UN NGO Consultative Status ESCO & DPI 1981

President: Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein, England Fair Oak 004423 80692621 President Elect: Dr Tara Pir, USA, Los Angeles, CA (213) 381-1250 Past President: : Dr Ann Marie O’Roark, USA St. Augustine, FL 904 461 3382 Treasurer: Dr. Gerald L. Gamache, USA St. Augustine, FL 904 824 5668 Assistant to Treasurer: Dr Scott Fraser, USA, Los Angeles, CA (310) 204-1373 Secretary:Dr. Donna Goetz, USA, Lombard, IL,

Name of recipient: Name of appointment: Dear Marcelo,

Dr Marcelo Urra ICP Liaison – Society for Interamerican Psychology

(630) 627-4969 DIRECTORS AT LARGE
Term Expires in 2012 Prof. Amos A. Alao, BOTSWANA Dr. Michael J. Stevens USA Dr Sarlito Sarwono, INDONESIA Dr Edit Nagy-Tanaka, JAPAN Dr. Justina Aire, CARRIBEAN Dr. Cheng-Chien Chen, TAIWAN Dr. Robert Morgan, SINGAPORE Dr Rosalind Davido FRANCE Term Expires in 2113 Dr Neil Rubin, USA Dr Richard Velayo, USA Dr Janet Sigal, USA Dr Roberta Milgram, ISRAEL Voting Board Representatives World Area Chair Coordinator Dr. Sandra E.S. Neil, Australia Membership Chair Dr. Julia Rose, England Graduate Student Representative Erica Greene, USA Early Career Representative TBA Non-Voting Board Representatives UN NGO Chair Dr. Florence Denmark, USA International Association Liaison Chair Dr. Joy Rice, USA Continuing Education Chair Dr. Ani Kalayjian, USA Interest Groups & IP Research Coordinator Dr Merima Isakovic, Australia

As President of ICP I welcome you to the appointment of ICP Liaison – Society for Interamerican Psychology. Your valuable work will help to promote the mission of ICP, which is:  To advance the science and practice of psychology and to support the use of psychological knowledge to promote social health and justice;  To contribute to world peace and human rights for all peoples by helping to empower under-represented ethnic and culturally diverse groups:  To encourage global wellness through promotion and integration of health and mental health services globally, and  To foster international professional development, networking, communication, mentoring and friendship among psychologists and allied mental health professionals and social scientists. I know that you will work diligently and professionally and look forward to you being part of our team. We thank you for your willingness to help ICP spread the good word and increase membership and collaboration. Best wishes,

President of ICP

Central Communications: open
The International Psychologist [IP] Dr. Ann Marie O’Roark and Nancy Quatrano Ii ICP WEBSITE ADDRESS B http://www.icpweb.org Management: Dr.Beverly Stevens ARCHIVES Dr Donna Goetz, USA : Dr. Anna Laur Dr 68thConvention Proceedings D Dr. Anna Laura Comunian Dr. Ludwig F. Lowenstein Dr. Sandra E.S. Neil Dr. Ann M. O’Roark L BYLAWS & Policies&Procedures Dr. Dennis Trent, UK Dr.Ann Laura Comunian, Italy

FINANCE Committee Chair

Dr. Michael Stevens USA

Early Career Dr. Cecilia Cheng, HONG KONG, CHINA Feminist / Gender: Dr. Joan Chrisler, USA Latin American student: Dr. Sherri McCarthy In Absentia POSTERS: Dr. Anna Laura Dr Comunian, Italy Distinguished Contributions: Dr Anna Laura Comunian, Italy

Long Range Conference Planning Janet Sigal USA 2012 LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS Dr Ana Guil SPAIN 2012 Scientific Program Chair Tara Pir, USA Julia Rose, UK & Donna Goetz, USA 2012 Conference Registrar Dr. Gerald Gamache 2012 Continuing Education Dr. Anie Kalayjian

Dr Anna Lauras

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