Project Report on

Sales Promotion activities of cement company at Area Office jamshedpur ACC Ltd.

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Mr. Kshitij Sharma (area incharge) jamshedpur ACC Ltd

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Bikram kumar pgdm-2ndYear nist berhampur

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I hereby declare that the project, which is being

presented in this report, entitled “Sales and Promotion Activity of cement company” in east singhbhum. Is an

authentic record of my own work during the period of 6 weeks from 20-05-11 to 30-06-11 as a part of my pgdm course of NIST berhampur The information which is given by me in this report is for the concerned organization and the institute. It would not be submitted by me anywhere else.

Bikram kumar pgdm 2nd Year NIST berhampur

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No work can be done in isolation and this work was no exception. It required the time and efforts of many people without which this would have been very difficult. This project is a result of few persons whose guidance and efforts were vital for me. I am highly grateful to ACC Ltd. And Mr. Kshitij Sharma Sir, Mr. Prajnan Sir and various Sales Officers of the of ACC Ltd. Area Office jamshedpur who showed me proper direction and devoted their valuable time to accomplish my project. I would also like to thank to our Director General MR SANGRAM MUDALI DEAN- MR SHOM PRASAD DAS who gave me this opportunity to work on the Summer Training Project as directed by the nist b school. I express my sincere gratitude towards my college guide,Mr kumar srikanta nayak Mr chinmaya sahu , batch coordinator for his suggestions and help for making this project a reality. I express my gratefulness towards Shom Prasad Das, Course Coordinator pgdm, my other faculty members; , Arun Mahapatra Sir, Pramath Sir, Raja Rao Sir, Sisir Sir, Susant Sir, Bhaskar Sir,Gayatry mam,Aprajita mam, sanjukta mam, Last but not the least I will thank my parents and friends who were consistent source of inspiration and gave me courage and resources to complete my research.

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Contents Chapter No Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 6. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter 5. Chapter 7. Annexure Content of the Chapter Introduction of the Organization Organizational Structure and Hierarchy Products and Services SWOT Analysis Research Problem Research Methodology Data Analysis & Interpretation Conclusion Suggestions & Limitations Bibliography Questionnaire Page No. Page 4 of 98 . Chapter 4. Chapter 3.

Page 87 List of Figures Figure-1......Position of standard marketing activity................Page 77 Table-6..............Page 61 Table-2..Page 78 Table-7.............Preference given by retailers to the companies...................Page 84 Page 5 of 98 .Market share of ACC and other Brands..........Preference given by retailers to the companies........................Position of Discounts.............. of opinions of dealers in favour of companies............................................Page 78 Figure-4...Quantity of cement sold per month........No...Page 83 Table-9..............List of Tables Table-1........Positive and Negative opinions of dealers.....Position of discounts..................................Page 79 Table-8.....Market share of ACC and other Brands..............Position of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of dealers from promotional activities of companies.Preference given by people to the companies..................................Page 62 Figure-2........................................ Page 75 Table-5................Page 63 Table-3.............Quantity of cement sold per month.. Page 70 Table-4....Page 70 Figure-3.......

prajanan roy Sir and many other sales officers .. Kshitij Sharma Sir. First I conducted in east singhbhum ... Survey was to be conducted among the dealers.06. Page 6 of 98 . I completed my survey on 20.. This training was started from my reporting to the Area Office jamshedpur on 20-05-11.. I submitted my report on 25...06.. I collected the sample of 80 Dealers and retailers.. I started my survey from 26th of may..... Here I met Mr.. Mr. Mr...10 to my supervisor Mr.10 and on first day I was introduced to the organization its heritage presents working process and various areas of work... Kshitij Sharma Sir was assigned as my supervisor for the research. I formally started my training from 20...........Figure-5.Preference given by people to the companies..subdealers and retailers of the cement of east singhbhum which comesunder the Area Office jamshedpur ACC Ltd.... After that he gave me by points to prepare a questionnaire for the survey....11 and started the analysis and interpretation of the collected data....... Duration of the training was 6 weeks.. He assigned me the topic for my research that is – Sales and Promotion activity of cement company and discount structure and marketing activities .......Page 88 Summary of the Summer Training Project This summer training is the part of nist two years pgdm programme...06.... Kshitij Sharma Sir..

Chapter 1 Introduction of the Organization Page 7 of 98 .

As the largest cement producer in India. Since inception in 1936. Among the first companies in India to include commitment to environmental protection as one of its corporate objectives.000 persons and a countrywide distribution network of over 9. ACC has rich experience in mining. the company has been a trendsetter and important benchmark for the cement industry in many areas of cement and concrete technology. It has a workforce of about 10. product development and specialized consultancy services. long before pollution control laws came into existence. and a considerable user of the country’s road transport network services for inward and outward movement of materials and products. water management techniques and ‘greening’ activities.the only one of its kind in the Indian cement industry. Today each of its cement plants has state-of-the art pollution control equipment and devices. of Indian Railways. more than 40 Ready mix concrete plants. mines and townships visibly demonstrate successful endeavors in quarry rehabilitation. ACC plants. ACC's operations are spread throughout the country with 16 modern cement factories. The company's various manufacturing units are backed by a central technology support services centre . it is one of the biggest customers of the domestic coal industry. being the largest user of limestone. ACC has a unique track record of innovative research. and several zonal offices.“The Associated Cement Companies” ACC (ACC Limited) is India's foremost manufacturer of cement and concrete.000 dealers. 20 sales offices. the company installed sophisticated pollution control equipment as far back as 1966. The company actively promotes the use of alternative fuels and Page 8 of 98 .

recycling and coprocessing. The first success came in a move towards cooperation in the country's young cement industry and culminated in the historic Page 9 of 98 . suggestions for reuse. It runs two institutes that offer professional technical courses for engineering graduates and diploma holders which are relevant to manufacturing sectors such as cement. ACC has made significant contributions to the nation building process by way of quality products. Past of the Company HeritageIt has an interesting story.raw materials and offers total solutions for waste management including testing.Dinshaw and other Indian entrepreneurs like him who founded the Indian cement industry. ACC has taken purposeful steps in knowledge building. The main beneficiaries are youth from remote and backward areas of the country. Their efforts to face competition for survival in a small but aggressive market mingled with the stirring of a country's nationalist pride that touched all walks of life . its high ethical standards in business dealings and its on-going efforts in community welfare programs have won it acclaim as a responsible corporate citizen. services and sharing expertise.including trade. commerce and business. ACC’s brand name is synonymous with cement and enjoys a high level of equity in the Indian market. ACC was formed in 1936 when ten existing cement companies came together under one umbrella in a historic merger . It is the only cement company that figures in the list of Consumer Super Brands of India. The history of ACC spans a wide canvas beginning with the lonely struggle of its pioneer F.E. Its commitment to sustainable development.the country's first notable merger at a time when the term mergers and acquisitions was not even coined.

one that has survived and retained its position of leadership in industry. some stockbrokers in the country's leading stock exchanges continued to refer to this company simply as 'The Merger'. in which the distinct identities of the constituent companies were melded into a new cohesive organization . E. F E Dinshaw. The use of the plural in ACC's original name. 1936. In a sense. These companies belonged to four prominent business groups Tatas. Dinshaw – The Founder of ACC ACC stands out as the most unique and successful merger in Indian business history. died in January 1936. the formation of ACC represents a quest for the synergy of good business practices. just months before his dream could be realized. The Associated Cement Companies Limited. F. Killick Nixon and F E Dinshaw groups. the man recognized as the founder of ACC. Khataus. values and shared objectives.merger of ten companies to form a cement giant. Many years later. itself indicated the company's origins from a merger. Page 10 of 98 . Sadly. ACC was formally established on August 1.

the Tata group sold all 14. Sir Akbar Hydari. (ACIL).Sir Nowroji B Saklatvala was the first chairman of ACC.names like J R D Tata. Ambalal Sarabhai. who then became the largest single shareholder in ACC.8 Page 11 of 98 . A new association was forged between ACC and the Holcim group of Switzerland in 2005.2:. Holcim announced its plans to enter into a long-term strategic alliance with the Ambuja Group by acquiring a majority stake in Ambuja Cements India Ltd.A New Partnership The house of Tata was intimately associated with the heritage and history of ACC.45 per cent of its shareholding in ACC in three stages to subsidiary companies of Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd (later called Ambuja Cement Ltd). right from its formation in 1936 upto 2000. Walchand Hirachand. In January 2005. Dharamsey Khatau.Present of the Company Holcim . Between the years 1999 and 2000. ACC's First Board Meeting in 1936 at The Esplanade 1. The first Board included distinguished luminaries of the Indian business world of the time . Nawab Salar Jung Bahadur and Sir Homy Mody among others. which at the time held 13.

