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Books authored and co-authored by Dr. S. Ostroumov. Ecology, environment, conservation, water quality, biology.

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Conservation of Living Nature and Resources: Problems, Trends, and Prospects The Comparative Roles of Suspension-Feeders in Ecosystems Aquatic Biodiversity II: The Diversity of Aquatic Ecosystems Biological effects of surfactants Nature Conservation Introduction to Biochemical Ecology Introduction to Problems of Biochemical Ecology: Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment. Wprowadzenie do ekologii biochemicznej. [=Introduction to Biochemical Ecology], Warszawa

** On the book entitled: Conservation of Living Nature and Resources: Problems, Trends, and Prospects

A. V. Yablokov, S. A. Ostroumov; Springer-Verlag (1991) ISBN-10: 0387520961; ISBN-13: 978-0387520964; 24.8 x 16.5 x 2.5 cm; Bibliographic information: Title Conservation of living nature and resources: problems, trends, and prospects; Alekse Vladimirovich IAblokov, Serge Andreevich Ostroumov;


Edition illustrated

Publisher SUBJECTS:

Springer-Verlag, 1991; ISBN

3540520961, 9783540520962; Length 271 pages;

Science Life Sciences Biology General Biodiversity conservation Biological diversity conservation Conservation of natural resources Environmental protection Extinct animals Nature / Environmental Conservation & Protection Nature / Wildlife Nature conservation Pollution Science / Environmental Science Science / Life Sciences / Biological Diversity Science / Life Sciences / Biology / General Science / Life Sciences / Ecology Wildlife conservation;; ABSTRACT: The book is the first systematic formulation of the scientific basis of biodiversity protection, conservation of nature, biological resources:; This work examines the problems arising from the deterioration of the environment and covers the issues of conservation and biodiversity protection at the molecular-genetic, the ontogenetic, the species-population and the ecosystem levels. The book offers suggestions concerning changes in practice in agriculture, industry, recreation etc. in all sectors of society life and functioning.The deterioration of the environment has become one of the most serious problems of the twentieth century. The 12 chapters in this book: (1) the dangerous extent of human impact on the biosphere; (2)molecular genetic level; (3) problems at the ontogenetic level; (4) problems at the species-population level; (5) problems at the ecosystem level; (6) economic problems; (7) organizational and legal problemsof the protection of living nature; (8) problems of prognostication; (9) protection of living nature and its connection with other global problems; (10) need for ecologization of society's activities; (11) ways of preserving living nature; and (12) scientific foundations and theory of living nature protection within the system of biological science. The book provides many innovations.

The authors of the book analyzed the problems of conservation and suggested ways of helping to solve them. The book got excellent evaluations in many published reviews. Among the published reviews are the following: Goldsmith F. B. Review: Conservation of Living Nature and Resources by A. V. Yablokov; S. A.Ostroumov. - The Journal of Ecology, 1992. Vol. 80, No. 1, p. 186-187 (in English); Hartshorn G. S. A Russian "Silent Spring". - BioScience, 1992, Vol. 42, No. 7, p. 559-560. [ BioScience is published by: American Institute of Biological Sciences] [on the book: Conservation of Living Nature andResources: Problems, Trends, and Prospects by A. V. Yablokov; S. A. Ostroumov]. [Gary S. Hartshorn,World Wildlife Fund Washington, DC 20037] (in English);Book review: Conservation of Living Nature and Resources: Problems Trends and Prospects, by A. V.Yablokov, S.A.Ostroumov. - Biological Conservation. 1993, Vol. 63, Issue 3, P. 271 [doi:10.1016/0006-3207(93)90728-J]; Dokumentation Natur und Landschaft (DNL) (Germany), 32 (1992) 1 (in German); Revista Espanola de Fisiologia (Spain) 48 (1992) 1 (in Spanish); Alauda (France) 61 (1993) 1 (in French); Mammalia (France) 57 (1993) 2, p. 304; Common terms and phrases from the book: 1,2-dichloroethane, acid, rains, agriculture, air, pollution, algae, American, mink, amphibians, Amur, tiger, animals, annually, anthropogenic, antibiotics, aquaculture, aquatic, ecosystems, Arabian, oryx, atrazine, Australia, aye-aye, bacteria, bioaccumulation, biodegradation, biomagnification, biomass, biosphere, biotransformation, birds, breeding, Bryophyta, captivity, carcinogenic, cells, chemical, chlorophyll, chloroplasts, compounds, concentration, conservation, countries, dangerous, decrease, deer, desertification, destruction, Dinoseb, disappearance, ecological, economic, ecosystems, effects, endangered, endemic, environment, environmental, enzymes, et, al, eutrophication, example, extermination, extinction, factors, fallow, deer, fauna, fish, fungi, genetic, global, habitats, heavy, metals, hectare, herbicides, However, hunting, important, inbreeding, depression, increase, induced, industrial, inhibit, insecticides, introduced, species, invertebrates, Iriomote, cat, islands, IUCN, Kazakhstan, land, lipids, living, nature, Madagascar, mammal, species, mammals, metabolism, methylmercury, microorganisms, million, mollusks, Moscow, mutagenic, natural, environment, natural, resources, nature, protection, nuclear, winter, number, of, species, ontogenesis, organisms, organochlorine, compounds, Ostroumov, Pere, David's, deer, pesticides, phytoplankton, plant, species, plasmids, Pleistocene, pollutants, polybrominated, biphenyls, polycultures, population, preservation, problems, production, prokaryotes, protection, of, living, Przewalski's, wild, horse, radionuclides, rare, species, redox, regions, reptiles, result, rodents, roe, deer, several, Sinapis, alba, soil, specimens, springbuck, subspecies, surfactants, Sweden, taxons, teratogenic, territories, Thus, total, number, toxic, trophic, chains, tropical, forests, tropical, moist, forest, tundra, Ungulata, urban, USSR, V.I., Vernadsky, vascular, plant, vegetation, vertebrates, wetlands, wild, willow, grouse, World, Ocean, xenobiotics, Yablokov, and, Ostroumov

