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InfoLink for CNC Users Guide

April 2004 Welcome to InfoLink for CNC, a CD library of GE Fanuc Automation Americas CNC, Power Mate and related product documentation in PDF format.

InfoLink CD Structure
InfoLink for CNC consists of a four-CD set. The CDs are structured as follows:
Controls Controls CD 1 through CD 4 contain different CONTROL and DRIVE product families. CD 1 Latest Model CNC and Power Mate controls and compatible FSSB-style Motors and Drives. CD 2 Older Model CNC and Power Mate controls and compatible non-FSSB style Motors and Drives. CD 3 Older Series 0 Model CNCs and compatible non-FSSB style Motors and Drives. CD 4 Laser and Laser-Punch controls and compatible FSSB style Motors and Drives. Open Systems Contains documents pertinent to applications where an external PC is used to provide the Operator Interface, or where the control is communicating with external devices over networks such as Ethernet.

Input/Output Each CD contains information on I/O Model A, I/O Link II, Profibus DP, DeviceNet and similar distributed I/O product families, as appropriate for the CNC and Power Mate products covered by the particular CD. Information related to Built-in I/O Cards is provided in the related CNC and Power Mate manuals. Information related to Connector Style I/O is provided in the related Series 16i/18i/21i-A/B manuals. Operator Panels Information related to FANUC's Machine Operator's Panels is provided in the related Series 16i/18i/21i-A/B manuals. On each CD, this section contains information on North American Operator Panels compatible with i Series CNCs, the Handy Machine Operators Panel, and the Portable MPG products. All Servo and Spindle manuals appropriate for the Power Mate and CNC products covered by a particular CD are included on the same CD. On each CD, the DRIVE products section incorporates information on Servo and Spindle Power, Feedback and Brake cables now available from GE Fanuc Automation Americas.


Programming Includes manuals for PMC Programming, Macro Executor Programming, C Language Programming, FAPT Picture and Conversational Programming. Note that Conversational Programming includes Manual Guide i and Manual Guide.

InfoLink Contents
The complete InfoLink for CNC set consists of four CD-ROM disks.
CD 1 CD 2 CD 3 CD 4 Latest Model CNC and Power Mate controls and compatible FSSB-style Motors and Drives. Older Model CNC and Power Mate controls and compatible non-FSSB style Motors and Drives. Older Series 0 Model CNCs and compatible non-FSSB style Motors and Drives. Laser and Laser-Punch controls and compatible FSSB style Motors and Drives.

InfoLink for CNC

What's New
The following documents are new for this version of InfoLink for CNC.
Product Family Series 30i Title, Document Number Descriptions Manual - Series 30i/300i/300is-A, GFZ-63942EN/01 Connection Manual (hardware) - Series 30i/300i/300is-A, GFZ-63943EN/01 Connection Manual (function) - Series 30i-Model A, Series 300i-Model A, Series 300isModel A, GFZ-63943EN-1/01 Vol. 1/3 Connection Manual (function) - Series 30i-Model A, Series 300i-Model A, Series 300isModel A, GFZ-63943EN-1/01 Vol. 2/3 Connection Manual (function) - Series 30i-Model A, Series 300i-Model A, Series 300isModel A, GFZ-63943EN-1/01 Vol. 3/3 Programming Manual - Series 30i/300i/300is-A Macro Compiler/Macro Executor, GFZ-63943EN-2/01 Users Manual (common) - Series 30i/300i300is-A, GFZ-63944EN/01 Users Manual (lathe) - Series 30i/300i/300is-A, GFZ-63944EN-1/01 Users Manual - Series 30i/300i/300is-A Machining Center System, GFZ-63944EN-2/01 Operators Manual - Series 30i-MA, 300i-MA, 300is-MA C Language Executor, GFZ-63944EN-3/01 Maintenance Manual - Series 30i/3000i/300is-Model A, GFZ-63945EN/01 Parameter Manual - Series 30i/300i/300is-A, GFZ-63950EN/01 Programming Manual - Series 30i/300i/300is-A PMC, GFZ-63983EN/01 Operators Manual - Series 30i-A ProfiBus-DP Board, GFZ-63994EN/01 Operators Manual - Series 30i-A FAST Ethernet/FAST Data Server, GFZ-64014EN/01 Operators Manual - Series 30iA Macro Compiler, GFZ-66264EN/01 Series 0i Descriptions Manual - Series 0i-PB, GFZ-63972EN/01 Connection manual (function) - FS0i-PB, GFZ-63973EN/01 Operator's Manual - Series 0i-PB, GFZ-63974EN/01 Parameter manual - Series 0i-PB, GFZ-63980EN/01 Series Beta i Descriptions Manual - AC Servo Motor Beta-i, GFZ-65302EN/01 Descriptions Manual - AC Spindle Motor Beta-i series, GFZ-65312EN/01 Descriptions - Servo Amplifier Beta-i, GFZ-65322EN/01 Maintenance Manual - Beta i Servo/Spindle Motors & Amps, GFZ-65325EN/01 Series Alpha i PowerMate/Control Descriptions Manual NSK Spindle Unit Series, GFZ-65352EN/01 Instruction Manual - CNC Backup Kit, GFK-2263 CD 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 4 1 4