Mumbai. Holcim is the world leader in cement as well as being large suppliers of concrete. to acquire a majority shareholding in ACC. the Board of ACC welcomed this new association. Consequently. ACC’s registered office was first located at Esplanade House in South Mumbai. An open offer was made by Holcim Cement Pvt. aggregates and certain constructionrelated services. a graceful edifice that still stands out in its neighbourhood. Cement House. through Holcim Cement Pvt Limited and ACIL. Holcim is also a respected name in information technology and research and development. 121 Maharshi Karve Road. following which the shareholding of ACIL increased to 34.per cent of the total equity shares in ACC. ACIL filed declarations indicating their shareholding and declaring itself as a Promoter of ACC. The group has its headquarters in Switzerland with worldwide operations spread across more than 70 countries. The head office then shifted to its own Page 12 of 98 .The Head Office building ACC’s Head Office . Considering the formidable global presence of Holcim and its excellent reputation. Holcim simultaneously announced its bid to make an open offer to ACC shareholders. (ACIL).Cement House. Limited along with Ambuja Cements India Ltd.69 per cent of the Equity share capital of ACC.

waste management systems and water saving devices set amid greenery and a central atrium that further expands the sense of light and space.premises in Cement House shown here. In 2009. has transformed Cement House into an energy efficient environment-friendly building. Churchgate. The building was occupied by the Royal Air Force and vacated only in 1946. Page 13 of 98 . Queen’s Road. access control and intelligent lighting with motion and light sensors. Its attractive refurbished façade now houses an ultramodern office equipped with space-saving modular workstations. Work on its construction began in 1939 and was completed during the War period. a unique project. The address of this stately building was then Number 1. An all-India competition in 1938 had invited leading architects of the time to send in their designs of which this elegant design made by Ballardie Thompson & Mathews was chosen as the winning entry.

S. Sekhsaria Chairman Mr Paul Hugentobler Deputy Chairman Mr Sumit Banerjee Managing Director Mr S M Palia Mr Naresh Chandra Mr Markus Akermann Mr M L Narula Mr D K Mehrotra Mr R A Shah Mr Shailesh Haribhakti Mr Kuldip Kaura Mr Aidan Lynam Page 14 of 98 .BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr N.

87] Chaibasa Cement Works P.[Capacity (MTPA) 2. Jhinkpani . Gagal .[Capacity (MTPA) 1.[Capacity (MTPA) 1.00] Chanda Cement Works P.O.Here is a list of our cement plants.O.O.58] Jamul Cement Works P.174 013 District Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh 6. Chanda .Gagal I and II] Gagal Cement Works P.10] Page 15 of 98 .483 880 Dist. Barmana .[Capacity (MTPA) 0.490 024 District Durg Chhattisgarh 7.[Capacity (MTPA) 0. Bargarh .[Capacity (MTPA) 4. Kymore Pin.833 215 District Singhbhum Jharkhand 3. Jamul . showing Plant-wise capacity and their postal address:1. Chaibasa .[Capacity (MTPA) 1.O.O. Kymore . PO Bardol District Bargarh Orissa -768038 2.O.20] Bargarh Cement Works Cement Nagar.442 502 Dist Chandrapur Maharashtra 4. Cementnagar Pin .20] Kymore Cement Works P.53] Damodar Cement Works P. Kudithini . Damodhar . Katni Madhya Pradesh 8.40 .[Capacity (MTPA) 1. Sunuri 723 121 Madhukunda District Purulia West Bengal 5. Jamul Cement Works Pin.

Rly) Karnataka 13.323 603 Dist Bundi Rajasthan 10.O. Lakheri .[Capacity (MTPA) 0. Madukkarai District Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 11.Tikaria .59] Wadi Cement Works P.[Capacity (MTPA) 2.60] Thondebhavi Cement Works Madugiri Road Thondebhavi Gauribidannur Taluk Dist Chikballapur 561 213 Karnataka 15.91] Sindri Cement Works P.Kudithini Dist Bellary 583 115 Karnataka 9.O.50] Lakheri Cement Works P.[Capacity (MTPA) 1.Thondebhavi .Sindri . Rly) Karnataka 14. Wadi Pin.New Wadi Plant .585 225 District Gulbarga (C.31] Tikaria Cement Grinding and Packing Plant ACC Limited Page 16 of 98 .585 225 District Gulbarga (C.O.Kudithini Cement Works Kurugodu Road P.O.[Capacity (MTPA) 1.[Capacity (MTPA) 2.O.Wadi .O. Lakheri Pin.[Capacity (MTPA) 3. ACC Colony Pin.18] Madukkarai Cement Works P. Wadi Pin.Madukkarai .828 124 District Dhanbad Jharkhand 12.20] Wadi Cement Works P.[Capacity (MTPA) 1.

emphasis on product quality and a caring spirit. ACC is a professionally managed Company with a majority Page 17 of 98 . Corporate Governance therefore in ACC is a way of life. The Shareholders-Investors Grievance Committee was formed way back in 1962 and the Compensation Committee was convened since 1993.Tikaria Industrial Area P. The Audit Committee in ACC was constituted as far back as in 1986. The Company’s core values are based on integrity. respect for the law and strict compliance thereof. ACC had systems in place for effective strategic planning and processes. human resources development and succession planning.O. Tehsil Gauriganj District Sultanpur 227 409 Uttar Pradesh Phone: 91-5368-44279 Fax: 91-5368-44479 Management Aspects of the Company CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The importance of Corporate Governance has always been recognised in ACC. Much before Corporate Governance guidelines became applicable and mandatory for listed companies. risk management.

press releases and other communication have always made full disclosures on various facets of importance to the stakeholders. It is the continuous endeavour of the Board of Directors to achieve the highest standards of Corporate Governance through the adoption of a strategic planning process. come from all parts of the country and belonging to a variety of ethnic. The Board of Directors are also constantly looking at ways and means to ensure that the most effective use is made of the scarce resources at its disposal and that the management and employees have the freedom to take the Company forward within the framework of effective accountability. The Annual Reports. referred to as the ACC Parivar. ACC employees. stock movements etc. an effective communication policy and integrity of Company’s internal control systems. The Board of Directors has always consisted of persons who are professionals in their respective fields and with unquestionable integrity and reputation. succession planning for attracting. comprising experts in various disciplines assisted by a dedicated workforce of skilled persons. Members of the Board have full freedom to express their views on matters placed before them for deliberation and consideration. ACC employees display a strong sense of loyalty to the Company and their special stellar qualities as ‘value-adding’ human capital are well known in the industry. HUMAN RESOURCES ACC has a large workforce of about 10. cultural and religious backgrounds. The role. identification of major risks and the way and means to manage such risks. motivating and energizing human resources. Page 18 of 98 . particularly with regard to information relating to financial matters.000 people. responsibility and accountability of the Board of Directors is clearly defined. company’s operations/performance.of its Directors being Independent Directors.

All decisions of the recruitment committee are recorded in respect of each candidate. Page 19 of 98 . The Company’s personnel policies and processes enshrine equal opportunities to all and non-discrimination with regard to gender. A Committee of officers called the Central Recruitment Committee handles the entire recruitment process comprising screening of applications.ACC has clearly stated guidelines concerning recruitment. Applicants are generally invited on the basis of specific advertisements in newspapers and websites. career advancement. Training & Development: .Our new Performance Management System incorporates a process called Competency Assessment and Training and 1. public felicitation and appreciation. Nomination to external training programmes in India and abroad. 3. Competent employees and those who display aptitude are invited to become Trainers themselves and receive Train the Trainer facilitation. interviews and final selection. Performance Management: The Company’s performance management system is in itself a benchmark that provides ample opportunities and motivational incentives to employees so as to reward and retain good talent within the Company. creed. termination. These incentives include Performance Linked Incentives. Some plants have Best Employee and Employee of the Month Awards and recognition. outside consultants are retained. Recruitment: . 2. preliminary short-listing. professional and employee ethics and code of conduct. whether social. Special Increments. ideology or other opinion. and Promotions. Candidates are informed of their short-listing and selection immediately after the interview or at the earliest thereafter. Also ensured is a due process for employee consultation and participation in organizational development and policy formulation. political or religious. Every attempt is made to make the selection process as objective as possible by incorporating tests of competence. caste. Good Work Awards. In some cases. performance appraisal.Recruitment in ACC is a very fair and transparent process with adequate opportunities to look for suitable candidates internally as well as from outside. Letters of Appreciation.

merit scholarships for outstanding children and financial assistance for employees’ children to pursue higher professional education. retirement benefits. These cover education. camps and programmes. Liberal medical benefits are made available to employees and their family members by way of reimbursements towards normal medical treatment. Functional training needs are identified and conducted by functional departments while Corporate HR organizes competency and developmental inputs. there are regular health checkups. Competency and Development training inputs include Skill and general performance enhancement. residential premises as well as a scheme that provides for supply of cement at subsidized rates to those building their own houses. We offer attractive scholarship allowances for children studying at places away from their parents. ambulance. Page 20 of 98 . Training is imparted to take care of an individual’s career development as well as functional and skill enhancement. loans and financial assistance and recreation facilities. Employee welfare & perquisites: .Employee welfare receives prime attention at ACC. referrals and tie-ups with reputed hospitals for specialised treatment. communication skills and Career development.Developmental Needs wherein appraisers are specifically called upon to identify and assess training needs of employees at specific intervals that do not coincide with Performance Appraisals. This is so that training needs can be assessed objectively. 4. healthcare. ACC townships have excellent schools that are often the best in the district. Employees are eligible to apply for loans and financial assistance for various purposes such as purchase of assets. In addition. Each of our townships has wellequipped health care centres with qualified medical staff and facilities. It has several schemes for general welfare of employees and their families. Education at these schools is subsidized for employees’ wards. domiciliary treatments and special sanctions for serious illness.

