Creation. The experiment is working! The birth has already started and within three seconds after critical mass it will all be suddenly over! You and I--and all of our brother and sister human beings--are the new breed of gods. It is something to be very proud about--for from start to finish--we literally created our Selves! The entire vista of infinite life is now yours and mine to weave into whatever color or fabric of existence you and I choose. You and I are not limited! You and I are loved beyond measure...so wake up and enjoy life! You and I have things to do---and not to do---exciting, thrilling new things to see and new things to be...to have or not have, to be, or not to be!


Chapter 11 The True Ascended Master There is a huge difference between being addressed as Master Smith or Master Bertha--a humanly bequeathed title of respect or authority--and an Ascended master title like Jesus The Christ, or Master St. Germain. You can address a king or baron as "lord," but it does not really entitle them to lord over your life--or to magically be genuine living 3-D spiritual Lords or Masters! A relatively few people in our Western world know that Adepts and Masters exist. Even fewer really know what a genuine ascended Master really and truly represents or is.... In Tibet, Nepal and India knowledge of Masters is common. Their existence is known and rarely doubted by the masses. On the other side of the world, if you tell the average person in the USA about the existence of Masters he will be ready to get out the butterfly net! You will be looked upon as someone who has lost it and is out of touch with reality-certainly strange and possibly even dangerous. Since you are already holding conscious membership in--or moving into--a genuinely spiritual gestalt you probably already know that Masters exist or what they are supposed to be. Unfortunately, like in all spiritual matters there is a great deal of misinformation about Masters. If you really want to know for yourself you need to educate yourself to what is acceptably real beliefs for you. That is your truth and the only one in the entire cosmos that counts! If your truth gets too limited for you--in due course of your daily growth--you will eventually go out and find a more suitable truth for yourself. Little minds live in little worlds! Big minds live in big worlds! That is the simple truth. People in history that were sainted by their churches were--as a rule--only comparable living 43

giants...when compared to those living around them. They were often not true spiritual Masters…though many surely may be conscious ascended Masters today! Most of those on earth lauded as Masters were simply outstanding human beings who lived by their truth more than the average man or woman around them. If I told you the names of some individuals, that today have huge religious bodies built around them--who were not genuine ascended spiritual Masters in their day--you would be astounded and possibly quick to want to argue the point. In essence, there are two categories of living Masters. Those who are presently living on earth in human bodies--who are sometimes actually physically based in big modern cities--and those other great Masters who have already ascended from this Earth plane of demonstration. Ascended Masters simply made a decision that all they had come to be and do was done so they withdrew from the main stage of the earth drama. They are now waiting offstage in the shadows so as not to disturb the players with their brilliance. By agreement they cannot go back to the Universal Source ahead of any others. Their pooled energy will be there along with all of us on earth who are helping this planetary body reach critical mass. We will all ascend together at the same precise moment of mass ascension! At that moment--simply by virtue of having learned how to love your own god-self into human existence--you and I will become living Masters. That is if we have not yet already by then achieved Masterhood. So get ready now! The last moment may be too late to make the grade.... Many people on Earth today claim to channel Ascended Masters. Yet that is absolutely rare. A god is a god is a god--so of course--a channeler may reach within their own god-self and briefly touch an Ascended Master in consciousness. Therefore she or he may receive some genuinely truthful 44

input downloaded into their consciousness from that initial first contact. However if a second contact happens again a middle entity gestalt will be created--to pass along any other information channeled--to the channeler from the Ascended Master. Think it through. How many Ascended Masters are going to be hanging around wanting to talk to an often egotistical channeler? Certainly there are 5,000 to 10,000--or more people around the world--who claim to be "channeling" Saint Germaine, Christ or Red Chief! Why would they? Ascended Masters have ascended because there is no more unfinished business for them on Earth, as a rule. Ramtha is an exception to the rule. Ramtha made a promise 30,000 years ago to return to us his army of men, women and children then! Middle entity gestalts have a life of their own once created. Hence there has been an ongoing, well-considered debate as to whether the real Ramtha channels through J.Z. Knight or if the middle man entity has rewired the brain of the channel. If the middle man entity has taken over the body of JZ Knight--the channeler--then the real Ramtha is no longer able to bridge through. That question may never be answered by anyone at this time. Nevertheless, the great Master teacher, Ramtha left his mark on this civilization with his Great White Book titled simply, Ramtha. This is indeed a book that I would rank very high on any discourse published about Creation--or how us humans can wake up to rightfully assume our sacred role of a godself in human form. Another spiritual channeling equivalent to it is the exciting and insightful compilation of tapes and published book material channeled through Phillip. We will probe and discuss the Phillip material in more detail in Chapter 46. In short--for now--a genuinely true Ascended Master is simply a sentient embodied being who has 45

risen in vibratory frequency to the 5th dimension. She or he has ascended out of our lower 3-D world where duality still holds sway. In due time all of us will become radiant Ascended Fifth-Dimensional Masters. So be it, and so it is.


Chapter 12 Spirit and Life Spark Are Two Different Things Just as you already now know--body and soul are two different things---your spirit and your unique life spark are vastly different aspects of your being. Your life spark is the core reality of what you are! Your human spirit and human soul was created after you came into your physical human embodiment…actually at the very first time you took possession of a human form. As a living light entity you already possessed a life spark or central core identity---a primary central you--when you first incarnated into the human flesh. That powerful vibratory tone or note is what holds your unique self-identity together in whatever dimension of reality you plug into or plunge into. What is called the human spirit today was created from the residue of neurons firing throughout your physical human structure. Everything from the head to the toes of your human body keeps alive and keeps regenerating new cells because the light of your lightentity being residing in your human body is firing off the neurons. There are countless neurons in every organ, limb, trunk or brain of your being. They act almost in the same way that spark plugs in a car engine ignite and start the process of propelling the needed energy to run a car. Your body runs off of something even more refined than spark plugs--through zillions of neurons. These neuron are what keeps you alive, happy and growing--from the fetus and infant stage--to a full-sized adult human being. Most esoteric or metaphysical books make a decidedly wrong assumption. They teach that your human spirit incarnates into your body. WRONGO IN THE CONGO! Here is exactly how you personally create your very own human spirit...The erection of your spirit begins immediately upon the entry of your life spark 47

into the point of conception, moving on through the growing fetus or the young child stage. You could delay an actual "entry" into your birth body via the process of consciously surrounding--or enveloping-your body up to age four, but actual physical entry is seldom later than age four. Once you take full conscious command of your human vehicle every molecule and particle of your human body--down to the atomic and subatomic levels of being--begin to carry or sound your particular tone, a note based on your very own unique frequency wave. Now than...as your neurons keep firing--to maintain and rebuild your human form according to the blueprint encoded by your DNA strands and gene pool--they fire with excessive energy, more than needed. The residue energy radiates out of your body and quickly builds your spiritual aura or spiritual being. That aura is composed of not only light-infused energy it also carries the complete DNA code of who and what you are in physical human form. This primary band--or aura--can build an extend up to six or more inches away from--and surrounding--your entire human form. It is the field of steel blue light that people with more altered or more sensitive eyes can see. It is also your own human spirit. It naturally carries the stamp of your own personality within it and upon it. Upon physical death of your human body, you step out of your body either through your solar plexus or your heart center...or your head center. The exit depends as to what level you have developed your spiritual consciousness...into this magnificent human spirit you have now become.... Spirits--like all light entities--do not have a shape with arms, legs, a head and a well-defined face. However, because you are a god or goddess with free choice, providing you hold the required energy force, you can, at will, shape or mold yourself into whatever shape you were at human body death. If you were fifty and saw yourself as thirty while you 48

were humanly embodied, you will immediately create a thirty-year-old spiritual image to wear in the DEAD ZONE--our in between human death and rebirth haven, at the highest heavens or the lowest hells (all of course, of our own making). If you were thirty and had thought of yourself as an older man of fifty--while you were in your human embodiment--you would mold your spirit image into a fifty-year-old, thus a probably more worn-out-looking body. When you are out of your physical body, your thoughts become instant manifestations i--and at-your plane of being. It is a thought-do and a thoughtbe process that all of us light entities innately possess when not physically embodied. When embodied in 3-D time/space medium we all have to play by the commonly agreed rules. The rule is there is always a safety force field time lag between your thought and any due physical materialization of it. The exception is when you finally know you are a god--or a goddess--and you allow your co-creative power to speed up the creative process through gradually learned manifestation techniques. Of course when you reach what is known as the magician stage--and are a high initiate Adept or Master--you can override all 3-D laws of nature. At will, with the speed of thought you can gather mass and coagulate instant materializations of your thought. Sai Baba--an Avatar in India--is a living example of that! There are many more Masters already now embodied on Earth that our teeming human masses are totally unaware of! Your life spark is forever! Your human spirit is a self-made embracement vehicle which decays --or loses vitality and life--only because your own selfprogrammed DNA believes in a death process. In truth, there is no death.


Chapter 13 Our Five-Fold Universe In order to make a hologram seem dimensional and real you need at least two laser beams diffusing, refracting and reflecting light. What we know--or consider--as reality is based on a hologram principle. Instead of having a simple hologram composed of two streams of light we have a complex hologram with far more body to it made up from five lasers of light. Our seeming One Universe is really comprised of five Universes. We--the new breed of gods--are in the center of these five universes, safely and lovingly protected by a thick, dark womb surrounding us. As described more thoroughly--in the following chapter--a universe originates as a tiny pinpoint of light...that eventually fans out into a pyramid--or cone-shape. Once that light reaches a maximum range...it falls--back on itself---or straight forward...depending on internal or external variable factors. In that process it creates a universe on its way out of the pin hole-plus a counter-universe--as it falls out--or back to--a pinhole point again. Universes are arranged and grouped together in the cosmos in combinations of five or twelve. All twelve universe kinds of groupings produce only clone forms of life. Groupings of five are rare and can produce individuated--or pin-point particle size--forms of life like we have in our own human beings. Thus--in essence--we have light reflecting into our dimension of existence from five reflecting universes and their counterparts. in fact we are birthed forth from five different very unique essences simultaneously. The protective womb--that also keeps us isolated from universes around us--is made up of rich black holes. Without this dark backdrop we would not have our beautiful star-studded night skies. 50

When this universal project started, the five sources of these universes breached a hole through their centers allowing these five laser beams to penetrate the primal VOID in the womb. As those brilliant laser beams came into the darkness of the womb the light refracted and created lay-lines or webbing within our universe and formed our realities. All forms of life gradually grew from the grid work of light originally formed in our universe. One of those life forms is this new breed of gods, so you may be thankful that you live in a five-fold universe instead of a twelve-fold clone reality, I certainly am.


Chapter 14 From A Point To A Cone Shape We have touched slightly on how universes are birthed from a tiny pinpoint of light into a cone shape. This same primal process of creation is followed in the creation of everything from a subatomic particle-already found in cone shape by our scientists--to all elements and myriads of forms of elements, including all life forms as well as "things...or embracement vehicles--various forms of life used--to ride around in...through their local habitat. Every cell, human--or otherwise--is created by way of this point--to a cone shape--principle. So is our entire human body--or the bodies that form anything-known or unknown. If it is dimensional it was first formed as a tiny point of white light that funneled out into a cone shape. From there the various combinations and sizes of cone shapes produce the known familiar contours of a chair, a persona, a planet, a star or a Universe. We are aware--from what our scientists have discovered and relayed to us--that universes or galaxies come in different sizes. What then makes any particular cone bigger or smaller is the core intensity it starts off with. That same factor innately applies to size, strength and the durability-thus length of time--a form stays fixed in space. This perpetual motion of our universe has been kept hidden from the general public for obvious reasons. Those behind the scenes who direct and "milk off" the human life energy from the human masses--as detailed and outlined in my companion book, Life in The DEAD ZONE--are determined to keep the masses on Earth away from any and all knowledge of natural, on hand free energy systems that abound everywhere around us... However perpetual motion--and how it worked-was well-known by both Nikolas Tesla and Walter 52

Russell, who helped find and index several missing elements in the Periodic Table of Elements now commonly used by our scientists. These two giants in thought were contemporaries in the twenties, thirties and forties of the nineteenth century. So, this perpetual, non-stop-falling in and falling out point to cone, and cone to point--principle has been known now for over eight decades. Still the U.S. Patent Office refuses to acknowledge any patent that even smells of perpetual motion. That is their covert dark cabal job, as assigned to patent office management worldwide by the manipulators and controllers of the asleep, unknowing human gods and goddesses on earth. Walter Russell wrote a brilliant book describing this process of universal creation and the principle of perpetual motion titled, The Secret of Light (see Bibliography). Dr. Russell also drew intricate and beautiful pictures of cones with relative descriptions of how the principle worked. The eye of a hurricane or cyclone is the pinpoint where all the fury and power of any such storm arises from. As all eyes can see, it naturally forms a whirling point and an extended cone! Once you begin to understand this primary Lawful Universal process of all creation--you will realize that you have not been put down by being described as being birthed as a "tiny pinpoint of light"! If you will contemplate or ponder deeper into this truly grand process of creation, you can begin to put it to work for your own co-creative efforts...and you will know why and how the god or goddess that is you can create whole new worlds or universes. Right now, while physically humanly embodies, you only need to generate a strong enough desire, reason, or want and absolutely nothing becomes impossible to you. You are a living god or goddess and that point of light within you has far more awesome power within it than any all mighty hurricane 53

forces put together that you have felt or have seen like in the movie Twister. That falling back--after a flash of light and power-is what makes spark plugs operate in their back and forth, piston-like movement. The entire universe and everything between operates on this constant, nonstop, ongoing expansion/compression principle. This is also one of the reasons that pyramids--or triangles--are used so often to hold and depict life principles. A pyramid or a cone is exactly one-half of the life principle. When you put the bases of two cones or two pyramids together you have a visual picture of the actual three-dimensional shape of the whole or full life principle. Tesla and Russell both knew well how to harness and use those Lawful Universal principles! Perpetual motion knowledge principles and true universal Laws of Nature were deliberately veiled or hidden from the public. For then unlimited free energy would have almost immediately become available and the dark, overlords of oil, coal, gas, electrical and nuclear power would have almost instantly faded out of existence--along with the vast global pollution caused by their obviously black dirty energy sources! That tiny pinpoint of light within you fires life into the very nucleus of your cells and through every neuron of your body. That point soon blooms into a cone. It rises and falls, rises and falls to create a distinct vibratory pattern--a respiratory pattern--or a vibrant life pattern that makes your spirit uniquely who and what you are---a radiant, living, loving god or a goddess on Earth!


