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Parasaras Bhavas


By Rafal Gendarz

First house Physical well-being & diseases o LL with malefics or in 6th/8th/12th , combustion, bad avastha bad o Malefics aspects Lagna or Moon - bad o LL in Kendra / Kona - good

o Benefics in Kendra / Kona destroy diseases Appearance o Handsome benefics in Lagna (also it adds physical comfort) o Ugly malefics in Lagna LL / Mercury / Jupiter or Venus in Kendra / Kona longlived, wealthy, intelligent, favourite of a king Mercury / Jupiter or Venus in L with Moon or in Kendra royal marks Body will be like sign in Navamsa Lagna

Second house Wealth


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2L in 2nd / Kendra / Kona promoter of wealth 2L in Dushtana loss of wealth Benefic in 2nd give wealth opposite for malefics Ju in 2nd or with Mars wealthy Parivartana between 2nd and 11th or conjoin in Kendra/Kona wealth 2L in Kendra and 11L in Kona from Him or Jupiter conjoining/aspecting Venus wealthy 2L with benefic in good division

Loss of wealth o 2L with 11L in 6th & 2nd and 11th inflenced by malefics poor o 2L and 11L combust and with malefics penurious from birth and has to beg o 2L and 11L are in Dushtana and Mars in 11th and Rahu in 2nd loss of wealth due to royal punishment o Jupiter in 11th & Venus in 2nd & 2L with benefic & 12H with benefics expenses on religious ground Well-wisher o 2L own / exalted Eyes o 2L strong beatiful, in Dushtana defective o 2L with Venus and in exalted Navamsa or in Venus Rasi influenced by LL squint in his eye Liar o 2L with malefic and 2H also has malefic liar Popular and famous o 2L good avastha with Jupiter popular and famous Speech o Jupiter and 2L in Dushtana bereft of speech

Third house Courage o 3H influenced by benefics Younger brother o 3H infuenced by benefics o Mars influence 3H Destruction of brothers o 3L & Mars with Malefics or in evil Rasi Female influence in 3H gives sisters and opposite for opposite

Forth house General o 4L in own/exalted Rasi , Amsa comforts of lands, conveyances, houses & musical instruments Hapiness o 4L in 4H with LL aspected by benefic Relatives o 4L benefic aspected by benefic & Mercury in L Mother o Benefic in 4H and 4L in good avastha long life of mother o 4L and Venus in Kendra / Kona and Mercury in exaltation hapiness of mother house Sons o o o o o
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Fifth o

o o o o o

LL with 5L in 5H or in Kendra/Kona hapiness through son 5L in Dushtana lack of sun 5L combust / conjuct malefics and weak no son, or if born then quickly dies. 5L in 6H and LL with Mars first child die and wife become sterile 5L debilitated in Dushtana & Mercury in 5H native wife will be sterile after one child 5L debilitated and Saturn and Mercury in 5H sterile after first child 9L in 5H and 5L is debilitated & Mercury and Ketu are in 5H son after great ordeal 5L in Dushtana or bad avastha, 5H with malefic son after great ordeal Mercury or Saturn Rasi in 5H and influence of Saturn and Mandi adopted sons 5H aspected by strong Mercury / Jupiter and Venus and 5L strong many children 5L with Moon in Drekkana of Moon only daughters

Indulging in mean deeds o 3 or 4 Malefics in 5H without benefic influence and 5L debilitated

Sixth house Kalapurusha limb afflicted o When 6L in 6H, L or 8H o Relative o We see at the houses (for example 9L in 6 brings disease to father) lorded by Graha in 6th or 8th Sun head Moon mouth Mars neck Mercury navel Jupiter nose Venus eyes Saturn foot Nodes stomach o LL in Rasi of Mars or Mercury aspected by Mercury ulcer on face Disease Yoga o

Leprosy White leprosy Black leprosy Red leprosy Yoga 6L and 8L in L with Sun With Mars With Mercury With Jupiter With Venus With Saturn With Rahu With Ketu o

LL Mars or Mercury with Moon, Rahu and Saturn LL not in Lagna, Moon and Rahu in L, Rahu with Saturn Rahu with Mars Disease Jawarganda, acute fever Tumour, ulcer by weapon Bilious disease No disease Through females Windy diseases Injury cause by violence of Chandala Navel disease

Own son became enemy o 5L in 6th and 6L with Jupiter & 12L in L

Seventh house o o o o o o Sick wife o 7L in Dushtana not in good avastha Lusty o Venus in 7th Death of wife o Venus with malefic Wealthy, honourable, happy, fortunate o 7L strong influenced by benefic Sickly and many wives o 7L weak or combust Many wives o 7L in Saturn / Venus Rasi aspected by benefic o 7L exalted Indication Company of barren woman Woman of nature of a Rasi in 7th Girl with menses, barren Low caste woman, or from Vaisya community Brahmin or pregnant woman Relation with base woman and having menses Indication Attractive breasts

