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PAPER-II S NO 1 2 3 4 5 QUESTION&ANSWER What is the terminal Voltage of our Exchange battery? What is meant by VRLA batteries? Ans: Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery. How cells are connected in exchange battery set? Why batteries are required for telephone exchanges? Ans: Stand by DC supply source for exge working What is Test Discharge? Ans: It is discharging a battery set with an artificial load at 10 hrs rate.( C10 rate.) A 1500 AH battery is kept on Test discharge at C10 rate. What is the discharge current? How the capacity of a battery measured? What is a pilot cell? Ans: A cell which is convenient to take daily readings is called Pilot cell. What is the function of a float rectifier in telephone exchange? Ans: FR takes 230V/415V AC input and converts into DC 53.5 plus or minus 0.5V for exchange working. What is charging? Or Why do we charge batteries? When batteries are discharged the AH capacity is reduced and battery can not take further load. In that case battery needs charging. Then the battery is connected to Battery charger out put. Now the battery takes current from the charger and charges. Now the battery regains AH capacity. 11 12 13 During charging current flows from battery to charger During discharge current flows from battery to load When Mains ON A) FR takes exchange load B) Batteries only take Exchange Load C) Both Battery and FR take Exchange load D) Battery A takes load and Battery B is in Float What is the function of an Inverter? Ans: Inverters take DC -48V input and converts in to AC 230 V to operate PCs and Exchange OMC terminals. Why do we need Engine alternators for our exchanges? TRUE/FALSE TRUE/FALSE Correct answer is ANSWER

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It is an Isolation point for both internal and External plants 3. Both Exchange lines and Subscriber lines are inter connected in MDF by means of Jumper wires. Where do you terminate Primary cable in telephone Exchange? Both primary and Distribution cables are terminated in MDF Both primary and Distribution cables are terminated in Pillar The ratio of Primary to distribution is TSF kits are used for U/G cable Jointing Plan--------. 16 17 18 19 The out put of an Engine Alternator is DC What is the principle of working of an Engine Alternator? Ans: It converts Mechanical Energy Into Electrical Energy. 2.5 HSD OIL TRUE/FALSE 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 35 37 . It is an interconnection point of Local Exchange and other Exchange circuits What is IPM? IPM: Integrated Protection Module It consists of Both GD tubes and Fuse in one Module Fuse is connected in series with the line GD tubes are connected in parallel to the line Both are earth plan 104 ---------V battery is needed for Main to Extension working in Plan 103 a simple parallel connection provided in a hall or room Plan 102 can be provided out side building also Maximum Extensions in plan 104 are------------What is meant by CDOT exchange? CENTER for DEVELOPMENT OF TELEMATICS What is SBM exchange? What is it's maximum capacity? SINGLE BASE MODULE exchange from CDOT family. TRUE/FALSE Both main Extension can make and Receive calls in plan 103 TRUE/FALSE In MDF Line side TRUE/FALSE TRUE/FALSE a Plug and socket connection Internal Extension is Plan-------Intercom facility is possible with ------------------. What is the fuel used for the working of Engine Alternator? Ans: HIGH SPEED DIESEL OIL What is MDF? Or What is the Function of MDF? MDF: MAIN DISTRIBUTION FRAME 1.ANS: We need Engine alternators as a Stand BY AC supply during commercial AC supply failure.

Final selector takes last two digits dialed by the subscriber 2. Uni selector in US rack Hunts for a free out let for 1st Group selector on sub's loop. 49 50 Calling Subscriber gets ringing current from the final selector. 45 46 47 48 The uni selector operates for the first digit dialed by the subscriber First group selector takes the first digit dialed by the subscriber What is the function of the Final selector in MAX-I Strowger exchange? Ans: 1. if the called party is free. EWSD 3. 3. Final selector Racks 4.Maximum capacity 1500L 38 What is MBM exchange? Ans: It is a Multi Base Module exhange It is a digital Main Auto Exchange from CDOT family for higher capacities.5ESS 4.MER racks 6. Busy tnne to the caller is fed by group selector rack TRUE/FALSE TRUE/FALSE 300 subscribers 39 40 41 How the uni selector operates MAX-I step-by-step exchange? On sub's loop TRUE/FALSE .Group selector Racks 3. TRUE/FALSE if the called number is free. and ringing current t the called number.FETEX 5.NEAX are some of the new technology switches working in BSNL 42 What are the different switching Racks in MAX-I strowger type exchange? 1. Number of BMs are connected to a CM(Central Module) What is the function of CM in CDOT MBM exchange? ANS: 1 It is responsible for Inter BM calls 2 It is responsible for clock distribution and synchronisation. It sends the ring back tone to the caller. OCB-283 2. Uni Selector rack 2. it sends Busy tone to the caller if called party is in engage.Ringer eqpt Racks 43 44 How many subscribers are connected in one US rack How a subscriber in strowger exchange gets dial tone? ANS: Subscriber lifts the telephone. What are the working Voltages for a CDOT MBM exchange? Name some new Technology switches working in BSNL? 1. 1st group selector operates and sends Dial tone to the subscriber. Relayset Racks 5.