THE SECRET DOCTRINE OF THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES "... Where have the secret doctrines of the ANCIENT MYSTERIES come from? Who formulated them, into this immutable, unchangeable set of laws governing every aspect of life in form? Countless human souls gave their entire lifetimes to a constant quest after truth! These persistent seekers became Adepts and Masters of Wisdom...as they relentlessly pursued, found, and utilized truth. These now consciously sacred Holy Men and Holy Women pioneered the Science of Life eons ago. "... The ancient doctrines comprising the long held secret MYSTERIES were formulated far back in the distant night of time, long, long before our tiny planet Earth came into existence. The knowledge about these immovable laws of life and nature were handed up by spoken word from generation to generation--from planet to planet, from sun to sun--until all the Sons of the Suns of the Suns in the heavens--and sentient humanoids upon the countless planetary bodies like our earth--are today able to discover the secret...or He or She--in their midst-who hold the keys to the Kingdom....

Excerpt from The Secret Doctrine of The Ancient MYSTERIES by Russ Michael Comments
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your books. As I read them I cry and am electrified as my being comes to know and understand the forces uplifting within. I have enjoyed two of your books already...my neighbor...is now reading your "White Brotherhood." They're fine books. Just finished "The Secret Great White Brotherhood" and almost finished with "Why & How of Meditation." Must say I am thoroughly enjoying each of them. Send


me catalog of all your books, tapes, etc....put my name on your mailing list for other items...I would like to know more about you and your work. I obtained the pamphlet THERE IS NO DEATH....Please send me as many copies as this will pay for including postage...I feel the concept is one which will bring great personal happiness to many who are not fortunate enough to believe in this. Send Russ Michael books...I enjoyed Finding Your SoulMate and look forward to reading the others. NOTE: See back pages for data on how to obtain this book. or any of over 20 Russ Michael eBooks.


Chapter 15 Your Are Multiple Realities

If it is true that every thought and feeling that you have has a life of its own, where does that once held personal thought or feeling go when you let go of it? It has been suddenly imbued with this grand gift of life that the co-creating god or goddess has given to it. Whee does it abide? It very naturally finds the equivalent level, plane or dimension of its own now peculiar and specific self vibratory mode. If it is a thought or feeling of pain it must go straight to that level of existence. It "falls" somewhere into the first three planes of our human reality. A feeling of hopelessness could take you along with it-to the first or lowest of all planes--to where it appears hopeless to rise out of your absolutely "bottomed out" or "flat-lined" feeling state. A feeling of joy would raise you with it all the way up, up out of the third into the fifth dimension. Bliss would take you even further into the sixth Plane of Oneness with All That Is...or all the way into the seventh plane---of being that Oneness! These are the basic seven levels of our Godman, God-woman--or man-God, woman-God--stage of our earth stages of existence. These first binary divisions of duality from oneness to three-ness to seven-ness can be and are multiplied --or divided, the rise or fall of the cone--into the infinite sub-levels or sub-planes, super-planes, side-planes, parallel planes...ect. and forming multiple realities of probable worlds, probable selves, probable earths, etc....each with a reality as valid as our own. Thus while you and I are following this singular thin line of linear unfoldment in our 3-D plane--bits and parts of us are extended out and evolving in their own unique, freewill way--as our "I Am" selves here on earth are doing.... We are all living simultaneously in all space and time in multiple realities! There is more than one 57

earth, more than one you, more than one universe, etc. etc. etc. You are you at infinite levels and realities of existence. You are this powerful pin point of blazing white light, and the mirror principle within the universe is reflecting your reality literally all over the place. It is described in my book, Mental Room of Mirrors---Self-Therapy Technique; you sit in a room with walls, ceiling and floor all being clear mirrors that reflect you---or any angle of you---out into the distance forever and forever in all six directions of space from where you sit. In this exercise you mentally and thus, visually see the mirrors and your reflections in all directions. In our actual universe, that same worldwide mirroring principle is operating at all times, even though it is invisible to your sight or sensory human equipment. A soulmate is a more perfect mirror of you because he or she is more similar to you than any other in your current reality. Thus, you can see more of yourself in him or her---so a soulmate relationship inadvertently speeds you on faster toward self-knowingness to a self-realization! My best seller book, Finding Your Soulmate, and the sequel to it, Your Soulmate Is Calling, were written to help brothers and sisters find their Selves! Soulmates naturally help bridge self to a greater Self realization! Of course, the big puzzle always is, which you are you? The very fastest way to find out is to live the very you are at any given moment. For all present purposes, that is the you that is uniquely moving moment to moment toward full god or goddess-Self realization! The fact that there are many realities with a you living in them is why you must materialize instead of manifest what you want. If you manifest it, yes, it becomes an instant reality for some other you living in one of your multiple realities! When you want what you want to be experienced by you here in our 3-D reality, you will need to use a materialization formula, if you want to bypass the so-called "normal" struggle 58

and work ethic implanted so strongly in your genes and directed by mass social consciousness on earth! You only get to know the real you by learning to live totally in the now moment. This you here now is the one that yearns and aches to go home to its grand Source. You actually move through "grades' or levels of multiple realities in the natural course of living your grand human life. You eventually merge all of these multiple realities into your Self. Have fun!


Chapter 16 The Female Was Created First Men wrote the various chronicles of the Bible; men wrote their version of history and evolution. According to these men, man was created first. That is another huge WRONGO IN THE CONGO! It would be more accurate to say woman or womb-within human beings were created first and prevailed upon earth until almost recent history when the womb-within creature was "split" or recreated into two distinct, separated genders, women with wombs and breasts and men with an exterior penis and genitalia. This event occurred less than seventy thousand years ago. Since human beings have been evolving on earth for over ten and a half million years, this sudden change into two different gender bodies has been relatively recently! The change was made because our earth birth was "coming up" and human evolution had to speed up so the event could "gel" at the right time. Windows only line up in time and in space at certain times and our current one was coming. It was decided we could be given a good push or a swift shove if we needed to mate and live with a partner and raise the new children birthed from that paradigm shift. There is also the added thrust that when two humans engage in a sexual act together their fields merge and each gets the content of the other's field merged into their own. The sum total of any merger either raises or lowers the vibratory rate of one or the other. The exception would be when they are at a similar vibratory rate---such as in a soulmate union! For example, if you vibrated at eight and your partner vibrated at six, you would both be balanced out as a seven during and after the sexual union. If you are a nine and your partner is a three you would drop down to a six and your lucky partner would rise from a three to a six. So, sex relationships need to be 60

considered before they are jumped into, or you may find a sudden drop in your consciousness. It would be wiser to be more selective and find a sexual mate that is equal to or greater than you own vibratory rate! Walter Russell and his lovely soulmate Lao knew about this. Even though we now have what seems like a major difference in body types between human genders, there is really not that much difference in psychological consciousness. The stereotypes--yes, I bought into them--of what makes a man and what makes a woman do not exist in nature. They are only real if we cling to them, and as we will discuss in the next chapter, the sooner we learn to dump them, the faster we will move into super consciousness and a genuine immortality! The news ("good" or "bad" from your present perspective) is that we are about to make another very quick species shift back to the original wombwithin body type. There will be some exceptions at first, but eventually they will "fall out" of range of our reality and everyone embodied in human form will have an incredible womb-within body type. This gets rid of the "I want a different gender body" or "I want a different looking body" desire that has kept so many of us from living life fully as we are! At that point, sexually romantic "love" will fade out of our human memory. A genuine unconditional love, where the feeling between one another will grow into an exquisiteness and ecstasy that will be far more intense and more grandly fulfilling than sexual orgasms our human bodies enjoy so much today, will evolve. The female will play a strong role in making this earth birth a reality and in aiding our species into our return to womb-within bodies. It is already in the making!


Chapter 17 Get Rid of Male/Female Stereotypes This one is a "tough" one for most of us. In the course of my conscious effort to develop spiritually I would touch upon and even manage to hold a detachment from the male/female stereo type image my mind would put everyone around me into, but it never did "stick" for long. Most of my life I have lived in and played out the stereo type image of a male "to the hilt." Now, that I am in the movement toward my full self-mastery I am managing to keep my mind away from such a judgmental focus. This is not to imply that I do not enjoy being and living in my male body and in being a man; it means I am no longer living in judgment of others. They simply are what they are! I am what I am! You are what you are, and that is more than enough! The classic male/female stereo types held in mass social consciousness, now idealized in movies and romance novels, need to be left behind. You always become what you focus upon in thought and feeling, so if you read romance novels or buy into the focus of the male/female stereotype, you become that kind of person. You will always then cast everyone you meet into a beautiful or not beautiful woman or a sexy or not sexy man! If or when you do, you are stuck in the world of judgment. We are all eventually going to have that wombwithin body type already constructed right now in our fifth-dimensional body. All of the rest of your torso, organs, head and limbs are exact duplicates of your 3-D body---in the fifth dimension now---except for the area of your sexual center. If you are a female, you no longer have the conventional female sexual organs, and if you are a male, you no longer possess exterior male genitalia. You now possess a fifth-dimensional 62

womb-within organ there instead, ready for use when you become fifth dimensional at our earth birth. If you are left behind on physical earth star you will gradually be the first of the new (old) womb-within species. The anomaly of a humanoid birthed as a male gender or a female gender only will be rare and will become less and less over the millenniums. At one point then when the womb-within body type emerges you will have the ability to give birth through your womb within. The process will be an act of your mind. When a desire to bring forth a child becomes strong it will release the proper hormonal flow in your body. The needed internal organs then form. No one is really a god or goddess in human form until they are able to balance the male/female within them. A man needs to learn how to be gentle, nurturing and loving. A woman needs to learn how to be or do anything she desires without calling for the aid of a man. Both men and women need to learn they do not need exterior self-validation of any kind, including validation that they are feminine or masculine. If you are a woman, be a woman and genuinely love what and who you are! If you are a man, be a man and love what and who you are! At this stage in evolution you cannot go around pretending you are neuter when you are not. Simply realize and accept the grand qualities of male and female in your own being. Love who and what you are. That is the fastest road to get rid of male/female stereotypes!


Chapter 18 The Female Role In Earth Star Birth There is less distance for light to cross in a female body so it is more compact than male bodies. This allows females to be more connected to spirit than males. During the many lectures and conferences I have given and attended concerning spiritual matters, women always outnumbered men almost two to one, so I became aware very early that women were able to wake up to their spiritual nature much more quickly than men. The female body must also always approximate the density of the planet so that she can take the various life-giving nutrients of earth to create another body. This is one of the reasons females have rarely been able to raise their vibrational level to achieve a full Ascension. That is about to change through the birth of earth star. Meanwhile, it is this close connectedness with our planetary vibration that will enable them to play a key role in making our earth birth take place. In the past, it has generally been the man who has felt and displayed a great love for life...Now it is opportunity for a woman to learn how to love herself and life. It will be the females new profound love for life, along with her strong connection to our planet, that will speed and facilitate ascension of earth. They will be a primary force in the uplift or boost our earth needs in order to attain this earth star birth. The males will also help in the facilitation of this birth, for both male and female gods are needed to pull if off. Women need to find peace with men, and must find equality and peace with women. When the stereotype images of being a man---and being a woman---are dropped, individual and collective human evolution will speed up dramatically. Women are already sensing their role in this earth star birth. It is the major reason they have stood 64

at the forefront of spiritual self-awareness. It is time for man to wake up just as clearly to his role in being a conscious god on earth. Whether male or female, we are all about to achieve a mass ascension together!


