Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

01. Apple

It is one of the biggest consumer electronics and Software Company, best known for products like Macintosh, iPod and iphone. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne had together setup Apple in 1976, to sell their hand-built computer Apple I. They had offered their product to HP first but were declined by them. I think HP would still be regretting this today. The road to success wasn¶t easy for Apple, and Wayne liquidated his share in the company for a mere $ 800. After the launch of Apple II in 1977, things started to look up for Apple and we all know what heights the company has reached since then. Apple II was successful mainly because it had colored graphics. Great and simple design, has always been the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for Apple, and their logo is no exception. When Apple was started, the logo was a complicated picture of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree. This had been designed by Jobs and Wayne, with the inscription: ³Newton « A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought « Alone.´ Frankly, I don¶t think it was just a coincidence that Apple had slow sales during this period. However, Steve Jobs hired Rob Janoff to simplify the logo, which turned out to be a great idea. Rob created the µRainbow Apple¶ which was the logo for company till 1998. There are many rumors as to why Rob had chosen to create such a logo. One of them says that the Apple was a tribute to Newton (discovery of gravity from an Apple), and since the USP for Apple at that time was colored graphics, it had the rainbow colors. Another explanation exists that the bitten apple pays homage to the Mathematician Alan Turing, who committed suicide by eating an apple he had laced with cyanide. Turing is regarded as the father of computers. The rainbow colors of the logo are rumored to be a reference to the rainbow flag, as homage to Turing¶s homosexuality.

Janoff, however, said in an interview that though he was mindful of the ³byte/bite´ pun (Apple¶s slogan back then: ³Byte into an Apple´), he designed the logo as such to ³prevent the apple from looking like a cherry tomato.´ When Apple launched the new iMac in 1998, they changed their logo to a monochromatic apple logo, almost identical to the rainbow logo. Now, the Apple logo comes with nice gradient chrome silver design. It is one of the most recognized brand symbols in the world today, and the shape is what identifies the company more than the color. Official Link

02. Shell

Back in 1900, when the company was started the logo was a realistic and simple shell which lies flat on the ground. This was a pectin or scallop shell, but today the company has a logo which is bold, colorful and much more simplistic. The evolution of the logo began after 1915, when rendering enabled the company to reproduce its identity easily. This is visible in the 1930 logo for the company. When the company started a project in California, it added the red and yellow colors to the symbol. The colors help Shell to stand out. Additionally, these are the colors of Spain, where many Californian settlers were born, which might have helped the company to create an emotional bond with the people. With the advent of internet and fax machines over the later years, it became necessary for the company to simplify their logo, which would prevent it from being distorted in small images. The 1971 logo designed by Raymond Loewy is very simple as compared to the earlier logos.

This has helped the company because this logo is more memorable and recognizable, accountable to the simplicity of the logo. The 1971 logo is still used by the company albeit with minor changes, but it has become so recognizable that it often appears without the company name now. Official Link

03. Xerox

The Xerox Company used to be known as the Haloid Company almost 100 years ago. But in 1938, Chester Carlson invented a technique called xerography which we today call the photocopy technique. Unfortunately no one was willing to invest in his invention, and many big giants like IBM, GE, RCA and others decided not to finance this invention. But Haloid Company decided to go with Chester and made the first photocopying machine named Haloid Xerox 14. As can be seen in their logos, the original Haloid word which was prominent in the company¶s logo before 1961 was completely replaced by Xerox due to the immense success of this idea. They retained almost the same logo from 1961 to 2004. But in 2004 there was a problem with the Xerox books and it tried to reinvent itself with a new logo. People associate the company only with photocopy machines, and that has been a major problem for Xerox. The company changed its logo in 2008 to get away from this stereotyped image, by changing the font of the word. They also added a ball which has a stylish X instead of their µboring¶ X in earlier times According to Anne M. Mulcahy, Xerox¶s chief, that little piece of art represents the connection to customers, partners, industry and innovation.

The major business of BMW was to supply planes to the German army during World War I. It made railway brakes. motorcycles and cars. Official Link 05. The unchanged logo has made it easier for people to remember and has given the company more recognition. The aircrafts manufactured were painted with the colors of the Bavarian flag. which is the color of BMW logo. BMW BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Bavarian Motor Works) was originally founded as an aircraft company. Nike .Official Link 04. but now has a more stylish look due to the different gradients. But after the war they were forced to change their business. The logo itself hasn¶t changed a lot during the years. before making motorized bicycle. Another explanation is that when the pilot used to sit in the plane he would see alternating segments of white and blue due to rotation the plane propeller (blue being the sky).