5 Khz 4. They are derived from 3.5 Khz is the gropup Mod frequency in3 Chl System. and channel 3respectively.5KHz.51 How many group selector racks are present in a four digit MAX-I Type exchange? What are the different tones present in MAX-I strowger Exchange? What is the voice frequency range? What is the limitation for over head carrier transmission? What are the channel carrier frequencis in 3 channel system? How are the derived? ANS:7KHz. SIGNAL OSCillator---------3. the signalling is called In band signalling 65 What are the important units present in3 channel carrier .RBT 0.NUT.6 Khz 36.2 Khz which is in VF range. 61 62 63 64 In A terminal Group modulator Unit present what is the gain of the line amplifier in 3 chl carrier system? The amplifier in receive path direction is calledWhat is in band signaling? Ans: if the signal Osc frequency is with in VF range. Therefore the signalling is In band signaling.3 to 3. GROUP OSCillator ---------36.5 Khz Master oscillator through harmonic Generator.2 Khz 3.BT. PILOT OSCillator------------13.4 Khz Up to 150 Khz 52 53 54 55 56 What is the frequency of Master Osc in chl open wire system? 3. 10. It takes placein “b” terminal only.5 Khz 57 What are the different Oscillators in 3 CHL system? Mention their frequencies? Ans: 1.9 Khz THESE ARE THE INDIVIDUAL OSCILLATORS IN 3 CHANNEL SYSTEM 58 59 60 What is the pilot frequency in A—B direction in 3 CHL system? What is the Pilot Frequency in B—A direction in 3CHL system? What is group mod frequency? In which terminal it takes place? 13.5kHZ 2.9 Khz 2. Two GS racks First GS Rack Second GS Rack DT. MASTER OSCillator--------3.and 14 Khz are the channel carrier Frequencies for channel 1. TRUE/FALSE 45 db fixed gain AGC amplifier In 3 chl system the signal osc frequency is 3.

A.system? 1.2 KHz 13.M? 73 R. MASTER OSCillator 2signal Oscillator 3.7 KHz 17.Line Flters 9.AGC amplifier (Receive) 10 Channel ReeiveUnit 11Signal Detector unit 66. Line Amplifier 8.3KHZ-17.M What is Bit and Byte? Computers are operated on binary instructions.stores and process it.Main memory consists of both R.O.M ( Random Access Memory).O.Pilot OSCillator 4. What is R.3 -29. 72 What is a computer? A computer is an electronic machine which takes data as input. 67 68 69 70 What is the frequency band from A---B direction What is the Frequency Band in B----A direction What is the signal frequency of CHL 1 in A—B direction/ What is the signal frequency of CHL 2 in A—B direction/ What is the signal frequency of CHL 3in A—B direction/ COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS 71 Define Soft ware and hard ware? Ans: Soft ware: A set of instruction code which is used to 7.A.Channel Trans Unit 6Group Mod unit (Btml) 7.2 Khz perform a task on a computer Hardware : All the physical elements of a computer is called Hardware. and then gives a desired output on the output devices. A Byte consists of 8-bits. In a computer there are memory devices some of these are pre-written and can only be read these are called R.M? It is a memory device in a computer where writing and reading is possible these are called R.Group OSCillator 5.2KHZ 10.M and R.O. These instructions are stored in the form of 0's and 1's these are called bits A Set of binary bits is called Byte. 74 What is R.M : Read Only Memory .2 KHZ 19.A. 75 .OM.

Floppy 3. Linux . Solaris What is a file ? A file is a collection of records related to a particular name or subject. Speakers What are Secondary Memory(storage) devices ? Secondary memory devices store the information permanently eg : 1. stores and process and then gives desired output.5” and with a memory capacity of 1. Offices. It is a computer net 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 . What is WAN? WAN stands for Wide Area Net Work. What is an operating system? Operating System is a system software which acts as an interface between user and computer hardware What are different Operating Systems which are in use? There are many Operating Systems in use they are MSDOS ( Microsoft Disk Operating System) Windows . Keyboard 2. This is a standard 8-bit code to represent any character. The files are identified by name. Magnetic tape What is A S C I I code? A S C I I stands for American Standard Code Information Interchange. Mouse 3. The devices that collect this output are called output devices they are 1.44MB How do you Shutdown your PC ? Click on Start > shutdown and all the icons disappear and the system is off automatically. They are 1. and buildings near by. What is LAN? LAN stands for Local Area Network. What is directory? A Directory is a collection and storage of number of files. It is like a folder which contains number of file sheets. CD 4.Monitor 2. Hard disk 2. Unix . Printer 3. LAN is computer net work over a limited area like Homes. schools. This data is supplied to the computer by Input Devices. What is the size and capacity of Floppy disk? A General Floppy is of size 3. Scanner What are output devices? Output Devices : Computers take data as input.76 What are input devices ? Input Devices : Data must be given to computer to work.

CMD. CHAIRMAN and MANAGING DIRECTOR . basically involved to provide Broad ban connection DSLAM In 2G/3G Mobile services what that “G” stand for? The term BTS stands for What is the present Pre-Paid plan What does the term “SMS' stand for In and national boundaries as well. and Bandham Short message Centre Internet Protocall Application Layer Integrated protection Module Connecting India Splitter separates voive and data. What is the equipment in the exchange. work over wide area of operation. What does the term “IP' stand for What is the last layer refer to in OSI model structure The protection device IPM stands for What is the slogan of BSNL What is the function of splitter provided at subscriber premises for Broad band connection? Who is the highest authority in BSNL 89 90 91 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 Generation Base Transceiver Station Nestham. 88 What is syntax? Ans: it is command given to a computer in a specified format that the computer understands and executes. It establishes computer net work connectivity local.

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