Practical training is a one of the part of MBA programming. It gives lot of knowledge about practical application of theory, what we student of M.B.A. are supposed to; earn in our classroom. We have visited “MADHUR DAIRY” Gandhinagar. We are the student of management institute studding in M.B.A. in Ahmedabad CMS-Ganpat University. We are thankful to college and University knowledge by imagination but this imagination is become true through industrial visits. We have prepared this project according to my understanding & learning of management in industrial visits marketing, human resource, production, finance etc. branches of the management and their practical use in the market.



We are thankful to Nirav Joshi sir because he is the distinguished person for allowing us the use of facility of the institute infrastructure for preparation of report. We are very much thankful to our project in charge for helping in organizing the guiding us on report preparation. We are very much thankful to “MADHUR DAIRY” Gandhinagar staff for providing co-operative & giving us fundamental information about project. Personally, we are gratefully to university that we had the opportunity to be involved such Industrial visit of experience of “MADHUR DAIRY” Gandhinagar. We are sure this report & work behind it would be appreciated by all concern. To maintain all the person who have guided helped and encouraged us by providing new information and guidance, which is difficult. We are very much thankful to company manager who gave us the permission for visiting in the company.



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Agriculture is the backbone of all the industries in the world. The agriculture plugs the most important and viral role in the developing of all the industries along with the word. Where milk and milk product are processing manufacturing is called the dairy industries. All the firms dealing in milk processing and all firms producing milk product and marketing then on a medium scale false under the dairy industries. India is called the land of farmer. Hare more then 70% people like village small towns more then 75% of people depend on the agriculture large India population in vegetarian therefore the milk product plays on an important role in providing of animal protein for the vegetarian population.


Taking this into consideration. Gandhinagar is appointed as administer by the district register (rural). During the administration of the nigam. The total 13000 liter sale of milk was there. But putting hard affords even by maintaining the satisfactory returns to the union members of their milks supply. But due to lower return on their supply. the milk producers had appointed an advisory committee. with a view to paying satisfactory return. 13000-liter milk was collected by 21 milk mandlies.MADHUR DAIRY 1. in 1993/94 chairman of union got certificate from "Rastriye udpadcta parishad" for being the best. Ahmedabad. as the Gandhinagar district is separated from Mehsana and Ahmedabad districts. Gujarat dairy development nigam limited on 08/04/1982. AHMEDABAD . And it is matter of pride that union got ISO 9002 certification from international organization for Standardization and HACP. After their consecutively in 1994/95 chairmen has got "best productivity performance Award" from the hands of former Prime Minister Shree Devgodaji.2 HISTORY OF THE DAIRY In 1970/71. As a result and by the order of the government. This committee. the milk producers' had taken over the administration of the dairy dated on 22/09/1988. The union got registered in 06/02/1971. had repeatedly urged government to revoke the administration from nigam. 6 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. the Gandhinagar district co-operative milk producers' union limited came into existence. The administration of the "saurastra" was with Gujarat dairy development nigam due to that every dairy was getting equal payment for their milk. providing input facilities and why conservative administrative had enable union to recover the loss of rupees 50'lakh given by nigam and even recorded the profit. new Delhi. In the same year union got "national industrial excellence” from World Economics progress Society. union has got award of being "Bharatiya udhyog Ratne” by Indian Economic Development and Research Association. At that times when union had taken charge. the union had a net loss of 50'lakh of rupees. In the year 2000.

group insurance. The dairy has received positive response to the products like cow milk and Ghee made up of cow milk. seed Distribution and cattle feed. AHMEDABAD . Buttermilk. Madhur Dairy is selling its products like Milk.MADHUR DAIRY The union has continued progressing and as a result of that today it collects nearly 166. Recently dairy has introduced spicy snacks and other milk products in the market. Automatic milk collection unit is processing 75 out of 102 milk mandlies.000 liter packaged milk daily in Gandhinager region through its priors called" Kamdhenu". Taking into account the present situation and needs of customers dairy is going to put paneer and Curd under the brand name of "Madhur”. Dairy is also providing guidelines to scientific cattle upbringing and hygienic production of milk.000 liter daily. vaccine services.097 liter milk daily with its 101 milk mandlies. A part from monetary returns to the milk producers. Apart from this dairy is selling nearly 60. Even the union has secured itself at pinnacle by paying highest return in paises out of every 1 rupee earned to the members. 7 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. Today the dairy is having the capacity of 200. Ghee. Sweets. Flavored milk and ice-cream under the brand name of "madhur”. union is providing Emergency veterinary treatment to the cattle.