InfoLink for CNC

Whats Changed
The following documents have been revised for this version of InfoLink for CNC.
Product Family Series 0i - Model B Conversational Programming Servo/Spindle Drives Alpha i Servo/Spindle Drives Alpha i FAPT Picture Drives Title/Current Version on CD Maintenance Manual - Series 0i-B, GFZ-63835EN/03 Operators Manual - Guide i, GFZ-63874EN/04 Parameter Manual - AC Servo Motor Alpha is, Alpha i, Beta is Series, GFZ-65270EN/04 Parameter Manual, AC Spindle Motor Alpha i, Beta i Series, GFZ-65280EN/04 FAPT Picture for Windows Operator's Manual, GFZ66244EN/03 Environmental Cables, Servo and Spindle Motors, GFK-2242D Old Version GFZ-63835EN/02 GFZ-63874EN/02 GFZ-65270EN/03 GFZ-65280EN/03 GFZ-66244EN/02 GFK-2242D CD 1 1 1, 4 1 1 1 4

System Requirements
To run the InfoLink CD, your computer must have: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 with service pack 3 or later, or Windows 2000 Minimum RAM requirements: 16 MB of RAM for Windows 98, 32 MB of RAM for Windows NT, and 64 MB for Windows 2000. Depending on the software and components that are installed on your system, you may need more memory than these stated minimums. Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 with Full Text Search, or later. The current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from

InfoLink for CNC

Tips for Using Adobe Acrobat

This section provides a quick guide to commonly used features in Acrobat Reader. Some features may operate somewhat differently depending on which version of Acrobat Reader you have. For example, in versions 5.0 and later, the Search buttons on the toolbar are shown in the collapsed state by default. To access the Search Results, Next Highlight, and Previous Highlight buttons, expand the Search buttons by clicking the arrow to the right of the Search icon. (In version 4.0, these buttons are always available.) For detailed help with a feature, please refer to the Acrobat Reader Online Help instructions. Collapsed Expanded

Search Instructions
The instructions in this section describe how to search within a document or across the document collection on a CD or hard drive using the tools provided by Adobe Acrobat Reader with Search version 4.0. Please refer to the Acrobat Reader Online Help instructions if you need more information.

Finding text in the Current Document

Use the Find feature (Edit > Find, or CRTL-F) to search for a text string in the currently-open PDF document.