Bundy in 1888. In 1924. Later in 1911. I don¶t understand why they waited for 7 years before they realized that the text and the swoosh were overlapping each other. invented and patented by Willard L. The main part of the logo hasn¶t really changed with time. . which made it more simplistic and memorable. it was accompanied by a change in business from the punched-card tabulating business to computers. whose major products were mechanical time recorders. which is why you will see that both ITR and CTR are there in the 1911 logo. Official Link 06. The company has different variations of this logo for its various departments like Skate.´ In 1947. the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company adapted the name International Business Machines Corporation. Soccer etc. rococo letters that formed the ³CTR´ logo were replaced by the words ³Business Machines´ in more contemporary sans-sarif type. the company name was dropped from the logo. However. IBM decided to drop the globe from its logo. and in a form intended to suggest a globe. girdled by the word ³International. which was by then quite familiar amongst the people.Nike probably got the best deal amongst all companies when Caroline Davidson designed its logo for just $35 in 1971. ITR was merged with the ComputingTabulating-Recording Company. The typeface of this logo was called Beton Bold. The logo was not the only change in 1947. So in the earlier periods the logo of the company had ITR inscribed on it. The ornate. As the brand gained recognition. IBM As you would observe from the logos above that IBM was earlier known as The International Time Recording Company (ITR).

and the logos reflected the same as early as 1934. the logo hasn¶t been changed. The first camera launched by the company in 1934. Paul Rand designed the new logo which represented that the changes in the company would be subtle and will not disrupt the continuity. Jr. Google . for that he changed the company¶s logo as well as the actions. then the logo has more or less remained the same. The logo had only been trademarked in 1935. Another change in the logo was designed by Paul Rand which had stripes instead of the solid font. but the designing effort is clearly visible in their simple but classic logo. the company strived to make the logo as simple and memorable as possible. Watson. Official Link 07. grounded and balanced. Tom Watson. Also. The logo included the wordings and a picture of the goddess with 1000 arms and flames. Jr. and the design has been recognized and replicated all over the world. Official Link 08. before Thomas J. like all other logos we have seen above. Since.In 1956. as the CEO. decided to project the beginning of a new era in the company. Sr died he appointed Tom Watson. was named as Kwanon. the new logo looked more solid. and after that a lot of designing work went into making the logo more balanced. after the Buddhist goddess of mercy. A specialized advertising designer had created the logo which included typeface never seen before in Europe or North America. It depicted µspeed and dynamism¶. Canon The company had always wanted a global perspective. As the years went by. After 1956.

an exclamation mark mimicking the Yahoo! logo was added. In 1999.The clarity of thought is visible in the company¶s logo right from the very beginning. Kodak was the first company to integrate its name and looks into one symbol in 1907. after he taught himself to use the free graphic software GIMP. Stanford¶s Consultant Art Professor Ruth Kedar designed the Google logo that the company uses today. when in 1996 two Stanford University computer science graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin built the search engine. The name of the search engine is derived from Googol (meaning one followed by 100 zeros). Kodak Interestingly. Official Link 09. Kodak predominantly used yellow and red colors and the complete name . Google¶s first logo was created by Sergey Brin. Later. After 1935.

but it might have been a little complex. For the next 12 years. like other companies. But. Making it Easier etc. to give a contemporary look. this couldn¶t stop the company from adopting a new logo. .of the company. when Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen coded the first computer language for a PC and named it BASIC. Microsoft The Microsoft story began in 1975. In 2006. the Microsoft cafeteria even had a double cheeseburger named ³´Blibbet Burger´. They changed the logo in that year itself and dropped the hyphen too. It is said that at that time. came to be known as ³the Pacman logo´ due to the distinctive cut in the O. Retaining the 1971 concept. there was a campaign within the company to ³Save the Blibbet´. The red color gives a more brighter and structured feel of the company. Official Link 10. there was a slight variation in the font in 1987. they integrated their tagline µWhere do you want to go today?¶ within the logo. the logo had a distinctive O. Start Something. The logo designed by Scott Baker. In 1994. which began the use of yellow and red colors as well. I think the logo in 1971 was quite trendy. they tried to show a flip page as a logo. but was changed to a box and graphic ³K´ element in 1971. When a new logo came on in 1987. Soon they named their partnership as Micro-Soft which explains the first logo of the company. In 1960. First time the Kodak name was completely written in the logo in 1935. The employees called this as ³Blibbet´. again a slight variation was made in the logo with a rounded µa¶ and µd¶. Kodak decided to simplify their logo in 1996. This was widely mocked and the company kept trying different taglines like People Ready. Again. and removed the boxes. The new font looked contemporary.

