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Orcs & Humans

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Soundblaster. The default (preset) installation routine places Warcraft ina directory named C:\WARCRAFT.x. Partial: Installs all of the data files that the game needs to your hard drive. You will be asked to enter a. They are: on your availablehard drive Minimal: Installs only the Wareraft program file to the hard drive.depending space. except for the movie. type i'INSTALL[Enterr. Display Warcraft requires a color monitor with a VGA graphics system.2a compatible) and Keyboard to play Warcraft. it must be 100% compatible with VGA systems. around 2 megabytes of hard drive space. Sound Warcraft supports General Midi. movie files. Adlib. This is the recommended installation. and requires about 141negabytes of'hard drive space.GETTING STARTED ON THE IBM-PC SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. You have three choices. Insert the CD into your CD drive (usually drive D orE) and designate that drive (by typing "D:[EnterJ" or "E:[EntetJ'l When the new prompt appears.compatible) Controls with 4 MB RAM or 'better. Requires 71 megabytes of hard drive space. If you are using a. the game will take much longer to load. While this only-takes up. Computer Warcraft requires an IBM 386120 Mhz (or 100%. 'ineluding the. path to install the game to. System You must have MS-DOS version 3. Pro Audio Spectrum and Compatibles. Full: Installs the entire game to yow hard drive.compatible graphics card/monitor. Blizzard does not recommend playing under Windows 3. but will give you the fastest loading time. files. You will need a Mouse (1 00% Microsoft v8. Disk Drives A CD-ROM Operating drive and a Hard Disk are required for installation and play. when installing the game.2 or higherW arcraft can be played under Windows 95. INSTALLATION An installation program is included on the Warcraft CD. 4 Warcrajt: Orcs & Humans .

it may be due to a software conflict or it may not be fully compatible with this game. Many Windows 95 systems. Also.My mouse works. Loading a mouse driver may be as simple as typing MOUSE [Enter] before starting the game. Check with the mouse manufacturer to see if there is anupdated mouse driver: Blizzard Entertainment 5 . thoughit does need to be run fullscreen. and put an REM in front of any lines that mention SMARTDRVEXE. ON THE IBM-PC Q. To disable it. runs . consult your users guide: Q.normally withoutsounds. What's wrong? If your mouse is acting erratically. What else can I do? If you are experiencing problems with the game. make sure that your computer is loading the correct. or I keep getting a "Divide Overflow" error.the game directory. exit Windows completely before running the game. Warcraft requires a mouse driver that is 100% compatible with Microsoft's v8 . I get the error "Warcraft needsan additional xxkb ofmemory to run. Windows and other progran:s of this type have built-in mouse drivers that do not function out of their environment. Microsoft's SMARTDgV. Why doesn'tmy mouse work? If your mouse is not functioning. edit YOIIY AUTOEXEC. mentioned. Q. Q. Why can't I install the game to my hard disk? especially the amount of hard disk space requiredas Q. the sound work? If you are 'experiencing problems with your sound card.You should experience no memory conflicts as long as you: have the required amount of memory free. try CD nfiguring for no sound. correct the IRQ setting. Q. then you probably need to reconfigure yoursound.soundcard drivers on startup. Why doesn't Q. you should make sure the drivel' is loaded. Blizzard does not recommend runningWarcraft under Windows the Dos prompt. especially. Can I run 'my game through Windows? Warcraft can run under Windows 95 onmost systems without difficulty. Since the command differs from mouse to mouse. If the game.TROUBLESHOOTING You must check all System Requirements.and try starting the game over: If yOU! game still willnot ruuconsult the manual that came with your sound card for diagnostic procedures. Q. Does Warcraft? Warcraft uses programming that requires the use of either EMS orXMS. Type.EXE is the most common caching program.2a mouse driver. Some games require different "types" of memory to tun. SETUP [Enter ] at. and check your sound card settings. but it sporadically jumps the installation program. the easiest-way to free up more memory is to disable any disk caching software that may be loading up. do not load a DOS sound card driver. Over 'eighty percent of sound problems are due to mistaken sound configurations or missing drivers.BAT file on your bard drive.x. try running the -Setup program that came With by typing SETUP [Enter] ." Generally. I still can't get the game to run correctly.

display.not. Controls: A keyboard and a mouse are required. Quicktime Power Plug (for Powerl'Cs).1 or or higher is strongly recommended). Orcs & Humans .1 Or Youmust Toolbox: higher -to .0 or higher (System 7.5. Double-click on the Warcraft CD icon. TROUBLESHOOTING ON THE MACINTOSH Mostproblems running Warcraft on the Macintosh are a matter of making sure that the proper extensions are loaded. Manager 3. and that there 'are no extension conflicts.GETTING STARTE'D ON THE MACINTOSH SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Computer: Warcraftrequires -a Macintosh with a 68030 or PowerPC processor and 8 megs of physical RAM.5.5 is AppleCD~ROM. Uses about 30 megabytesof hard drive space. If you do not . Standard.Sound IN.1 or higher. Disk Drives: A hard drive and CD-ROM drive are required to play Warcraft. 6 Wercraf't.get sound in the game (not part of System 7_5) Required for head to head play Required to play Warcraft over ailIPXpetwotk Quicktimc: Quicktime 2. you will need to use a third party extensionmanageror manually remove unnecessary extensions from your System Folder. Uses about 95 rub of disk space. and restart your Macintosh. Stan-dard: The recommended configuration.have System 75. and Quicktime Musical Instruments must be installed to view the cutscenes (notpart of System 7.5) The easiest way to avoid extension conflicts is toset up an Extension Set specifically for Warcraft 'Using the Extension-s Manager Control Panel included with System 7. or enhanced playability. including. For-earlier System versions.RDM drive. Sound. Video: Warcraft requires a 13!1 or better 256-cQloi.up around 3 megabytes of hard drive space" but ata cost inperformance. Full: Stores all files. save the set.movies. 'and then double-click on the Warcraft Installer to copy the required game and system files to your hard drive. Select only the extensions you need loaded. on the hard drive.have System 7. or Full install. Running with Virtual Memory enabled can decrease game performance.ST ALLATJON Place the CD into your CD. Minimal: Only uses.1 is required for sound effectsif you do. The only extension required 'to run W arcr aft under System 7. You will be given the choice between a Minimal. the following 'extensions need to be loaded: Display Manager: Sound Manger: Communications MacIPX: Enables Warcraft to switch monitor resolutions automatically have Sound Manager 3. Operating System: Warcraft requires System 7.

4. 4. TUl11 both machines ON. Connect. Warcraft does not support if direct link game using parallel (printer) ports.'Make sure your computerhas a modem installed and is connected to aphone line.port and IRQ that your modem is using. Both players must use the same connection type. Make sure that yOU! computer is properly connected to the network. From the Game Type Menu. 4. CONNECTING VIA NETWORK 1. From the Game Type Menu. Go into your Warcraft Directory (CD\\Varcraft [Enterj) and type WAR [Enter]. Warcraftcomes with the AppeTalk Modem Tool. You win need to know the COM . Go into both yourWarcraft Directories (CD\Warcraft [Enterj) and type WAR [Enter]. on screen prompts to properly configure your system. Get a null modem cable from your local computer store. CONNECTING VIA MODEM I. The Communications Toolbox provides a consistent interface. and follow. 3. One player must wait for a connection. your opponent. and the IRQ that the port is using. Frain the Game Type Menu. Make sure powerto both machines is OFF. 2. 7. and it also allows for new types of connections by simply dropping Communications Toolbox tools into the Extensions folder. select Network as your opponent. and follow the on SCreen prompts to properly configure your system.the cable between the serial (COM) ports of the two computers. select Direct as your opponent. 2. and the other-player must then connect to the first player. Go into your Warcraft Directory (CD\\Varcraft [Enter]) and type WAR [Enter}.MUL TIPLAYER GAMES IBM-PC CONNECTING IN DIRECT LINK MODE 1. From the Main Menu select Start a New Game. You will need to know the COM port -that you have the null modem cable plugged into. 3. Blizzard Entertainment 7 . Warcraft uses a "wait for/connect to" method for establishing the connection for tWQplayer games. Direct Serial TCiOl. the.make sure that you are using a null modern cable. 5. 3. From the Main Menu select Start a New Game. Serial cables will not work for this procedure . 2.vand follow the on screen prompts to properly configure your system. 6. and decide which player will Calland which will Answer. MACINTOSH Macintosh Warcraft uses Apple's Communications Toolbox for-most two-player connections. and AppleTalk ADSP Tool extensions. The Communications Toolbox has a Connection Settings dialog where players 'set up the connection that will be used. select Modern as. From the Main Menu select Start aNew Game.

BoxI8979·Irvine. Our hours ate 9 A.M. Fax: (714) 955-1381 We receive faxes 24 hours a day. NO GAME PLAYING HINTS WILL BE GIVEN THROUGH THIS NUMBER.TECHNIC'AL ONLINE SUPPORT SERVICES SUPPORT Blizzard Entertainment provides upcoming news. Blizzard EntertainmentI'D. product demos. Pacific Time. technical support and 1119reon the following online services. Pacific Time. with settings of Sji. P. to 6 Monday through Friday. and will respond from 9 A. E-mail: BlizzrdEnt. America Online: Industry Connection • Keyword "Blizzardlsnt. Have a pen and paper handy when you call.1115> support@bhzzard. CA 92623 BEFORE YOU CALL FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT If you are having problems. holidays excluded. please consult the "Troubleshooting" section before calling technical support. 8 Wercraf't. Monday through Friday.and can deal with your inquiry more efficiently if you know the following information: • The manufacturer of your computer and the CPU type/speed • How much RAM your system has • The version and ~pe of Operating 'System that you are using • The: manufacturer and model of your video (for IBM~PC) ma:csupport@b1izzard. (714) 955-1481. orBlizzrdlvlac for Macintosh (for Macintosh) httpv/wwwblizzard." There is also a Warcraft Discussion Site in the Computer Strategy GamingSectionin thevStrategy and other Sims'lfolder.M. holidays excluded.M. Game Publishers Forum (GO GAMEDPDB) under Blizzard Entertainment Evmail: < Blizzard Icet[et: Cornpuserve: Internet: World Wide Web: ADDITIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES You may also contact Blizzard Entertainment via fax and mail.M. We receive many calls every day. Supports up to 28800 baud. to 6 P. and be near your computer 'if at all possible. software updates. Orcs & Humans .I. Mail: Customer Support. reviews. and modern OUf technicalsupportnumber is (714) 955-1382. sound card.