Searching the InfoLink for CNC Library

Searching the InfoLink for CNC library requires Adobe Acrobat with Search version 4.0 or later. Adobe Acrobat version 4.0 without Search does not provide this functionality. If you are using the InfoLink for CNC CDs, you can search all of the documents on the currentlyinstalled CD. If InfoLink for CNC is installed on a hard drive or server, you can search all of the documents in the library. Adding or Removing Search Indexes The Search feature examines documents that have been linked to attached index files. InfoLink for CNC has the following index files:
CD 1 CD 2 CD 3 CD 4 Combined Index1.PDX Index2.PDX Index3.PDX Index4.PDX IndexAll.PDX (provided on CD 4)

InfoLink for CNC

By default, the CD1 Index resides on and is attached on CD 1, the CD2 Index resides on and is attached on CD 2, and so on. When InfoLink for CNC is installed on a hard drive or server, IndexAll.PDX must be attached to search the entire document collection.

In the Search > Index Selection window, use the Add and Remove buttons to add or remove selected indexes if necessary.

Select the index file and click Open.

InfoLink for CNC

To remove an index, select the index and click Remove. Note: You can search using multiple indexes. If a document appears in more than one index that is attached, you will see multiple instances of it in the Search Results.

Click OK when you are finished adding and/or removing indexes. Search Instructions To search across the selected index, select Edit > Search > Query or click the Search icon in the toolbar. To search within the document text, enter a word or term in the search window. For example, servo. Note: The Adobe Acrobat Search dialog box that you see may appear different from the example below. You can select the fields displayed in the search dialog box by setting the Search Preferences in you local settings.

InfoLink for CNC

A list of Search Results appears. In this example, the index lists 129 documents that mention servo somewhere in their text:

Searching with the PDF Document Info Fields You can enter a search term in the Title box to search in the PDF Properties fields of the documents. For example, here servo is entered in the Title box and the search window is empty:

InfoLink for CNC

This search finds only documents with servo in their title. It returns 12 documents:

Entering terms in both fields narrows the search results even more. For example, you could find documents that contain servo and have spindle in the title.

InfoLink for CNC

This search finds 9 documents.

Finally, if you know a documents catalog number (most begin with the prefix GFZ or GFK) you can find that document immediately by entering the number in the Search title field. If you dont know the revision (the number following the slash), follow the number with an asterisk (or the search wont find it):


InfoLink for CNC

This search returns:

In this case, the search found the GFZ document as well as two documents that contain references to it. If a search finds only one document, that document opens automatically. For example, if you enter GFZ-65152E/03, the Alpha AC Spindle Motor Description Manual will open.

Opening Multiple Documents

When you open a series of documents, you may find it useful to have all the documents remain open so you can use the links and bookmarks provided on the main pages to navigate within InfoLink. This option can be found in the General Preferences settings provided by Acrobat Reader.

Displaying Toolbars
To switch between the default view (Toolbars displayed) and Full Screen, press Ctrl-L.

InfoLink for CNC


Copying InfoLink Directly onto Your Hard Drive or Network

Although it is not necessary (InfoLink will run directly from the CD), copying InfoLink onto your computer has the benefits of not requiring the InfoLink CD when you need to use the application, as well as faster access. You can copy InfoLink to a hard drive on your computer or a shared drive on your network

Copying Individual CDs

To copy a single CD, simply create a directory anywhere you choose on your computer, and copy the entire contents of the CD to that directory (You will need approximately 600 MB 700 MB of free space per CD on your hard drive or shared drive in order to do this). For convenient access, you can create a shortcut to the main page for the CD that you have copied to your hard drive (main1.pdf for CD 1, main2.pdf for CD 2, and so on).

Copying the Four-CD Set

Since some manuals appear on more than one CD, the combined set requires less space than the total of the four CDs. You will need approximately 1.9 GB for the combined document set. Copying the combined set to a shared drive on your network provides a comprehensive shared resource. 1. Create a directory on your network or your computer's hard drive. 2. Copy the contents of each CD into the directory. Since some of the documents are included on more than one CD, you should let redundant files overwrite. Do not create a subdirectory for each CD. 3. To save space, delete the indexes for the individual CDs: Index1, Index2, Index3 and Index4. 4. Create a shortcut to MainAll.PDF. 5. When you search the combined set, use the index, IndexAll.pdx. (It is attached to MainAll.pdf by default.)