• Address of the dairy Mdhur Dairy. Gandhinagar.D. Sector-25.C. AHMEDABAD . K.MADHUR DAIRY 1. Gandhinagar -382 023. • Classification based on ownership “Co-operative sector” • Classification based on nature “Manufacturing industry” • Manufacture of the product in a dairy  Madhur Milk  Madhur Ghee  Madhur butter milk  Madhur curds.I.  Madhur paneer  Madhur namkin 8 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.3 COMPANY PROFILE • Name of the dairy: Gandhinagar District Co-Operative Milk producer’s Union LTD. Madhur Dairy. G.Road.

Gandhinagar. In this department like Production department. marketing department. The MADHUR DAIRY of location in Gandhinagar. human resource department. Gandhinagar. Finance department. In this department different manager & workers are working. madhur dairy. Joint stock company further classification leads to private limited and public limited government company and joint venture. Gandhinagar. AHMEDABAD . Ahmedabad. 9 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. This unit is four departments. "Gandhinagar District co-operative milk producer’s union ltd. 1.MADHUR DAIRY • Bankers of the Dairy Ahmedabad district Co-Operative Bank LTD. This location of the best place & area other to easily collect the row milk of near in Gandhinagar city.4 FORM OF ORGANISATION There are four form of organization like sale proprietorship partnership firm. • Auditors of the Dairy Auditor (milk) Audit Office.

but this dairy are standing out in the business market. but madhur dairy is standing out in the business market. 10 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. otherwise to more selling the product. In the more competitors of business market for madhur dairy. marketing department. There are many dairy in business market.In this unit divided into five sections. This unit is not a more price in a selling to a product. Madhur dairy in a best management and a better management staff.5 CONTRIBIUTION OF THE UNIT TO THE INDUSTRIES "Gandhinagar district co-operative milk producers’ union ltd. human resource department. AHMEDABAD . Many competitors of a madhur dairy in Gandhinagar city. Madhur dairy Gandhinagar” . madhur paneer. madhur butter milk. finance department and veterinary department etc.MADHUR DAIRY 1. This unit is producing more products like Madhur ghee. otherwise more satisfaction to the customers. madhur curds. This unit divided in production department. madhur namkin.

8 hours / shift  TIME 1ST shifts: 8.00 pm 2nd shifts: 4.3 shifts Working hours: .00 pm 3rd shifts: 12. They may be best market and best quality.00 pm to 12.6 TIME KEEPING SYSTEM Man factors is the most important factor of production without efficient personal the business cannot achieve it desired goals. AHMEDABAD .00 am 11 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.00 am to 8.00am to 4. The workers works in a different shift.  WORKING SHIFTS Total shifts: .MADHUR DAIRY 1.

reliant and vibrant rural economy.  Ensure safe potable water in all villages.7 VISION & MISSION STATEMENT  A self. AHMEDABAD .  Reduce child morality. 12 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. free form poverty and hunger.  A literate and enlightened rural community who care for the conservation of natural resources & a clean Environment.  Sustainable development of rural India.  Customer’s orientation and a focus on cost effectiveness.  Smile on every face  Team working rather than individual  City beautification  Support to education & welfare institution  No child labors employees in group of madhur dairy.MADHUR DAIRY 1. quality and services.

O. AHMEDABAD .D Production Personal Marketing Finance Department Engineer Department Veterinary Departmen Department Department Department Production Personal Manager Manager Marketing Manager Finance Manager Assistant Manager General Manager Assistant Manager Deputy Manager Marketing Officer Deputy Manager Safety Manager Assistant Manager Account Officer 13 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.MADHUR DAIRY 1.D Chairman M.8 ORGANIZATION CHART B.

C. AHMEDABAD . Patel Khodaji S.9 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Name • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shankarsinh R.MADHUR DAIRY 1. Purohit Post Chairmen M.F) Directors(N. Shah I. Jadav Kantiji P.B) Directors( D.D.M. Oja Nagarji B. Thakor Madhuben H. Thakor Kantibhai M.C.R Ahemedabad) 14 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. Makvana Jayrambhai V. Dhagadh M. Patel Daxaben L. D Directors Directors Directors Directors Directors Directors Directors Directors Directors Directors Directors Directors(G. Vagela Jiluji B. Rana Govindbhai B.Patel A. Thakor Ranvantsinh N.D.M. Vagela Sabaji C. Desai Yogesh T. M. K.


