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"Take me through the process you use to check that you have the right details from a customer.

"- you can always ask to confirm that you got the information correct. "Describe a time that you picked up an error or problem that had been overlooked by others at work."wala "Tell me about a time that you had a confusing interaction with a customer, how did you clarify things?" -I havent experience yet but I can ask probing queastons and you can always ask to clarify the details. Answer Guidelines : Describe your attention to all details of the customer interaction, however small. Show how you clarify the details, ensure you have complete information and accurately check your work processes and output. Adaptability Customer Service means dealing with a variety of people and demands, the ability to adjust to the situation is an important job requirement. "Describe a time you had to change you approach to customer because your initial attempts were unsuccessful."- I never felt the need to change styles. I can always get their attention by being friendly. "Tell me about a time you have had to adjust to a new manager who had a different management style to what you were used to." "Give an example of when you had to deal with a major change in the customer relationship practices in your workplace." Answer Guidelines : Show how you are able to maintain your effectiveness in different situations and dealing with different people. Describe how you adjusted your approach and behavior to meet different needs and demands.

Patience and Stress Tolerance It is difficult to keep calm and patient when dealing with unreasonable and demanding customers, however this is an essential competency when providing efficient customer service! This will be assessed with a customer service interview question such as: "Tell me about a recent situation with a customer that really tested your patience."- I found that almost all of the customers I got to interact with were very nice and accommodating. I never really had the opportunity to handle such a question. "What do you see as being the greatest challenges today in the customer service industry?"-maintaining the quality of the service provided.why do you say so? "What do you regard as being the most positive aspects of dealing with customers?"I feel a sense of fulfillment when I help somebody out. So its probably the same thing with customers. Know how to answer other frequently asked questions such as "What does excellent customer service mean to you?"

What irritates you a - I dont like it when my co-workers are not approachable to answer questions. And when I cant rely on them for assistance. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure. -imp thing about working under pressure is not to loose sight of your current objective. Example- we were required to close a 6 deal w/in 3 months on the third month I only close 2 deals but that did not stop me from pursuing my clients. Describe your work ethics -respect is no 1. whether its a colleague, subordinate or a superior. And trust in your coworkers in the company. Always give priority to your customers Intercontinental hotel group- from what I can tell from your ads it appears that your line of business is reservation assistant for people would like to stay in one of your partner hotels. How did you learn about ihg I saw ur ad in manila bulletin. Why did you want to work in ihg. =my husband had a friend who work in this company and he said that this is a sound company give good benefits in compensation and the job is not that stressful. I only know him by his first name Nathan. -I believe that your company is the best when it comes to reservation assistant and I want to be part of it. (why d u want to be part of it- I feel that im inclined to do customer service, doin reservation assts would mean I would get to help a lot more people w/in an 8hr shift)(I want to have a piece of the pie). Why best- you handle international hotels with an endless line of clients every day how can that not be impressive. I would like my boss to be a role model when it comes to integrity, reliability and fairness. Biggest professional disappointment Honestly, My biggest professional disappointment is my nursing career. Because were like parasites we killed the nursing industry here in the phil. Bec there so many of us. And the industry cannot cope up. So were left with hundreds of thousands of unemployed nurses. Do u still want to pursue your nursing career

No. Ive already wasted 2years of my adult life waiting for opportunities. I now feel that it is more Important to establish myself as a career woman but not specifically for the medical field. Im opening my doors to new and better opportunities. Are u a team player? Yes. I go beyond the performance of my responsibilities by helping out my team mates to ensure that they accomplish their responsibilities as well. Ex.- WHEN I WAS STILL WORKING I help out my team mates prepare their flyers I talked with them planning how well be able to cover a larger area to be at better exposure and I back up my team mates whenever I can to help them close a deal. But not everybody does it. Are you a multi-tasker. Yes. There was a time that I took care my husbands computer shop I found out that it was possible for me to do typing jobs, printing, downloading, and customer relation at the same time. Not to mention im a mother I do the laundry, clean milk bottles, feed my kid and putting my kid to sleep at the same time. Why do u want to work here in results?

Why do you want to be a call center agent. I want to be a call center agent because I like to interact with people of different backgrounds and culture. I feel that im inclined(duon ka papunta towards customer service) to helping other people. How long would you expect to work for us if hired? Long enough to get promoted and be a part of management team. (I dont plan to be an agent all my life.) How do you see your self 3 years from now? I can see myself 3 years from now il be doing something different. Definitely not an gent position. I want to be part of the operations team.