Chapter 19 THREE NEW DNA RUNGS Most of my readers know what DNA strands are. These strands of DNA look like twisted ladders; the strands are loaded with very tiny nodules. The nodules are put there by you whenever you have strong thoughts or feelings about anything. Most of the nodules are genes from your ancestors and number in the billions. From one viewpoint then you have up to twenty billion or more ancestors telling you and your body what to do! The chemistry and electricity of your body work together to activate your chromosomes, genes and DNA ladders and nodules every moment of your life. This primal soup is what determines much of your behavior, and most of it stems from the guilt-laden past of your ancestors. As long as this is all you are operating from you will never achieve the goal of becoming a conscious god or goddess. There are three "power" rungs---your last three on your DNA ladder that were not given to you at birth. The reason is that this is where your god or goddess power lies. If you had them and you had selfdestructive thoughts, you would self-destruct immediately! These three rungs are so powerful after self-creation that you could destroy an entire planet. You do not give atomic bombs to juveniles, and these three rungs on your DNA strand are far more powerful than all of the nuclear bombs ever made put together! These three rungs were left open for you to reach a point of building them yourself. They are virtually self-worth rungs! They constitute the conscious knowing-ness of god or goddess in the body. The nodules grow in these last three rungs every time you think or feel thoughts of self-worth. Each accrued new thought of your self-value gives added might or power to your being 66

When you can mentally or audibly say "I love myself" and really mean it---really feel it---you add one more nodule on your three strands. As you build and hold these thoughts of self-worth your body reaches a point where the immune system shuts down for at least twenty-eight days while your DNA is re-scripted. Otherwise, your DNA would look upon the new nodule as an alien and would bring on all of its power to kill it! These last three DNA rungs help you ground or establish your god or goddess power in all levels of 3D reality. You cannot be a "magician" or a Master on earth until you have self-constructed these three rungs on your DNA ladder. You can also build in a fourth and a fifth rung---tying you into the fourth and fifth dimensions---after your last three rungs on your DNA strand are completed. There is nothing to worry about here. You do not need to be a chemist or scientist to build in these three rungs or to shut down your immune system while your body re-scripts your DNA. This occurs naturally; your brain and your body know how to manage all of the "mechanics" or the electricity and the chemistry needed in this construction of your selfworth rungs. The only thing you need to do is get out of the way of your natural self and learn absolutely who and what you are. When you truly know you are a god or a goddess, you will naturally feel love for yourself and for all forms of life and creation around you. Then these power rungs can be safely built! When you have almost enough of these nodules (held in your mind) about your self-worth, your body will know when to "kick in" and shut down your immune system to re-script your DNA. When it does, your body will increase your supplies of adrenalin. You will feel tired or washed out and may wonder why! Give thanks, for it is probably that your immune system is shut down and your body is building in one of your three self-worth rungs. You also need to be shut down for a minimum of twenty-eight days, so treat your body lovingly when it appears to be fatigued 67

for no reason. Be gentle with it, nurture it, and let it know you are there to take good care of it. If your immune system kicks back in before the twenty-eightday period and your DNA re-scripting is incomplete, you will have to simply begin the whole process of shutting the immune system completely down again for another twenty-eight-day period---until your particular self-worth rung is entirely built. Once these three new DNA rungs are an integral part of your DNA strand you will be an awesome god or goddess of immense power on earth. It is well worth the little effort it takes to start to love who and what you are! You begin by knowing it.


Chapter 20 Nucleus' One to Five When we speak of a nucleus we are also speaking of a universe. All nucleuses are universes within universes within universes---you guessed it, infinitely. From a linear 3-D perspective we can see universes all around us in the six directions of outer space, too! These inner or outer nucleuses are simply different "building" blocks used in creating by some relative creator. Here in our 3-D world we create our grand human bodies from out of our first two nucleuses. However, our body extends inwardly into infinite universes! There are five nucleus' within our cellular mass of our physical bodies. Nucleus one and nucleus two are what we live and play in. When we are able to raise our personal body vibrational rate to our fifth nucleus we have attained universal consciousness. This is what it means to be fifth dimensional; it means you have transcended your first two nucleus' and are consciously at a non-physical level of reality. As you can imagine, nucleus' one to five, DNA self-worth ladder rungs one to five, and dimensional planes of reality one to five are parallel realities, all tied in to the others. It is our biological circuitry operating off of the first two nucleus' that keeps us grounded and "separate" in a seemingly physical world. When you reach in or out to your fifth nucleus there is no defined boundary anymore. At that point you leave all sense of demarcation behind. So, how do you get your body and your human consciousness to move or expand from nucleus one and two to nucleus five? You do this consciously by feeling. Your mind and your brain can be used to apprehend or to self-generate feeling. The feeling of joy is the one that lifts you up through the nucleus' 69

and dimensions to the fifth dimension quicker than any other. There are over a million different shades or nuance' to the feeling of joy alone. There are also millions of other human feelings, but sadly, our brain has compressed this entire wide range of human feeling into six generic emotions: joy, depression, fear, anxiety, love, and anger. Obviously, two-thirds or four of the six compressed human emotions allowed into our first two nucleus' are negative emotions. This explains why such a thick field of negativity enshrouds all earth. These stem from all of the gestalts built from out of the past. It is your "job" and mind to alter earth consciousness, by altering our sweet own minds. not the minds of others. Each of us needs to start retraining our brains to realize that there are more emotional or feeling tones than the six that have been compressed and filed in them. Most of the problem stems from the fact that emotions are mere pseudo feelings; they are frictional sparks utilized by nucleus one and nucleus two of or 3-D bodies. Feelings come from within the spark of our life while emotions are frictional sparks that irritate our human bodies. You can train your body to a wider range of human feelings just by watching any part or all of the miracle of life surrounding us each day and night! Notice the glittering ice on a forest of trees in winter--making them look magical. See and feel the grand fiery sunrises and sunsets. Look at your hand or your face and appreciate and feel what a magnificent miracle it is. Notice what a miracle it is just to breathe in and breathe out! Your brain will begin to add these feelings into its file, since it now sees the importance you are attaching to them. This is how you can take yourself up through your nucleus' to the fifth dimension. Each added new feeling of yours adds to reaching the "critical mass" needed for our earth star birth! 70

Chapter 21 The Journey is What It Is All About The planet is getting ready for Ascension; are you? If so, it means you need to raise your vibratory rate beyond what it is at this moment. How do you do that? It is as simple as we have already stated several times. You learn to live here in your body while you still have it to live in... Life is a journey and the journey is what it is all about! What good is it to have a nice new Rolls Royce or a spanking new pink Cadillac if you leave it sitting out in your garage or in your driveway? The same analogy applies to this incredible human body you have the privilege to call your own. Unless you get in it and see the world as you move through fields upon fields of different experiences in it, how are you going to know you have lived? This great human body was designed to last forever, to be a chariot of the gods through eternity. It has an early death in modern times because we have built so much body guilt and human fear into it. We expect it to age and die, and because we are actually gods (whether we know it or not) the body must obey what we accept as the "real world." In the so-called real world, people are born, they mature or age, and then they die. It's the "social custom" and who is going to go against that? I am! Many others have! Many others are doing it. I know I am an "immortal." Do you? You can. It is all a process of the journey. Because no two of us can take the exact same path all the way to our destination at the exact same time, or at the exact same pace, or in the exact same kind of human body, we travel to new realms of conscious understanding at different rates. We will all arrive at the same destination eventually, but some arrive sooner and some arrive later but not until the journey is made! Many people fear to "break new ground"! Familiar feels safe and the "unknown" can be scary. If 71

you start this journey and begin to fear, head immediately for joy. You cannot feel fear and joy simultaneously; they are antitheses of each other! Find a spot or pool of joy somewhere around you or within you and the big fear will run like a scared rabbit! At the same time, when you give yourself big doses of joy along your life journey everything works better. Joy keeps your human body healthy. Joy takes you to the fifth dimension fast! Fear and guilt team up to kill you fast, but neither one of them can live around your feeling of joy. If it is difficult for you to find immediate joy when you are feeling fearful then simply go deeper into your body, as you then become more connected with your body. Your body will love it, and it will learn to trust you more. It will take a great amount of new light to ascend this earth so the more enlightened you become, the more light you add to the birth process and the more control you will have over the earthly paths you trod while taking your journey. Another sure way to ease your journey is to love you just the way you are. Stay totally away from judgment or self-comparison with others. If you really understand how divinely great your own female or male body is---at this very moment---you would immediately start to love it with all of your "heart and soul"! You will never be a conscious god or goddess or take that "first train" into the new virgin universe until you have first learned to love your own human body---exactly the way it is now! Your body can only be what your beliefs allow it to be. Your body will change to a lighter body or a more adequate body when you become lighter and more adequate in your own being! A new attitude can spark off wonders! No one else designed your body for you. Every part of it was designed and created by your thoughts and feelings alone. Your body can be renewed, 72

redesigned and rejuvenated into being whatever you want it to be, but you must lead the way. It must follow! It was designed that way by the gods. Love your body! Love you, and your journey on earth will be filled with passion and sparkling light! The journey is what it is all about!


Chapter 22 Tell Your Body What To Do Imagine your being gifted with a "genie" that can reach out into the universe and do what you wanted it to do for you at the speed of light! Imagine everything you could attain or be almost at will! The genie would never talk back to you. It would be obedient to your slightest wish or command! Is it possible? Could anyone on earth actually be so incredibly lucky? Yes. You are! I am. So are all of the other "lucky ones" on earth who now possess a human body of their own. Your body can and does do all that the above imagined genie could do for you! Your human brain has the ability to travel at any instant at your command to any cosmic, universal, earthly or local destination you want. It can race through the Milky Way galaxy at the speed of light to find and attract back to you through radiation and electromagnetic principles it knows thoroughly. It can gather all of the essences or components of what you are asking for and bring them back to you at light speed! Your human body takes orders from your human mind. It relays those orders with the speed of thought to your brain. Your human body is managed and is "run" very efficiently by your computer-like brain, though all of the computers in creation today together cannot match the speed and efficiency of your brain. We are speaking of your brain and your body! Are you beginning to like your brain and your body a little more now? Where in the whole cosmos can you find a genie that can do that without asking why---or saying, "It can't be done!" Nowhere! If you have not realized it yet, your body was not only designed by the gods to live forever, it was also equipped with a brain that could do anything a god wanted done at light speed! By the very virtue of 74

being born in one you are the rightful heir to what all of the kings in all of the kingdoms of heaven have never owned! By any cosmic standards of value measurement, your body is unequaled in value throughout the entire cosmos! And you and I have often, though ignorantly and thus innocently, treated it like a "piece of dirt." We have screamed at and cursed at our bodies. We have punished them severely--physically, mentally and emotionally. they have been abused and rejected. The atrocities we light entities have done to our loving human bodies are beyond count and description. Yet, our faithful bodies keep right on going to their last breath---before rigid human body death sets in---treating us like gods or goddesses, despite all of our continued conscious and unconscious self-abuse of them! We did it in sheer ignorance, so there is no iota of need to go into guilt or to feel any regret about it. I am sure your load of guilt and regrets is big enough as it is. If so, for your benefit, and for the benefit of your saintly body, dump it. Leave it all behind this instant. It's not worth carrying; I know from my own experience. The day I dumped all of my guilt and regrets was one of the highlight days of dramatic changes that I can count on the fingers of one hand! Tell your body what to do! It will follow your lead anywhere in linear time/space. It can only travel at the speed of light, so it cannot keep up with you if you move your thoughts out of the now in your body to a point in the past or a point in the future. Your body loves you, and when you move out of it into the past or the future it tires itself out trying to race with you, but is sadly always left behind. The speed of light cannot compete with the speed of thought. Therefore, a habit of living in the past or the future wears your body out tremendously. It always will try to keep up with you, but it never can. When you are gone from it your body misses you and becomes frightened that you might not return. When you love someone so much you want to be with them, and your bodies love 75

you that much whether you mistreat them or not. It is pure unconditional love. They know you are a god or a goddess even when you do not! Every cell of your body has the archive of knowledge of all of the universes ever created, so it is pretty handy to have around if you want some research done. So tell your brain what you want it to do. It will manifest anything you want at light speed. However, if you want it "materialized" in your own 3-D field, you had better learn the materialization formula if you want it done at light speed! I have given you more than enough reasons enlightened gods and goddesses love their bodies. The next step is yours. Love your body and tell it what to do.


THE SECRET SCIENCE OF WHITE MAGIC "... An even greater paradox: Both white magician and black magician use the exact same laws of nature to accomplish their objectives...but only up to a certain point. The reason is simple enough. Pure energy can be used for good or bad. It contains no black or white qualities within itself.... The time finally arrives when the white magician forges ahead--transcending 3-D laws, gaining wisdom and power--while the black magician is damned by his own nature to remain confined within the lower threefold spectrum of earthly existence. The white magician gains deep insight and mastery over the intuitive plane. Her or his power now becomes profoundly greater than the black magician's. The black sorcerer has severed himself from his soul and has no means whereby he can tap energy higher than the lower mental plane. He remains limited to life and substance at physical, emotional and lower mental levels. These three planes of consciousness act literally as a confining barrier to the black magician. He must remain within this reduced spectrum of reference until the form of which he is a part--in this case our planet Earth-Ascends or disintegrates. At that time he is reduced back to primal nothingness... lost in the dark night of time...."


Excerpt from The Secret Science of White Magic By Russ Michael Comments

I've loaned SOUL-MATES to Sue Ann, WHITE MAGIC to Billie, and I'm reading the MYSTERIES. I found your book "Finding Your Soul-Mate" at the ICC Brotherhood." I literally could not put it down till I had completely read it. Bless you. I want to let you know how much many of us in Omaha enjoyed your latest books. CELEBRITIES I certainly applaud your intention and efforts to bring more responsible programming to television, and to foster a spiritual cleansing in our nation. -Pat Boone By the way, Sue Ann said she mentioned to you about Willie Nelson loving your book, The Great White Brotherhood, and that he wanted more copies of it - maybe a half dozen or so would do it for now. Note: Willie shared this book with Kris Kristofferson and many other of his peers. This book also led to a deep spiritual and personal friendship between Willie and myself...as disclosed in my autobiography. NOTE: See back pages of this book for info on how to order any of the 20 + books authored by Russ Michael in eBook form.


