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 Page 1: Something hot in the blogosphere: Teen Tuesday. And something hot on shelves: Courage In Patience.   Page 2: Complete Book of the Month coverage. Page 3: The Adoration of Jenna Fox through the eyes of Brenna in this review and Hope’s review on House of Dance.  Page 4: Author of the Month tribute to Sarah Dessen!  Page 5: Author Interview with the super cool Elizabeth Scott, author of Living Dead Girl.  Page 6: This month’s quote of the month plus a contest alert… YOU COULD WIN!  Page 7: A movie review on the Sisterhood 2. Also, our wonderful staff picks.  Page 8: A little about the newsletter and its writers. In addition, would you like to write an article for the next issue? We’re looking for contributors!

Welcome to our September 2008 issue of the LOTR Newsletter. Enjoy!

Teen Tuesday
By Meaghan M.

There’s a blog where you can go to find many diverse YA readers blogging about the books they’ve read and it’s called Teen Tuesday. Most posts are made on Tuesday, hence the name. Teen Tuesday is a great blog to go to if you’d like to know what book you should read next or if you just want to see what other teens are reading. In a post, I asked them why they like writing for Teen Tuesday… Megan, an author for Teen Tuesday who goes by the alias simply_megan, says, “Writing for Teen Tuesday is a lot of fun. You get to promote your blog, and at the same time see what other bloggers are doing: books they're reading, books they've reviewed, fun stuff on their blog, etc. It's a great way to keep current with

the YA blogging community.” “I like writing my Teen Tuesday post because, unlike on my book blog I can actually talk about myself a little bit more than I can with my reviews! It's refreshing. Plus I like to see what is going on with other YA book bloggers out there and it's all in one place,” an author under the penname of The Story Siren said. Personally, I like writing for Teen Tuesday because it’s fun. I like writing about what I’m reading, because if I’m reading a great book, I may persuade somebody else to read it in my post. I also like reading about what others are reading, because maybe I’ll find a great book if I pick one up another blogger liked. Check out the Teen Tuesday blog at and join!

Courage In Patience
By Hope L.

Courage in Patience by Beth Fehlbaum follows Ashley, a fifteen-year-old girl who has been mentally, physically, and emotionally abused by her stepfather. When she finally decides to tell her mother, she doesn't believe Ashley and sides with her husband. Ashley finally goes to a teacher about what happened, and is sent to live with her dad, who hasn't seen her since she was three months old, and her stepmother, Bev. Courage in Patience follows Ashley's journey of actually being able to live life without holding back, which is harder than people would expect.

This is an amazing book. You will be able to relate to this even if you cannot relate to Ashley's situation. There are many different characters that are all going through different situations. The book deals with a wide variety of issues such as abuse, racism, and having courage to get through tough times. Courage in Patience will have you laughing out loud at parts, screaming at characters in others, and will give you hope if you're going through a hard time. It was released on September 1st and if you haven't read it yet, you should get your hands on a copy now!

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Book of the Month
Our Sept. 2008 Book of the Month is…
Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall!
Our members have decided on a truly magnificent novel this month. Thanks to everyone who voted! Let’s not beat around the bush, here’s the juicy summary and review!

Sisters of Misery Summary and Review!
By Vanessa M.

“Send us your thoughts on the September 2008 Book of the Month and anything else in this issue at likeomgteensrea dnewsletter (at) Your comments may appear on the next issue’s section for “What You Had To Say About…” All comments are appreciated!

Summary: Maddie Crane has the perfect last name, making it easy for her to be socially involved with the most powerful girls in school, the Sisters of Misery. However, she doesn't have the perfect life. Her dad walked out on her and her mom when she was just a child, leaving behind financial problems. Abigail, her mother, sticks Maddie into every social situation she can, yet barely pays attention to her. Maddie gets the change of a lifetime when her aunt, Rebecca, and cousin, Cordelia, move into Hawthorne, MA with her, Abigail, and Maddie's grandma Tess. Cordelia is beautiful, full of life, and adventurous. Maddie and Cordelia become best friends and that strains Maddie's friendship with Kate, the meanest of the group, and the rest of the Sisters of Misery. The Sisters of Misery do not like this intruder to their small town and they want revenge. In a turn of events, Cordelia goes missing and no one knows where she could be. Can Maddie find her in time or is it too late? Maddie will have to piece together the mystery that is her town, its past with witchcraft, and the people she thinks are her friends in the race to find her beloved cousin. My Review: What can I say? I'm in love with this book. It literally blew me away. Completely. Utterly. It was beautiful. It was scary. It gave me this feeling of fright,

