! ! Individuals of Team AMSET have associated in carrying out Energy Audit assignments in variety of establishments. Prominent Industries include Cement, Chemicals, Dairy, Paper, Biomass power plants, Forging, Foudry,Tea factories, Textiles, Rubber manufacturing units. Prominent Commercial establishments include Hotels [3 star & above], Hospitals, Malls and Shops Others include big temple complexes, educational institutes etc AMSET Energy has necessary instruments to carry out comprehensive Energy Audits.

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Energy share in Manufacturing cost-range % 60--70 9--11 35--45 10--15 22--25 4--6 8--10 15--20 17--19 22--25 2--3 12--15 2--3 12--15 14--16 Energy Performance Index-EPI-Base kwh/ 605 186 240 Energy Share Energy saving potential % 15 10 15 15 15 20 10 20 20 20 15 15 15 20 15 EPI-ECBC complaint kwh/ 312 86 98 Energy saving potential % 15 Profitability increase % 9 1 5 2 3 1 1 3 3 5 1 2 1 3 2 Energy saving potential >30% > 30% > 30% Profitability increase % 3

! Training / Awareness program on Energy costs-conservationefficiency ! ! ! ! Energy Audits-Preliminary [walkthrough] and Investment grade Carbon Advisory - Foot print estimation Energy Management- from a Cost management perspective Total Cost Management-Process approach-Energy + Material + Wages- Cost of Energy related to other major costs. ! ! Future Energy- evolution of new Energy technologies Excellence comprising above in Energy journey Management-a

Industry Aluminium Automobile Cement Chemical Glass & Ceramics Dairy Engineering Foundry Paints Paper Petrochemicals Steel Sugar Textiles Tyre Buildings

Hospitals Malls Office buildings/Malls Institutions Hotels

10--15% of Room rate

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but it can be wasted
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exposed to Thermal and Electrical space. S P E C I F I C O U T P U T ECO A D B AC . OHS & EC OUTPUT PROCESS Environmental Aspects Environmental (Env Effects) PROCESS PROCESS PRODUCTS QUALITY BC . The sum total of Energy in Universe is always constant. Cost of Energy is “controllable” to a great extent compared to other contributors to Cost. Compressors. Cabling BENEFICIARIES ! ! ! Industrial users having sanctioned load > 750kva Commercial establishments having sanctioned load > 250kva Any Establishment spending > Rs 100 lacs/year on Energy [Fuel + Power] HEALTHY ORGANISATION PDCA IN ENERGY MANAGEMENT DEMING WHEEL ECO Energy Conservation Opportunity Input Raw Materials Intermediates INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT CRITICAL ASPECTS OF QUALITY. The competitive landscape is getting ruthless and Organizations with focused approach on Cost management ONLY will survive in the long run. ENVT. AMSET firmly believes that Energy Management for any Business organization is a journey. Manufacturing. Pumps. the focus is on the Energy Efficiency and Renewable areas. The first three contribute to the current Economies of globe in varying proportions. Heat Exchangers.People. HVAC.Actual Energy Input AD . Transformer. DG system. increasing the longevity of Organizations and if pursued in disciplined manner. Tamil Nadu. Experiential and Transformational. AMSET Energy Systems and Solutions is promoted by Anand Engineering Products Private Limited.3 P’s. Thanks to the recent developments on account of Environmental concerns due to global warming. India. Any economic activity requires Energy in some form as input to result in a desired output and this Energy comes with a cost.Specific Consumption AB Specific Consumption of Present Systems EFFICIENCY OPTIONS ! Reduction of Specific Energy Consumption per unit of Production/Service ! ! ! ! ! Loss minimization Waste Minimization Low cost Energy substitution Renewable application Process savings. better the Business Profits. a heavy steel Fabricator based out of Trichy. Waste Heat Recovery Electrical Energy systems Motors. Furnaces. will enhance the contribution to triple bottom line . Steam systems. Insulation and Refractory.WASTAGE ENERGY Analysis For Energy Conservation Opportunities PROFIT Hazards CHARACTERISTICS PD AC C EFFORT Working Conditions Employees PRODUCT QUALITY Stakeholders Government PLANET CUSTOMER PEOPLE = ENERGY RHYTHM . Cogeneration.Raw Material & Wages reduction AREAS Thermal Energy systems Boilers. Profit and Planet. Services. Fans & Blowers. while the remaining twoExperiential and Transformational are the expected areas which will contribute more to the economies in future. Lighting. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Needless to say that lower the costs.A MSET stands for Agriculture. Resourced with a team of seasoned Energy Auditors.