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Fee paid Rs._________ Bank Challan No. ________ Dated ________ Signature of Admin. Officer (Equivalence Cell) __________________
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1. 2. 3. The office will not be responsible for any delay in case the Application Form is not complete in all respects. The Fee for Equivalence Certificate is Rs.1100/- (Non Refundable) to be deposited in the Habib Bank, University Branch. For a duplicate Equivalence Certificate, the applicant should submit interalia an Affidavit on a Stamp Paper worth Rs.20/- duly attested by a First class Magistrate to the effect that the Equivalence Certificate issued before was not used and was lost.


Particulars of the Applicant (in capital letters) 1. Name ______________________________________________ 2. Fathers Name ______________________________________________ 3. Date of Birth ______________________________________________ 4. Address (a) Present _____________________________ _____________________________ (b) Permanent _____________________________ _____________________________ Telephone No. Res: ______________Off:______________

2 Cell No. ________________ 5. Nationality No.________________ 6. (a) __________ (b) National Identity Card

Total period of stay abroad with dates of entry and exit, if required. ____________________________
Price Rs. 20/-

3 II. Particulars of the Degree/Diploma of which equivalence is required 1. Exact nomenclature _______________________________________________ 2. Country from which qualification obtained ______________________________ 3. Normal duration of course/study ______________________________________ 4. Actual period in which degree/diploma obtained (with Proof from University) _____________________ 5. Mode of study: Full-time/Part-time/Splitdegree/Distance learning _____________________________ 6. Division/Grade/GPA in which the degree/diploma was obtained _____________________________ 7. Medium of instruction _________________________________ 8. Purpose of equivalence: specify please _____________________________ 9. Name of Punjab University degree with which equivalence is required ________________________________ III. Particulars of the University conferring degree/diploma 1. Name of University/Institution & examining body Conferring the degree _______________________ 2. Legal Status of the University/Institutions: StateFunded, private, others _______________________ 3. Name of authority granting accreditation ________________________________ 4. Mailing address of the University/Institution ___________________________________ 5. A certificate showing the status of Degree/Diploma/University issued ___________________________________ by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad

IV. Particulars of syllabi and examination requirements of the degree/diploma of which equivalence is required 1. Field of Study __________________________________________________________

4 2. (i) Total Nos of Credit hours _________________ Subject studied

Max. Marks in each subject Minimum pass marks Marks obtained in each subject

( i )

Total requisite lectures



No. & Nature of major & minor subjects

Full details of Education

Degree B.A./B.Sc. M.A./M.Sc. Diploma Others University/Institution Date of attendance Other details

VII Any other information which could be helpful in determining the status of your qualification (Use extra sheet if necessary)

VIII. Documents required 1. Original and attested photocopy of each degree/diploma obtained with English translation, if required. 2. Photocopy of transcripts year-wise duly signed & stamped by the issuing authority. 3. Proof of registration for the degree/diploma (a copy of admission letter etc. be provided). 4. Printed/photocopy of the syllabus from the official record of the institution conferring the degree (English version only). 5. Documentary evidence of completion of studies abroad, (supported by original and a photocopy of passport with visa entries, University letter etc.) 6. Equivalence by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. 7. Copy of National Identity Card. 8. A cop of Certificate of Registration of Pakistan Engineering Council/Pakistan Medical & Dental Council/Pakistan Pharmacy Council. 9. Equivalence Fee (Original Bank Challan). (Non-refundable) IX. Declaration I hereby solemnly declare that the documents presented/attached are genuine, and have neither been altered nor tampered with. I understand that in case of falsification of documents tendered or the wrong information supplied/concealment of correct information, I shall be held responsible for the consequences including legal action. I enclose the required documents and request for equivalence.


Signature of Applicant