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Welcome to the Personnel Department

Mandate The Corporate Personnel Department is functioning under the overall control and guidance of Director (P,A&W) with GM(Personnel) as Head of the Department. There are Five wings in Corporate Personnel Department which are under the charge of a senior officer namely, Industrial Relations, Personnel Management, Recruitment, Welfare and Executive Establishment. The G.M (Personnel) will oversee and coordinate the functions in each wing. Introduction The Department is playing key role in streamlining industrial relations, personnel policies and in implementing all the measures being initiated by the Management as part of bringing about reforms in the Company in the changed scenario in Gas Industry. This process entails involving constant communication with workmen and dealing with unions in a fair and transparent manner with a view to make them agree to the proposed measures. All efforts are made for timely implementation of the agreed items in the past settlements so as to avoid usual complaints from the unions of non-implementation of agreed items. All the policies relating to promotions/transfers, upgradations, punitive actions are carried out in a transparent manner so as to create credibility of the management in the perception of the workmen. Constant efforts are also being made to improve the existing systems so as to keep pace with the changes by focusing on key result areas like improving discipline among workmen, minimising flash strikes, taking action against chronic absentees who are not contributing to the growth of the Company, improving work culture, etc. Functions of different Wings Recruitment Cell (i) For filling up of regular and backlog vacancies in the executive and nonexecutive cadres, action was taken to conduct recruitment tests and selections were made on the basis of merit and AP Rules of Reservation as issued by Govt.of Andhra Pradesh from time to time. In all fairness, selections are being held giving total weightage to accuracy and transparency. Entire process of recruitment is being carried almost totally on computer and the procedures being followed are fool-proof and the results are announced on the same day. (ii) Besides the recruitment of personnel, the Recruitment Cell analyses the

matters to be put up to Andhra Pradesh Legislature Committees on Welfare of Scheduled Casts/Scheduled Tribes/BCs and also National Commission for SCs and STs. The Reservation Roster Registers in respect of appointment of various categories are being maintained. The Recruitment Cell is also taking necessary steps for arranging Walk-in-Interviews to fill up Medical Specialist vacancies. Special Drive recruitments are also taken up for filling up of the backlog SC/ST vacancies. (iii) It is also to be noted that for conducting a recruitment test on a large scale like that of Welfare Officer Trainee, a lot of preparatory work, right from the stage of issue of circular to the stage of offering appointment to the selected candidates, has been undertaken by Recruitment Cell officials. It is heartening to note that not withstanding the large number of candidates aspiring for employment in the Company, all efforts are being taken to ensure error-free conduct of written test and without any scope for leakage of question papers, copying or unfair practices in the evaluation of answer sheets. In fact, the whole process has been computerised minimising the human intervention to the bare minimum. Industrial Relation Wing (i) The core function of this wing is to plan and evolve strategies to meet the situations arising out of industrial unrest in the mines and departments severally and combinedly.. (ii) This wing, under the overall guidance of Director(P,A&W)/GM(Personnel), enters into joint discussions with unions, handles strike notices, industrial disputes, court cases, finalisation of settlements with unions, wage revisions at JBCCI level, age disputes, disciplinary actions, elections to the Trade Unions through secret ballot, framing and implementation of Voluntary Retirement (Golden Handshake) Schemes from time to time, complying with various provisions of labour legislations, etc. Personnel Management wing (i) The Personnel Management wing deals with the service matters of all NCWA employees. Apart from implementation of various decisions taken by the Management in the form of Settlements or administrative circulars, one of the major issues being dealt by this wing is redeployment of surplus workmen in one area to mostly Bhoopalapally, which is expanding. The incharge of Personnel Management wing is analysing the proposals being submitted by the Area authorities for redeployment and arrange meetings of Corporate Re-deployment Committee consisting of CGM(CP&P), CIE and GM(Personnel) and arrange for adjusting surplus manpower by posting them in the needy areas.

