State Senator - 10th District
What guidelines and restrictions have you given those working on your behalf to prevent negative attacks on your opponent?

Mary MargarET HaUgEn
I have instructed my campaign workers, supporters and democratic organizations that negative campaign pieces on my opponent will not be tolerated. No negative campaign pieces from me or on my behalf have ever been issued in any of my campaigns.

Linda Haddon
I have told my campaign there will be NO personal attacks. Mary Margaret has done some very good things for our district. It is simply time for new ideas and a fresh approach. It’s just time for change.

The presidential race has turned attention to talk of overturning Roe v. Wade, and the potential for the issue of reproductive rights to again be handled on a state-bystate basis. What is your position on abortion? In hindsight, what could have been done differently to prevent the halt of ferry service between Keystone and Port Townsend?

This decision is best left between a woman, God and her doctor and not government. Washington voters have twice voted on this issue and decided that government should not have a role in reproductive choices made by Washington women.

I am pro-life and have been since the birth of my niece. I advocated my sister seek an abortion (unwed teen). I am so thankful she didn’t. Katie’s birth changed my mind.

Change in the leadership of the Department of Transportation and the ferry system, along with better and more thorough inspections by the department and United States Coast Guard would have revealed problems earlier, so actions could have been taken sooner.

For 20 years we have known the boats needed to be replaced. Planning, maintenance and seamless transition into new vessels should have happened. It didn’t.

What was the worst mistake that state government has made during the past year?

It underestimated the impact of a souring national economy on the economy of Washington state.

Spending like tax dollars are manna from heaven. We are in crisis. We must live within our means. It is wrong to make empty promises to our citizens we cannot keep.

What is more important to you; a decision that best serves your district, or a decision that best serves the state of Washington?

I am well-known for putting the people in the 10th District first. They are my number one priority. Usually it is not an either-or situation. When it is, the 10th District comes first.

We are all citizens of the state. I would hope decisions that benefit the district would benefit the state. I view my role as “representing” the district. I will be in Olympia for my district.


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