We share below salient points of the latest survey of employees: • People are treated fairly regardless of religion and gender • ACC is a safe place to work • Management is competent in running business • Employees feel good about what we do for society • Proud to tell others I work here • Management thinks positively 5.At our cement plants and factories. the employees are given free electricity. Employee Satisfaction:. “ACC is deeply committed to enhancing its reputation and respect built over the years in industry and society for its professional style of management based on philosophy of the best in business ethics. employees are provided furnished and unfurnished accommodation based on their entitlements. And from time to time.” Committed to Environment Protection:ACC is among the first Indian companies to include commitment to environmental protection as one of its Page 21 of 98 . At many locations. free water supply and free bus facility for nearby places and schools.In addition to periodic internal Employee Satisfaction Surveys. Activities Related to Corporate Social Responsibility ACC defines Corporate Social Responsibility as the way a company balances it’s economic. ACC has also retained reputed firms like Mercer and Boston Consulting Group to study our internal work environment and employee policies and suggest areas of improvement. we participate in Employee Satisfaction and Work Places Surveys conducted by reputed external agencies and organisations like Hewitt Associates Grow Talent. social and environmental objectives while addressing stakeholder expectations and enhancing shareholder value.

Each of our manufacturing units has a separate Environment Section manned by a qualified environmental engineer and supporting staff. water ponds and tanks. Afforestation programmes in used mines have helped transform the barren and dry ambience into lush greenery. coal mills. We have established systems and procedures to manage improvements in the control of greenhouse gas and atmospheric emissions. We have made significant strides in attaining energy efficiency through our captive power plants and the pursuit of building our capacities in clean renewable energy sources such as wind energy farms Greening the Environment:Each of our cement plants has its own success story of tree plantation. As a result. greening activities. raw mills. we have several outstanding examples of Page 22 of 98 . we continuously seek better ways to manage our water resources efficiently. Plant One is a message that inspires our employees. power plants and coolers. Long before pollution control norms and regulatory laws came into existence. Tree plantation and green belt development programmes have been extended to cover areas in the vicinity of our plants for the benefit of the local community. Each One. Energy Efficiency:-Energy is a prime concern. That was in 1966. ACC is the industry leader in the urgent race to reduce CO2 emissions. Today each ACC factory has high efficiency state-of-the art pollution control equipment and devices. ACC inducted the use of sophisticated high efficiency pollution control equipment for cement kilns. flower and fruit cultivation and water conservation. Water Conservation With an avowed policy to maintain Zero Water Discharge.corporate objectives. Our performance is seen by independent sources to be best in class. Tree plantation is a regular and committed activity at ACC. The water used in plants for industrial cooling is recycled through cooling towers. Our cement plants have converted old abandoned mines into huge reservoirs by collecting rainwater from catchments around mines. horticulture.

We were first in the use of waste sludge from the fertiliser industry to make cement. paints. lubricants. Community & Rural Welfare ACC’s community development activities revolve around the under-privileged community that lives in the immediate vicinity of ACC’s cement plants and is thus more dependent on it. used make blended cements that offer unique advantages to concrete. dryers and captive power plants. Some of our plants have become near self-reliant in respect of their water requirements for industrial and domestic consumption. Transforming and Managing Wastes ACC has achieved spectacular results in the utilization of two hazardous and pollutant industrial wastes . ACC is now actively engaged in the promotion of alternate fuels and raw materials and in co-processing waste materials through effective use of cement kilns. using local raw materials and helping create marketing outlets. Education Education is imparted not only to children of ACC employees but also more importantly to children from rural areas who do Page 23 of 98 . ACC takes pride in extending its waste management services to a wide range of industries in the country that generate hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. These materials include agro-wastes like rice-husk and other wastes such as plastics. bagasse. animal husbandry.namely slag from steel plants and fly-ash from thermal power stations . The range of ACC’s activities begins with extending educational and medical facilities and goes on to cover vocational guidance and supporting employment-oriented and income-generation projects like agriculture.achievements in water harvesting and in the creation of reservoirs in abandoned mines and quarries. municipal and domestic solid wastes. cottage industries by developing local skills. Co-processing is the act of adapting an existing industrial process in a single combined operation whereby ‘waste’ materials generated in other industrial processes may be put to gainful use as alternative fuel or raw materials in cement kilns.

Often these schools are the most preferred centers of learning in the district and adjoining areas. ACC recognizes that a fundamental step in this respect involves a clear statement of the company’s internal policy to deal with employees affected by HIV/AIDS. Mobile medical services are provided in the vicinity and regular medical camps are held to eradicate diseases. HIV/AIDS . the management of ACC decided to step forward to participate in the national effort to eradicate the HIV/AIDS virus that we recognize as being among the country’s most important public health issues. Each factory has a medical centre with full-fledged doctors and the latest of basic equipment.not have access to any medium of information or education. We adopt this as ACC’s internal workplace policy for HIV/AIDS. Healthcare ACC takes pride in providing various forms of medical assistance to the families of our employees and also to all those living in surrounding villages. colleges and centers for learning and education. CII has framed a Code of Practice for Industry to guarantee and safeguard the rights of employees infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.Workplace Policy ACC is desirous of playing a meaningful role in the nationwide effort to eradicate HIV/AIDS and has pledged to support the Confederation of Indian Industry in their initiative. treatment and preventive care. ACC schools maintain high standards and are open to other children of the vicinity. offer medical help. ACC provides funds and infrastructure to help set up local schools. Wherever possible. Page 24 of 98 .Anti Retroviral Treatment Centres: In close consultation with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). HIV/AIDS treatment .

Tsunami and floods in Maharashtra. In February 2007 the company made a quantum jump from inhouse developed systems using Oracle 9i and Developer 6i to an ERP (SAP) based solution. we announced a Workplace policy for HIV/AIDS that protects the fundamental human rights of employees who may unfortunately become affected by HIV/AIDS. by local units and employees. We chose to put up this project in Wadi in the state of Karnataka where we have the largest of our cement plants. ACC started computerizing our systems as early as 1968 .a commitment to progress through the harnessing of relevant available technologies.from Batch processing to on-line systems. Karnataka also happens to be a state where the virus is highly prevalent. Significant improvements have been made in application systems and infrastructure since then . This is done both at the corporate level.As a first step. We have made timely transitions determined by available technologies and business requirements. while also ensuring that these affected persons get proper care and treatment. Himachal Pradesh floods. Apart from the Kargil cause. collective contributions by way of cash. a practice that continues even today. from IBM 1401 and Data General System to the latest Linux/UNIX and Windows 2003 based machines.ACC was among the first Indian companies to adopt automation of information technology. Gujarat earthquake. Orissa cyclone. have travelled a long way from our early days when we were using simple keypunching machines. This decision was based Page 25 of 98 . Next we decided to set up an Anti Retroviral Treatment Centre for HIV/AIDS treatment. Technical Aspects of the Company IT INFRASTRUCTURE: . food and clothing has been sent to help victims of calamities such as the Latur earthquake. Disaster Relief ACC and its employees make timely contribution to help in any national disaster.

Technical Expertise: . Each manufacturing location has a well designed LAN to meet its needs. ACC was among their first customers.ACC has a unique track record of innovative research. developments on sustainable development. Later when he and others from PCS established Infosys Technologies in Bangalore 1981. With this move we also aligned people. as well as other information of use to employees such as the latest news on company affairs. They were given an office in Cement House.solely on our strategic objectives and the business benefits that we expect to derive from implementing such a solution. The Company has an Intranet Portal called ‘Accelerate’ which is dedicated to employees. A judicious mix of VSAT and VPN links ensures adequate connectivity between these locations. It is proficient in managing captive thermal Page 26 of 98 . mining. marketing and R&D centres. Being a large organization with a countrywide network of manufacturing. Note:Patni Computer Systems installed India’s first Data General computer in ACC in 1978 and deployed a team of their best employees to manage it. With more than seven decades of rich experience in prospecting for raw materials. This enables almost instant communication between all levels in the organization. business processes and technologies across the country. product development and specialized consultancy services. Performance Management. The portal’s content is based on Personal information relating to Human Resource matters. house magazines and newsletters. The team comprised the legendary Narayanamurthy. A hybrid WAN network connects each of our 275 plus locations. setting up and managing cement plants of different sizes. we have invested in the creation of a comprehensive infrastructure that allows free flow of information across the organization. IT in ACC is well placed to master future expansions of its core businesses. technologies and processes. then among the earliest employees of PCS.