Chapter 23 The Four Human brains Four human brains? Who on earth has four human brains? All of us do. Here they are: BRAIN #1 BRAIN #2 BRAIN #3 BRAIN #4 PRIMARY PRIMITIVE BRAIN LIGHT FREQUENCY BRAIN INTELLECTUAL BRAIN SOLAR PLEXUS BRAIN

Let's look at each one of them in the same order as above. The first brain to evolve when the ape was engineered for a human body was the primate brain, altered to more adequately "house" the light entity or the god that would be using it while adventuring around the planet. The only real drawback to this brain is that it only understands or knows linear time. It is biological and lives in a biological body engineered for animals. It was found to be inadequate immediately because, as a light entity who fractured off into many human bodies scattered down through history, you needed some sort of apparatus to keep constant track of you, embodied throughout the eternal now. This new brain was created and installed, but it became a huge burden. Instead of enjoying your limited focus in any one of your linear human bodies, you were bombarded with all of the thoughts of selfsurvival originating somewhere else. You could not sit down to enjoy a nicely roasted dinosaur steak, since one or several of your selves in other time segments were sending you the urgent message to get up and flee. It is hard on the digestion as well as the adrenals. Because you are a light entity you could also tune in to all of the thoughts of others embodied 79

in your linear time frame. It was too overwhelming and all of this caused you to shut down the second brain. In due course of evolution an attempt to use some of both brain one and brain two was made, and the third brain that sped up your ability to think was designed and installed. This brain enabled you to interpret thought from your center of feeling. It birthed the intellect. This brain is still there---ready for use as you expand your consciousness into higher states of evolution. You are supposed to use it to understand your animal behavior---and to get yourself past that hurdle. The fourth brain is the gray matter located in your solar plexus area. It was designed for you to pick up feeling better. These last two brains were created and installed at the same time. They are made to function together. As you learn more and more how to translate or interpret feeling in usable symbols like words or human language, it also helps to begin reactivating your second brain again. Scientists to this day do not understand the entire function and scope of the pituitary gland and wonder what the pineal gland is supposed to do. You also have another major head center gland in the rear of your head called the carotid gland. All three of these glands will be open and working when you become a Master. The little "mouth" on the pituitary gland is what must open first. As it opens, little by little, it secretes the hormones needed to start triggering our pineal which is very connected to your light-entity being. The point in the head where all three of these brains come together is where the DNA imprinting or re-scripting occurs. Human evolution began to accelerate when the three brains began to work together---even in a very limited fashion. Your fourth brain in your solar plexus heart region is what is teaching you how to receive abstract thought---called feeling---and to move it from abstraction into functional comprehension via the third 80

brain. At some point you want all four of these brains working together in your body. The pituitary gland which rules all functions in your physical body needs to be gently activated. This happens when you are living in the moment. It also responds to the vibration of joy, so learn how to selfgenerate as much joy in your life as possible. As you do, all four of these brains will go on line and you will be walking the walk of a Master.


Chapter 24 The Sleep Cycle of Gods When we speak of the gods we are really talking about light entities, some of which are older than time! Gods do not have sleep periods like we do here in human form; this is the only dimension where darkness cycles can be found. As you know, the night darkness we experience is the result of our planetary rotation around the sun. We have an in-built biological clock that is connected to the light/dark cycle. Hormones are released in our bodies that help induce a rest or sleep state, so that they can be repaired or rejuvenated and ready for the next light cycle on earth. Gods do not operate that way. Instead, they have an ongoing period of full consciousness for thousands of years. Instead of sleeping for a six- to ten-hour period each day like we do, they respirate. If you take this word, drop the "e" at the end and hyphenate it you have re-spirit---which gives you a quick insight to what goes on when gods respirate! Gods are different from Sources. Gods create and Sources only source. Sources cannot think. They just keep supplying us with whatever amounts of raw material we creators need. That raw material is what we know as unconditional love. Every wave, particle and form in our universe, including the form of our universe itself, is composed of pure love. Love is the "glue" that holds the entire world together. Gods do not source, they create. This new breed of gods are going to be changing that, for we will be Sources, Creators and Selves all contained in one individuated packet! When gods reach the end of their long period of creative consciousness they must go back into their source to recharge or to re-spirit! We will go deeper into the way that gods respirate in the next chapter. 82

After a god returns from the source it is fully recharged and loaded with enough raw material to keep on creating until the next respiration cycle comes around.


Chapter 25 A 35.000 Year Sleep Cycle The gods respirate, as a rule, for 35,000 years. Before they do they drop off all of the garbage or junk they have accumulated over the years. We all know what this is. We move into a house with little furniture or furnishings to begin with. Years later when we make a move to another home we are astounded at all of the junk we have accumulated, and we usually start tossing a lot of what we know is unnecessary baggage. Who do you suppose we learned that one from? In order to go back into the Source without being stuck in it forever, the gods developed a technique called the Physics of Self! This means that after unloading the garbage the god raises its consciousness to the point where it becomes the entire universe...At the same time, it collapses and compresses itself into one tiny cell. Gods also become the Source at the same time. Thus, when they then return to full consciousness they pull out of this nodule of their selves which is loaded with enough raw material from the Source to create what they want until their next respiration cycle. They perform this Physics of Self ritual because eons and eons ago they realized that if gods were taking their whole personality into the Source it would destroy the Source, leaving their persona behind without some kind of mechanism or "rope to pull them out" and they disappeared into the Source---never to be heard from again! This latter reason was enough for them to quickly devise a way to maintain the eternal persona they had built over ages and ages of time. Also, Sources are loved and treasured by all of the gods, so no god would willingly step into a Source with a full persona knowing it would destroy that loving Source. The Physics of Self principle kept the gods from destroying the source, as well as keeping 84

them from totally obliterating themselves. Who wants to wake up from no-thing to finally become a conscious and creative living god after eons and eons of earning that right and then step back into a Source to disappear forever? Not me! Not them!


Chapter 26 Your Fifth Dimensional Self There is a no mystery about the fourth or fifth dimensions. These are simply demarcations like all other levels or planes of life existence. Each dimension of reality vibrates at a resonance of its own. Not only is our physical self required to stay and live within the "confines" of our lowest or most dense first three dimensions of existence, we are constructed in such a manner that we will always require a platform or stage of at least three dimensions in order to maintain our individuated life in form. This means in practicality if you move out of physical reality to the fifth dimension, you will require elements or components from the third, fourth and fifth dimensions to lend you a life support system. As explained in detail in my book, the White Brotherhood, an Adept is someone who is operational in three-dimensional reality and yet can transcend it to quite a degree. She or he is one-dimensionally more capable or adept than the average man or woman who is still limited to operating in a linear reality. The Adept is already vertically connected and holds a center of consciousness at the fourth dimension while physically and humanly embodied like the rest of human civilization. The Adept no longer is controlled by the animal or primate brain. She/he lives centered in plane two, three and four---though with one foot still in the earth. A fifth-dimensional Self and a Master are the same exact thing. If there is a difference, it would only be when a Master has chosen to Ascend her or his physical body and remain fully centered in plane four, five and six. A Master or fifth-dimensional Self that chooses to remain in the 3-D body is simply fully operational within all five dimensions of existence. This is a far 86

broader range than you may realize, for when you reach the fifth dimension you are at one with the entire universe. There are no universal barriers anywhere to your conscious exploration. A fifthdimensional Self can be what it wants to be or go where it wants to go freely at will. That is the kind of unlimited freedom all of us yearn for deep within ourselves. It is that return "home" to our universal source all of us have been dreaming about! Your fifth-dimensional Self already exists! It is your future you beckoning with open and loving arms for you to wake up, take charge of your life, and return to it! You are already a full-blown Master and a fullblown god, but only when you know it and you accept it. The sole thing keeping you from feeling and exercising the full power of a Master on earth in human form is you. No one ever keeps you from selfmastery except you yourself when you are misguided or ignorant of what and who you are. When you wake you begin to move into your natural state of selfmastery immediately. Gods and goddesses are masters of life---not the servants or followers of ignorant beliefs fed to them by their parents, tutors, or mass society! When you awaken you leave your stale and heavy load of reeking garbage behind. You dump guilt, regrets, envy, greed, hatred, and other such self-destructive modes. You move into self-love and no longer require self-validation from the world or others exterior to you. You know you are more than "sufficient" or complete within yourself! That is how you become a Master of fifth-dimensional Self! You came here to help usher in the birth of earth as a star! Why not do it masterfully?


Chapter 27 The God Gestalt It has gotten to be quite a fad in the New Age movement on our beloved earth today to say, "I am God." The only problem is that whatever you focus upon and use as a word after "I am" will soon become manifest or materialized in your life! You may argue that being God is not such a "bad" thing, but I must greatly differ with you on that point. If you knew what was really in the God Gestalt you would not like what comes out of it and into your life...and here is why. The Old Testament is the oldest description in our Western world of God. See if this is what you want to become! God is angry! God is hateful! God is vengeful! God will wipe out your life! God is willing to throw his own children into a lake of burning hellfire for all eternity! God is loving, but it is a conditional love (which is no love at all)! Worse, this image of God has been branded or imprinted into your genes by generations upon generations of your ancestors who believed in this fearful God. God is not to be feared---just like parents are not to be feared. Fear is what is used to control people, and God living in your genes is loaded with fear! Is this what you want to become? That pseudo "God" is now what we refer to as the God Gestalt. It is what all of us have created. That God is loaded with guilt and anger and hates life! Every time you repressed anger, guilt, or envy, that portion or piece of you---denied by you---helped to form the God Gestalt. When you and I were "stripped" of our memory each time our human body died all of that very human load of thought and painful emotions became another portion or fragment of the God Gestalt. This is why this great life form you and I and all other humans upon earth created is so very, very human-like. However, once given life you have no 88

right to kill it if you could. You cannot! It knows it is "God!" You do not. It knows it is loaded with knowledge that you could not comprehend! It wants to survive forever---like all living things! It is not going to allow you to take back anything you contributed to give it a life of its own! You cannot overpower it! Now that you know what it is you probably no longer want to become it, but every time you think or say, "I am God" you are becoming more and more what you do not want to become! That pseudo "God" lives and loves in "image." That "God" when tapped will fill you with anger, wrath and hatred. It hates life! If you want to be a real god that is totally free, unlimited and loving others unconditionally you will stop saying, "I am God." Learn or know what your word associations mean to you.... If you state, I Am God Source; or I Am Creator Source, or I Am All That Is...that is accurate and certainly a worthy program for a goddess or a god. Your brain cues in every word you put into it. Every word is a "loaded" word, loaded with the attitudes or beliefs that you associate with it. The God word is loaded with what both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind hold. Your subconscious is at least a hundred times bigger than you and a great deal more powerful. Your brain is a computer and works like one. It weighs what your conscious mind holds as God values and what your subconscious mind holds as God values. The one with the lesser bank of values is promptly canceled out and the brain goes with what is left to make you--in this situation---a pseudo God (which you consciously would never want to be)! Your brain will do anything in the world it can for you. If you want to attract the quality and brutal actions of pseudo God already listed, keep on saying, "I am God!" If not, first back off or away from the God Gestalt. Recognize it for what it is. You always have 89

free will. So do what you really want to do. Be a conscious, living, unconditionally-loving god on earth. Realize that you are one of the many light entities who came to earth to live in the human body. Realize why and how this pseudo "God" was created by you and the other light entities in human form and evolves into an "earth graduate" just like you and me, when the DEAD ZONE collapses. What you give life to lives! You do not "kill" Jehovah, you just withdraw your focus or thought away from him and the God Gestalt. Each member of this God Gestalt that drops out of it makes it just that much less powerful on earth and in the DEAD ZONE! Go on with your life knowing fully what you are---and what you are not! That is where all of the real power of life exists...in you.


Chapter 28 The Christ Gestalt Believe it or not, you need to get rid of this one too, even though it is obviously loaded with unconditional love and several other uplifting values. Despite all of these "good graces" the Christ Gestalt is simply not good for your health and welfare...The reason will become obvious to you as we continue. We are really addressing the Christ Consciousness Gestalt because Christ consciousness was known long before the man Jesus stepped out of the masses to become a renowned "savior" and a "martyr." There were many other saviors and martyrs that came and went up through history to fulfill prophecies of a coming Messiah. So the Christ consciousness has been known all through history---not just for the last 2000 years! You may have noted that I emphasize the savior and martyr roles that all of these "Christs" have been. They were also crucified. That's the "rub." Do you really want to tap into a gestalt that takes you down the thorny road of being a martyr and crucified? For whom, for what? The gods do not need saving! Anyway, how can you save another in consciousness? It is impossible. Each one of us will have to wake up, pick ourselves up and walk on to our own godhood through our own wise choices. We learn wisdom through observing the experiences of others or through engaging those experiences ourselves. If you join that Christ Consciousness Gestalt that says you need a savior to pull you out of the mess you created you are back to where you started. It means you have no self-power and no free choice which was given unconditionally to all of us. It means you are going to struggle and be pained. How can you be a martyr without plenty of pain and incessant struggle? The end for all of the Christs has been the 91

same---crucifixion! Do you really want to be crucified? There are misguided beings in India and other parts of the world who will actually put their bodies into an extreme state of pain---and even body crucifixion (tapas)---that they believe will give them"points" or merit with God! What kind of a "God" is that" One straight from out of the DEAD ZONE, I can assure you. You must remember that whenever you tap into and pull either the God gestalt or the Christ Gestalt into your being it has much more life and power in it than you have access to in this stage of human evolution. They can overwhelm you with negative qualitative you may have left behind long ago. The Christ consciousness metaphor may be imbed in your genes. It is a savior-martyr syndrome and it can kill you in a painful way! To some degree each of us is living the Christ archetype right now. If so, we must realize what it is and step beyond it! We can take the kind of Christ unconditional love, the mercy and all of those excellent spiritual qualities with us. You can be a Gandhi, or a Jesus, or any other such loving martyr if you wish. You can be stoned or killed if you wish, for that is where martyrdom will lead you. This is well worth repeating and remembering, if you state, I Am God Source; or I Am Creator Source, or I Am All That Is...that is accurate and certainly a worthy program for a goddess or a god. It is alright to see and feel Christ qualities or Godly virtues in you, but claim them rightfully as your own inner store of priceless treasures! You are a direct extension of divine Source. You are already a Master with the highest known and expressible virtues in the universe radiating inside of you. Just be who and what you are! Once again, it would be wise here to reemphasize that living in the moment and selfgeneration of joy are two loving acts that will speed your entry into the Living Gestalt. There is no great 92

need to go further for you will then take that first train into our new virgin universe...far, far beyond all manmade religious archetypes! Reach out beyond lowly earth metaphors---whatever they are. You are a Creator of Universes. You only have to know it!