amazement, and a need to keep reading... I was still up at two in the morning just finishing it because I needed to know what would happen next, flowing from beginning to end. Maddie is understandable and probably my favorite character. Cordelia's beauty and self-assuredness make Maddie braver and make her see her "friends" with new eyes... and opened up my eyes to what Maddie has had to be involved in since she was a little girl. I was suspicious all throughout the whole novel of what happened to Cordelia and who did it. The ending was astounding. I could not believe what I was reading. It all clicked then and made it all more amazing. All the characters were well written and in depth. The writing was beautiful; Mrs. Kelley Hall really has a way with words. I wrote down many cool words I learned by reading this book... some include: decrepit, dilapidated, siphoned, Houdini, and tourniquet. I'd never read a mystery book so good. The plot was creative and something I've never read about. It was interesting and I think the witchcraft involved make it all that much better. The beginning of every chapter had a little insight of what that chapter was about and the gemstone that went with it so with that and the past chapters I was predicting and always coming out wrong. You cannot predict this book, but what you can (and should do) is read it! I certainly loved it and can't wait for the sequel... The Lost Sister!

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Book Reviews
Jenna Fox: Perfection isn’t Perfect
By Brenna M.

Title: The Adoration of Jenna Fox Author: Mary E. Pearson Rating: 4 out of 5 Summary: Jenna Fox woke up. She had been in a coma for over a year, recovering from an accident that changed her life forever. She could not remember her own middle name, but she knew every detail about the French Revolution. When she gets back to her life, Jenna finally realizes that people are not always what they seem, even herself. And sometimes, you can’t even trust your best friend to keep your deepest secret. The Fox family embarks on a journey of discovering how far to go to save someone they love. So travel into the future of technological advancements and extraordinary medical abilities.

Where death and tragedy coexist with wishful hope. Find our what it really means to be human. Review: I really liked this book. Even though this was set it the (possibility realistic) future, the questions it posed were really down to earth, here and now, issues. A major set back was its slight predictability. Happily, though, the ending was entirely unexpected and unrealistically wonderful. It’s a great “school year” book, with its un-complex plot and its quick read format (a plus is that the chapters are short so when you’re living life on the go its really easy to get to a good stopping point). Overall, it was a feel good, miracles happen, fairy tale ending type of book.

House of Dance Shines
By Hope L.

Title: House of Dance Author: Beth Kephart Summary: Rosie and her single mother coexist in the same house as near-strangers. Since Rosie's father abandoned them years ago, her mother has accomplished her own disappearing act, spending more time with her business partner than with Rosie. Now faced with losing her grandfather too, Rosie begins to visit him every day, traveling across town to his house, where she helps him place the things that matter most to him "In Trust." As Rosie learns her grandfather's story, she discovers the role music and motion have played in it. But like colors, memories fade. When Rosie stumbles into the House of Dance, she finally finds a way to restore the source of her grandfather's greatest joy.

Review: This is one of those books that will grab you with the first chapter and have you reading until the end. Rosie's emotions are real in this story. Also, the descriptions are really nice. I felt like I was there with Rosie as she traveled, as she cleaned out her grandfather's house, and when she was with Nick. One thing that I liked a lot about this book was that it didn't focus solely on romance. Don't get me wrong, I love reading romance books, but it was nice to read a book where you don't hear about the guy sucking off the girl's face all the time. The romance in this book was really subtle - the author didn't mention it much, but it was inferred, so that you knew it was happening. The book has really good meaning to it. It is definitely something that I will read again in my future.

“After waking up from a coma Jenna realizes that people are not what they seem, even herself.”

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Our Author of the Month is…
Sarah Dessen!

“Sarah Dessen is one of the best known YA authors of today… and it’s easy to see why: her work is marvelous!”

Sarah Dessen is one of the best known YA authors today. She’s written a total of eight books: That Summer, Someone Like You, Keeping the Moon, Dreamland, This Lullaby, The Truth About Forever, Just Listen, and Lock and Key. Mrs. Dessen writes what is known as realistic fiction and deals with real human emotions and situations. If you have never read a Sarah Dessen book, you are seriously missing out. She has a way with exceptional

plots and characters, and her writing style is just magnificent. Everyone who reads her books has a distinct favorite. Why is that? Well, because they’re all phenomenal, that’s why! Which is your favorite? Send us an email telling us which and why at likeomgteensreadnewsletter (at) and your thoughts may appear on our next issue! Let’s see what some of our members have to say about Sarah and her books:

“I love Sarah Dessen because her books of course are so easy to relate to... and the little details... one detail I will never forget is Corinna's bracelets in Dreamland...” –Chelsie

“I love how her characters are like real people. It's not as if she's writing it, but like it feels so real that they are weaving the story by themselves.” –krin

“With all of Sarah's books, I feel like she absolutely nails the mix of emotions in everyday life. I might be laughing on one page, but something will really hit me in the gut the next.” -jenlynnbarnes

“I love that she has characters from other books flit around. I love when someone makes a cameo! It really builds a sense of community among the stories.” –Ronni.

