ABBOTT Booth o. 5 CONTACT: Jackie Briggs PH: (847) 938-5047 EMAIL: jackie.briggs@abbott.com Abbott is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health. Our products span the continuum of care, from nutritional products to medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. Our comprehensive product line encircles life itself – addressing important health needs for all ages. ACTELIO Booth o. 21 CONTACT: Jason Putnam PH: (205) 790-4900 EMAIL: jason.putman@actelion.com Tracleer, Ventavis and Veletri - these products are for the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. AMERICA HEART ASSOCIATIO Booth o. 11 CONTACT: Laura Rowe PH: (205) 510-1518 EMAIL: laura.rowe@heart.org Clinical updates, cardiovascular research, mission lifeline, ECC materials, quality improvement. BBVA COMPASS BA K Conference Sponsor CONTACT: Laura Clarke, Commercial Banking or Gary Bishop, Wealth Management PH: (205) 297-3238/(205) 297-3238 EMAIL: laura.clarke@bbvacompass.com gary.bishop@bbvacompass.com Tailored specifically for the healthcare industry, BBVA Compass offers a wide range of products and services for healthcare professionals and their practices. Our specialized medical bankers deliver solutions that will help you save time, improve your cash flow and grow your business. BOEHRI GER I GELHEIM PHARMACEUTICALS Booth o. 26 CONTACT: Megan McGarity PH: (205) 910-4453 EMAIL: ozarka1@aol.com Pradaxa - direct thrombin inhibitor for VAF patients to reduce the risk of stroke & systemic embolism. BOSTO SCIE TIFIC Booth o. 27 CONTACT: Jackson Lowery PH: (205) 516-5310 EMAIL: loweryj@bsci.com Manufacture/Sell coronary & peripheral stents, balloons, and many other products utilized by Interventional Cardiologists. BROOKWOOD MEDICAL CE TER Booth o. 12 CONTACT: Lindsay Knight PH: (205) 877-2509 EMAIL: lindsay.knight@tenethealth.com Over 900 privately practicing physicians treat and refer patients to Brookwood, with over 200 physicians practicing in offices located in one of the four professional office buildings connected to the hospital. We offer a complete array of medical programs and patient services. CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS I C. Booth o. 28 CONTACT: Daniel McKenna PH: (615) 259-2803 EMAIL: dmckenna@csi360.com CSI sells Diamond Back Atherectomy Catheter for treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease. FOREST PHARMACEUTICALS Booth o. 19 CONTACT: Jon Harvill PH: (205) 482-7722 EMAIL: jonharvill@frx.com Bystolic for hypertension. Lexapro for depression. GILEAD SCIE CES Booth o. 7 CONTACT: Laurie Ward PH: (205) 936-0559 EMAIL: laurie.ward@gilead.com Ranexa - Anti-ischemic, anti-anginal - Late current inhibitor. GILEAD SCIE CES Booth o. 8 CONTACT: Rich Rossell PH: (205) 908-1214 EMAIL: richard.rossell@gilead.com Letairis


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MERCK Booth o. partnerships. COOPER A D GALE.cholesterol.com Livalo 2 mg (pitavastatin) and Lipofen 150 mg (fenofibrate) LABCORP Booth o.com Medical device company for patients with heart failure. 23 CONTACT: Rita Wright PH: (205) 573-5827 EMAIL: rita_wright@merck.com Maynard. 15 CONTACT: Shanna Rooks PH: (205) 945-4796 EMAIL: shanna. PFIZER Booth o.com Clinical Laboratory Testing LAKESHORE SLEEP DISORDER CE TER Booth o. 25 CONTACT: Susan Summers PH: (205) 908-8604 EMAIL: summers@labcorp.com Sleep disorder testing. clinics. 