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Nursing Board Exam Tips

I took the Nursing board exam last July 2 & 3, 2011 with barely enough preparation. A lot of things happened after my graduation which was last March 31, 2011 that hindered me in focusing on my nursing review. But still I passed the nursing board exam. I found out the real secret in passing it, and even how to top the board exam. I started attending a nursing review class last April 18th, but was absent afterwards because of a grand getaway to a secluded island. On the 27th I returned in the review class and started focusing on it. Here are the things I did in two months in order to pass the nursing board exam:

Believe in the review center you where enrolled in. Listen to the lecturers and take important notes. Answer the questionnaires that the review center gave you, and listen to the rationales.

Every night, review your notes on the days discussion, including the questionnaires and rationales.

Take note of your mistakes, and make sure you wont repeat the same mistake again. Read the book Fundamentals of Nursing by Udan (I read this in two days only, and was not able to absorb half of it). Medical Surgical Nursing has two sets in the board exam, NP3 and NP4, and proven to be the hardest. Better master the following topics: o Hypertension o Cardiovascular Disease o Diabetes Mellitus o Hyperthyroidism Hypothyroidism o Addisons Disease Cushing Disease o Hyperparathyroidism Hypoparathyroidism o D.I. SIADH

o Stroke o Burns o Emergency Nursing Insect bites, snake bites, bee sting, etc. o Perioperative Nursing o Tracheostomy Care o Urinary Catherization o Laboratory Values ( those common only)

Remember that we are not Einstein, we are not geniuses, and we are only average studentswe tend to forget immediately what weve read. Since we do not have a photographic memory, we need to apply the following strategies in answering the board exam questions: o Use the 3Cs. Common sense, Critical Thinking and Confidence.

o Put yourself in a hospital setting, or imagine yourself in a given situation, what you need to do as a nurse. o If you encounter first initial action of the nurse, look for the word assess in the choices.

If ask about the highest priority or most appropriate action automatically choose the ABC (airway, breathing, circulation).

o Dont call the doctor, unless the patient is dying. Use your nursing intervention first, like changing position for lung expansion. o Do not answer anything with administration of medication choose independent nursing intervention first. But if no other choices and badly in need for the patient like in pain, then answer administration of medication as prescribed. o All the choices Tell me or tell me how you feel are the correct answer.

o In Psychia, most of the choices that have the word feeling are the correct answer. o Most of the choices are confusing, especially in psychia, then use the pinakamabait or saintly intervention. Most likely thats the correct answer. If you want to top the board exam, practice and master answering the Saunders Q & A NCLEX Reviewer for RN. Most of the Review Centers questionnaires are taken from this book, even the NLE board exam itself.

Read the Saunders Comprehensive NCLEX Reviewer for RN. This was used like a Bible for some nursing board exam topnotchers. Lastly and most importantly, PRAYERS lots of prayers, only God can perform miracles.