Click on the Start button. and click on the mouse button to select. 4. Be sure that the hard drive containing the game is the active drive. 5. If you choose "Don't ask. Make sure that the Opponent setting is 011 Computer. the.and double-click oil it to start the game. Change the current directory to the game's directory. the mouse button or type "S" to select You will also notice thatthe letter S in the first word is of another color than the rest of the message. press the space bar OJ.your first time running the game. to change to the default directory type: CD\W ARC RAFT [Enter]. Windows 95 1. click on Ok to start the game. Choose to command the Humans by selecting Humans using. 2. You will now be taken to the Race Selection Screen.TUTORIAL LOADING MS-DOS Of THE GAME Windows3. by pressing the key that corresponds to the different colored letter. Once you have set the startup preferences. the Warcraft Startup Options dialog will open. Type WAR [Enter] to start the game.x 1. 1 Blizzard Entertainment '9 . exit Windows completely (go to File and E~5t). STARTING A NEW GAME 1. click themouse button. Move the mouse over the Start a new game option and click on. and the Game Mode is Campaign. you hold down the Option key immediately after starting Warcraft. Boot your system normally with MS-DOS 3. the Command Screen. If you used the default installation. and enter the path and name of the Ware raft program this case "S". 2. 3. 2. 2. Start up yourcomputer normally.2 or higher. arrow next to the race selection. you will be taken to the Warcraft Main Menu. you would type C-:\WARCRAFT\WAR [Enter]. Locate the Warcraft icon on your hard drive. Macintosh i. 3.x.again' the Startup Options will not come up in the future unless. This allows you to enter any selection. The game begins with a graphic introduction to the world of War craft. After the introduction. 'select Run. andthen you will be taken to the main game screen. If this is. If you would like to bypass this rntroduction. If your system boots into Windows 3. There will be a short description of your first assignment. For example.

COMMAND SCREEN The diagram below displays the main screen used in Warcraft. Each of these sections are described below: identifies the key aspects MINI MAP RES. INFO TEXT This. Your buildings and units appear as different colored squares (The "Town HaH is yellow. buttons or structures that you select in the Command Map window. UNIT DESCRIPTION This is detailed information on any building or unit selected in the Command Map window'. while your enemy is shown in red. MINI MAP This is a bird's eye view of your Command Map which allows you to see the entire 'area at once. for detail as you explore the lands surrounding your settlement. Farmsare green etc.and used in game play. This map will increase. l 10 Warcraff: Orcs & Humans .available to use for training various units and to use as building materials. will give you information oil any units.).OURCES UNIT DESCRIPTION MENU BUTT()N INFO TEXT COMMAND MAP RESOURCES This is the amount of harvested lumber and gold that is.

IBM-PC Save Game Load Game Options Restart Continue Scenario or Quit MACINTOSH File Edit Game Lumber & Gold Warcraft Icon Clicking the Menu Button also pauses the game at any time. the arrow will change into a magnifying glass.description ofthe selection will appear to the left of the Command Map in the Unit Description area. You may select units or buildings in this window by using the mouse to select them.COMMAND MAP This is themain field of play. Bliz'zard Entertainment 11 . the events that transpire inthe area around you. The words Train Peasant win appear in the Info Text area. In the center of your Command Map. Move the arrow over the Town Hall. Here you will be able to see. PEASANTS TRAINING 3. a Farm" three Footmen and a Peasant. When you are over a unit orr the Command Map that you are able to se1ect. you will see a Town Hall. Also. in great detail. a. When selected. ESTABLISHING YOUR SETTLEMENT You will becreating a settlement Iron} the ground up. Note that the cost of training this unit appears on the right side of the Info Text area.a colored square highlights your choice. shows the Menu Bar at the top of the screen For descriptions of these functions. 1. Costs for building structureswill appear in this same area.. Select the Town Hall by clicking the mouse button. When you select a unit or building. MENU (SHOW' MENU on the Macintosh) This button calls up the Warcraft Options menu. 2. a yellow box will surround the unit? indicating that they are now prepared to receive your orders. on the Macintosh. so to speak. or. see the GAME OPTIONS section after the tutorial. Move the arrow over the Peasant Icon.

OF BUILDINGS Select a Peasant and click the mouse button. There are" however. In the unit description area.ff: Orcs ~. select any Farm and click the mouse button.of training your Peasant. Build More Farms in the Info Text area. After the Peasant is trained. Select the Peasant Icon by clicking the mouse button. . 6.4. you will receive the message Not Enough Food . To view your current food supply. three restrictions regarding the construction of any building. 3. A pulsing white box will appear onthe Command Map that represents the amount of space required for this structure. the rate of production and consumption will be displayed. 2. 12 Warcra. CONSTRUCTION 1. . another farm must be built. Should you attempt to train another Peasant. and select the one that says Build Farm in the Info Text area. Toincrease the food supply available for your settlement. Note thatthe rate of completion is shown in the Unit Description area. 7. he will appear on the CommandMap. This will open the Basic Structure selections. 5. Move the mouse over the Icons. Move the arrow over the Build Basic Structure Icon and select this option by clicking the mouse button. This hegins the process . You must have food available in order to train more units. Humans .

When you choose the. 5. When an upgrade is available. To increase your stores. Initially the-lands around your Town Hall 'and Fann 'are unknown.available food has increased. To place abuilding. the white box win change to a red box with an X through it. you must. There must beamplespace available in explored territory for and will appear as great black regions in both. clickthemouse button.units to. When you have chosen an appropriate site. 3. EXPLORATION AND HARVESTING By-this point. he will rnove'there to commence construction. Some buildings have' buttons that allow certain. Once the Peasant has completed his construction. will find that you arerunning short on resources suchas'Iumberandgold. Structures mustbe built near other buildings. Note: Your peasant does not need to be at the site yet. 2 Any structure must be built next to a cobbled road. selecting the button will 'prompt a message in the Info Text area that will inform you of what the upgrade will affect. 'and you will be unable to place the building. Also nate that buildings have . If you attempt to place a building in a location that does not follow these guidelines. find forests to harvest lumber fromand search for gold mines: that maybe found about the area. The site will be cleared and made ready for construction. select an area that falls within the restrictions for construction.structure to be built -.your Command Map and Mi:n~Map. Blizzard eniertainment 13 .1. You will notice that your . select the new Farm site and click themouse button. ALso" a message will tell you why you cannot build there. be upgraded.a bar labeled HP that will indicate the amount of damage the structure has taken.

Select a Peasant with the mouse button. instruct your peasant to.and click the mouse button. Unit Description area. or is instructed to Stop. Sel_ectthe Move 1Go11 his Unit Description 'area. Your Peasant will begin chopping down trees to be used for lumber. 1. Select a Peasant with the mouse button. Continue to move your Peasant in this manner until you find the mine. select the Peasant and click the Stop Icon with the mouse button. Use these to 3. When you find a forest. You will see a road that leads to. in Red crosshairs will appear on the Command Map. Now that you have found a source of lumber. He will continue to repeat this cycle of harvesting until he either cutsdown all available trees in that area. 14 Warcraft: Orcs & Humans . Position it on the section of forest you want him to harvest. Harvest lumber by selecting the corresponding Icon in his description window. the unmapped region to send your Peasant into. Continue to move your Peasant in this manner until you find a source of lumber. Select the Move Icon in his. to the Command Map. 7. 3. He will immediately head off in that direction. surveying any territory he encounters.1. As you!' unit enters unknown regions. 8. 5. 4. Choose an area in. they will become visible an both your Command Map and the Mini Map. Red crosshairs willappearas you move the mouse back indicate the destination to send the selected unit to. To cease harvesting. finding a gold mine is the next step. 2. Red crosshairs will appear as you move the mouse back to the Command Map. Use these to indicate the destination the selected unit will be sent to. the east. and will return them to the Town Hall on his own. 6. Follow it to find a nearby gold mine using the Move command. 2.

Position it on the gold mine. and will return the are to the Town Hall on his own. you can use either the. He will continue to repeat this cycle of mining until he plays the mine out. Also the Harvest Icon will be replaced by a Return Goods To Town Han Icon that you Can select to resume delivery. To move 011 the Command 4. 2. 5. Hold down the mouse button and the map will scroll in the direction of the arrow. VIEWING THE MAPS To move around each scenario. Blizzard Entertainment 15 . 7. To move using the Mini Map. se-lect the Peasant and click the Stop leon with the. 3 Map. To cease mining. the Info Text Window will remind you that heis carrying lumber or gold. Note: If you stop a Peasant while he is returning to the Town Hall with a load ofresources. mouse button.4. When you find the gold mine-instruct your Peasant to mine the. Your Peasant will begin working the mine for gold. or the arrow keys. Note that in the Info Text area this command is used to both harvest lumber and mine gold. or is instructed to-Stop. and click the mouse button. move the arrowcursor to any edge of the Command Map. 1. Mini Map orthe Command Map. they will become visible on both your Command Map and the Mini Map. You can also select. Red cross hairs will appear as you move the mouse back to the Command Map. 8. site by selecting the Harvest Icon in his description window. select the white box and move it around by holding down the mouse button and dragging it to the desired location. 6.any area on the Mini Map and jump to that location by clicking the mouse button. As your unit enters unknown regions. To use the keyboard to move on the Command Window use the numeric keypad illTOWS.

