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September 2018

Amber Wichowsky
Department of Political Science, Marquette University
William Wehr Physics 468, P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Phone: 414.288.3422, Email:

Academic Appointments
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Marquette University (August 2017- )
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Marquette University (2010-2017)
Postdoctoral Associate, Center for the Study of American Politics, Yale University (2010-11)
Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Yale University (2010-11)

Ph.D. Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010
M.A. Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006
M.A. Public Policy, University of Maryland-College Park, 2002
B.A. Allegheny College, 2000

Refereed Journal Articles
Condon, Meghan R., and Amber Wichowsky. “Inequality in the Social Mind: Social Comparison and
Support for Redistribution” Journal of Politics, Forthcoming.
Weiss, Jessica Chen, and Amber Wichowsky. “External Influence on Exchange Rates: US Pressure and
the Chinese RMB.” Review of International Political Economy, Forthcoming.
Shah, Paru, and Amber Wichowsky. 2018. “Foreclosure’s Fallout: Economic Adversity and Voter
Turnout.” Political Behavior, OnlineFirst
Condon, Meghan R., and Amber Wichowsky. 2018. “Developing Citizen Scientists: Effects of an
Inquiry-based Science Curriculum on STEM and Civic Engagement” Elementary School Journal
119(2) (in production).
Wichowsky, Amber. 2017 “Civic Life in the Divided Metropolis: Social Capital, Collective Action and
Residential Income Segregation” Urban Affairs Review ,OnlineFirst
Condon, Meghan R., Alexandra Filindra, and Amber Wichowsky. 2016. “Immigrant Inclusion in the
Safety Net: A Framework for Analysis and Effects on Educational Attainment.” Policy Studies
Journal. 44(4): 424-448. Received honorable mention (runner-up) for the 2015 APSA Migration
and Citizenship Best Paper Award. Additional pieces summarizing findings published on the
London School of Economics (LSE) US Centre blog and in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage.
Condon, Meghan R., and Amber Wichowsky. 2015. “Same Blueprint, Different Bricks: Reexamining the
Sources of the Gender Gap in Political Ideology.” Politics, Groups, and Identities. 3(1): 4-20.
[also published as a chapter in Gender and Political Psychology, Zoe Oxley (ed.), Routledge,
hardback published November 2015].

Dowling, Conor, and Amber Wichowsky. 2015. “Attacks Without Consequence: Candidates, Parties,
Groups, and the Changing Face of Negative Advertising,” American Journal of Political Science.
59(1): 19-36.
Burden, Barry C., and Amber Wichowsky. 2014. “Economic Discontent as a Mobilizer: Unemployment
and Voter Turnout.” Journal of Politics 76(4): 887-898.
Dowling, Conor, and Amber Wichowsky. 2013. “Does it Matter Who’s Behind the Curtain? Anonymity
in Political Advertising and the Effects of Campaign Finance Disclosure.” American Politics
Research 41(6): 965-996.

000) Congressional Research Grant. Marquette University ($5. Amber. Working Papers “Addressing racial and class inequalities through creative placemaking: does the promise fit the reality?” with Jennifer Gaul-Stout and Jill Birren “The Effects of Increased Campaign Finance Disclosure” with Conor Dowling “The Promise of E-Gov? City Hall’s Responsiveness to Neighborhood Interests. Aleksandra Snowden. Shion Guha. Marquette University ($186. Our (Political) Selves: How Gender and Inequality Structure Political Efficacy” with Meghan Condon “The Political Implications of Childhood Inequality” with Meghan Condon Grants 2018 Choice Neighborhood Implementation Grant. Center for the Study of American Politics.500) 2014 American Political Science Association Small Research Grant ($330) Way Klinger Young Scholar Award. U.” with Meghan Condon Understanding how Americans use social comparisons to make sense of income inequality and how such frames of reference affect attitudes about redistribution (under review). Marquette University ($32.500) Regular Research Grant. Jill Birren. Marquette University ($150.300) Awards 2014 Faculty Excellence Award in Advising.200) Summer Faculty Fellowship.000) 2013 Jump Start Grant winner.S.000). Public Opinion Quarterly. and Satish Puri (Co-PIs) Strategic Innovation Fund grant.Book Reviews Wichowsky. National Science Foundation (estimated cost of survey $35. University of Wisconsin-Madison 2009 Joseph Wholey Award for best publication on performance in public and nonprofit organizations. Review of Putting Inequality In Context: Class. Marquette University ($3.000). Public Opinion. Forward Thinking Poster Session/Colloquy. Yale University Postdoctoral Fellowship. Krassimira Hristova and Patrick McNamara (Co-PIs) 2015 Strategic Innovation Fund grant. Marquette University ($5. Center for the Study of Democratic Politics.” with Paru Shah Amanda Heideman. Marquette University ($2. Forthcoming. Book Manuscript “The Economic Other: Inequality in the American Political Imagination. American Political Science Association 2010 Postdoctoral Fellowship. and Representation in the United States by Christopher Ellis. Department of Housing and Urban Development (sub-grantee) 2017 Mellon Grant ($5.000) 2011 Summer Faculty Fellowship. Dirksen Congressional Center ($3. American Society of Public Administration . Nominee 2011 Carl Albert Award for best dissertation in legislative studies. Princeton University (declined) Vilas travel award.492) Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences. and Branden DuPont “US-China Relations on the Campaign Trail: A Harbinger of Future Policy or Just Cheap Talk?” with Jessica Chen Weiss “Our Status. Special Competition for Young Investigators.

