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Resolution of the Strafford County Republican Committee August 27, 2011 Be it hereby resolved by the Strafford County Republican

Committee: 1) Our Committee makes up 37 members of the 493 voting members of the Republican State Committee, plus other non-voting members; 2) We believe that a vote to depose Jack Kimball as Chairman of the Republican State Committee is unwise, illadvised, and is not consistent with normal due process; 3) Removal from office is a remedy reserved for only the most egregious violations of the trust of an organizations members; 4) Chairman Kimball has not been charged with any offense which rises to the level of a removable offense; 5) We remind the Executive Committee that previous Chairmen have been involved in scandal, corruption, lawsuits, and that members of the State Committee have even gone to prison we should count ourselves lucky to have a Chairman as dedicated and honest as Chairman Kimball; 6) Chairman Kimball has not been afforded proper due process. If any member of the State Committee believes they have a legitimate charge against Chairman Kimball, they should bring it forward and request an investigatory committee to evaluate the merits of each charge and make a recommendation to the Executive Board; 7) A vote on whether to remove Chairman Kimball without fully investigating each charge against him, and affording the accused Chairman proper time to mount a defense to each charge, is hasty, unwise, and offensive to the concept of due process; 8) The proposed vote should be tabled by the Executive Committee and instead taken up in an emergency meeting of the entire membership. Since the entire membership elected Chairman Kimball, it is also the most just body to remove him. We believe that a majority of the membership would be disenfranchised if such a small body (the Executive Board) is permitted to remove officers, and that this is a deficiency of the State Committees bylaws; 9) The bylaws of the Republican State Committee need to be immediately revised to require a vote to remove officers to first require that an investigatory committee evaluate each charge and make a preliminary finding to the board, followed by an affirmative vote of the Executive Board, and an affirmative vote of the entire membership. To give maximum deference to the State Committee Members, the offenses which are removable offenses should be listed and enumerated in the bylaws, to prevent officers from being removed for petty offenses, or personality differences; 10) We object to the vote of the Executive Committee scheduled for September 1, 20011, based on due process grounds, and direct the officers who represent us, Tess Conroy, Jack Thorsen, Phyllis Woods, Steve Duprey, Wayne MacDonald, Robert Scott, Eileen Smiglowski, Greg Carson, and Pam Manney, to vote accordingly. Agreed and assented to by:
Senator Fenton Groen Hon. Warren Groen Hon. Bill O'Connor, Strafford County Republican Committee Vice Chair Hon. Lou Vita Hon. Carol Vita Hon. Robbie Parsons Tess Conroy, Strafford County Republican Committee Chair James Conroy, Strafford County Republican Committee Treasurer Chris Buck, Esq., Dover Republican Committee Chair Rick Perreault Randy Bowen, Rochester City Republican Committee Chair Jerry DeLemus Jeff Chidester