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Advance Diploma in Animation and Film Making Technologies [ADAFT] 1.

Art Foundation [AF]] The art foundation course is specically designed for
Drawing basics Human anatomy basics Perspective basics Still life Composition basics Nature study Life study Animal anatomy moulding anybody in to a creative soul. The groundbreaking pedagogic material and other components will build your artistic foundation before you realise it.
Animation basic course will take you through animation specic basics, includingdrawing for animation and caricaturing. The course will teach you principles of animation and their application through a variety of practical exercises. The course will empower you to go aboard upon live projects at an assisting animator level.

5. 3D Digital Animation [3DA] The Digital Animation course is designed to Duration: 4 Months


Duration: 3 months

2. Animation Basic [AB]

Drawing for animation History of animation Caricaturing Human anatomy Figure in motion Principles of animation X-sheet basics Lip synchronisation Compositing basics Production procedures Assisting animation

3. Advance Animation [AA]

Duration: 3 months

Script and screenplay Design for the lm Character design The Advanced Animation course is Story boarding designed to bring out the lm maker Timing a scene in you. You will learn every aspect of Character layout animation lmmaking and procedures Background layout at this level, from a Ideation through BG Painting the entire conceptual process from Ink & paint script writing andstoryboarding Character animation through to production and post Compositing production processes.

Types of Modelling Techniques Character modeling Set designing Curves Nurbs Animation Polygons Subdivisions Types of Animation Controlling animation Patches Digital Texturing Key frame animation Dierent types of shaders Driven key animation Polygon and Nurbs Texturing Non-Linear Animation 3D paint and UV Texturing editor Path Animation Paint Eects Motion captures animation Dynamic Animation Digital Lighting and Camera

provide you the in depth knowledge of digital animation procedures. It will take you through the various modules and their applications in the digital media. At the end of the semester, you will do a student lm, this time in digital media, to showcase your knowledge that you have acquired through the course, which will be again added to your portfolio.


Types of Lights and cameras Constructing the skeleton Light in the 3D environment Two leg and Four leg characters Constraining the controllers to the skeleton Dynamics Advanced Skinning methods Particles eects Dynamics Soft and Rigid bodies Fur Rendering Special Eects Hair Rendering Types Fluids Eects Cloth Resolution setting File types Live 6. Compositing & Editing [CE]

Duration: 3 months 4. 2D Digital Animation [2DA]

Flash Caricature Cut-Out-animation Digital Drawing Digital Painting Digital compositing Special eects in animation Animation sound Post production Port folio-Film project

2D basics and progresses through various stages of Digital animation production process wherein the students will undergo intensive production oriented training in Flash (Caricature, Animation ,Action Script) Storyboard, TBS, DP Digital compositing, animation sound, and post production. You will be encouraged to do a lm, which will be the essential part of your port-folio.

Duration: 3 months

Compositing is an integral Di. between compositing and editing S/W part of any kind of lm making, Introduction to combustion and here is your chance to learn Setting project and importing footages just that. You will be taught the Working with Paint and composite basics of digital video editing Masking and Alpha channel and various applications Animating Text and Footage through a variety of tools Working with layers Time reverse and re mapping Field Covers Operators (eects) and 3D compositing 2D, 3D Film Making Bories , Final eects, Wire removals , 3dpost Advertisements Studio eects, Lighting eects, cameras and light Computer Games Tracking and mattes Web Entertainments Rendering, compression, Advance 3D rendering, Exporting Art Direction

Duration - 1 Year (18 Months) Timings - 5 Hours , 5 Days in a Week Portfolio Making, Live Project Exposure PDP Classes, Mock Sessions for Interviews Eligibility -Open Category

Duration: 3 months