Purifying the Heart Chakra

Dr. Rossi Davis

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Purifying the Heart hakra


The heart is the seat of emotions. This was the one organ which the
Egyptians did not remove from the body during the mummification process.
They removed the brain but not the heart, since they believed that it was
the center of our soul. This powerful symbolism from past ages
acknowledges that although we think and act with the help of our brain, it is
our emotions which take control over our life. Often times we act driven
purely by our emotions against all logic. Ìt is our passions and the cries of
our ego which we obey despite the consequences. With each beat of the
heart, we welcome life with its joys and sorrows throughout our earthly

When we are calm, out heart beats steady and rhythmically; when we are
in love, or loving towards others, it feels as though our heart expands.
When we are angry our heart also records our turmoil's within its fast and
irregular beats. Sometimes when a person parts with a life-long partner,
and dies shortly afterwards, we hear people say that this person has died
of a broken heart.

When we forget to be kind to our own heart by allowing anxiety, anger and
hatred to dwell in it, we not only suffer psychologically, we can also become
afflicted by heart disease and heart attacks. Ìt is the cry of the heart that
lets us know that we are not living a balanced life.

Do you need to restore your heart to its original self? The heart is an
intelligent organ. Ìt registers your intentions and feelings as you utter both
loving and hurtful words. Our heart is not only a part of us, it is also the
vehicle that connects us with others and life as a whole. You can see that a
loving, caring person with positive intentions emanates a beautiful and
serene energy when you interact with that person. On the other hand, an
angry and distraught person seems to carry a dark cloud not only around
oneself but also contaminates others energy affecting their mood when it
comes in contact with them.

Feelings and thoughts create an energy field. What we think we can feel
and what we feel can be sensed by others around us who in return are
affected by it. The heart chakra in itself is an energy filed that records all of
our emotional experiences. When we do not live a healthy life style, when
we are mentally and emotionally exhausted, our heart chakra becomes out
of balance. Ìt is the heart chakra that connects us with others on the
energy level of feelings. That is why feelings seem to be contagious.
When a person whose heart chakra comes in contact with another person
whose heart chakra is also out of balance, each affects the energetic field
of the other. One person's negativity becomes the other one's burden.


On the other hand, when a person with a balanced and healthy chakra
comes in contact with someone who is afflicted, a part of the light from the
heart of the healthy person is transmitted to the heart of the other
However, the person receiving this light has to receive it with an open
heart. Meaning, if that person dwells on negativity, anger and hatred, the
gift of light will bounce right off of him. This happens because of the grace
of free will that people have. That is why we cannot say that another
person's words or actions are the fully responsible for how we feel. Their
intent may very well have been malicious, but it is us that allowed their
negativity to spread its seeds in our hearts. From that moment on, if we
water these seeds with the same emotions, we give life to the negativity in
us and allow it to spread its roots deeper and deeper. We become
wounded and remain as such until we make changes within.

The heart chakra is what allows us to experience feelings that the physical
heart alone cannot do and would remain only a muscle. The chakra allows
it to become truly alive. Each time we experience positive or a negative
emotions, these are registered by the heart chakra. This chakra also
registers all of our emotions which we have had in the past. The chakra as
an energy filed has a limitless storage capacity. Ìf we experience negative
feelings over and over for a prolonged period of time, the chakra becomes
weakened. Our physical heart can also become affected and its afflictions
show up as heart disease. On the emotional level, these manifest as
depression. We are both physical and spiritual beings and
the body is in constant communication with the energetic auric field
accessible and influenced by us and others alike.
Nothing is ever unregistered no matter how insignificant we may believe it
is. There may be times when we are unable to explain why we feel a
certain way and despite how hard we think, nothing comes to mind to
let us pin point the origin of our emotions or fears.

Since the heart chakra operates on the energetic field level, it can host
memories not only form this present existence, but also of our past life
memories. Those feelings which we have not resolved in a
past lives continue to be a burden in life today. The light or darkness
within us is manifested beyond the limitations of time and space. We have
the ever present opportunity to restore and utilize our light within. When our
heart chakra is open, strong and luminous, we are able to experience
Oneness with the universe and connect with others in a harmonious way.
We are able to reach and touch others with our light through acts of
compassion, love and creativity. When our heart chakra is open, we are
free to receive the information that comes to us in a non judgmental way
and stay grounded in the present moment.
We make promises from the heart, laugh from the heart whole heartedly or
say that our heart feels broken when we are afflicted by emotional pain. Ìt is
the heart chakra that gives us our intuition in relationship to our interactions
with others both on the physical and on the spiritual plane of existence.