(ii) Placements/promotions/upgradations in respect of NCWA employees from monthly grade C and above will be handled by Personnel Management wing based on the proposals submitted by Area authorities and other Heads of Departments in Corporate. (iii) Besides the above, processing of resignations of employees, rectification of pay anomalies, grant of study leave/extraordinary leave, processing of various representations forwarded by the Government authorities/Public representatives, sanction of approved allowances to employees as per eligibility, conveyance reimbursement, preparing replies to Parliament/Legislature questions pertaining to Personnel Department, etc. are handled by this Wing. Welfare wing (i) The Welfare Wing is implementing all the provisions relating to the welfare of employees as decided by the Management. (ii) The major functions carried out by Welfare wing are processing the cases of dependants for employment and Monthly Monetary Compensation (MMC), chalking out programme for conduct of Sports and Games in the Areas as per the Sports Calendar and selection of Singareni Teams for participation in CIL Tournaments, chalking out welfare related programmes like identification of Special Welfare Amenities Programmes (SWAP) in the workmen colonies, following up with Insurance companies for settlement of claims under Janata Personal Accident Insurance Scheme, Family Benefit-cum-Insurance Scheme and production of various Teleplays, interviews with workmen/officers through Communication Cell for telecast through local Siti Cable to bring about awareness about the activities of the Company among the workmen and their families so that there will be positive attitudinal change. (iii) The Welfare Wing will also organise Scouts and Guides activities through Singareni Collieries District Association, Khammam by involving the children studying in Company schools and also in other schools in gasfield areas. (iv) The Welfare Wing also undertakes processing of applications of the children of the employees for sanction of merit scholarships @ Rs.6,000/- per year for admission of their children in Medicine and Engineering courses through EAMCET. Departments are the entities organizations form to organize people, reporting relationships, and work in a way that best supports the accomplishment of the organization's goals. Departments are usually organized by functions such as human resources, marketing, administration, and sales.

But, a department can be organized in any way that makes sense for the customer. Departments can also be organized by customer, by product, or by region of the world. The forward thinking human resource department is devoted to providing effective policies, procedures, and people-friendly guidelines and support within companies. Additionally, the human resource function serves to make sure that the company mission, vision, values or guiding principles, the company metrics, and the factors that keep the company guided toward success are optimized. The most common Human Resource jobs that are grouped in the Human Resource Department are the Human Resources Director, Human Resources Generalist, and Human Resources Assistant. Additionally, some organizations have a Vice President of Human Resources and employees who are organized around providing a specific component of Human Resource services including compensation, training, organization development, and safety. The Operations and Maintenance Department (O&M) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the grid. The Manager Operations and Maintenance heads the department, which comprises: 1. Maintenance 2. Control 3. Protection sections. Mandate 1. To improve the availability of the transmission network through a planned preventive Maintenance Strategy 2. To maximize system security by improving on the protection schemes 3. To ensure accuracy of energy metering systems and dispatch facilities to all UETCL customers 4. To ensure the safety of staff and safeguard Company assets. 5. To insure the maximum availability of the SCADA system in order to enhance power system control and monitoring

Operation and Maintenance Department


Technology Experts Company established the Operations & Maintenance Department as one of the main divisions in the company, based on its belief that sophisticated operation and perfect maintenance in different installations play a vital role in increasing productivity, enhancing the development process, and achieving sustainable development in societies. Thus the company was very ardent to have diversely qualified personnel from water plant operators, including Saudis and overseas Engineers and Technicians. This enables our company to offer distinguished services in this field to different beneficiaries. Among those beneficiaries are: y y y Different Water Treatment Plants in the Kingdom The General Directorate of Waters Different projects obtained from The Ministry of Water and Electricity

Technology Experts Company is a strong competitor in the field of Operations and Maintenance for Water Treatment Plants, where the company now is handling operation and maintenance of Zulfi Water Treatment Plant through a three (3) year contract with Ministry of Water and Electricity.

Methodology of Work in Operations and Maintenance Department Regulations and Projects Management: Technology Experts Company follows and applies advance regulations and systems in operations, maintenance and management of water plants. A careful monitoring is done for different devices and spare parts (for prediction of failures before it happen) through international and regional systems developed specifically to be used in this field including determination of the perfect time for carrying out maintenance and replacement operations in the plant. Qualified Personnel: TEC possess a number of well qualified staff members including engineers, technicians, and workers who are specialized in operations and maintenance of water plants and water wells.

Instruments & Equipment: TEC has a collection of advanced instruments and equipment which are capable of detecting failures and conducting accurate measurements in the field of operation and maintenance. Quality Control System: TEC has a firm Quality Control System to ensure that all work is performed according to regulations and to develop the best feasible operations, procedures, technologies, and policies to provide such conditions.

Training and Promotion: TEC is very dedicated to conducting periodic and regular training courses to enhance and develop the capabilities of all its employees. This is done through scientific, technical and administrative training courses arranged in collaboration with Technology Experts Training Centre which is serving also the Saudi Market in other specializations of the company.