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Sample Calendar of Monthly Fundraising Ideas

prepared with the help of Five Oaks Academy, Simpsonville, SC

Suggested lessons, presentations, videos, questions to think about Heres whats on the Five Oaks calendar for 2011-2012
Holidays and more fundraising ideas


Bake Sale and Water Bottle Sale at annual Fall Festival Oct. 31 Halloween Trick or Treat for the Azawak Halloween Dance Party - charge admission for dancing, drinks, snacks Fitness Amman-a-thon

Share what we are grateful for Present AI Cultural Cards / Labels and discuss fundamental human needs Why do we say Water is Life? I am thankful for you one-week daily bake sale. Each class will make treats. Students, parents, faculty buy baked goods to give to a loved one. November 26 Thanksgiving

Share resource The Azawak: The Land and its People What is a drought? Initiate annual Hand-in-Hand campaign. Make crafts in classroom or at home. Schedule an opening day when families view the craft gallery. Sell crafts all month. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and more Hot Chocolate Sale Accept donations for admission to Holiday Program

Introduce Amman Imman Read Amman Imman - A Story Share AI presentation tailored to your group Watch video: May the Water Flow How much water do we use in a day? Where does our drinking water come from? Sell reusable water bottles at carpool lines Sept. 21 International Peace Day sell handmade signs of peace Hold signs at special assembly make Peace Day t-shirts to sell

Share Geography Lessons Where do people around the world get their water from?

Month of Love Valentine Treats. Students sell love treats throughout the month Montessori Week - talk about origins of Amman Imman Feb. 14 Valentines Day Valentines Day Dance - charge admission Hold a Giving Graphics Day - wear hearts for $2

Sell Shamrocks for $1 in honor of Amman Imman March 17 St. Patricks Day March 22 World Water Day Have special assembly. Collect coins in a jar to raise awareness about using water. Hold A Walk for Water

Watch video Amman-a-thon: Hopping with Enthusiasm Practice for Amman-a-thon What is the difference between bottled water and tap water? Hot Dog Sale and Bake Sale on Earth Day Students nd sponsors for Amman-a-thon
April 21 Earth Day Make and sell recycled art, t-shirts, earth signs Plant-a-Tree for Amman Imman/ $5-10 per tree

Watch video Tangarwashane Borehole: an Oasis of Life Watch video Water Crisis in the Azawak What can we do to raise awareness about water? What is an aquifer?

Jan. 16 Martin Luther Kings Birthday

I have a dream, poetry for the Azawak Make and sell snowakes

Have an Amman-a-thon! How much water should you drink daily for good health?


Celebrate achievements Watch The Day of Life and The Reception in Kijigari videos Sell water bottles at annual International Festival How does water get to a water tower? Hold a school-wide Amman-a-thon! May 7-13 National Childrens Book Week. Do A Walk for Water Ask for book donations, have a sale


Food and Water Watch Take Back the Tap Curriculum Project Wet: worldwide water education Water Crisis Lesson Plans

Amman Imman resources:

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