Scotland American Political Science Association. Chicago American Political Science Association. Northwestern University University of California. Chicago 2017 Midwest Political Science Association. Boston Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. San Diego 2018 Harvard Kennedy School. University of Maryland 2000 Phi Beta Kappa Invited Talks 2019 Chicago Area Behavior Workshop. Center for the Study of American Politics. Minneapolis International Society for Political Psychology. annual meeting of the Society for Political Methodology 2007 Distinction. Preliminary Examination in American Politics High Pass. The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation University of Wisconsin-Madison 2017 Yale University. Philadelphia (co-author presented) Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. San Francisco . MacMillan Center University of Wisconsin-Madison 2011 Yale University. American Politics and Public Policy Workshop Conference Presentations 2018 Urban Affairs Association. Preliminary Examination in Political Methodology 2002 Pi Alpha Alpha 2001 Steny and Judy Hoyer Fellowship. Annual Conference 2016 Dartmouth College (unable to attend. San Juan. Chicago Urban Affairs Association. DC 2015 American Political Science Association. co-author presented paper) 2015 University of Oxford. Columbia University Florida State University 2014 Wesleyan University University of Wisconsin-Madison 2012 Marquette University Law School Loyola University Yale University. APSA travel award. Puerto Rico (co-author presented) Midwest Political Science Association. annual meeting of the American Political Science Association 2008 National Science Foundation travel support award. Rothermere American Institute and Nuffield College University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee University of Wisconsin-Madison Northwestern University Barnard College. Denver 2016 Southern Political Science Association. Toronto American Political Science Association. Edinburgh. San Francisco Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. Washington.

American Journal of Political Science. Ethnicity. Political Behavior. Washington. Claremont Graduate School American Political Science Association. Chicago 2012 American Political Science Association. Experimental Research Section Program Co-Chair. Presidential Studies Quarterly. New Orleans Midwest Political Science Association. Chicago Southern Political Science Association. Reviewer American Political Science Review. State Politics & Policy Quarterly. Chicago 2007 Midwest Political Science Association Teaching Introduction to American Politics (traditional and online formats) Politics of Race. Chicago 2011 Midwest Political Science Association. Chicago 2010 Midwest Political Science Association. British Journal of Political Science. Public Opinion and Participation Policy and Evaluation (graduate) Women and Public Policy (graduate) Independent Field Research in Political Science (undergraduate research methods) The Politics of the Executive Branch. Yale University Introduction to Statistical Computing in Political Science. University of Michigan Midwest Political Science Association. Chicago 2009 American Political Science Association. UW-Madison Introduction to American Politics (Teaching Assistant). Legislative Studies Quarterly. Public Management Review. Chicago 2013 International Political Economy Society. Party Politics. and Gender Urban Politics Urban Public Policy (undergraduate and graduate) Elections. Activities and Service Professional Service Member. Urban Affairs Review Grant Reviewer Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) . Public Administration Review. Political Research Quarterly. Political Psychology. Yale University Midwest Political Science Association. Office of Management and Budget (2002-2005). New Orleans 2008 The Society for Political Methodology. DC Midwest Political Science Association. 2017 American Political Science Association Program Committee. Public Opinion Quarterly. Midwest Political Science Association. Washington. UW-Madison Related Non-Academic Experience Executive Office of the President. Journal of Politics. American Politics Research. DC The Society for Political Methodology. Chicago 2014 American Political Science Association.

Marquette Forum. Urban Affairs Interdisciplinary Minor. 2015-2017 Faculty Mentor. 2014. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 2017- Research Director Marquette Democracy Lab Research Affiliate Laboratories of Democracy Occasional source for media coverage of politics. 2017 Faculty Representative. WTMJ (620 AM). Truman Scholar Program. Toronto Star and the 4th Street Forum (Milwaukee). Fall 2015 Internship Coordinator. WISN-12. WPR. WMAQ (Chicago). Boston Globe. 2011-2014 Departmental Service Graduate Director. Class and Inequality. 2015- 2017 Interim Director. and Outreach. Marquette University Law School Poll Search Committee. including New York Times. TMJ-4. Center for Urban Research. WUWM.Member American Political Science Association. Fox News. Teaching. 2018-2019 Contributor. NPR. 2011- Programming Committee. CNN. Fall 2013. 2018- Graduate Admissions Committee. John Professor of Urban Studies and Director. Summer Honors Program. 2015 Faculty Advisor. PBS. 2011-2012. Midwest Political Science Association. Harry G. . WisEye. McNair Scholars Program. Experimental Research and Urban Politics organized sections of the APSA Editorial Board The Forum University Service Steering Committee. Public Service Master’s Program. 2011- Search Committee.