OPTIONS Move 2. Select a Footman and click the mouse button. Use these to indicate the target the selected unit will be sent to engage.COMBAT You can give commands to your units at any time. While. Use these to indicate the destination the selected unit will he sent to. Red crosshairs will appear on the Command Map. but some have specific abilities. Stop 4. Unit Type This IS the designation of the unit currently selected. This will open the Unit Description screen to the left of the Command Map. Orcs GPHumans . 3. having the footman selected. Attack 5. Move Icon and click the mouse button. 16 Warcraf't. the more damage the unit has sustained. the Command Map. 6. All of your units share commoncommands. While the Footman is selected" move the arrow to the Attack Icon and click the mouse button. selectthe Stop Icon and click the mouse button. While the Footmariis moving. select the. 1. The Lower the bar. HP This displays the amount of damage the unit has taken. Red crosshairs will appear 00. Portrait This is what your unit looks like. The unit will halt all actions and await new orders.

they wake for an easy fight. and click the mouse button. Blizzard Entertainment 17 . Select a Peasant. 2. Then select the Stop Icon il) the Unit Description area to halt the attack. While the Footman is attacking it. but until you feel ready to tackle the arcs. Red crosshairs 'will appear on the Command Map.rseleot the Town Hall and click the mouse button. 8. 'Normally you would never attack your own buildings. lO.7. 9. Note that the HP bar gets smaller as thestructure sustains damage. Select the Town Hall as the target yon wish to engage. 3. REPAIRING DAMAGED BUILDINGS 1. Select the attacking Footman and click the mouse button. Select the Repair Icon. Use these to indicate the building the unit should repair (In this case 'the Town Hall needs to be repaired).

Should you wish to stop repairs before they are completed? select the Stop Icon in the Peasant's Unit Description and click the mouse button. Welcome to' the World of Warcraft. cheaper than building a new structure. havecolored boxes around them.number of units. When )'OU have completed repairs on the structure. 1. The costto fully repair tlte 'structure is displayed in the Info Text. but is. their displays will condense in. unable to attack. The units that are within this' box (up to four) will be selected and grouped. the Unit Description area -. You are. Move and Stop will remain consistent for each unit. 3. Select the Town Hall and click the mouse button.4. dragit across a group of units (creating a box). You may also dick the mouse on an empty area of the Command Map and" while holding the mouse button (or the Control key on IBM-pes) down. 5. 2. You can group any four units by selecting a unit and clicking the mouse button. The repairs will be reflected in the rising HP bar in the Unit Deseription area. When additional units are selected. The Peasant will move to the Town HaH and begin the process of making repairs. 'but grouped units may lose those abilities. so a Peasantis. nowwell on your Way 10 conquering the'.should. 4. Hath units . Repairing uses both lumber and gold. Hold down the shift key and select a. These grouped units do not have" to be of the same type for grouping to take effect. 18 Warcraft Orcs & Humans . Units may have other options (such as the Peasant who cannot Attack. Repeat this process until a maximum of four units have been grouped. Orcish hordes and freeing Azeroth from their tightening grip.still and a Footman cannot harvest lumber. showing-that they are both selected. Units gain no additional abilities while grouped. but can Harvest and Build). GROUPING UNITS It is sometimes desirable to give the same cornmandto a. 5. 6. the Peasant will stop and await new instructions.secondunit.evil.

Help (or Alt H) Shift F2. . '.2 100 OFF! 1. Load dame: This allows you to load and continue a game that you have previously saved. Continue: This returns you to the Command Map. Quit: This quits the game and returns you to your operating system.IBM-PC GAME OPTIONS MENU BUTTON When you select the Menu button or press FlO.F4 = Save map position for immediate recall F2 . ADDITIONAL KEYS / MENUS There are also additional functions available during game play. another window appears and gives you several options to choose from: Save Game: This allows you to save the game you are currently engaged in. These.2 100 SLOWEST ! SLOW / NOruvrAL I FAST / FASTEST SLO\¥EST / SLOW / NORMAL / FAST / FASTBST ACCEPTS changes and returns you to the game NO changes are made and you are returned to the game OK Cancel Restart Scenario: This allows you to quit and restart the current scenario.are: Game Speed Music SFX Mouse Scroll Key Scroll SLOWEST / SLOW / NORMAL! FAST / FASTEST OFF / 1.F4 = Recall saved map position F5 = Mini Map (Toggles between ON/OFF') F6 = Unit Screen (Lists all units in play and units destroyed) F7 = Economy Screen (Lists total resources harvested) F8 = Score (This gives an indication as to your success and lists your rank) FlO = Options Menu Fl = G = Hold this key down to show the construction gridCtrl and Dragging the mouse = Selects up to four units q1 once Esc = Cancel any command just issued in any menu (also right click on mouse) Blizzard £ nter talnrncnf 19 . Options: This allows you to change certain aspects of the game.

ed dnringplay. OFF lli_:!' SLOWEST SLOWEST ACCEPTS NOchan.. Mini Map' (FS) Turns on the Mini Map from 4Uy other screen. ' Save Game As: Saves the game you are currently playing under a specific name. Unit Screen (P6) Lists all units in play and units destroyed. Disconnet: In a two-player game. . this ends the current game and takes.ITU. The menu bar is usually hidden to allowscrollingatthe top Command Map during game play. Pause Hide/Show . Esc = Cancel any: command.MACINTO'SI{ GAMBOPTIONS SHOW MENU BUTTON When YOtI select the' Show Menu button Or press F 1D. SFX Mouse SctdlI Key Scroll OK This tak_es. Menu Bar Hides or displays the menu bar across the tDP of the screen. game play location. ' ADDITIONAb KEYS I MENDS G = Hold this key down to-show the construction grid Click and Dragging the mouse = Selects up to four units. Score (F8) .tos©:vetal PlJUcloWiLm\3UY options: FILE .sccnario that you are currently playing. This gives anindjcation a~ toyour rankand victoryconditions. The Menu gives you a~Gess..ges PREFERENCES I SLOW I NORMAL / FAST! FASTEST Cancel GAME . Open Game: This allows you to load and continue agame that you have previously saved. . quits the to the MAIN MENU.asaved. YOU 10 the FINDER. E~d once +. Restart Scenario: This te:starts the . Location (OptiQlJ. Quit: This ends the current game. .New Game: Tl1is beings a new game and takes you to the NEW GAME lTIt:.+F i. . Economy Screen (F7) Lists total resources hafvested. Recall Location (F 1~F4) This centers the Command Map OIl .F4) This saves the current Command Map' to the PREFEREN GER dialog window: SLOWEST OFF /1._ 2. the Menu Bar appears at· the top of the screen. EDIT Preferences: Game Speed Music.10 / SLOW / NORMAL I FAST / FASTEST / SLoW /NORMAL / FAST / FASTEST changes and returns you 10 the g(tme are made and you are returned to the' game This pauses the game (ON{OFF) apd the menu bat is still active.16 . will disconnect you from your opponent.justissued in any-menu 20 Water-aft Orcs :& Humans . New Two-Player: Opens up the di-alog for selectingaconnection method.= Increase. and decrease game spe.

of the Realm .Blizzard Entertainment 21 .Chronicles in Azeroth R treatise of the event$leading to the war between Mankind and the Orcisl. hordes as related by eirLothar. Knight.

Onty by combining their abilities with the powers of the C.~ 22 Warcraft: Orcs ~ Humans .outt. On the eve of this occasion.father. and.channeling through him. a burning fir. 1 have found that only through undeTst~nding th~ pa$t can we make well thovght decisions for the future. to thtBrotht:rhood of the. a proSperous onto The constant bickering and infighting that marred the rules of former Kings has no place in the court of WrynrL The child sorcerer Medivh 'is born of a coupling between the court C. reign of :King Wrynn fiis 564 571 The marking of the. The child prince LIane: is born to King Wrynn and Lady Varia. the woman disappears. 1 fed it necessary to inform you of the events that have Ledus to this time of conflict. and I am eJir Lothar~ ntmsman of the W"arin . After the child is'born. Rge of liscension from childhood to adulthood is one of great anticipation for both parent and yquth. and gain insight into our enemy. Waking in a cold swear. the boy screamed -in unholy pain at the: energies that wert. Medivh attains that rimeand is expected to he given the tide as Rpprentice ~onjutcr to the C.onjurcr and a mvstcrioustravclcr. a warrior in the :King'5'5fiTvice. This is their first and only off5pring~ but the birth-of a son marks the continuation of their line.onjurer were one hundred e:nough to contain Medivh.Az. Medivh makes his way to the bedchambero] his. The talc of our battle 'with the' Orcs begins some forty yeats in the past.fu a student of history and battle. ns rnagiks unimaginedpourcd forth from him. and the baby 15 taken into the court as a ward _ofthe kingdom. and to mark the occasion gives each ci trz en of liZe'roth one gold sovereign.c ignittsln the child's to be a time for festival for the duration of his rule. rhis backlash of powci must have reached as far as Northshirc Rbbcy~ for within the hour over one hundred clerks' arrived at the castle. the boy's sleep is troubled by dark dreams of figures giving chase through deepchasms. for time seemed to stand still as the O-hsla:ughtgrew t b. 559 Hll has been peaceful for many ge:ncradons. ] ttll you of these things so that you mightgkan some understanding of our-plight.agrand day in the Kingdom: that is celebrated by great feasts and tournaments. hours passed? perhaps even days. It is. KingWrynn proclaims the . tis the Conjurer reaches out to touch his fevered brow.

h Was revealed. and what once would have been looked. now caused bitter argu11lent.. tens of thousands of devoted subjects cometo offer their wishes ofSupP9rt:andlonglife. ~::::::::::::: \ cerernorry for 1?rinceLlane. The weather xvould become unseasonably cold duting harvest. ~hildren were stricken ill and never fully recovered. Neither cleric nor conjurer could fathom what could be the cause of this change in the lands. the lower halfneve.e reign of KingWryntt would not fiil.. The yOUlig price looked closely. a figqfe. the King and the 2lbbotofNorthshire agree that Medi\)h should be.jntethe wind. of constant tending from the: clerics of Northshire RJ3bcy enablcdhirrr to gain control over his powers. The sorcerer. entered. The years. After long discussion. in their kindness it had shown to him while he.and more people became ai5heartcned~.but although the sand seemed to constantly sift from top ro bottom. wi:th sands as white as undrrven snow. Six years 'passed.. from within his flowing cloak he produced an hourgla. Llane reaches his'tlge ofRsccnslOTi. even the moods of the subjects of Ii-zeroth seem dark. R gentle tweeze at first. mere pass gf his hand kept them TJiononlcs5 . More . [illed. both father and son.d. taken to the Rbbcy for rhe safety of both child and kingdom. it grew in intensity. as the glasshever emptit. ~rop5 began failing in the: richest soils of thE kingdom. .}l+. crafted of deepest obsidjan.his: heart barely btating~an:d only the faintest of breath escaping his lips. When his spirit and body became attuned. The torches seraboutthe great hall ignited with blue flame and the visage ofMediv. and the top never ernpried. Medivh explained thathe had come to repay the court for the \. Was in their keepi~g..crumpled into a heap. he awakened himseLf.Then? as simply as one snuffs a candle. explained that his years of sleep had ended.and the full station ofI?rinceofRzero:rh isbestowed upon him.. riding the winds like somc"great bird of prey. R 0. Rtthis ceremony. he: set down in frorttof the Kings rablerrhe. and those dose to the crown.:. doors to the great halt 'were blown off of rhcir hinges. and the summer sun scorched the earth and made working out of the shade almost unbearable. 577 n~ l. and to acknowledge the OCC'aS10:ri the RscenslOn of . lis the: guests[rozen. urrrtl the.tormwind Keep at once. and so long. a cold wind began to chill the air. and the land slowly grew sick. nowa man. -Ouring the evening feast with family.set out to . Medivh daimed that these sands represented the people of the kingdom. 583 Blizzard Entertainment 23 . The ~dnjurer'lay dead? drained of aU life~and Medivh fell into a deep sleep . guard ~pr~rtg to their feet.

