State of Connecticut

Situation Report
Dannel P. Malloy, Governor
Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection

Hurricane Irene Report Period: 27 August 2011 0800-1200 HRS Situation Report #8 State Emergency Operations Center Activation Level: Full Activation On Thursday August 25, 2011 at 4:55pm Governor Dannel Malloy proclaimed a state of civil preparedness emergency pursuant to CGS 28-9 relating to Hurricane Irene’s expected landfall on Sunday August 28, 2010. The State EOC is fully staffed with additional partners. History Summary A WebEOC Incident has been opened "24 Aug 2011 Hurricane Irene”. Since early Thursday August 25, 2011 planning and preparation efforts have been occurring to prepare for the adverse effects of Hurricane Irene. Weather forecasts are monitored for changing conditions and updates issued. DEMHS and other State agencies are reviewing and implementing the tasks outlined in the Natural Disaster Plan, and the State Response Framework. Partner agencies have and are planning for the assignment of liaisons to the SEOC and extended operations related to the storm. Debris management is being organized. General Preparedness Information All DEMHS Regions are preparing for shelter openings and CERT activations. Many towns have requested Red Cross support for local shelters. Some of the preparation activities undertaken by the State of Connecticut are: Governor Malloy is emphasizing communities plan for the evacuation of portions the most severely threatened Connecticut coastal communities. Staging area are being established for equipment and commodities Readiness of hospitals, universities, nursing homes in low lying areas are being confirmed Discussions are ongoing with state agencies regarding possible transportation bans on highways and public transportation during peak storm conditions State Urban Search and Rescue team on stand-by as of 1200 hours 8/27/2011 Utility and communications entities have been developing contingency plans and are pre-staging assets for recovery efforts. MUNICIPALITIES WHICH HAVE DECLARED STATE OF EMERGENCY Stratford North Branford Naugatuck Rocky Hill East Lyme Norwalk Old Saybrook Hartford Fairfield Westport Bridgeport Plymouth Waterford Greenwich EVACUATIONS Darien – low lying areas Tolland – Mandatory at Noon New Haven – Mandatory by 3pm Old Saybrook – Voluntary North Branford - Voluntary Guilford – Voluntary Madison - Voluntary Waterford – Voluntary

West Haven – Voluntary New London- Voluntary Bridgeport Juvenile Detention Center Old Lyme - Voluntary Milford – Voluntary Stonington – Voluntary West Haven – Voluntary East Lyme - Voluntary New Haven – Mandatory for low lying areas Groton City – Voluntary Clinton – Voluntary Bridgeport – Voluntary Greenwich – Mandatory (Coastal) Stratford – Voluntary Westport – Voluntary Westbrook – Voluntary Plainville – Voluntary Newtown – Low lying areas Bridgeport – Mandatory WEATHER INFORMATION: HURRICANE IRENE HEADING UP THE EAST COAST… HURRICANE WARNINGS REMAIN IN EFFECT FOR SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT… MAJOR COASTAL FLOODING POSSIBLE… MODERATE TO MAJOR INLAND FLOODING POSSIBLE… At 11:00 AM the center of Hurricane Irene was located at 35.2 North 76.4 West (Approximately 120 Miles South of Norfolk, VA). Irene has maximum sustained winds of 85 MPH and is moving to the North Northeast at 15 MPH. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) continues to forecast that Irene will remain a Category I hurricane today and remain a Category I hurricane as the storm moves up the East Coast tonight and into New England tomorrow morning. Irene is forecast to move up along the New Jersey Coast early Sunday morning and make landfall in the Stamford area around 11:00 AM as a Category I hurricane. The first effects from Irene are still expected to begin this evening with heavier rain and tropical storm force winds moving into Connecticut between 10:00 PM and Midnight. Hurricane force winds are forecast to arrive along the coast at 7:00 AM Sunday morning. Very heavy rain at times (especially in Western Connecticut) is expected to continue from midnight tonight through the passage of the center of Irene around 11:00 AM tomorrow morning and into the mid-afternoon. River flooding from Irene is forecast to be moderate to major with the more severe flooding on smaller rivers and in urban areas. Major coastal flooding is possible with storm surges of 4 to 7 feet possible in Western Long Island Sound during high tide Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. Irene is 23 hours from landfall and forecast confidence is high. Some small changes to the track forecast are still possible. The Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection will issue another update on Irene at 5:15 PM. Requests for assistance from the State Emergency Operations Center: Regional Coordinators have received requests from local EMDs and Municipalities for resources, primarily consisting of sandbags. August 24, 2011 7,000 sandbags August 25, 2011 24,750 sandbags August 26, 2011 August 26, 2011 29,040 sandbags 1890 Cots August 27, 2011 – As of 1100 hrs August 27, 2011 – As of 1100 hrs 100 sandbags 4277 Cots