• Up gradation & capacity enhancement of existing cement plants. Engineering skills and services: . Its large team of talented scientists. • Technical training & skills development. with modern equipment and a large fleet of transit mixers. Today this company is one of the largest manufacturers of Ready Mix Concrete in India with a countrywide network of over 30 plants. • SUBSIDIARIES AND ASSOCIATES ACC Concrete Limited ACC set up India's first commercial Ready Mix Concrete (RMX) plant in Mumbai in 1994 which together with the promotion of bulk cement has played a key role in redefining the pace and quality of construction activity in our large cities and mega infrastructure projects. In particular it has a successful track record in modernizing old technology based cement plants to improve their operational economy and also in the design & engineering of new technology based cement plants. • Feasibility Studies.power plants and now also have a few power plants based on wind energy. • Engineering Consultancy Services for green field / brown field cement plants. Page 27 of 98 . The Ready Mix Concrete business of ACC was reorganized as a separate wholly owned subsidiary which was incorporated as ACC Concrete Limited with headquarters in Mumbai. engineers and technocrats are experienced in meeting the needs of the cement industry both in India and in many other countries.ACC houses a wide range of engineering skills and services under one roof Raw material evaluations and optimization. • Management and operation of cement plants.

a fleet of specialized trucks and site silos for the convenience of customers and is capable of offering loose cement in bulktanker vehicles as well as packed cement in bags of varying sizes from 1 tonne down to 25 kg bags. BCCI is equipped with all the facilities required by increasingly sophisticated construction sites in a bustling metropolis. The plant has its own special purpose railway wagons and rakes and its own railway siding. The first of its kind in India. It has two cement storage silos with a capacity of 5. ACC Mineral Resources Limited has already entered into Joint Venture arrangements for prospecting. this company caters to bulk cement requirements of the city of Mumbai and its environs. The Cement Marketing Company of India Limited. This company holds limestone mines in the Sikar district of Rajasthan. and helps supplement limestone supply to the Lakheri Plant National Limestone Company Private Limited Page 28 of 98 . including a laboratory. It is a landmark structure spread over 30 acres of land.ACC Mineral Resources Limited ACC's wholly owned subsidiary. in Navi Mumbai (formerly New Bombay). BCCI is situated strategically on the outskirts of Mumbai. just off the new Mumbai-Pune Expressway. was renamed as ACC Mineral Resources Limited (AMRL) in May 2009 with an objective of securing valuable mineral resources. such as coal for captive use. Lucky Minmat ACC acquired 100 per cent of the equity of Lucky Minmat Private Limited. The company is also exploring other opportunities for securing additional coal and gypsum resources in India and abroad Bulk Cement Corporation (India) Limited Situated at Kalamboli. The plant receives cement in bulk from ACC plants at Wadi.000 tons each. exploration and mining coal from the coal blocks in Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.

It holds mining leases for limestone in the state of Rajasthan. This company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of ACC in January 2010. Page 29 of 98 . Encore Cements & Additives Private Limited ACC acquired 100 percent of the financial equity of this company which is a slag grinding plant in Vishakhapatnam in coastal Andhra Pradesh.National Limestone Company Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary. The company is engaged in the business of mining and sale of limestone.

Chapter 2 Organizational Structure and Hierarchy Page 30 of 98 .

It is structured in such a manner that the smooth flow of information is in all direction horizontal and vertical is maintained. Head Office Regional Offices Sales Units Area offices Ware Houses Hierarchy of Various Offices to Control the Functions Page 31 of 98 . ACC is also known for its distribution system which is directly related to its organizational structure.Organizational Structure and Hierarchy ACC Ltd has a very unique organisational structure which is highly efficient to run the various functions of the organization. and area offices. sales units. Head office of ACC Ltd is in Delhi and it controls all the regional offices.

It has the office of the Chairman.Head office of ACC ltd is in Mumbai. These offices are based in the various parts of the country according to the requirement. ACC has divided the whole country in three Regions. This Office reports to the Head office in Mumbai. Each Region has a Regional Office. South-West Region 3. Head Office: . Deputy Chairman. Every Regional Office has a Business Head. Regions:- 1. a. Each office has its own Head who report to its superior in the organizational hierarchy. North Region 2. North Region:i. It controls all the functions of the organization. East Region. 3. 1. SU Bhopal Page 32 of 98 . 2. Our study is going on in North Region and its Regional Office is in Delhi. and also the offices of all the Corporate Heads including Board of Directors.Details of the Offices As mentioned above ACC has formed offices of different level to control its business functions. Managing Director (MD). Sales Units:. Sales Head and Departmental Heads.Each Region is divided in various Sales Units. SU Punjab ii.

SU Raipur ii. SU Nagpur c. East Region:i. South-West Region:i.iii. Each SU has many area offices. SU Kolkata In every SU office there is a Sales Head. Sales and Marketing Expertise. Page 33 of 98 . Area Office: . SU Lucknow v. SU Bangalore iii. SU Hubli ii. SU itself also could be an area office. SU Asansol iii. 4.Area Office is smaller unit than SU’s.Each area office has Ware Houses from where the actual distribution of the cement takes place to various dealers of the district. Deputy Manager and Joint Manager. This project is going on in the east singhbhum Ware House Controlling Point: . SU Deharadun b. Sales Unit Incharges as per Department. SU Chandigarh iv.

Page 34 of 98 .

Its range of cements and blended cements is marketed through a network of 19 Sales Units. and 194 warehouses. 54 Area Offices. are assisted by their sub-dealers.000 dealers who. This is backed by a countrywide network of over 9. in turn. Page 35 of 98 .Chapter 3 Product and Services Products ACC's brand name is synonymous with cement and enjoys a high level of equity in the Indian market.

ACC offers two value added products namely. Although it takes immense pride in having supplied some of India’s most admired projects. ACC manufactures the various kinds of Portland cement for general construction and special applications. This service begins with selection of type and grade of cement (where applicable) to troubleshooting and on-site assistance. Page 36 of 98 . In addition to this. ACC is essentially a people’s brand of cement with more than 80 per cent of sales made through an extensive dealer network that covers every state in India. Complementing this is a unique customer services cell comprising qualified civil engineers. sales and distribution processes are industry standards. rural and semi-urban India.ACC’s marketing. ACC cement enjoys an image of assuring consistency and of high quality backed by in-house research and expertise. who assist and advice customers with prior and post sales service. Its customer base represents the masses of India individual homebuilders in small towns. Bulk Cement and Ready Mix Concrete.

This imparts a greater degree of fineness to ACC Fly-ash based PPCPage 37 of 98 cement. 1. ACC 53 Grade OPC provides high strength and durability to structures because of its optimum particle size distribution. bridges. superior crystalline structure and balanced phase composition. in addition to which. This unique. etc. It is produced from high quality clinker ground with high purity gypsum. and makes concrete more corrosion resistant and impermeable. 53 Grade Cement This is an Ordinary Portland Cement which surpasses the requirements of IS: 12269-53 Grade. produced by inter-grinding higher strength Ordinary Portland Cement clinker with high quality processed fly ash . culverts. What is special about ACC Fly-ash based PPC? ACC Fly-ash based PPC is made by intergrinding high strength clinker with specially processed flyash. roads. it provides Bulk Cement and Ready Mix Concrete. brick and stone masonry. All of this . Blended Cements:Fly Ash Based Portland Porzolana Cement This is special blended cement. value-added product has hydraulic binding properties not found in ordinary cements. What is more. 2.based on norms set by the company's R&D division. It is also used in the finishing of all types of buildings. improved workability properties while mixing. water retaining structures. It is available in specially designed 50-kg bags. Ordinary Portland Cements:43 Grade Cement (OPC 43 Grade) ACC Cement is the most commonly used cement in all constructions including plain and reinforced cement concrete. floors and plastering. it surpasses BIS Specifications (IS 8112-1989 for 43 grade OPC) on compressive strength levels.CEMENT ACC manufactures the following types of cement. ACC Cement is marketed in specially designed 50 kg bags. It is available in specially designed 50-kg bags.

A mini batching plant has now been designed which at a very reasonable cost. Pilferage is also made impossible. duly weighed on electronic weighbridges. The cement godown for the storage of bags. The mechanization of the unloading process enables the total quantity of cement (15 tonnes) to be unloaded into the site silo in 25 minutes flat. has virtually become part of history. either mechanical or electronic could be additionally supplied and unloading 15 tonne of cement into a silo would be effected in about 15 Page 38 of 98 . weather proof site silo. is untouched by hand. Cement is now delivered just on time. ensures quality concrete while reaping the benefits of bulk cement.5 tonne) and traditional bags of 50 and 25 kgs. can be provided at mutually agreed terms. until it reaches the terminal and the customer. Once at your site Bulkers would discharge near 100 percent cement into the airtight. The dust collectors installed on the silos ensure a pollution free environment. A discharge system. The site silos which are a must at the customers sites. eliminates a major cause for concern for the end-user.Services Bulk Cement – customer services The other features of this project include 125 wholly owned railway wagons which ensure that the manual intervention for loading and unloading of cement is minimal. Instead you have tubular steel silos. the cement of choice. A well-equipped laboratory ensures that the testing is carried out scientifically to comply with all cement quality norms. Continuous innovations like these make ACC BULK. Cement is now delivered by weight. ACC BULK has gone one step further. which take up much lower space and at the same time are designed to ensure free flowing discharge of the cement. The cement. The terminal has three modes of evacuation. in Jumbo Bags (1 tonne and 1. namely in Bulk tanker trucks. with a capacity of 15 tonne.

minutes. builders. we can consider dedicating an entire RMX plant catering exclusively to the project sites. and also at the plant at Kalamboli. PROJECT ENGINEERING:Worldwide clientele ACC’s project engineering consultancy team has successfully handled a diverse range of assignments in Page 39 of 98 . Goa and Pune now just a phone call away from ACC Concrete . government agencies. No storage sheds and no labour are required for unloading.both the marketing office in Mumbai. Bangalore. Chennai. can assist customers in defining and specifying quality standards.freshly blended premium quality concrete that is door delivered and efficiently placed at site on the day of concreting. Many of them have their own batching plants and are using bulk cement. Kolkata. our marketing team. Delhi. For very large constructions or infrastructure works. They are just a phone call away . In addition. asbestos sheets and many more. Complementing all this is a dedicated team of service personnel to ensure trouble-free operations of site silos and auxiliary equipment. Hyderabad. which includes qualified and experienced engineers and concrete technologists. Customer profile Prospective customers for bulk cement are RMX manufacturers. (READY MIX CONCRETE) Customer Service ACC's fleet of Transit Mixers and Concrete Pumps helps ensure that our customers in cities like Mumbai. designing specific concrete mixes to meet the most challenging of requirements as well as sourcing reliable supplies of good quality raw materials. contractors. manufacturers of pre-cast fabricated concrete blocks. institutions.