?\. and always disorganiznl. Ring \I\lrynn sent LIane and. 'promisingtQ call for them whcn: the foul beasts had beet) destroyed.mptied. [ound that the Orcs.. in the future.t::h~ key 1. be has nO'w become abeacenof m~sdc 593 power· $he sought him out only a fortnight be.a great crashing sound was heard at the gates of £:)torrrt\vind Keep~e.aking no djstinctions betvvccn-soldicrorchild.ght~ The' only humans who do . 'llbbey. yet come.tnQugh the wor-stis feared for none have ever returned. The cQ~pUng between the King~~CQnjur. run down from the. amI others.of hurnanJtyt th~yswarmed over thc'King'$ goard and tore them to shreds. -Quec. This. ·that.. is. Gr(l~s. That day has'not. of Rztroth.Whenquestioned.the.ltric or C.not fall to the: Orctsh.s.':$.cars"Llanc. w(ruld. and vile. ihe origin of these creatures.:0 holding them cat bay" and i5the 'wcakuess he hopes. They will stay anyo:ncwho . cq_rryingthe: liulJ.uddcnly~ the grounds were.side. Theyarecrudrsadistlc.nln.iticsta cruc] reflection . t9p~ and it was .come tQ"thtKihg\\/jth4\\Jatnlng. and PQWeT onto before leaving this place. mystery that no C.. In rhe renthvear of his reign.'blade arc' those' who are taken tq th~5waTl1pS that have festered inthe ca$t::f wherethe Orcs have made their encampments.Durfng.fore~.1t..m.cO'plcis unkno\vJ.that.r's. She has.:ls ptonouncedKing. though.watriof or woman. they wJl1 tell lrtrle else.foHil. The. filled with hideouS' ~r£q.'ftl. During 'the night~ 'thc' sands had.fglass.?J':r(Jng vi~ib1l5. and prcf~r death to releasing information. The few 'ih~t have :~urvivcdp-attlc r~ft-r to rhcrnselves as On:. Fit the age of tWenty }.she hopes will-aid him in hi~fighta~ins_t this nemesis to his land.a'h1cak rnQtning9 I?dnce LIane rushed tQ hh. to exploit.onjurer'had found the answer withouta 'secondth01J. th(}vgq incredibly .\itrc and seldom well trained 'in combat.rthshirc. What they do withthese p. Fis the Iasrsarrds trickled to the bottom 'ofihe· glass.!. has bCCJl.9hc did 'not count upon other forces in ·this and hcfsclfwas intended to crearea child that she could pass her knowledge.)1 Varia with an . 58-4 Nearly ten years elf skirmishes and raids along the Borderlands have kept the people ofA_zerot:hwary~ hut the Orclsh hordes had been beaten: back into their swamps.eseorcof knights to No. King LIane isvisfted by the mystcrioustravdtr. his task is dear 'ro 6d the lands of these creatures.neare. seek to dorrtirtatttn(:j child. King Llan~ has. King Wrynntook tnegLass into his handstand a chill ran through ·the very core ofhis bting. nd fbundthat a the' powers that coarse 24 War craft: Orcs :&Humans .

Stirrings of war nOW come from the swamps. King LIane's scouts and spies have found him to be as cunning as he is bloodthirsty . and many other foul creatures. that the \x/hole.hicf have been heard about the land. Blizzard Entertainment 25 . This foul creature's name is Blackhandf Orcish hordes and his control could of the __"'="'!II spell doom for Azeroth.lthough the battle has Medivh in a gre. of a gn::. 'The King has found it neccssary to send protect settlements footmen and archers to along the Borderlands. he aU but slew her. he iY14dvcrtently opened a gat_e:wayto the domain that they. hr. The battle left both combatants drained? but Medivh held enough power to banish her from his sight1 and command her never to r(. Rumors of the rising. 'The attacks upon Our settlements.of this world would suffer.ed. and not even Medtvh has the power to control -them. be: is heard.r parting words to the King were of her hope that the sorcererwould not become 50 5trong~ by that time.::::ing the threat he now posed~5he was forced to attempt to destroy him..tOrc15h War C.turn. the traveler warns that there will be a time when Rzeroth will he forcedto dea] wit]. for the time has come to call King LIane . A. The King has ordered me to seck out new recruits to train in the rudiments ofccmbat.:t.ady weakenedsrate. and 50 can offer no aid in his downfall. to be a harsh leader who has gathered the feuding Orcs under one banner.Lard of t1ze:roth lIpon the people of Rzeroth and prepare the kingdom for war. call home.through his veins have twisted him.hisrn:agikswere strong enough that even she cannot break this bond. once scattered and poorly executed. him. however. Reali. The traveler aI50 informs IGng Llane that. The Orcs are diSciples of chaos. During the battle with his father. . making him msane. it w-as'Medivh who was responsible for the coming of the Orcs to rtzeroth. have: become more organiz.

also skilled craftsman. Orcs W Humans . ~~ These arc the people of the Kingdom of A. Eootrrre.from a distance. They are unskilled. \IVell armored for maximum defense agq. Being ors:tuTcly and hardv. The). ability to launch their deadly rain of missiles from a distance makes them a force not to be: discounted. but the crossbow' to deal death . in the waysof warchowever-. and there is 'always a huge supply of them willing'to assist in your fight against the Orcs. The. and will flee when engaged br the enemy. Often times they gather in the Town han. they will harvest the' forests for necessary woods. 26 Warcraf't. able to construct any type of building you could desire.zeToth.rr These fighters arc the backbone of the King's armies.inst attacks.. They are. they tan also deliver a solid blow with their double: edged weapons~ Archer These warriors usc their skill in the rhan :foonnen. arc foot. They art slightly more maneuverable cost is the lighter armor they must wear.Unit Descriptions Peasant ~~~~.soldiers trained in the art of melee combat using the sword and shield. or mine for gold in the hillsides as needed.'orking steele. often ignoring a safer route for a faster one.

the catapult hrings fiery death to all who stand in its 'way. '_ =:II> If your during bat. their condtt. unmounted [oc.~nd·they should also seek the assistance of your clerks. thedisciples from Northshire In such cases.'CSS are known. soldiers become wounded _=-. his Majesty's combat. ptQ\\. Blizzard Entertainment 27 . Their warhorses make them fast and deadly..-. its range. projectile defenses.s the: ultimate ~apa:ble dfdcstroyinganytargctin from a catapult machine of xvar. and may he of assistance. Catapult R.power that it holds makes it an essential 'part of your forces. and the tales of their fighting and wide.but the. orderto crush /~~F~~~~iilnI~\ their opponent's skulls. these war-riors wield service. Knights arc wellrespected thrDughout the realm. as they cart maneuver much more: quickly than an.the sides of build ings~ This behemoth is largc.~ slow? and difficult to maneuverv.tle.~. or ~~ can smash the toughcstof thrQugh .far -.W ourtded occasion y~m may find someone who is . Using the difficult skills re quire d for mounted huge macesir.~the...ion ~~in \A/orsen.Knight The fighting elite in.bbey are bestowed \:vith the ability to heal the wounds and maladies 'of orhe.

holders of secrets and dwellers in dream. traflsgression.on forth great creatures or command the elements. and win only gather and 'train in.. of men's SOU 1$. spiritual rnission of everlasting' leadership pe::ace. The:_y can-make the . but their true path remains the . prepared mystic rowers.rcane Hrts: have learned throl1gh researching the ancient tomes to bend the forces of nature to do their will.instbl1manitybythc forced healing them 'to devise ways The Orcs have to defend themselves....rsof mys:tcry. strike down opponents.zerothfocused Their channel the spirit of humanity through bodies makes them truly wondrous. are miraculous in nature." Conjurer g. keeps 'bot:h the: upon our ability to the>lr people and the troops of of nature They arc a 'secr¢:'tivt sect. and stories of their ability to heal the sick and jnjured.Cleric These are the holy 'men of our kingdom.their own specially ~~~lj.~~ 28 WatcraJt: Orcs & Humans .s ag€J. Thcsepracrtttoncrs orthe A. as well as being able to affect the perceptions of others....sllnim.

and th~refo'rc my understanding intricadesof their magiks is not as complete. ~oncerning by the clerics from the Rbbey. but ihewhole:of 'The: use:of phvsical violence is not the calling of our order. Rs the archangels took up swords of light to defend the heavens. rna. This has required us to devise: a way to ease the burdel1sQfthosc about us.people of only ourselves. healing The aiding of out brothers and stsrerstn times of SOrrow. This has led us to using the spirit of humanity itself to heal all forms of injury .king the burden easter to bear (carrying the cross of another). Kingdom.This is especially effective again5t theOrcs because of their dark and evil origins. with out causing another an equal burden. arid soul strikes out to defend him from .words to follow will assist youin our quest of freeing Rz:eroth from the threat of the' Orcish hordes.t may best Serve the the abilities possessed of the: 1pray that the . but each force' must be met with an. you will understand how w. God speed in your fight. grkff and illnessis the primary concern of the disciples from Northshice: llbbcy. 'The Rbbot of Northshire llbbe:y holy Lance 'The invasion of the Orcish hordes has necessitated method to protect 'not RzerothraswdL our divining a the .or disease.threat. The pure essence of the casters heart~mind. The. and it is with the hope that by having knoVv'lcdgc of our force for the balance of good and evil to be preserved.Cleric S'pells Knowledge is the key to understanding. Blizzerd Entertainment 29 so must we take up holy arms-to defend our lands.conjuH:rs"however. have reluscd to divulge their secrets.] am most knowledgeable. The effect is that the pain and injury of the one afflicted is divided amongst all humanity. and enters into the soul of the: t.

