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Thai Girls Exposed!

An In-depth Look at Thai Girl Lifestyle.

By Matt Smith 2010 Matt Smith. All rights reserved. Published by Matt Smith.

Table of Contents
Intro Thai Girls Facts Thai Culture Buddhism Thai Girls and Buddhism Thailand's Good Girls Dating Begins Gigs Train Crashes Living Together Marriage Mia Nois Pregnancy Suicide Farm Girls College Educated Girls High School Educated Girls Ladyboys Toms 13 Clues Your Girlfriend or Wife Is or Was a Prostitute Good Guys Dating Bargirls Finding the Girl of Your Dreams Good Thai Girls FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Bad Thai Girls Bad Thai Girls FAQ

This book is all about Thai girls, their behavior, their culture, their secrets. I've been in Thailand for nearly 6 years, during which I've experienced many different types of Thai girl. I'll tell you about each type that I've found - as well as ladyboys who insist they too are Thai girls. They might as well be, they are 100% into the role even if their voice and genitalia don't match up with a westerner's typical idea of a "Thai girl". Those that portray Thai girls as all whores for the sake of selling their books, or out of outright ignorance of the topic having experience in titty bars, fishbowl wank shops, and oil massage venues are doing the entire country of Thailand an injustice. I want to set the record straight with a rather large reality check. If you're coming to Thailand to find prostitutes for fun or to marry, you can find that in one night in Pattaya. If you're coming to find a PhD wife to marry - you can maybe find that too. If you're looking for a college educated girl with a love for adventure, but few resources - you can find that too. If it's good girls you're after you're going to spend some serious time looking for them. It's not that they are scarce - they're literally everywhere - but, you are not. Most visitors come to Thailand and wonder why all they can find are girls that want to throw them in bed for 500-1,000 Thai Baht (THB). Get the hell out of the sex tourist areas and go see what the rest of the country is like! I have a friend from Italy that found a wonderful doctor to marry after dating her during 4 visits over the past two years. This book is an attempt to explain the unexplainable, the mysterious ways of Thai Girls. The western man is clueless when he arrives and attempts to decipher all the interactions going on between himself and the Thai girls he interacts with. He's CLUE-less I'm telling you. I've been there. I've been dumber than wet rocks. Thai girls come from a society that is completely different than yours, and as a result - your relationships with Thai girls -the closer you become with the girl(s) of your choice - the worse you are going to experience the differences. Thai girls are really lovely people overall. Thais as a group are some of the best people in the world. Call me jaded. In 2005 I met an amazing Thai girl that I have fallen helplessly in love with and we now have a baby girl that is turning 9 months old tomorrow. I'm totally in love with my wife and entranced with my two favorite girls and,

because I know it's possible to find genuine, unselfish, caring, and kind girls in Thailand I want to share with you some observations I've had over the nearly 6 years I've lived in this amazing place. There are about 23.7 million Thai girls aged 15-64 years, so says the census phones estimating 2010 population, and who knows how many more Thai girls are scattered about the globe. California, USA has the highest population of Thais outside of Thailand with 120,000 total, so another 42,000 Thai women in the 15-64 age group are there. There must be a couple hundred thousand scattered throughout the globe. Though these girls are Thai - and part-Thai, and though some of the information found in this book can be generalized to include some of their behavior, culture, lifestyle - this book will focus mostly on Thai girls in Thailand. Thai girls are the pearls of Southeast Asia. I really believe that. While I haven't had experience with all the girls of Southeast Asia I've dated girls from: Philippines (dated & married); Thailand (dated & married); India; China; Laos; South Korea; Vietnam; Japan; and Indonesia with varying degrees of success. I considered for few days naming this book, "Thai Girls and Train Crashes" because I want to cover the whole realm of Thai girls... all the different types of girls that I can lump into groups for the sake of a book that purports to explain everything there is about Thai girls and how to go about interacting with them. A train wreck, train crash, train accident, is what Thais call it when the girl that you are dating, engaged to, married to meets up with your gig, or, the girl that you have sex with sometimes for whatever reason. Thai men love to joke about it, and it's a very common occurrence here. Men with multiple wives and multiple gigs and lovers is part of the norm in Thailand. It's impossible of course... categorizing Thai girls as this or that. It's useful only in that it will begin to give you a picture of what girls are like in Thailand. Your girl might be quite different from the norms and the generalizations that I dish out here in the pages of this book. With that in mind - read on, and go deep into the world of the Thai girl...

Thai Girl Facts

Total Population of Thai girls in TH: ~ 34 million Literate Thai girls: 90.5% Average Height: 5'2"

Average income in Bangkok per day (year 2010): 206 THB Lowest average income in rural provinces (2010): 151 THB

Thai Culture

Childhood in Thailand is filled with fun for the most part. Thais raise their children similar to the way Indians do, at least from what I've seen in the USA. Kids are left to run freely and as long as they don't hurt themselves are rarely told "no" or "don't". This enables kids to play freely and learn as they go. I think it's really a much better system than we use in the USA - telling kids no and don't at every opportunity. Thais carry this into adulthood as well. I can't remember my wife every telling me "Don't" do something. It's a nice way to go through life! Thai boys are more prized than girls - though the girls are treated special if there are no boy children in the family. Thai women don't seem to discriminate between the boys and girls much when they're very young. As they grow older though the boys definitely get preferential treatment and the best of everything. Younger boys are known to be dominant over their older sisters even. It's a strange thing to watch. The older sisters know the way life is going to be at this tender age. They probably already know an aunt, mom or friend of the family getting beat up or manhandled by their partner or husband. Just being in the country for 5 years has given me ample opportunity to see guys beating their wives or girlfriends. I've seen teachers go to school with black and blue faces - sometimes wearing sunglasses in school to hide their bruises. I've seen, in public, a man choking his wife - on the sidewalk as he had her bent backwards over a table. Nobody was doing or saying anything - some people were outside watching. I pulled my motorbike up to them and shined the high-beam on him and asked Tum Alai? Tum Alai? What are you doing? He stopped and went back into his yard. Their poor little 3 year old baby was screaming and holding onto the mom's leg as she was being choked - very angry at the man. It was a really horrible scene. We left then, having already embarrassed the guy and causing him to lose face - I had my wife on the back of the motorbike - and there was no sense in both of us getting shot or macheteed. The woman, when she could breathe, got up from the table and went back to the yard to tell more at her husband Unbelievable drama that happens in the streets. I've seen guys pull their girlfriend by the hair back into a car.

I've seen a guy forcing a girl to go with him on the motorbike while she tried desperately to get away from him. I was torn between helping and not. Who knows what's going on. She wasn't asking me for help. She may have been on drugs. She may have just tried to kill herself and he was taking her to the hospital. She may have cheated on him and he was taking her somewhere to go confront her gig. He may have been taking her to the river to drown her for all I know. Though you might want to get involved - feel like you MUST get involved choose carefully what you do to protect people you see getting beat up. If I had helped the girl on the motorbike and been in the wrong - many Thai guys would have come running to help not me - help the guy beat the hell out of me for interfering. Thailand is a land where men rule and they do so violently with women at times. There is not much you can or should do to intervene. In fights - Thais don't look to win and stop and go their separate ways - they look to kill someone. Don't be maimed or killed fighting for someone that maybe did something very seriously wrong and was getting paid back. I've seen guys wrestle girls to the ground - it happened a few times on my soi at 2am when they returned from the bars. I've seen a guy push a girl out of a moving car. Anyway, anyone that has lived in Thailand for any amount of time has stories to tell you about the inequality of men and women. It's part of Thai culture and isn't going to change anytime soon.

Thai Girls and Buddhism

95% of Thailand's population is Buddhist, 4% Muslim, and 0.7% Christian. Buddhism teaches people to be careful with sex but there are no commandments about it that anyone feels like their breaking when they do have sex. Sex isn't considered taboo among the participants, but only among the parents or partners of those having sex. Buddhism in practice doesn't seem to be at odds with prostitution as much as a religion like Christianity is. You would probably not find many prostitutes in western countries calling themselves Christian and praying at the start and end of every day, but you'll often find Thailand prostitutes with Buddhist shrines setup in their bedrooms where they thank Buddha for money coming in for having sex with strangers.

Thailand is in the process of changing quite a bit - moving away from traditional ways and toward western style of life, as well as Japanese and South Korean. Only the northeast and parts of the north are holding tight to traditional ways which include Buddhist temple visits, giving monks food donations in the morning during their morning alms rounds. Even so, the entire country is moving toward a reality the west has known for too long. A place where large companies reign supreme. A place where freely available credit lines lead to the enslavement of the public who are brainwashed through advertising campaigns to think they need MORE, BIGGER, BETTER.

Thailand's Good Girls

The following is, of course, my own experience interacting with Thai girls in Thailand. Some of the views you won't share - of course. Some you'll think are right on. At least that is the way the reviewers have come back to me on the book. Some argue strongly that it just isn't like that. We all have different experiences. Every expat living in the country will have experiences that differ - and sometimes radically, from other expats. This is my point of view - take it for what it's worth. I try to speak in generalities here except where relating specific instances I can recall.

Dating Begins

Starting about Mathyom 1 or 2 grade level (M1-M2) the majority of girls are getting interested in boys either their own age, or older than them. Puberty happens between 10 and 13 generally in Thailand. By M3 maybe 20% of the kids have some kind of special relationship with someone of the opposite sex. By M4 I'd say over half the kids are dating someone, or date a number of people. Sex happens on average for some about M3. I know some boys in M3 that were showing me condoms they were planning on using with their girlfriends over Loy Krathong holiday. Loy Krathong is the Thai version of St. Valentine's Day. It's said that more teens have sex during this day than any other day of the year. Anyway Dating at a young age is still frowned on by parents and elders - especially in the rural areas. Kids are supposed to go through education - even college before getting a boyfriend, and if they get one earlier - it's not seen in a good light.

There is no major problem with it unless the parents are very strict and are worried about the girl or boy not continuing on to university. Sometimes the parents are worried that the boy is an asshole - which he is sometimes. Thailand has a male dominated society. Depending what these kids saw at home with dad beating up mom, they can easily adopt that controlling attitude with their girlfriends even at 14-15 years old. I remember one kid at 16 was in a gang at local school and he was dating this nice 14 year old girl. The boy took all the money she was given from her parents and was always asking for more. Then when the parents stopped giving him money he started sending her into her homeroom class to ask all her friends to give her something to give the guy so he didn't beat her up. Parents did squat about it - the kid was in a gang and his parents were in the mafia and had huge money apparently. The girl suffered through it and the parents thought they were helpless to do anything about it. Weird place right? If that were my daughter well, you get the idea. With westerners we don't really "get it" and we'd do something stupid like pay a tuk-tuk driver 30,000 THB to cut the guy's manhood off and send it to his father in a Gatorade bottle. Or just whack him, not like that doesn't happen every day somewhere in Thailand right?


Thais call some people gigs or geeks. However you want to try to spell it, the sound is like gig or geek. A gig is a sex partner that you occasionally have fun with. It might be someone you dated in the past, or it might be someone you just are attracted to and want to have sex with sometimes. It's a special friend - with benefits. In America we say, Fuck Friend. Many, many, MANY Thais have gigs they sleep with occasionally. A guy might have just one or he might have 8. A girl too - no limit to the number she might have. Normally there are 1-4 I'd say. Probably more like 1-2 on average. Just guessing, as this has been what I've seen. A Thai may have a gig whether or not they have steady partner. Even when married, many men and women refuse to give up their gigs. In some relationships the guy and girl accept it. In others - someone will die over it. Guys usually like to think they are the only ones that have gigs once married or dating a girl seriously, but the girls have them often too. It's a dangerous game if your partner doesn't accept the arrangement and a great many people die in these love-triangles.

Train Crash! (Rot Fy Chon Gahn in Thai)

When your wife or steady girlfriend comes face to face with your gig through some gross miscalculation of comings and goings - there was said to be a Train Crash. These can end up horribly as you can guess. Thais like to joke about it because it's such a horrible situation. Don't bring your gig home, and don't ever, ever let your wife or steady find you with your gig even if they're ok with the idea - to see the person in real life - the reality is often too much and someone flips out with violence, or later with murderous rage.

Living Together

Like westerners Thais tend to live together with their long-term partners - but it is almost always kept a secret from the parents of the two. If the parents knew they would probably insist on marriage immediately - especially in the rural provinces. Even if the two in love realize they'll not get married they just continue to live together out of convenience many times.


In the very small villages in rural areas kids will get married at 14-17 many times. College educated Thais tend to marry in late 20's and even late 30's. There is no real rush in their minds to get married.

Mia Nois (Minor Wives)

Though married, a man with a lot of money, great job, inheritance, whatever, may have multiple mia nois - which are minor wives, 2nd, 3rd, 4th wives. These are basically girls he has sex with. They are younger and usually quite beautiful. The man gives them money to take care of them - sometimes quite a bit of money. They are kept like harem, but don't usually live at the same house with his 1st wife. The first wife's duty is to have the children and provide the stable home life for their kids as they grow up. A woman marrying a guy with lots of money or status

realizes that he will probably have mia nois. They may talk about it before marriage, or not at all - he'll just start finding them as he wishes. A first wife may choose to accept the situation or not. Usually if she tries to leave the man will insist she stay with him, and just continue to do as he likes.


Ideally pregnancy happens within marriage with a man and his first wife. Occasionally the man impregnates multiple wives and of course must support them all. Not always do 1st and 2nd wives and the rest stay at odds with each other. Sometimes they live in the same house. Sometimes the kids stay together with the first wife. Sometimes not.

Thais in relationships that go bad are prone to one of two things - killing someone, or suicide. Suicides are taken to the extreme in that the methods used are really gruesome. The preferred method of Thai suicide appears to be by drinking some sort of cleaning agent, turpentine, something really harsh that will kill them slowly - and torturously. I guess they want the person they love that wronged them to really hurt for it like they do. If you search 'Pattaya suicide' you'll see hundreds of articles from local online and print published newspapers about people that died in horrible ways.

Farm Girls

Girls that are raised on a farm or in the rural villages far from town may or may not go the full 12 years of school. Many drop out after m4 - which I believe is the last year they are mandated to go by the government. Girls in this situation usually go one of two ways: 1. They hook up with some guy they know that is also picking rice or some other crop. The guy tends to be older, and sometimes much older. Sometimes the girl is 14-15 when the guy gets her pregnant and she's stuck in a dead-end the rest of her life. She won't break free of it unless the guy beats the hell out of her and she is forced to leave. There's a good chance she'll end up selling sex a short

while later, either in Thai bars or a tourist area just to make enough money to feed herself and kid(s). 2. The girl is either sent off by her parents, or just decides to go to one of the sex-tourist areas under the guise of looking for honest work - but, she has a good chance of turning to the sex industry because the money is SO good and she can send money back to her poor family. Usually a girl knows someone already working as a prostitute and is talked into it. She needs to get over the moral block that exists in her mind, but if her friend is doing it and says it isn't so bad - she'll get over the moral aspect quickly. Probably. I'll also throw into this category the girls that work with the traveling construction crews that build houses and buildings of all kinds. They are like traveling gypsies - but, they don't have their own businesses, they just build houses and apartment buildings mostly as they are hired on to do it. They get paid 100-200 baht per day, depending on a couple of factors - like how many hours they work per day and what their legal status in the country is. Burmese, Laos and Khmer (from Cambodia) workers get very little each day because they can be sent back to their country at any time. They're mostly working illegally and construction firms love to hire them because they can save a lot of money off hiring Thai workers that must receive a certain daily wage (but that sometime still don't). It's quite depressing to watch these girls, women, and even children working in the heat of the day - 90+ degrees F and wearing long sleeved shirts and long pants, hats and wraps around their faces to protect themselves from the direct sun which not only turns them brown - but that gives them skin cancer to a high degree. Could you find a girl working on a farm or on a mobile construction crew that would be a good wife to you? I'm sure you could, but is that really what you want? The difficulties of making a marriage work even with a girl that is educated and someone worldly is hard enough. Making it work with a girl that knows nothing but farm life - and then taking her to your country to live introduces so much profound change that I think there is a high probability that it just won't work out for you. The girl will miss her home too much. Your best chance is to move close to the village she is from -or in it -and you adjust. Some guys do just this - spending retirement in small villages with their tee rak (number one love) and they write books about the experience.

University Girls

University girls are supposed to refrain from having boyfriends until after they graduate and have a job, but as you can guess - many are sexually active and have steady boyfriends. Some are even bold enough to live with their partner. They always hide this from their parents. If a girl gets pregnant while a university student she won't be allowed to finish school. She can return once she isn't visibly pregnant, but the schools won't let a pregnant girl attend university! I've found university girls to be the ones I like interacting with best. I'm speaking about girls going to decent schools - whether in Phuket, or Ubon Ratchathani. They are a bit brighter than those that didn't make it to school. I dont count Rajabhat or Polytechnic as universities. The education standard is nothing like a real school and the entrance is basically - anyone gets in, just apply. There are good universities in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, and Ubon Ratchathani as well as some cities in the South. Prince of Songkla University has a couple of branches and it is said to be a good school. Personally I'd never date anyone that wasn't at least college educated from a decent school and had their bachelor degree. University girls from the northeast are really the best girls in the whole country. I've met many - I taught some private English classes one on one and in small groups too. They are smart, funny, fun, and a real nice way to spend time getting paid to help them learn English. University girls that move away from their parents' home and into the dorms are sort of like high school girls. They are a bit immature, and prone to doing silly things together. I think they're quite different from university girls in the USA that seem to want to show their more mature side in public once they hit college age. University girls in Thailand are usually having a great time and loving life and not all that interested in school unless their parents are paying big bucks to send them to an expensive school. The academic level of the university classes is weak compared to American universities. Seriously weak. Dont expect your girl to be able to recite Shakespeare and stuff - if she can speak, read, and write Thai and to some degree English then consider yourself lucky. College educated girls can expect to make just 7,500 as teachers assistants if they decide to teach in a government school after graduation. They can make decent money if they graduate in tourism and move to Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui. Hotels can pay decent wages. I knew a girl working as an assistant to the director of sales at a nice hotel that made 30,000 THB per month.

I know accountants that made 10,000 THB after graduation. I know engineers that made 15,000 THB in Bangkok right after graduation, and others that made 25,000 THB. I have a friend that runs a travel company with 2 employees - and she is there every single day from 8am until 11pm. She makes (clears) over 100,000 THB per month during the high season and about half that during the slow season. I know a university teacher that teaches at Ubon Ratchathani University that makes 30,000 THB there for full time work and then comes back to her own private English language school where she teaches kids in groups for just 2,000 to 3,000 per month and she makes another 100,000 THB per month doing that.

High School Educated Girls

Many girls cannot afford to attend a university and so go straight into working at stores selling clothes, coffee, being a waitress, or opening their own food shop, haircutting salon, or some other small business venture. They make little money - 6,000 THB to work in 7-11 full-time I think it is. Maybe it's 6,500 THB. Working in a video shop is probably the same - but much less to do, and less stress. Some of the nicest - most kind girls you'll meet are not college educated, they are working retail. There are 3 girls that work at the video store where we get our DVD's on the weekend that all fit this description. One girl is 19, one is 20, and one is 24. Eventually girls like this are found by guys that have little income or potential that leech off them for a place to stay, food money, beer money, and any extra money they can get. I'm going to generalize here and say that Thai guys that don't go to college are not generally motivated to create a business that does well so they can support themselves and their families. They are much, MUCH more likely to be highly motivated to find one or a couple of girls that are working that they can mooch money from so they can continue doing nothing but drinking with their friends, racing motorbikes, or watching birds tweet in bird tournaments they gamble on. Is that a jaded view? Probably. Maybe I just need to look harder to find the guys that are not college educated and that are working hard trying to make enough to support their families they eventually all have. I just can't see it though - I find them to be almost totally unmotivated. Like a bunch of surfers or something - that's the mentality drink with friends, do nothing to further their skills, mooch money off family to stay alive and continue the lifestyle. Anyway, back to uneducated girls that don't make it to a university. I can't think of any in-between jobs that they can do and make 10,000 to 20,000 THB except

by opening their own food stand, hair cutting salon, or some other simple business. I do know a woman that makes som tam - spicy papaya salad in Surat Thani that makes 15,000 THB per month. She works hard at lunch and dinner for 2 hours each time -and then the time she takes to cut all that papaya, tomatoes, and other ingredients preparation -but still, 15,000 THB is a very decent income for her - she doesn't even have a full high school education. Guess what her husband does? Nothing. Takes the money and drinks and gambles. I know another woman with high school education making 25,000 THB making som tam in a tourist area.

Thai Ladyboys

I won't cover Thai ladyboys much here because I'm going to revise an old book I wrote a couple years back and update it with my latest thoughts on the topic. I'll re-release that ebook both at, and in a couple of weeks - so look for it if you're interested. It will likely be called, "The Ultimate Thai Ladyboy Guide". Ladyboys are generally accepted in Thailand. Much more so than they are in western society. Boys start behaving gay in Prathom 5 or 6 (10 or 11 years old) and then over the next couple of years sort out whether they are hetero, gay, or will go the full Monty and start dressing as a girl and taking hormones so their breasts grow. Some will have the operation if a boyfriend funds it - and change entirely to a girl. Ladyboys are accepted in high school and at university level. Thai men will sometimes go with ladyboys, and not think twice about it - considering themselves totally heterosexual. Sometimes it's hard to argue with the logic, but as many good looking ladyboys as there are - there aren't that many that are fully passable as girls once you hit the voice. Voice is the one variable that is damn near impossible for a guy to change and sound like a true female. Tracheal shaving operations are on the increase though, and do give a higher pitch tone to a man's voice that turns ladyboy. The number of ladyboys that actually go through the full gender change operation is probably less than 5%. This stat I got from my friend that has quite a bit of experience with them. The operation to remove the unit and build a working (for sex) vagina is expensive - well, it should be, right? A couple years back I remember hearing from a ladyboy that she could get it done for just 100,000 THB in Bangkok. That was considered cheap. But, who wants to get a cheap sex-change? Some of them are desperate and do it. Others spend 5x that amount and have it done as professionally as anywhere in the world. Bangkok surgeons are world-renowned for sex change operations

and are probably the best in the world just due to sheer numbers of guys they turn into girls.


Toms are girls that act like men, dress like men, and that date women pretending to be as men. This may not be right on the money, but the Toms I've known seem to prey on the girls that are drop-dead beautiful and that have money. The Toms seem to want to play the whole role of the uneducated Thai man that uses girls for his own sexual pleasure as well as support. Toms usually have an attitude toward westerners - and probably because they realize that the allure of money and the prospect of dating a guy that doesn't beat them could be enough to take their girlfriend away. I think most Tom relationships are tenuous and the girl that acts like a girl in the relationship is not all that into the idea of dating a girl that acts like a man - but has probably had a bad experience with real men. Meaning, she may have been beat up or raped in the past and just can't trust Thai guys anymore.

Dating and Marrying I'm going to guess that the reason you bought this book - the main reason is so you could find out enough information about Thai girls to help you decide when you've found one that is worth dating, and worth marrying. When I lived in Ubon Ratchathani for almost 2 years I noticed there is literally no sex-tourist area within a 4-5 hour drive from Ubon. Let me give a definition of that a sex-tourist area is one where farang (foreigners, expats, visitors from other countries (men usually) are gathered en-masse to find girls for sex for 300 - 3,000 THB.

Now, there ARE areas of cities in Isaan where sex can be found. But, the point of this is that the girls that live in the Isaan region are pretty untainted. I think the most pure and sweet of anywhere in Thailand. Ive personally met many girls in Isaan that I think are marriage material.

For me, a girl I'd consider for marriage is:

Educated with a 4 year college degree from one of the Thai universities Cute or Gorgeous Sweet, kind, generous, unselfish, never obnoxious, always a lady, treats her parents with the utmost respect as well as all her relatives and strangers. Buddhist but not only that, she goes to the temple sometimes either because her parents or family want her to or because she wants to. Without tattoos. Not a smoker. Not a drug user of any sort and probably doesnt even know what they are. Not focused on money. Some girls even Isaan girls, because they grew up poor have money on their minds 24-7. Its very possible to find a girl that never mentions money EVER. Why not find one? One that has friends that are other recent college graduates or professionals. Doesnt even KNOW anyone working in Pattaya, Patong, Patpong, or other sex-tourist areas in Thailand (or other countries). Not worried about the dowry I will pay her family at the wedding and neither is her family. Even if I paid just 25,000 baht for an educated Isaan girl, virgin, that has not been married and has no children - that would have to be OK.

These girls are available here. There are MANY of them. There are also a lot of girls that are only out for money in Isaan just like all over Thailand, but, youll have a MUCH better chance meeting a good girl here than you would in Pattaya or Bangkok. Have you read the horrorshow articles that have become other expats lives?

The Thailand expat forums are full of them.

It's EASY to meet a girl that wants to marry you in Thailand. There might be nothing easier in the world for a bald, fat, aging, clumsy, ugly farang to do. Show up at a bar in Pattaya or on Sukhumvit, or Nana Plaza Start telling the girls that you are looking for someone to marry you because you want to take her back to your country where you have a nice house, car, boat, and you both can eat out every night vacation someplace once per year and send her parents (and her Thai husband and boyfriends) 20,000 baht per month to take care of them.

You will be married as soon as you pick one. No joke. It would be THAT easy. I think realistically you could arrive in Bangkok at 1am. Hit the bars that night. Tell your story to everyone Thai girls, staff, farangs, taxi drivers, etc. Go to the

same bars the next 3 nights. Youll have fallen in love by then with one girl that will not let you go nor let you near any of the other girls because shes found her dream.

If you want that, and there are MANY guys that want just that many guys that dont understand they really shouldnt marry a whore but they do anyway. Some do it for kicks, some for real (or imagined) love.

Im not judging guys that want to do that and understand what theyre doing whatever enjoy it while it lasts I guess. Dont kill anyone when it ends though. Recently a guy from the United Kingdom went on a shooting spree there, killing and wounding many people - and why? A girl in Pattaya that he fell hard for dropped him.

Thailand needs a service that goes beyond these simple, destined to fail hookups. There are thousands of sad stories about guys that come to Thailand, marry a prostitute and the relationship later sours. Go figure. Would you marry a whore in your own country? Why would you do it in Thailand - I'll probably never understand this mentality.

There needs to be a service that provides guys coming from abroad the chance to meet quality Thai girls - but only if youre a great guy with some things going for you.

Things that would eliminate YOU from consideration would be: Alcoholism; Drug addiction; Arrest record for anything except something fairly innocuous like too many parking tickets; No job unless you are retired or wealthy enough to retire on your own; mental health issues; Lack of online history meaning I cannot find anything of substance that youve posted anywhere on the internet with an in-depth Google check.

Some guys start to get it after a while maybe after 6 trips or so to Thailand, and after all they see is bargirls they start to branch out and visit the provinces not known for sex tourism. Bargirls are after one thing that you have, and its not those cute dimples either, Skippy. Its your cash. If you have cash youre desirable. If not, youre ignored. See how the older guys with the least desirable looks are the most sought after at the bar? Do you think the girls are looking for LOVE or for something else? Do you think a 25 year old Chinese-Thai girl from Ubon that is college educated, has a good family and job at her sisters law firm would meet a fat train engineer from Kentucky who is 60+ years old, smokes and drinks WAY too much, and pushes her around - slapping and punching her when he comes to visit her in Ubon at her familys home is looking for LOVE IN AMERICA when she agrees to marry him and go with him there? HA! Even this girl is not looking for love she is playing the game similar to what bargirls do but not NEARLY as good as they do. I know this girl personally. She is quite gorgeous, she has multiple Gigs that she can meet with in Bangkok, Ubon, Laos, and Malaysia. She was getting about 20,000b per MONTH from this guy in Kentucky. This guy was a nutcase. He wanted her to come stay with him on the farm! He processed her paperwork and she was all ready to go when I met her. I talked to her about this clown, and figured out that he was about the WORST catch she could possibly find on the internet. The guy had some money and she overlooked EVERYTHING ELSE! This is a girl that HAD A LIFE here in Thailand, but the desire to see America and to be able to go get her Masters degree there was so high on her list of priorities that she was actually GOING to do it. I talked her out of it. The guy raised holy hell with her but she stayed firm on her plan to not go after I talked with her. He still hounds her. So, this is a decent girl A bargirl has less to give up here, so shell be more ready to go.

13 Clues Your Girlfriend Is or Was a Prostitute

Here are some criteria that you can use to judge whether or not the girl you found in Thailand is or was a whore at some point in the past or present. So many guys that come here to Thailand and meet someone that they think is the answer to either their prayers or to their sleepless nights with their hand under the sheets. The girl is really a whore and the guy is clueless. He pays out the wazoo for dowry, wedding, travel, visa fees and applications, and takes her back to his home country where he promptly realizes the girl is banging 6 of his friends on the sly. Now, for the guys that dont care ok, no worries whatever you want for yourself whatever is OK by you is great. Have fun. Dont read this until after you and the whore break up and then read this for when you want to find a decent girl next time or the time after that or when you have a friend that needs some help, not for you This list of clues to knowing if you have found a good girl or one that is now or was in the past not a good girl. It shouldnt need to be said that if you found your girl in a bar of ANY sort that you shouldnt be reading this list you know from whence she came and you dont need to read this list of clues to see if maybe she might have SOME redeeming qualities OTHER than she was found in a bar. Likewise, there are some Geographical AREAS that one could say anyone that came from that AREA is, or was a whore. Patpong, Pattaya, and Phuket are 3 areas that come to mind. There ARE girls that are good girls there dont get me wrong, but the chances that you found the 1 out of 175 to be YOUR girlfriend are just that, 1 in 175. Dont brush these criteria off because your honey-muffin told you she did something different with her life before she met you. Thai bargirls will make up EVERY story possible to get you to believe that she wasnt a whore. Few of these criteria in the list are 100% right on and prove guilt without question. However, if your little tinsel toes trips more than one of these just accept the fact shes a whore and it's my own personal opinion that you can never take the whore out of the girl. You just can't. Once the girl spends a half year, a year, 5 years accepting money to bang people she gets used to a couple of things: 1. Money. 2. Independence. 3. Not being accountable to anyone. 4. Friends and their influence. 5. Lying. 6. Money. Here's the list of criteria to use to figure out - was she / is she - a whore? 1. If your girl is familiar with one of the pay-for-play areas in Thailand. If she KNOWS the areas she is or was a whore. If she can show you

around Pattaya or Patong and shows you around to all the touristy spots chances are great she didnt work there as a travel guide. 2. She wears a lot of makeup. In Thailand the good girls that are marriage material dont wear makeup. There are few exceptions - oh, ladyboys wear a ton of makeup. Thai guys obviously dont care about makeup much - or the entire female population would be wearing it. The only reason a girl in Thailand would be wearing a lot of makeup is if:

She is from another country or lived in another country for some time. She works or did work in a cosmetics place in the mall. She is in the fashion industry a model, actress, or someone in high-so (high society). She is used to wearing it because she knows how to look good for the tourists who come to Thailand.