Officer Asst.O. Manager Pro. AHMEDABAD .1 ORGANIZATION CHART: B.MADHUR DAIRY 2.D Pro.D Chairmen M. Manager Supervisor Labors 16 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.

AHMEDABAD . The location advantage is beautiful & the product is also beautiful otherwise the selling is day to day is more.MADHUR DAIRY 2. The planning of a product in a MADHUR DAIRY the more sales in a product.2 PRODUCTION PLANNING: A thing in a form which can satisfy the human wants is product. The location in a MADHUR DAIRY is best otherwise the selling of product is more. The growth & development of a MADHUR DAIRY in day to day is more otherwise the profit in day to day is more. 17 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. The MADHUR DAIRY is produced in different product otherwise the human wants is satisfy and the satisfaction of human is more.

Madhur dairy use only milk as raw material.3] SOURCE OF RAW MATERIAL The madhur dairy is the milk collected in the societies. vehicles etc.MADHUR DAIRY [2. This dairy is village to collect the milk from different villages and produced a final product.  USED ROW-MATERIAL i) Acid ii) Row milk iii) Salt iv) Sugar v) Addible colors 18 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. The raw material of a madhur dairy in polythine bags. AHMEDABAD .

AHMEDABAD .4] PRODUCTION PROCESS: 2.MADHUR DAIRY [2.4 (A) PASTEURIZATION OF MILK: Filtration Pasteurization of milk Cream separate Standardization Chilling milk Reconstitution Homogenization 19 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.

Here the milk is graded and weighted. In the production plant all product produced as per the season. Empty cans are washed by washer and then returned. time and requirement.M day a meter )  Milk Pipet ( 10.75 ML )  Acid tilt meager ( 10 ML )  Level Bottle Plastic  Butro Meter Stand  Sulfuric Acid 20 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. FAT TESTING PROCESS IN MILK The instruments use in this process is. At that time sample is separated.4(B) MILK PROCESSING SECTION: Collection of milk: The milk collected in the societies is brought here in the morning and the evening by route trucks.MADHUR DAIRY 2. The weighted milk is sent in the plants for pasteurization. AHMEDABAD .  Butro Meter ( 0 to 10% )  Lock Sloper & Pin  Santri Flug Machine ( 48 C. all milk used in different production plant. Raw milk Boiling Chilling Chilling milk Pasteurized milk After pasteurization process.

Boiling of white butter Balance tank Presenting tank Clarification Labeling Packing pouch & tin Storage Displacement 21 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. 1 liter refill pack.MADHUR DAIRY  ISO Amail Alcohol 2. The ghee is produced in a 596.4 (C) GHEE PROCESSING SECTION: In this section the ghee is packed in the 500 ml pouch.500 kg in a per year sale in 300 kg. AHMEDABAD .

AHMEDABAD .360 kg in per year. Then it is packed in plastic cup. 200gm. 22 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. At the bottom of the cup is given through machine DAHI is packed in different weight like 100gm. This weight is adjust in machine does the weighting process and filling process. 2.MADHUR DAIRY 2.4(F) SWEETS PROCESSING SECTION The sweet is an important product of madhur dairy. Most of people choose the madhur sweets. In this department butter milk is prepared from milk.4 (D) BUTTER MILK PROCESSING SECTION: In this section the butter milk is produced in a 363. This is packing in a pouch and a sale of 8000 in per day. 500gm etc.4(E) MADHUR SAKTI DAHI SECTION In this department DAHI is prepared from milk. There after repaired is stick over it. 2. At the bottom of bag is given through machine butter milk is packed in different weights like 500gm. 1 lit etc. and then it is packed in plastic bag. Selling of sweets is 300 kg per day.

5 liter.4(G) ICE-CREAM PROCESSING SECTION: Madhur dairy produces ice one is supervisor. 500ml. and sale 400 liter ice cream. 1 liter. 8 labors. The staff of ice-cream dep. 1 in charge. AHMEDABAD .MADHUR DAIRY 2. Madhur dairy produce 1000 liter ice-cream per day. This product is more beautiful and people are more purchase a different ice cream. The ice cream is available in 100ml. 23 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.

MADHUR DAIRY 2. Achieve highest customers satisfaction by consistence supply of good quality safe milk and milk products Madhur dairy shall achieve this through: • • • • Strengthening cooperative structure Up gradation of process and application of innovative techniques Providing milk products and service per excellent for total customer satisfaction Implementation of innovative welfare schemas and service for social eco. AHMEDABAD .5 QUALITY POLICY Madhur Dairy Gandhinagar is committed to • • Improve lifestyle of member milk producers. • • Application of ecofriendly process and operations Development of motivated dedicated and devoted work force 24 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. Development of milk producers.