Operation and Management guidance to Atbara Cement Plant. Saudi Arabia Operation and management of a cement plant of capacity 4 million TPA (tonnes per annum) owned by Yanbu Cement Company.. post commissioning. Our project engineering consultancy and project management expertise has been tested against the best in the world. de-bottlenecking. an Ethiopian Government Enterprise. UK for the one million TPA (tonnes per annum) Sharjah Cement Plant. Sudan Plant health assessment. Sudan owned by Sudanese African Company.different parts of the world from geological prospecting to management and operation of plants as well as modernizing and upgrading old cement plants and providing technical training. Since then. Saudi Arabia (YCC). We are fully equipped to service the needs of the global cement industry. for the past 29 years. annual cement production at the plant has always exceeded guaranteed targets. Ethiopia Engineering Consultancy Services & Supervision of 1. United Arab Emirates (UAE) Engineering consultancy services to Blue Circle. Nigeria Comprehensive Engineering Consultancy services to Dangote Industries Ltd. Sharjah. This contract was first awarded to us in 1979 amid stiff international competition. Nigeria for their new greenfield cement plants of capacity 2 x 7000 TPD (tonnes per annum) at Obajana and up-gradation of their existing two old cement plants at Benue to 3500 TPD each. Saudi Arabia. CUSTOMER SERVICES:ACC is essentially a people’s brand of cement with more than 80 per cent of sales made through an extensive dealer network Page 40 of 98 of f .4 MTPA Greenfield Cement Plant for Mugher Cement. Operation and Management of these plants.

• ACC Help Literature: Easy-to-understand construction guides. Our engineers in vans assist you at your site • an interactive website for all your construction related questions. provides basic information and guidance to customers on construction practices and various home building-related procedures . ACC reaches out to its customers. the ACC Help Center. Its customer base represents the masses of India . Tutorials. budgeting to choice of material and planning of the construction process are elaborated. • Indian Concrete Journal : the country’s oldest civil engineering journal • ACC Help Centres The first of its kind in India. guide the customer. step-by-step.acchelp.that covers every state in India. home builders and engineers in the following ways: ACC Help Centres: For personal guidance on the right construction practices. conveniently scheduled in the evenings.such as pre-construction worries on stamp duty. we offer ACC Help services to share knowledge about the process of home building and correct procedures of product usage. The center distributes specially designed booklets on each stage of building one’s “Dream House”. rural and semi-urban India. These publications are available Page 41 of 98 . now available in several cities. through the relevant stages of house construction. • ACC Help Vans: Mobile help services. Going beyond the supply of cement. estimating budgets. Our Regional Offices have Customer Services Cells manned by qualified Civil Engineers who interact with customers to assess their needs and problems. Issues from purchasing land.individual homebuilders in small towns. selection of architects and appropriate service providers. offer advice before and after sales including educating users and customers on correct usage of cement and concrete and good construction practices.

For more information visit ACC Help Vans Mobile touring vans to visit construction sites to educate users and masons at site and provide certain specialized services like supervision during slab casting on demand. Hindi and major regional languages. It reaches out to practicing and consulting engineers. architects. For more information visit www. It aims to disseminate the latest information and technological progress in civil and structural engineering. construction methods and practices. cement and concrete English. builders.acchelp. Indian Concrete Journal The "Indian Concrete Journal". Page 42 of 98 .in or write to acchelp@acclimited. the country’s oldest civil engineering journal. continues to be published by ACC. Hindi and major regional languages.acchelp. To look for an ACC Help Centre nearest to you visit www. These publications are available in ACC Help Literature The ACC Help Center distributes specially designed booklets on each stage of building one’s "Dream House". contractors and government or write to

Chapter 4 SWOT Analysis Page 43 of 98 .

Page 44 of 98 . Lucrative schemes and discounts for its dealers and sub-dealers. A well framed network of dealers and sub-dealers in the urban and rural areas. An effective distribution system. 2. Privilege dealer and sub-dealer policy has created a image of quality product shops for the dealers and subdealers.Strengths 1. 5. 3. 4. A brand image of quality product in the eyes of the public.

Increase in the intensity of Standard marketing activity will generate its demand in the rural areas. Opportunity 1. There is a boost in the development of nearby rural areas of jamshedpur and rural area and other districts which will generate a great demand for cement.Weaknesses 1. Page 45 of 98 2. Entry of the new brands in the market. 3. High prices in comparison to other brands are preventing ACC to gain popularity in the rural areas. 4. Shortage of material during the peak season of sales demotivates the dealers. between the Privilege dealers and sub dealers. Threats 1. Development work going beside the newly constructed highway under the Swarnim Chaturbhuj yojna. Change in the mentality of the rural people from cost to quality has generated demand for ACC. 2. 2. Conflict .


New production plant of competitive brands in nearby

areas. 4. High intensity of promotional activity on national

level by competitive brands.

Page 46 of 98

Chapter 5
Research Problem

Page 47 of 98

Introduction to the Topic: Before going to the research to the research problem it is very necessary to know the topic of the research. Topic of this research is“Sales
and Competitors” Promotional Activities of ACC Vis-à-Vis its

Reason behind choosing this topic is that cement industry is in reality a sales and target based industry. In this industry the competition is very intense. Regularly the competing brands use new methods to capture the maximum share of the market. So to retain the maximum level of sales in the market it is very necessary to know new the ideas and strategies of the competitors which they are applying to increase their sales. So to utilize this opportunity of summer training project I was assigned this topic so that through this project report I could help the organization to understand the new trend of the market.

Research Problem is in reality related to the topic of the research. As it is pointed to the objectives on which the research is focused. By writing the research problem the researcher tries to define the topic more specifically that “What are the facts on which emphasis should be given in the research”. During the facts finding of research generally we get lots of data and points which can distract the researcher from the objective of the research if the research problem is not clearly known to each and every individual involved in the research. A researcher should always keep the research Problem in mind in each and every step of the research. As started from the introduction of the research- While introducing the topic of the research the researcher should only put those points which
Page 48 of 98

To find out the level of sales and promotion activity of ACC is doing in the market. To find out the possible competitors of ACC. 4. Scope 1. To find out kind of sales and promotion activity being done in the cement industry. There is one very easy way to find out the research problem. Objective and scope of the research: Objective 1. To find out the type of sales and promotion activity being done by the competitors of ACC. Same should be done in other parts of the research also. 2. 5. retailers and sub-dealers with the sales and promotion activity of the companies. 2.are relevant to the topic. 3. We can find the research problem by describing the Objective and Scope of the Research. It will find out that what is the level of sales and promotion activity of the cement industry so that the better strategies could be formulated. To find out the satisfaction level of the dealers. 3. It will describe the sales and promotion activity of the cement industry. Page 49 of 98 . This research will make able to understand the cement industry in a better way.

iii. After describing it is clear that the research problem of this topic is“To find out the possible competitors of ACC in the market and what are the Sales and Promotion activity being done by them?” Page 50 of 98 . Research problem in this Report:If we want to state the research problem of our topic we need to describe the topic in a broad manner. It will help the organization to understand their possible competitors and also their strategies to capture the market share. v. What is sales promotion activity? What kind of sales promotion activity is used in the cement industry? What kind of sales promotion activity is being used by the ACC? Who are the main competitors of the ACC in the market? What are the sales promotion activity being used by the competitors of ACC? The topic of the research is described above in an interrogative form.4. 5. It will disclose the ground realities of the sales and promotion activities of the organization itself. iv. The aspects which should be covered during the research of this topic they are as follows: i. ii.

Page 51 of 98 .

Chapter 6 Research Methodology Research Design Page 52 of 98 .

