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T.Fundneider & M.F.

Peschl September 11 | 1
Workshop: ExpIoring (EnabIing) Spaces
Thomas Fundneider | theLivingCore | Vienna, Austria |
This workshops builds on the theoretical considerations presented on Friday ("Why Space
Matters for Collaborative nnovation (Net)work(s)", 15:00) and breaks them down into
concrete real-world examples in a hands-on workshop format. We will use the framework
and approach of "Enabling Spaces" for working on the case of an university/school. The
Enabling Space is designed as a multi-dimensional space, in which architectural/physical,
social, cognitive, technological, epistemological, cultural, intellectual, emotional and other
factors are considered and integrated, aiming to support knowledge and innovation
Description of the workshop
9.30: Start and introduction to (a) the approach of Enabling Spaces and (b) the case of the
development and design of a new campus of a German university
10.00: ndividual work on identifying core processes and their qualities of a well-known
university or school
10.45: Short presentation of individual results
11.00: (Group)-Selection of 3 favored projects (universities/schools) for further work; short
11.15: Group work: Translating the identified processes and qualities into (fast-developed)
concrete design and architecture
11.40: Presentation of group results and reflection about the process

Max. number of participants