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Assignment Of Production and Operation Management

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Production and Operation Management

Infosys Pvt.Lmt.
Infosys Pvt Ltd is an IT company which produces IT products.It produces softwares for banking and business sector.It has its headquarters at Bangalore.Infosys is a multinational company and provides IT tools to business management organisations.

Factors for its location in Bangalore:

# There are many well recognised and research institutes in Bangalore due to which the availability of qualified and skilled employees is high.

# Bangalore is the third largest hub for high net worth individuals in Asia.It has large number of rich people.So,IT companies get many investors for investment.

# Bangalore is also known as silicon valley of India because it leads exports in India.It provides international market to IT companies.

# It is third most populous city in India.So,the IT companies can get large number of customers.

# There is very efficient transport facilities like airways,road and railway.

# It is home of large number of newspapers and magazines to aware people about the company.

Reliance Industries
Reliance industries refinery is under Reliance group.It produces 35% petroleum of India.It is located in Jamnagar,Gujarat.It is situated at the coast lone of Gujarat .This refinery provides petrol,diesel,LPG.

Factors for its location in Jamnagar:

# Gujarat has 1600 Km of coast line which attracts the companies to set up the refineries in this region.

# In 2010 It was listed one of the fastest growing cities in the world.So investment in this region is profitable .

# In Gujarat the cheap unskilled labour is also available which leads to reduction in the cost of production.

# In Gujarat the good electric power back up is available which is very necessary for the industries.

# Gujarat has population above 50 million due to which companies can get more investors and clients.

# It has transport facility through sea,airways and roads which makes efficient connectivity.

Navabharat Pvt.Ltd
Navabharat Power Pvt.Ltd is the second power house made by Essar group.Navabharat power Pvt.Ltd is located in district Dhankanal of Orissa state.It is very important power house of Orissa.

Factors for location in Orissa:

# Orissa has large number of coal mines from where a lot of coal is obtained.It provides coal at very low price.

# Government of Orissa has introduced so many projects to make the world class infrastructure to attract the companies to make investments in this region.

# In Orissa the companies can get the labour easily and also at the low wages.

# For the transportation of coal from coal mines to the power plant it requires to pay very less carriage.

# There are many schemes for subsidies provided by the government to the companies for developmental jobs.

# There are very less taxes imposed by the government.

Poscos steal industry has its headquarters in Mumbai,Maharashtara.It is one of the most important steal industries in India.It makes high quality of steel from raw iron by removing carbon contents from the raw iron.

Factors for its location in Mumbai:

# Mumbai is worlds sixth most populous city in the world so it provides a huge market to the steal company.

# Mumbai is the richest city in India.It has highest GDP in south west and centeral Asia.So,Its easy to find more investors in Mumbai.

# Each and every part of Mumbai is very conveniently connected to each other which facilitates easy and efficient transportation.

# Educated and skilled employees are easily available in Mumbai which increases the efficiency of companies.

# It is situated on the coastal area due to which goods can be exported abroad through ships.

# There is a good power back up which is necessary for industries.

Randhawa Sugar mill

Randhawa sugar mill is situated in Randhawa city in district Hoshiarpur,Punjab. It is among the major sugar mills in Punjab . It takes sugarcane from the local farmers for the production of Sugar.

Factors For Its Location in Hoshiarpur :

#.Major Part of its Land is under Farming area so that s why it is good for raw material like Sugarcane.

#The Punjab government provides many kinds of subsidies to the agricultural industries for the establishment.

# In Punjab cheap labour is available which reduces the cost of production.

#Better transportation and electricity is available .Its also a big reason for the presence of agriculture industries in Punjab.

#.The production of sugarcane is very high because of favorable climate which increases the quantity of sugarcane .

Answer:2:Examples of Production System Function:


Restaurant: Input Output Process Hungry customers Satisfied customers Prepare meals, Serve customers in a Comfortable environment Food, chef, waiter, Stove, environment


Departmental store
Input Output Process Shoppers Sales to satisfied customers Transport, storage, promotion, information, exchange Displays, stock of goods, clerks


University: Input Output

Resources :

Students Educated individuals Process imparting knowledge and skills Teachers, books, classrooms

Carrier: Input Output

Things Things at another place

Process Resources

Transport Cars, trucks, planes, Sorting devices,

Warehouse: Input Output Process Resources

Things Things at a later time Store and preserve Vaults, Storage areas, Storage devices