1 INTRODUCTION Personal management is the field of management.MADHUR DAIRY 3. which has to do with the planning. developing. Organizing and controlling various operative activities of procuring. 26 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. Its objectives are the maintenance of those relationships. which is primarily concerned with human relationship in an organization. AHMEDABAD . “Personal management is the part of management function. maintaining and utilizing labor force in order that the objectives and interests for Which a company is established are for attained as effectively and economically As possible and the objective and interest of labor itself are served to the highest degree. which enable all those engaged in the undertaking to make their maximum contribution to the effective working of the undertaking”.


AHMEDABAD . Thus people get more advantage for job satisfaction 3. 28 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. Selection procedure is concerned with securing relevant information about in applicant.3 (A) RECRUITMENT Recruitment means positive process of stimulating people from society who are potential job seekers to apply for vacancy job position existing in organization create dew to human resource planning based on business plan.MADHUR DAIRY 3. Training and development: It is any attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employee’s ability to perform through learning usually by changing the employee attitude or increasing his or her skills and knowledge.4(A) JOB DISCRIPTION: Job description is the organized and real prospects of duties and responsibilities of any specific job. This company is also help to people due to give the job. This information is secured in a number of steps or stages. The objectives of selection process are to determine whether an applicant meets the qualification for a specific job. He prepare a summary of the received information in set form. 3. Company recruit people by company employers it is recruitment.3(B) SELECTION: It is process of differentiating application in order to identify and hire hose with a greater like hood of success in job. Product of the process of job analysis when an analyst study a job and collect job information.

Transfer means to change in his duties. general insurance. responsibilities. Straight ranking method Period comparison method Man to man comparison method Performance appraisal is a systematic objective way of judging the relative worth of ability an employee in performing a job.MADHUR DAIRY 3. 3. free medical check. status and compensation. AHMEDABAD . 3.4(B) PROMOTION AND TRANSFER: Promotion involves change from one job to another that is better in terms of status and responsibilities. 2. 3. 29 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.5(B)) EMPLOYEE SERVICE: Madhur dairy provide so many service like canteen facility.5(A) PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL: It is the systematic evaluation of the individual with respect to his or her performance on the job and his or her potential for development. • Methods of performance appraisal: 1.

7(A) EMPLOYEE PROVODENT FUND: 5% provident will be paid to employee at the time of retirement.6(A) WAGES AND SALARY ADMINISTRATION: Wages and salary is given as per the following things: • • • Performance of employee Regularity on work Profit of the company 3. 30 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. AHMEDABAD .MADHUR DAIRY 3.6(B) WORKING WITH ESI SCHEME: ESI means employee state insurance scheme. 3. 3.7(B) GRIEVANCE HANDLING: Grievance is any disconfirming or Feeling or injustice about the workers regarding anything concerned with the company and their work. 3. In dairy every departments manager to keep records his every employees. skill.7(C) PERSONAL RECORD: There are more workers of work in dairy. Personal record like: performance. responsibilities. which has been introduced by the out for the safety of employee on work of services of organization.

So they can represent their problems collective. 31 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. Canteen Facilities at less rate Bonus in festival clothes for uniform 3.  To protect the large interest of the society by assisting in the improvement of trade and dairy. which found by the workers of Organization.  To ensure security employment is resisting retrenchment.  To protect workers against exploitation and victimization by the capitalists.8 TRADE UNION: Trade union can be defined as the voluntary organization of workers or employees formed to promote and protect their interest through collective action. 2.  To secure for workers say in management and industries democracy there by bring a new social order.MADHUR DAIRY 3. Trade union are a body.  To assure the war was a share in the increased a profitability of dairy through payment of adequate bonus. AHMEDABAD . 3. OBJECTIVES:  To secure for the workers fairer wages in the light of the cost of living and the prevailing standard of living.7(D) WELFARE FACILITY: Employees Welfare facilities: 1.

 Dairy providing facility group saving system to farmer.R. AHMEDABAD .MADHUR DAIRY 3.D. 32 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.  Dairy provide treatment to their animals.9 H.10 FACILITY TO VILLAGE FARMER  Dairy gives more & more facility to village farmer.  Dairy also arrange free camp for providing treatment of animals. POLICY: • • • • • • • Hire the best add value to retain Empower to build mutual trust and opportunity Indication to Madhur dairy value system training Behavior Culture Knowledge Skill 3.