3. She isnt shy about patting your ass in public, holding hands, and kissing you even on the cheek. Good Thai girls dont DO THIS without a lot of resistance in Thailand. This should be a major flag. The country is changing all the time - so, this rule will lose its truth in the next few years. Already I see Thai couples holding hands more in some of the tourist areas - like Trang or Koh Samui. If she's kissing you, patting your ass or slapping your crotch - even joking - she is or was a whore. Guaranteed. 4. She has had a baby, but the baby is not with her A large percentage of girls that work in the pay-for-play industry have had children that theyve left with their mothers, aunts or other relatives so they can work unencumbered. A Thai woman loves her kids a lot. Those that are not WITH them are not with them for a reason. If the mom worked a restaurant she could have the kid with her wherever she was. If the mom was working as a whore its not a good atmosphere for the kid and she knows it and wont expose the kid to it. Usually. 5. Your girl isnt a virgin. This is a pretty good clue actually. In traditional Thai society a girl that is not a virgin gets no dowry and probably gets no decent husband either. A girl that loses her virginity had better marry the guy. If she does not then she is spoiled goods and the Thai guys wont marry her. They will almost NEVER marry a girl that has been married and has a child. They have a severe loss of face for this to be raising someone elses child. There are exceptions but, Id say this is a good clue. 6. All the girl can think about and talk about the only thing that she seems to be passionate about, is money and what she wants that costs more money. Good Thai girls dont MENTION money. Its not something that is on their mind and they are not obsessed by it. Girls that are obsessed with it will do things to get

more money. What does a girl with no skills, no university education and working in a restaurant do for money? Ive seen so many girls that are freelance whores they just go with guys they like for a dinner or movie or whatever maybe straight to their room just because they need an extra 500 1,000 THB to get the latest phone or clothes or whatever. To me this is a major flag and you must avoid ALL girls that are focused on money. To live in Thailand all a good girl needs is 5,000 THB per month to be happy. They eat and stay very cheaply. Ive seen it. Ive also seen those that werent happy with that kind of money offer me sex for cash. 7. If she has friends IN Pattaya, Patong, or Patpong and shes keeping in close contact with them she is or was or may turn out to be a whore if the relationship with you doesnt work. 8. If she has tattoos she worked in the pay for play industry in SOME fashion. Whether she worked in a bar, as a masseuse, danced with poles (not polish people, metal poles), served drinks at a restaurant, worked in a fishbowl, or freelanced on the streets the girl was almost definitely a whore. Nipples, vagina, or lips pierced and she was probably a whore at some point. 9. If she goes to another place to talk on the cell phone then she is hiding something. It should make you wonder. The girls that have nothing to hide have nothing to hide. If shes hiding something its another guy she dates, a gig, or even a Thai husband. Many girls in the industry are married with Thai guys and send them money maybe YOUR money to support them. Its what they do for love! 10. Her English is pretty good. She understands anything that has to do with money or a bar or restaurant situation. She may joke to you about short time, love you long time, no money no honey and other typical bar-type jokes and ribbing that goes on. If she does these things SHE WORKED IN THE INDUSTRY! Regular girls have no idea the usual jokes or topics of conversations that bargirls use with sex tourists. If your girl knows them - she was a whore. 11. She is not interested at all in taking care of you once you are in a relationship with her. She wants to watch TV all day and eat, and gossip with her friends. She wants to send out for laundry and eat out every day. She doesnt cook. She isnt looking at you like you are a gift from heaven which you are you are making a farang salary easily 4 times what any Thai guy is making and you are supporting her with free rent, spending money, and going out to eat sometimes whores and ex-whores want to really minimize WHAT they are doing from day to day. Theyll plead with you to go out to eat somewhere, complain that they dont have what someone else has different type of car, gold, vacations, computer, bigger TV, IPod, etc they are never satisfied with what they have, and they dont GIVE much in the way of effort to keeping the house, cooking or things like that. They are used to the bargirl lifestyle which is eat out every day and try to buy what everyone else has.

12. She has a separate bank account. Sometimes she is transferring money OUT to a Thai husband. sometimes she is receiving money from one or a group of past customers (foreigners probably) when she was a full time whore. Guys will continue to send money for a LONG time between visits. Girls will, of course, collect it as long as hes sending it. 13. If she is not reachable by phone sometimes she is up to something. Not saying she s a whore, BUT, any Thai girl that can pick up a ringing cell phone while riding 90 km per hour on the motorbike can pick a cell phone up ANYTIME unless theres a sneaky reason why she wont. The cell phone is a Thai girls entire existence if shes holed up with you living a boring life in the village that phone is her link to sanity. If you are calling her and shes not answering it something is SERIOUSLY wrong with that picture No doubt.

Smart Guys with Bargirls as Girlfriends or Wives

The capacity of foreigners to overlook clues that are staring them RIGHT IN THE FACE that the girl they chose to spend their life with is or was a whore is astounding to me. I will never cease to be amazed. Not just dumb guys. Smart guys too. If you were going to tell me a story about your Thai girl you fell for and it started out like this "Yeah, I met this girl in a bar in Pattaya (insert any destination in Thailand) and I really fell for her she doesnt fit the mold of the usual bargirl this one is different let me tell you why" I would reach across the table and belt you in the head. There are countless stories online in forums and expat gathering spots where guys of reasonable intelligence start a story just like this and expect long-term expats to pat them on the back and congratulate them on a job well done. WHO can come to this country find a whore in a bar and fall in love with her and then rationalize that she CHANGED! How does a girl get the whore OUT of her after some years of playing the role? How? Its not just guys that don't have options either. I knew teachers from the UK and USA that did this. They are both bright guys. They are both calling whores "girlfriend". One told me that he hadnt had much success with girls back in the states he picked the wrong girls. Yeah man, well, open your eyes and look at what you got now! You found this chick in a bar in Patong Beach. Youre WORSE off than you ever were in the states youre dating a whore now! Did you date whores in the states?

He met this girl in Patong at a bar and now hes calling her his girlfriend. She comes to stay with him sometimes a 3 hour bus trip or he goes down there where he stays with her. Shes ugly as all hell, smokes he doesnt hes into fitness. She is 30ish bad bargirl tattoos all over her, bad hair He MIGHT be 32? Nothing adds up except hes right he picks the wrong girls. Please, those reading for the love of YOURSELF save your money spend it on a trip to the northeast sometime. Meet a girl in a mall that has something going for her whether thats college, a job, or nothing at all she might have NOTHING going for her except you Date her. Find out about her friends and family. Check her body for tattoos and piercings. Run through the list of criteria above.

So how can you come to Thailand and find the Thai girl of your dreams on your own? Great question. The first obstacle is the fact that to find the right girl you're going to have to be in the right place. The right place in my mind is Isaan or the north of Thailand. Let's stick with northeast Thailand since I'm so familiar with it. You would need to be somewhere in Isaan. Let's say a bigger city so you're not bored. Let's say Ubon since it's a big city with lots of people and some creature comforts like malls, Tesco, Big C, Makro, and Swenson's Ice Cream (in Robinson Center). First you would need 2 weeks, and hopefully more like 2 months to come to hunt your Thai wife down. You would buy a ticket from your home town to Bangkok. From there you'd take Air Asia to Ubon Ratchathani airport. From there you'd take a cab to the large "Laithong" or "Lai Thong" hotel near the hospital. It's a decent enough place and a room will cost you about $20 per night. With any luck you'll also meet a girl I used to date there - Su. And I mean to say it would be a great stroke of luck too because that girl loved sex and was 18-19 when I met her. That'd make her 25 now - but still, come on. She's beautiful, tall, perfect skin and everything really. She speaks English enough that you could tell her you're looking for a wife to take home. She dated a marine or something after we split - so you'd want to make sure that's all taken care of first, but if you catch her free - wow. Good for you. IF you dont' meet Su - there are other girls at the hotel that speak minimal English and you'll do well to talk to ANYONE in the city that speaks English and

let them know you hope to find a girlfriend for a long-term relationship. Not just a night. If you want a one-nighter, there is a girl no, no I'm not going to say. You'll find them if you're seriously looking. When you have time check out this website:, they have a lot of great information. The guy lives in Ubon and has for years. He can tell you the farang bars to stop by at if you need male company. Your next stop for finding a decent girl would be to walk through Big C - which is across the street from Rajabhat "university" - but as I said, it's not a good university. The girls are exceptional looking though - don't get me wrong. If you don't care if the girl is at a good uni - this might be the ideal spot for you to hang out for a couple of days. Girls from Rajabhat come over to Big C to shop and mostly look at clothes. They can't afford 50 baht, 100 baht for something. Go to the coffee shop on the bottom floor and there might also be one on the top floor - you'll hit them both and become a fixture there. Order something - and sit there and watch the procession of beautiful girls. Smile at people - you're in Ubon, not NYC or Bangkok. People are very friendly and curious about farangs (foreigners). The friendlier you are - the more people you will talk to. Be nice to anyone that speaks to you in English because they could be your matchmaker - you never know. Don't let someone go that speaks English because my friend, in Ubon - very few people speak English well enough to understand what in the world they are talking about. One tip - before you go - grow your hair out if you cut it very short. Short hair very short - is not attractive to Thai girls because it reminds them of Monk Hair. No Thai girl is excited about having sex with a monk or marrying one - so, grow your hair out - even if you think it looks ridiculous - grow it out - they love to see it. Trust me. For the last 4 years since my wife and I got serious I've cut mine to about 1/8th inch just so girls leave me alone. It works very well. So, sit around and try to look approachable. Talk as much as you can to anyone that speaks to you in English - really, you gotta take advantage of anyone that does. Next stop. Robinson center. It's a shopping center on the main road Chayangkun Road. Once there make stops in Kentucky Fried Chicken, Swenson's Ice Cream, and walk through the main shopping center - all the levels. There is a coffee shop on the bottom floor that is also great, not for the coffee but for the proximity to the bookstore that it sits in the middle of. Smart girls read books.

