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Loic Castel

3 Place de la Nouvelle Aventure, France

33-6-72693392 

Objective: An internship or a temporary position in IT or Telecommunication field, utilizing my

Network and Telecommunication major, and internship experiences.

Master of Science – Network and Telecommunication July 2009
University of Lille 1, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France
High School Diploma – Math and Science June 2004
Frederic Chopin School, Nancy, France GPA 3.50/4.00

Related Courses:
Networking Modeling Computer Programming Signal Theory
Digital Signal Processing Telecommunication Economy Numeric Electronic
Computer Architecture Communication Protocols Wireless Study
Mathematic Real Analysis Microprocessor-based System Marketing

Work Experience:
Embassy of France February - April 2007 E-
Marketing and Communication, Intern
Bangkok, Thailand
oCreated communication tools for the Press department
oDesigned and developed French embassy website to be more attractive and functional
oAdded a newsletter system to the website
oIntegrated administration software with PHP/MySQL to manage French movie database
oEdited press reviews in English and French
oOrganized press conferences

Orange April - July

2006 Network and Telecommunication, Intern
Lille, France
oManaged various network and detection tools for mobile phone activity tracking
oCreated mobile detection tools, a user/administrator application, in PHP 4
oWrote data mining software to exploit mobile network data
oLearned about GSM/UMTS architecture in mobile network

Inter-marché September - December 2005

Accounting and Financial Unit, Intern
Nancy, France
oAssisted with accounts payable and receivable in Accounting department
oAdministrated data input, and output procedures for Accounting database system
oMaintained accurate monetary transactions
oResearched and analyzed data gathered on company profit margins
oSupervised 20 cashiers to ensure customer satisfaction
Boiron (Pharmaceutical Corporation) February-April 2005
Production, Intern
Nancy, France
oMaintained accurate account information for clients
oMade an electronic card system to manage a stock system
oCommunicated between related departments
oPerformed time studies on each process in a large production area
oCompleted change requests on production procedures
oParticipated in several pharmaceutical goods production

EDF National Electrical Company Summer 2004

Accounting and Human Resources
Nancy, France
o Maintained accurate account information for employees
o Assisted with the filing, printing, issuing and copying of documents for the department
o Reviewed each document for completeness or errors
o Assisted with the correction of documents required for use within the departments

Technical Proficiencies:
Platforms: UNIX, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Linux (Red Hat,
Debian, Slackware, Gentoo), Max OS

Networking: TCP/IP, ISO/OSI, SMS/SQL, Ethernet, VPN, SSH, PGP, GSM,

GPRS, UMTS, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, Router, NAT, PAT, Firewall, Bluetooth

Tools: Norton Firewall, Zone Alarm Firewall, Lotus Notes, Scyte, Eclipse, Microsoft
Office Suite, Open Office Suite, Ethereal

Languages: Php, C, C++, Ruby, Basic, Python, CSS, SQL, MySQL

Web languages: HTML, Ruby on Rails, Django (python), CakePHP framework, XML,
oFrench (native speaker)
oEnglish (fluent - TOEIC score: 880)
oGerman (moderate)
oJapanese (basic)

Skills and Competencies:

oExcellent analytical skills
oWell-organized and proficient with details
oExcellent interpersonal and team skills
oWillingness to relocate and travel

Activities and Interests:

oTreasurer, Association of LIVE, France
oInternational travel
oHobbies: Taek-Won-Do, piano and guitar playing, jogging, and swimming

References: Available upon request