Holiday Cake Pops

Ingredients and Supplies:
1 1 1 1 box Duff Cake Mix Duff Anodized Aluminum Pan, Oblong Duff White or Chocolate Buttercream Icing, 3.5 lb. Duff Nonstick Pan, 11x17" cookie sheet

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You’ll Also Need:
Cornstarch Lollipop sticks Melting chocolates Styrofoam blocks Ribbon and wrapping paper

Making Basic Cake Pops
1. Follow Duff Cake Mix packaging instructions to make your cake using any size pan. Let cool. 2. Crumble cake into large bowl. Add ⅓ cup icing and mix completely. Tip: If you don’t mind getting a little messy, push up your sleeves and use your hands to mix the cake and icing! Be careful not to add too much icing. You want the consistency to be sticky, not soggy. 3. Roll the mixture into balls and place on cookie sheet (Photo a). 4. Dip the ends of the lollipop sticks into the melting chocolate and insert into the balls Photo b). 5. Chill the pops in the freezer for 15 minutes. 6. Dip the chilled pops into the chocolate. Tip: Before you begin dipping, make sure you have enough melting chocolate on hand to cover the entire pop without having to rotate the lollipop stick. When you lift the pop out of the melting chocolate, tap it lightly to eliminate excess chocolate (Photo c). 7. Turn pops upright and insert into Styrofoam blocks to dry.




DUFF APPROV ED . Before chilling the cake balls (Step 5 for Basic Cakes Pops). Add heart candies to the side of the balls. Before chilling the cake balls. This will be the top of the elves’ heads. Use candy sprinkles for eyes and nose. combine 1 ounce of orange melting chocolates with 1 pound of white. pinching the ends together to secure. Chill the balls with flat side on surface. white. flatten one side of the balls with the palm of your hand. To create hats for your snowmen. Add chocolate kisses for hats. Secure them with melting chocolate. Invert pop and dip the entire hat in brown chocolate for a consistent coating. Give your elves friendly faces with any candies you’d like – have fun! DECORATING SNOWMAN POPS What you’ll need: Duff Red Fondant Peanut butter cup candies Candy sprinkles for eyes. nose and hat Chocolate coin candies White and brown melting chocolates Black licorice whips for mouth a. f. use the white melting chocolate to adhere chocolate coins on top of the pops. To create the color of our elf. Let dry. Lastly. d. f. turn upright and let dry. d. Chill the balls with flat side on surface in freezer for 15 minutes. Wrap a ¼" strip of red fondant around hats. A small piece of black licorice or fondant makes a great smile. dip the tips of the candy hearts in melting chocolate and press to cake pop for 30 seconds so they stick. green or red Candy hearts Chocolate kiss candies 2 of 3 a. c. Dip the pops in melted chocolate. Hold both in place for 30 seconds until secure. Dip the pops in white melting chocolate. g. Make a tassel and brim for the hats out of white fondant. To do so. Decorate however you’d like. This will be the top of the snowmen’s heads. flatten one side of the balls with the palm of your hand. Let the pops dry a few minutes until they set. b. e.Holiday Cake Pops DECORATING ELF POPS What you’ll need: Duff Sprinkles Neutral Colors Melting chocolates – orange. c. g. e. Tap off any excess chocolate. Dip the hats in green or red melting chocolate. brush a little bit of water on the hats before decorating them with sprinkles. b. and brown chocolate to stack a peanut butter cup on top of the coin.

f. dabbing first with water so they’re sure to stay put. Fold each piece in half and place on the top of the gift box.Holiday Cake Pops DECORATING GIFT BOX POPS What you’ll need: Duff White Fondant Green and red melting chocolates a. Follow instructions for the Basic Cake Pops. c. Chill in freezer for 15 minutes. and then finish with a candy star. b. Let dry. c. e. but instead of rolling balls with the cake mixture. Dress up the cake pops with swirls. d. Follow instructions for Basic Cake Pops. Dip the tops only in red melting chocolate to create “lids” for the presents. tapping off any excess. stripes or any pattern at all by using the squeeze bottle to dispense the melted chocolate. DECORATING SWIRL AND SPRINKLE POPS What you’ll need: Melting chocolates – any color Plastic squeeze bottle a. heart or tree. form boxes by flattening the sides of the pops with the palm of your hand. Candy sprinkles for wrapping paper 3 of 3 Cut 9-10 small strips of fondant to create a bow. DUFF APPROV ED . Dip the pops in green melting chocolate. b. Add sprinkles to the tops for a snow-like effect. Cut two ¼" white fondant strips long enough to drape over cake pops like ribbon.

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