physical cxistcnceofthecastct.of . for when: one strives to see the world as God docs? the h9TTlanmind Can only partake ora meager por-tion before: it ts forever bli. need to ktc. oneof and the ability to focus those forces is thebasisof _channcling·manifcsts itself as. the. Conjur'er' Spells .onjuJ'ersmaintaina close. and his vicw'is omnipqtqnt.the land. cornerstone min~. This 'This is.bught to c_QDjurcrsand .serves a~ the. This was originally employed asarool souls otwor.Glrrru:n:tal Blast C. and ·thereJore allows the. his: vision extends to allCGlrncn~. and \A/illto the task of summoning. theclariry of that "sight.asphere of chargc-d energy nhar-issuesforrh from .t:tded by. ihi.relationshipwreh. e.'e'rtcmyfrom a great distance. the basic magiks. The length of this divination is limited.s' spell.lrtvisibil fty Thii3is the ability to c19Ud rhc'pcrccptioJ1S p[ OthCf5:50 that theydo not recognizexhe.thofthc Ear £)et:'ing Rs dispensers of peace: and uhclerstanciing'to the-people. Thisabiliry has developed [rom that need.nabltng the taster to' strike an .rtz'cro. thcarmic50fKing ~lanc in ridding.shippets tomake the: confessing of -secrets that wei~hcd heavily upon the easier to $peak.the dements about. caster to se:t fn an aUt)1Cornpas5ing fashionfas God docs.& Humans .them.the 'hands.p ~ deaf perspective is a vital one. tor ttaining the caster in f00usingboth 30 Warcrafl: Orcs. The c:Jeriq$QfNorthshire Rbbey have found it Orcs" very usetul in assisting.

creating an actual fire5torm.damage to any foes and bllildings in Its sphere of influence. £jummOl1 elemental The caster uses the forces ofnature to create. Use this spell '\\lith care. for the rain of fire knows no friends. 'and will cause'. waterelemental. It calls forth the essence offire and delivers it through massive thunderheads of vapor and brtmstonc.ansport several smaller scorpions in. very destructive. be summons the forces of air and water and.Summon £. and it is the opposite of firet~lhich seems to be the element that Rain of fire: This is a very _powerful spell-that combines the natures of flame and water. Theyare under the conjurer's Research has proven that it is simpler for the conj\1r_cr tr. The dement of waterwaschosen the Orcs favor.a. upon their creators. QY rhagi¢ally them to do his bidding. This spell is. desert. They are excellent creatures. Blizzard Entertainment 31 . and will never turn.corpions The caster calls upon the crcatur-eaolr'he transporting direction and wil] do his bidding to the death. the state of erosion. combines them into a because it is persistent as in simulacrum to defend the lands.ft shorr-ttme-than to to drain his energies further by summoning a singlet large creature.



hut the armies as well. recruitment. be they farmer. Fartn l?rQducing needed sustenaru. you 'will come here. When you needmore fighting men. Footm. can only be one Town hall.T'o w ri Hall This is. hut if they food supply ~iinhe affected. another can be built to 'take its place. craftsman or peasant9 will share their Fearsand of hopes with the community in this building. to are abo trained get rhern. here.'Knights~and Rrchcfs can be found hererconstantly h9lJing their skills as they wait to be caned forth into battle.of commerce ate dealt With .rre. there. as to better-serve' .ok.'dcstroycd. mining.. Ydumust have enough food to supply aU of your unirs. and wood arc routed. and the spending the derails.dditionaUy~ it serves as a center where peasants can receive in harvesting and. thrq~gh the Town halL The allocation of funds to build roads and walls arc: also addressed ~" A. farms produce grains and tQod~tuffs to feed not only the populace and peasants.farms art 'a close eye on how'rnuchyou self sufficient in that. The ]It is also where King's servants.youravailable supply their own workers.where the people of a settlement meetto discuss the issues of the day. If it is destroyed? however. a vital part of any community.s This is where the men of arms come. resources. Be.eo keep cart txpttt to har\Jest. they an:.for training and.fl: Orcs&' Humans . " training the kingdom. Being the center of the se ttlernent'scconorny.e.the distribution of money5~ flU shipments of gold here.ent. The crews that man catapults machines"lt will be routed through this site. and when you require the services of one these: great 34 Watcra. th~5t sites art.

Lumber Mill This is where the raw wood supplied by peasant harvesters 15 made into building 5upplie5t arrows. If funds arc devoted to the refining of his craft. essential part of your community. The Mill Can also provide your Rrcherswith thcirarrovv5 amount of damage that they inflict. 'The stables must be supplied horse armor for their . ShO' and building materials professions. stronger? and more as a responsive: to their rjder'scommands..5~ and link between warrior and steed. thestableserves with riding you can not build a stable without Blizzard Entertatnrnenf 35 . he can upgrade the materials and skills u~tat~allowihg the creation ofberrer swords andshields. specific shapes and sizes needed to make certain buildings makes . The ability to craft wood to the. 5tirrup5~ training and outfitting the aid of a blacksmith. in." that will make them fly truer? and increase the Bla'ckstnith Ns rhe metalworker quality ofthesteel of thetown t he is responsible for the grade and used in your . better shaftsfor . and catapults.rhcm. the construction of specific that arc essential to other Stables The care and feeding of the Knight'S mount is the main-concern ofthis site. 'his talents-are atso50ught~ft~r good. horses arc specially bred and trained here to be morceffecttve for use in combat" By making them fasuer .\X/caponsand armor.

is immediately --~- wherever they bcjn the realm . When the) are. it blossoms inre the minds of all clerics throughout the lands. R Church must be builtentirely a rare wood known as holyoak hence active to specialty cut and prepare this sacred wood.hcexact specifications provided by the.'@ III rd" Ii pracrice. arc learned.onjurers. clerics continue training here to tncrcase their understandings '" a lumber mill must be . enlightened by a new revelation. but a price must be paid J~ ~ duty to anyone.many can be recruited here to assist ht riddingthe land of the hellspawned Orcs"ll tithe must be. FUse. fot without in gold [or their services.. and. and . blacksmith must be made.~~ . T'o-wer This is the mystic place where magiks are taught. C. These: strange and mysterious law in many workers of magic are a reclusive lot.nergies used 'in their spells require that the " with long shafts of me-tal placed within the stone walls to act rod. the building would explode into a 11.. When ncwmagiks rhat knowledge.made to the of church for their 'services in order that new clerics may be-rraincd.aboverhe ways. This is the only place where.clerics will come together for their ceremonies. The rtq. available to create these devices to 't.uiting of ~o1\jurer5 is acommon . 36 Warcraf1: Orcs & Humans . require their ow-n domicile. and other sites made sacred. rthesc.of the spfritual forces.holy men of Fizeroth~ as the church provides a place for them to commune with the people:ofthe land.Church housed here: arc the. and phcc rhemselvcs. ~onjurer:5 gather at the Tower to sent by thought to other conjurers practice and train in their arcane arts. They also demand absolute secrecy and and 50 privacy for their studies. the kernel of that knowledge is sown among aU [ollowers of the faith. T he massive e. as fe\v hold rO'v\le:rbeconstrucred as a mystic lightning thousand pieces.

~m.n 'h~lJ fo!r dijlruj!TJ~ro. ~h~aiIU:d .'~dU ~.lFit.~'n."al'i& ?:.t a:r...~ lY.i1~.')'Q1J'9¢tr':Ht~ .h)~.i~£.the:'~kin$ reti~J1~~¢::t.t.> vI< .:(~~}:~~. J 37 .-."i..~~e $>e*W~tlt'~ !D. 'm.f""'fK~..l]" 'f~w.go:kl 'rQ .~ti\!~.i3is. .S:'GlrtH~.q.f..

.c 'Often Found dwdling in secluded ponderous and necessarily single-minded do not recognize. Spider l?oi50nouS and huge. making them a fearsome opponent in any bartle. The poison they ...J Warcraf't.. Their bite is venomous.. these brute have less intellect ..\ln50 nature that will at rack anything that strays near their nests.. these spiders are [ound fn dwellings long fOTgottenby time and man. agile: opponent.and more strength_. areas of the They are to the task kingdom..~~ Monster Descriptions ~~ Ogre Brethren to the Ore dans. They are: hunters."_ '/Ir"w~V"" slow and wicked death.e from learned to hide: in dark places and attac k from the shadows.._bavinggrO\.... of hunting increasingly larger pre:y~ they have -~~~~~~~fi~i. at hand. they do not Like to he disturbed..employ is extremely painful. which is usually the killing of anyone they Their massive jaws and. and their manylcgsTnake them an -. and isa ~~i:A\..n Creatures of the arid-lands. they have the temperament Scorpio. Orcs ~ Humans 38 . eyes give them the look of a crazed animal.glazed to match. and .. .JV·_H--.giant arachnids strike with venorned stingers that arc located inthdr tails to kill their-prey. the5c.