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Interview with Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott is the author of Bloom, Perfect You, Stealing Heaven, and recently released Living Dead Girl. She’s great! Watch out for her, she’s going to keep making her mark in YA fiction. Elizabeth was kind enough to agree to do an interview and here’s what she had to say…!
1. All of your books are wonderful, but do you have a favorite book and character? (My favorite book is Bloom and my favorite character is Danielle from Stealing Heaven...I just wanted to say that - Michelle) I was going to say no, but you know what? I actually do. My favorite novel is one that hasn't yet found a home with a publisher, and my favorite characters are Katie from Bloom, Todd from Perfect You, and Amy from my upcoming novel love you hate you miss you. 2. The characters you create all have their quirks, but they are also very relatable and realistic. Do you ever base them on actual people? Nope! Though I admit I have, at times, wished I knew guys like Evan (from Bloom) or Greg (from Stealing Heaven) when I was in high school :-) 3. Living Dead Girl is so different from other books you have written. Was it harder to write about such a dark subject (child abduction)? It really wasn't. The story just grabbed me (I actually dreamed about it for days until I started to write it) and wouldn't let go until I told it. 4. Why have you decided to write about family issues in your books? Because I think families are fascinating, and I love writing about the dynamics of different ones. 5. What is your all-time favorite book? I can't pick just one!!! (This question always makes me so anxious-- because what if one day I am forced to actually pick one book from all the ones I own as the one book I can keep? ACK!) 6. I've heard of authors making playlists for what they listen to while writing a novel. Do you listen to music while writing? If so, which artists? I actually don't listen to music when I'm writing. I tend to zone out--I don't hear the phone, etc. etc. My husband knows that if he wants to get my attention when I'm writing he basically has to come into the room, wave a hand in my face, and wait for me to surface. (And even then, poor guy, I usually just mutter, "What?" and keep typing) 7. Do you have any writer friends? All of my really close friends are writers-and all of them are much better writers than I am! Luckily, they put up with me anyway :-) 8. You've done many jobs. Which has been your favorite? Why? Writing. Oh, hands down, writing! Why? I get to tell stories--and share them! What could be more fabulous than that? 9. Do you have any life mottos or quotes? Why are they your mottos/quotes? I don't. Unless "ooh, is that a bookstore?" counts as one :-) 10. Any last words? Yes--thank you very much for your questions! It's always an honor to be interviewed, and having questions come from readers...well, you just can't do better than that!

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Quote of the Month
By Brenna M.

Because he believes in himself, he doesn't try to convince others. Because he is content with himself, he doesn't need others' approval. Because he accepts himself, the whole world accepts him. --Lao-zi

Are there any quotes that are cool to you? They can be from movies, songs, books, speeches, anything! It will probably be featured on our next Quote of the Month sections. Send your quotes to likeomgteensreadnewsletter (at) (no spaces) along with your name and last name initial. Thanks!

Contest Alert!: Win Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott!
“Want a chance to win Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott? Check out this article!”

How would you like a chance to win a SIGNED copy of Elizabeth Scott’s recently released novel Living Dead Girl? We thought you’d like this… and guess what? It must be your lucky day because the very sweet Mrs. Scott has offered one! First let’s learn a little more about the book: It is the intense story of Alice, who was kidnapped from her home by the violent Ray when she was only ten. Ray does horrible things to Alice and she has to put up with the abuse even five years after she was abducted. It is a deep tale of Alice’s life as a “living dead girl”.

Now to the good stuff… to enter this
contest please send an e-mail to likeomgteensreadnewsletter (at) with the subject of “Contest” and you will be entered. This contest will be running from October 1, 2008 to October 15, 2008 at 9pm. The winner will be announced October 16, 2008 via email. So make sure to check back to your e-mail on that day or else I’ll be left with giving away your prize to someone else. So what are you waiting for? Zip us an e-mail at likeomgteensreadnewsletter (at) and win this great book!

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
By Hope L.

This month for Books into Movies, I'm going to be writing a review for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 movie, which I was lucky enough to see a few weeks back. I haven't finished reading the series yet (sadly), so I cannot tell you if it follows the books, but the movie was incredible. All the actors are the same, which I loved. I hate it when there's a sequel to a previous movie and

the actors playing the characters are all different. The movie has you hooked to the very end. You will be laughing at certain parts, and crying at others. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is an excellent movie that is definitely worth going out to get on DVD when it is released.

Staff Picks!
Great books that we have read recently that you should check out!

the Universe by Ann M. Martin
what really matters in a person-- book.

Brenna: A Corner of

Why?: It's such a heart warming--discover

Control by Terry Trueman
and suspense.

Meaghan: Cruise

Why?: It’s a great book, full of action

“The Sisterhood is back! Read Hope’s review on the left. Also, check out our Staff Picks— always sure to be a good recommendati on!

by Linda Gerber Why?: It is a fast read that will have you

Hope: Death by Bikini

Misery by Megan Kelley Hall
Why?: It’s mysterious, has great

Vanessa: Sisters of

hooked at the end. (And it makes you think of summer!)

characters, and will keep you guessing.


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