INTRODUCTION UCC campus has many eateries and restaurants.

Very fe but most of their services are below standard and therefore do not attract most students not to talk of lecturers. The environment of these businesses is simply not hygienic. DESCRIPTION OF OPPORTUNITY The opportunity identified is the absence of a good restaurant and a car washing bay on UCC campus: science catchment area. This gap was identified through observations, complains by students as well as lecturers and oral interviews with some students of UCC. Some students and lecturers go to town to eat and also wash their cars whilst most students make do with the campus eateries. The seriousness of this situation creates an opportunity worth pursuing DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE Eat and Wash will serve both local and continental dishes: fufu with the various Ghanaian soups , banku with grilled tilapia, omo tuo, ampesi, and fried rice, jollof, spaghetti etc. and also wash cars. The restaurant will offer variety of food and customers could buy as much as they want (there will be no fixed price). It will have the potential for expansion and adaptability to customer preferences. “A stop shop” that offers customers the convenience and satisfaction of eating as well as having their cars neatly washed. Moderately priced quality service will be offered. ASSESSMENT OF THE MARKET The market of eat and wash is composed of lecturers and students of university of cape coast especially those at science. The estimated market size for eat and wash will be 4900. Some of the students address this problem by eating from the local eateries at the science market while others go to the family canteen. The lecturers normally go to Sasakawa restaurant to have the meals.

For the car wash we will charge 20% less than market price for customers who come solely to wash their cars and 40% discount for those who will come to eat and have their cars washed. The business administrative structure will be as shown below: RESTAURANT MANAGER Indirectly. Direct competitors include family canteen. who will equally contribute 50% of the start-up capital. Positions will be allocated based on skills. The competitive advantage will be sustained by taking into account customers specifications taste and preferences. eat and wash will be competing with the supermarkets on campus and small boys who . COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT Eat and wash faces very keen competition as there are many eateries and restaurant on UCC campus particularly at science where the proposed business is to be sited. sasakarwa restaurant. BUSINESS MODEL Eat & Wash will be managed by a team of three. The other 50% will be sourced from financial institutions. capabilities and experience. It will be easy for people to enter the market but eat and wash will lead and the rest will follow. assist lecturers and student to wash their things for them. The first two years profit of the business will be plough back. Thus customer satisfaction will be our main focus. The restaurant will sell food to customers at unfixed prices and they can buy as much as they can afford. Our competitive advantage would be moderately priced quality service at a unique and hygienic environment. the various hall restaurants and the eateries at the science market.Most lecturers and students who have cars go to town for their cars to be washed while others wash the cars themselves.

funerals etc. The restaurant manager is the administrative head. our service charge will be 10% lesser than our competitors price. Marketing/purchasing officer. Eat & Wash will use penetration pricing strategy.Car wash Chef Supervisor Marketing Officer Acc Officer Car wash attendants Kitchen Staffs From the above organogram. Eat & Wash will take orders for parties. “Convience” is a service whereby our smart and neatly dressed car attendants wash in your home or pick cars of registered customers upon their calls and return them after a neat brightening. Promotional activities such as advertisement on local FM stations.. BUSINESS STRATEGY The marketing strategy that will be adopted by Eat &Wash is door to door delivery of orders placed by customers. . FINANCES The main cost involved in this start-up business and the resources required are shown below. Accounts officer. They will also be responsible to the day to day running of the business as well as being responsible for the actions of their subordinates. mobile van restaurant to some second cycle institutions in Cape Coast. chef and car wash supervisor directly report to the Restaurant Manager. weddings. four members ie. posters at vantage points and occasional sales promotion will be carried out.

000 COST 5.000 2.500 Equipment 3.000 20.000 2.RESOURCES Land Acquisition Building Furniture/Fittings Interior Decoration Kitchen 1.500 Polytanks Guns(car washing guns) Mobile 15.000 600 Van 58.600 .

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