9 CONTACT: Andrea Shapiro PH: (205) 910-4249 EMAIL: andrea. Taylor PH: (205) 790-4449 EMAIL: melodie@misofal. Cooper and Gale.shapiro@pfizer. the firm offers a full array of services to a broad and diverse client base consisting of Fortune 500 companies as well as closely held companies. Viagra .cotton@medtronic. and hospitals.com Vytorin. Conference Sponsor CONTACT: Ernie McAlister PH: (205) 423-1000 EMAIL: ernie. 6 CONTACT: Doug Lamon PH: (205) 655-7001 EMAIL: dlamon@medworks-in.EXHIBITOR GUIDE HEALTHSPRI G OF ALABAMA.2011 CV UPDATE . 14 CONTACT: Debra Cotton PH: (205) 421-4525 EMAIL: debra. 17 CONTACT: Shannon Connor PH: (205) 488-3622 EMAIL: sconnor@maynardcooper. Zetia MEDWORKS Booth o. Page 2 of 3 . I C. Established in 1956 we are the largest independently owned medical imaging company in Alabama.smoking cessation.mcalister@healthspring.com MedWorks provides in-office ancillary services to physician practices. Chantix .com Practice Management.com Full line equipment sales and service. Electronic Health Records and e-Prescribe and Billing Services.com Lipitor .com Medicare Advantage Plan KOWA PHARMACEUTICALS AMERICA Booth o. MEDICAL IMAGI G SYSTEMS Conference Sponsor CONTACT: Melodie A. Mobile and Montgomery. 1 CONTACT: Debra Chandler PH: (205) 631-5969 EMAIL: dchandler@medisysinc. Huntsville. charities and individuals. PC Booth o. With offices in Birmingham.com Medical professional liability insurance.b. MEDTRO IC Booth o.rooks@lakeshoresleepcenter. 20 CONTACT: Chris Weaver PH: (205) 238-9720 EMAIL: cweaver@kowapharma. MAY ARD. professional associations. PC is a full service law firm with over 200 attorneys. 2 CONTACT: Greg Wood PH: (205) 877-4400 EMAIL: gwood@proassurance.erectile dysfunction PROASSURA CE Booth o. MEDISYS Booth o.

spinal cord stimulation and deep brain stimulation devices. electrophysiology catheters. J.james@sanofi-aventis. Available to provide up to date information regarding programs and services available at UAB.2011 CV UPDATE .jett@sorin. and other literature. UAB MEDICI E Booth o. cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices. Jude Medical product portfolio includes implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). vascular closure devices. Tucker PH: (205) 934-6890 EMAIL: mjtucker@uabmc. SHELBY BAPTIST MEDICAL CE TER Booth o.com Prescription drugs. Jude Medical develops medical technology and services that focus on putting more control into the hands of those who treat cardiac.net Trinity Medical Center is a full service hospital. 4 CONTACT: M. 3 CONTACT: Craig Bernard EMAIL: cbernard@sjm. 10 CONTACT: Leisha Harris PH: (205) 599-4926 EMAIL: leisha_harris@chs. 18 CONTACT: Janet Davidson PH: (205) 223-4829 EMAIL: janet. The company is dedicated to advancing the practice of medicine by reducing risk wherever possible and contributing to successful outcomes for every patient. pacemakers.com UAB Physician Services assists physicians by expediting the referral process and by communicating timely and pertinent information regarding a patient's visit to UAB. 16 CONTACT: David Jett PH: (843) 813-0735 EMAIL: david. studies. heart valve replacement and repair products. 24 CONTACT: Angela James PH: (205) 441-3642 EMAIL: angela.com St.com Cardiac Rhythm Management SOUTHER DIAG OSTIC LABORATORIES Booth o.com Hospital SORI GROUP CRM Booth o. TRI ITY MEDICAL CE TER Booth o. The St. Page 3 of 3 . JUDE MEDICAL Booth o.EXHIBITOR GUIDE SA OFI-AVE TIS Booth o. neurological and chronic pain patients worldwide. 13 CONTACT: Megan Campbell PH: (205) 313-1248 EMAIL: mcampbell@southerndiag.davidson@bhsala.com Clinical and Pathology Laboratory ST. mapping and visualization systems.