There is a guy named Pichet (pitch-et) that, if you can find, can make your stay more enjoyable from a short-term perspective and possibly help you find a decent girl that you fall in love with and marry. You can find him riding around in a white pickup truck - Isuzu. He is at the train station in Warin Chamrap at about 6am when the first train comes in from Bangkok about 6 out of 7 mornings. You'll know it's him because he is the only one that speaks English out of the 50+ people you'll see there. Another way to find him is to go to Sap Soi Gaow. Delicious street 9 is the translation. It's a great place to eat and only 1 soi away from Soi 7. Pichet lives close to the end of Soi 7 on the left side. There are dogs on that Soi - so, get a tuk-tuk or someone to take you down there. Pichet's area is marked by dormitories and is on the left side of the soi. Ask for him by name - everyone knows him, obviously. He speaks English well enough that you can ask him anything about Ubon and finding girls. Problem is - he knows many bad girls and might introduce you to them. Tell him you want a GOOD GIRL. Insist on a good girl. It will take him a while to chew on that one because he seems to know all the bad girls. Arrange for him to take you to Ubon Ratchathani University in Warin Chamrap next town over - so you can go there and talk to the administration about teaching there - if you want to stay, or, just for the experience. You'll meet some foreign teachers there - and, you'll meet some Thais that speak English there too. Look at Pichet as a real resource for anything you want to do. IF you want to go swimming in a pool - Nevada hotel has a big pool and he can take you there. If you want a short-time girl for a lonely night - Pichet can hook you up. If you want to go to a karaoke place and drink - he'll go with you - buy him some Pepsi or orange juice - he doesn't drink. If you want to go to Khon Kaen - there are many colleges there - some of them decent, he can take you there. Girls there want to meet foreigners too - and they rarely see them. What would be ideal to help you find a Thai girl to marry is a dating service that is IN Isaan and that already has a pool of girls that have been screened and shown interest in dating guys from abroad. There is no such service that I know of. I think it could be a real winner of a business idea, but I've yet to see someone run with that ball. As it is, you are pretty much on your own. What you might try is finding someone to be your guide - a girl would be best. Find a girl online that does translations in Ubon - if such a thing exists, and that would also be available to tour you around Ubon, Khon Kaen and help you find someone to date. Ideally you'd want to find a few people you could choose from. Plan on returning a few times to Thailand and spending some money to find what you want. Travel will

be expensive. You should have weeks at a time to stay and get to know the girl, her friends, her parents. Preferably months. She needs to get to know you as well, it's a 2-way street. While I know girls in Thailand that would like to have foreign boyfriends and husbands, I only set my friends up because I don't know someone that writes me an email and asks if I know any girls that would like a farang partner. Maybe you'll beat the girl, maybe you're an alcoholic, maybe you're a porn producer. I don't know you from a stick in the mud. So, while I've had some requests over the years I always turn them down. I've been offered some serious money to help people too - but, it's not my business. I'm not in the business of hooking people up. Matchmaking? I'm writing books. I'm creating websites. I've got a lot going on. Just no time to play matchmaker. I do hope you find someone that is willing to help and I really hope someone sets up a business to match Isaan girls up with good guys from Abroad.

Good Thai Girls FAQ

What is Sex Like With Thai Girls that Don't Work in the Sex Tourist Areas? Keep in mind - this will be generalizations of my experience and from what I've read of others' experiences here in Thailand. There is no way to say, factually, Thai girls are like this and talk about a whole population. When you've built up a proper relationship with a Thai girl and you're dating her you'll likely find sexual activity very satisfying. However, there is reluctance to have some variations of sex that westerners enjoy. Oral sex is the first. I've not encountered girls that won't do it - but definitely a couple that weren't into it at all. Probably the rate of Thai girls that don't like it much is higher when compared with Americans, Filipinos, Japanese, and Vietnamese. But, I'm just going from my own experience. Finding a Thai girl that will accommodate anal sex is like finding a Thai Eskimo. Good luck. I've found no good girls in Thailand ready to travel down that road. Other than those two areas, sex with girls you're not paying for will be fun, exciting, passionate, and everything else you want it to be. Thai girls enjoy sex like everyone else on the planet!

How to Go About Finding a Good Thai Girl to Marry? One way, and you have probably overlooked this - is to find a Thai girl in your home country to marry. Yes, there are some! They already know your culture if they live there and your chances of a successful marriage are probably 5x higher than they are if you were to come to Thailand, find a girl, date her for a little while - maybe see her 3 times in a year - and then marry her and bring her back to your country. Expensive that way too. It's easy to find Thai girls in your country - they are going to university, taking language lessons to learn English better, and they are working in Thai restaurants. I knew a number of Thai girls in Florida and Hawaii before I came to Thailand. Even dated some at home. The Thai girls that were living by themselves in America that I knew had rich parents at home that sent them to the USA for college, and to study English so they could attend graduate school usually. Probably many Thai parents sending their daughters abroad want them to marry a guy from that country.

Girls like this are exceptionally easy to talk to and date if you just show them that you are interested in them. Of course not in all cases, but I didn't have any trouble pulling a gorgeous 19 year old waitress at a local Chinese restaurant near a university. She was picture perfect, and had the sweetest personality to match. Her mom had come over with an American and they broke up once she got her citizenship. Chaddy - the girl I dated, was born in the USA. Her parents were Chinese father and Chinese-Thai mom. I couldn't believe my luck. I was, let's see34 years old. She had grown up in Florida and spoke perfect English, was a track runner and got straight A's in high school and was attending school in the town I lived. We broke up after a year. Then I did what anyone would do that just had a taste of dating a beautiful Thai girl I dated another I knew from a Thai restaurant close to where I lived. And so on. That's how it goes in America. The beautiful Thai girls I knew in Florida said that they had a very hard time finding guys that were interested in them. I found that almost impossible to believe. I guess because the younger guys don't know their head from their ass and once they see the girl doesnt talk about Nietzsche and Socrates, they move on to find someone that can. The older guys that know Thailand I'm sure pay these girls PLENTY of attention, but it's not the attention they want. If you are 40 and you're after 20-30 year olds in the USA, UK, wherever you are - you're still OK. Don't let your age hold you back. I think the best chance you have to find a Thai girl that you make a relationship work with - long term, as in - forever - is to find her in your country, not come to Thailand and look for her. Most guys want to come to Thailand to find their Thai girl though. Go figure.

Why do Thai Girls Seem to Love Foreigners? Not all do. Girls that grew up poor and that see foreigners as the answer to their money problems seem to be more interested in foreigners than rich girls in Bangkok that don't need the money, and look at the foreigners that come to Thailand as kee-nok for the most part. (bird shit) Some like foreigners because they hear good things from friends or family that married a foreigner in the past. Some Thai girls that have married and moved away to Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, AUS, and elsewhere have amazing stories to tell of travel and living the life of a high society type person. This makes some girls want the same for themselves.

Do all Thai Girls Lie? No. It took me years to trust my girlfriend completely, but I have to say that she is one girl in Thailand that doesn't lie about anything. It was good to find her after my experiences with girls that lied for a living in Patong Beach. I don't know how a relationship can go on with lies but some people insist on making a relationship like that - "work". Though I think they're just kidding themselves. Thai culture looks at lying as less something to worry about less negative than American culture -a and probably your culture does. Thais lie often - small lies that in their eyes make no difference. The overriding consideration when telling a lie is - will I lose face, will the person I'm telling the lie to lose face, or, will someone else lose face if I don't twist the facts a little bit - or outright lie? The emphasis in Thailand is on smoothing over social interactions of all types. Lying accomplishes this if it goes unquestioned. Most Thais can see when something might be a lie - and ignore it - also choosing to focus on the smooth social interaction and not the whether someone just lied a little bit to retain face or save face for someone else. Is my wife the only girl in Thailand that doesn't lie? I don't think so. If you look hard I'm sure you'll find more. I would say that on average - most everyone lies to some degree. I told my wife very early on in our relationship that it's never OK to lie to me. Tell me the truth - I can handle all the truth - and much prefer to live that way. We've had an incredible 5 years together - and I feel the same about her today as I did 5 years ago. A perfect couple if there ever was one.

Bad Thai Girls

I define bad girls as those Thai girls that earn a living or supplement their income by engaging in sex acts for money with strangers. There must be hundreds of thousands of college students and other young girls that are in mia noi relationships where they receive money once or often during the month for having sex with a man that is probably married and may have more mia nois in addition to her. Are these 'bad girls'? Not in my definition here. They don't go with strangers, they bed friends and the relationships can last for many years. It's not any different than a guy that spends a lot of money on a girl taking her to travel, or dinner and some special event - spending $50 to a couple hundred dollars on an evening or span of days all in order to get sex.

Bad girls work in businesses that offer girls for sex, or they work for themselves and are meeting with strangers for sex for payment. How many bad girls are in Thailand? Here's where I get ridiculous and try to come up with a number. This number might be off by as many as a million, but I'm going to guess I'm within 100,000 of the "real" number. Know this - there is no real number because there is no way in hell anyone is going to tally them up. This number, for all intents and purposes IS the real number. Because there is no real number. If that makes any sense. There are 67 million Thai people in Thailand. Of those there are about 35,000,000 girls. Of those there are about 23,724,246 girls between 15 and 64 years old. Nobody in their right mind would guess that even 10% of all of this group of women were "bad girls", but if someone did, that would mean that at the very highest end of anyone's guesses there might be 2.37 million bad girls in Thailand that, in some way - get paid for sex or sexual services. If you've spent any time in Thailand - across the entire country you would know that 10% of all girls between the age of 15 and 64 couldn't possibly be bad girls. Ten percent is way the hell off! So, how can we come to the right number? The easiest way is to guess at what percentage of the female population between 15-64 that might be bad girls. The number will be off - way off, but, as close as we can get or anyone else can get. I'm going to guess that 1 girl out of every 200 girls aged 15 to 64 across the entire country takes money for sex acts from strangers. That's one-half of 1%. Keep in mind this includes all grandmothers from 50-64 -almost none of which are taking cash for sex favors. I couldn't find a reliable breakdown of population of females between 16 and 40 which is by far where the bulk of the bad girls are. 1/200 might even be way high. Regardless, let's use it so we can get going through the book here! 1/200 equates to 118,621 girls that take money for sex acts with strangers in Thailand. The majority of them living in the sex-tourist areas of Bangkok, Pattaya, Patong Beach, and Chiang Mai. Foreigners paying for sex in Thailand started in 1964 as the USA established 7 military bases in Thailand that were to be for "rest and relaxation" but which the soldiers renamed "intercourse and intoxication".

When I first arrived in Thailand I was in Bangkok for 3 nights before flying to Phuket, Patong Beach, to be exact. I stayed just steps from the beach with a friend I'll call, Randy, because he was. Randy as all hell. Randy had lived in Patong Beach the entire 3+ years he stayed in Thailand. He was a fellow American, but was laid back in a way I can't describe. It was a prelude to things to come - as I became every bit as laid back as he was over the next couple of years. Thailand does that to you. America was full of stress -and Thailand was a far away oasis of calm. Calm if you wanted calm, and outrageous action at night (or day) if you wanted it. Patong Beach at night was a blast to experience. If you drink alcohol and enjoy looking at women or ladyboys, Patong Beach is the best place for you to spend your dying days. Sell everything you have and book your one-way ticket. You can find a place to stay for as little as $300 per month. Eat on another $300. Drinks and fun - another $600 or so per month. Medications to keep you ticking as long as your ticker will take you - and it will be the best move you ever made. I'm getting away from the subject. Thai Girls. Bad girls My friend had, what I thought was, a jaded view of Thai girls. But at the time I didn't have a well-rounded view. I just had what he was showing me. I had to almost agree with him. He said, every Thai girl here can be bought - outright. I argued with him a few times, but after he proved it to me repeatedly I was gradually coming around to accept his point of view. A case in point I met this girl, Lek, when I first arrived that I thought was different. I met her on Soi Bangla at midday on a Wednesday. She was with 2 other friends and they seemed to be shopping for t-shirts and things at the small clothing stalls that line the road during the daytime. Lek was beautiful. Long black hair. Not rail skinny like many Thai girls, just a little meat to her. Giant breasts for a Thai, and a sweet demeanor that lured me in instantly. We made a date to meet for dinner and movie that night. At dinner we struggled to communicate, but she wasn't that bad in English. I hadn't a clue what that meant. Once past dinner we went to the movie theater and sat on the big couch at the back. Thai movie theaters are great for this. We watched some American flick with Thai subtitles. We ate popcorn, laughed and smiled at each other a lot. We went at it like cats in heat back at my hotel that first night.