-r. S'keleton 'These abominations constructs -rnade from the bones of the dead. This lear will literally d it uses as the.n amagik unto itself.Brigand Many of these evil bandits wer-e once loyal 'subjects Cif the King~but their greed and hatred has tllrneq them agajnst their own people. they hide in the-shadows. waiting to overpo~ver their victims with surprise and numbers.-. They roam the forbidden lands and forgotten realms of R:z:eroth+ seeking to take their anguish out on the l-ivfng~They know only pain and death. <. having been driven. the slime. Often armed with short swords and d .t danger as wdL\Nhile " slime has no intenigence~ it is attracted to the heat that bodies generate. settlements" they seek refllgewherever it.. and strive to embrace the living in their arms so they may drag them..>. \ Slime Not aU of the putrid. ~me elf it poses'grea. ~~. as heat iswhat food.Jt Blizzard Entertainment 39 . out of la\Arful they can find r. hut nature is ofte. into the pits of hell. No magical properties have been found to exist within. Like allcowards. slick goo that oozes from openings in the flocrs and walls is merely disgusting. life from lts victims."~=- they rely upon their speedtD fill their purses with ill gotten gains.

in this domain.Elemental ~t:t~\''\. Once crearcdrthey arc.l!~ Watet ~iThese creatures aremade of the magic.y determined c$cape their creatnr rthcse creatures rage uncontrollably.l . to destroy aU -those who are. loyal servants. .. Elemental The creation of a simulacrumof the dements of fire. they become free creatures to do as they will. and ~rill unerringly do the bidding of their masters.). They are excellent fighters and will defenq_those whom they serve to the death. Fire While these' servants can be constructed and '{ controlled by powerful mages. many have proved too . 40 Warcr-aft Orcs & Humans . like the one that imprisoned them.--J)-\ ) r~ difficult to hold in the summoner's power. 9hould they escape the control of rheir master. water.essence of :.3hould th(.

Blizzard Entertainment 41 .ry thirteenth full moon that bridgcsthe gap bet"... ". wreakillg havoc at every step and destroying whatthey\vish. 'They'u command the searing fires of bell as if it were .... and the puissance they possc?s ·il} the black arts of magic. their plaything. these creatures are the most powerful entities to ever exist.Daern. in the lands of . gateway th~t appears eve. are alive to rellthe talc of how it is accomplished.. ... 'They arc the true: lords pf chaos.on Denizens of the underworld.. ./cen Rzcroth and the underworld? and it is during these brief moments that the daemons can come to this place.. L:egend also states that some have rhepower to summon rhese creatures and contrnlthern but if this 15 SOt none..... TheT~ is rumored to be a _. zeroth. Theirapritirde the ar-ts of deccprion and combat arc onlyequaled in by their sadistic nature...

42 Warcr-aft:- Orc5 ~. j-tUman5 .

.- . .r Council 43 ..~......:. - ' '- . - Orel5b The history and legends concerning the invasion :and ·clomination of the human lands scribed by uaronaof the 5hadov..

hidden in thick [crests. In time. find many :99'od thtl195 to ~at. e'at th~ir food. we conquered both nature and creatures to finally fisc. fhok 5topooW.our armies rolled over what pathetic resistance our enemies could muster. or at the rocky crags overlooking the seaside. One by one our enemies ft:Jl. for we left none alive to rend them. has fallen now upon my shoulders. 'Its chief tnterpreterto the . While fineleadcr'sinwar:t these chieftains lacked the ability to convey those actions with written words. "thokgo rhen m'e' fal~. ].of Orci5h Thcstorle.:v~ouncit.sofbattle and victory have always been told. of our foes could long stand against. causing pain and darkness to follow in our wake.our increasing~ onshlugl}t. We ma5h them p\(Z' and hurt from The fact that 1 am of both Ore and human lineage. and we became stronger with each victory. Garona. and in the past~ it was up to the leaders oleach assault to document the past. to the pinnacle of rhisworld. the Orcish hordes have swept across this domain in the fulfillment of that destiny. We find jfea9 but m~9oQd. has-elevated.thc duty of preserving the accounts ofour conquering of this world and the eventual crusade into the land of humanity..rtt that history . now humbly prest:. down. Their crops died On the stalk and their f~dds lay [allow. Using the arcane powers of our Warlocks arid Necromancer-sf nor even the mightiest. and e:nslaving these weaker races to usc as we pleased. by subjugating aLIwho would oppose our rise to power. OUr destiny concerntngrhe domination over these lands has. village. Blackhand - Fearsome Leader of the Orcs 44 . of swampsand marshes.elhadm. been foretold by the clan rnystjcsfor hundreds of years. having rjsen from the mire. l\1any :ig~s passed 'as our influence slowly spread. Be they in lush plains. combined with the skills 'and schooling 1 have acquired from my position] now hold. ] present asan example: throu9h '5hiny hole..

the taking of 9' new world.erpops'to this new world. c. ThIS V.Vou:ld.t:()' he ~asieras it. each 5e:~kingroconrrol the Ordsh domain for thernselecs.if it could be controlled.ks began rhc:jT iAc. ManJ years pa5scda:5.infon. The stories that thissubject returned wit]. The only clan to ignore these plays forpov. If no lands existed that were-ruled by ene:.Skcluaed in their tClwers.sound gre'X. hordes would .ty argUfl1e.vintq p-nddashirrg in: S01Jl£' cosmic danCe:. the Wadbtksqot. need to be supplied with'r16W batrlcs ~gainst a corrtrnonfoe.1:5i(' crackled with otherworldly fifes~.ohtt:dlling. the:ypromiscd the chance to accgmplish. \Nhcn the .~near to deafenfngtthewarriors wert motioned Into the circle.R~ the W~rlqc. and wi. If this balance were to bernatutaincd. need. gradually making it large. The: OrdskWarlQcks beganexperimentaticm towards focusing thKTift.i'rwar for one yC~T.gaperiod ofresearch that 'rhe small 'tear in the dimcrrsjonal [abricwas notfced.mie5~thcn we: would 'take the lands of our brethren.:tndcn::atlXff. H blue circle: of e:ncrgy:1 roughly two and one half Oros in width...5twe:n warrtoTsVycre toeutcrt heporral alid return '\Vitha. dtta{lipgth:c type. Tht.OrcWQuldhe left alive. the riftprov~d. stable. this phenomenon could serve as a portal to another dom.k the.and ted raced across it '..sthat were to be fQund 01} the other tlide. The JlnJierta1:. just la~ge enough for one of their clan tqpass through. the¢f that rtme. onands. Rx ih:ech.alive with-a 'thousand 'colorsinttrt. how] bcgan~ low at first~ then rlsingin pi tc h like a darkwolf baying during the bloodrnoon. Whatawa:itt:d these seven was beyond. . now to war as the. It was durin.:. it stood rC. thr:c:cmoonS:. grew hrrget.: splintered Ore dal1:S and request that they tea.gcst leadsrs of thE.lghttq unloc.e tht. Thtsallowcd the: SEct to approach thestron. for conquest burned hot in our blood. the 5trange~unknown plants he heldserved aSSUrE evidence: of his claims..hts turned to armed cqnflic. te.scrvc to' upset the delicate balance that allowed them to control thepowersrharchev held in check and called uPQnto work thdrmagiks . IUihoughitpleased tht.~fin wecravedrnore. Streaks of black . a small detachmcnr of.'NtcfomaTicers that thc~e battles fcd "the earth anq 9nd~Tworld\\!ith' rtVet5 of bloO~~thc 'Warlocks fearcdtnat no. C. was the sight thatgrectcd the 'Orcisl» clanchiefs .4ndtcst5 lad to the conclusion that. they saw the dangtrthat \v::fS pttsettt.f and mon:.:tntation!?:to access the power of the riftta. mysteries oFthfs riny rtft.:ldy to send.tJOdrr factions arose. .port..thJn the passing of 45 ./er were the Warlocks.. and decades ofconstantbickerirtgbetwecn clans served-to divide our race: amongst -itself.t"and rhen. almost convinced hiscoUeagues that the experience had left him insane? qf nUIl1ErOU$ trials . evetntuaUYl they \vere able tocr~ate a small portal.vcn thdr wildest imaginj'ng~.

and 'were quickly-taken by the' leaders of the. of the odd little hut came: what must have been a member of this lands true race.irt path lead inrc a trio of [arrns.the {arrhcr . we had learned muc h of this new domain. Our order of ascension is a simple one .pirik and spare of muscle were these creatures. Rushing out of their hidingplace~ they swarmed upon the village and slew every living thing they could find. ][t was a bright.'The sack of the village was a simple rnarrer. and whatrhev could noteat. The gray of dawn was lightening as the sun of this \vorld rose over the hilltops. hO\Never~-fQrthe higher one climbs. .affected them in the same way it had all of our . each Ore has the right to make heard his argqmenJ:s.?\! orld. ]l decisive victory in battle raises the commander and his warriorst:b a place of honor andcontrcl.Small. the females and children were like takinggrok to the slaughter.:est (lnd simplest 'W'ay to tome to a conclusion an most matters.or steel. Their homes-held few values.oppositiprt they encountered. R rough d. as long as he can back them up with fact . bur. This can lead to hostilities}» many 'cases. hordes. means of e:(tracting information. of politics or dispute are: settled in ~pen rlebare. ]l sharp blow to the head resulted in death.the fall. While difficult to understand in manywayst they proved similar enough to us in many ways. and strength 1S counted highly among the: hordes. but thcirfjeld wert full of a tasty grain. enemies. knowing that if this represented the breedof stock they would need to pen in order to take this world. and proved to be an effective . All matters. heavy with vast expanses and w soft.vtctory Was but a matter of moments. and thosewho dwelled here. The warrtors grinned wickedlv ar. R. Then out. To gain the upper hand is a sign Qfstrength. The trinkets brought back from this place were of a craftsmanship unknown to the livestock" as little as there was.each other.clansfor their own treasure. Yhe.-£. weak protectors would prove a rich jewdtQ add the crown ofthe Orcs. or pack was set to the torch. yeUow orb that shone. . This ne:. . but it is the fast.only the strongest survive. Lack of food led to srarvationv T'ain also . also proved excellent. group of strange/ sharp edged buildings was the first sign of any tfuc. 13y this 46 .and more deadly . This hold is tenuous. The males offered somesmall resistance. hardly worth the teUing_ Yet hundreds of times the tale was recounted" and a hundred more would. Z1~~ rime. beexpecred and relished..twice as brightly as our ov\m~ana made the days exceedingly hot.