Nature and objective of the research. So in this research Primary Data is used.This research is based on the activities being done by the Cement Companies in the open market. previous data is reliable Page 53 of 98 . Now to find out the activities being done in the market it is necessary to visit the market and to ask from the people of the market. But few of them have captured a major share in the country. As there are near about 56 companies in the Indian cement industry although all of them are not active in all over India.Nature of this research is descriptive because the responses which are required for the research should not be confined in any boundary. Now one more thing should also be kept in mind that the nature of the market depend on the environment of that area so to gather the data it is necessary to survey the market because market changes rapidly no for the study. The company also want to know its position in the market so few close ended questions is also required.To formulate a good research design it is necessary to know that what kind or what nature of research is to be conducted. Due to this nature of research the questionnaire should have open ended questions. The organization wants to know that “what kind of opinion its dealers have about it” and also the opinion about the competitor brands of the organization. Type of Data.

The units are those areas where these cement brands are sold out. The sample is to be drawn from the large number of dealers and retailers who deal in various cement brands. Sample Size: .Open ended questions. close ended question based on Five point Likert scale and objective type question are used. After discussion with the supervisor and Head of the area office I decided to take Sample Size of 150 dealers.As there are more than 1000 dealers.Method of data collection. retailers and sub-dealers in the area office Moradabad. In this research according to the requirement of the research. Sample Design The objects which are to be studied in the research are the cement companies. Best method to collect this data is Survey Method. retailers and sub-dealers including all in it. These areas are distributed in various districts nearby the area of research. Time to complete this research is limited. Page 54 of 98 .In this research as described earlier primary data is required.

Chandausi.P.In this research Judgement Sampling Technique is used. Area of Study: . Bareilly. Badaun. Pilibhit and J.Areas of study in this research are the 8 districts. which comes under the Area Office Moradabad of ACC Ltd. Rampart.Sampling Technique: . Bijnor. Nagar. Page 55 of 98 . These districts are Moradabad.

Chapter 7 Data Analysis and Interpretation Page 56 of 98 .

Although the population of this research is 150 but as one can sell many brands so in few questions number of opinion is used in place of number of population. These types of questions will be indicated by (*). Question in both the questionnaire for a certain reason which is described in the interpretation of the question.Before starting the analysis of the data few points should be made clear so that the analysis will be easy to understand. 2. 3. 1. An individual dealer and retailer can sell any number of brands. Page 57 of 98 .

It is done so to get the view of market share of the ACC. Total Number of Brands active in the area of study= 14 Companies.Number of companies you are dealing with and which are those companies? i. of Dealers including ACC Privilege brands = 39 Market share of the ACC is as followsand other ii. No. 1. Total No. of respondents Percentage (Base 150) Page 58 of 98 . Ques.Question number-1 was kept common for both questionnaires so the analysis is also being done together. iii.

It also tells that 14 different brands are active in the area including ACC. Shree ultra. Tuff. Birla Gold. Those companies are as followsACC Ltd.4% Figure 1 Note: .6% Other Brands Table-1 119 79. Jay Pee. Maihar and Binani. Interpretation of the Question 1 This question was kept common so that the market share of ACC in the area could be found.ACC Privilege 31 20. JK Lakshami. Bangur. Mycem.4% of other brands also consists those non registered retailers who sell ACC cement number of those retailers is 18. Page 59 of 98 . Ultratech.79. Ambuja. prism. Birla Plus.

ACC- a. A very good company with high business values.Analysis of Questionnaire for Dealers:*Ques. of Opinion 19 7 3 2 4 5 2 No. 2. c.What do you think about each company you are dealing with? Name of Brand ACC Shree Ultra Ultra Tech Ambuja Jay Pee Mycem Birla Gold No. b. of Positive Opinion 13 7 3 1 3 5 2 No. Page 60 of 98 . Satisfied with the sales of cement. Reputed Brand and has good quality. of Negative Opinion 6 1 1 1 - Table-2 Interpretation of the Question 2 Positive Opinions about the companies1.

b. f. b.P. Popular in the area. Bijnor. ( J. An old brand and famous among people. 5. Jay Peea. e. Gives good margins. b. 3. Shree ultraa. Has good market in the area. Ultra Techa. Have demand in the market. 2. Has good demand in the area. Rampur). Good quality cement.d. c. People come asking for ACC cement it is famous in the area. Badaun. People demand for it. Have good margins in selling.( Chandausi ) b. Mycema. Page 61 of 98 . Ambujaa. Good Brand has high quality. c. Nagar) 4. Fair dealing. b.( Moradabad. d. Officers of ACC do regular visits and help to solve the problems. c. People of company regularly visit. Old brand has good image in the market. Gives high margins. 6. People demand for it.

c. Day by day reducing demand. d. ACC- a. Lack of distribution. Loosing market rapidly. b. Easily available. *Ques. People from company never visit. Mycem- a. Have margins. b. 2. b. Shortage of material. c. Popular company. In case of shortage of material shop remains empty and gives wrong message to customer. c. (Privilege Case) d. Ambuja- a. 3. 7. People who want low price cement demand for it. High rates and low margins. Not so much popular in all areas. Few dealers do not deal fairly which create problem for others. Satisfied with it. Negative Opinion about Companies1. Jay Pee- a.Performance of companies:- Page 62 of 98 . Birla Golda. 4. 3. b.

Good 9. Ambuja- Out of 2 responses 1Said.Very Good 6.Very Good 2 Said.Good 4.Good 7. Shree Ultra- 3. Birla Gold – out of 2 responses 2 said – Very Good Timeliness of Material? Page 63 of 98 . ACC- Out of 7 responses 7 Said. Ultra Tech- Out of three responses 3 Said. Mycem- Out of 5 responses 4 Said.Quality of product? Out of 19 responses of ACC 17 Said.Very Good 1 Said .Very Good 1 Said.Very Good 8. Jay Pee- Out of 4 responses 4 Said.Very Good 5.

Very Good 3 said . Birla Gold – out of 2 responses 1 said – Good 1 said . Shree Ultra- out of 7 responses 7 said – Very Good 3.out of 19 responses 13 said – Very Good 2 said – Good Page 64 of 98 .Good 2 said – Average 2.1. Ambuja – out of 2 responses 2 said – Very Good 5. Jay Pee – out of 4 responses 4 said – Very Good 6.Average Redress of Problem? 1. Mycem – out of 5 responses 5 said – Very Good 7. ACC- Out of 19 responses 14 said. Ultra Tech- out of 3 responses 3 said – Very Good 4. ACC.

Mycem.out of 5 responses 4 said – Very Good 1 said .Poor 5. Ambuja – out of 2 responses 1 said – Good 1 said . Shree ultra – out of 7 responses 7 said – Very Good 3.3 said – Average 2. Birla Gold. ACC – out of 19 responses 13 said – Very Good 5 said – Good 1 said – Average Page 65 of 98 . Jay Pee – out of 4 responses 4 said – Very Good 6. Ultra Tech – out of 3 responses 3 said – Very Good 4.Good 7.out of 2 responses 1 said – Very Good 1 said – Average Customer demand? 1.

Jay Pee – out of 4 responses 3 said – Very Good 1 said . As we can see that responses of ACC are far more than other companies. Birla Gold – out of 2 responses 2 said – Average Interpretation of the question -3 Intension behind this question was just to get an overview of the competitive brands in the market and there activeness in the market.Very Good 3 said .2. Shree Ultra – Out of 7 responses 7 said – Very Good 3. Ambuja – out of 2 responses 1 said – Very Good 1 said .Good 6. Mycem – out of 5 responses 2 said . Ultra tech – out of 3 responses 3 said – Very Good 4.Good 7.Good 5. Page 66 of 98 .

The points which are of concern for the companies are:ACC – The matter of little concern for the company is timeliness of the material and Readdress of the Problems Shree Ultra – It has a Very Positive response from its dealers. So it only needs to increase the number of its dealers in the market. Ultra Tech – It has Good response but the matter of its concern is its presence in the market which is very low. MyCem – It has shown some presence in the market and is in the row of companies which could create problem for ACC Birla Gold. Page 67 of 98 . Jay Pee – Responses for this company are also good but presence is of concern.For this company it is alarming situation and its market is going to wind up if attention will not be given to the situation. Ambuja – Condition of this brand is not good in the market. First problem is its presence and second problem is Redress of problems.

of Responses Get Discount (Percentage Base) No Discount (Percentage Base) Page 68 of 98 NO Discounts 3 responses 1 response - .*Ques 4. of Get Discounts Responses ACC Shree Ultra Ultra Tech Ambuja Jay Pee Mycem Birla Gold 19 7 3 2 4 5 2 16 responses 6 responses 3 responses 2 responses 4 responses 5 responses 2 responses Table-3 Total No.What discounts do you get from the companies? • Target discounts • Cash discounts • Annual discounts • Hidden No.

47% 4% Figure-2 ACC. Rest of 6 respondents said they have information about discounts and schemes. In this question it is clear that near about 10% of the dealers do not have any information about discounts provided by the companies. Shree Ultra. b. Rest of 16 said that they regularly get information about “All types of discounts and schemes”.42 90. Interpretation of the Question 4 a. The responses which are positive in this question most of them get all types of discounts mentioned in the question.Out of 7 respondents 1 said that there are no discounts given by the company to him.Out of 19 responses 3 said that they do not get any information about discounts given by the company. Page 69 of 98 .