My responsibility as a real estate agent is to look for prospective clients. We spent our time in giving flyers for 12hrs in sm malls and we did some field work. When some clients had inquiries we presented our showroom and discussed with them the units that we are selling. (In that kind of work our salary is not fixed and stable. We are required to

sell a condominium w/in 3months so we can have our salary. but if you werent able to sell, by the fourth month you will not receive any salary) The challenging part that I encountered was looking for prospective buyers. (imagine standing and hoping for 12hrs that somebody will come along and purchase a unit.) I did not give up easily in that kind of work because I believed that my perseverance (matiyaga) and optimism will be fruitful. It turns out I was right. I was able to successfully sell 3 units before the end of my first 3months. It was a very fulfilling time for me. As a novice in that kind of industry my boss and colleagues were approachable and reliable. They were very professional when it comes to work. What motivates you? My dreams in life. If I want to achieve something ill do everything to reach my goal. One good example is I want to become an operations manager someday. What I will do is to have faith that it will happen, be self motivated, be optimistic and be determined. Thats what I always thought. And of course I must perform my job well in order to achieve it. -(I know There will be hurdles in achieving my dreams but I always put my weapon (I always pray) and not be distracted to my detractors.) -One of my strongest points is I dont give up easily and I always strive to succeed. Wayback 2007 as a marketing agent My strategy to succeed is to be self motivated and be optimistic. what I do is to look for prospective buyers and discuss our products, give flyers in sm malls for 12hrs and do field work. For the 4 months that I spent, I never gave up that I will be able to sell a condominium. And then, success!!! I was able to sell 3 units. -Strengths - I am patient enough to cope up with the job. When I was still a marketing agent, Every night, I always studied our product. The dimensions of each unit, what the view is in any direction. How to compute for the monthly amortizations because theres a lot of payment options available. - I always recognize my superiors authority. I respect my superiors decisions. Whatever they ask me to do for the betterment of the company, I do it. If they criticized my work I always took it in a positive way because I know their helping me out to be successful. - I am willing to learn. I love to learn something new to enhance my skills. I spent days and nights studying what I wanted to learn. I never gave up on it because it gives me fulfillment and boost my confidence when I succeed.

Weakness i sometimes let my emotions control me but when that happens I always pray to god to remove what im feeling and after that its all gone. you just have to believe that its gone. And be positive about life. Whats your worst failure?/ whats the biggest mistake you have ever made? i wasnt able to focus myself early on. I regret having wasted a few years of my life doing something that I would not eventually pursue. But, I dont regret the things that happened because ive learned a few life lessons. (what did u learn- i always let my parents decide for me. Now, when i want to achieve something I have to fight for it not in a rebellious manner. i talk to them about it and tell them that it will make me happy at the same time it allows me to be more open to them.) greatest achievements personally, being able to pass the nurse licensure examination. I was able to make my parents happy and proud. Are you a fast learner? Yes. Last month I had my call center training in excel asia. I had to improve my comm. Skills in 5 days. So what our trainer did in our class is to have an oral exam everyday. To get to know our classmates, we talk in front of the class to get over our shyness and brush up on our grammar. I believe I was able to improve my comm. Skills in 5 days. What have you learned? I learned that for me to be able to enhance my comm Skills, i have to have the guts when talking to someone (lakas ng loob) and be confident doing so. What is your philosophy to work? I will reap what i sow. If I perform my job well ill not only be compensated I will continue to learn, grow, and evolve. Eventually, become better in what I do and ultimately become a better person. Why do you think you would do well on this job? Because iv prepared myself mentally and emotionally for the possible challenges This job entails such as first af all its a night shift job, youll talking to different cultures and ill be working with wide variety of personality types(there are people to easy get along with, there are people who are hard to please) What are you looking for in a job? opportunities. What kind of person would you refuse to work with?uncooperative. Tell a suggestion you have made? Why results?

I belive that your comp offers the best opportunity for growth. (why best- because your accounts fresh start well be handling new accounts its a fresh start for everybody its a level playing field)
What have you done to improve relations with your customers? -By building rapport, by being knowledgeable about the product that we are presenting and executing request in a very timely manner. And they have to trust me. How to trust u- by being honest telling what the real deal is as long as its within company policies. Excellent customer service.-is going beyond the extra mile. Situation-I had a client once but he did not buy a unit but he was so please about how I handled his questions that he introduced to two of his friends one of which bought a unit. I consider this excellent customer service because I made an impression on the first customer I was able to win his trust and confidence. And I was able to deliver

How do you handle problems with customers? Give an example. I make it to a point to listen to understands what the real problem lies. I keep my composure. I do my best resolve the issue as quicky as possible. How do you go about establishing rapport with a customer? What have you done to gain their confidence? Give an example. Empathy is very important.(feeling what the customer feels)when it comes to building rapport (bec ) it delineates small talk from real conversation. when building rpport I make surre that to a certain extent im able to relate to what my customer is saying about whenter it about money family work etc. Give a specific example of a time when you had to address an angry customer. What was the problem and what was the outcome? I never had encountered an angry customer. If ever, what would you do. Keep calm. Maintain your tone of voice and professional attitude. How would you asses your role in diffusing the situation? Keep calm. Try to figure out what happen. Assess the situation. Assess,diagnos,planning,Intervention, evaluation. It is very important to build good relationships at work but sometimes it doesn't always work. If you can, tell about a time when you were not able to build a successful relationship with a difficult person. We have personal differences but I make sure that our work IT doesnt interfere. Tell us about a time when you built rapport quickly with someone under difficult conditions. There was a time that build a rapport in less than 30 secs, because they were driving, greet, maybe u like to buy con unit someday. Then I give a flyer