Chapter 29 Paradigm Shift Cycles One of the things that happens with us individually and as a human species is that we get in brain "ruts" from time to time. We get stuck in certain attitudes and behaviors that tend to keep us from progressing spiritually forward. That is why nature has a built-in cycle of paradigm shifts. A paradigm shift is a sudden change in belief structures or old attitudes based on dramatic new knowledge. The new knowledge forces us to drop the old "truth" and to adopt the new one. The earth-wasflat-"truth" was so strong in the minds of humanity that it took several hundred years for almost everyone on earth to accept the new truth and live and plan their moves from a round-earth principle. That was an awesome paradigm shift. Have you noticed that all of earth is suddenly exploding with new knowledge. Every nation on earth, large or small, is being impacted by this knowledge explosion. This is because we have several paradigm shift cycles all lined up in the same "window" at this same time! There are six major paradigm shift cycles that impact all of us on earth:a 2,000-year cycle, a 5,000year cycle, a 7,000-year cycle, a 12,000-year cycle, a 20,000-year cycle, and a 35,000-year cycle. Any single one of these paradigm shift cycles will jolt humanity out of is traditional belief structure. All five of these paradigm shift cycles except the 20,000year cycle are lined up and are now impacting us at once. This is enough to shatter all of the old beliefs that all of us hold. This outpouring of immense new knowledge is forcing the most primitive states of consciousness on earth to awaken into a sudden new world or reality. It is what was needed to jolt everyone on earth wide awake in order to engineer the needed life energy required for a "live" earth star birth. 94

When any one of these paradigm shift cycles hit they collapse the time/space factor between individual and individual, nation and nation, and planet and planet. Two hundred years ago the thought of crossing from the East Coast to the West Coast of the U.S.A. in a few hours would have been enough to have thrown you into a mental hospital. It took a good six months of time in those days to cover that much space. If you added that you would be able to communicate in written form or verbally with someone on the other side of the earth in seconds you would have been locked up and would have been considered to be a dangerous person with demented ideas. Our technology/industry/distribution ability has reached the point where we can create almost anything the mind can conceive and put it in the hands of anyone on earth within hours! It is mindboggling to the older generation still on earth who have witnessed most of these space/time collapses take place. We are fortunate to have these paradigm shift cycles bombarding human consciousness from time to time. Without them we would still be living in the past. The major message within each paradigm shift is "move out of the past" and go onward and upward into less limited heights, depths and widths of human and spiritual reality. The time has come for books like The Dead Zone and The Birth of Earth As a Star to help jolt wide awake anyone still sleeping! The changes are not coming---they are already here! Enjoy them.


Chapter 30 If You Do Not Question You Are Controlled Curiosity is what makes us understand life. Children in their pure state are filled with questions. They want to know how and why everything works. Very few of us have kept that questioning state in our hearts and in our minds as we matured into adults. A point had been reached when our parents or teachers told us to stop asking questions and just accept whatever it was "the way it was" and to forget it! The social consciousness gestalt does not like to be questioned; the religious gestalt and the political gestalt do not like to be questioned. The nature of any gestalt is to control what its members think. It is hard to control a member who asks questions and you do not know the answer, or if the answer is something that would work toward taking your member out of your gestalt. the bottom line is that you are always being controlled if you do not question! One of the few gestalts that invites questions is the science gestalt. Even within it you will find small or petty minds with big egos that do not want you to question them or the science book. I ran into one of those while taking psychology courses in college. The first course was taught by a very open-minded young professor who invited and welcomed questions; it was just what a beginning student needed. However, the professor who taught the more advanced psychology course was just the opposite. He hated to be questioned about anything and often stated that all we ever needed to know was in the psychology textbook. It was his Bible and he never questioned it! Instead of encouraging and nurturing a questioning mind, he discouraged it. If I had begun my psychology class with him, I would have been discouraged and would not have gone any further in my pursuit to learn psychology. You can be sure that later when I taught 96

a university class on psychology I consciously encouraged questions. Later on as a public lecturer, I learned very quickly that questions always gave me insights into the level of thinking that my questioner had reached on the subject I was presenting. Therefore, questions are an aid to instructors, too! Those who presently control and hold most of the human affairs in their hands learned long ago how to keep the human masses under strict subservience. The knew if individuals or even mobs have time to think and to question they will lose control over them. Thus, the tactic for a long time now has been to keep individuals and nations as unbalanced as possible. This tends to make the person or country focus on immediate solutions to personal or national problems---with no time to think about or question the larger and controlling issues in their lives. This is what keeps anyone limited! If you are pushed into a corner for limited survival because a needed medicine costs you up to ten thousand times what it is worth, or the price of bread or bananas has gone out of reach of your budget, you are forced to move into a survival mode---and then, who has time to think or to question? You blame the baker, the butcher, the storekeeper who are all also doing a onelegged unbalanced survival act---just like you. Those few families and individuals that amass and hold and control the Federal Reserve and the minerals, medicine, energy sources, and farm lands, the food, and the nations of the world will keep you from questioning at all costs. If it takes a war to keep you from personal or state sovereignty then war will be initiated. Russia was commanded to step in real fast and keep any state within its jurisdiction under one national flag. No state would or could be sovereign as a separate country. If it tried, a bloody war would ensue---and it did. Soon, brother was killing brother! A One World Order will do absolutely anything to keep order! 97

A handful of greedy and unmerciful people control all earth today because somewhere along the line you and I forgot or failed to ask questions. You are always controlled if you do not ask questions. Along with free will and thus free choice, each one of us was gifted with a mind and a human brain that can reason. If we do not use it we lose it, just like any other organ or faculty of our body and being! If you have any questions about anything I have stated in this book, I encourage you to communicate those questions to me in care of this publisher. I have no desire to control your thinking or your behavior. That is your job! I only encourage you to question, for I know if you do not question you are controlled!


Chapter 31 Joy Males Life Worth Living Have you noticed that people who have no joy in their lives are the ones who complain a lot, judge a lot, or can hardly wait to quit this human experience? There is the fast way of killing yourself suddenly by whatever chosen method, and that is called suicide. There is also a slower, lifelong suicide process; it is called living without joy in your life! It is almost impossible to separate that line or border where life or joy enters a human body. In essence, life is joy---and joy is life! Joy is the highest vibratory wavelength you and I light entities in human bodies can feel! As soon as the critical mass particles of it begin to coagulate into structured form it sounds or invokes and evokes that same divine joy through its entire atomic and subatomic structure. Joy is the very first thing every individuated form of life feels when it is birthed from no-thing to something! That is how important joy is to all forms of life. Without joy, life is not worth living! Joy rings through the entire universe. We live in a naturally joyous universal space. If we are not experiencing joy, it is because we have bought into social consciousness. We failed to live in the moment and we failed to be our own selves. We tried to be the images that society proclaimed we must be, even if the image was too small or too big or repulsive to our unique sensitivity. We failed to question those who sold us down the tube! Instead of joy we found ourselves in deep despair at the very bottom of the barrel---and the barrel was rolling downhill at top speed! We also bought strongly into the male/female archetype and almost always found we had been "shorted." We were too tall, or too small, too fat or too thin. We had blue eyes when we should have had brown eyes. We have black hair and we want to be 99

blond, because it is well know that blonds have all the fun---especially if you belong to the female archetype gestalt. We also bought into self-regret and guilt from all corners of human existence. Guilt and joy do not mesh. If you feel guilt then you cannot feel joy. The same principle applies to un-worth. If you are feeling unworthy it is impossible to feel joy. Your whole being is shouting that you do not deserve happiness---and certainly not joy! This is why one of the first things anyone who wants to make life changes or "materializations" in their lives, must find self-worth. In my book, $UCCE$$ FORMULA, this is listed as the first one of the "Eleven Magic Steps" to success. It is useless to even begin any manifestation or materialization technique or any changes in your life "for the better" when you already feel so convinced you are unworthy of anything better. I remember when I was growing up feeling so unworthy and full of guilt that if something good that I wanted came into my life too suddenly, I would actually feel that I had not suffered enough. I truly consciously felt I had not been punished enough and was not worthy of the "relief" or the sudden pleasure I was feeling. Later on, I finally realized this "punitive" consciousness stemmed from the strong Protestant beliefs inculcated so deeply in me as a growing child that I was "born a sinner" and that I was not worthy of being loved because all sinners are unloved! I carried that heavy burden of guilt and unworthiness right on up through all of my life to that wonderful day---led by the Master teacher---when I was released and left all of my guilt and regrets behind! How much joy are you finding in your life? If the answer is "not much" or "very little" it may be time to find out why, for it is really true:life is not worth living without joy. Joy is what makes life worth living. Joy will not only make you feel better, it will make you look better. Joy will keep you from aging! 100

Joy will make the whole world look brightly different! Joy is what your soul is crying out for you to feel and to share with your human body! Joy comes from within your own being, and I am going to share a technique with you on how to generate it within yourself at will...


Chapter 32 Learn To Generate Joy All The Time One of the greatest delusions that all of us have felt is that joy came from things (like Christmas or birthday gifts) or from the people in our lives, or animals and creatures in our life. We thought joy was something we found outside of ourselves---it was something we encountered like a sunset or something we acquired like a gleaming new car, for who would think the joy was something we generated from within our own selves at that moment? The fact that you can self-generate joy at the sight of a flaming sunset or a birthday gift is good news! It means once you have ever done anything you are capable of doing it again---and with practice, faster and better. The spontaneous joy you felt from a gift from nature or a gift from a loved one did not come from nature or from your friend. The sudden joy you experienced arose from the area of your solar plexus brain and heart center area. You gave yourself that gift of joy then, and you can actually do it any moment of any day or night. You can give yourself so much joy that your body will say stop---it feels too, too good! Since joy is what makes all life worth living, you might want to give yourself plenty of it on an ongoing, moment-to-moment basis...and here is a technique that works. At first you will want to practice this joygeneration exercise when you can be quietly alone, away from anyone else or any exterior distractions. Later, you will be able to do it even while you are driving a car---but with your eyes open, of course. Lie down or sit comfortably, close your eyes and quiet yourself for a moment. Let the past harried motion of your day fade behind you. When you know you are feeling peaceful with the world move your thought and 102

your feeling toward the most gentle space you can find in your being. At this secondary stage you will probably begin to be aware of slight or even strong worry entrainment vibrations still attached and circling around a few inches from your physical body. If so, mentally envision a huge body-size pair of scissors and mentally draw that vibrating band tight and envision yourself cutting that band away from your body--somewhat like stretching a rubber band and cutting it. Feel it snap and feel that particular band of worries drop away from your body. Now move deeper and deeper into the very most gentle space you are able to find in your being and rest or bask in it. If you can still detect other worry vibrations at that level, cut them away too. It is always a good idea to mentally say the word "cut" at the same time. This trains your brain to do this exercise and the cutting for you whenever you cue it with the word "cut." Each time you do this movement into your most gentle space and cut away the band of traumas or worries your body has accumulated, the easier and faster you move into a very, very gentle inner space of your being. That alone is great self-therapy... Once you have found that real deep, gentle, gentle, gentle, gentle space you can command yourself to start self-generating a feeling of inner joy. For most of you this will come easily and the feeling of joy will grow and intensify the more you focus it along with the thought that you want the joy to build and build! With practice everyone will soon feel the joy rising up through their heart center. All feelings of joy must by their very nature well up into the body from the region of the human heart center. Energy follows thought, so whatever you focus on is being enlivened; in this situation your selfgenerated feeling of joy can grow to a pitch where every single cell of your body feels in an ecstatic state of sublime joy. You can hold this joy in your body at any level you bring it to, or you can keep on building 103

and building joy to the point where it feels like you can contain no more. It is a thrill of thrills! Joy is that easy to self-generate. With conscious effort you can bring up joy and carry it with you on your highways and byways of daily life. At that point you know life is worth living! For those of you who would like to purchase an audio tape cassette where I lead the listener into that gentle space, you can obtain it directly from this publisher, or from me in care of this publisher. This RELAXATION TAPE costs ten dollars, plus shipping cost and is a great tool in helping you learn how to get deeply into that most gentle space of your inner being. You can also gift one to a friend! Be at peace, be gentle, and find your joy and fill you whole life with it!