The history of the company is tied with Adolf Hitler. Basically. it depicts a positive change in the company and the ability to adapt to the new millennium. So. and went on to become one of the world¶s bestselling cars ever. The first logo was designed by Franz Xavier Reimspiess. In 1934. Hitler gave him all the specifications of the car and Porsche promised to deliver the design. but the look of the logo has remained pretty much the same. In 1933. the German economy was in a very bad shape. since people already recognize and connect with it worldwide. In 1938. Hitler raised the idea of an inexpensive car in the Auto show. It was only later found that Hitler had intended to use the Porsche car as a military vehicle only. Before the rise of Hitler. it was returned to the German government. but understandably after the WWII. Volkswagen Volkswagen means µPeople¶s car¶ in German. but it was used to churn out military cars. which could carry 3 men and a machine gun. Britishers took over the company. to the logo which was built after WWII. Hitler opened a state funded Volkswagen factory in Walburg. as a result people couldn¶t afford to buy cars. that I don¶t think the logo needs to change. Ferdinand Porsche met with Hitler to design the car. the company is so well renowned already.The new 2008 logo has all the text in Italics (including the tagline). The main part of the logo hasn¶t changed much. It was suppose to produce commercial cars. They renamed the car as Beetle. After the WWII. Surprisingly all the car makers like Fiat and Ford declined to take µfree control¶ of the Volkswagen factory. I love the colors that were added in 2000. the Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH was created (it became simply Volkswagenwerk GmbH a year later). Official Link 11. a Porsche employee during an office logo design competition. . they got rid of the design around the circle which seems to be inspired from the Nazi flag. In 1937.

In 1990. fewer interlocking bars within the red and yellow circles. resulting in a simple and powerful logo. The Brand Mark¶s visibility. The logo looks more contemporary and simple. In 1996. and the number of bars was also reduced. the first 1966 logo. Official Link 13. Mozilla Firefox . a more prominent font replaces the old font. sans-serif typeface.Official Link 12. The µi¶ was used to identify the participating members of Interbank Card Association. Also. seventeen bankers formed a federation for the reciprocal acceptance of their credit cards. and overall brand image are improved. In 1969. They called this federation as Interbank and hence. with new features including larger lettering highlighted with a drop shadow. the name MasterCard was adopted and they lost the µi¶ from the logo. MasterCard In 1966. The new logo had the two familiar intersecting circles which make sense when we think about the interbank card business. the name was changed to Master Charge. in 1979. with an italic. the µi¶ was retained at the bottom to show continuity and also to make it easy for people to recognize their earlier familiar logo. recognition. and a new dark blue background for use on decals and signage. which I think denoted the idea of multiple simultaneous interbank relationships. Finally. bold colors were adopted which also made it easier to recognize the 23 horizontal bars between the two circles.

they finally got lucky and chose the name Firefox. was first of all named as Phoenix. with the colors of the continents using a lighter blue color. the name had to be changed to Firebird. which has become one of the favorite and most used browser worldwide. created by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross. which is visible in their first logo in 2002. but the name was chosen so that they would be able to retain the same logo. Unfortunately. Official Link 14. Due to some trademark issues. The logo depicted a Firefox engulfing the whole world. Then. just to differentiate them better from the oceans. the now famous logo was designed by professional interface designer John Hicks. In 2003. which also signifies the global reach that the company strived for. this name also had trademark issues because of existing software.An open source web browser. Pepsi . There has been a minor change in the logo since then.

