Webinar Readiness Checklist

As with any technology enhanced activity, pre-planning is important. Simple checks and prior set-up enriches the experience for everyone involved.

Physical Work Space Set-up for Optimum Learning Scenario 1: Each participant needs to be in their own private work area with their own cell phone or landline. If possible no other participants share the same room, computer or telephone. Interactions will make it necessary for each participant to respond independently from their own phone and computer. Scenario 2: Participants can gather in several locations throughout the district. A ³Team Leader´ at each site will be responsible for making sure that side-bar conversation and other disruptions are kept to a minimum. In this case, one computer hooked to a projector and a speaker-phone will be used to link all webinar attendees. This scenario will only be used when group work sessions are necessary as a part of the Professional Development.

Conference PlusŒ In order to assure that the live internet link successfully logs participants on to the web-based portion of the webinar, it is crucial to keep the original email invitation and to click the highlighted link rather than use a ³cut and pasted´ copy.

Audio Connections If the participant is at a workstation with a telephone that allows for a call back, once joining the web conference, they should input their phone number into the pop-up window for a call back. If they are using a main school line (or are utilizing a speaker phone as in Scenario 2), they should simply call in to the toll-free number also found in the original email invitation.

General Technical Troubleshooting With any web conferencing tool, firewalls in the district should be tested prior to the first webinar. If Active X cannot run, the system will automatically prompt to run through Java. This might include the necessity to have the admin rights to install. Included in each invitation will be a link to system test to confirm connectivity prior to the scheduled meeting. After running this test, should any issues surface contact your

Evans Newton Incorporated 2011

Webinar Readiness Checklist
district IT department or the Conference PlusΠhelpdesk by phone at 1.888.767.9386 or email at webhelp@meetme.net.

Technical Specifications for Windows Windows 2000, XP 32-bit (SP3), 2003, Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit Internet Explorer 6/7/8, Firefox 3.x, 4(32-bit), Chrome 5/6/7, JavaScript and cookies enabled, Sun Java 5 or higher, recommend ActiveX be enabled for Internet Explorer, Intel or AMD processor (1GHz or faster), at least 512MB RAM (at least 2GB for Vista), Net books running Windows XP also supported.

Technical Specifications for Macintosh Mac OS X 10.5. 10.6 Safari 4/5, Firefox 3.x, 4, Chrome 5/6/7, JavaScript and cookies enabled, requires Apple Java 5 or higher, no support for Remote Access, Intel processor, at least 512MB RAM

Essential Preparations Prior to each Session Receive email invitation with: - link to download slide deck, - any pre-assignment or suggested pre-reading, - handouts, activity sheets or any supporting documentation as applicable attached, - live link to join webinar, - direct call in information if necessary. Save email. Complete pre-assignment(s) as applicable. Download slide deck to desktop file Print any documents according to email invitation directions Scenario 1: Set up in a quiet workspace for minimal interruptions Scenario 2: Set up a comfortable room for multiple participants with projected webinar visible for all and a speakerphone. Protocols for participation should be set in advance (muted cell phones, no side-bar conversations, system for entering information into chat, and joining other online interactions.) Turn off any alarms, other phones, etc. to minimize background noise Double check computer and telephone Use the link from the original email to log on at least 10 minutes prior to the start time If you are using a telephone that can get a call-back, enter your telephone number Notify any expected callers that you will be unable to put your telephone on ³hold´

Evans Newton Incorporated 2011

Webinar Readiness Checklist
during this Professional Development session (if your callers listen to music when you take a second call, that music will be broadcasted to the entire group on the webinar)

The Participant Screen, Tools and Webinar Protocol You should see: Video of Facilitator in top right corner of the screen Your name on the Participant list (just as you typed it to join the meeting) A telephone icon beside your name (if you received a call back) A red ³X´ beside that icon if your phone is muted A ³Raise Hand´ button below (Remember to lower your hand once an interaction has ended) A Chat Drop Down Menu that should be set to ³Everyone´ (you can switch it if it is not) A space below that in which to type with a ³Send´ button for interactive chat (please do not chat privately to anyone but the Host or Moderator) Annotation tools across the top that may be grayed out (please do not use these unless directed when they are live)

Who to Contact at Evans Newton, Inc. 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Eastern Carole Everhart Virtual Implementation Manager Email ceverhart@evansnewton.com Office 703.751.0240 8:00 a.m. ± 4:00 p.m Mountain (AZ) Charlie Hernandez Tech Support Email: chernandez@evansnewton.com

Cell 858.248.3280

Office 800.443.0544

Evans Newton Incorporated 2011

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