Over the next two weeks we saw each other every night or every other. See, Lek was helping her aunt at a small bar that was close to Suzy Wong's - a bar one of Randy's friends owned - which also became my friend. Lek sat at the bar and teased guys to come and sit down and play stupid games like hit the nail into the board with the round end of a hammer - a ball peen hammer. She asked guys to buy her drinks - which her aunt or the other bartender mixed up without alcohol for her. She said she was 19 years old. I was 38. Worked for me. I was really enjoying this girl. I trusted her fully. She obviously liked me and she was at the bar all the time. If I walked by, like I often did when out with Randy, she'd be there. Never hugging or kissing someone, never walking around Soi Bangla with some other guy. Randy thought differently of Lek. It was one of Randy's past times to debunk the idea that Thai girls are faithful to anyone at all. For some reason, and even though I have 6 years studying and working in the field of psychology, I could never figure out It seemed like Randy only got turned on by banging other guy's girlfriends. Seriously. I never saw him get worked up over a girl unless the girl was married, engaged, dating someone, or in love with someone. Randy started asking a lot of questions about Lek. He started saying he was going to go by that bar and pick her up to bang her. I thought he was joking at first - that was some funny shit. He was a funny guy when he wanted to be. I was laughing but nervously. This was almost too much. Here was this overweight, short black guy in Thailand that was going to bang my little sweetheart Lek that was definitely in love with me and saw me as her ticket out of the country? Come on. It had to be a joke And then he did bang my little Lek. He had photos and video to prove it. I couldn't be mad at him - he had told me probably 8 times he was going to do it just to prove to me that she was no good and could be bought just like every Thai girl in the country. I half wanted him to try! So it was, Randy taught me a lesson about Thai girls in Patong Beach. I have to admit that for a while there as I stayed in Patong I was damn sure that there wasn't a virtuous girl in the entire country! I was buying what Randy was spewing because he was proving it almost nightly as we prowled for girls to hook up with. Randy would only choose girls that were married, dating, engaged, or in love with someone else. Always. They always went with him too. Randy was making a good income at the time, so if he offered a girl 1,000 Thai Baht (THB), about $32 for the night and she refused, he'd just keep increasing the offer. He never went past 3,000 THB - he just didn't have to, the girls in Patong always wanted the cash. It didn't matter if the girl was a bar girl, waitress, girl on the

street, or girl that co-owned a bar with her expat husband. It just didn't matter. Money talks in Patong Beach. It's possible to walk into a bar in Patong and choose the hottest girl there - and walk out with her in under 5 minutes. Make it to your hotel in another 5 minutes and be well into whatever your preference is to do in the privacy of your own room. Sure you'll pay for it, but I'm just saying - the possibility exists. Pay for play availability in Thailand is probably only rivaled by the Philippines. South Korea when I was there in 1986 was an outrageous place, but since the American military closed bases it's been rather different. Go figure. It's true that bad girls - girls that work in the pay for play establishments in Thailand are available literally at every corner of the country. The sex-tourist areas of Patpong in Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok, the whole town of Pattaya and the entire town of Patong Beach are where most guys go to find their action. Many guys don't venture outside these areas because they just don't see a need to, they're getting what they need in these places. As a result - they become, like my friend Randy, jaded about the type of girls that are here. Randy had this idea that the Thai girls across the entire country was like Patong Beach. I wouldn't go that far, having not experienced the rest of the country. I set out to see Thailand's northeast where I'd heard the people were more simple and traditional. That's exactly what I found. In the northeast - the Isaan or Isaan area, is the jewel of the entire country. I met the most incredible people there. I could tell you story after story of their generosity, their naivety, their unselfishness, helpfulness, and kindness. Are there pay for play girls there? Sure there are, but they dont cater to the foreigners primarily because so few visitors to Thailand ever see the northeast provinces. Approximately 1% of all foreign tourists to Thailand make it to Isaan. And, Isaan is a big place - all the northeastern provinces are part of it. While living in Ubon Ratchathani - a rather large Thai city, I saw an average of 1-2 foreigners per day when out and about in town, the park, or bars. There are very few local expats living there, but far fewer tourists. So, you can go to a Thai bar, massage place, or fishbowl and find girls to pay 500-1,000 THB for and enjoy an hour or two of sex with a girl 18-40. The English language is not well spoken outside the tourist areas. If you dont speak Thai you might be wise to bring someone with you that does. Is it possible that you go to Isaan by yourself and to into Thai bars and find what you're looking for - without speaking hardly a word of Thai? Possible - yes. Likely? Not sure. Some could accomplish it, I'm sure. Expats are resourceful when it comes to finding sex in strange places, right?

There are bars in Ubon Ratchathani that I have gone to by myself where I didn't feel comfortable at all. First, it's the norm that everyone in the entire place stops what they're doing and gawks at whatever foreigner comes into the place. Some establishments are fine with foreigners. Others are not so fine. There may be immediate pressure to spend some money from the manager that tells the girls to go sit at your table and try to get you to buy them a drink. There may be outrageous prices for bottles of beer. One go-go place in Ubon wanted to charge me 190 THB for a small bottle of Heineken. Another place wanted me to buy 200 THB drinks for the girls at a karaoke place where the girls take turns singing on stage. Some places do it so the foreigners leave quickly. There are many Thais in the small bars that don't enjoy seeing foreigners there because they feel uncomfortable. Maybe they think the prices will go up in town for girls if more foreigners start visiting? Not sure the reasons. There are many, of that I am sure about. In Ubon I counted 45 bars, massage parlors, soapies, karaoke bars, and the one go-go bar I mentioned. In another city in the south, smaller than Ubon, I counted 62. It may be that I knew the southern city a little better and things are spread out in Ubon - it's a big area. In Patong I've never counted, but you could spend an entire week finding new places there. Hundreds would be the right answer but not sure how many hundreds. 300 minimum. Probably the number is more like 500. 800 if you include Phuket town where there are lower priced, predominantly Thai men focused sex bars. In Pattaya the number is probably more like 1,000. In Bangkok - I dont even have a guess. Bangkok is a massive place and there are many times more sex establishments than Pattaya, though Pattaya's are all in a relatively small area and quite easy to find. In Isaan the sex trade is more hidden. You don't see Thai girls out in skimpy outfits roaming around the city in the daytime. It's a more traditional town. Buddhism is paid attention to more. Many more people go to the temple. Many people are there because they like the simple way of life, they aren't much concerned about making money as the means to happiness. They're already happy. The sex establishments are not in the open - they are on the back sois (streets) and hidden pretty well from public view. Everyone that lives there knows where they are, but if you were visiting you would have a very difficult time finding them. Most use tuk-tuk drivers, but you may be paying them a commission on whatever bar you go to - unknowingly. Though it is said that most of the Thai girls in the sex industry come from Isaan you wouldn't know it by going there. Approach a girl you meet on the street that is smiling at you - and try to make her understand you'd like to give her 1,000 THB to go back to your hotel room for a good time and you're likely to get the strangest looks. The girls walking the streets in Ubon, in all of Isaan, are very, VERY likely - just regular girls - like your mom or sister. They have no comprehension of the pay for play areas of Thailand - like you have. If you've spent time in Patong Beach,

Pattaya, or Patpong - you know how the system works there. You don't have the slightest idea what Thai girls that aren't whores, are like. Just like in the USA, UK, AU, or anywhere - the whores in Thailand are very different from the everyday people. I guessed earlier that maybe there are 119,000 girls in Thailand that accept money for sex regularly. With 65 million men and women in the population that isn't a majority of Thai women by any means. In fact, it's 1 out of 200 - a very small minority. The truth is - my friend Randy was very wrong about the rest of the country. You can't offer 3,000 THB to any Thai girl and have her drop to her knees eager to earn the equivalent of 2 weeks pay in an hour. In Pattaya - yes. In Patong - yes. Patpong - yes. Sukhumvit - yes. Some bars in Ubon, Udon, Korat? Yes. In the streets, malls, dance clubs, or restaurants of any city in the country? Hell no. I embarrassed myself a few times in Ubon before I started to "get it". I found girls that were eager to talk with me - despite our atrocious attempts at speaking each other's language. I started by offering money to have them spend the night with me. I had no takers. I had many strange looks embarrassed smiles and then they broke off the conversation under the guise of having something else to do. Truth is - each girl was embarrassed that I considered her a whore. Not nearly as embarrassed as I was though. Word travels LIGHTNING fast in Isaan. If you're a foreigner living there and you are married, or not, teaching, or not, whatever you're doing - the entire town is gossiping about you. They are telling each other who you are with, how much you spend on clothes, food, room, motorbike, etc. The people of Isaan have an endless fascination with all things farang (foreigner). They are captivated by us. Just so happens that in Ubon and Udon there was a rest and relaxation base setup for western soldiers taking part in the Vietnam war. This was in the 1960's. The Thais that live there have all heard stories from their parents, grandparents, anyone that was alive back then. Foreigners were like aliens back then - and everyone wanted to interact with them in some way. The foreigners started paying outright for girls to spend time with. Prostitution wasn't born this way the Thais had been doing it for hundreds of years before, but, prostitution between farangs and Thais began in this way. The average earning power of a girl with no college education in Thailand is about 3,000 THB per month in a small Thai town. That's $100 USD. For those