and to support the country¶s war efforts. the script was changed from the curly red. the company was bought by Loft. In 1998. The red bar was lengthened and the typeface came on the top of the globe. the CEO of Pepsi came up with the idea of a new bottle design. The typeface was made smaller so as to fit in the globe. red and white logo. In the early years. the name was trademarked and hasn¶t been changed till date. the white background in the logo was replaced by the blue color. was first started by Caleb Bradham in 1890¶s. Brad made custom logos for the brand as it became more famous. with a crown having the Pepsi logo. In 1991. However. Walter Mack. which also resulted in dropping the red horizontal band. In 1933. the typeface was moved from inside the globe. with a red bar coming in from the left and a light-blue bar coming in from the right. The company changed the bottle size from 6 to 12 oz. As a result. which is visible in the first 1898 logo. and came up with the µRefreshing and Healthful¶ logo. This logo became hugely popular. During the 1960¶s when it became even more popular. The µPepsi Globe¶ emerged when USA was in WWII. The Pepsi Globe was ³boxed in´. Pepsi had a blue. in 1950 and 1962. Inc. the major breakthrough in the Pepsi logo design came in 1940¶s. We see the first appearance of the Pepsi Globe instead of the bottle cap in 1973.Today. this bottle cap with the swirling blue and red became prominent in the company logo. Finally in 1903. and the main attraction was on the bottle cap in the logo. and went on to be the identifier for the company. The globe . one of the biggest soft drinks company. Initially named as Brad¶s drink the name was quickly changed to Pepsi-Cola.

LG denies that their name now stands for Lucky Goldstar.´ Official Link 16. They¶re just ³LG. Pepsi and the globe touch each other for the first time in the logo. After 1998. these were different companies they were essentially owned by one person. LG is a chaebol (a South Korean conglomerate). Lucky Goldstar was renamed to LG Electronics. It might be that since. and in their current logo they have done away with the script altogether. LG LG was formed from two different companies named Lucky (chemical cosmetic company. 1947) and Goldstar (radio manufacturing plant. Though. and even a baseball team called the LG Twins. had 3D graphic and larger than earlier versions. such as LG Chemicals. it seems that Pepsi had decided to give the globe more prominence than the script itself. In 1995. 1958). These companies all adopted the ³Life is Good´ tagline you often see alongside its logo. so there¶s a whole range of LG companies that also changed their names. So. Mercedes-Benz . the name µthe Pepsi Globe¶ was given to the logo. Official Link 15. the globe came on top of the script in 2003. LT Telecom.

The Mercedes-Benz was formed by the merger of two car companies ± DMG (DaimlerMotored-Gesellschaft. Official Link 17. founded by Gottlieb Daimler) and Benz & Cie. In 1902. It has been recognized as a symbol representing luxury and top tier cars. a new symbol for Mercedes-Benz came into picture. Over the years. founded by Karl Benz. called Diamler-Benz. where he had drawn a 3 pointed star which represented µmaking vehicles in land water and sky¶. where the original logo of both the companies was merged into one. It combined the 3 pointed star of Mercedes and the laurel wreath of Benz. The origin of this star came from a postcard by Diamler. that both these companies decided to from a syndicate in 1924. It was after the World War I. and then finally merge in 1926. when the German economy was shattered. Both the companies were similar in their work and were situated in close proximity. However. General Electric . the logo for Mercedes was nothing more than the simple company name. the symbol has been improved vastly in design and simplicity. After 1926. it was changed to a 3 pointed star in 1909.

The current logo. adds blue color to the logo instead of the black color which had been used in all the previous logos. a circle engulfing the company name has been added to the logo. Over time. The basic logo font face is still quite similar to what it was in 1892. However. shoes. . car tires and others. on the banks of Nokianvirta river in the town of Nokia. the Nokia Wood Mill. can rather be attributed to the setting up of the wood pulp mill (set up by Knut Fredrik Idestam). The company has sold a variety of products in the past including television. The Nokia Corporation was formed as a merger of Finnish Rubber Works (which also used a Nokia brand). Accompanied with the logo change was also a change in the tagline of the company from ³We bring good things to life´ to ³Imagination at work´. The evolution and the meaning of the logo is unclear due to the changing business over the years. The origin of the company name. Official Link 18. this has little to do with the current business and brand image. the light bulb) and Thomson-Houston Electric Company. Nokia µNokia¶ in Finnish means means a dark.The company has a great history. which might be due to the increasing global presence and vision of the company. It was formed in 1892 by the merger of Edison Electric Light Company (founded by Thomas Edison to sell his invention. which was designed by Wolff Olins. furry animal we now call the Pine Marten weasel. and the Finnish Cable Works in 1967.