About Dr. S.A. Ostroumov: (the coauthor of this book): profile in English:; profile in Russian:; also:; other books and book chapters by the same author:

**book: The Comparative Roles of Suspension-Feeders in Ecosystems: Proceedings of the Advanced Research Workshop on The Comparative Roles of ... Series: IV: Earth and Environmental Sciences) [Hardcover]; Richard F. Dame (Editor), Sergej Olenin (Editor); [= rd_s=lpo-top-stripe1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=3540520961&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1HPYHNHW2XNWK3EQW7 WH];

** book: Aquatic Biodiversity II: The Diversity of Aquatic Ecosystems (Developments in Hydrobiology) [Paperback] H. Segers (Editor), K. Martens (Editor); [= rd_s=lpo-top-stripe1&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=3540520961&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=1HPYHNHW2XNWK3EQW7 WH];

See the chapter in this book: Ostroumov S.A. Some aspects of water filtering activity of filter-feeders. In: Segers H., Martens K. (Eds.) The Diversity of Aquatic Ecosystems. Aquatic Biodiversity II. (Reprinted from Hydrobiologia, vol. 542, 2005). Series: Developments in Hydrobiology, vol. 180. (series editor: K.Martens) Springer. Dordrecht, The Netherlands. 2005. P. 275-286. Bibliogr. 63 refs. Tables. ISBN 1-4020-2951-9. DOI: 10.1007/1-40204111-X_26. **

Biological Effects of Surfactants

Bibliographic information

Title Author Edition

Biological effects of surfactants

Serge Andreevich Ostroumov illustrated

Publisher CRC/Taylor & Francis, 2006 ISBN 0849325269, 9780849325267


279 pages

Science Chemistry General Aquatic ecology Medical / Toxicology Science / Chemistry / General Science / Life Sciences / Ecology Subjects Surface active agents Surface active agents - Physiological effect Surface active agents/ Physiological effect Technology & Engineering / Environmental / General Technology & Engineering / General

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Yablokov A.V., S.A.Ostroumov. Nature Conservation: Problems and Prospects. Moscow, Lesprom

Press, 1983. 272 p., fig., tab. Bibliogr.: pp. 263-267. [In Russian]. **Some examples of citation of the book Conservation of Living Nature:;;

English and Russian versions of the book are being used as part of educational programs in the universities (examples): M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University;

Ivanovo State University; Ural State University; Ulyanovsk State University; Krasnoyarsk State University; Stavropol State University; Tyumen State University; Rostov State Pedagogical University; Kazan State Agricultural University; Rostov State University; Bukovyna State Medical University; Southern Federal University; The Georgievsk Branch of Russian State Humanitarian University; University of Malaysia; **; .., .. : , , . .: . :


. .: , 1990. - 288 .
, , . , . , , . , , , , , . : . .: . 1990. 288 ., . 63. . 48., . . 665 ., .256-282. . .. 18. .-.. 20,6. ISBN 5-02-004062-2. ( = Introduction to Problems of Biochemical Ecology: Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment). - . [ .., ...] . .. , .. -. .. . .. . . .. : " , , , . , , ". . : .. () // . . 1991. , 5. . 799 800; . , . .. // . 1992. - . 28. 5. . 108 - 109. . .: : , , . ( ) .. ( - , ), .. . : : , , // . . 1992. -. 28. 2. - . 82 83.