A man covets in his heart, speaks out from his heart, and it is in his heart
that he keeps his feelings of the past and the present. The heart chakra is
like a bouncing ball. Ìt attracts to itself those feelings which it sends out.
This chakra assists us in expressing our self emotionally and creatively
when it is open. When the chakra is closed or clogged up by negative
emotions, we act out destructively to ourselves and others.
When it functions without any obstructions such as negative emotions or
unhealthy attachments, it helps us create things that are beneficial to
others such as art, literature, music, architecture and other self expressive
mediums in the physical world. On an astral level, it allows us to be
compassionate, altruistic, loving and peace creating.

When energy does not flow freely within the heart chakra, one can remain
stuck in a state driven by anger, fear, resentment, hatred and destructive or
addictive behavior.
What consumes ones existence are those things which he harbors in
his heart. Ìn order to move into an abundant life full of love and acceptance,
the heart chakra needs to be purified. We must take responsibility for our
feelings and then consciously and purposefully decide to take charge of our
life and actions.
After the decision is made, we need to initiate the purification process.
First, we will have to examine and take into account what had caused us to
experience such negative feelings. The self inventory can be assisted by
meditation, journaling, self introspection, counseling or yoga. Ìf we are able
to identify a specific person or event in this life, we will need to work on
letting go of the blame. We have to own our feelings after the fact of what
so and so may have done to us.
Second, we will have to send out thoughts and feelings of forgiveness to
that person mentally if they are diseased or actually if they are still living. Ìf
uncomfortable with directly letting them know that they've been forgiven,
these can then be directed mentally. Let go of the negativity completely.
This means that after you've decided to forgive, any time memories flood
your mind of the past wrongs, you do not experience negative emotions all
over again. You can mentally experience the events in the form of
memories but without labeling or attaching negative feelings.
When you catch yourself ruminating over the past consciously strive to
send out thoughts of loving kindness and understand that experiences are
lessons of the heart and nothing more.
We must not become attached to our feelings but rather stay objective and
acknowledge that everything in life is a passing phenomenon from our
anger to our laughter including to the beating of our heart.

When we purify our heart chakra and welcome others in, we are in return
ready to receive their gifts of love, peace, and mutual understanding. The
expression "two hearts beating as one¨ refers to the synchronistic life that
we share with others. As we nourish our hearts, we extend our love to all
around us.

The problems in society today comes up as a result of our over
identification with our ego-self and what we perceive as ours such as
children, family, community, heritage, and earthly possessions. The heart is
like a vessel. Ìn it, we collect feelings as well as pour our feelings out.
When the heart chakra itself is blocked, this exchange becomes hundred.
The more the chakra is blocked, the more difficulty we have in expressing
ourselves in a healthy way. Just like muddy waters have a residue on the
bottom; our heart chakra is tarnished by anger, resentment, hatred, fear
and envy.

The emotions of our heart can lift us to the highest grounds and plunge us
into the lowest depts. When our hart chakra is open it carries us on its
wings to ecstasy and liberation. When it is blocked, it drops our psyche to
the darkest self made purgatory. The heart is our doorway to the higher
self and to others. Ìt assists us on our journey in the physical world as well
as the emotional one. How do you purify and heal a wounded heart? How
do you pick up where you have left off? One step at a time, filling oneself
with awareness and purposeful intent to forgive, accept, learn and just
continue to move on and share your gifts with others. The more you give
out of yourself lovingly, the more space you open to receive love. Ìf you
open your heart chakra but do not follow through with acts of kindness
towards other sentient beings, the more you remain emotionally empty and
psychologically stuck. Take a moment to reflect from the bottom of your
heart on how you can allow the purification of your heart chakra to begin
starting today. What are you willing to give up in the process? What are you
willing to do in return?

What has prevented you thus far from giving a clear voice to your heart? Ìt
is not uncommon for us to become entangled in the dramas of our mind
with which we are bombarded constantly. Then it is easier to start to find
less and less time and willingness to listen to the desires of our heart. Ìt is
easier to become angry or hateful because often those feelings are in
reaction to the outside influence in our life. Ìt seems like it takes more on
our part to forgive and love. At times our heart feels empty. You may
wonder why?
Because we have missed to fill it up with those feelings which are fulfilling
on an emotional and spiritual level.

Dr. Rossi Davis is a Licensed ounselor and ertified Hypnotherapist.
She's the author of: Couple's Communication Made Easy, My Kid is acting out and I am
about to shout: Effective Parenting Made Easy, & Guru in Jeans: Inward Journey to
Psychospiritual Awakening and Curly & Grandpa and other titles.
Rossi was a story contributor (pages 85-86) to Spot of Grace (paperback, 2008) by Dawna
Markova, co-creator of Random Acts of Kindness.
Dr. Davis is a native of Eastern Europe and immigrated to the USA as a political refugee in
the early 90's.

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