Finally. The 1909 logo.Official Link 19. Official Link . He was unable to pay the bills for parts in his third company. The 1976 logo was essentially. Ltd. but some investors agreed to put money in the company. which has a similar font as today¶s logo was borrowed from Childe Harold Wills. in 2003. His third company. This was the shape and color. and even a diamond like shape in 1957. who had made this font for his business card. which came to be known as ³Centennial Blue Oval´. This is the company name in the first logo of 1903. and it was renamed as Ford Motor Co. The company has experimented with different shape going from ellipse to circle. as compared to the earlier simplistic design. the famous blue oval was introduced in the logo. called Model A. founded in 1902. the Ford logo was given a complete makeover. the company released a new logo. His first company went bankrupt after just two years. and he left the second company after just one year. Ford Henry Ford used to work for Thomas Edison. However. and is very similar to their current logo. He founded two companies before settling on Ford. the second company became Cadillac later on. In 1912. was called Ford & Malcomson. When a car was launched in 1927. the last major change in the symbol. on which all future Ford logos have been made.

the logo had simply the word spelled in a very basic design. The 1981 logo changed the curly font to a more solid font. In 1962. who have tried so many logos. when Sam Walton started. but the µWalmart¶ word without a break appears for the first time after 1962. This came to be known as the ³Frontier Font Logo´. which was mainly used for uniforms. other than any other intermediate logo. The logo was changed in 1964. giving the company a more stable. and the familiar blue color of the logo returned for the first time after the company¶s inception. the company. Wal-Mart The company has tried out various colors and variation of the word Walmart over the years. The hyphen in this logo was replaced by the star in 1992. Walmart is probably one of the few companies. in-store signing etc.20. The font differs a little from the original and is indeed more stylish. They have kept the star from 1992. . established and balanced look. but moved it to the end. but it was never used to advertise or even in annual reports. when a hyphen was added and the color was also changed from blue to black. but their current logo is more like the original logo. The 1968 logo shown here is the discount city logo.

Famous logos with slogans: Adidas logo design Mc Donald¶s logo design Nokia logo design .

Instant Adventures . Boost your corporate or brand image. I have collected 30 logos accompanied with the most appealing taglines. Using a slogan with your logo design can help: y y y y y y Express the core essence of your company. A logo design coupled with tagline or a slogan portrays the essence of your company. But to come up with captivating slogans require cleverness and ingenuity. For your inspiration. Enable your logo design to stand out from the crowd. Make your logo design memorable. a logo design without a tagline is like a hot dog without mustard . It is a mantra that arouses feelings.Nike logo design Burger King logo design To me. and influences decisions of the customers. Make your corporate culture lively. Enhance customer retention and brand recall.

Gold Finger Siyanda Life Works .

Robinson Forest Management Boj Games Idea Couch .

Kasardia End Movies Piracy The Keyboarder .

Husband 4 Hire Ezee Web Going the Extra Mile .

Inc .Idea Your TV The Genius Group.

Pixel Question Two Heads one Idea .

Skoff Michelle Ms Behave & Mr Lucky .

The Point Vidora Webankor .

Nicholas Finance Sumosuit Tre Daily .

Formero A strong and appealing tagline helps in building a strong corporate identity. However. tell me ³is it a hard and fast rule to have a tagline?´ Question Logo? . looking at this collection.



The World is watching us. (Petronas) Pure bhi.VIDEOCON Born in Japan Entertaining The World .SONY Everyone's Invited or Its hard to Imagine .SANSUI Inspired Living .LG The Indian Multinational . .SAMSUNG Life's Good .JVC .TAG LINES OF FAMOUS BRANDS Taking on the World¶s Toughest Energy Challenges (Exxon Mobil) Human Energy (Chevron Corporation) Growth is Life (Reliance Industries Limited) Beyond Petroleum (British Petroleum) Making Tomorrow Brighter (ONGC) Bringing Energy to Life (IOCL) Pure for Sure (BPCL) 10 Years in Formula One. No. Other. Everytime. (Brand of IOCL) (SERVO) Like.PHILLIPS The Perfect Experience .HAIER Sense and Simplicity . Poora bhi (IBP) Gas and Beyond (GAIL) Always Moving Forward (LUKOIL) Trademark of Energy (Total) High Performance Petrol (Hint: Brand of BPCL) (SPEED) 100 % Performance.