with a college degree, they can expect to get 6,000-7,000 THB per month to work 6 days per week. The average short-time rate (sex where the paying male has 1 orgasm) varies among foreigners from 500-1,500 THB. A Thai girl having 4 short time experiences with foreigners in one month has paid all her expenses and can survive. That's one per week. A Thai girl targeting Thai men instead can expect to receive 200-500 THB for the same short-time experience. Even if she got all 500 THB tricks she'd have to do it 12 times each month to make her expenses. Decent looking girls with friendly attitudes in Patong Beach, Pattaya, or some other sex-tourist area in Thailand can make 10,000 - 15,000 THB pretty easily. Those that are knockouts can make upwards of 30,000 THB and even 100,000 THB per month. The crafty ones that promise fidelity to guys that go back to their home country and send them money each month can make way over 100,000 THB per month. As I laid on a chair getting my feet massaged across from Mike Mall on Pattaya Beach I watched one energetic girl find 3 guys, one after another to take her to the short-time hotel across the street. That was within 2 hours. I'm guessing she wanted 500 THB like everyone else, but she could have been asking more she was very dark skinned - exotic looking, very thin and great body. She was about a 9/10 on the model scale. She could have been asking 1,000 THB and getting it. Realistically - if she was doing this for 8 hours every day she'd be the Thai equivalent of rich in just a few months. Sex pays in Thailand - and there are many girls that take the easy way out. Working six days a week is no picnic. In Bangkok workers are often expected to work 10 hour days. It takes a while to commute every day too. It's an employer's dream, and employee nightmare - but at least they have jobs, right? Don't make the mistake of thinking that all girls in Thailand can be had for a fee. It shows your ignorance - that you haven't visited anywhere outside the usual sex tourist haunts. My friend Randy had Patong Beach wired - and knew it all. Drop him in Khon Kaen, Korat, or Ubon and he'd be sex-less for weeks until he figured the place out. Let's get into the focus of this chapter - the psychology of bad Thai girls. Girls that turn to selling themselves for cash in the streets of Patong Beach or other sex tourist areas (STA) have usually been doing it elsewhere in the country for Thai men for some months or years before making the move away from home. Though a mother and father wouldn't want to raise a girl that turned to prostitution, often times it runs in the poor families. Mothers do it, their

daughters also do it. Aunts and cousins do it. The stigma of it is lessened when half your family is doing the same thing, or you know another person in your family - or a close friend of the family is doing it. It's not fun to be poor in Thailand when you want more. The advertising industry in Thailand is cranking up - just like in America and every other country in the world. Thailand is ripe for it though, they have an economy that churns on despite widespread corruption in government and every other area of power. There are enough Thais making over 30,000 THB as a family to afford some decent things. There are many, many BMW and Mercedes cars here. Those in positions of power and business owners are making as much as successful westerners. There are more rich Thais in Patong Beach and some other southern cities than you can believe. Families sell land their family has owned forever, and make a quick killing. Everyone retires off it, buys cars and houses, and invests. This brings advertising to target people that can afford the new toys, but more importantly to these companies - those that can't afford to buy them, but do anyway because they want to gain some measure of respect for having purchased something expensive that others cannot. It mirrors American society and it's a sad state of things, but, it won't go away only spread. As a result, the average Thai wants more stuff. So - there has begun this emphasis on making more money among the young. Advertising is such a powerful force. It literally shapes whole societies. Look at the USA - can anyone argue that the entire USA has been molded by billions of dollars of ad campaigns on TV, radio, in magazines, newspapers, on t-shirts, direct mail, and now on the internet and mobile phones? Thais are starting to buy into the whole consumer economy. Not starting, I mean, it's been going on for the past 20 years or so, but now there's even more need for young people to make more cash - not only for themselves, but to support their parents that want more. The norm in Thailand is that kids support the parents as the parents get older and either can't work, or just choose not to work. Even a daughter making 6,000 THB per month is expected to send her parents in Isaan something. How is she going to do that and afford a place to stay, food, mobile phone, buses around town, mobile phone cards, and the latest fashions? She can't. Many girls university girls too - freelance or set themselves up as part-time girlfriends of guys that have lots of money. The guys - Thai or foreign expats or visitors give them money for sex every couple of days or weeks. It's rather regular money that they can count on - and so they can meet expenses.

If it was me - I'd be doing it. I don't blame them for it. It's sad. I wouldn't want to see my sister or mom doing it. But, it has become accepted as a necessary evil among some Thais as they can't make more money any other way - they already work enough. In small Thai towns the girls that are working in massage places or fishbowls, soapies, etc., are usually low-key about it. They are embarrassed, living in the traditional areas and doing a job that gives them no respect. They do it because they have to - not because they like it (most). I've seen girls that should have still been in high school working in some bars. I've seen many college girls that were moonlighting. I've seen moms. There are few Thai girls addicted to drugs in Isaan and the rest of Thailand as a whole. There are some - sure. There are few in comparison to the girls that are working in the STA's (sex tourist areas - remember?). In Ubon I lived at a cab driver's house. He drove his truck around the city and was at the train station every morning to try to find foreigners because his English was better than anyone else's. He paid the mafia a fee to go to the train station because they 'owned it'. I think it was 2,000 THB per month if I remember correctly. He made much more than that from all the foreigners that took his truck because he was a nice guy and was the only one speaking English at the train station. Anyway, this guy introduced me to the world of Thai women in Ubon. I stayed in his house - a new house he'd just built. He also owned a large building in the back of the house - that was filled with college girls paying 750 per month per room. Sometimes there were 4 girls in one room. 5m across the driveway was another dorm of Thai girls - another 8 rooms. Behind that was another dorm of Thai women and guys - another 8 rooms. The guy was an incredible business person. He did all that while working in the local mental health hospital making 8,000 THB per month, and his wife was teaching part-time at a small school. So, this guy had his transgressions and he freely shared them with me. He would bring girls to over to the house and ask me if I was interested in being with them. These were some of the college girls in the dorms! Some were 18. Some 19. Some 20. All were beautiful. All had a need for more money. Their parents were quite poor - most of them rice farmers or workers on the rice plantations. They weren't going to a good school - Rajabhat or Polytechnic. Though these girls weren't working at bars or in massage places they understood the value of 1,000 THB. That was a LOT of money to them.

One girl must have asked me about 6 times whether I wanted to go to a local hotel with her. She was so sweet and didn't let up. When we did finally go - it was a horrible experience. She had no idea what she was doing. She wasn't a virgin - physically. Mentally - she was still. She did have a guy come over her room occasionally in the middle of the night. So I guess that was her part time boyfriend, or real boyfriend, not sure which. She wasn't much into sex and didn't have the slightest idea what she was doing. I found most girls like that in Isaan. They were eager to try - and then, once in the middle of it I found myself wishing I'd never gone down that path There is a very high HIV rate in Thailand - if you're going to go with girls here you've gotta wear condoms. The Thai brothels are just rife with it, and they say there are high numbers of housewives that became infected by their promiscuous husbands. There are Buddhist temples here that have taken it upon themselves to care for those with AIDS, and it's really a sad scene. There are thousands and thousands of people with full-blown AIDS here. You gotta wrap that thing. Every time. So my cab driver friend, I'll call him Somchai, would take me to the soapy places, the fishbowls, the massage places, the freelancer's places he knew about. He'd even drive around the local Rajabhat and talk to girls walking to class and ask if they wanted to come over for dinner with a foreigner - and some sex for cash. Seriously. The guy was shameless. IN addition to regular western visitors from the USA, Canada, and Europe he had many repeat Japanese visitors that would visit and stay at his house multiple times per year. They'd come in twos. He'd find them a couple of high school or young college girls - each night 2 different girls would come back in his truck and go to the Japanese guys' rooms. In 1-2 hours they'd be done, and go back to their dorm room 2,000 - 3,000 THB richer. Many people in Isaan make 3,000 THB per month as their entire salary. These girls were pulling that in 1-2 hours as college students moonlighting as prostitutes. If you spend some time in Ubon or any city in the northeast you'll find the bars that are foreigner friendly and you'll have quite a good time if that's what you're looking for. Bad girls are available, and yet there is some stigma attached to being seen with foreigners in public - or even IN the bars. Many Thai girls will just refuse to go with a foreigner in a Thai bar. I'm not sure what is behind it. I attribute it to the Thai notion that girls that go with foreigners are sex-crazed, and worse people morally than girls that don't. There is this notion among regular Thais but, does it extend even to those that work in the pay for play shops? I'm guessing that's what it is.

Bad Thai Girl FAQ

Where to Go for the Best Sex and Nightlife in Thailand? This depends what kind of person you are. If you enjoy the go-go clubs and want to see the most beautiful (and expensive) girls in Thailand you'll want to go to Nana Plaza in Bangkok. If you'd prefer a beach scene I'd suggest Patong Beach over Pattaya any day, but, I think most hard-core punters like Pattaya better. Pattaya has more girls, more ladyboys, more bars, more naughty nightlife areas per square kilometer than Patong Beach. To each his own. If you're looking to have fun with bargirls any of these places will put a smile on your face.

Pay for Play girls are usually found in these places:

go go bars beer bars short-time bars discos streets massage parlors, fishbowls

Go-Go Bars Have a stage and shiny stainless steel poles the girls use in their dance routines. Girls wear underwear, bikinis, or nothing - depending on what time it is and the agreement they have with the powers that be. Guys that want to take a girl from here pay a bar fine of a few hundred THB and arrange a price directly with the girl for taking her out of the bar to a hotel for a short-time or long-time experience.

Short-Time Bars Usually indoors there is nothing going on except girls sitting at tables. They invite you over and surround you - prodding you until you pick one. Often times there are rooms on premises and you go for a 1 hour session with whomever you choose for 300 to 500 THB usually.

Beer Bars Bars open to the outside world without walls. They have a roof. Girls circulate among the guys drinking. It's easy to meet girls. There is a bar fine to pay almost always under 1,000 THB except on special days like New Years.

Massage Parlors Soapy massage in a big tub with you and the girl naked are the norm at these places. Girls might be behind a large pane of glass so you can choose one like you're picking a pet at the pet store. Some call this a fish bowl. Girls range from amazing looking to drab. You'll pay 1,000 THB up to 1,800 or so for an hour with a 10/10 girl. You tell a guy or woman the number of the girl you want and they arrange it.

Discos Discos in Patong actually have dancing. Some discos other places might not be about dancing as a participant but they might have shows to watch. Ladyboys dancing or girls dancing - are the norm. The shows are great to watch. You can choose a girl to take home from the show if you want. I had a Chinese friend that used to do this often. He paid 500 THB for the girl for a couple hours. Locals get better rates than foreigners.

Freelance girls in the crowd are available in Bangkok and other tourist areas. In Isaan you can find non-pros, non-prostitutes that will go home with you for free. The discos are the ideal places to pick up freelancing college girls from Rajabhat, Polytechnic and other schools where the students are really poor. Patong Beach Discos are great for this.

Street Girls Beach road in Pattaya and Patong Beach are for finding freelance girls that might be college students that need extra money, or girls on drugs, girls that got kicked out of beer bars They are often cheaper to take with you - but, a bit more dangerous. Ladyboys prowl the beach roads during late night and rip everyone off.

Have most bargirls been forced into prostitution? Not most. I'd say that most are there by choice. It's true that some are sold by their parents to recruiters that give them a job to pay back what their parents borrowed, but even then, it's basically by choice that they are there working. They could leave anytime and disrespect their parents. None do that though.

Many girls - most? Have friends or relatives that are already in the industry and that talked the new girl into it with the allure of more money and being able to help their poor parents by sending money monthly.

