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Free Course Materials Middle School History: Ancient Greece and Rome

Our middle school history teacher has provided the following reading list for his students this school year. All of the required reading is available completely free online. Here is his book list (some links will have purchase information but if you scroll down you'll see the free book). Ancient Greece: Famous Men of Greece, by John H. Haaren and Addison B. Poland Pictures from Greek Life and Story, by Alfred John Church The Story of the Greek People, by Eva March Tappan Our Young Folks' Plutarch, by Plutarch, ed. by Rosalie Kaufman The Odyssey for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church The Boys and Girls Herodotus by John S. White Ancient Rome: This will be the main text with supplementary materials added. All materials are available free online (click on title). Historical Tales: Roman, Charles Morris Some possible additional resources:0 The Story of the Romans, Helene Guerber Story of Rome, Mary MacGregor Famous Men of Rome, John H. Haaren Stories from Ancient Rome, Alfred Church The Aeneid for Boys and Girls, Alfred Church A History of Western Philosophy, Ralph McInerny The Timeline Index ADDENDUM: This live course has been completed and is now available as a recorded course. See for more information.