** in English: [book] Introduction to Problems of Biochemical Ecology: Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment. 1990. Nauka Press, Moscow. 288 p., fig., tab. Bibliogr.: pp. 256-282. [Coauthors: Telitchenko M.M., S.A.Ostroumov.] ISBN 5-02-004062-2. Published reviews of the book: Prof. Laskorin B.N. (Full Member, Academy of. Sciences.) // Izvestia Acad. Sci. Ser. Biol. (Bulletin of Acad. Sci. Biological series) 1991. No. 5. p. 799 - 800. Prof. Sirenko L.A. // Hydrobiological Journal. 1992. - V. 28. No. 5. p. 108 - 109.

Prof. Romanenko V.D. (Full Member, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Director, Institute of Hydrobiology; President, the National Society of Hydroecology of Ukraine), Romanenko A.V. // Hydrobiological Journal. 1992. - V. 28. No. 2. - p. 82 - 83. This book is actually a second, extended edition of the previous book which was in fact the first edition: Ostroumov S.A. Introduction to Biochemical Ecology. 1986. Moscow. Moscow University Press. 176 p. Figures, tables. Bibliogr.: pp. 168-174, in Russian. [Analyzed: ecological roles of natural and man-made chemicals. Inter alia, some problems of chemical communication and regulation in natural populations and ecosystems, environmental toxicology and chemistry and QSAR. Ecological functions of secondary metabolites of bacteria, fungi, algae, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates. Until now, there were no other so broad books on bio-chemical ecology in the international literature. There are no other books on bio-chemical ecology in the international literature that analyzes so broad diversity of data on metabolites of various taxa. Published reviews indicated that the book broke a fresh ground and extended the frontiers of ecology. The new concepts suggested: ecological chemomediators and ecological chemoregulators in ecosystems]. Translated into Polish and Bulgarian languages. Published reviews of the book: Priroda (Nature). 1987. No. 1. p.125;. Professor Telitchenko M.M. (Head of Department, School of Biology, Moscow University) Review of the book 'Introduction to Biochemical Ecology'. Bulletin of Moscow University. Ser. 16. Biology. 1986. No. 4. P. 58;. Prof. Stavskaya S.S. // Physiology and biochemistry of cultivated plants. 1988. v. 20, No. 1. p. 99 - 100. - Review of the book: 'Introduction to Bio-Chemical Ecology'; Prof. Pokarzhevsky .D., Semenova N.L. // Ecology. 1988, No. 2, p. 89 - 90. - Review; Prof. Sokolov .S. // grochemistry. 1987, No. 7, p. 135-136. - Review; Prof. Gusev .V. (Head of Department, and Dean, School of Biology, Moscow University) // Plant Physiology. V. 35. No. 2, p.412 - 413. - Review of the book: 'Introduction to Bio-Chemical Ecology'; Prof. Dubinin N.P. (Full Member, Acad.Sci.) // Izvestia Acad. Sci. Ser. Biol. (Bulletin of Acad. Sci. Biological series). 1988, No. 1. p. 799 - 800. - Review; Prof. B. Stugren. Introduction to Biochemical Ecology by S.A. Ostroumov (a review) // Studia Univ. Babes-Bolyai. Biologia. 1987. No. 2. P. 96 97 (in English); Dr. E. Symonides // Wiadomosci Ecologiczne, V. 33. No. 2. P. 199-201. - Review (in Polish); Review // J. General Biology. 1989. V. 50. No. 3, p. 429. **

[book] Ostroumow S. A. Wprowadzenie do ekologii biochemicznej. [=Introduction to Biochemical Ecology] Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN [= PWN Press], 1992. 205

pages [translated from Russian by J. Kurylowicz = t. z jz. ros. Jerzy Kuryowicz] ISBN-13: 9788301104542. ISBN-10: 8301104546. Format: 20,5/14,5 cm. Gewicht: 250 g. [in Polish language; the book is recommended and used at several Polish universities, including: The Technical University of Lodz (Politechnika dzka); The Jan Kochanowski University of Humanities and Sciences in Kielce; University of Wrocaw; University in Bialymstok (Uniwersytet w Bialymstoku); University in Opole (Wydzia Przyrodniczo Techniczny Uniwersytetu Opolskiego); Akademia im. Jana Dugosza, Instytut Chemii i Ochrony rodowiska, Czstochowa; Uniwersytet Kardynala Stefana Wyszynskiego, Warsaw; and other universities]. Additional information:; Biochemical ecology as a new conceptualization:; Citation of the book:; Using in education:; ** ... ..:

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