Chapter 33 On Your Way back Home Once you learn to know how to gift yourself a daily good measure of joy you are on your way back home! Home is, of course, the origin or the divine Source of your divine Self. It is what each of us longs to do at the depth of our spiritual being. Through an act of love we were pushed out of the nest in order for us to grow our own wings. All of us have felt a deep sense of rejection for at one time we lived in the Oneness of All That Is. We have yearned to return home to that blissful union with our Source since that first moment of being birthed as an individuated point of tiny light. We are light entities and we are aware of our divinity. As human beings ensconced in flesh we have forgotten that we are supreme gods and goddesses. The aim of the author of this book is to wake you up to who and what you really are. When you know you are divine you are on your way back home. When you learn how to keep out of judgment you are on your way back home! You will reach a point where you know that good and bad have no validity except when you are stuck in duality! All forms of worse or better or any indications of a hierarchy of higher or lower will gradually disappear from your life. At that stage you have taken a mighty leap toward your home. When you get to where you can drop all of your accumulated loads of awful guilt and sad regrets you are well on your way home! When that load drops away you will feel so good that you will consciously recognize, face, embrace and erase any new guilt or regret that comes along immediately. This will not only make you feel lighter, you will be lighter, and that radiance will uplift those around you yearning to go home. Guilt has been one of the major factors in slowing down the evolutionary speed of our human 105

race on earth. Convert each guilt or regret into one more gleaming white pearl of wisdom you have earned on your human journey on earth. Each new bright pearl acknowledged and accepted speeds you on your way back home! When you can confront and overcome your feeling of un-worth you are on your way back home! You must know why you are worthy of being a monarch capable of ruling your vast personal kingdom of self-made reality You have three rungs on your DNA ladder that must be constructed by you personally through your genuine feelings of selfworth. Each added increment of self-worth that you find and hold adds one more nodule into your selfworth rungs...When all three rungs are full you are far on your way back home! When you finally and truly begin to love yourself as the god or goddess that you are, you are on your way back home! The challenge has been to go beyond social consciousness, that says you are not worthy of being loved. You will begin to love you when you know you are a genuine god or goddess! Then, as self-love blooms you will radiate unconditional love out into the world. Love created you and love is what will speed you on your way back home! When this earth star birth occurs you will be on your way back home---and beyond!


Chapter 34 Move back Into The Wonderment of Everything There is a sound basis for sages of the past in advising all of their apprentices to become as little children. The great Masters have all found through self-experience that you cannot break the hold of the mighty social consciousness gestalt until you resume the curious wonderment about the miracle of life present in all forms and degrees around us each waking (and dreaming) moment of our human life on earth. The miracle of being embodied and carried around in a human form is a good place to start. The time has come to wake up to the miracle of your incredible human body! Look at your hands that can twist and turn to do almost everything you desire. They can clasp and hold or squeeze anything tightly, or they can gather eggs in a basket or lightly touch the face of a loved one---transmitting your feeling of love to him or her with a few soft caressing strokes. Your eyes can open to see star-filled skies or they can close to keep the entire world shut away from your vision! Your senses of taste, hearing, and smell are like windows into other worlds or dimensions of existence. The wonderment of your human body extends far beyond what scientists have probed and found! What made it evolve into this virtual "chariot of the gods"? What is the end purpose of such a magnificent "machine" that can do almost anything you can imagine? Where is it taking you, or where are you taking it? Obviously, we have hardly made the tiniest of scratches on the wonder of the miracle of our own personal human body. What about the astounding array of shapes, sizes, colors, designs and unique individuality of all other human bodies surrounding us on a daily basis? What a wonder! I remember carrying this curiosity and wonderment about life with me from a child into my 107

teen-age years. As a thirteen-year old I would think and think and then try to put my thoughts in poetical form. To the best of my memory I will present one of those poems still circulating in my mind: WONDER I wonder what life is all about and though I ponder, ponder, ponder, Only more wonder, wonder, wonder returns to my searching mind! After my death at age eighteen--and my return into this mortal body--I really began in earnest to ponder into the depths of life. My personal death experience gave me an added bonus of making me really know how much I loved being in a body and in a 3-D world where I could use my senses to feel, touch, taste, smell and see---and think! It is still almost the same, for the more I ponder and know, the more I know that I do not know---yet--consciously! I am and I will always be a "student of life"---the best teacher there is! The more I know about Masters, the more I realize all of them managed to recover their wonderment about everything in the world "outside" or around them and of the world "inside" their human consciousness. These Masters learned to stop running in circles and how to focus into the beauty of flowers budding or a tranquil small lake looking like a clear mirror of puffy white clouds overhead or green towering trees on the outer bank. They studied the work of the ants or the bees and wondered. They stopped everything to see the sun rise or set like a fiery red jewel over the rim of a far horizon. They watched, wondered and learned from the miracle of nature in every direction they looked! This is why I urge you to move back into the wonderment of everything. Wonder mixed with imagination will lead you back home to yourself. To 108

know your Source, know yourself! The wonder of you contains all that you will need to know and to express in order to ride with me and the rest of us on that first train into the new virgin universe...a wonder of wonders in itself!


Chapter 35 A Window In Time And Space A window is not only something you can see out of but also something you can see into. Such a window is now occurring in time and space. It is actually a window between five other dimensions of reality and this universe. These windows or coordination points open up between various dimensions of reality from time to time. These can be major, minor or minute "happenings." This one is a major event. It is due to the fact that humanity is awakening to the point where a critical mass in human consciousness has also awakened several layers or generations of IS'. This means they breached the severance between them and us. We are their children, in one way, so they are making a movement toward us in this new window. This major window opening is due to the fact that so many of us on earth now have awakened to our god or goddess reality and want to end this separation between ourselves and our Source forever. As we move our consciousness out through this window, they are moving theirs in toward us. These Sources are aligning themselves with us in consciousness for the very first time, and it is bringing on the various paradigm shifts being experienced by humanity today. These three generations of Sources or IS'. that are holding us now have awakened to the point where the facilitation of a mass human ascension will be possible. We have a tendency to think that we came from one Source and that is it. The cosmos is infinite and just as there are generations of selves with Selves, there are also generations upon generations ad infinite Sources within Sources or Sources outside of Sources. Since you and I are three-dimensional, we 110

always need at least three different generations of Sources aligned together to provide us with a body or an"embracement vehicle" to hold us and that is operable in those three dimensions of IS'. We are about to experience the new "big bang" that will literally propel us out through this window in this universe into a new universe of our own making. Ready or not, we are all at the verge of a paradigm shift that will dazzle every fiber of our being!


Chapter 36 Twelve Great Dimensions of Reality As this new birth of earth star unfolds we are going to merge with the knowledge and wisdom of twelve IS' right off our universal horizon! This will add considerably to each of our individual creative abilities. These twelve great dimensions of reality are aligned with us in this universe in such a way that when we ascend through this window we must pass through all of them on our way into our new virgin universal space. Every single creative act and thought by the light-entity beings presently residing in them, as well as those who have passed through them, will be imprinted on your and my nucleus as we pass through them. There has never ever been such a grand synthesis of wisdom united together as during our earth star birth, simply because it is the self-destined heritage of the new breed of gods---us! Already nine of those twelve IS's are sending their unique energy into the window we have opened. This is accelerating a species shift like never before! We asked for and needed a tremendous amount of new vitality or life energy to succeed in creating a live birth, and we are getting it! Only one out of ten such universal births are live ones. The odds seem overwhelmingly large that we could pull off a live birth, considering that most of humanity find little joy in their lives. Fortunately, it requires only a very small percentage of people on earth who truly love life to "pull off" a live birth! The numbers of us who love life are growing with greater and greater speed---now accentuated by this new window we have created. We are building up momentum for a mass ascension, and that will also be a huge "first" in the history of our planet. I am ready, are you? 112


Chapter 37 First Mass Human Ascension The time is very near for those prepared to make a mass human ascension off of Earth. All of us, including previously Ascended Masters who have been waiting patiently "off stage," will be taking this first train into the new virgin universe! It will be the thrill of thrills. At that moment earth and all living forms upon it will be compacted into a single powerful nucleus. When the big bang occurs that tiny cell will burst through the walls of this universe and through the protective layers of the twelve IS' surrounding us now within their womb. Once it has penetrated these twelve vast dimensions it will burst open, creating the new virgin universe in its wake---from a point to a cone shape! At that moment of ascension the only criteria as to whether you will or won't will be whether you love yourself or whether you do not! If you love who and what you are, you will definitely be ascending with the rest of us. If you do not, you will be left behind on Earth Star, with plenty of time on your hands to wake up and follow the rest of us through an individual ascension later. In the due course of evolution, every one of us light beings now in human form will eventually ascend. It is scripted into our "intent packet." You and I have been ordained to unfold our own unique selves, at our own pace, on our own paths, into being a new breed of gods. Less than one-third of humanity presently embodied on earth or in the DEAD ZONE will experience mass ascension. The other two-thirds in human form will join us later. I choose to use the word "us" because I choose to believe you will be taking that ride with us, but the final choice that counts is yours. Are you coming? If you are, I am sure you will 114

be uplifting and inspiring many others to take this flight with us. Your task will be to see and hold the ideal of what you must be to ascend. When you make it clear enough and hold it strongly enough your body will have the needed blueprint to perfectly match that vibration, for you body must go with you---and it wants to! No one can make this ascension without taking their body along with them. This is how ascension works! Your biological body must have an image of what it is growing into, and when you see it clearly taking this trip of all trips with you, it will form itself into the ideal you are holding. This is how all immortals reach that state! If you wish to be an immortal you must reach that position of immortality within your own mind first, and your body will gladly follow for it also has a life of its own that will settle for nothing less than immortality---with, or without you! It is going to take a brief but powerful moment of critical mass to power this first mass human ascension. One single thought or feeling of intense self-love or joy might be the spark that triggers critical mass. Will you be the one to do it?


Chapter 38 Acceleration Toward Critical Mass Each day we speed closer and closer to the growing point of critical mass. The birth of Earth as a star is the biggest thing to happen in the cosmos in a long, long time! To calculate in terms of years how long it takes between each of these universal birth cycles you need to write down a number from 30 to 40 and then add one million zeros ahead of it! In terms of the cosmos that is a brief moment, but for us here on earth in human consciousness it is a long, long time to wait for the next one. This is why every young and old god involved in pulling off this birth are doing all they can imagine to make sure it turns out to be a live birth! The forms or avenues of acceleration into critical mass have been evaluated and pursued from every angle or usable channel in the cosmos. This is why we have twelve great Sources volunteering to help make it a grand success! There are also many old gods now in human form that deliberately lost consciousness and memory---to awaken and add their bountiful life energy toward achieving a live earth birth. The huge window in space and time is allowing an incredible flow of creative new life into the heart center and the consciousness stream holding earth in orbit. The extra set of fifth-dimensional "doubles" of all forms of life on earth are already created and in place. Everything that is needed to "orchestrate" perfect timing for this birth has been done! It is now merely a question of that exact moment when the scale is tipped and critical mass takes place. If you are wondering if you are going to get a clue of some sign when it is about to move into the big bang, you will. It will feel like a mild electric shock. Three seconds later it will be all finished, but those 116

three seconds will be jam-packed with more thrills than it is possible to imagine. Three seconds will be a small but immensely exciting eternity! There will be a flicker of disorientation, similar to when you now step out of one room and into another in your home. It takes consciousness a split second or two to reorient yourself to the new enclosed space. There will not be another opportunity like this for eons and eons, so everyone who can be awakened is pressed into service as quickly as possible. Each awakening adds one more valuable increment of light, love, and power---or life energy---toward achieving a critical mass and a live birth. If you are reading this book you are being awakened and called from many quarters to share or spread your light into the still dark and dense areas of human consciousness on earth. Nothing happens until critical mass, so sparks are flying as more and more of us awaken! At the same time we add to the rapidly assembling life gestalt. Let's move forward and probe as deeply as we can into this living gestalt taking shape at this very moment!


Chapter 39 The New Living Gestalt Words themselves can and do present a problem when attempting to explain the abstract or unknown. All other "gestalts" on our planet Earth without exception relate to the past and are used quite literally to anchor or ground us to the planet. If you were not still connected to at least one gestalt on earth you would not be able to maintain existence in your human body. Gestalts are what act as the building blocks to form a society or a civilization of like-minded people together. Our "root assumptions" about a collectively agreed-on set of human beliefs are what form our physical "laws" of nature! Therefore, there are many positive sides to gestalts. We need them in order to get anything creatively done in 3-D reality. All gestalts are in the past and live in our present time. The one exception is the new living gestalt. The challenge posed here by words is that the very word "gestalt" by nature means it deals with past issues. However, since we have no other word, even it if is a contradiction in terms, we will call this like-minded new pool of thought---which deals only with the forever now---a Living Gestalt. The name itself gives you immediate insight to what it contains as well as what it does not contain! It does not mean death! This New Living Gestalt is growing daily from a tiny pool into a vast ocean of unconditional love and unlimited life. You can only be a member of this New Living Gestalt when you are able to leave all issues of death and the past behind. No other energy from any other presently existing gestalt is permitted to taint or debase the New Living Gestalt. Each time you feel genuine unconditional love for yourself or for anyone or anything, including the universe and your Source, that love passes into 118

the New Living Gestalt. If you feel a genuine passion for anyone or anything in life, that life passion is allowed entry into the New Living Gestalt. Only the very highest feeling tones of beauty, virtue, truth, love, life and reality are allowed membership into the New Living Gestalt. The New Living Gestalt is created specifically for the coming birth of earth star. When the higher vibratory earth compresses into a tiny cell nucleus and explodes through the ring of twelve IS' surrounding us at critical mass, it will immediately unfold into an entire new virgin universe. A new earth will form in what appears to us as an instant, and we will find ourselves living on it with all of the mighty powers of an immortal living god! The New Living Gestalt will also unfold and will provide us with an instant life nourishment and a grand field of unconditional love, until we get our own individuated selves oriented to our own immense power to materialize whatever we want or need. The New Living Gestalt will act as a bridge into super-consciousness. It will feed and nourish our reality as we reawaken to our own unlimited power to create and to awaken to our own unlimited field of unconditional love. As the new breed of gods we will be Selves, Creators and Sources in one individuated mighty god-entity. We will be free to roam the cosmos, visiting old universes or creating new ones along the way. Every absolutely pure unconditional feeling of love or thought and feeling of joy will find its way into this New Living Gestalt. The old kind of gestalts that lived and formed themselves from the past will be unknown in the new virgin universe. They will be like faint memories or torn pages from the Great Book of Life!