Currently Represented at State Emergency Operations Center: Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security DEMHS continues to coordinate SEOC operations. Regional Coordinators receive and forward requests to the SEOC for relay to appropriate agency. Scheduling for the next 3 days has been established. Approval has been received for the activation of the State Urban Search & Rescue Team (USAR) to deploy at 12:00 noon at Brainard facility. An EMAC request has been submitted for Swift Water Rescue Team assistance. A Unified Command Meeting with the Governor was held at 0900 hrs. The main focus during this time period is on identifying shortfalls in capabilities and evacuations considerations. Division of State Police Connecticut State Police Statewide Activity: Friday 08/27/11 0730 hours – Saturday 08/27/11 1130 hours Calls for Service: 208 Accidents: 06 Accidents with Injuries: 0 Fatalities: 0 DUI- 0 Motorist Assists: 16 Non-Reportable: 175 Troops Contacted: No issues Major Highway Corridors: Secondary State Roadways: No issues Weather Related Activity: Coordinated with UI for access to Route 15 during the high point of the storm. Significant Active Incidents: Running Event Totals: Friday 08/26/11 1530 hours through Saturday 08/27/11 30 hours Calls for Service: 1317 Accidents: 65 Accidents with Injuries: 13 Fatalities: 0 DUI- 05 Motorist Assists: 95 Non-Reportable: 914 Commission on Fire Prevention and Control In addition to statewide fire planning resources a two person team a “Go” team from International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) has been detailed to the SEOC for hurricane operations technical assistance. Connecticut Army National Guard CTNG / Military Department has one (1) representative in the SEOC. The CTNG Joint Operations Center (JOC) is currently in a partial activation posture. The CTNG/Military Departments full-time Federal and State employees have been alerted for possible mission sets, to be executed at the direction of the Governor, and are planning for those mission sets. Currently 125 traditional Guardsmen are on duty conducting pre-alert activities. CTNG has begun receiving request for assets and are staffing those requests. Six shallow water boats and six crews are available for Connecticut Missions.

Department of Health Evacuation of Apple Health Care of Guilford was completed by 20:00 hours last night. No overnight request for assistance from DPH. DPH Facility staff will track all patient transfers/evacuations, whether to hospitals or other nursing homes. DPH internal conference call held at 10:00 today Hospitals with Emergency Operations Center opened Stamford Health Systems’ West Haven VA Milford Hospital Updated guidance sent out to Public Water Systems Follow up communication made with Local Health Departments DPH Staff followed up on a request from Apple Rehab in Mystic should they need to evacuate. 6 residents that require higher level of care are being transferred to Apple Rehab in Farmington and at this time all other residents will shelter in place. Department of Corrections DOC staff is assisting DEMHS Regional Offices and at the SEOC. Prisoners in custody at DOC facilities will not be transported to court on Monday August 29, 2011. The Department of Correction is moving male inmates which are housed in a low lying building in the Niantic area, to a higher ground building on the same grounds for precaution of flooding. Department of Transportation Sandbag requests continued to be filled. The last AMTRAK train departs at by 1000 hrs. Greater Bridgeport Transit has announced it will be terminating service today at 7pm. Windham Region Transit has announced they will follow the state's lead and terminate service at 8pm today through Monday morning. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Continuing preparations. State parks closed at 12:00 noon 8/27/11. Monitoring State owned dams. Department of Agriculture Pledge of support from USDA. They will be alerting all the facilities along the shore preparing them to assist CT. All SART regions approved per Bill Hackett. They still have to file their paperwork that will be approved. Newtown Veterinary Hospital is prepared to assist Newtown area residents with the housing of their pets. Info was forwarded by a rep. with the ASPCA. All shellfish beds closed as of 2pm today. This includes MA, RI, NY and of course CT. American Red Cross (ARC) Food is prepared for 20,000 people. Preparations are in place for opening 58 shelters. Region 1 - 8 Region 2 - 18 Region 3 - 9 Region 4 - 12 Region 5 – 11 Additional blood supplies have been pre-deployed to Connecticut U S Coast Guard A Coast Guard Liaison is assigned to the SEOC. Assets are pre-positioned and /or on standby.

CL & P Preparations are complete and crews are on standby. Over 600 crews available for recovery. AT&T Cellular telephone towers are designed to sustain winds of 150 mph or more Staging crews in Meriden, Wallingford, and Hartford Connecticut Insurance Department Nearby States have offered assistance. Additional adjusters have been licensed in Connecticut. Department of Disability Services Facilities near the shoreline have been evacuated. Info Line (2-1-1) Working with Red Cross for shelter information and information for disabled persons with evacuation concerns FEMA IMAT fully integrated in State. Resources staged around State & surrounding States, DMAT, USAR, SAR Teams, Etc. REGION 1 Regional Office opened at 0800 hrs. Coordinators are obtaining town evacuation information and notifying local CEOs, EMDs, PW Directors of statewide conference call. EOC STATUS Darien – Monitoring REGION 2 Regional Office opened at 0800 hrs. Coordinators are obtaining town evacuation information and notifying local CEOs, EMDs, PW Directors of statewide conference call. REGION 3 Regional Office opened at 0800 hrs. Coordinators are obtaining town evacuation information and notifying local CEOs, EMDs, PW Directors of statewide conference call. EOC STATUS Glastonbury – Monitoring Middletown – Monitoring East Hartford – Monitoring West Hartford – Monitoring Hartford – Monitoring Windsor Locks – Monitoring REGION 4 Regional Office opened at 0800 hrs. Coordinators are obtaining town evacuation information and notifying local CEOs, EMDs, PW Directors of statewide conference call. EOC STATUS Groton Town – Open New London – Partial

REGION 5 Regional Office opened at 0800 hrs. Coordinators are obtaining town evacuation information and notifying local CEOs, EMDs, PW Directors of statewide conference call. EOC STATUS Ridgefield – Monitoring Middlebury - Monitoring Plymouth – Open Goshen – Open Watertown - Open Current CERT Team Activation Approvals: New Canaan Colchester Milford Waterford Bristol Ridgefield Windsor Locks Prospect East Hartford Groton Canterbury Fairfield Lebanon MRC Activations: (Pending DPH approval) Fairfield Stratford/Trumbull/Monroe Next Sit Rep 27 August 2011 1600

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