InfoLink Ordering Information

InfoLink for CNC is available only as a complete CD set, which may be ordered using the part number 44A728231-G02. This part number is generic: it will be valid for future versions of InfoLink for CNC as well as the current version described here.
Part Number 44A728231-G02R07 Contains the following part numbers 44A728231-G21R07 44A728231-G22R07 44A728231-G23R07 44A728231-G24R07 Description Four-CD set containing all CNC, Power Mate, and Laser technical documentation currently available on CD-ROM. New Products CD (CNC and Power Mate controls and compatible FSSB-style Motors and Drives) (CD#1) Old S15/16/18 Products CD (CD#2) Old S0 Products CD (CD#3) Laser Products CD (CD#4)


InfoLink for CNC

Need Help?
If you need technical assistance, contact the GE Fanuc Automation, Inc. Support Hotline: Phone: 1-800-GEFANUC (1-800-433-2682) Internet: Email: In Europe, contact the GE Fanuc Automation Europe Support Hotline: Internet: If you click one of these web links but it doesnt work, you may need to set up Adobe Acrobat to use your web browser application. In Adobe Acrobat 4.0, choose File > Preferences > Weblink:

Select or navigate to the browser you want to use. For example:

Click OK.

InfoLink for CNC


GE Fanuc Automation Americas, Inc InfoLink for CNC End User License Agreement
GE FANUC AUTOMATION AMERICAS, INC. INFOLINK CD-ROM END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT YOU SHOULD CAREFULLY READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE USING THIS APPLICATION. USING THIS APPLICATION SIGNIFIES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THEM, YOU SHOULD PROMPTLY RETURN THE PACKAGE ALONG WITH ANY OTHER ITEM THAT WAS INCLUDED IN THE SAME CATALOG NUMBER FOR FULL CREDIT. You, as the Customer, agree as follows: 1. LICENSE 1.1 You are granted only a personal, non-transferable, nonexclusive license to use the InfoLink CD-ROM and the software included therein (the "Licensed Software") only: (i) in CD-ROM form with one CPU (the "Designated Computer"); or (ii) by copying the Licensed Software onto the hard drive of the Designated Computer or on to another storage device at a single location. 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ANY SUCH LIABILITY SHALL TERMINATE ONE (1) YEAR FROM THE DATE OF SHIPMENT OF THE LICENSED SOFTWARE. 4. TERM AND TERMINATION 4.1 You may terminate the license granted hereunder at any time by destroying the Licensed Software together with all copies thereof and notifying GE Fanuc in writing that all use of the Licensed Software has ceased and that same has been destroyed. 4.2 GE Fanuc, upon thirty (30) days notice, may terminate this Agreement or any license hereunder if Customer fails to perform any obligation or undertaking to be performed by it under this Agreement or if Customer attempts to assign this Agreement without the prior written consent of GE Fanuc. Within twenty (20) days after any such termination of this Agreement, Customer shall certify in writing to GE Fanuc that all use of the Licensed Software has ceased, and that same has been returned or destroyed, in accordance with GE Fanuc's instructions. 4.3 Sections 3 and 5 of this Agreement shall survive any expiration or termination and remain in effect. Termination of this Agreement or any license hereunder shall not relieve Customer of its obligation to pay any and all outstanding charges hereunder nor entitle Customer to any refund of such charges previously paid. 5. EXPORT 5.1 If you intend to export (or re-export), directly or indirectly, the software products or technical information relating thereto supplied hereunder or any portion thereof, it is your responsibility to assure compliance with U.S. export control regulations and, if appropriate, to secure any required export licenses in your own name. 6. 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