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Me: Good evening mam, Good evening sir Technical hr: Good evening, me Asutosh and handshake with

me Me: Also handshaked and told myself bhabani sankar and stood around 5 second Technical hr: Please sit down Me: Sat and told thank you sir Technical: You are from Orissa Me: Ya Technical: How far cuttack is from your house? Me: It is about 60 kms from cuttack Technical: What you know except C and C++?(I wrote C and C++ as my language in CV) Me: I know computer network and mobile communication. Technical: Ok. You know C and C++ very well? Me: Actually I am from Electronics background. I had to give importance on my branch subjects in 4 years. as software was my dream so I was always in touch with C and C++. I know the basics of C and C++ very well Technical: Tell me the basic difference between C and C++ Me: Told about 4 points about C and C++ and difference between them Technical: What is header file and how it works? Me: Told confidently Technical: Whats the work of printf()? Me: Told Technical: Whats the work of scanf()? Me: Told Technical: You know while and do while loop? Me: ya I know Technical: Ok write syntax of for loop Me: for(i=0;i<=0,i++) actually I forgot the semicolons between them. He help me Technical: Can we write i+++? Me: Yes we can write it in C program but we cant write in for loop HR: Ok if I will write simplely as for(; ;) will it show the output? Me: No I will not show as there is not any condition within brackets HR: Why? Syantax is correct. Right? It will compile or not? Then what will be the output? Me: It will print a garbage value HR: Where it will find a garbage value Me: There may be previously stored garbage value

HR:Ok you know C++? Me: I know the special features of C++ HR: What is inheritance? Me: Told confidently HR: What is polymorphism? Me: Told with confusion HR: Give examples Me: Unable to give HR: What the difference between class and object? Me: Told with examples HR: What is recursive function? Me: Sorry I dony know the detail about recursive function HR: Ok just tell what is recursive function Me: Told(the function that calls itself) HR: Can you write a program to find factorial of a number using recursive function? Me: Sir, I have not prepared abt this program HR: Which program you can write in C Me: I can swap two variables without using 3rd variable HR: Ok write. I was trying to wrting the whole program but he told to write only the logic Me:-a=a+b b=a-b a=a-b HR: Ok explain using a =5 b=10 M: I explained HR: You know data structure? Was it in your course? Me: Yes I kone the basics HR: What is linked list, what is stack Me: Explained HR: What is difference between stack and queue? Me: Explained HR: You know Java? Me: No, I dont know Java HR: What other subjects you know? Me: I know compute networks

HR: Ok explain tcp/ip protocol Me: Explained HR: What are the different types of ip addresses? Me: Told and explained HR: What other protocols you know? Me: I couldnot remember any other protocols. HR: Tell about peer to peer network and shared network? Difference between them? Me: Told HR: Which other subjects you know? Me: Mobile communication HR: Except mobile communication which subjects you know? Me: I was silent I could not remember any subjects that I am confident in. Then technical asked the HR manager(female) to ask questions. HR: What are your weakness? Me: Told HR: TCS is present at many centres including remote areas. Do you want to be relocated? Me: I am ready to work anywhere for TCS HR: How you believe that you have team leading capability? Me: Told HR: Why TCS? Me: My brother is working for a TATA Group company for last 6 years. HR: Both HRs asked at same time why? Me: He has told me that job satisfaction is there is TATA Group of comanies and for me it is the no1 it service provider and oursourcer in India and outside world also. They were happy at this time HR: Why should we select you? Me: Told about my strong areas and team building capability. And told them for the above reasons I feel I am the best candidate for TCS. HR: Ok thank you so much. Me: Handshaked and told thank you so much mam. Mean time other HR asked me You have to take a Pakoda at least". Actually there was pokoda in the table in front of me and HR shared with me. Me: First handshake with male HR and picked one pokoda from plate and again thanked them. HR: One more thing. Please nut the tie properly while next time) (Actually my tie was loose. I could not get any time to size my tie) Me: I smiled and thanked again to both of them and left the place