Graha in 7th Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Saturn, Rahu, Ketu Graha in 7th Mars

Saturn Jupiter Venus Yoga Saturn or Mars in 7th Venus in Mars Rasi or Amsa or influenced by Mars Venus in Saturn Rasi or Amsa or influenced by Saturn Yoga 7L own / exalted, benefic in 7H, strong LL in 7H 7H and 7L with malefics 7L weak in Dushtana Moon in 7th 7L in 12H Venus weak 7L deb or in malefic sign with malefic, Eunuch Graha in 7H in Navamsa, Mars and Venus in 7th or Saturn in 7th, LL in 8th Venus in dual Rasi, Lord of dual Rasi exalted, 7L strong Eighth house

Wife sickly and weak Hard and prominent breasts Bulky excellent breasts Indication Illegal relation Kiss private parts of wife Kiss private parts of mail Indication Wife with virtues who will expand dynasty Loss of wife Loss of wife No hapiness with wife Two wives Three wives Many wives

Long life o 8L in Kendra or Kona o 5L, LL or 8L are in own / friendly rasi or amsa o LL, 8L, 10L and Saturn occupy Kendra / Kona Short life o 8L with malefic in 8H with LL o 8L in Kendra and LL is weak 20-32 o 8L in debiliatation, Malefic in 8H, LL weak o Malefics in 5th & 8th and 8L with malefic short life Death o 8L with Malefic, Malefic in 12H instant death o Malefics in Kendra/Kona and Benefics in 6th/8th, 8L in deb in L immediate death o We should also value it from Saturn and 10L o 8L in 8H and Moon together with malefic without influence of benefics death within month Child o 6L or 12L are in 6H or 12H or in L or 8H child with long life

Ninth house o Fortunate o If 9L is in 9H strong o Jupiter in 9H and 9L in Kendra and strong LL Fortunate father o Strong 9L & Venus in 9H, Jupiter in Kendra Indigent father o Mars occupies 10th and 12th and 9L debilitated Longlived father o 9L exalted, 9H amsa occupied by Jupiter and Venus in Kendra

o o o

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Father king o 9L in Kendra aspected by Jupiter Wealthy & famous father o 9L/10L Parivartana aspected by benefic Religious minded native o Exalted Sun, 9L in 11H, favourite of a king Devotion to father o Sun in Kona, 9L in 7H influenced by Jupiter Enmity o LL with 6L in 9H Begging food o 10L and 3L weak, 9L debiliated or combust Fortunate o Venus exalted in conjunction with 9L, Sani in 3H Abundant wealth o Jupiter in 9H, 9L in Kendra/Kona o LL/9L Parivartana, Jupiter in 7H

Tenth house o o o o o o Paternal hapiness, fame, good deeds o 10L strong, exalted Rasi or Amsa, Own Obstruction in work o 10L weak o 10L debilitated, 10th and 7th with malefics Bereft of action o Saturn deb in 10H, Malefic in 10H in Navamsa Jyotishtoma Yajan o Rahu in Kendra/Kona Gain through royal patronage o 10L with benefic in benefic house Good deeds o 10L in Kendra/Kona in exaltation aspected by Jupiter o 10L in L with LL and Moon in Kendra/Kona Bad deeds & bad name to his men o 10th and 11th occupied by Malefics Evil deeds o 10L with Rahu in 8th o 10L/8L Parivartana with malefic Carnal pleasures to fill belly o 10L with Saturn and Mars in 7H and 7L with Malefic Honor, wealth and valour o 10L exalted with Jupiter, 9L in 10H Blessing of robes / ornaments o 10L in Pisces with Jupiter Failure in duties o Sun with Rahu, Mars and Saturn in 11H Learned & Wealthy o Jupiter and Venus in Pisces LL strong, Moon exalted Possesor of precious stones o 10L in 11H, 11L in L, Venus in 10H

o o o o o o o o

Eleventh house Gains


o o

11L in 11H or in Kendra/Kona or exalted many gains 11L in 2H & 2L in Kendra, Jupiter in 11H immense gains Parivartana between 2L & 11L fortune after marriage Parivartana between 3L & 11L gains through brother

Twelfth house Expenses o 12L good avastha with benefic good o 12L Moon in 9th / 11th / 5th good avashta / Amsa / or in Amsa of 11th/ 9th / 5th beatiful houses , beds, scented articles o 12L in Bad Avastha Amsa or in Dushtana without hapiness through his wife Place after death o Hell Rahu with Mars , Saturn, Sun in 12H 12L with Sun o Mukti Benefic in 12H 12L in good avastha aspected by benefic o Wanderer 12L with malefic, 12H with malefic and aspected by malefic o Move in own country 12L in benefic house, 12H benefics and aspected by benefic o Sinful earinings Saturn and Mars in 12H without benefic influence o Religious expenses LL in 12H and 12L in L with Venus

Om Tat Sat