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Workshop: tryplex: how to swarm, an experiment in practical swarming

Benjamin Schmid ( Stephan Urech ( Patricia Kufeler ( Diploma Students at HyperWerk, Institute for Postindustrial Design.

In late 2010 three diploma students of HyperWerk, Institute of Postindustrial Design decided with their professor to start an experiment in practical swarming in the fields of education. From April to June they 2011 they visited several educational institutions in France and Germany and attended to two design fairs. During their journey they got some deep insights in how to deal with and approach various groups of participants. In this tryplex workshop they will give you an overview in the communication tools they used for applied swarming to engage other students and institutions in their tryplex swarm.

Detailed description of the workshop structure, activities and goals: 09.30 - 10.00: the Basel warm-up, Caffeine & Schoggiweggli 1

10.00 - 14.00: Workshop Tryplex Short overview in applied swarming through France and Germany create&inflate: your handmade inflatable; design with kinect: move your ideas

Maximum number of participants: 20 Most likely we will have the workshop at the diploma show at Messe Basel. We will bring along all the equipment.