1 Mind Control: An Allegory A work of Fiction By Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J.

Fejfar Joe Scanlon works for the National Counterintelligence Agency (NCA). Although it is not widely known, the NCA is responsible for domestic espionage in the United States, not the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In fact, the charter of the CIA specifically prohibits CIA agents from spying domestically in the United States. Growing up in the midwest United States, Joe Scanlon was an intuitive kid. His mind, his consciousness was gifted with intuition from child birth. When Joe was 3 years old, during the Kennedy administration, at the height of the cold war, Joe took an ESP test given by the NCA in his preschool class and was recruited . Sometimes an NCA agent would come and get him out of class and give him training, always hypnotizing him to consciously forget the training session afterwards. He was told about aspects of American and European History that the general public was not aware of. He was also taught the basic principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a type of hypnosis. Finally, his NCA mentor began working with Joe’s unconscious Joe was taught to be a “sleeper agent” on behalf of the

mind using psychic abilities.

United States government and the NCA in his own country, in the case of a coup attempt against the government. On a conscious level, Joe did not even know that

he was an NCA operative. Gradually, most of his training began to done psychicly in his sleep. Joe majored in management in undergraduate school and then went to law school, finishing at the top of his class. He worked for a few years in a medium size law firm in the midwest and then got a job on the east coast as a law professor. Joe got married and had two children. At age 40, Joe got activated by the NCA. He didn’t know this consciously, at first, but it definitely happened. Joe received an intuitive message that he was to undergo two nights without sleep in order to break through to his unconscious mind and begin pychic channeling. It happened. After two nights without sleep he was

suddenly internally dialoging with an aspect of himself called Regina. Regina soon left his conscious mind and he began to meet other persons on the astral plane in his mind’s eye, internally. Most of the beings he met internally were vicious and uncooperative. grocery store. Joe figured that he was channeling these people “just out of frame” in a parallel universe. He had all sorts of interesting coversations with people, but no real time response. That is, no one ever came up to him and said, “hey, are we channeling together?” Joe kept teaching at the law school and soon discovered that he was channeling the Dean, the Vice-Dean, the faculty, and his students. While Joe kept his mouth shut, it appeared to him that he was finally having some sort of real time effect. For example, it was channeled to him that the Dean, Vice-Dean, and most of faculty were Opus Dei, Al Queda, with some connections with the Cuban KGB. After two years of inner work he began to channel ordinary people at the

About this time Joe began channeling the NCA watch desk, at Langley, Virginia, CIA headquarters. Soon, he was reporting information psychically to the NCA at Langley. Based upon channeled information, Joe was able to determine that Opus Dei was a Nazi front organization and the Al Queda was a Nazi terrorist organization. While the naive underlings at Opus Dei were told that the mission of Opus Dei was to “restore” Papal authority in the Church, the real mission of Opus Dei was to destroy the intellectual, spiritual, and social justice wings of the Catholic church to further the agenda of the totalitarian Nazi Party. Finally. Joe discovered that Opus Dei and Al Queda were using psychic abilities in combination with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in order to brain wash Americans and use mind control on them to convert them to the Nazi cause. (To be continued).