The Green Cup Competition 2010-2011 Competition Guide

Green Cup is a competition between Greek-affiliated organizations on the University of Mississippi campus. The Green Cup Competition was established to determine the most environmentally conscious fraternity and sorority house. The goals of Green Cup are to provide Ole Miss students with: • • • Feedback on the ecological impacts of their daily use of energy and materials. Support for innovative new ideas that reduce campus environmental impacts. Prizes and recognition for their efforts.

The 2010-2011 Green Cup Competition will begin in the Fall semester 2010 and go through the Spring 2011 semester, culminating during Green Week. Green Cup is a partnership among the Students for a Green Campus, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and the Office of Campus Sustainability.

Competition Structure
There are five judging categories for the 2010-2011 competition: 1. Recycling and waste reduction efforts for the House: 2. Energy conservation improvements for the House: 3. Implementation of at least one "Eco-Project" in the House or on campus: 4. Promotion of Green Initiatives through Green Grove and Green Week: 5. Participation in Green Leadership Surveys (one each semester): Bonus points will be offered throughout the competition. See page 2. 25 points 25 points 20 points 20 points 10 points 100 points*

Table of Contents:
How it Works How to Register and Competition Timeline Tips and Ideas for Succeeding Eco-Prjoects Green Initiative Promotion Leadership Surveys The Green Cup Prize Award Details 2 3 4 5 6 7 7

Each survey will be worth 5 points.) by participating in Green Grove (October 30) and Green Week (April 18-22). For waste minimization. Energy Conservation (25 points) Greek houses will implement energy conservation practices on their own and will be awarded points based on their results. so register now and start earning points early! . Promote Green Initiatives on campus through Green Grove and Green Week (20 points) This part involves promoting green initiatives (such as recycling. Organizations will also submit the strategies used in this portion of the competition. Bonus points Many opportunities for earning bonus points will be offered throughout the Fall 2010 semester.How It Works 1. organizations will be rated on how successful their participation is. The ratings will be based on whether the organization does it correctly consistently and also the amount. “Eco-Project” Implementation (20 points) Each organization will plan and implement at least one “eco-project” either within the Greek House or on campus to engage students in a green-related issue. and other documentation of the event. 5. See page 6 for ideas. organizations will be asked to provide detailed information about the strategies they have already implemented as well as plans for the future to reduce waste. biking. Other opportunities to earn bonus points include attending Green Bag lectures and possibly more. and points will be awarded based on results. but the projects will be conducted in the spring 2011 semester. and incremental points will be awarded to other houses showing improvement. Proposals will be due in the fall 2010 semester. organizations will complete surveys about the green leadership in their organization. each will be worth 10 points. not based on the answers. 6. Recycling & Waste Minimization Efforts (25 points) For the recycling component. 2. Bonus points will be awarded for organizations sending at least two people to the Green Cup Orientation. Baseline data will be gathered for each house. see page 5. Points will be awarded based on the number of individuals who participate in each bonus point opportunity. Full points will be awarded to the winner. the OUT bus. videos. etc. 3. Organizations will be required to submit pictures. Registered organizations will receive an email prior to each bonus point opportunity. Green Gove takes place in the Fall and Green Week takes place in the Spring. The winner of this component will be the organization that shows the most improvement in lowering their own energy consumption. For more information and ideas. Green Leadership Surveys (10 points total) During the fall and spring semesters. 4. Full points will be awarded for complete surveys. Contact the Office of Campus Sustainability to coordinate and receive credit.