Me : May I come in Sir... Interviewer : ya sure.. Me : Thank you sir. Interviewer : (while watching my form)So,'s the day going? Me : It's a fine day sir. But I'm a bit tensed. Interviewer : why so? Me : It's my life's first interview sir. Interviewer : (smiling) Do you need some water?(offering me a bottle of water) Me : Yes sir...Thank you. Interviewer : Feeling better now. Me : Yes sir, thanks again. Interviewer : Pritam ,tell me something about yourself. Me : Told.(plaese be prepared for this, this is your chance to impress the interviewer at the very beginning of the interview). I gave him my introduction, citing my strong points & I ended my introduction with a question : "Is there anything else you want to know about me sir??".. Interviewer : No Pritam , That's fine. Do you know binary tree? what is it? Me : Told. Interviewer : Good. What is binary search? whats its time complexity? Me : Told.(I think he liked my answer) Interviewer : Ok. Do you know about linked lists? Me : Yes sir. Interviewer : Whats the difference between link list and array? Me : I told about memory allocations..etc.. Interviewer : Write a code for insertion at any position in singly linked list. Me : Sir, should i write the whole code or just the logic will do? Interviewer : Ok, explain the logic. Me : Told. Interviewer : Do you know DBMS? what is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS? Me : answered. Interviewer : What is normalization? Explain the normal forms. Me : Sir, I cn explain upto BCNF..Idont know 4th n 5th nf very well. Interviewer : Ok, do it. Me : I answered with an example. The example I had given was a poor example(I gave a,b,c,d as column names) as I forgot the example I prepared, so be prepared with a real world example. Interviewer : Fine. Do you know C? Me : Yes sir. Interviewer : Write a program to print * * * * * * height is given by the user. Me : i quickly did it.

Interviewer : Good. Now can you print 1 23 456 like this? Me : I did. Interviewer : What's the similarity between structures and union? Me : Answered. Interviewer : Do you know java? Me : Yes sir. Interviewer : What are the types of polymorphism in java? Me : Itold with examples I prepared from Herbert Schildt.. Interviewer : Ok. Why do you want to join TCS? Me : I told about the stature of the company, how I can make myself & the company grow in a mutual environment...also told about various awards TCS got, great feedback from my senior who are TCS employee..also told about N Chandrashekharan, who joined TCS as trainee like us & now is the CEO. Interviewer : (Impressed)Ok Pritam, thats all I need to know.(Smiling) Do you have any question? Me : Yes Sir. I was going through the TCS website yesterday and the first thing that I saw was Global Network Delivery Model. I am very eager to know what is it? Interviewer : It's a vast topic pritam. But to be precise...(then he explained the basic idea of GNDM).. Me : Thank you sir. It's a pleasure to talk with you sir. Interviewer : Same here Pritam. (Than he willingly brought his hand forward to shake my hand) Me : Shook his hand with a smile in face.Then again saying thank you, I came out of the room.

HR: Good Afternoon. Have a seat. Tell m something about yourself. Me: I told about me, my hobbies, and my interests. HR: OK.As you have mentioned u know C++, java Me: yes sir. HR: tell me the basic difference between C++ and java. Me: A basic difference is pointers. In java there are no pointers while in C++ there is pointer. In java there is no multiple inheritances while in C++ there is. HR: what are multiple inheritances? Me: explained with diagram and i explained about some virtual functions. HR: What is TCP? Me: its the connection oriented protocol and some more points learn about it. HR: draw TCP/IP model. Me:i draw it completely also explained about some points about it. I explain IP.

HR: ask about IP and their types. Me: told some point about IP4 and IP6. HR: you have mentioned Oracle also? Me: yes sir, HR: what is oracle? Me:it is database software and some more told about it. HR: ask difference between delete, truncate, drops. Me:i explained only about delete and drop. I forget about truncate. Sir I am not sure about truncate. Please prepare well HR: ok.tell me about your experience about your life. Me: told my strong points about my struggled life. HR: why do you want to join TCS? Me: Sir, It is one of the toppest IT company around the world. Its my dream company. Also my friends and seniors suggest me to join TCS.It has global exposure for overall improvement HR: Do you have any questions? Me: Yes, What do you think about me and weakness points? HR: Be cool and calm and dont be nerous.Because in future you have to face lot of problems. You are an honest person. Ok you may go now. Me: thank you. Sir