It is the process by which product are made available to the customers marketing relates with creation of time place and utilities.1. The marketing process involves the selling and transporting marketing so many source are available like advertisement in newspaper. 34 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. promotion and distribution of ideas. But now this is very important function in the industry”.MADHUR DAIRY 4. INTRODUCTION Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception. “Marketing is simple work concerned with the buying and selling. television etc. AHMEDABAD . pricing. “Getting together the buyers and planning implementation and control of programmed designed to create building and maintain beneficial exchange and relationship with the large market for the purpose for achieving organizations objective”. Efficient marketing is the key for success of business marketing an important position in the organization of the business unit.

AHMEDABAD . manager Deputy Manager Supervisor Clerk 35 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.2 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE B.O.MADHUR DAIRY 4. clerk Sales Asst.D Marketing manager Purchase Purchase officer Asst.D Chairman M.

packing & dispatch cost. administrating it. retailer to consumer. Price is the exchange value of product or service through pricing polices we are going to establish the relation between buyer& seller. On pricing polices most of marketing strategies or activities are depended. transportation. 36 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. managing it as stock work in process managing cost.3 PRICING POLICYS: Pricing police are generally decided by top management. wholesaler to retailer. The board factors that affected to pricing: • • • • • • • • • • Demand of product Quilt Price of competitors Excise duty Manufacturing cost Commission retailer or distributor Cost of production Market demand Product leadership Profit maximization Cost of production includes from beginning of buying raw material.MADHUR DAIRY 4. transportation from unit to wholesaler. AHMEDABAD . finished goods. production labor cost.

They have to deal with all age. So. gender. Madhur dairy has many schemes for sales promotion like: • • If retailer will shall as per decided target he will be provided with chair. Target marketing requires following steps:  Identify group of consumer on the basis of marketing mix  Select one or more market segments to enter  Do market positioning. 37 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.milk are product which we everyday need & everyone need. “Madhur dairy” as in consumer product . 4. Sales promotion is mainly for distributors.5 SALES PROMOTIONS: Sales promotion consist of a diverse collection of incentive tools. and class mass groups. mostly short term.4 MARKET SAGMENTATION: A dairy cannot serve to all customers in a broad market such as computers soft drinks. So.MADHUR DAIRY 4. AHMEDABAD . retailer or wholesaler. Many retailer gift share provided from household items to gold coin also. designed to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of particular product or the trade. they don’t have this concept in their unit. The dairy therefore needs to identify the market segment that it can be serve more effectively. they have not any kind of group of particular customer.


Advertising involvesseting of advertising objectives.V. paintings. Media: • • • Newspaper. AHMEDABAD . budget. message media and as a control measurement.7. T. Magazine 39 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. ADVERTISING: Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas goods or services by an identified sponsor. Dairy is advertising the product by pamphlets. wording and walls.MADHUR DAIRY 4.

It has to identify quality of rainfall of the sectors. requirements and ideas. wholesalers. demand and performance. Competitor’s strategies. Customers. retailers.8 MARKET RESEARCH: As the results of market research we come to know customers’ needs.MADHUR DAIRY 4. AHMEDABAD . The dairy is in agricultural products and its raw material is coming from agro-based. In market research both the aspects from customers and retailers and wholesalers are included. Government policy. 40 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. Generally they focused on: • • • • The expected demand and sales.

AHMEDABAD .MADHUR DAIRY 4.9 DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL: Village farmer ↓ Village society ↓ Dairy ↓ G.M.C.F ↓ Retail shop Center Customers Village route Customers Agency Customers 41 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.M.


finance may be defined as the provision of money at the time. In the modern time finance may be define undoubtedly as lifeblood or business. The main object of finance is to get maximum liquidity position of the organization so finance is the heart of business. AHMEDABAD . Financial management is the area of business management devoted to judicious of capital and careful selection of sources of capital in order to unable a business firms to move in the directions of reaching its goal. The ambitious plan of business would dream unless adequate money is available.MADHUR DAIRY 5.1 INTRODUCTION: In a modern money using economy. 43 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. The business mostly depends upon the finance.

MADHUR DAIRY 5.D Finance manager Deputy Manager Account officer Safety manager Asst.O.D Chairman M. manager 44 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. AHMEDABAD .2 ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE B.