November Energy conservation competition.m. Submit the completed registration form by: Email to green@olemiss. visit: www. For more information.How to Register Visit www. Documentation of the completed Eco Projects must be turned in. Office 304 Tips for Competing • • • Start early on the planning and get organized. Competition Timeline August 27 September 1 – December 5 October 25 October 25 3:30 p. Eco-project ideas must be submitted by email by Friday. 24 January 25 February March April 15 April 18 April 18-22 By April 31 Green Cup Registration Opens Bonus Points Opportunities Available – All registered organizations will be notified of opportunities. by 5 p. Green Leadership Surveys due Green Week participation! (10 points) Green Cup Winners Announced! Eco-Projects must be approved by the Office of Campus Sustainability. 4. Registration forms due Green Cup Orientation (Bonus points will be given for organizations that send at least 2 members!) Bryant Hall.m. Waste reduction and recycling competition.olemiss. Encourage all members of the organization to get involved.html 3 . October 30 November 19 December 3 Dec. to Room 111 Green Grove (10 points) Eco-Project proposals due Green Leadership Surveys due Winter recess Second semester of the competition begins.html to download the registration or bring the hard copy to Lyceum. Establish a leader and a committee to help facilitate getting the work done.

o Recommended energy-saving seasonal temperature settings: 
 Summer: 76-78°
W inter: 68 -70° For more information.Tips for Conserving Energy and for Minimizing Waste Organizations could consider the following strategies for reducing waste and for conserving energy. The suggestions below are just a small sample of ways to achieve these goals. o You can turn off lights in many common areas in your House when no one is last ten times longer and use a fraction of the energy. These devices continue to consume energy even when nothing is being charged. laptop or battery chargers plugged in when not in use. Computing o Save energy with no effort by having all residents adjust power management settings on computers. organizations will be asked what strategies they are using to lower energy use. and other appliances when they are not in use. o Don't leave cellphones. o Turn off computers. Other Appliances o Turn off your stereo.olemiss. Reusing is even more efficient than recycling because you don't have to melt down and reprocess anything. When reusable containers are not feasible. Cooling/Heating o Dress for the appropriate season and find your heating and cooling comfort zone. Organizations are encouraged to do additional research to find even more suggestions. Oxford’s water is of high quality and must meet far more rigorous EPA regulations than bottled water. Drink tap water instead of bottled.e. They can be purchased locally in Oxford or online. Recycling and Waste Minimization • • • • • Implement an internal House policy banning Styrofoam. TV. Establish a recycling program in the House. You can feel the wasted energy in the heat they give off. take steps to recycle and reduce the waste generated. not Styrofoam.html 4 Energy Conservation • • • • . Most people can be comfortable at a temperature of 78°F inside during the summer. i. Lighting o Just turn off lights when not in use. use containers that can be recycled. For the energy conservation portion of the competition. Use reusable containers for drinks or food. monitors. o Buy Energy Star to make sure your appliances aren't wasting energy when in sleep mode. find your comfort setting by raising it one degree at a time to see how warm it can be before you become uncomfortable. and printers when not in use for an hour or more. which is regulated by the FDA. It is not true that leaving fluorescent lights on saves energy! o Use Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs. CFLs screw into almost any standard lamp. give off pleasant light. When you're having parties or other events. Instead of reducing your air conditioner’s temperature setting to a chilling 72°. including bathrooms and common rooms. visit: www.