Chapter 40 Nucleus Split Into Two Earth When any living cell reproduces it clones a new cell from the old cell; a nucleus split occurs. The old cell and the new cell remain in a suspended stage for a while until the old cell is sloughed off and disintegrates back into its element and subatomic form of life. The earth reproduces itself in the same manner and has already split into two nucleus' in preparation for the coming birth as a STAR. The two nucleus' are still attached to each other---and will be right up to the moment of critical mass when the big bang occurs. Our planet earth was engineered or designed to eventually reach the stage where it would have a nucleus split, and the newer clone would erupt or unfold into a new universe. Universal creation methods are almost the opposite of what we have here on earth. The new is always bigger and brighter! With us on earth the opposite is sadly true. With each reproduction, like copies in a Xerox machine, the original clearness fades a tiny bit more. Thus, after uncountable divisions upon divisions all of the original pure luster in our human body cells fades gradually away. The clones deteriorate. They do not have as much light in them and are not as healthy as the original two---or whatever---you and I started out with after conception. Our cells add in all of the negative genetics or thoughts and feelings we have. The universe throws off the negative aspects or residue so that the new will be greater than the original. At critical mass then the old nucleus will disconnect. It will be the earth star left behind...where there will be no death for at least 1,000 years. We will explore that more in the next chapter. The main point to grasp in this one is that we are currently living on or in two earths at this time. Every fragment of life here 120

is now living in a two-fold split existence. One-half is already fifth-dimensional, and the other is not. Each "half" is also a whole form of itself---in its dimension!

Chapter 41 The Earth Star Left Behind As already outlined, one whole earth will rocket away into space, using the one left behind as an anchor or platform as it pushes off into a new universe. The other still dense earth will remain here in orbit as a sudden bright new star. If you are left standing here on this earth after critical mass and the earth star birth is over, you will have a brief moment of disorientation. You may personally be around a group of others having a discussion and suddenly you will experience a sudden electrical shock and see several members in your group vanish---never to be seen or heard from again. At least not until you yourself have reached the point of earth graduation when you follow and reunite with those who became fifth-dimensional before you did! This same scenario will be taking place in every nook and cranny upon earth. It will be shocking in more ways than one! You will be forced to make up some kind of a credible "story line" that will explain away the phenomena and give you peace of mind and a continued belief in the stability of "laws of nature" you have accepted. Otherwise, you would lose all faith in "reality" and a will to live in a dimension you cannot "count on" to follow the root assumptions that allow life forms to gather and interact at planetary levels. 121

Nothing will seem much different except the fact that no one is able to die. Death has always been an easy escape for those who insist life must unfold according to their expectation or they will simply commit suicide. WRONGO IN THE CONGO! Death will be impossible by any method or means! This means you will now have to come to "grips" with the fact that you came into the human body to learn and to have fun---if not great joy---while doing it! Somewhere along the thorny way you forgot! You forgot that you always have and you always will create your own reality! You did it before you were birthed in human form, and you will always be doing it! You made your world what it is at this exact moment. It is not only impossible for any other light entity to create your world for you, but you cannot create theirs either---not even if you try! The universe is a huge canvas and you paint the pictures of your life on it. That's called free will! Earth star will give you more than enough time to realize that, if you do not already know it. There never are any victims. Two or more actors on the stage of life get together and one plays out the victim role and the other one (or ones) involved play the part of a tyrant. In either situation, the actors agreed to play the part, for whatever reasons known to them in the unfolding drama called human life on earth. The role and ensuing drama was self-chosen by all. Human life on earth star will still be what you make it. Until you become the conscious Master, you play the role of servant to your body or mind or to social consciousness from any level within it! Like all star bodies, earth star will gradually decay to the point where it collapses in upon itself, forming a black hole on one side and a white hole on the other. Planets incarnate again and again just like light entities in human bodies. There is no need to worry about this planetary collapse in the near future. You and all of our generations that follow will have more than enough time to learn lessons---to learn 122

how to live happily upon a star and to finally graduate off of it and into the fifth dimension! Which earth are you riding? Which one do you want to be riding on? Any intense thought or feeling coupled with desire and expectation---especially with a vivid image held in mind---must become a reality! Either way, we are not only going through a species shift, we are also going through a dimensional shift or alteration, depending on which of the two earths you will inhabit after the earth star birth. The new breeds of gods are being gently pushed out of their nests! It was fun...but I am leaving this old earth behind. Are you coming along?


Chapter 42 Which Earth Are You Riding If you are beginning to wonder which earth you will be riding, only you know the answer! You have a choice! There appears to be enough "time" left for you to make the choice to love yourself enough to take that ride into the new virgin universe! I say this because it only takes a moment to realize your godhood, and thus to love yourself because of it... At this point only the highest "players" who are orchestrating this earth star birth know the year, day, hours, or moment it will occur. It could be a moment or two after you read this sentence. It could be months or even several years. That splendid moment is imminent! It is in the air! It will take place now during our present generation. Almost everyone in human body form on earth or in the DEAD ZONE will live to experience it! This is definitely a "now" event--not several decades or a century away! It would be a dangerous game to imagine that it may be quite a while before enough light entities in human form wake up and create critical mass. Any of several other factors are able to generate critical mass in a moment. The Creator personally responsible for dreaming us into existence could awaken from its deep sleep at any moment. This Creator has formed a tiny pool of its own consciousness that is awake and knows that is the most appropriate moment to awaken. By nature the cosmic principles involved here---the moment this Creator holding earth in its sleeping bosom awakens--it will reduce itself along with earth and all life on earth into that tiny, tiny one-celled nucleus...At the point, because of this huge window in time and space and the twelve great IS's participating in this birth, it will be the biggest bang this cosmos has ever experienced! The timing of all involved, from the 124

Creator and the twelve IS' on down to the older and younger gods initiating this birth must be exact to the moment if a live birth is to unfold! Critical mass is the key, and each one of us is an unknown "X" factor as to when it will take place.

Chapter 43 Preparing The Way The Star Seed Material

The human orchestration in this birth started millenniums ago and picked up momentum as the human population grew and civilizations formed everywhere on earth. Many "light bearers" had come and gone---most of them shunned or crucified. Here and there more and more little pockets of light formed. With the advent of the industrial age culminating in our present knowledge explosion we are already well on our way toward critical mass. Yes, I admit that I may have omitted many sparkling schools of spiritual thought---like Theosophy and Mary Baker Eddy's Christian Science "movements." However, I am weaving a golden thread that began shortly after the mid-point of the nineteenth century. It began with the "flower children" in the early sixties and opened a huge door in human spiritual development. You can find this material I am addressing in the marketplace today; it is called the Starseed material. The Starseed material was intuitive data picked up by a young man looking for spiritual truth. The information taking shape in his mind astounded and dazzled him. In essence, this was the first current conscious stream of knowledge stating clearly that our old planet Earth was in the imminent process of becoming a star! You can imagine how "far out" this 125

information seemed. Yet, this very dedicated young man decided to make this knowledge public in the form of a published book. That information literally shook and bewildered "established" New Age schools of thought. Few of them wanted to hear of anything so outrageous and so different from what they were teaching. Yet, truth will always persist until it becomes accepted knowledge, and gradually, here and there, more and more "new-agers" read and spread the amazing revelations in the Starseed material. Earth was preparing to be birthed into a star. Thus, the initial seed of this coming birth of earth as a star was grounded in human consciousness.


Chapter 44 Opening New Dimensions Seth Material It was only when Jane Roberts began to channel an entity known as SETH that AWAKENING humanity became aware of multidimensional realities, of infinite probable yous' and infinite probable realities, or probably worlds extending in all directions from our own selves! This was a huge jump or a mighty leap from a single linear reality based around Newtonian beliefs. We discovered that we had been focused on one thin thread of consciousness confined to the series of actions that precipitated physical events. Up to that time we had already discovered or realized there were seven planes or dimensions of consciousness. This information was known even back in the days of Plato. However, the idea or thought that each one of us not only extended from (or extended to) these "higher" dimensions was never broached. Obviously, we were not ready to understand or to accept such ideas earlier in our development. The Starseed material had already "rocked the boat" of conventional New Age thinking considerably. Now Seth comes along and really makes incredibly huge new waves in spiritual understanding! Not only is our old planet Earth going to give birth as a star, but all of us light entities incarnated in human form were invisibly connected to countless probably earths and to countless probable selves! The Seth material was filled with revolutionary insights into Creation itself! It was "packaged" and presented in such a way that the new ideas were undeniable! Seth helped to fill in so many big gaps in our understanding of reality, of self, of our "soul" and our spirit and of creation like no other enlightenment presented to modern humanity. The huge volume of Seth material which began late in 1963 did not "bombard" public consciousness 127

until several Seth material books rocked the spiritual community in the early seventies. One of these revelatory volumes was even titled "The Seth Material." These books, like mine, gradually became translated into other languages around the world, thus taking the reality of multi-level existence worldwide! The Starseed material lit the match, and the Seth material turned those first few sparks into a roaring planetary flame...


Chapter 45 Earth Mission E.T. Material First, understand that I am not addressing the E.T. movie in this chapter. I am speaking about "walkins" that I have personally met---to my great delight--in this lifetime. To understand the E.T.'s you need to understand the concept of "walk-ins." A walk-in is the term used for an entity with full consent of the light entity inhabiting a human body stepping into and using that borrowed human body as its own. The walk-in feels or utilizes all of the known and unknown senses of the borrowed human body. Walk-ins are rare. When they occur, it is because the present tenant has agreed in the inner level of reality to step aside or to step out of that body permanently, going on then to other probable worlds. This phenomena was already known before the E.T.'s made their "group" appearance. The size of the E.T. group has varied from time to time--as far as human carriers---from the initial two to several; I believe as many as five human bodies have been involved. This is at the exterior level of our 3-D world. At the inner level, a huge band of E.T.'s gathered together in the fifth dimension to alternately take turns stepping into the human vehicles and bringing their enlightening messages, all relating to our upcoming birth as an earth star! Their very presence in 3-D reality has had a great uplifting effect and has given an added mighty thrust toward helping us achieve critical mass here! Being fifth-dimensional and beyond you can imagine the bubbling vitality that surrounds these entities as they speak and educate those fortunate to be in their very "live" audiences! The E.T.'s have moved from several "home bases" from California to Arizona and to my last knowledge, Hawaii. They travel in cars just like we do and speak to small 129

gatherings or large crowds almost on a daily basis, thus spreading love, light and knowledge abundantly behind them. The E.T.'s have many marvelous audio cassette tapes of their discourses, including a unique set of tapes where they make unusual sounds or tones with their vocal cords. These sounds are intoned deliberately to aid the listener to "open up" to greater inner awareness, as well as speeding the development of psychic abilities safely! They intone these astounding sounds during their "workshops" or seminars, and it is hard to believe your ears when you hear it and see the movement of their lips or tensing of their throats. They state it is actually part of their own fifth-dimensional language, where only sounds--no words---are used to communicate far beyond what we do with word formations. The E.T.'s have two "teaching thoughts" with great social impact which I know are well worth sharing with you here. One is that "the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality!" This is powerful stuff that they reiterate intentionally and constantly throughout their presentations. If true---and it is---it means you had better be very careful of what pictures you are holding of your reality, doesn't it? See why I like it? The other statement with great impact frequently repeated by them, is, "Follow your spirit without hesitation!" When you do, you are always in the flow. You stop the intellect from stepping forward and judging your experience and often talking you out of it or debasing it. Think this through. Whenever you are in judgment you are no longer "in the moment!" One of the greatest Master teachers of this principle, whom I know and love, is Ramtha. We will address his place in this earth birth in Chapter 47. If any of my readers are interested in obtaining any of the E.T. material---audio tapes, video tapes, booklets, etc.---simply refer to the Bibliography. This 130

material will broaden your view and will give you personal insight into the fact that fifth-dimensional beings really know how to live!


Chapter 46 The Whole Picture Phillip Material Some time after the mid-eighties Sheridan Bryce took over to conclude what Jane Roberts had begun before her exit from this plane. She began to channel an entity who identified himself as PHILLIP, who was bringing in information about Creation and the birth of earth as a star that extends far beyond what Seth had revealed. In fact, Phillip explained that Seth was one of many of his many extended personalities. Phillip proceeded to give the whole picture of how and why this universe--and this particular planet Earth--had been chosen as the breeding ground to spawn the new breed of gods. He revealed that he had been directly behind the "experiment" from the moment of inception, and that he had been orchestrating the unfolding and the timing of this new Earth-birth--behind the scenes--for billions and billions of years. It is obvious when you have read, heard and absorbed all of the Phillip material what the whole picture is all about! At the same time Phillip goes into great detail explaining specifically how and why time works to slow down the speed of thought. Prior to the use of time as a medium or canvas all thoughts of creation were so immediate that the light entities were already moving on to bigger and better creations, thus were never able to perceive what they had created. When the medium of time was added into the creation "mix" the space/time combination slowed down the speed of thought and allowed for particles to gather and the coagulation of light waves into mass which could then be entered and viewed, allowing full perception of what had been so artistically and beautifully created! Phillip, speaking through Sheridan Bryce, has gifted us with hundreds of incredible audio cassette 132

tapes about almost anything and everything you have ever wanted to know. There is also a rich earth heritage of written and published material, including the book Joyriding the Universe which is listed in the Bibliography. If you are looking for more detailed insights into this earth birth I suggest you get your hands on this Phillip material. It is a feast for eyes, ears, and all of your senses...