Print and Electronic media.Adds. Calendars. Answers given by dealers about various companies are as follows: ACC. of dealers. So there could be several reasons behind it. Small size posters and browsers. It also distributes gifts for the masons as Caps. It also does meetings of the dealers retailers and sub dealers. Vehicle paintings are also being done. Key Rings.. Ques. Regularly organizes tours and functions.What are the Sales Promotion and marketing activities being done by the companies? (Ex.) Interpretation of the Question 5 Through this question we wanted to know that what kind of Sale Promotion is being done by the Companies. Hoardings. Page 70 of 98 .Doing wall paintings for ads. Second thing is that this happen in the cases of the companies which have more no. 5. Public awareness any other.. Shows and sponsorships.c. Distribution of stationary items. and Diaries etc. This question was totally based on opinions and information of the dealers.

It is also promoting itself on T. it is also offering gifts and tours for the dealers which are based on the quantity of sales of its cement given by the dealer. banners and hoardings beside the roads.print media. 10 gm and 50 gm on completing the targets. As ultra Tech is one of the promoters of Indian Cricket Premier League. Page 71 of 98 . On local level its activities are restricted to few areas only. public relations and functions. Ultra Tech. Sound System. magazines and sponsorship of various activities. In series of gifts there are also GOLD and SILVER coins of 5gm. CD player. As we can see regular advertisements of Shree Ultra ‘Red Oxide’ in the news papers and magazines. posters and distribution of calendars. It is also offering lucrative gifts for the dealers as – T. It keeps on giving stationary and small gifts for masons. Washing Machines.It is using all means for its promotion as.According to the dealers Ultra Tech is mostly doing its promotion on national level through advertisements on TV. Shree Ultra is also doing wall paintings. It is also using print media and electronic media for the advertisement. and Tour Packages in INDIA and abroad both and many more but this all is for those who gave assigned sales.Shree Ultra. Vehicle Painting. banners. According to the dealers Shree Ultra is continuously Organizing meetings and functions.V. In few areas it is continuously organizing meetings for the dealers and retailers.V. with the name of ‘JUNG RODHAK’. For local promotion it is doing Wall Painting. vehicle painting. It also conducts the meetings and functions for the masons. electronic media. News Papers.

Else of this only wall painting and vehicle painting could be seen. Mycem – Dealers of this brand say that this brand is not doing any kind of promotional activity. They say that it only organizes meetings on the name of promotion. They say that it is doing nothing neither nationally nor locally. For local promotion sometime one or two meetings are done only nothing else is being done. They are also providing gifts and tours and other promotional tools to increase their sales in the market. Birla Gold – condition of promotional activity of this company is not sufficient according to the dealers of this company. The maximum margin which I found in selling one bag of cement is 25 Rs per bag and this was by Mycem. Jay Pee – According to the dealers of JayPee’s promotional activities are sufficient both on national and local level. Nor it is organizing any meeting of dealers or Page 72 of 98 .Ambuja – Dealers of Ambuja have the opinion that this company is not doing so much for local promotion but all promotional activity is going-on on national level. Yes during this research I found that this is the brand which is providing maximum cash benefits to the dealers and retailers which attracts them to sell the material of Mycem. On national level they are doing ads in all type of media as print and electronic. Locally they regularly organize meetings for the dealers. They have made SACHIN TENDULKAR their Brand Ambassador to promote their brand. Not only this but few of the dealers said that they don’t want any gift if the margins in selling the material is so high. But there is one thing which it is doing and dealers sell its material that is giving high margins. We can see lots of TV ads News paper ads and ads in magazines. No media ads could be seen of this brand.

Gifts and tours are there but not so lucrative which could motivate the shopkeepers to sell its material.retailers. *Ques.What are the Standards Marketing Activities done by the companies? • Mason meeting • Shop Wall Painting • Gifts on various Occasions Brands No. 6. This brand only works as a substitute of unavailability of other brands. of Responses 19 7 3 2 4 5 2 Shop Painting Yes No 1 - Mason Meeting Yes No 12 4 3 2 2 5 7 3 2 2 Gifts on Occasion Yes No 12 4 3 2 2 5 7 3 2 2 ACC Shree Ultra Ultra Tech Ambuja Jay Pee Mycem Birla Gold 19 7 3 2 4 4 2 Table-4 Interpretation of the question 6 Page 73 of 98 .

When customer comes to the shop seeing the shop he automatically assumes that what brand of cement he could get from this shop. 2.During the survey this fact come out that Standard Marketing activity is one of very good ways to promote the brand.During the survey dealers said that ACC organizes the mason meeting but the expenditure is done by the dealers but when other companies organize the mason meeting the expenditure is done by the company. 4.dealers shop is painted by the company with logo and brand which acts as a first impression on the customer by the brand. This acts as a very good mouth to mouth advertisement for the company because here the masons promote the company when they go to customers for construction work. And now they are not getting the stationary also from the company which they should get like diaries small writing pads. They also said that the intensity of meetings has also reduced. Mason meeting is organized by the company in local areas of the city where only masons who keep in touch with the shop come. 3. Gifts on occasion also attract the dealers and retailers both. In activity of shop painting. Reasons behind this are 1. 5. Regular painting of shop also pleases the shopkeeper which gives little satisfaction. Page 74 of 98 . pens and few other things. Responses for ACC. It keeps them satisfied that company is concerned about them.

Are you satisfied with the promotional activity? Brands ACC Shree Ultra Ultra tech Ambuja Jay Pee Mycem Birla Gold No. 7. of responses Satisfied Not Satisfied 19 7 3 2 4 5 2 Table-5 9 5 2 2 3 4 - 10 2 1 1 1 2 Reasons for dissatisfaction from promotional activities Page 75 of 98 .*Ques.

According to dissatisfied dealers of it company is not doing well in promotional activity. Quantity sold in MT/month ACC Other Brands Total Percentage Base total sale 6550 6950 13500 48. 8. ACC has also reduced the intensity of dealer meetings and functions.5% 51. In response of this question the answer which I received was that dealers were unable to tell the quantity of individual brand so they told the monthly sale of their shop. But in case of ACC of ACC I was able to get the monthly sale of it from each dealer. In this type of situation company need increase the intensity of promotional activity.T. The dealers are also concerned about this because near about every brand is promoting itself on print and electronic media. Only Shop painting is not going to increase the sales of the company and the rates of the company are also very high which distracts the customer to other brands. There are no TV ads no newspaper ads and any such kind of activity.5% Table-6 Page 76 of 98 .What is the average monthly sale of each company in M.? As mentioned earlier one dealer deals in more than one brand if he is not ACC Privilege.ACC. Ques.

For this question we get total 43 opinions from 39 dealers. Name of Brand Opinions in favour ACC Mycem Shree Ultra Ultra Tech Jay Pee Ambuja 17 7 6 3 3 1 Page 77 of 98 .Figure-3 *Ques.The Sub Dealers Demand the cement Brand of Which Company the most? Please give the reason. 9.

They know that if a customer asks for the best cement he has only option that is ACC. A special segment of public who look for cheaper cement demand for Mycem. As ACC has its own specific image in the eyes of public the retailer who keep it is supposed to be a high standard shopkeeper and also trustworthy.Birla Gold Table-7 1 According to 5 dealers retailers prefer the brand which is cheaper for them so that they could get high margins. Mycem1. Mycem is demanded by the retailers only due to high margins which they get from the sale of this brand. It is demanded due to public demands specifically ACC and if ACC is not available they go to other shops. Page 78 of 98 . 4. 3. 2. Retailers take it due to demand of high quality cement by customers. Reason for Retailers Demand of Particular Brand:ACC1. 2. Due to Privilege policy also sub-dealers demand for it.

4. Retailers keep these two brands as to maintain availability of good stock in their shop. Its easily availability is also a reason for demand. These two brands are near about same in demand. As retailers keep many brands so they keep these also because public is aware about these brands in market. Cash discounts motivate dealers to promote it. 2. Shree Ultra1. In these areas people prefer cost rather than quality. Due to its tag line JUNG RODHAK it is gaining popularity in public which is the reason for its demand. Often people ask for JUNG RODHAK cement. 3. Page 79 of 98 . 4. Ultra Tech and jay Pee1. 2.3. Its lucrative gifts and schemes are also attracting retailers. In few rural areas it has made market where it is in demand. Because the brands which are demanded most face the crisis of shortage most and retailer cannot keep his shop empty. It is also cost efficient for middle class category due to which its demand is increasing.

Its ads and promotion through print media create demand for it in public. 2. Jay Pee is demanded by people still due to its old brand image. 10. Ques. 4. and its promotional activities are creating its market gradually. Ambuja and Birla Gold1. Whereas Birla Gold acts as substitute in unavailability of demanded brand. 2. It is a very good company with good image in the eyes of the people. In few areas Ultra Tech has made good market for it Ex. These two brands have same number of response but have different condition in market. It is very popular among the public for its good quality cement.positive and negative. Page 80 of 98 . both are interpreted below: Positive Perceptions – 1. Ambuja is in demand but due to lack of good distribution all retailers do not get its material.3.What is your perception about ACC? For this question generally two types of views came from the dealers. Gajraula.