72.250 Repair & Maintenance Postage.80.52.730 38. Profit& Loss Account for the year ending on 31-03-2007.147 us income Dividend income Interest income Closing stock 11.85.828 34.577 DAIRY 5.000 30.40.806 7 Expenditure Opening stock Purchase Packaging Exp.94.3 Trading.721 3. Interest& bank commission Audit fees Depreciation Donation IT Provision Net profit Total 2006-‘07 RS 1.12.117 32.814 2.197 1.357 77.telegram.622 67.000 27.428 Rent.55.159 21.263 9.14 Miscellaneo 3.25.730 35.341 Insurance premium Miscellaneous Exp.80. 2005-06 RS 87.072 30.86.712 15.94. AHMEDABAD 31-03-2006 RS Assets RS 31-03-2007 RS .348 5.708 50.408 6.telephone. 31-3-2006 RS Liabilities Rs 31-032007 RS 45 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.97.447 9.31.69.F.29.71.680 2.522 1. Marketing Exp.35.56.070 1.566 92.06..Gratuity&OtherFacility Salary Exp.034 7 1.57.990 RS 76.4 Balance Sheet as on date 31-03-2007.72.551 3.55.556 8.345 3.962 10.65.584 33.12.220 1.10.216 37.25.114 2006-07 Income 2006-07 RS 90. And stationery Exp.357 5.36.484 Sales 80. Rate& Taxes P. Power & Fuel Exp.72.440 77.14.165 9. Processing Exp.61. 8.16 .06.24 16.22.63 8.168 expenditure Outstanding against 19.260 1. Deposit 2.46.99 0 4.000 7.117 5.84.484 Authorized share capital Paid up capital members fees Reserve other fund Loan Curr.S Cash & Bank 5.MADHUR DAIRY 2.796 provision Deposits Mandalies debt Outstanding against 7 purchase Provision for IT Net profit for the year Total 26.172 & 1.625 7 000 1.50.62 5 68.260 1.096 debtors T.500 11.66.400 6.566 875 7.84. AHMEDABAD .800 5.927 Other debtors Advance I.804 5.563 46 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. 400 11.757 55.114 Fixed assets Investments Stock 5.40.197 .00.24.T.65.663 96.35.18.D.238 96. liabilities & 22.800 1.363 27.160 3.73. 400 5.064 34.62.507 10.000 Advances & 7.

MADHUR DAIRY 6 FINDING: Madhur Dairy is having their business in many fields. Madhur dairy is having many departments like Production department. Marketing department. Human resource department. Dairy is 47 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. AHMEDABAD . In this unit there are many workers in the every department. Finance department etc. Madhur dairy at the position of the Gandhinagar city market & also indicates largest selling brand.

So it is require conducting a training & development programmed. • Madhur dairy need to established good relationship with employee & employer. • • The product process of Madhur dairy is very long & its required skilled labors. AHMEDABAD .MADHUR DAIRY produced in different products. but we can say that Madhur dairy will be able to recover its market by lunching move product as per the requirement of the market.  Strengths 48 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. This product is very beautiful and this product is selling in large. Madhur dairy required high-adjusted employees who can understand have concept of production & its technology.

AHMEDABAD .MADHUR DAIRY    High quality.     Opportunity Penetrate Gujarat’s market Use internet for advertisement of their products Diversify product portfolio to enter new product categories    Threats Competitors Competition from MNCs in butter 49 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. law price Highly diverse product mix Best technology for production     Weakness Short self life of its product Risk of highly complex supply chain Sales their products only in Gandhinagar.

MADHUR DAIRY   Ban on export of milk powder Growing price of milk 50 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. AHMEDABAD .


We hope that in future time this unit Is producing more and more product. Sweets and Paneer. MADHUR DAIRY has a large sale in a Gandhinagar city. marketing. there is a good management. 52 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES. AHMEDABAD . Ice cream.MADHUR DAIRY 7. Chhash. finance etc. Every department has an own standard and basis on own formula. This unit has many Departments such as a product. Gandhinagar. This industry is producing many products such as Ghee. When We visited in MADHUR DAIRY. We also get information about various departments of company and including this information in this report. CONCLUSION: We visited MADHUR DAIRY.

GOOGLE.aswasthapa –HRM Marketing management.COM    Books Name: K. Phillip kotler & latest edition published by Tata   McGraw hills 53 CENTER FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIES.MARKETINGTEACHER.COM WWW.COM WWW.VIKIPIDIA. AHMEDABAD .MADHUR DAIRY 8 BIBLIOGRAPHIES: Following sites and books for reference: Website: WWW.

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