0 r Gntry into the castle was a simple matter. More and more.vJering numbers of Orcs through strategy and guile.learn that-the name of this place. aut of r.their stnmghold. while other factions fought for another attack upon the humans with all of our forces.ona of the . The culmination of these plans will involve: the uniting of all the Orcish clans R. Victory would have -been assured. The Warlocks claimed bring about the eventual d.lght through -the tift. and the use of what support he could muster made his voice: ever stronger 'as time passed.others possessed. race.sing of the gate. and with them seemed to com-e the essence of our world. from rhe. sides.rmies~ \t\farlocks and Necromancers alike -. q. but all too soon rash judgmcntpn:vailcd as the taste of greed tainted the tactics he has.castle. as they dicit but our numbers and strength soon tilted thc battle in our [avor. the Orcs upon the throne of power . his cruelt'y arid dominance in battle is only overshadowed by his lust for power.rid the rule of the great Ore \!\far ~hief Blackhand was upon our people.his chaos arose. 'Their males did wdl to stop us for as long.e5hadow C. and in ourpa. It has been. but the lands about our entryway 500n became as desolate as those-of our home.warriors were brol. he sought assistance from both houses of the arcane arts!" searching for other weapons to add to his arsenal. Careful manipulations. 'The llge of Chaos is now at hand. Was among the first bits of information we armies arc able to qefeat overpo. Rfterkey opponents were dealt was some . rallied what few soldiers remained. We began the taking of hzeroth by moving out cautiously. but for the arrival of their gre:at~.come to know of the human. be has studied the means with which hvm. a single Ore with a cunning anctguile that few. These knightsr as we have. ovcrnhewalls ~of . few could offer any opposition to his plans. and learning \A/hat.some fiftee. After many arguments ensued.learned to bring organization to the scattered attacks of our raiding parties. 'These fiends rpde atop beats of muscle andsinew that crashed through our ranks and dealt as much damage to our troops as did their riders.was hzeroth~ and the -inhabitants herewere called humans.ttes of the Orcish clan chiefs.We barely reached the edges of the swamplands that now surrounded the portal and 'eluded our pursuers in its murky depths._t:ffettof the portal.the:-gates and. Gar.bred weakness in the huma1). Many called for the: clo.s. 'Their guards were unprepared as our forces poured through . and began driving us out of the.:we could.mountedsoldiers. it was decreed that an assault upon the tall castle in the north-would serve to crush OUrenemies and place. for the prospcrity that hadmade this land 59 attractive to us had also . Our every turn was countered ·as we wereforced to retreat towards thegate:wayback to our world.n year$ since this cosrlydecisionaltcred the course of our destiny.oundl -# 47 . £lbme trick of magic: had them always at our back.

but have lighter armor so that they may move about more fre:dy. They are faster than their ax wieldtng brethren.. Trained ~~~~ close combat.~.The-lo:\Vliest of the: Orcs. and they are hearty fightcTS with. makes them a 48 . ability to hurl their deadly missiles across a battlefield [ormidable unit to employ.. Command therrt to cut wood or mine rhe pits for gold.' shield is their specialty. these soldiers make excellerrt fodder for wading through human forces. Or un t The first level of warrior in the for" service of our armies. .--. and will run like little children if attacked. these: dog&arcgood for Iitrle-rnore than rough work. They are: all cowards.ataste for blood. jp~arman GruntS trained in the use of the speat. Use: of the ax and '. They also make strong laborers in the construction of all manner of buildings. The.

'~__ aid
hor, the darkwolves,

t h esc

The- most vicious of the .Ordsh
Lrrrin ions

13lackhand are trained to show no mercy. RiclcT's of these savage warriors- use the speedand ferocity of their mounts to make: them a deadly enemy. Fastet than those who attack onfoor, they have perfected the tactics of tearing through columns of enemy soldiers like:a-hot '.vi


When any unit is killed, it will begin to decompose and the remains slowly seep into the ground. Necrolytes are trained in the black arts, and can raise these fallen warriors if they can reach the corpse before it disappears into the 'earth forever.

Destructton arid mayhem are its purpose" and those who-arc its target ~ll reap only death. Chaos reigns, supreme as the ground shakes with the. approach ofthcse: 'the devastation Rlthough gruesome rnachines.. of the Orcish catapult.

Walls and buildings ptove no barrier to
they ate sluggish and huger

your forces will prove unstoppable when

you command these, devices. 8~izza.rd

---. :t.nt~rtamm~nt


:Qractitione:rs of th~Orci5h tdigiOris.,

these biiu:lers
-black,powcrs tbathcld.conrrol

pf souls

command the


over the earth, Linked

into the dominions of the: lower-plains,

have power Over aU things dark andevil, including
the raising offane» warriors 'to create armies

of the,

undead. Through ceremonies pertpnned at their

T emples, they learn to warp the: essence of
shadow to use for their advantage.

]f the: energies of this worlq can be use-d for destruction,
energJcs of the underworld Jizeroth.

then the
pmN_cr that the Orcish

could dc_stray

Iris thfs dcsrrucrive

Warlocks usc ili their -h1.cantations and
ritU~15.listhe- mpstpO'\X1crfpl of tht: Otcis}i

seers, these dark brethrcn-ofbadcs
where: none-others
ultimate power. Their Towersheld keys to U:rilta~hiiig the- very e-S5tnCC-oftvil

the upon

dare, tn- search of

those they see as a threat to their dcvions plans; 5pd1s
rhar channel thcfirc and brimstone ofhell,thr0ugh thetrbodies, or can summon 'forth gre;:at creatures +everr daemons+- arcrhetrsro use,


13)'commanding the power.s.ef darkness and death, rendrils.of blackoess stretch across the land to envelop the unwary and careless.

It is upon these: fools that:

the .Necrolytes prey. filling their 'temples with fresh sacrifices and our armies

with undead warriors.

Shadow £)pcar
This is a sptarofenergy culled from the evils of the: Orctsh clans. Vvhcn
an Orc dies. his Soul descends iiitoba:dcs-for judgment, and his essence is divided into good and evil. 'The Oreish Necrolytes have learned to siphon the black energics from this plane and use it for their owr; purpose.s. This \.vc:apon darkness is of the: manifesratton.of those black souls, and causcs.exoructatjng those it strikcs.

Raise: Dead
The Necrolytcs have close tics to the dark forces of hcll, and in consequence:study the forbidden arts of the dead. 'They have gained the: ability to bind the. bodies ()fthe dead to this domain. creating armies of soulless creatures. With no minds. to speakol, they will disdain the usc of vveapons~seekingto. rend the flesh of those. they are: directed to attack u.dth their bare boned hands.

Dark Vision
Wherever there is light" there is shadow, and it is rhts shadow that the Ore Ntcrolyre Usesto see into places he cannot; rravcl. Wherever the~Hghtcst shadow is cast, the sight of the Necrolyte can enter and view. The effects of this spell are limited in length for too much time spent in the confines of shadow has been known to forever trap 'the:casterwtrhir; the r ealm of darkness.



It is a d4:ngevo\Js. those who are bestowed with this invulmrrability sacrifice a portion ofthcir50ul isahigh·onc.cvcra. 52 .th15 binding MAllweaken.. injtcfing their deadly jUl<. War~Qck Thefires. magik to employ. he literally burns from within. Their. however.pain. list-he enemy falls to the ground. We:ap0tIswill have their effects dis::.l)d Civet name theycreare fs a cause for great. aid him. wi.. They ctawlthrough gaps in thecnemks arrnor and bite them. £. poisonous spiders 'to.e. It channels the flames bfbadcsthrough the' castcr'sbc:xcly? allowing the: widder to direct it of Warlock to rioend. that normally inflict upon the wearer.ntwith -am ys tfca rrnor of invulnerabtlisy.ipat6d when strikirtgthc rhis armor is constructed. and .willswarm over thetnemy asthe caster dirtcts.Unholy nrmor This.$ a mlssik at: ariy~mche :CMOSl:S. The price that is exacted from these lost souls to ihC1'1"lsdves. <1. effects seem to ckHghteve:n. any blowswould wearer. but the. arrcl'thcircotn:YTl3..urnmon :elpidcrs The 'Warlock calls. sorceries an: footed iTt the tltcp:estpitsofthe .and rhemonsrroslties underwcrld.forth hordes of deadly. the lowestctrcle £. andthose who rnakeup released back into their ercrnaltorment.from the into 'the bloodstream. for they must the annal' will be toacr as 'ft magnettohind After some tim.darnned.of he 11 rise up to' meet the enemies of theW arloc k clan. ri tual invokes the: Tccipie-. fear to their victim5~ fireball The bask fire spell which aU rollowersof the Ordsh cultsIthe underworkD first learn. and they absorb the .l$pidcTS' tome at anyone their poisoned fangs .

ll~ lzz. "add. and poisonous gases to envelopand choke histargets~ This foulstench eats through anything that stands in its way/and chokes the very life out of anyone unlucky enough to be in. designe.dto decay and corrode all that it comes in con-tact with. but the incantations and rituals used to summon the creature may lay in some lost runic -writings. The truth to this talc is questionable.I?oison Cloud The caster Creates a cloudcomprised of brirnsronc.its path. tnt~rtQ'oment -- 53 . Legends say that the-caster would have the ability to summon forth a daemon by . The daemon would then be guided by the: spir'it of the: caster to do his bidding.sickly stench of Totting corpses and the esse-neeof evil. It is a mix of the. ~ummon Daemon The most powerful spell eyer rumored to exist.aUowing his body to be sacrificed to enable its existence in this plane. the warlock's life would be forfeit. but should the daemon be destroyed. The dream of every follower of the underworld is to rediscover theseincantattcns and be able to command the powe:rof the Daemon.a rd -.

site. ]fthe Town ball is destroyed in battle. Grunts. battle. When your forces • have been depleted and more warriors are needed. _.Raiders all practi. your ability to produce enough food will be affected. and use them as he sees fit. owever! for it keeps them from killing each other in the street.¢1. the farm will prosper with no further skills needed to shry the enemy in the cruelest form imaginable. The training ofOrcish armies takes place in this structure. Blackhand has ordered that only one Town ball he allowed. " «<arm farms produce the grains and animals needed to keep the ~ . encampment and the anny well fed. Warcrafn Orc5 . The: crEWSthat man the awesome is required. make their The The constant bickering and. Once your peons have constructed the . Rllshipments of wood and gold arc brought here for his inspection.. backstabbing that occurs here is This iswhcrt arguments heard. h Town hall is also where the encampment's Overseer can keep a close eyEon the resources and funds that are available. Youmust produce -enough i!! food to supply all of the Orcs you control. town the denizens of an encampment come to meet and. to stand in each encampment.. This is also where peons arc given the training to do the simple tasks demanded of them by the Orcish empire .. Barrack.. necEssary~. another can be built to replace it. fresh •• catapults art also trained here" and wherr OnEor-the mighty devices • recruits can be found here. 54 tiuman5 . it will be routed through here as well.~. so that separate factions of Orcs will not arise. ]fyou have-a farm destroyed in..on your part.zi\..