Chapter 47 Follow Your Spirit Ramtha Material Ramtha was one of the first---if not the first---gods in human form to ascend over 35,000 years ago. The Hindu religion, which was the first in this current civilization, was based on the legacy of knowledge he left behind to his "army" before he ascended. Ramtha promised his little daughter, J.Z. Knight in that lifetime, just before his ascension that he would return to her---and to his people. There is no doubt in my mind that Ramtha ascended and went into respiration as a sleeping god for this past 35,000-year cycle. He is obviously and very definitely wide awake at this time. I have personally been in his audience and can attest to the fact that Ramtha exudes sheer pure energy. He is a staunch advocate of following your own spirit without hesitation. I personally owe Ramtha a debt of great gratitude for showing me how to leave all of my guilt and regrets behind! His power is awesome, as revealed in my book, Tale of the Ram, a compilation of 100 short powerful stories by people I knew or personally interviewed and the miracles in their lives through their contact or following of the principle taught by Ramtha (also known as the Ram). The book includes several miracles that Ramtha performed for me, one on request within minutes, before a throng of over 1,500 people! It was a silent "mental" request! Ramtha teaches everyone to find God within themselves and to live every moment of life with a fiery passion. His "Great White Book" simply titled Ramtha is an absolute masterpiece! I wish everyone on earth had a copy which they could read in their own language. If so, and if his advice is followed on how to live in the moment in great joy, great peace and overflowing abundance, earth would hit critical mass in moments! 134

It is true---as Phillip points out----that anyone who channels who does not "download" after a channeling session can build up a "middle man" consciousness that can take possession of the body of the channeler. If this occurs, the "middle man" rewires the brain so that it is impossible for the original entity to speak through or to use the body of that channel again. There is presently a raging debate going on as to whether the "real Ramtha" is still able to use the body of J.Z. Knight or if the middle man has indeed taken over her body! He is here now on earth--in her body, or not! I can personally attest that I am certain Ramtha himself was in the body of J.Z. Knight during the years just before and through the mid-eighties when Ramtha instructed and aided me in my personal growth. Even if J.Z. Knight is no longer being used as a personal channel by Ramtha now, the "Great White Book" and the hundreds upon hundreds of audio tapes advising readers or listeners on how to attain super-consciousness on their own is priceless. Ramtha definitely inspired me to follow my own spirit without hesitation, and I am and will be eternally thankful for it! As beloved Ramtha would say so emphatically, so be it! Ramtha is taking a big hand in helping to usher in the birth of earth as a star!


Chapter 48 A Golden Age Sai Baba In taking an overview of this volume I found it appropriate to point out the astounding impact that Sai Baba of India is having in ushering in what he refers to as the Golden Age. Many of my readers have already heard or read about the life and miracles of Sai Baba. Thousands of books have been published about him in all major languages of the world. I know there are close to a hundred different books published about Sai Baba in the German language, and I personally read over fifty about him in the English language. Sai Baba is a master player in bringing on the needed vitality on earth to achieve critical mass. He has definitely chosen what would be to me a hard path to follow---the religious path to bring individuals into awareness of their inner godhood! Nevertheless, he is accomplishing all that he envisioned doing as a young boy in India. When he was eleven years old, he was already telling the "devotees" who followed him around to see his miracles and to hear his message that they were very lucky to be standing so close to him. He told them that in the years to come audiences would be so large that they would have to stand miles away to hear him speak! That has certainly come to pass; a few years ago it was estimated that four million or more people stood or amassed in one huge crowd around him. At that time, the president of India had the honor of presenting Sai Baba to the colossal throng. This is more people than have ever been assembled together for such an event in the whole history of our planet. Sai Baba states he is the one God, but so are you and all others upon earth. He proclaims that he has consciously, as God, moved into human form and 136

human birth to come here and usher in a Golden Age upon earth. He states he is a full Avatar, imbued with full God consciousness and that he will indeed usher in a Golden Age, for it is his mission:that it is the will of God, and it will be done! I honor and admire this "brother" for adding such a mighty thrust toward bringing the Golden Age and thus the critical mass needed for the birth of earth as a star. Books about Sai Baba can be found everywhere!


Chapter 49 Learn To Be One With All Creation The entire journey of the light-entity self in human form on earth is to learn how to be one with all of Creation! We only appear to be separated from each other. It seems that our loved one or a stranger to us is not one with our own being, but they are. We are all so immersed in the illusion that we live and move and have our being in a dimension where all things and all life is fragmented. Our senses keep sending us this message; we can see it, we can feel it, we can hear it and even taste or smell it. However, our senses are virtually unreliable liars. If we lived only by our sense we would revert back to being brutes and pure animal-consciousness rapidly. This is why all enlightened individuals wake up to the fact that they cannot trust their physical senses. These senses were created to deliberately fool us into thinking time, space, mass and 3-D forms are real! How could the gods stage a play without the stage, backdrop, props, actors, producers, directors and scores of different talented people from many professions coming together and acting out the illusion or delusion of the drama called human life on earth? Everything in this grand play is based solely on the movement of our minds. It only appears or seems to be a physical act, when it is simply a mental act. We are gods that came to play. We put our minds together to form a holographic light "show" or human drama "play" based on a stage, props and actors that "appeared' physically real. We established certain "root assumptions" or "core beliefs" commonly shared by all that the stage, props, and actors (ourselves) were physically real. We utilized a complex arrangement of holographic light patterns 138

that made our "mental production" perceived by us actors in the play as being physically "solid." In order to pull it off we had to put ourselves into trance states to the point that we narrowed our focus down to one very thin line or band of light frequency waves. It is time now to wake up from our intense trance state. The play is ending...and in the end, all of us must arouse ourselves to the reality that there is no separation anywhere in Creation. All is one, and one is all! We have played our parts so well that we lost ourselves in the performance. We forgot we were only acting out spontaneous "story lines" together in a grand passion play known as our lives together on the earth. Before we came together and formed all that we see and know in 3-D "reality" we knew full well that we were one with All That Is and that All That Is was one with us. There was no separation until we created it as a fantasy. Look around at everything you see that seems so permanent and so solid and substantial...In trillions of years every speck of it will be gone and you will still be here! Your task now is just to wake up---realize what and who you are! Claim that divinity that has always been there "behind the scenes." Know that you always were and always are and always will be one with all of Creation. Your new self-love and selflight will help to insure that we do indeed have a live birth when earth turns into a star!


Chapter 50 The Birth of Earth As A STAR We have journeyed together through many thoughts in this volume, and I am sure that many were challenging and revolutionary to your former belief system. If I have conveyed to you just the one point that "things are not what they seem to be" this book will be a valuable contribution to your life. There is another quaint saying that goes well with this thought: Thinking and knowing are two different things! Our beloved, gorgeous and breathtaking planet Earth is hovering on the edge of this dramatic new birth as a star. Perhaps by now you can feel or sense it yourself. Our brains usually only retain twenty-five percent or less of what we hear or read of formerly unknown new material---on the first reading or hearing. This is why my whole adult life I have made it a personal habit to read and re-read or listen and relisten to written or audio forms of new knowledge I have encountered. You will either reflect or you will absorb knowledge. It only belongs to you when you absorb it into your personal stream of consciousness! When you absorb it you "own" it. You can assert genuinely, this is what I feel or know about that, because the information is owned by you. You have absorbed it. On the other hand, if you say "Russ Michael says" or "Phillip says" or "Seth says," etc., you are merely reflecting the knowledge of someone else. How can it be your knowledge when you have already disowned it by saying, "Michael says." A wise individual absorbs all of the knowledge in the world around her or him; that is what makes her or him wise... You have just as much of a hand in this earth birth as I do or anyone else does. We are all in it 140

together! No truly spiritual being is sitting and counting, saying the birth of earth star occurred because anyone else did so much to help precipitate critical mass. One small added measure of love, light, self-worth, joy, beauty, or any other such uplifting spiritual virtue newly held by you could be "the feather-weight that tipped the scales." We are all exactly standing, sitting, talking, walking, thinking, feeling, acting or whatsoever in the right space at the right time! It is what we each individually do with what we are and who we are in this living moment that counts! If you need a million dollars and you are one penny short, you do not yet have a million dollars. When you are a penny "short" of a million dollars, you only need one penny more to have met your goal of having one million dollars. If one penny can make such a big difference, think of what you or I can add to the earth star birth if that is all it takes to reach critical mass! You do not have to believe in reincarnation, but reincarnation will be a life principle whether you believe it or not. Your belief will change in a flash when you get off of the wheel of human birth and death and want to get back on the wheel again! You, likewise, do not have to believe in the coming birth of earth star. You alone can decide what you accept and what you reject in thought and feeling. I only hope that what you have shared here with me in this volume will at least have inspired you to start loving your god-self into human existence! If so, you will be ready for the birth... The birth of earth star is not something to be waiting for; it is the culmination of a grand idea in a grand and mighty god, and all ideas eventually have a probable reality. All signs point to that probability materializing at any moment! Live each moment as fully as possible and the god star in you will be birthed perhaps even before the massive earth star ascension begins! Soon gods from afar will peer down at earth and see a sudden colossal explosion of light 141

and what all in the universe have long awaited---the birth of earth star!


FINDING YOUR SOULMATE "... In this end times age the conscious urge of soulmates to yearn and search ceaselessly for their beloved counterparts grows daily. Memories from the ancient past return to hold their enticing image before us. Somewhere in the distant night of time, one special someone meant more to our soul than any other. This wondrous remembrance lifts our hearts and turns our minds' gaze toward this one brilliant STAR rising in our future heavens. "Where, oh where, is my soulmate!" "...When you find that particular ideal who meets the high standards of your own soul, then you will find and know your own soul-mate. The two are one. Every soul-mate who comes into our life is there because he or she has responded to the timely invocation of our own soul. When we ask with firm conviction and unswerving faith, then we shall be given our desire. It is an occult law, that every invocation must be met by an evocation. Every time we lift our earthly matters up, we bring our spiritual substance into worldly being. The God within us becomes a living reality outside of us. Your ideal does exist! May he or she unfold rapidly within your present field of awareness ..." Excerpt from Finding Your Soulmate By Russ Michael Comments: Workshop last Saturday was very meaningful to me...I have been studying your book on Meditation. It is wonderful. ...a lifetime Experience to my husband and myself. 143

Just a short note to let you know what a profound effect you have had on my life and the lives of many others since your visit to St. Louis. I must say you are the first teacher that I have met that has left us with so much knowledge, and so very much to think about for a long time to come. I got what I needed from your lecture...thank you for your help and encouragement. Russ, thanks so very much for giving our community this wonderful opportunity to hear TRUTH. You are an exceptionally gifted teacher and I want to tell you that I am personally grateful for what you have brought to us. NOTE: See back pages for data on how to obtain this book. or any of over 20 Russ Michael eBooks.


Chapter 51 Genesis of A New Universe There are always ideas behind ideas behind ideas in the same way that there are realities behind realities behind realities infinitely. What I am leading to is the birth of earth as a star is not the end idea as far as PHILLIP--the creator of that idea--is concerned. The earth star birth is simply the exploding nucleus for the genesis of a virgin new universe.... This is how all universes are born. The "point" or nucleus of a universe creating planet, such as Earth, explodes and fans out to form a cone-shaped virgin universe. First, the tiny earth nucleus must have enough power or thrust behind the blast when it hits critical mass to catapult that nucleus out through the confining "walls" or membrane of this universe. Once this earth nucleus pierces through this universe and is out on the other side of it, that nucleus will fan out, creating its own vast new space as it takes shape or begins its genesis. We have already spelled out clearly what immense periods of time must pass as an average for the birth of a new universe---as we count time---is only a cosmic flash at cosmic levels. Since all of the many gods involved in this universal new birth know that only one in ten such cosmic events turn out to be a live universal birth, they are going to do all they possibly can do to make sure all supportive systems are ready and in place. In this instance, we are referring mostly to the twelve IS' aligned and waiting. The window is open. Time and space are collapsing with great speed in human consciousness on earth. Old sleeping gods "hired on" to incarnate in human bodies and to wake up at the precise moment--thus, adding huge amounts of life, light and love within human consciousness---are awakening here and there. Young new gods, some that have gone through thousands of human incarnations are waking 145

up and adding to the gathering point or vortex of power. At any moment now---in three seconds---we will see and feel the thrilling earth star birth and the mighty genesis of a new universe...See you there! THE BEGINNING!


Final note from the author scribe... In addition to my best-seller--Finding Your Soulmate--still selling in 12 languages, I have written over 20 published self-help books and I invite you to obtain and read them all. ...After my death experience...at age 18--and In the unfolding due course of my spiritual work--I have received thousands of letters of gratitude from readers of my books or from many grateful attendants of my workshops, who have found their soul mates or their Twin Ray life companions, or made their wildest, most impossible dreams come true. A few days ago I received this email from someone who recently obtained and read my 360 page autobiography. Dear thankful kindly e-Book reader--Carolyn Tester--had this to say to me....Bless her heart. Autobiography of An IMMORTAL Carolyn Tester wrote: I don't think I have ever enjoyed reading anything as I am now doing with your autobiography. I'm now beginning to read slower and slower...as the end of it gets nearer...a habit I've acquired when in a GOOD read. Love to you and yours, Carolyn Tester If you enjoyed this booklet--or other books of mine--please encourage your loved ones, friends and associates to obtain and read them all.... 147

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