Some parents know their daughters or sons are working as prostitutes in the sex tourist areas. Many do not. Those choosing to work as prostitutes usually lie and say they are doing work in a hotel or in some other business.

Are many Thai Bargirls Under aged? No. There are some - don't get me wrong, but I'd guess that less than 2% of all bargirls are underage. Most are in their 20's. Twenty to thirty years old is probably the majority of where they are. On the contrary Thai boys that go with gay men are often times underage. But, you don't see them in the regular bars, the gay clubs are in their own sections of the tourist areas and not frequented much by anyone not gay. I'm not familiar with the gay clubs much, but I have a friend that went there sometimes just to see what's going on (he said!). He said there were many young boys in their teens available.

Do Bargirls like their jobs? Not usually, no. They are doing it because they really have nothing else to do. The wages in Thailand on average - at the highest - are $6 per day. A girl selling sexual favors can make triple that in 1 hour very easily. So, they like it enough to stay, rather than face the alternative - working in 7-11 for $200 USD per month, but, would they prefer it and say they like it if they had a decent alternative? No.

Do Bargirls Earn Good Wages?

Some can. I'd guess that the majority make 8,000-10,000 THB per month when all is said and done. That's more than they'd make cutting chicken into pieces in a Rayong meat packing plant, but it's not 'good wages' by most standards. Only the top 20% of girls really make decent money - over 20,000 THB per month and then, not every month either. It's seasonal. The months from May through October are usually pretty slim pickings and many bargirls return home or go somewhere else for the rainy season until the tourists return in November.

Do Bargirls Like Younger Men or Older Men Better? Thai bargirls seem to like the older guys better - at least they target them more in the bars. Why? The older guys are less choosey. The older guys are less likely to haggle over 500 THB. The older guys are financially much better off than younger foreign guys in Thailand and can send continuing payments from their home country if they fall in love with a Thai bargirl (bonus!). The older guys aren't as demanding during sex and 1 time is probably enough in an hour.

Do Bargirls like Foreign Men Better than Thais? You'll hear that a LOT. Girls will insist they dont like Thai men because they were hit or taken advantage of by Thai men. That happens a LOT in the sextourist areas. The quality of men in these places is bottom of the barrel.

That said, many bargirls have Thai boyfriends on the side that they support. Some are married to Thai men that enjoy the money their wife makes banging foreigners. It's a weird situation for sure. Thai men married to bargirls are more like pimps. Why marry them I wonder?

Is it True that Thai Bargirls are Submissive and Love for You to Take Charge? No. Bargirls in Thailand are like prostitutes anywhere in the world I imagine they've been taken advantage of, hit, stolen from, scammed, raped, and more. They like to be in control and try to get everything done by their rules.

Bargirls can be violent and on edge too.

Do Bargirls get Jealous of Each Other? Can I Take Multiple Girls from the Same Bar? They do. You shouldn't. The girl you go with first will lose a lot of face if you come back to the same bar and take another girl that also works there. It's not 'nice'. It means to them that the first girl wasn't worth the money and you're still looking for someone to satisfy you the right way.

Go to another bar and find girl number 2 - don't choose from the same bar.

Do Thai Bargirls Ever Have Children at Home? Yes. Often. Many times that's why they are working in a bar - to take care of their kids that are currently staying with their parents back in their home province.

Do Thai Bargirls Really Fall in Love with Foreigners, or is it a Game to Get Money? Some do fall in love. Do they fall in love WITH the money, or with the foreigner. That is the question.

Is It a Bargirl's Number 1 Dream to Marry a Foreigner and Go to His Country to Live? No. Most Thai girls love their country, family, and friends too much to move. They will move if it's for their family's financial security. If the man has a lot of money and agrees to support them while they are married - the girl will likely go abroad with the man.

There are many horror stories of Thai girls going abroad and getting beaten, raped, sold into sexual slavery, used for porn movies, tortured, killed, etc. All the bargirls have heard these stories and most all believe them. Most are afraid to leave Thailand. If you are really a good guy and can prove it to the girl over time or with visits back to your country with her so she can see what she's getting into she'll likely agree to go with you.

Can a Foreigner Ever Hope to Have a Fairy Tale Marriage with an ExBargirl? According to me - hell no. According to other people that don't require as much as me and that would put up with a lot more than I would - maybe. There are guys that say they are happily married to ex-bargirls. Are they being fleeced, cheated on, and are just clueless? I'm sure, in many cases - they are. But, there must be some cases in which it is a real relationship and the girl is being true to the guy - and just happy to not have to worry about money or being raped or killed as a bargirl.

Can a 19 Year Old Girl Really Love a 50 Year Old Foreigner? Doubtful. Call it a money thing and don't bring love into it. What 19 year old can love a guy old enough to be her grandfather? I'm going to guess - it happens very rarely. She loves the security of having an older guy that can support her and her family financially in most cases.

Is it True that I Will Never be #1 in a Bargirl's Heart? Yes. Not just bargirls, but any Thai girl.

A bargirl's heart belongs (in this order) to:

1. Money. 2. Family. 3. Any Thai she is dating. 4. You.

Any Good Thai Girl you date or marry has these priorities:

1. Family. 2. You or Money. 3. Whichever lost in #2.

What Are Some Common Phrases in Sex Tourist Areas of Thailand?

Bar Fine - paid to owner of bar or establishment as fee to take the girl away for your sexual activity. She can't earn drink money or provide entertainment to customers while she's gone, so you pay the owner.

Butterfly - a negative term bargirls use to describe guys that flit from girl to girl - like butterflies bounce flower to flower. Bargirls say it teasingly, but, they really don't like it because they lose face when you go with one girl and then to a different girl, but the first girl and her friends see you with a new girl.

Farang - falang - foreigner, not Asian

Fan - Thai language meaning girlfriend or boyfriend

Freelancer - A prostitute who is not employed by any establishment. She tries to find guys to go with her for a fee for sexual favors. Usually found on the street at night or in discos or non-bargirl bars.

Katoey - Gatoey - A Thai guy that dresses as a woman. He may or may not have his appendage.

Cheap Charlie - Kee Nee Oh - Thai language for guy that is a penny pincher, and mean to girls.

Mamasan / Papasan - The female / male supervisor of the girls in a pay for play establishment.

Maeh bahn - woman that runs the house

Lady drink - soda or juice that a foreigner is talked into buying for a bargirl. Sort of like buying her company so she can stay with you and make the bar some money.

Sanook - having fun. Sanook mai? Are you having fun?

Are you funny? - Bad English. It means, are you having fun?

Short Time - sexual activity where the man comes once and that's it - time is up. Usually shouldn't last more than 60-90 minutes in total.

You like smoke? - You like blowjob?

Same-Same - maybe the most frequently said phrase by bargirls in Thailand. It means, same as often used because it's damn near impossible to communicate sometimes. Everyone says same same though it might be way different - just to keep everyone smiling and thinking they know what's going on.

Soi - small street.

Is it True that Bargirls Lie More than Other Thai Girls?

Entirely true. They have to or they'd lose money. I have a theory that they never say anything that is true. Nothing. Harsh, huh? Wait until you interact with them, then you make a guess

Is it possible that my Thai Girlfriend Working in a Massage Place Doesn't Engage in Sex Acts with Customers? Possible? Hell ya, anything is possible. The pope could be a closet rubber freak too. Literally anything is possible.

You have to exchange the word possible for likely. Is it likely? No, not by a long shot. A Thai girl could work at 7-11 or a video place, a restaurant, anywhere BUT a massage place - but, if she's at the massage place she is almost definitely engaging in handshake extras, or more with customers. I've been to many massage places that are supposed to be traditional - and yet, I've been offered the "happy ending". Friends have told me the same. I've read many accounts on forums of the same thing occurring with other farangs. Don't fool yourself, if she's working at a tourist bar, massage place, soapy, karaoke haunt, or anything that resembles a nightlife venue - she's engaging in the nastiness with customers for money, at least sometimes.

Why are Freelancers Best? They have time to travel and you need not pay bar fine. They are often OK with less money. I've found the university student freelancers to be real gems in Patong Beach discos. There are a couple big schools in Phuket Town and the girls that need cash come across the hill to earn some weekend money. The girls are just like any college girl you'd see in Thailand in their uniforms. Hot. Sweet. Genuine.

Why are Freelancers the Worst? Those that aren't true college students can be jaded girls that have worked as bargirls for years and are tired of that scene. Or, they want more anonymity and are ripping guys off drugging their drinks and cleaning them out. Be careful with freelancers, don't give them any leeway. Don't drink what they give you or had access to while your back was turned.

What is a Typical Day Like for a Thai Prostitute?

Wakes up around noon, sometimes not until 1400 hours. Watches television a LOT. Gossips with friends a LOT. Lives in apartment with couple prostitute roommates to save $. Eats poor quality food - instant noodles, junk food. Has som tam almost daily - the healthiest thing she'll eat. Takes a motorbike taxi to the bar around dinner time. Takes 1-2 customers per night Sleeps about 0300-0600 hours. Repeats daily

How Long After a Girl Starts to Work as a Prostitute Would You Estimate She is Not Marriage Material? In my mind? About a day. I think if the girl does it for a day - decides it's not her and stops - then she's still OK. Any longer and I wouldn't marry her if you paid me. I couldn't quite get past the thought that at some point in the future our child will ask us - "Daddy, what did mommy do before you met her?" I'd hate to tell her she bounced up and down on someone's meat for money.

Parting Advice Overall the girls in Thailand are amazing people. The guys too. It's been an absolute blast living here and seeing how another culture works - completely differently from the USA - and better in so many ways. Thai and American culture are so substantially different that at times I can't believe I'm on planet earth. Seriously, the differences in society are gigantic. Once you start to 'get it' though - and play the game their way - you feel better and your head isn't spinning as much. I imagine that most Thai-Western relationships fail outright because someone has a lot of changing to do to get a grip on how a new society works. My wife and I have been together almost 5 years and we still have conversations where I'm looking at her like she's from planet Pluto. Usually it just stems from a misunderstood word. Usually that's all it is. A misunderstanding because she misunderstood what I said before, and didn't want to clear it up then - or, didn't know she misunderstood at all. And vice-versa. I misunderstand a lot. If you're coming to Thailand to find a girl to marry don't even stop in the sextourist areas and hope you'll find someone that is decent. As I said, you might find the one out of hundreds that is a good girl - but, likely you won't. Instead, go to Isaan where you'll find 1,000 good girls to every 1 bad girl. Then it's more a matter of just finding someone you like and that likes you and well, you know how it goes. Life is too short to waste. If you're sitting in your country wondering what it would be like to come to Thailand and see the amazing women and country don't wait. You could be dead in 2 weeks for all you know. Book a ticket as soon as you can get 2 weeks or more free from your commitments. Cheers, Matt Smith Books at: