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Case Study Collection

The International Transport Forum 2012 will focus on Seamless Transport: Making Connections. In preparation of this summit, the International Transport Forum is seeking submissions of good practice in relation to seamless transport that can be incorporated into a compendium for use as an input to the summit and its documentation. Using the template provided, please list seamless transport case studies, which in your opinion demonstrate good practice. Please send this list to or by fax to (+33) 1 45 24 13 22. Contact Rachael Mitchell ( if you require any further information to assist your contribution.

Context: Seamless Transport: Making Connections

The 2012 Summit titled Seamless Transport: Making Connections will focus on connectivity. More seamless linkages between transport systems, networks, users and infrastructure can improve the efficiency, sustainability, accessibility, safety and security of transport, with important benefits for mobility and trade. New technologies are rapidly changing the way we move people and goods. The powerful vision of connecting people and markets, infrastructures and ideas to create seamless transport networks around the globe and for communities will drive the development of new and improved forms of mobility that will shape the 21st Century. Connectivity can be considered in all aspects of transport: Connecting systems Implementing advanced technologies and new practices to make seamless linkages between modes, and improve information sharing among operators and users. Connecting people Improving urban and inter-urban mobility, making transport more accessible, optimising active transport, implementing electronic ticketing and information-sharing, and increasing the flow through passenger terminals. Connecting markets Smoothing end-to-end journeys, integrating supply chains, improving border crossings and harmonising standards. Connecting sectors Better integrating transport with energy, finance, urban planning, tourism and other areas. Connecting ideas Integrating new technologies and thinking into transport, including the wireless revolution, social networking, Intelligent Transport Systems, and new approaches to financing and management.

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