METRO Costs less to get more . Eat.Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or Metlife . We can Help.TESCO The spirit of Commerce .KMART Shop.BIG BAZAAR The stuff of life.Choose Freedom .Allianz Group Growing and Protecting your wealth . . The Power on your side .TOSHIBA Always low prices.(The fill in the blank itself is the name of the organization) LIC Be Life Confident .BLOOMINGDALES You can do it.Max NewYork Life Insurance Positively Different.AXA UK You are in good hands .Prudential Insurance Company We know Money .AIG or American International Group Insurance Company Trust thy name is ------. Celebrate . . Always. . .WALMART Like no other store in the world .CENTRAL Have You Met Life Today .Bank of Baroda .HOME DEPOT Every Little Helps .Standard Insurance Company Limite d. India's International Bank -.Allstate Insurance Company Your Partner for life .KROGER Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga .

The Indian EXPRESS The Power of Knowledge .HINDUSTAN TIMES Read a Bestseller everyday .BUSINESS TODAY Intelligent Computing .BUSINESS INDIA For Managing Tomorrow .HSBC A Passion to Perform -.(FORD MOTOR) Keep Discovering ± (EMIRATES AIR) .UBS The Citi Never Sleeps -.Lehman Brothers The World's Local Bank -.Good People to Bank with -.Deutsche Bank Making More Possible -.THE ECONOMIC TIMES The Name India trusts for News .CHIP Your Technology Navigator .DIGIT Play the Game .Bank of America You and Us -.THE DAILY TELEGRAPH Make Every Day Exciting .Union Bank of India Higher Standards -.CITIGROUP or CITIBANK Where Vision Gets Built -.BUSINESS WORLD Journalism of Courage .ABN AMRO Bank The Magazine of the Corporate World .

ASTRAZENECA Life.GLAXO SMITHKLINE Where Patients come first . Research. Celebrate.NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) Stock market for the digital world (NASDAQ) The Index Company (FTSE) It's Your Hollywood (Hollywood Stock Exchange) Tomorrow Market's Today.MERCK Extending and enhancing human life . (Singapore Stock Exchange. Eat.DR. ± (NDTV Profit) All you Desire.Hum Hain Na !!! ± (ICICI BANK) SURPRISINGLY ± (SBI) Shop.PFIZER Because Health Matters . ± (TOYOTA INNOVA) We know your game ± (STAR SPORTS) Life is our Life's work . REDDY'S LABORATORIES The difference lies in ou r DNA . ± (CENTRAL MALL) Gain from our Perspective ± (FRANKLIN TEMPLETON INVESTMENTS) New you can Use. SGX) .BIOCON Caring for life .SANOFI AVENTIS Today's medicines finance tomorrow's miracles .BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB Life Inspiring Ideas .CIPLA The Edge is Efficiency .(Bombay Stock Exchange ) The world puts its stock in us . Hope .

(AMEX) Go for Growth (EURONEXT) God's Own Country (Kerala) 365 days on a holiday (Goa) The Kohinoor of India (AP) The Very Heart of India (MP) Full of Surprises (Chattisgarh) Simply Colorful (Rajasthan) The Perfect Host (Himachal Pradesh) Amazing Heritage.The World's Center for Non Ferrous Metal Trading (London Metal Exchange) Equities. Grand Experience (UP) Complete Destination (West Bengal) . Options. ETFs.

(Petronas) Pure bhi. Everytime. The World is watching us. 2008 rohit vyas Leave a comment Go to comments Taking on the World¶s Toughest Energy Challenges (Exxon Mobil) Human Energy (Chevron Corporation) Growth is Life (Reliance Industries Limited) Beyond Petroleum (British Petroleum) Making Tomorrow Brighter (ONGC) Bringing Energy to Life (IOCL) Pure for Sure (BPCL) 10 Years in Formula One. Poora bhi (IBP) Gas and Beyond (GAIL) Always Moving Forward (LUKOIL) Trademark of Energy (Total) A positive a++itude (Essar Corp) High Performance Petrol (Hint: Brand of BPCL) (SPEED) 100 % Performance. (Brand of IOCL) (SERVO) .TAGLINES OR PUNCHLINES OF PETROLEUM AND ENERGY COMPANIES July 14.