Few of the dealers do unfair practices due to which other face problems. 8. Analysis of the Questionnaire for the Page 81 of 98 . 6. 5. 6.3. Margins for the dealer and retailers are very low. No one gives any information about the schemes and discounts. It has very high rates. A very old brand and has captured a major share of the market. Even other people of other brands also appreciate its image. Few dealers withdrew their dealership due to regular shortage of material. 8. 5. There is always shortage of material. 9. 7. Known for its fair dealing. Many dealers of other brand accept that in their area also ACC is in great demand. 7. It is known for its good business values. People specifically demand for it. 4. Privilege dealership policy creates problem. 4. 9. In the peek season dealers face shortage of material and in dull season they are asked to sell material. Many dealers want to be registered dealers of ACC. Negative Perceptions 1. No definite price system. 3. 2.

9% Mycem 16 rate cement. • Privilege Retailer.4% Ambuja 2 for it. Page 82 of 98 . 9% Jay Pee 6 • Gives sufficient margins. This constitutes the 29. • Due to high margins • Public demand for cheap 18. • Quality is good people ask 5.Lakshami 1 • Deals only in J. 2.Which company’s cement do you prefer and why? Brand No.9% Table-8 But 33 retailers gave preference to the brand which they could get at cheaper rate so that their margins will be high. Ultra Tech 21 • Good quality • Demand in the area.Dealers Out of 150 population sample there are 111 retailers and subdealers.K. Opinion based questions will be indicated by (*).8% cement.Sub. • Gives discounts. Ques. So the analysis of this questionnaire is based on their opinion. • Demand for good quality % Base 111 ACC 22 19.K. 14.4% Shree Ultra 10 • Good company • Has public demand in the area. • Easily available.8% of the population. • Selling from long time. • Gives good margins. of Retailers preferred by Reason • Public Demand.8% J. 1. Lakshami .

Ultra Tech and Shree Ultra are also gaining attraction of the retailers and Mycem has maintained its market due to high margins. 3.On sales of material of a particular company do you get any incentives or not? If you get the incentives what are those incentives? Page 83 of 98 . After that retailers prefer the public demand which is for ACC and then rest of others are given priorities.Figure-4 Interpretation of the Question 2 This data tells that maximum number of retailers prefer to sell the cement which could make them earn good profit. Ques.

4-7 Rs margins. Many cash base discounts as 2 Rs per bag after sale of 400 bags and 3 Rs per bag after sale of 600 bags and more as the sale increases. There are gold and silver coins as gifts.6-8 Rs margins.Interpretation of Question 3:- In response of this question major part of the opinion says that they do not get any incentive apart from the margins. Page 84 of 98 . 3 Rs per bag after completing target.8-15 Rs per bag Gifts. Shree Ultra. tours and many schemes related to target base selling. But those who said that they get incentives and schemes apart from margins they told few of the incentive schemes of the companies which are as follows:- Mycem. Tour packages based on sale quantity as on sale of 5000 bags within given time India tour and on 12000 bags foreign tour. Meetings and functions regularly held. Discounts. schemes and gifts are there. meetings and functions. Jay Pee. Target based schemes as 2 Rs per bag after 300 bags.Margins.6-10 Rs per bag margins. 4 Rs per bag after sale of 500 bags. Ultra Tech. Tour packages are also there as there are various tour on sale of 200MT and 500 MT.

CD player. It is also going to provide few tour packages based on target. Shree Ultra is providing a series of gifts on target as LCD TV.Which companies cement people prefers to buy? Why? For this question total numbers of opinions were 134 Page 85 of 98 . *Ques. As after completing the target it provides 2 Rs per bag. 4.Gifts. Music System and washing machine. schemes and discounts are there.

2 % of all opinions.No. Page 86 of 98 . 11 said it depends on shop keeper what it sells people do not prefer this constitute 8. of Opinions ACC Ultra Tech Mycem Shree Ultra Others 39 25 14 11 7 Table-9 Percentage base 134 29. 16 said people take that cement which is available in shop it is 11.4% 11 said people demand for cheaper cement it is 8.10% 18.2% of all opinions.2% 5.4% 8.6% 10.9% of all opinions.

Page 87 of 98 .Figure-5 Interpretation of the Question 4 Opinions tells that here also ACC has the biggest share after that Ultra Tech is preferred by the people. This indicates that the retailer plays a important role in the promotion of the brands. It means that companies should pay attention to the availability of their material in the shop of the retailer and the next opinion is that it depends on the retailer what people buy. But in this case we found few other types of opinions as people take that brand which is available.

ACC. Shree Ultra.What are the Standard Marketing Activities done by the companies? According to the opinions of retailers.According to most of the opinions ultra Tech is doing all the Standard Marketing activities. Few also said that now the company has also stopped distributing caps. Retailers dealing in Shree ultra said that it is organizing mason meetings but in few areas only but the regularity of the meetings is very good.Response for the Shop wall painting was very good from the sub-dealers but responses about mason meeting were mix. Its intensity of the activities is also good. Near about half of the retailers and sub-dealers said that it organizes mason meeting and half said that it does not organizes any mason meeting. In the same manner it is also organizing the mason meetings in those areas where its retailers are there. 5. stationary and small gifts like key rings etc to the sub-dealers and masons. Findings of this question say that near about all the companies does the shop wall painting but when it comes to mason meeting only little show the interest to organize it. As it does the shop wall painting timely in near about all the areas and no negative comment was given by any retailer about it. Page 88 of 98 .Ques.Opinions say that Shree Ultra is very active in Shop wall painting in fact it is doing it in those areas also where it has no market. company wise position of Standard Marketing activities is interpreted: Ultra Tech.

6. This question is not able to achieve its goal because none of the retailer was able to tell the separate quantity of each brand he sells. Page 89 of 98 .What is the average monthly sale of each company? (In bags). They told the overall quantity sold from their shop.Ques.

Chapter8 Conclusion and Limitations Page 90 of 98 .

In the present scenario to retain the leading position ACC will have to keep itself update with new strategies and plans for the future. The competitors always try to take an edge over the leading brand and for that they apply various tricks but it is the job of employees to tackle with these types of tricks and plans. It also tells that how the policies and strategies of the company for the promotion of the brand has fulfilled its motive. As we know that change is the nature of market and entry of new players cannot be stopped but one can keep itself well prepared for the new challenges of the future. Page 91 of 98 .Conclusion Hence from this it is clear that ACC Ltd has created a very good brand image and captured the maximum share of the market in the area. Although the competition in the market is intense and other brands are regularly applying new strategies to capture the market share and in few areas they have got success also but still ACC is leading. To understand the new trend and mentality of customer and to change the strategies according to it will only make the company lead always. Promotional activity is the one of the major determinants in the industry which is sales and target based and it is very true in the cement industry.

Next problem which I faced was the weekly off of the markets.00 am to 12.Limitations During the survey and preparation of this report lots of problems were faced in the form of limitations. Which caused me two day visit of the city where one day was only required. First limitation in the research is its time duration because no research work could be completed within the time span of one month. These limitations are as follows: 1. And at the same time no stipend and travelling allowance is being paid. It caused lots of trouble because every district has different day for the weekly off day and I was not known to the fact and the week off. 5. For the cement shops the time from 9.00pm is important for work between which they do not entertain any visitor if he is not a customer. Cost effectiveness is also one of the major problems in this research to travel in each district daily and visit several shops distributed all over the districts took lots of bus and rickshaw fair. And in Page 92 of 98 . Next thing was the area of survey which was distributed in the form of 8 districts. 4. 3. Such a large area was difficult to cover within one month time limit. 2.

10. There is lack of consistency in the number of dealers and retailers visited in different districts which has affected the results of the research. This gave me only 5 to 6 hour only in a day for survey. There were many biased answers were also given in favor of the brands in which they are dealing. Page 93 of 98 . The respondents of the survey often deny to give the answer of the questions as it discloses their facts about business. 8.00 pm they use to deny talking. In few areas few brands were highly in demand due to which there were more numbers of dealers and retailers were present in that area which has affected the uniformity of the sample. 6. Respondents were not able to give the exact quantity of sale of each brand of cement from their shop due to which sample of quantity of sale of brands was not gathered.the evening after 5. 7. 9.

Name ……………………………………………………………………… Firms name………………………………………. ……………………….. Address and mob no (if applicable) ……………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………

1. You are a  Wholesaler  Retailer  Both 2. Which cements brands you deal with? ……………………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………. Tonnage of each brand

    

…………………. …………………. …………………. ………………….. ………………….

………………… ………………… ……………….. ……………….. ……………….
Page 94 of 98

3. How many percentage of your sale in cash discount given by the different Cement company. ……………………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………..

4. Discount / yearly Cash discount……………………………………………………………... Quantity discount………………………………………………………... Annual discount………………………………………………………… Exclusive discount……………………………………………………

5. Additional sales discount. …………………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………

6.Retailers/wholesaler scheme. ……………………………………………………………………………….. 7. marketing scheme. ……………………………………………………………………………. …………………………………………………………………………….

Page 95 of 98

8. Customer scheme. ……………………………………………………………………………. …………………………………………………………………………….

9. Price equalization + rake discount. …………………………………………………………………………. …………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………….

10. Margin expected by the retailer from the cement company. (1) ………………………………………………………………. (2) ………………………………………………………………. (3) ………………………………………………………………. (4) …………………………………………………………….... .

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Page 98 of 98 .

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