a site for increase.V'ill but pay the price in gold~ The training creatures demands specific implements and cages that only the: blacksmith can provide. quality of the axes and shields that are produced will ana to create . if you '. the:m will be impossibLe without the aid of the 131ac~smith. making them savage when in battle. . the. foul hole. \!Vhcn tunds are directed to. the. b ]f other Orcs require specific woods for their sites. and catapults. The:y arc bred and.mith R.Metal tsalso a vital component in the construction of some Ore's buiLdings and materials.Uohjeet5 that r equtrc the strength and deadliness of jrrm are made here. 8lizzard --. darkwolves are penned.Lum b er This ts where the roughly Cut wood supplied by the peon laborers is made usable by t skilled 'workers fo~r uildings spears. where.' the craftsmen of the Milt they can increase the quality of yourspearstmaking 'hide of the buman scum. trained here [rom an early age to crave the taste of human Flesh. only your Lumber MiU:will have the necessary \Jv'orkers to complete the task. f\enn~. them bitt: even deeper into the' 8~ack.~) This is the. 'Thehreeding offaster and stronger xvolves has become of these anar t that greatly increases 'the: effectiveness of your Raide:rs.termerals. R5~money is spent to build hotter forges and mine for bet. t:nt~rtawm~nt 55 .

convtrtcd iht~ the it is then .as wellas • the ornate 'm~tal runes that need to be built into the stone i1j. and :Qeonswill·mine these hole5and deliver the gold to your any that were located will have an entry way clearly n1arkf.dto me:e:tthcse:exacting can provide the needed rnaterjalsand specifications.owardsharncssing the. ~Bomerock faces hold deposits of gold. 56 Warcl'afr: )tuman5 .bloo. The frrrrrrense. used in their castings~ Metal pages in whichre place the III . Nee.tolyte::scan berecruitedtoassist of human This is the only place where you in purging the lahe. The: need foy·a.tals for any services thq may offe:r. floors for their sp~lls summgning.clCiusmc. Their Sect dernatttls payment in pn. sacrifiCial alters: used in the Nccrolytcs' rituals must he..rhetr goas~ and the Necromancers df the land gather toirwoke the win of their darlcmaeters. The.doffcring o:nly rcccntlybeen replaced by one of gold? and no assistance wil] he sanct-ioned urrril it is made.saerifiees to. Only theblacksmith of skills re. You will rccognize them because 131ackh::ind has sent searchersour.qulre:. .lorces 0r the underworld. hence a lumber mill must be used to locate and -specially prepare the: wood. of the mystic Elackroot.I< subjects of rhetr experiments must he constructed .'d.I has settlements. built.WarloGks reside hereto focusthdrencrgies t.Thfs is where the lOlOwlcdge pf the dark rn~g{ks arc' revealed.yst!c ~ymbols fiI. unholy place when: Orcs come:to rnake.. rown Ore> ~ hall for disbursement as you see fit.

ereature5 01 the !and 8~z ze t rd f n f e r t a in 01 ~ n t 57 .

lands 'not frequented Ogreii favor art . and can tear through and deadly as any creation armor and Fleshof their prey to inject a deadly and painful poison into the unfortunate..many grow too large to maintain control over. arc5~and seldom seen near theencampments.a bya these are as venomous of the Warlocks.'U brought the Orcs to this land.'. .'The Ogres came through the portal tha.dding~ ." :::. The Ogres favor huge" spiked clubs that they use to bash in the skulls of their enemies and to bring down the large prey they hunt.. --~~. dank places and spin their 58 Warcraft: Ore5 ~ttuman5 .. and cart summon them to db their bi. They are a vicious opponent. 'Their blood hatred of the Orcs remains second only to their. 'These webs.umans have learned to command the smallest of these fiends... these h~ge poison fanged beasts arc twisted and predatory.~"W1:::r.. 'Their the sharp spike.spid e r 'The Warlock abomination clan have used their magiks to create the hideous that they call spiders. with the stretlgth to rip ofT a warrior's limbs should they so choose.. While some:are controlled by the Warloc k~.!!!. Mutated from the smaller creatures commonly found in the area. spiders lurk in dark.hunters of the underground.~w. hatred of humans. tails are tipp~. _ bvthe.?" The b.scorpion :. seeking to entrap the unwary. and are ' released into the forbidden lands..

. and will seep through eventhe tightest armor to drain into the pores of its victim's skin and sap them of strength and life. Rotted doth and flesh_hangs from their bones as they-seek 'revenge upon those who caused them to endure this eterrral damnation.s they wield are made for quick slashing attacks.8rl~and Yhese are-the diabolical humansr their brethren distrust. t 59 . but yet they exist'. and arc where turned a\vvay from any village of' encampment The short blade.agiks could have created these cravvling masses.ver much Stronger un-its" and 'will fight like rabid wolves when cornered. They hide in untraveled they seck shelteL lands. These try catch you and stick their fingers into your' eyes and brain. The Necrolyte dan believes that the strange slimes found in certain areas seek to eat the blood of the Orcs. No m.olyte skeletons. and are most effective. whom even Yhey use numbers and racttcs to ovcrp0\.. bodies. held together by forces too dark for most to comprehend. Uncontrolled spirits of the unde rworlcl sometimes roam the lands 'where their . 'Them not:good like Necr.A~II:Nif!J bodies were slain. This slime seems attracted to the heat of Orcish. they are more difficult to destroy than might be anrtcrpated. in men ." 13~I:zzard t n r er fa ~.

dilftcult to disperse. While their V>. Occasionally found.f. "Me think Warlockdanmakethc5C trot 'hstento nobody. in thcscrvic:c. :1 Thescarccre:ationsofhumanmagjks. they will.'atery brethren seck fall under the domain of ~ "»: ~ / :.:ofthcir 'Conjurers.~n!~L"W~j '<.. is that ' they are deadlyt and seem to take-some dark pleasure inthe pain -they inflict. th.5e. thC5C simulacrums have the pOMJeTsot water to use as~. these elcmcntaLs will attack until they are destroyed or their foc. ]neither and case." and let them get awayt'tause firt 60 .is dead. The dtilysureth-ing. 'r"OP.centact with~ Noone knows -if these-are summoned hcing5~ or the-result ~ofsomcrbguemagiks'. They only . ~ 1:0 destroy anything or anyone that they come m .:'-' __ the hl1nian~. When [ound prove 'to be. crc~turcs serve no other. as they thought uuconrrolledvthev gain some semblance: of indtpendgnt motivation.

:tre The . and death are their greatest desire. These daemons possess cruelty beyond the imagining of even the sickest mind. thQugh the Vvarlocks-seek to find those secrets once again...cicstfllcl:ion Breathing flame and wielding a blade forged in the fires __. :t..t e. 61 . If there 'is a 1055 way to send these monsters back into the pits that. evil to u .: n t e ~ t a In m en t . spawned them without the of many lives.. of hades. has long been lost._ " .rrcar'na...Da~mon These hdlspawn:.-. " " ability summon rhese dark minions of the underworld ~ '.... and delight 'in the execution of their plans.- . . it too is a secret locked away in time . i.

]saac. $tu Rose.. 13}i:. ..'isc .:Busa.rk: Joeyray ball· Madnnysh ~ llrtists: Joeyra:y ball. 13urldq Jlanes.• The I(. Ray the B6da Man.C.Did. ]nnvy Toney. Ralph Ile:ckcr. ~.e)hannon anq her-whrtcchocelate. Brian £:iousa. Roman Kennel' ·llrtwo. Mickey Ntilscm.~. you..fhris l?almer Musk & 5ound·:Gltrtn Voices: Bill Roper Manual Design & Layout:' ManuatIllustrations: BiU<r QubH<:Relation.· Qwcg. David .cutiNt l'rodutcr: J3.'Game Design: Blizzard eln:tertainmenc :Qroduccrs: QatrickWyatt.aras$Q:t3o~Q •. "Dangcro\Js" Damian Russell. The:' ::QoxyBoggards.5tuRose.5ink&. Qtogtammers: ::Qatrick 'Wyatt.t. RiGJ~Jackson..r. Christina qadf:. E-i~e. Jeff Beaumont.:.:2iamwise Didier. eskhanciat. $tcye ]:-1l. & her hafT'•.. Orcs C. t 62 Warcraf t.f'. Jason "Gqd9fThundt::r" Thor. BJuzannc. J)t:hbie C. John Goodman.nop. £ihahram :Oabiri~ The Mang Mang.& Jan Davidson.Nick ~arpc.Tt Uride:nbe:c'kcr Thanks Torl3ob . I?nttty :Qrinecss Gwtndolyn Blusan Btzzina. Tymoth'i LOVing..I<enne:y. RQbli.• Erank :Qcarcc. the Wonder Ore.l. ErIan . 'Terry Youngwbtth. grapes .1o. endicott.iU Roper RUenRdham 130b Fitth. Vic's c.ThtMetrtphis Blues. Ronald Mi11arBr.ia'Hty nS5urance: Brian Love. for reading this.. Erian . Ron MiUat.The '~13atn1~'{~ MJ3" .aton•.5tinnett 'Btafford.5ousa •. Lala.k.e.Johw.itchqt.ttft Ron Millar. Roman.Eernando 1'>aez Q. ~hrj5 M:etZ:~n. :Qr{vatt Iiabst. Jeffrey Vaughn N'eilson. Autry. John l?atric. MfchadMothafme.:t.P Humans .tatcs. GregQty lllp('. eatty .n Waoky. . Rdam Maxwell.50soka" Dam Drake.W .Mkkey Btrggren.. Lind!! DRttcnhavcr MarkC'ring~ Kathy Carter. Mike nihanef!e •. Jesse 1vlc:Reynolds Macintosh 1?rogrammtrS! nrtists: Erian Eitzge:raldt Dave ~awrt)iCc.5am\-\. M. eX.DQg.J3uhchy. Duane.r.Darltne.a. David Berggren.

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