The Office of Campus Sustainability is available to help with ideas. Install occupancy sensors for automatic lighting in common areas. Exchange incandescent for CFL bulbs in student lamps. Persuade your gameday tailgating or special event caterer to use reusable /environmentallypreferred product alternatives and obtain a letter from the restaurant verifying this decision. Establish a program to incentive members to switch from plastic bottled drinks/water to tap/filtered water. then discuss how it could reduced. April 19. Run a House trash audit to identify how much and what items of items could be recycled rather than trashed. Educating the student body at large or the Greek organization members to think and act in a way that reduces environmental impacts. around campus with them (a new Green Week event!). Create a team from your House who carries all their trash on Monday. Projects can be done on your own or in partnership with other campus groups. Raise money to purchase a digital utility meter for your House to track daily energy usage online (approximately $1. Develop a suite as model room in your House and present an explanation of its features to all members either in person at a chapter meeting or virtually through a such as bathrooms. Persuade student-frequented restaurants to stock environmentally-preferred product alternatives and obtain a letter from the restaurant verifying this decision. Providing a service to a community organization or group that aligns with the principles of sustainability.html 5 • • • • • • • . here are a few examples of projects to consider: • • • • • • Place recycling bins in a House. for example establish a program to supply new members with reusable bottles.500). For more information. Generating resources for other environmentally related projects. and speakers. What are some examples of possible eco-projects? Projects can change behavior or infrastructure.Eco-Projects What is an Eco-Prjoect? A project done by Greek Organization. Establish and submit a policy to reduce waste at events in your House. Host a sustainability speaker/activity/film in your House (Contact the Office of Campus Sustainability for a list of topics or speakers).olemiss. but just to get you thinking. which makes a difference by doing one of the following: • • • • Reducing environmental impacts of Greek house life. Collaborate with housemates and use on-line calculators to determine the overall House ecological footprint. visit: www. Your creativity is welcome and encouraged. suggestions.

Contact Elliott Warren. event. and submit it to the Daily Mississippian with words of encouragement for other students to ride the bus.These are a sampling of ideas. you must submit documentation of the project. submitting a video of the project is a great way to communicate your project. please contact us prior to the by Friday. 2010 by midnight. Submission Requirements Only Eco-Projects that have been completed will be judged. such as distributing stickers during the pregame supporting Green Grove. For ideas or help with your project. On October 30th before the Auburn game. Description of the project. including date(s). Goals and desired outcomes of the project. which means projects should be completed before this Some points can also be earned by organizing your own outreach effort. Create a “Did You Know…” sign aligning with a theme during Green Week. visit: www. volunteers will engage with fans and visitors throughout the Grove and the Circle.html 6 .edu/green/greencup. at ebwarren9@gmail. which encourages recycling and reducing waste in gameday festivities. such as an energy conservation message and position the sign somewhere very visible on campus. April 15 to green@olemiss. Organizations can get the maximum amount of points by having volunteers sign up for this event. Eco-Project documentation must be submitted by Friday. The organization cannot submit a project that is already being done unless improvements or changes are made. November 19. Participating in Green Grove (October 30) The Office of Campus Sustainability is coordinating a major education and outreach effort for the Green Grove campaign. Green Grove by midnight to be judged for the for more information. Note: The eco-project should be a new project or significantly different than an existing project the organization already has going. In order to submit your Eco-Project to the competition. take a picture. Video – Although not required. Create one that is right for your group and submit your idea via email to the Office of Campus Sustainability (green@olemiss.olemiss. List of attendees (if applicable). More details about opportunities for Green Week involvement will be made available in early spring. For more information. Promotional Ideas for Green Initiatives for Green Week (April 18-22) • • Have a group of your members ride the OUT bus. including any of the following appropriate forms: • • • • • Pictures – Please take pictures of the event/project and submit them electronically to green@olemiss. but the possibilities are endless. etc.

html 7 .olemiss. single individual.e. Full points will be awarded for completed responses. and number in each class (freshman.Green Leadership Surveys Organizations will be required to complete a survey each semester about the green leadership in their Greek House. and number of meetings held. Survey responses will not be judged. or senior). How the leadership engaged or communicated their efforts to the entire Greek House. sophomore. junior. or small team) If the structure is a committee. The surveys will be short and will seek the following information: • • • Structure of green leadership (i. as there are no correct answers. visit: www. Congratulations to the Spring 2010 Green Cup Winners – Alpha Omicron Pi and Delta Psi! Pictured above are winners from Alpha Omicron Pi and Delta Psi receiving their trophies at the Sustainability Leadership Awards and Green Cup Ceremony. For more information. One winner will be awarded in each of the following categories: • • Greenest Fraternity Greenest Sorority The winning sorority and the winning fraternity will be able to display the Green Cup in their House until the next competition begins. number of members. The Green Cup Prize Award Details Two Green Cup awards will be given.

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