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Version 1.1 Oct 10.

- Add: Support for Counter-Strike 1.6
- Add: New SKPlayer icon.
- Chg: GUI background color.

Version 1.0 Jul 5. 2003

- Chg: GeekPlay changes name to SKPlayer.
- Add: cstrike maps included by default.
- Fix: Works in lower resolutions.
- Fix: Better demo repair support.

Version 6.0 Apr 10. 2003

- Add: Ability repair demos with playback on wrong map and stuck console.
- Add: Ability to remove fade to black in demos.

Version 5.1 Nov 7. 2002

- Fix: Bug with viewdemo when demospeed was set.

Version 5.0 Oct 31. 2002

- Add: Automatic creation of movies (outputting BMP's).
- Add: Timedemo support.
- Add: Ability to playback demo both as playdemo and viewdemo (more advanced
- Fix: Teamsay strip support for demos.
- Fix: Faster loading time.
- Chg: Removed the change of resolution since the bug has been fixed.
- Chg: Does not display resolution anymore (cause of the fixed bug).
- Del: Removed playback of old demos (too buggy).

Version 4.0 May 12. 2002

- Add: Support for 1.0, 1.1, 1.3 and 1.4 demos.
- Fix: Some demos turned up as resolution 512x384 when they weren't.
- Fix: Support for Windows NT not running Internet Explorer 4.

Version 3.2 Feb 7. 2002

- Add: revert.exe for Half-Life reversion if the server complains with old DLL's.
- Fix: Playback of new demos after playback of old.
- Fix: Teamsay stripper bug.
- Fix: Browse and/or double-click did not always load the correct file.
- Fix: Updates registry with latest location of GeekPlay.
- Fix: Playback of old demos failed sometimes cause of file permissions.

Version 3.1 Feb 7. 2002

- Add: Playback of old demos in CS retail.
- Add: Improved error messages.
- Fix: Reloads demo after being converted.
- Fix: Does not return an error when you cancel a browse.
- Fix: Does not clear the last demo played when returning.
- Fix: Finally fixes the "could not read HLV1" problem for CS retail users.
- Fix: Some teamsays were not found.
- Fix: "Could not copy demo-file" fixed.

Version 3.0.1 Feb 7. 2002

- Fix: Forces new .DLL's when playing new demos (if the playback of old demos have

Version 3.0 Feb 6. 2002

- Add: Ability to watch old demos. Half-Life (Counter-Strike 1.0-
- Add: Teamsay window closes after messages stripped.
- Fix: 640x480 resolution was not always detected.

Version 2.0 Feb 6. 2002

- Add: Resolution converter, you can now convert the resolution of a demo and
store it to disk.
- Add: Playernames from within the demo listed when opening a demo.
- Add: Confirmation dialog for teamsay stripper.
- Fix: Some demos accidently showed up as 1024x768.

Version 1.2 Feb 5. 2002

- Add: Small filebrowser for easier demo navigation.
- Add: Teamsay stripper (from GeekStrip).

Version 1.1: Jan 29. 2002

- Fix: Bug with Counter-Strike retail version, finding and changing resolution.

Version Jan 28. 2002

- Fix: Resolution 1152x864 was not read correctly.
- Fix: Does not play a demo, if no file is loaded.

Version 1.0.2: Jan 24. 2002

- Fix: Config was loaded incorrectly, hence displaying wrong gamma/brightness etc.

Version 1.0.1: Jan 22. 2002

- Add: Win95 support.
- Add: Recognizes HLTV demos and displays it.
- Add: Does not change resolution for HLTV demos.
- Fix: Resolution changer did not work for Counter-Strike retail.
- Fix: Problems with WindowsXP not changing to demo resolution.
- Fix: Missed resolution in some cases.

Version 1.0: Jan 17. 2002

- First public release.