Let's Have A Little Talk Son

Abdul-Qaadir Abdul-Khaaliq

Dad: Son, your mother and I are a little concerned about something we found in your room. Son: Huh? Oh, man! You guys were snooping around in my room? Dad: That's not important son. What is...is what I found. Son: I swear to God its not mine! Um...What was it? Dad: Well it was this son, and frankly it has us worried. I thought we taught you to be careful and responsible son. Needless to say, we were shocked. Son: Gee Pop, it's just a Qur'aan. Dad: Exactly! And what about this? Son: Well, that's a pamphlet explaining the beliefs and practices of Muslims. Dad: Where'd you get your hands on something like this son? I mean don't you realize this was printed by an Islamic Charity based in Saudi Arabia? Son: Uh, yeah. So? I thought you were against censorship and for free expression of ideas...? Dad: Son, son, son. Haven't I warned you a million times about this type of thing? Of the dangers? Don't you know what's in this stuff? What it can do to your mind? Have you read what's in here? Haven't you read the papers about Islamic charities especially those connected with well...the Wahaabis? Son: Well, yeah Pop, but they were available for free at our school when a Muslim came there to give talk and he invited us to the local mosque. Dad: What? Oh my God! In the school? They let one talk at your school? What in blazes is going on down there!? Son: Calm down Pop, it was cool. The dude was cool and he came at the invitation of the principal to help explain about the Muslims. You know, after all that's happened. We didn't have to go to the assembly. They even invited parents and some came and I brought the flyer home last week but you didn't pay it any attention. Dad: To spread their propaganda and influence the innocent little kids...! Son: Pop, I'm in High School!

Dad: Never mind. You don't know what's good for you. You see what happened to Taleban John! Son: Pop c'mon, give me a little credit. I can think for myself. You're the one who taught me to make my own decisions and think things out and hear both sides didn't you? I thought that was why we went to school. Dad: Well, yes but... Son: Well the Muslim guy was just explaining what they believe and how they look at the situation, and what it's like to live in the West as a Muslim, what life is like in Muslim countries and clear up any questions people may have. Dad: Son, they force religion down the people's throats and they oppress their women and believe in killing those who don't ... Son: Pop! You sound just like Uncle Pete. Dad: Don't "back-talk" me boy! Son: The guy was barraged with questions and some people really laid into him... Dad: Ah hah! So he couldn't answer them could he? He dodged and waffled didn't he? He probably got all upset and cursed everyone to Hell right? Son: No, Pop. He handled it really cool and made a lot of points clear without arguing or shouting. It kind of embarrassed the people who started screaming at him and they later apologized. Dad: C'mon! Get out...! Son: No, really Pop. And you know a lot of what he was saying made sense.. Dad: Oh...my...God! Here we go! They got to you. Margaret! Come talk to your son! Son: Give me a break, chill out would ya? He just explained how Muslims believed in God and doing five prayers and giving charity and stuff. We had already read about a lot of it in Social Studies class but when they got to the questions and answers is when it got really interesting. For example, Buff Hardbody really tried to give it to him for Muslims spreading hatred by saying that Islam was the true religion and America was a big Satan and stuff. Dad: I bet he choked on that one huh!? Son: Well he pointed out that all religions believe they are true and even the people who don't believe in religion believe they are right not to and they write books and do TV shows and films about it.

Dad: Well that's different. Son: That's what Chrissy McSwish's mom said too. So, he said billions of dollars are spent to spread culture and ideas all over the world to educate people and to attract them to it and see things their way and even admire and aspire to it. Year after year people are given images and messages to convince them that theirs is the right and best way of life and the best civilization and they help countries that agree with them and even fight against those that don't. A lot is done to convince people of the superiority of their system and to be like them. Newspapers and magazines are filled with their ideas and spread all over the world so everyone can get a taste of it by reading and seeing and they export their customs, foods, dress everything until it kind of dominates most other ideas... Dad: See! What did I tell you son!? Son: He meant us. Dad: Oh. But that's different son. We don't force anyone to follow our way of life. Son: Pauly Bookbinder said the same thing. So the guy made a point that they don't have a super army that can go around the world to force people to be Muslims or follow their policies or sophisticated technologies or satellites, but the Muslim charities print books and pamphlets, build schools, orphanages and clinics, build wells and mosques and send teachers and stuff. Dad: Yes son but they also have terror squads! Son: That's what Mr. Betterman said. That's when he made a good point that you can't scare somebody into being a true believer and the Qur'aan says you can't force anyone to be a Muslim and it only gives Islam and Muslims a bad name. If somebody takes it into their hands to do that stuff it doesn't mean all Muslims are like that or that Islam says do it. Dad: But they teach violence boy! Son: That's what T.J. Readerson said. So, the speaker made a good point that more people have been killed by non-Muslims over the years than they have by Muslims and that in many places Muslims are killed the most. He even said when Muslims fight other Muslims nobody believes that the ones who oppress the others are following Islam correctly. Dad: It's all propaganda son and they oppress their women. Son: Yeah, that's exactly what Trixie Brown-Fox said, but the man had a point when he asked if putting women in sex mags and advertising and even comic books filled with cheesecake and Hollywood hotties to be ogled

at in sex scenes on TV and in the movies wasn't exploitation and disrespecting women. Dad: Well maybe, but… Son: And when other people do bad stuff you don't usually hear about their religion and all kinds of crimes and acts of terror are committed around the world and right here every day. Nobody usually makes an issue of their religion but they make a point to relate violence to Islam if Muslims are involved as though every Muslim is the same. He also pointed out that in Muslim countries so far, even though American forces have bombed Afghanistan and foreign policy doesn't stop Israeli excesses and a lot of Muslim civilians and even children have been killed with our weapons or died because of sanctions, there still hasn't been any wave of attacks on Westerners living in Muslim countries. Dad: That's because they have to stay indoors and aren't free... Son: It's Muslims who have been getting beat up and harassed and profiled and deported from a lot of countries that are supposed to be free and getting put in jail for stuff like having a registered gun. Dad: Well that's dangerous son. You never know what one of them may do. I mean they hate us... Son: And they wear funny clothes! Dad: Don't joke with me son. Son: Well you have a registered gun right Pop? Dad: Sure, but that's different I'm a responsible citizen. Son: And do you hate 'em Pop? Dad: Now don't you smart-mouth me boy, that's different, I have a reason. They hate people who don't follow their religion or way of life. Son: They don't follow your religion or way of life and you say they're wrong but they get arrested and mistreated and called traitors for it right? Dad: Don't argue with me son...and you had better be careful who you listen to from now on! Son: You're right Dad.