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Betsey Merkel Google+ Profile Social Business Systems Architect Specialist in Process Design, Network Strategy and Social Media Knowledge Curation August 29, 2011 "We create opportunities for people to do unexpected and great things when we make networks that are more inclusive." - Anil Dash, blogger, entrepreneur and geek, NYC. Hi and Welcome! I'm a community developer with advanced skills in Process Design, Network Strategy and Social Media Knowledge Curation. I architect, build, and orchestrate support networks for emerging enterprise systems. As a consultant I work with individuals, organizations, firms, universities and colleges to craft enterprise systems that achieve social business development goals. I started integrating communications, programs, and performance in educational residencies nationally as a managing & performing artist in the late 1980's. Since then, I've continued to refine process to advance audience development by incorporating innovative social practices, knowledge curation, and collaborative web 2.0 technologies. In networked economies this entails knowledge management, program design, compassionate leadership, collaborative technology platform development, and creating communication systems to support, attract, and cultivate community for social business.

Communities I've developed

Working collaboratively, I design systems to fine-tune activity, support existing assets, and reveal emergence establishing a deeper connection to market value and audience attraction for competitive advantage. I've listed the basic pillars of social business architecture (with examples) for entrepreneurs, organizations and businesses below -#1 Research-Industry Networks. I specialize in building research-industry networks. From May 2010 through Oct 2010, I had a chance to do just that as part of a team led by Massachusetts Institute of Technology's 's Center for Collective Intelligence, SCAD, Betsey Merkel, Process Designer, Network Strategist, and Social Media Knowledge Curator | Ph: 216-246-2447 | E-mail: | Skype: betseymerkel | Blog:

2 the Savannah College of Art & Design, and Wayne State University's, College of Engineering, Department of Industrial & Systems Manufacturing. By creating a support system of social media, knowledge curation, online audiences, and organized publishing, the research-industry community attracted nearly 100,000 broadcast viewer minutes in less than three weeks post conference. Heres a blog post about the project ~

How To Build Research-Industry Networks to Advance Business Development

The MIT/CCI, SCAD, and Wayne State University conference steering committee's testimonial on behalf of my work ~

COINs 2010 Conference Steering Committee Testimonial for Betsey Merkel

#2 Program Design. Gathering people for conversations is an important step in catalyzing entrepreneurial enterprise. I'll help you create the open, neutral spaces to convene cutting-edge programming in collaboration with entrepreneurs, organizations, universities, industry, and government leaders relevant to your industry. For program support tools, I'm fluent in broadcast technology platforms, multimedia editing, brand integration, and am known for "the best curation and distribution of knowledge resources." I've been blogging and building collaborative community platforms on the WWW since 2004 on pmwiki, PBWiki, Ning, Blogspot and Blogger, Drupal,, Joomla,,, and I'm proficient in social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, Flickr, Extendr, and basic analytic tools such as Klout. And I'm a skilled videographer, live channel broadcaster (since 2008), digital illustrator, and creative media publisher working with Livestream, Vimeo, You Tube, Flickr, Scribd, Slideshare, Yudu, as well as being able to assimilate other tools as needed and/or collaborate with technology specialists. Here's a blog post about my work in broadcast conversations ~

Broadcast Conversations: Midtown Brews and Women's Enterprise Network

#3 Social Media Knowledge Curation. Content organizes business intelligence and improves our ability to respond on a net-centric level to audiences. Working with me will Betsey Merkel, Process Designer, Network Strategist, and Social Media Knowledge Curator | Ph: 216-246-2447 | E-mail: | Skype: betseymerkel | Blog:

3 teach you how to curate community intelligence and design communications that catalyze enterprise and build capacity in open systems.

Content I've developed

One example is The Power of Collaborative Conversations, an interview recorded by David Hodgson with Ken Homer, Founder & Principal, Collaborative Conversations. The interview shares an overview of Kens life work in a naturally coherent, meaningful, and educational way for viewers ~

The Power of Collaborative Conversations at I-Open on Vimeo

#4 Specialized Communications. The ease of desktop publishing and sophisticated direct email platforms enables us to share knowledge that's meaningful to our audiences. From the resulting comments and discussion we can gather business intelligence to innovate services and improve customer/community member satisfaction. I've listed some examples I've built below: Video. The I-Open Civic Wisdom Library hosts insights and innovations of entrepreneurs in Open Source Economic Development.

I-Open on Vimeo

Images. Based on my experience in community development, I publish Experience Maps to aid strategic thinking and doing in complex business environments.

Experience Maps on Flickr

Documents. The I-Open Library on Scribd is a resource for entrepreneurs and organizations in Open Source Economic Development.

I-Open Library on Scribd

The Four Pillars of Social Business Architecture support the design and development of the spaces we inhabit as humans face-to-face and online with the aid of Internet technology.

Social Business Architecture Map

I created and tested the Civic Forum Process to develop the open, neutral spaces within social business architecture while working at Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management Center for Regional Economic Issues from 2003 to 2005 and further with the Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) from 2005 Betsey Merkel, Process Designer, Network Strategist, and Social Media Knowledge Curator | Ph: 216-246-2447 | E-mail: | Skype: betseymerkel | Blog:

4 to 2009. Forums cultivate appreciative habits of leadership, creativity, and collaboration to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship in Open Source Economic Development. Similar to a residency, a Civic Forum Process can easily be convened in any town, city, or campus with a constructive exponential effect on networks, collaborative behavior, and transformative enterprise generation.

Map of the Civic Forum Process Civic Forums Accelerate Innovation in Education, Economic, and Workforce Development

Examples of Communities I've designed, built and developed.

Collaborative Innovation Networks: COINs Conference Defrag Ohio I-Open + see all links RH sidebar Midtown Brews Swarm Creativity REI.Tuesdays Women's Enterprise Network

Published Paper. COINs: An economic development tool for education, economic and workforce development in Open Source Economic Development. 2010. ScienceDirect Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 4, 2010, Pages 6516-6531.The 1st Collaborative Innovation Networks Conference - COINs2009 Education & References.

Betsey Merkel Resume Recommendations for Betsey Merkel

If you're a business owner, entrepreneur, or organization administrator, I hope this information helps you understand the tremendous value developing community brings to social business. Work with me! Is there an area of business you'd like to improve? Can I help you build your social business community? Would you like to align your investments and strengthen communication and connectivity? Betsey Merkel, Process Designer, Network Strategist, and Social Media Knowledge Curator | Ph: 216-246-2447 | E-mail: | Skype: betseymerkel | Blog:

5 Let's start talking! Email me at I'll be posting new resources, programs, and services for you soon, so stay tuned! Yours, Betsey Merkel E-mail: Ph: USA 216-246-2447 Skype: betseymerkel Honored to Share: RT @JohnWLewis #innochat @DavidHolzmer @complexified: #FF @betseymerkel for the best curation and distribution of knowledge resources.. "Betsey is as smart as they come and a big vision holder capable of translating great ideas into actionable plans. What I so appreciate about Betsey is the quality of her being, brilliance of mind, generous nature of heart and commitment to using tools and technology in service of a world awakening." - @Ken_Homer, Founder & Principal, Collaborative Conversations and World View Literacy Project Manager, Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

Betsey Merkel, Process Designer, Network Strategist, and Social Media Knowledge Curator | Ph: 216-246-2447 | E-mail: | Skype: betseymerkel | Blog: